Friday, March 20, 2015

Friday Frankenmauler Roundup: Neighbors from Hell, Mutant Mayhem, & Pit Grifters

     I couldn't think of a title for this edition of the Frankenmauler Roundup.  "Same Shit, Different Day Edition" is accurate--the pit bull crowd is nothing if not consistent--but it lacks the pizzazz I think is necessary to describe these stories of mayhem, narcissism, antisocial behavior, and Jerry Springer buffoonery.  Nor does same shit, different day describe the experiences of the victims.   It certainly wasn't same shit, different day for them.  I am confident that the victims will remember their encounters with these pit bulls and nutters for the rest of their lives (if they lived to tell the tale).

       Instead, it's the "Neighbors from Hell, Mutant Mayhem, & Pit Grifters Edition"  Discursive, but accurate.

     In La Pine, Oregon, a 27 year old mare had to be euthanized after being attacked in a fenced yard by two loose pit bulls, BAILEY (female) and BULLY (male).  The horse's owner, Richard Beck, fired a warning shot, but BULLY kept attacking, so Beck shot him.  BAILEY fled to her nearby home.  The dogs' owner, Tony Maxwell, surrendered BAILEY to animal control and was cited on two counts each of:  animal nuisance and killing, wounding, or injuring livestock.

     In Deltona, FL  Shirley Farina, age 70, suffered injuries while trying to protect her two Yorkies, Casper and Cali, from being mauled to death in their own back yard.  Farina heard her dogs screaming outside and found them being attacked by two pit bulls belonging to her neighbor.  The pit bulls entered her yard by digging under the shared fence.  Farina managed get them off of one of her dogs, but then the pit bulls focused the other Yorkie.  She scooped up the little dog to shield it, at which point the pit bulls started to bite her arms.  She screamed for help and was aided by a neighbor, Jeff Lamey.
             "At first I thought it was a child screaming and then I heard a second scream and it was a scream of terror," Lamey said.  "I grabbed two big rocks, jumped the fence, ran over and landed two good shots that broke them loose."  The pit bulls stopped their attack and Farina brought her wounded pets inside to help them.

Casper and Cali RIP

            Farina suffered multiple bites to her hard, arm, and neck.  Casper and Cali did not survive their injuries.  Says Farina: "I've had them since they were babies and they were the love of my life."
            The mutants belonged to Farina's neighbor, DEMETRIA BREWER, 24
Neighbor of the Year Demetria Brewer

         Sheriff's Deputies confronted BREWER.  She refused to give them her name or date of birth and yelled at her boyfriend not answer questions, either.  BREWER was arrested on the charge of resisting an officer without violence and booked into the Volusia County Jail.  Her pit bulls were taken by animal control to be put down.

 Meanwhile, across the pond in Dover UK, Karen McDonald is still mourning the untimely loss of her dog Petal.  On Feb 17, the springer spaniel was out for her morning walk with McDonald when they had the bad luck of running into drug abuser and bad actor TROY SMITH and his pit bull SPIKE.

          Says McDonald: "I saw this dog come rushing towards us.  It went round the back of Petal and started biting her leg.  I couldn't do anything.  I stood there screaming for help.  I didn't know if the dog would go for me.  It was absolutely terrifying."

            SMITH eventually got SPIKE to release the little dog.  Concerned strangers rendered aid and Petal was rushed to the animal hospital.  The vet recommended that Petal be put down.

           SMITH and SPIKE were later apprehended by authorities in Market Square.  Rather than cooperate and make the inevitable consequences as painless as possible, both of them decided to continue being stupid violent assholes.  SPIKE (later described by kennel workers as "the most undesirable dog (we) had ever had") bit a PCSO on the thigh before being contained.  SMITH, an admitted long-term heroin user, was arrested and bit the finger of a police officer at the police station.  He also lied that he was HIV positive.

howdy, neighbor!

         SMITH, 42, pleaded guilty to assault, affray, violent behavior at a police station and owning a dog dangerously out of control.  On March 17 he was sentenced to 12 months in prison at Canterbury Crown Court.  SPIKE was dirt napped the day after the attack.

    Two people-pleasing nanny dogs went on a rampage in San Mateo back on January 21 (it's old news, but I couldn't resist...your humble correspondent found the story by googling "pit bull rampage").

