Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Aamer Madhani scratched his itch

Have you seen the latest pit bull puff piece?

chicago correspondent AAMER MADHANI got in on the feel good action and gave pibble a big thumbs up in USA today. no doubt, LEDY is very pleased.

on his facebook page, AAMER MADHANI linked to it and flippantly described his coverage of this serious problem and contentious topic as scratching an itch. MADHANI'S USA today piece reads more like a 2 year old pleased with the loaf he just left in the toilet bowel.

now that MADHANI has scratched his itch, perhaps he would like to assist in scratching the itches of Linda Henry, Sandra Lambert, Eddie Gefroh, Karen Stewart and Kim Shay?


QUESTION: just how badly does a journalist have to screw up to go from covering the white house to covering pit bulls?


Anonymous said...

I love how the insane people get to ban BSL. When it makes more sense to ban PIT BULLS!

Pit bulls don't bite, THEY MAUL. Pit bulls are pit bulls, until a nutter says they're not. They usually say it's a boxer/lab/border collie/boston terrier/mix when they want to skirt around legal issues. They use the same tactic when they want to dump a pit bull on an unsuspecting family from a rescue.

With pit bull fighting still occurring, with pit bulls attacking people in their sleep, with children, old people, pets being attacked 24/7 by pit bulls, we should absolutely embrace BSL! To do otherwise, is to condone brutality.

Anonymous said...

Madhani is just an airhead that is providing cover and being used by certain politically and agriculture and dog breeder lobby connected people at USAToday to write propaganda.

USAToday has had a relationship with breeder lobbies like AKC Patti Strand and NAIA (do a search for her at sourcewatch, she is also involved with Winograd) (also she has been very involved with supporting the pit bull breeder lobby for decades) and they quote her a lot and she gets them to write propaganda for her

, and USAToday hires an AKC lobbyist connected crackpot unethical veterinarian who is Patti Strand's breeder lobbyist friend and associate who as I remember committed service dog fraud in Florida with her pit bull.

Patty or Patricia Khuly

She is in Miami and she actively lobbies against BSL in Miami

She's a business lobbyist. She's not a reporter, she's not an animal health expert, she's just a fraud representing the pit and breeder industry, and USAToday just produced propaganda and hid her behind dumbass Madhani's name because Khuly and her friends are still trying to go after Miami Dade and USAToday is trying to hide that

But USAToday failed to disclose because they thought they could get aware with the fraud using Madhani to hide it behind since Khuly has such a dirty history

Madhani is the just the dumb donkey writing what Patti Strand and Patricia Khuly and their pit lobby associates tell him to write

I can't get comments here to post links but do a search on google for patty or patricia khuly and usatoday and also bsl and pit bulls

She's left a spoor trail a mile long and she should have lost her license a long time ago, but USAToday never should be hiring this lobbyist to pose as a reporter

craven, as an example on your site look at the comments for happy blogging post for june 24 2010

Also DB has information in some of their posts exposing Khuly

USAToday committed another breach in ethics with this article and are letting Khuly use a frontman like Madhani to represent her dog industry financial and lobbyist

Madhani needs to be called out for committing journalistic fraud with Khuly but USAToday needs to be called out first and foremost

Anonymous said...

Here's just some. Victim advocacy groups need to file formal ethics complaints against USAToday, Khuly, and Madhani. They are engaging in business lobbying and they are lying, and they are also getting people killed.

Both these publications know now that Khuly and her friends are business lobyists. USAToday is knowingly engaging in ethical corruption.

"AKC pit bull/breeder lobbyist in the media.

AKC lobbyist posing as a "journalist"

Anon, you published a link to the ridiculous article in USAToday of a vet opposing bsl for pit bulls.

This was written by PATTY KHULY.

Patty Khuly is a veterinarian who is involved with AKC breeders and AKC business lobbying, directly.

She is in league with AKC breeder Gina Spadafori, who with another AKC lobbyist veterinarian, Dr. Marty Becker (who also poses as a reporter on Good Morning America) lobbies for AKC business interests, including opposing breed specific regulation.

The business Pet Connection is an AKC front group posing as "journalists" and "writers" to use the media to promote AKC business interests and lobby for or against AKC for-profit interests by producing sham "articles," "columns,"and books.

Patty Khuly's column is a sham "article" that is simply lobbying for AKC pit bull interests, some of whom are also involved with Rick Berman of Center for Consumer Freedom.

