Friday, March 27, 2015

Update: How Don Happened

Update 04/01  10:30 AM

        Well, they hit Craven Desire's Facebook.   Shannon Holt-Grieves left a comment and then immediately deleted it.  The others are still up at this time.

Update:  3/31/15   11:45 PM

         Shannon Holt-Grieves either deleted all her posts from Facebook or set them to private.  The videos of Don are also gone.

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 Last week's Frankenmauler Roundup concluded with the outrageous case of DON, the adopted pit bull who attacked his new family two days after they took him home from Philadelphia Animal Care and Control Team (ACCT).  Don's final victims (WE HOPE) were mother Nicole Keppol, her 11 year old son, and her 10 year old daughter.  According to news reports, all three suffered puncture wounds and torn skin on their arms.  The son's injuries require reconstructive surgery.

        Last week we learned that Don was a graduate of the Pen Pals program, a program whose mission is to prioritize the adoption of dogs who, for one reason or another, have been passed over for adoption in the past and are languishing in the shelter.  Like Don, almost all of the dogs enrolled in Pen Pals are pit bulls or pit mixes.  It is not a coincidence that ACCT Philly received a $10k grant (in addition to significant publicity and promotion) from Best Friends Animal Society.  Readers of Craven Desires will be familiar with Best Friend's role in pit bull advocacy.  Best Friend's motto, "Save The All," is appropriate for this blog post: ACCT workers who promoted and facilitated Don's adoption have a "Save Them All" mindset towards the animals in their charge.  Only "Save Them All" dogma can explain why they chose to release a dog like Dan out onto an unsuspecting public instead of humanely euthanizing him.

         The questions are: besides the entire Pen Pals program, who was handling Don's adoption effort?  What did they know about Don?  In other words, who dropped the fucking ball?

         In a recent interview with the press, the executive director of  ACCT, Susan Cosby, said that Don had passed behavior screenings and was thought to be safe.  She said, "We do a behavior evaluation (but) it is a snapshot in behavior evaluation can guarantee safety so it is never perfect, but we do our best."

        Well, people at ACCT knew a lot more about Don and his behavior than what was captured in a "snapshot in time."  Some people at ACCT knew all about Don.  Don was not some pit bull sleeper agent, successfully blending in as an optimal family pet and whiling away the time until he was activated to fulfill his nefarious purpose.

        Presumably Don had passed a behavior evaluation when he was placed in a foster home where he lasted less than two days before attacking the household's resident pit bull, causing $700 worth of severe rips and tears to the other dog's face.  Selena Trailes, the foster, called ACCT to take Don back and was understandably shocked to learn that ACCT still intended to place Don in a home.  Trailes is worth quoting:

       "I said to her, 'That dog attacked my dog, what if it attacks a kid'  She said, 'Don't worry about it, he won't do that."

        "I couldn't believe it.  That poor family, the kids--it could have been my kids.  How can someone sleep at night knowing that they adopted that dog out knowing that it viciously attacked my dog."   

           EXCELLENT QUESTION, Ms. Trailes!

          I wish we could ask Shannon Holt-Grieves, Don's pen pal.  (I'd give anything to know the name of the ACCT staff member who told Trailes "not to worry" about the possibility of Don attacking a child.  My money's on Holt-Grieves.)

Shannon Holt-Grieves, Don's Pen Pal (not pictured)
Shannon Holt-Grieves w/random pit bull

Shannon shows the love
 Shannon's Facebook contains multitudinous pictures and bios of pit bulls she's trying to adopt out or has adopted out in the past.  She's helped to place em far and wide, has Shannon.  Let's take a look at what she did for DON:

        First, we have this rather underwhelming adoption ad.  Looks to me like she was really scraping for something positive to say about ole Don.  As Dawn pointed out, "loves toys" and "housebroken" are not exactly glowing recommendations of a dog's dazzling personality and pet qualities (btw, another bio said that Don wasn't completely housebroken).

Well, at least he loves toys!

Another of Don's Glamour Shots
Shannon thinks Don is "awesome" 
        Pictures don't do this fine fellow justice.  Let's see how Don looks on video.

       Dawn noted that Don has testicles in these vids.  This one was published Feb 17, 2015

      Don jumps in her face a few times in this one:

Don, hyper as hell, published March 6 2015

        Don hasn't been neutered at the time these videos were taken.  What I want to know is, did ACCT Pen Pals and Shannon get him fixed when he was adopted, before he was sent home with his new family?

        It sounds inconceivable to me that he wouldn't be sterilized, but Shannon Holt-Grieves has placed intact pit bulls before.  This is one of Shannon's adopted pit bulls in his new home.  There are more pictures of un-neutered pit bulls in her Facebook.

         I truly hope these are isolated incidences and that ACCT routinely sterilizes its animals. How the hell does any animal, much less a pit bull, leave the shelter system without being sterilized?  ACCT can afford the Pen Pals program, but they can't afford to have their animals fixed?  They are drowning in pit bulls, and they release pit bulls capable of perpetuating the humane crisis and overpopulation problem?   Are you kidding me?  