         Shortly after 9:30 AM, police received a call from a "frantic" male who reported being  menaced by two large aggressive pit bulls, each weighing between 55 lbs and 75 lbs.  Police drove to the scene and along the way their radio blew up again: three more people called to report that the dogs were chasing people, including a city sanitation worker.
          The first officer to arrive on the scene followed the mutants in his car until they ran into a yard and attacked a landscaper, who used his leaf blower to fend them off. 
nanny was only playing

          The officer tried to distract the pit bulls by blowing his air horn.  It worked: the dogs turned their attention to him and  launched themselves, Cujo-like, against the door.  

           The pit bulls  ran in the direction of a local high school, prompting dispatchers to alert school officials to keep the students inside. Backup officers arrived and the police pursued the dogs, who then charged a woman pushing two children in a stroller.  Again, police distracted the animals with an air horn, but when the dogs changed direction towards a school for disabled children, an officer gave up trying to corner them and rammed them both with his car.
               One ugly mutant died instantly.  The other one decided that the party was OVER and fled for its home, located nearby.  Animal control officers came to the residence and captured the pit bull with the help of its dipshit owner.  While police were at the resident trying to get the dog, they were alerted to ANOTHER woman who'd been bitten by both dogs before the first report.  She suffered puncture wounds to her legs and biceps and was treated at the scene. 
              Police describe the dipshit owner(s) as "cooperative and remorseful," according to a local reporter.  
              I could not discover whether the owner(s) were charged.  Nor could I learn what happened to the surviving pit bull. 

            It was nanny dog mayhem redux in Stockton CA on March 13, when two pit bulls led police on a merry chase in the downtown area after attacking two men and killing a cat.  The first victim suffered bites to his hand.  The second man was attacked near city hall and had to be taken to the hospital for treatment, where he was then released.  
           Police and animal control chased the dogs for several blocks.  When the pit bulls moved towards one officer, the officer fired at one dog named HAZEL, injuring it in the leg.  The pit bulls ran and were taken into custody nearby.

           Meet the owner: pit nutter ROBERT HOUTZ.  HOUTZ came forward to claim his maulers and was allowed to take Hazel to an animal hospital.  
          You can see an interview with Houtz at this link.    Despite considerable evidence to the contrary, Houtz denies that his maulers are vicious: "It's not the breed.  It's the owners and how you train them.  They are not vicious.  I didn't train them that way."  I have no idea how Houtz explains the dead cat and two dog bite victims. Maybe the victims hallucinated their injuries. 

      HOUTZ was allowed to take his injured pit bull, HAZEL, to the animal hospital.  Incredibly, Stockton Animal Control returned MONEY, his other dog.  Houtz claims that Money is a service animal.  
       This asshole assumes no personal responsibility whatsoever (and why should he, given that Stockton police say he faces no charges?).  He claims his mutants could not have climbed the fence and that "someone must have let them out."  He claims that his dogs are not vicious, despite the fact that they just attacked two members of the community ("My animals are innocent," he says, on camera).  
        But Houtz's neighbors can rest easy: when Money was returned to Houtz, animal control came by to check that the fences were secure.  They gave Houtz a stern talking to, according to Joe Silva, a police spokesman: "They told him what the consequences would be if the dogs got out again."  
         I got into more trouble than Houtz when I failed to return the license plates after selling my car.  

 Now, please allow me to introduce DAVID WUICH of Fox River Grove, Illinois.   Wuich was recently featured in his local paper, the Northwest Herald.  Here's his picture:

David Wuich walking CAPONE and WHISKEY(left)
click to enlarge
        Hmmm, what's wrong with that, you wonder!  Just a guy walking his dogs! Those pit bulls might be bad news waiting to happen, but maybe Wuich is a decent person, you know, the naive variety of pit nutter. 

        Nope.  DAVID WUICH is not just bad news waiting to happen.  
        He's already happened.  To multiple people.  More than once.  

       In 2007, Cristina Orton and her lab, Sammy, were the victim of a home invasion. (Readers of Craven Desires will know that home invasion attacks are a pit bull hallmark: unlike other dogs, these ugly maulers actually go inside the homes of strangers looking for prey.  It's fucking heinous, is what it is).   It was like a scene from a horror movie: she was putting groceries away when a pit bull broke through her patio screen and attacked Sammy.  Sammy survived, with 22 staples in his head and dozens of stitches. 

        The "Avon calling!" pit bull was named SHADY, and he was owned by a young pit nutter named DAVID WUICH.

         Wuich put Shady to sleep after he couldn't find a rescue to take the dog (a miracle!).  

        David Wuich is a bad neighbor with an extensive criminal record.  He has been committing crimes his entire adult life and he is not mellowing with age: his most recent charges are FELONY assault and harassment. 