Christie Keith of the San Francisco Chronicle, another AKC breeder who hides her breeder status and AKC lobbyist status, and writes a column for the Chronicle lobbying for AKC interests. is also involved with this Pet Connection business.

This article is not only VETERINARIAN corruption (not revealing Patty Khuly's connections to business and business lobbying) but journalistic corruption.

Nowhere does Patty disclose her connections to dog breeders, the AKC, and her lobbying activities with these breeders and their businesses.

The editor and publisher of USAToday are probably completely unaware that Khuly is a business lobbyist abusing this column for her business associates' for-profit interests.
June 26, 2010 at 4:34 AM

Anonymous said...
Patty Khuly also writes a weekly column for the Miami Herald, where she has been providing pit bull propaganda for them to publish and influences their pit bull coverage.

I am also sure that the Miami Herald has no idea that Patty Khuly is involved with AKC for-profit dog breeding lobbying, pit bull breeder lobbying, and Rick Berman and Center for Consumer Freedom, lobbyist for dog fighters and puppy millers.

Khuly should not only resign and apologize for hiding her for-profit lobbying in the media, she should lose her veterinary license.

This is a corrupt veterinarian. "

Anonymous said...

Someone needs to put cut ears on Madhani picture and a spiked collar and a chain and show pit mistress Khuly holding it with a whip in her hand

Madhani got totally castrated by these pit fight loving bitches and USAToday editors and owners

Anonymous said...

For USAToday employee pet writer and dog content influencer Patty Khuly's service dog fraud with pit bull and her anti BSL lobbying in Miami see 'Fully Vetted' Pit Nutters and Their Service Dogs

By Dorothea Malm
A guest writer for the Blog

Khuly's breeder friends have their panties in a twist about the Aurora Colorado vote supporting BSL, and her pit breeder friends in CHAKO in CA thought that Nancy Tranzow in CO was going to come through and provide cover for them in Aurora

So now it's time for hard core propaganda and revenge

Patty is doing dirty things with her employer USAToday to try to slam BSL and USAToday complied withis this and let her use frontman Madhani to do it through

Someone told me that Patty has talked in the past about her personal relationship with AAmer Madhani, Mr Fake Journalist

This article was a total con job and victims and future victims should be suing USAToday and Madhani

Anonymous said...

Can you see this link? This is the USAToday pet issues employee that got this pit propaganda article written

Patty Khuly

This is who is behind Aamer Madhani and actually wrote this


Anonymous said...

Patty is also friends with pit propagandist Brent Toellner and they link to each other's propaganda

It wouldn't surprise me if the failed ad man also ghost wrote for the Donkey Madhani since the article is so amateurish. It smells like him


Anonymous said...

Patty's dog fighter friends think she is doing a great job writing propaganda for them and representing their interests because they couldn't be breeding fighting dogs and running the pits if there was BSL. Scroll down to their repro of her article and their comment good job!


Like I said, do some searches on patty khuly pit bulls & patty khuly bsl and different variations on this and you'll see who USAToday let be the driver for Madhani's article

She's left a stink trail all over the place

Anonymous said...

I hope most of all that victim advocacy groups can understand how rich lobbyists work together with a corrupt media to lobby, propagandize, and lie with these fake articles and the deaption, and why they time them the way they do

Patty Khuly and her fellow pit bull lobbyists are still behind the scenes at USAToday guiding this pit bull and breeder propaganda, only USAToday is now trying to hide the activity by using people like Madhani as cover

Madhani can't even come up with a good excuse for being the front man for propaganda- scratching an itch. The liar couldn't even do better than that. Maybe he should write about his college experiences in the dog fighting capital state of the US, Missouri. A lot of itches there, especially since the dog breeders determine public policy totally related to dogs and own many of the corrupt politicians, and too much of the Missouri media write what they say.

But Madhani's article is timed revenge lobbying propaganda after the Aurora vote. The public is getting tired of being prey for the pit bull lobby. But the rich and greedy pit lobby is determined that they are going to maul America into the ground, and they are using the media like USAToday to lie to, threaten and coerce people.

After Khuly's lobbying cover was blown in 2010 and around that time, and after her pit bull service dog fraud was revealed, they had to hide her, that's how dirtied she is ethically, and this is how the corrupt media does it. They don't give her the byline for the lies now, they just use a donkey like Madhani. They are trying to hide their ethical breaches.

But Khuly and her gang are essentially writing Madhani's trash and getting it published

Anonymous said...