        I found this on Shannon's timeline: she promotes the rehab of a known biter named Bruno.  I think Shannon wrote that story about Bruno there above his picture.  I don't see anything like that story on Bruno's GoFundMe page (they ended the GoFundMe, but you can still read the updates on the site.  A vet treating Bruno refused to complete the examination when Bruno made the feel unsafe.  Shannon seems to think that a dog like BRUNO is still adoptable material).

           The evidence shows that ACCT Pen Pals expended substantial time, effort, and resources to adopt out DON, a pit bull so devoid of lovable personality traits that staff resorted to using his housebreaking as a selling point in his marketing.  ACCT Pen Pals continued trying to place Don after Don attacked and severely injured a pet in Foster home and despite the fact that his foster home expressed concern that could hurt a child.  Don was not an oversight or an accident.  People at ACCT Pen Pals, include Shannon Holt-Grieves, knew that Don was violent and did their best to put him in a home--with children!!!--anyway.

          Here is another example of the "Save Them All" mindset, taken, again, from Shannon's Facebook.  My interpretation of the dialogue is that this white pit bull, Danger, is paired with another dog (presumably a pit bull) named "Sunny."  Sunny's "evals," which I take to mean her behavior evaluation, are "unfortunately, not great."  These ACCT people are still hoping to place these dogs for adoption and are very concerned about Sunny being "killed."  Click to enlarge:

           It is unconscionable that ACCT allowed Don and other dogs like him to be adopted.  I would go so far as to say that it is a violation of public trust and ACCT's obligation of responsibility towards the greater community.  

          I regret to report that nothing I found or read while researching this blog post leads me to believe ACCT will do its best to prevent placing another Don.  Quite the contrary, in fact.


Anonymous said...

Always makes me wonder why people who claim to care so much about animals are ok with adopting out animal aggressive dogs. What about our nice friendly dogs safety as well as childrens? And all the nice friendly animals who take a back seat and languish in shelters while they throw all these resources on these mutants? I send someone who rescued a pit that needs a muzzle and prong collar every time it leaves the house because it's dog aggressive and they have two small children, yeah that's a great family dog.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

BRONZER is happy cuz he still has his testicles and the nutters are happy cuz those testicles are their job security.

Miss Margo said...

According to information I found on the American Veterinary Medical Association website, Pennsylvania is a state that "requires sterilization or a promise to sterilize in order to adopt an animal from a pound, animal shelter, or pet animal rescue."

I'm hoping this means that they snipped Don before he went home. Maybe the intact dogs in the photos on Shannon's facebook only remain intact until they are adopted, and then they get the surgery? I guess it would save money. Why sterilize an unadopted animal that will be PTS.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

"a promise to sterilize".

lol, nutters promising to follow the law.

TX ACO said...

San Juaquin County CA was able to show that a killer dog was KNOWN by its owner to be a threat, and now that owner is a convicted FELON awaiting sentencing. Philly PA prosecutors need to take note!

Anonymous said...

Having volunteered and worked for shelters and rescues for many years, in the Philly area, I came to the conclusion long ago (re: pit bull apologists) that they truly do not care about humans, only pit bulls (not even other dogs). Remember, these are the same people who have a slogan, "Euthanize humans, not pit bulls". They don't care if a pit bull adoption risks the lives of humans, as long as it gets the pit a home away from the euthanasia needle. They are willing to risk some, even many tragedies (which also result in the dog coming back and hopefully being put down) if it results in some pits getting homes without incident.

scorched earth said...

The first video of Don was an eye opener. What kind of "trainer" would encourage a pit bull to leap up for treats in the hand?

What kind of "trainer" would allow a pit bull to lunge for her face?

Joyfully proclaiming "Knows sit!" as a selling point? LOL !!!! That is one lukewarm sales pitch.

Miss Margo said...

Yeah, I didn't add much commentary to the videos because I don't know much about training dogs and I don't have an informed opinion about their body language, either. The jumps to the face startled me. I don't know if it's normal dog behavior or not. When my golden retriever was young, she would sometimes jump up on her hind legs and try to put her paws on people's chests. Not that jumping, though. I was surprised Shannon didn't strongly correct his jumping, because that sort of shit would turn a potential adopter right off.

Also, it seems that when he has toys, he completely ignores her. Is that weird? I don't know. When I had dogs, they would play with their toys by themselves, but if I was there, they always wanted to play with their toys with me.

Anyway, I got exhausted just looking at Don in that last video. Jesus christ.

Unknown said...

She must be "nuts" to think this dog is safe for families.

Who volunteers to inspect this ladies Christmas tree?

Awesome work. It makes me want to gag that you did not make this up.

Miss Margo said...


You know, I wonder what Don was like when it was time to take his toys away.