Traffic Violations: think DUI, not speeding ticket

           Multiple DUI, restraining order, and domestic violence.  A battering stalker with neck tattoos.  And, of course, PIT BULLS.  
David Wuich gives the nutter salute on Facebook

David Wuich gives the nutter salute on TWITTER

    David Wuich's MySpace has many photos of his pit bulls, past and present.  There are at least 6 different pit bulls there.  I saved all the are just a few:

"My tattoo.  I just love pit bulls!" he writes

      Lest anyone think that this pit nutter is not a well-rounded individual, I present an example of David Wuich's ARTWORK:
He drew it himself!
    We can explore his other interests on his Pintrest account.  Let's see what he's pinned!

     Well, he likes this glass guitar bong!

Glass Guitar Bong
 David Wuich thinks this is a great recipe for snack food at the "Stonerbowl"...uh, I mean Superbowl.  Wuich gives these "stuffed stoned jalapeno poppers" 2 thumbs up!
David likes these for superbowl

David Wuich covets this key.  "I want one!" he writes
     David works as a kennel manager at an animal hospital.

NEXT UP:  Another day, another shelter-adopted pit bull goes canine IED on its new family!

    Adopted pibble DON lasted fewer than 72 hours in his loving new home in Northeast Philadelphia.  He attacked Nicole Keppol, 33, and both of her children, an 11 year old boy and a 10 year old girl.  The mother and daughter were treated at the hospital and released.  The son needs reconstructive surgery.

     How did this happen?  Did Keppol and family just go to the pound to get a dog, and bad luck had them pick the worst of the lot? Where did DON come from?

     DON was enrolled in the Pen Pal Program at the Philadelphia Animal Care and Control Team Shelter ("ACCT").   The Pen Pal program's mission strikes me as counterintuitive (but, then, I'm not a pit nutter): they prioritize the adoption of dogs languishing in the shelter system.  The dogs that nobody wants to adopt, in other words.  The dogs that have been passed over or deliberately rejected in the past by potential adopters.
        The dogs in the Pen Pals Program are overwhelmingly pit bulls...and, what's more, they are the unpopular pit bulls. 

        This is how the Pen Pals Program describes it on their website: 

"These “long term homeless visitors” are overlooked for a variety of reasons such as the appearance of being depressed, or exhibiting anxiety that can be off-putting to potential adoptive families. Many are mixed blends of dogs that look like pit bull terriers that suffer from myths and stereotypes that betray their true loving individual personalities! The ACCT Life Saving Department’s Pen Pal Program aims to improve the quality of life for these dogs and prioritize their adoption."

      Who funds the Pen Pals Program?  BEST FRIENDS ANIMAL SOCIETY!!!       Click the link to read the entire blowjob of an article on the Best Friends website.  

 The Pen Pal Program dogs get "life skills coaching" and "enrichment activities" and doggie makeovers.  They are photographed with cute new collars.  A volunteer writes up a persuasive, appealing new bio for the dog, which is then aggressively marketed to potential adoptive families.

        Let's look at what the Pen Pal Program did for it's star graduate DON:
      "I'm a really good boy!  I have a killer smile!" sure you are, DON, sure you are

"Come to see me for yourself, and bring the whole family!"

     Check out DON's GLAMOR SHOTS! Pen Pals gave him a whole album.

   Soon, DON was adopted.  Here's his photo on his happy day.

  Here's DON in his loving new home, before the attack: "He's a happy dog and we are lucky to have him as part of our family," writes victim Nicole Keppol.  "Don is doing wonderfully."

Don in happier times

   Here's the news video about the attack.  DON's behind bars:

Nicole Keppol's facebook has been silent about DON since the attack.  I'm with Dawn: I hope it's because her lawyer is telling her to keep quiet.  


Anonymous said...

Lawsuits required. Unless victims hold all these fools responsible ,which includes the cities of Stockton and Philadelphia and the criminal's landlord, the murdering will go on.

"ACCT Philly’s mission is to provide shelter, care and life saving efforts for homeless, abandoned, and abused animals and protect the health, safety and welfare of the citizens of Philadelphia, providing a benefit to all of the citizens of the City regardless of race or economic status.

The official registration and financial information of the Animal Care and Control Team may be obtained from the Pennsylvania Department of State by calling toll free, within Pennsylvania, 1 (800) 732-0999. Registration does not imply endorsement."

Translation for their statement of "These “long term homeless visitors” are overlooked for a variety of reasons such as the appearance of being depressed, or exhibiting anxiety that can be off-putting to potential adoptive families."

in other words, ACCT and Best friends cages these dogs like trapped rats for long periods of time and then drive them crazy after abusing them for months or years.