Also exposed another sleaz ball

John Keilman of the Chicago Tribune giving Madhani a pat on the back on his fb and spitting in the faces of victims everywhere

Good Work, Keilman. No wonder Chicago is a toilet

Another rich turd preying on the poor

Anonymous said...

Madhani's friend John Keilman of the Chicago Tribune and some others, who gives Madhani the good work pat on the back for the pit piece, is another corrupt propagandist for the dog fighters posing as a liberal


Do searches for john keilman pit bulls

Too bad little Mr Rich Liberal Boy doesn't care about the rights of victims like little Zainaboo Drame

What a hypocrite

Anonymous said...

If you saw Coloradogs Nancy Tranzow's attack on the actual real journalists at Aurora Sentinel, she gave a head's up to propaganda Madhani's piece to come, and the plans that the pit bull lobby had to do some damage-control propagandizing, influence the media and warn them away from supporting BSL.

She wrote that "you are the laughingstock of the journalistic one" "an embarassment to journalism" and other threats to the Aurora Sentinel people

She blew the cover on what the pit bull industry had planned with their media pawns after the Aurora Sentinels real journalists dared tell the truth

The pit bull lobby planned to have a media hack like Madhani or Keilman produce a propaganda piece opposing bsl and lying about it in a national paper to use to put pressure on journalists in other areas and influence them to not support bsl and not to expose the antibsl lobby, and trying to claim falsely that support is waning

This is trying to influence other media, that's what this USAToday game is all about and Nancy couldn't resist blowing cover on this one

Nancy's respected journalism means the corrupt business lobbyists and front men who do what the pit bull dog fighter lobby wants, like Khuly, Madhani and Keilman

Anonymous said...

Holy crap, that's a lot of information. Thank you anon! The pit bull lobby needs the cover blown off of their grotesque agenda!

Let the citizens decide if pit bulls should be pets. It's amazing that the areas that ALLOW voting, always side with BSL.

The pit bull lobby is very small, very incestuous, and very conniving.


Anonymous said...

John Keilman another antibsl pit propagandist from the Chicago Tribune, posted a comment to Aamer Madhani's scratch my itch pit bull piece Facebook page posting with "Good stuff, Aamer"

And Aamer responds "Thanks John"

So did Aamer tell any victims he interviewed who he was in cahoots with?

Anonymous said...

Martha Moore at USAToday is another one who appears to be in on this, Madhani's retweeted that friend's push of his crap

Madhani's Twitter bio is pathetic

Aamer MadhaniVerified account


Chicago-based correspondent for @USATODAY. Father, husband and suffering @Cubs fan

TOO BAD HE DOESN'T GIVE A CRAP ABOUT THE SUFFERING PIT BULL VICTIMS as he bends over for some good old old dog fighter goodness

Anonymous said...

I wonder how quickly Madhani would jump the anti-BSL ship if his precious little girl was scalped or his wife suffered an amputation?

Anonymous said...

Aamer's wife is another Chicago Tribune writer

Kathryn Masterson

How little regard these two have for the suffering and the rising number of victims, especially the poor and minorities, and how much regard they have for the $$$ of dog fighters

It is just laughable how defensive Aamer is being. Yeah even though he writes political & government stuff, he just woke up one day and decided to write a dog story that the people at gamedogs would love like they love the same crap written by his friend Khuly at USAToday. Just cuz he had an itch.

So do you think Aamer interviewed those pit bull expert advocates in Stone Mountain Georgia, the ones who call themselves by another name, the KKK? Guess he just forgot or Patty didn't tell him

It's strange isn't it that after the Aurora vote and also the activities of Stubby Dog Project who teamed up with with Coloradogs Nancy Tranzow working to overturn the ban with the pit bull breeders at CHAKO, that a political writer like aamer who worked in Washington and now is in Chicago in the administration's home town is writing this kind of article? What do oyu think about the governmental activities of this leader of Stubby Dog Project. Yeah, you read it right, hooked into the justice department