Notice how Best Friends that has millions upon millions in spare cash lying around won't spend it on taking these dogs to their sanctuary? They make the city of Philadelphia pay for the abuse. Best friends has way too many triple figure salaries to pay to management and public relations liars

Anonymous said...

Best Friends and Nathan Winograd have long been sticking their junk into the affairs of Philadelphia. Thanks in part to the lowlifes who work in the media there like Linda Fuoco Wilson who forgot to tell people she is involved with pit bull breeders. oopps.

Does anyone remember Douglas Rey? Winograd put him in charge of running Philadelphia Animal Control with a dimwit from Best friends (Laura Bishop or something like that) and they proceeded to commit animal abuse and send dogs to hoarders to die or let them kill each other in cages, as well as give pit bulls to dog fighters and of course hand out dangerous dogs.

Rey and gang were run out of town, but thanks to Winograd's personal friends in San Antonio TX, some dirty backroom deal was pulled to get him hired in Texas.

They promptly did the same things as wel as letting packs of pit bulls builds up on the strret and attack.

Even though Rey was kicked out again, I think he now is in another animal control job rexcommitting his crimes.

Meanwhile San Antonio is afflicted with the same Winograd and Best Friends and No Kill crackpots that screw over the city

Illinois Pitbull Attacks said...

Thanks from Illinois! Great work on David Wuich! I'll be putting this info on the Pit Bull Attacks and Dogfighting in Illinois Blog!

And great work on the phllly shelter pit immediately going pit.

scorched earth said...

Welcome back Miss Margo!!!!

The Frankenmauler Roundup has been missed, you brought it back in style.

Anonymous said...

”Only God Can Judge Me"
...written in the florid curly cursive of a fourth-grade Dear Diarist. What further proof is needed of Bad Assery? By the way, God... nice bracelets.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

damn! i've been replaced;-)

you found even more photos of david neck tattoo than i did. you have a bright future. your first frankenmauler roundup is a slam dunk.

while i was asleep, two of my secret squirrels sent me MORE frankenmauler attacks.

puppicide on liveleak

and an unprovoked attack caught on a home surveillance camera

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

i shudder at the thought of this violent fucktard wuick handling dogs and cats at the barrignton animal hospital.

i just looked through his myspace photos and saw what looked like a home ear crop job. omg, i wonder what the barrington animal hospital staff would think if they saw that.

everytime i did the frankenmauler roundup i was reminded of why jane berkey fights so hard AGAINST background checks for those seeking to adopt "pit bulls", those mythical "dogs" that do not exist and no one can identify... she would access to half of the pool of potential adopters and twice as many pit bulls would killed. oh the horror.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

oops. jane would LOSE access to half of the pool of potential adopters.

Your Quiet Neighbor said...

If anyone here is still supporting Best Friends, stop. Now. They don't deserve our money.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

i love it when the subject of pit bulls hits non-pit bull hating forums. DEMETRIA BREWER'S frankenmauler rampage made it on the title of the thread, BREED OF PEACE STRIKES AGAIN


scurrilous amateur blogger said...

someone just pointed out that DAVID WUICH is just 3 miles southeast of this famous pit bull victim.

LEDY VANKAVAGE is at the center of the mutant mayhem in illinois.

Dayna said...

LMAO!! 'Hi I'm Don, I have a killer smile!' !!! Whoever wrote that must be able to see the future! Seriously though, when you're trying to market a breed of dog that was bred to kill or fight to the death, you'd think the writer would stay away from words like, killer.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

"Seriously though, when you're trying to market a breed of dog that was bred to kill or fight to the death, you'd think the writer would stay away from words like, killer."

and lick you to death but i think subconsciously that is exactly why they are drawn to these mutants.

Unknown said...

I'd rather have a pet great white shark, at least I know they're dangerous. Still they attack less than pit bulls. I'm going to run a "non-profit" shelter helping all of the poor little great white sharks. Will you all contribute $ 10,00 to help me get started? If my sharks attack you, at least, you'll be the one coming to their home, they won't break in and invade yours. Oh, and the sharks, they have a real purpose, to hunt prey and control other animal populations.

Miss Margo said...

Hi, everyone!

I can't believe that Stockton animal control & police gave that bonehead back his dogs after they caused so much trouble. They ought to be pissed--the cop who shot Hazel is going to be up to his waist in paperwork for discharging his firearm. Houtz did not even have the decency to apologize and act embarrassed. It's outrageous when someone is caught red handed and they refuse to even admit that they did it.