"Stubby Dog Project Management

Mitzi Bolanos: Executive Director – Animal rights attorney and advocate. Growing up in Miami-Dade County where pit bull type dogs have been banned since the 1980s, Mitzi initially knew very little about these dogs. After graduating from law school at Florida International University, Mitzi moved to Washington, D.C. to work with the Department of Justice. This is where she encountered her first pit bull type dog, Summer. Summer was a sweet “pocket pittie” up for adoption at the Washington Humane Society, where Mitzi was volunteering. Mitzi later moved to New Orleans, LA to continue working with the Department of Justice, as well as with local shelters. While volunteering at the Louisiana SPCA, Mitzi met Bubba, a pit bull type dog who wanted nothing more than affection (and maybe a treat or two). She knew right away that he was meant for her. Bubba started Mitzi on a path working for breed equality, and eventually led her to Portland, OR to pursue an advanced degree in Animal Law at Lewis & Clark Law School. Now, they are ready to take on breed discrimination together and show the world that pit bull type dogs are loving family companions. Bubba is the proud big brother to two other rescued pups, Clyde and Grace, and he’s been asking for a baby sister."

Hey she's from Patty Khuly's home town! MIAMI DADE COUNTY and she works to oppose BSL. Miami Dade to government jobs in Washington to . How about that huh?

Anonymous said...

This asshole is not very popular.

Anonymous said...

"QUESTION: just how badly does a journalist have to fuck up to go from covering the white house to covering pit bulls?"

You are looking at this all wrong scurrilous amateur blogger.

This was a promotion.

Anonymous said...

Department of Justice employees, the circle Aamer runs with and reports for, working with people like Tia Torres and Nancy Tranzow to bully people (and the non-corrupted media) into allowing fighting dogs to kill them

So now have you figured out why the Justice Department came up with this crap not so very long ago? Hey look, it's Patty Khuly's friend again reporting it

No justice for all the victims is there? But lots of "justice" for pit bull breeders


Anonymous said...

Victim groups need to get some answers from the Department of Justice, and their politicians, and the media that does the bidding of the connected, and they need to get answers from the rich people like this in the management and advisory of Stubby Dog Project

Politically connected white rich people have more rights and a larger louder voice than the victims. They have more access to media pawns like Aamer who will write propaganda and get it published to beat over the heads of an unsuspecting populace who has no idea about the games being played and the favors being called in backrooms

That's INJUSTICE. Injustice on behalf of pit bull breeders and game dog fighters.

Anonymous said...

Aamer Madhani and his wife Kathryn Masterson are also tight with Michael Schaffer of the New Republic in Washington DC

Maybe Schaffer might wake up one day and have an itch to report on rich white politically connected people who use those politcial connections, and media connections, and public relations propagandists to help pit bull breeders (including those in Stone Mountain KKK Georgia) prey on the poor and disenfranchised like Rita Pepe and Zainabou Drame and Klonda Richey?

Ya think? Anyone want to interview the Schaffster?

RSM said...

They are writing this puff piece crap because they LOST BIG in Aurora, and anti pit advocates are finally gaining steam.

Makes me sick, but its not like USA Today is a real paper. Sadly, they are a popular read with families, so the damage is done.

I hate nutters.

Anonymous said...

Looks like the Craven Crazy Train is out in full force today.

scorched earth said...

This "journalist" sat down and spoke with pit bull victims in Chicago PRIOR to writing his article. Looked at photos of children's mauled faces, met the children, spoke with parents of children killed by pit bulls.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

exactly scorched earth. i got wind of this dufus. he apparently spent hours interviewing victims, more than were mentioned in the article and the victims were barely mentioned. he turned it into an opportunity to propagandize for grippers.

Anonymous said...

Just a sugestion for your labels or search terms at the end, to add pit bulls and maybe pit bull advocacy and pit bull attacks so people looking for Madhani's background connected to this can find this page in a search

Anonymous said...

"he apparently spent hours interviewing victims, more than were mentioned in the article and the victims were barely mentioned"

That's because the people who hired Madhani to front this propaganda under his name never intended for him to address the victim issue at all

Madhani's piece was a planned hit by the pit bull industry

He went through the motions of playing "let's pretend I'm researching" and playacted, but his handlers had already written up his propaganda for him. He just stuck his name under it.

Take a look at all those public relations people who work with Stubby Dog, and did so on their Aurora activities

Madhani was just a vacuous unethical idiot willing to play the front man for people like Mitzi Bolanos and her gang

It woudn't surprise me if Madhani got promised some book deal in the future for letting them use his name

Anonymous said...

The funny thing is that the pitters had to use a low rent loser like Madhani who got demoted out to the pits in Chicago to make a fool out of himself and soil his name.

It means that others who once would have done the dirty deed for them wouldn't do it this time around


Anonymous said...