David Wuich is another instant classic. At first, I didn't want to pick on him because 2007 was a long time ago, and he was a pretty young man when Shady pulled the "Heeeeeeere's Johnny!" But he did not learn from his mistakes. He's had pit bulls, multiple pit bulls, ever since (I wonder what happened to them all?), and he lets them around his poor kids. I would be worried sick if I had to live next door to this person. You are right, first Anon: do his landlords know about the pit bulls in the household?

I can't access Facebook because I don't have an account (obviously, I'm writing under a pseudonym). I'd appreciate it if anyone can tell me if victim Koppel says anything there about Don and whether her kids are okay. I'll update the roundup with the information.

Miss Margo said...

Yeah, anon @ 8:13, the "Only God Can Judge Me" artwork cracked me up, too. He probably sketched it in jail. And marijuana stuffed poppers for "Stonerbowl" (his word)? Really? I feel bad for his little kids. How can the mom handle knowing that the kids are around this guy and his pit bulls and his friends unsupervised?

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

"Houtz did not even have the decency to apologize and act embarrassed"

common trait among psychopaths and all cluster B personality disordered people - they do not own their mistakes, they always blame others.

"How can the mom handle knowing that the kids are around this guy and his pit bulls and his friends unsupervised?"

good question and the answer is likely that she is exactly like him.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

excellent job miss margo. looking forward to fridays.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

good morning miss margo!

the story of Philly Don continues to develop :-)

Miss Margo said...

well well well...Don attacked the foster home's dog...what a SHOCKER.

I noticed that the foster home asked Pen Pals, "He attacked my dog, what if he attacks a child?"

I have the names of Don's "Pen pal" volunteers. I am thinking about calling the program on Monday and trying to reach them for a quote.

I am going to sign up for Facebook today under the name "Margo Adler." I know facebook doesn't like it when you use fake names, but if nobody complains about me, I don't see how they could know.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

i have been researching the volunteers and pen pals and acct. i was planning to send it you and give you first crack at it.

Miss Margo said...

By all means. Send it my way.

Unknown said...

So much for their claim that animal and people aggression are different things. I feel sorry for the kids, it seems their mom was suckered into taking home a "great family dog", then they were all attacked. I have serious doubts that knowing he attacked another dog, any parent would bring him home. I'll grant you all, any parent adopting a pit bull as a family pet, isn't very bright, but she could be an average person who believed the lies. I'm literally shaking my head in disgust at a rescue that would give a dog with a history of attacks to a family with children.

Anonymous said...

New lo rent pit nutter media shill exposed

The Wheeling WV killer pit bull Sheba (now going to an early Spindrift abuse hole with a Markwell wannabe rehabber in Pennsylvania to abuse and send back out to an unsuspecting populace) has a connection to the pit bull mafia media in Pittsburgh PA through a local Wheeling WV radio show host named Steve Novotney

This dipshirt has also been involved with No Kill cranks in Ohio

In Ohio County WV, Novotney got involved with an ex-sheriff's granddaughter named Tamara Lightner of Moundville WV who is heavy into No Kill and who apparently doesn't have the mental acuity to realize that she is being manhandled by the pit breeders ,and went on a save sheba crusade (Sheba is the pit bull that killed the man and chased the woman onto the roof) as well as lie about the incident and claim the dog who killed the man was trying to save someone. She also is personal friends with the local crooked animal control officer named Ohio County WV Doug McCroskey who is willing to lie to protect vicious dogs and help get more people killed.

Novotney is kind of an egotistical but intellectually challenged Markwell type without the facility who works for any nutcases who want to help kill others with pits. He also is hooked up with the local crooked dog officer a guy named Doug McCroskey (Tamara's friend) and they colluded together to run a scam protecting this sheba and creating a series of lies about the incident as you can see on Tamara's page.

Novotney joins into the comments on Tamara Lightner's page with his platitude "Steve Novotney. Real information needed to get out to the public. REAL information, and not uneducated judgement."

Good work working for the dog fighters Steve. Bend right over and get it again.

Novotney has connections to the Pittsburgh media because he worked for it before he moved to Wheeling WV, people like Linda Fuoco Wilson. He got one of Linda's comrades, Andrew Goldstein, at the Pitsburgh Post Gazette to write this piece of garbage that leaves out details like the woman who had to flee from the dog onto a roof, and flatly lies about the incident to "save" the dog.

So you can see how the lies travel from the local liars (often channelled through No Kill and likewise often through a corrupted animal control) and also through someone with a contact to the media who spreads the lies to other media, and then puts pressure on the local corrupt authorities to put other people's lives at risk.

Anonymous said...