Scorched Earth, I hope that the victims who talked to him can write up a detailed summary of their experience with him

What he asked, what they talked about, what they told and showed him, so that his crimes don't disappear

These interviews should always be recorded and transcribed if need be

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

"It means that others who once would have done the dirty deed for them wouldn't do it this time around"

there is something really wrong with the land of lincoln.

google "illinois corruption" and "illinois nepotism"

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

"He went through the motions of playing "let's pretend I'm researching" and playacted, but his handlers had already written up his propaganda for him."

Anonymous said...

Is any further indictment needed? Another soulless skulking, scavenging hyena, another camp follower slobbering up the leftover slime.
Feeling especially proud of your new groupie, Nuttfucks?

KaD said...

How do the people, and I use the term people loosely, who spout this pit rubbish sleep at night? I suspect they'd sleep as well if they defended drunk drivers who plow into families.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

"people incapable of guilt usually do have a good time." rust cohle, true detective

Anonymous said...

"How do the people, and I use the term people loosely, who spout this pit rubbish sleep at night?"

There is a reason that media like USAToday and the Chicago Tribune and others hire losers like Aamer Madhani and his wife, and John Keilman, Khuly and the rest.

Because they are lazy, egotistical, unethical morons who will gladly be liars for hire, and are easy to manipulate and use by the special business interests (connected to the publishers and media companies) that bought their asses

Intelligent, competent people without egomania aren't so willing to sell out and let themselves be used

Anonymous said...

It's not just Jane Saul Berkey and the AKC buying this

It's also people like this


There's a link in the blogs list on the right on this page that I see that shows how he made his money

Pits are in God's image, he says, but all he is doing is helping pit bull breeders and dog fighters, and helping them not only screw the pit bulls but murder all kinds of other animals

You think he cares? Of course he never sets foot in the neighborhoods that are filled with dog fighters breeding them by the hundreds, and more all the time that regulation is opposed. He never sees the results of his damage. So maybe he can live in a pretend world and not think about it, I don't know?

Anonymous said...

Laughable. John Keilman took down his thumb's up good job comment on Madhani's twitter announcement of this proapganda.

What do you have to hide Johnny? KKK got your tongue?

John Keilman nneds a lot closer attention paid to him. He's Chicago Tribune.

Can anyone find more of his pit bull propaganda? I've found some.

These propagandists need to be identified

Packhorse said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Packhorse said...

by Pittie Paz

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Even a cur can catch your cats
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Craven D states the truth, you're too dumb
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I leave the blood spilling in the streets!
[repeat to fade]

Jeff Borchardt said...

Aamer spent HOURS with victims (including myself) in Chicago. This is the results. I even explained to him in great detail how the pit bull lobby is owned and operated. I asked him what reporting the "other side" of this debate meant. He refuses to show us this "list" of cities ditching BSL. He does not list his sources to his claim. He didn't use Even gave him a stack of fliers.

After the bullshit article that Bill Draper with the AP put out and now this, I won't be doing any more interviews about "BSL trends" without seeing their sources.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

jeff, i wasn't aware of this draper character before you mentioned it here, so i googled him. his article ran in the huffpo. and i do my best to avoid the huffpo. they are a joke. garlic and crosses are what is needed when people associated with the huffpo come a knockin, at least until the sun comes up. although, i will say based on my quick scan of draper's "article", it has the appearance of being more balanced than this MADHANI clown. what does that say about USA today?

the majority of "journalists" seem to fall in one of these categories:
not terribly bright

cowards who are afraid to ask tough follow up questions

there are very few journalists who do their job objectively and are capable of deep critical thinking. so disappointing. so dangerous.

going forward, i would assume that ALL "journalists" will treat this issue in the same manner. UNLESS they show you some of their past work that demonstrates a truly unbiased approach to a subject that given even amount of time, i would be inclined to tell them to fuck off.

Anonymous said...

Jeff, is it possible for the victims who were supposed to speak to Aamer or who did to get together and compile their experiences with this particular situatuion, including COPIES of any corresponsence to and from Aaamer or anyone connected to Aamer or USAToday or any other source, and any issues they discussed with him and his reactions and activity, or lack of it, and collect them together as a sort of report?

This particular major ethical breach by a journalist and a newspaper and media company needs to be documented and retained so that people understand how the pit bull industry uses the media to be its slave or coconspiratant, and how these people who pose as journalists deceive people and create the propaganda they do.