Markwell and Spindletop alert on that place in Pittsburgh area Pennsylvania where Sheba the man killing pit bull got sent to

They already have tickets for inability to even maintain the facility in a basic way. It's a dosaster.

The walls are falling down and the fences are broken inside and out, the dogs aren't even sheltered from the weather, but they are taking in bite case and kill case dogs with fundraising money. Apparently they don't feel the need to spend it on the dogs.

South Hills Pet Rescue and Rehabilitation Resort, Union Township, Pennsylvania

The perps here are Ashley Rittle and her husband the violent dog rehabber front Markwell-wannabe and another self promoting dog behaviorist, Nick Ferraro.

They bought the place three years ago, were runnig it as boarding, and it's already falling down and filthy. But they have only been doing the mankiller dog rescue for the past year. There must be more money in getting twats to contribute to save mankilling poochies, and then the dog comes in with the money and gets laundered out with no history or mysteriously disappears.

They aren't spending the money on the place or the dogs, but Rittle is also begging for money for people to donate to her profit BUSINESS. Are people really that stupid?

Are more information on these two would be appreciated. It's only a matter of time before this runs into a Spindletop like arrest after they get someone killed or get exposed for cruelty

Miss Margo said...

I spent more time on the Pen Pals facebook page, looking at all the pit bulls they adopt out.

I wonder how many people who adopt a pit bull already known to "not get along with other dogs" have it explained to them by shelter staff prior to adoption exactly what this means. Does anyone explain to them, matter-of-factly, that the dog will try to kill their neighbor's pets? That the dog will bark and lunge at other dogs during walks, for the rest of its life?

Anonymous said...

Sicko thing is Wuich has partners in his kind of crime and some of them have veterinary licenses

Does anyone remember this deviant veterinarian, Beth Vesco-Mock?

currently director of the Animal Services Center of the Mesilla Valley, Las Cruces, New Mexico

Here she is hiding the identity of owners of a pit bull that broke into a pen and killed many animals

They had to hit her with charges ,that's how bad this pos is

Vesco-Mock's name is familar.

She has been involved in this kind of thing before.

Does anyone remember where?

Anonymous said...

"Does anyone explain to them, matter-of-factly, that the dog will try to kill their neighbor's pets?"

With pit bulls, it also means, most of the time will attack kids as well

A notable common history that nearly every pit bull that has killed a child or severely mauled a child is a history of attacking other dogs

Dog aggression in a pit bull means people aggression too

Animal Uncontrol said...

"Dog aggression in a pit bull means people aggression too"

Indeed. I would estimate that, from a dog's perspective, a "baby man" is just another small animal. Unlikely they have the discernment of, say, a laser.

Anonymous said...

So, the owner of the dog that got out and attacked multiple individuals trotted out "it's not the breed, it's the owner," yet he IS the owner. Is he admitting that he trained his dogs to go on violent killing missions?

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

he is admitting nothing. he claims that his dogs are innocent. but yeah, i love how they talk out of both sides of their mouths.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

Dr. Beth Vesco-Mock made an appearance in the comments.

Anonymous said...

Sorry- I misunderstood. I thought he was referring to them as innocent in the sense that they must have been provoked or someone had their period or it was a day that ended in Y. I didn't realize he is claiming his dogs are victims of a vicious frame up!

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

he is a nutter so, i was not entirely certain of what he was trying to communicate either. he tried to say someone had to have freed them from his property and he tried to say they were innocent. i assumed he was saying they did not do what they were accused of.

Miss Margo said...

Yeah I know it defies belief that he could deny what his dogs did, but that's how I interpreted "my dogs are innocent," too.

Anonymous said...

Pit bull puppies fighting unprovoked.

Anonymous said...

My family and I are dog people. I had a bias against pits. I decided to face my fear and adopted a lab/pit mix puppy. We got her at 6 weeks old. She's 10 months old now and is a handful in that she's just super excited about everything. She has been spayed. We also have a 9yo beagle mix (neutered). And an 8yo boy. I was out walking the puppy last week and a woman walking a small jack russell-ish dog approached. That little dog slipped its collar and attacked my 60-ish lb lab/pit mix and no retaliation on the part of my dog.

My son loves dogs and is very dog savvy. He knows he should avoid unknown dogs, especially loose ones. I have even told him to avoid pits, because while they may not be the #1 biters, they are #1 in bites that result in serious injury or death.

And of my two dogs, it's the beagle mix that is most likely to be aggressive (but only with the puppy when she tried to eat his food, otherwise, he's a very gentle pup), but my pit mix is bigger and louder and will keep people from breaking into my house.