People need to understand how these propaganda journalists lie and further abuse victims, and silence asnd censor their voices, and keep them out of the conversation or limit them so as to not detract from the business industry propaganda being created on behalf of the wealthy and politically connected.

Very few people get to hear the behind the scenes information about how these corrupt people do their false "research" and how they don't, and how they deceive and censor while pretending to be fair and unbiased and interested, and this is an opportunity to document this.

How did Aamer contact victims? How did he get their names and contact information? Where did he meet wity h them? How many spoke to him? What questions did he ask? How did he document his interviews? What topics did victims cover with him? What questions did he ask? What correpsondence was there? How did aamer describe his intended article and his research? What did he say he was doing, and then what did he actually do? What information did he give as to his pit bull industry sources? Did he say why he was researching and writing this article? How did he identify himself? What experience did he cite?

It is important to collect this while it is fresh in the minds of victims.

When Aamer spoke to any victims, his article was already written, before he even contacted them, by the pit bull industry.

When a corrupt person like this is working for fighting dog breeders and dog fighters, his activity needs to be reviewed and documented so that more can learn how this all operates.

Anonymous said...

"the majority of "journalists" seem to fall in one of these categories:
not terribly bright
cowards who are afraid to ask tough follow up questions"

Then there are the outright corrupt, who knowingly are unethical and write propaganda and lies for business industries and the interests of wealthy people trying to dominate or profit from an issue or situation

Aamer knew exactly what he was doing, and Aamer did it for perasonal gain and to please his handlers for possible advancement because his career is sliding downhill, if it ever was even up on a ledge

He sold his byline, because these days, with all the deaths and tragedies, a lot of even the borderline propagandists are not feeling too good about being linked to this filth

His involvement with Chicago Tribune propagandist for the dog fighters, John Keilman, only begs the question of how much if any of this propaganda hack piece Aamer actually sat down himself, in his own words without even so much as a provided game plan, to bang out on the keyboard. Want to bet it was not too kuch more than throwing his byline under an industry provided pdf?

Those pit bull propaganda businesses like Subby dog and the rest, and the breeder corporations, hire a lot of busy beaver marketers

Anonymous said...

Aamer Madhani did not of course reveal to any interviewees that his wife Kathryn Masterson works for the Chicago Tribune and they are both friends with pit bull industry lap dog John Keilman of the Chicago Tribune, who gave Aamer a pat on the back and an attaboy after Aamer did the dirty with this hack piece.

The dog fighters and the breeders just love morons like these, who don't even know who they are really working for and whose interests are really hiding behind their lefty friends. Aamer and Kathryn and Keilman are so liberal, aren't they, and progressive, but some right wing industry groups put them to work.

Aamer did get his undergraduate degree in the heartland of dog fighting, Missouri, so you have to wonder how completely wonked he is

But you'd think they have a clue when people like this work for the city of Chicago, but then brains aren't a requirement for propagandists

Anonymous said...

Aamer got caught lying before.

He doesn't seem to realize though that with the pit bull industry work, he is crawling in bed with the extreme right wing hiding out behind his lefty friends.

Anonymous said...

Stubby Dog Project works with CHAKO to produce pit bull industry propaganda in California (Nancy Tranzow's home state) They are big on the nanny dog lie, among other lies.

CHAKO is a pit bull breeder heavy organization that even produces pit propaganda videos with unaltered pit bull breeder dogs, and they amnit they are breeder pits

CHAKO even sends pit bull puppies to Nancy Tranzow to sell in Colorado

Stubby Dog and CHAKO were closely involved with Nancy Tranzow and Coloradogs orchestrating the Aurora antiBSL attack, and they detailed their work with her and pumped her heavily to their followers and encoutaged them to get involved in Aurora Colorado and hammer on the people of Aurora and the media of Aurora

Behind Tranzow is Stubby Dog

Take a look at the Stubby Dog team.

Marketers, advertising people, political and Washington connected people, even a hypocritical university race expert who is willing to stoop to the racist extreme level of bringing human minorities, PEOPLE, down to the level of fighting dogs to propagandize for the pit bull industry.

These people have media contacts and they use them. They have political contacts and they use them.

People have to understand how industry lobbying propaganda gets into and poisons the media system, who fronts it, and how national media shills are used to try to intimidate and overwhelm local media.

When Tranzow was attacking the Aurora Sentinel for daring to speak the truth and look behind the curtain, and when she was referring to "real" journalists, she was referring to the contacts that would be willing to lie for the pit bull industry and take its propaganda and turn it into fake reporting.