To bust some stereotypes, my husband and I are both college graduates. I work in IT and he's a college instructor. I do have tattoos, but depending on the day, you might not see them. And you would be hard pressed to find a picture of me with my middle finger up. There's too much negativity in the world and I won't be a party in increasing it. I don't do drugs. I have an occasional drink. I don't smoke (but I used to and quit 10 years ago). I have never been arrested. I have gotten a handful of speeding tickets, though.

And I would turn in my best friend if I found out they were involved in dog fighting. It's an evil, hateful act.

Dogs rely on us. We have a responsibility to take care of them. Always.

Anonymous said...

No one said every single pit mix was a homicidal maniac. But, you need to watch your dog. And keep it on your own property. This goes for any dog.

Also, we never said every.single.pit bull (or mix) owner was a nut ter.

When you post anon, BTW, I disregard all credentials. I don't present mine either because I also post anon, so as far as your job etc. Irrelevant.

I personally know someone who had a 100% apbt and it never bit anyone. But, you know what they did? They had one dog only. A female that was spayed. They kept her on their own property and made sure she got a lot of exercise and never encouraged her natural tendencies (some of which she still displayed).

Dogs do depend on their owners. If people kept their dogs from obnoxious and dangerous types of behavior then no one would have any problem with dog owners.

Some pits don't turn on until age two. Some older pits (say, age eight) have killed just one day a member of their own family. Why anyone would want a dog that had such potential is beyond me.

Buying a dog to "face your fear" is absolutely stupid, I am sorry. I "face my fear" ever time I encounter a dog. I am afraid of dogs since a young age. I have been around big dogs that were owned by people I know, for example a Doberman. But, I can't go near a Rottweiler. They have those big mouths like pit bulls. I am most afraid of pits for SOME reason. I have seen a FEW that were somewhat cute, but I have to keep my distance.

And now that I have learned many pit bull owners cannot handle their dogs, I am double plus scared of them. The Doberman owner had control of that dog. Other owners of big dogs I've been around had control of their dogs. They were not mean to the dogs at all, but they had been to some intensive training classes with REAL dog trainers. Even the Rotweiler owners whose dogs I feared so much they knew there was no use in introducing me to their pet. But, they understood, it wasn't PERSONAL.

All this because someone would not believe his fence did not actually contain his pit bull which hated EVERYONE except him. Contain your canine. I don't care how respectable you think you are, what I want to know is your dog is in no way likely to be around me. I have a right to live, too. And I assure you, I will never seek out any dog though I used to have a dog once upon a time. It was a small, cute dog.

Dick "Slugger' Johnson said...

@anon 8:01 -

"She's 10 months old now and is a handful in that she's just super excited about everything."

Everybody loves pit bull puppies, since they act like puppies.

But it's general knowledge among dog men that a pit bull typically turns on at about 2 years of age, and it's genetic heritage begins to assert itself. Some turn on sooner and some can go 8 or 10 years before they go pit bull.

I predict that at some point you will come home to blood spattered walls and blood soaked floors, to find that your beagle has been horrifically slaughtered, unless you manage the pit bull correctly, making sure to crate and rotate, master the break stick, etc - basically have the whole lion tamer routine down, and execute with zero errors, ever.

Anonymous said...

"I decided to face my fear and adopted a lab/pit mix puppy."

No you didn't.

People with many years of experience with dogs understand why breeds are bred, and why some aren't suitable as pets, and that includes mixes of those breeds.

You got suckered by some rich deviants and breeders (yes, dog fighters included) and middle class morons using organizations, shelters, and their media friends to create hype and a fad. And unload dogs that aren't appropriate for family situations.

And to help pit bull breeders and dog fighters avoid regulation and responsibility.

They especially love to prey on the minds of females who think they are very smart, but don't realize how easily led they around and how easily they are "marketed."

Those same people that sucker you into being a fad follower (using the channel of a shelter or rescue) and thinking you are a so-smart progressive doggie rights upholder, are also supporting the pit bull breeders and dog fighters, and the pit bull breeding is going into the stratosphere because people like you don't reliaze that pit advocacy is advocacy for people who make money from these dogs and exploit them.

Congratulations for helping animal abusers, but patting yourself on the back and telling yourself how wonderful and enlightened you are. Pit breeders got you to make a fool out of yourself. You swallow lies very easily if they are coated with a sugary coating.

Thanks to the fad followers like you, you have helped increase demand for pits and pit mixes from people who have no idea about the breeds and can't handle them, and thus kill and injure many every day.

Thanks to the fad followers like you, the dog fighters and breeders don't have to worry about regulation so they can keep overproducing and thus killing many thousands of these dogs a year.

Thanks to the fad followers like you, the shelters that sell pit bulls can persist in being janitors for the pit bull breeders and dog fighters, and keep covering up their crimes and enabling them because they can resell some of the overflow to fools, as well as hide the reason why these breeds are bred and create little marketing ambassadors.

You are only helping the dog fighters and breeders breed more and more, and avoid regulation, and exploit the pit bulls more and more. There are thousands a year being killed because of this, and the numbers are going up, and many thousands more abused, because pit advocacy is providing cover for them through people like you.

Dog fighting is increasing thanks to pit advocacy and twisted doggie rights champions, not going down.

You have no clue. You are only helping to make the problem worse.

As for IT and the university education system, those two fields have some of the highest percentages of naive buffoons in existence. You prove pretty standard operating gullible average. You aren't busting any stereotypes. You are one.

Anonymous said...

Suggestions for Mrs IT pit mix puppy adopter- since you will never face your gullibility, arrogance, and stupidity-

Keep that dog away from other pets, and construct a fenced yard that the dog can't get out of. Make sure your doors and gates are escape proof. Don't let dog sitters or dog walkers handle your dog, and stay away from the dog parks or regular parks or anywhere where there are kids, the elderly, and other animals. Don't let your kid take the dog anywhere. Watch out because in a blink your beagle mix will be torn flesh lying in a pool of blood and screaming. Hopefully you'll get the warning signs before then and have this pit mix ethanized.

But since you and your husband are going to be off at work or otherwise occupied most of the time, you won't be able to properly supervise that pit mix much, will you? You'll end up dumping the responsibility on your son. Guess where that will end up? Why did you get a pit mix especially when you and your husband work full time? Do you think that was responsible and really taking care of your dog, especially considering its special needs breed mix?

And don't give me any of that work at home crap.

You wanted a damn puppy, or your son wanted a damn puppy, and you went and bought it, like it was a toy, instead of being intelligent and picking a good match for your other dog and your household.

But I'm telling you, the minute your pit mix causes a problem, you and your husband will be tied up in lawsuits for years, and you may face criminal charges. That would piss on your fantasy world, wouldn't it?

You want to know how I know all these things? Because I've had bully breeds, because I know what it is like to jump into the middle of a bully breed attack (and people like you and your husband would be screaming for the exits and begging for help from people like me, Mrs Clueless,) because I know people who breed bully breeds (including some of the dog fighters) and because I know some of the personalities involved in pit bull advocacy and fad marketing pf pits and pit mixes, and know why they really do it and what's really behind it,

and also because I know the kinds of fools that are getting sucked into buying this crap. Of course, it is easy to spot a fool.

Anonymous said...

No reputable rescues would allow a 6 week old puppy to be adopted. No reputable breeder has lab/pit mixes and no reputable breeder allows a puppy to leave the mother at 6 weeks of age. Maybe a municipal pound would let them out at that age. I would have found the story to be more convincing if the commenter had said that she was volunteering with a rescue first or at a shelter -- as most people do gradual desensitization to cope with fear. I have a fear of tarantulas and terrorists and am perfectly content not to face my fears by traveling to Syria with a basket of large hairy spiders. CNYC

Unknown said...

I have a strange fear of crickets and grasshoppers. It comes from having grasshoppers hit me as kid riding in the truck with the windows down and from a massive cricket invasion while I was pregnant with my first child. There's something beyond creepy to waking up having them on your pillow just looking at you. I choose not to face my fear, I don't get animals that eat crickets, that way, they can never get loose and invade my home. The same goes for pit bulls. After living with two cold ones, and knowing someone with a cold staffy, I didn't believe they were dangerous dogs. I wanted to adopt one someday. Not now, the monster next door scares me, I carry a knife to and from the bus stop. I won't be letting my 7 year old play with his friends unsupervised outside, because the monster won't stay behind the fence forever. I don't want my baby being the victim. I'm fine with the few cold dogs I know, but I'll never have a pit bull, or a mix. It's just not worth the risk to me, my child, my friends, or any random person on the street.

Miss Margo said...

I fucking hate grasshoppers and I thought I was the only one until I googled it. Turns out, there are lots of us. Those bugs are repulsive.

@Anon 8:01 Who gave you a puppy at 6 weeks?

Your pit bull is still a baby. I hope it doesn't kill the beagle when it grows up.

Anonymous said...

Would love to know more on Mr Novotney....if you know ANY more??? History, background, character?