People like Aamer Madhani, who they push as being "national" and "important" journalists, and "real" journalists and reporters, to try to bully and intimidate local reporters in local media. They'll bang on any honest local reporters with Nancy's kind of attacks; "you are the laughingstock of the journalistic one" "an embarassment to journalism

And they'll shove Madhani in their faces.

These people are going to use Madhani's trash to try to pound over the heads of any local reporters or editors that dares do what the Aurora Sentinel ones did- speak the truth.

They are going to try to silence the voices of local journalists and replace it with preapproved industry propaganda like Madhani's piece.

The local media in areas where they are attacking need to know what, journalistically, these people are doing. This is also a media war, and the little local media is going to get beaten over the head with the national shills in attempted humiliation and silencing

Will they be fooled and dominated in places like Wyandotte?

Anonymous said...

If people wonder why Tia Torres was on Jon Stewart's show, yes he has a pit bull.

But Tia Torres is on the Stubby Dog Project and that is what got Tia on the show as they still work hard to try to do sanitation after the Aurora vote, and Jon does what the leftist political girls tell him to do, even though Tia is connected through her husband to the White Supremacist movement (which is as a whole hwavily into pit bull breeding and dog fighting and pit bull advocacy).

Jon is unfortunately easily misled. Another big ego and not a lot upstairs.

Look at who runs Stubby Dog and you will know why leftist shills work as servants for them. Expect to see more of these shills in the media lying for them.

Anonymous said...

I'd love to hear Jon Stewart explain to Zainabou Drame, pit bull victim, why he chooses to help protect some right wing good old boy dog fighters and pit bull breeders through pit bull advocacy and promotion.

That's who profits and is protected behind the Stubby Dog Project clowns, and why the dog fighting and pit bull breeding are increasing and getting worse

Why more kids like Zainabou Drame won't be able to eat or talk for the rest of their lives so insulated leftist egotists like Stewart can play games with fighting dogs and have persecution fantasies, and make people do what they want.

Thanks to Stewart, expect to see attacks and harassment of victims and victim advocacy groups increase.

More people in general are speaking out about the deaths and maulings (and fewer people are agreeing to fall for the sales tactics of the pit bull fake rescue dealers) and the pit bull promoters are working hard increasing the marketing through their slaves like Stewart.

I wish someone would put together a slide show and present Stewart with the victims he is helping to maul and kill through people like Tia and Mitzi Balanos of Stubby Dog and Best Friends Pit Bull Breeder Society

Anonymous said...

hahahaha pit bull rescue

Tia Torres hangs out with pit bull breeders, she goes to their events, she gets awards from them, I think there are pictures of her with breeders and dog fighters somehere here

She doesn't rescue anything. She makes money from pit bulls and represents other people making money from pit bulls and breeding them in giant numbers to end up in shelters, while Tia sits back and makes money from TV shows and selling junk and selling pit bulls

That's what that Stubby Dog is representing

Jon Stewart is an idiot.

Anonymous said...

Seen on a Thanksgiving eve TV program...(???) Something urging people to adopt shelter dogs. Miley Cyrus appeared onstage with two pits. One, after insistent cueing, engaged in some reluctant tongue-maneuvers with Miley. The other stood frozen in interrupted-lunge position, staring out at the teary eyed Samaritans. Later, Cesar Milan strode forth and declared that pit bulls were known as Nanny Dogs. ¿Que? Guess its true... childish minds are clearly clapping and cooing at sight of that primitive toad mouth and dull piss-yellow eyes. It's all a wonderful fairy tale.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

i like the sarcastic spin you put on that tear jerking propaganda moment.

Anonymous said...

Cesar Milan should not be saying ridiculous things like 'nanny dogs' on national TV. If he wants to ramble that pits are wonderful dogs, then he should at least stick with them just being pets (some of them) NOT babysitters.

mike said...

You know what is so awesome is the fact of how absolutely mentally insane you pro bsl nut bags are. I mean honestly there is nothing more hilarious than the fact that you all are so incredibly delusional amd stupid is enough to say that credible organizations who conduct actual scientific research that is done by men and women who are experts in animal behavior and genetics, don’t know what they are talking about and that they are Wong and that there expert opinions mean nothing. Yet hit actually think that you people who belong in a mental hospital are the ones people should listen to lmmfao