Anonymous said...

Watch Don practice the same moves on that red ball that makes his type famous in the fighting pit. Very familiar motions for anyone who has seen a pit attack another animal.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

normal, healthy, well-adjusted people see Don in those videos, shudder and look elsewhere. the kind of lunatics drawn to pit bulls though seek that crazy shit out. check out Jessup's cafepress site.
you too can have a t-short or a coffee mug that says "Calm submissive? Why would I want a dog like that!?"

Anonymous said...

Wow I did not watch the videos until you posted that. That's how a pit attacked my dog. Knocked him right off his feet then went for his stomach and he's a 60lb. golden retriever.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the work researching and posting this.

These psychotics only get away with this as long as they can operate in the dark and no one knows what they are doing.

Shannon Holt-Grieves is going to get someone killed. She already has gotten many pets tortured and probably killed (even other pit bulls.) Holt grieves is harming even the pit bulls, that's what is so sadistic about this kind of person.

Plus she is handing out unaltered pit bulls to anyone who will take them and guess what fighting pits some of them end up in, or being used to breed for? Philadelphia is filled with dog fighters.

Animal control in Philadelphia has done this before with their No Kill, Winograd plant animal control people. They were giving unaltered pit bulls to dog fighters back when Douglas Rey and the woman from Best Friends was running it.

Now they have Susan Cosby doing it. Another one who is hurting the pit bulls, along with everyone else. Just propping up the pit breeders and giving them a helping hand, as well as contributing to the ongoing dog fighting problem.

At any rate, Holt-Grieves, Susan Cosby, and their employers are now on the radar for dangerous, deadly behavior and willful negligence, and also supporting animal cruelty.

Best Friends again shows they are in this to protect the pit bull breeders. With their millions, they couldn't get these pit bulls altered? They don't even care that these vicious pit bulls are mauling other pit bulls. Animal welfare has nothing to do with Best Friends. They are an animal abuse organization and have been for a while now.

Holt-Grieves is the typical kind of simple-minded, naive, fool who is so desperate for attention she will accept the religious-like dogma from the pit bull breeders through Best Friends and go out and hurt even the pit bulls, even if she doesn't give a crap about any other animals or people.

There's a reason that the only other people than Best Friends to be filing to get the Vick Dogs and money were pit bull breeders, some of them busted for dog fighting. That's the business that Best Friends has been in for a while now, even as they pay millions to public relations firms to lie to people to hide it.

Also notice that Best Friends doesn't do a damn thing about busting the dog fighters or exposing them, just handing out money to launder the dog fighters' dogs.

Anonymous said...

Shannon also doesn't have a clue that she is actually making things worse in the way she claims she works with these dogs. She's dangerous.

This is why the dog trainer and behaviorist world is such a mess.

It attracted grifters, hopeless incompetents and disturbed people who know that since there are no standards and no supervision, they can go on lying and doing bad, dangerous things without being called on it.

But Cosby should know she is dangerous, Cosby should fire her, and the buck stops with Cosby. This is her mountain of liability and her fault. Cosby needs to get charged with a felony the next time.

Anonymous said...

i personally dont think you can tell very much from seeing these videos except that the dog is playfull and acting somewhat predatory toward the ball . it seems to me that the nature of the breed is such that there is often no outward signs of what these dogs are capable of ....they may be good dogs that never do anything or they may be bad dogs in sheeps clothing . dogs that will act normally until something triggers a devastating attack .

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

it starts around 2:20

the mutant is jumping up at her face demanding more treats. the camera person tries to redirect DON'S focus to the ball. this shannon nutter is too fucking stupid to realize how much this video hurts the placement of mutant DON and uploads this video anyway. these idiots are danger to themselves, which is OKAY by me. my problem is they endanger others.

Anonymous said...

It really bothers me that people connected to government departments like animal control, who can put the public at risk, who are involved with public safety issues, who put the public at risk of liability both ways, and are subsidized by the use of taxpayer money, and influencing legislators- use names that aren't real!

Shannon Holt-Grieves is not her legal name and she doesn't use that name for anything other than her pit activities and facebook page. Why do so many of the people in the dangerous world of the pit religion throw around this hyphenated attempt at obscuring?

The name she has used through much of her life is Shannon M Holt, and sometimes she's used Shannon M Grieves or Greives

But this hyphenated mess sure looks like maybe she knows there is liability and she is trying to muddy the waters?

Her sister Jamie Holt also works with ACCT and is driving pit bulls through ACCT, and one look at her facebook page likes shows that it's another one completely sucked in by the religion and by pit grifters who prey on the minds of middle aged women who don't know they are being played.

You might find Don there in her pictures.

Look at the list of likes- it's obsessed to the maximum. It dsoesn't look like there are any other interests in her life. Complete pit bull worship.

She gets involved with ACCT fundraising to pay for crazy things like insanely exprensive leg surgery for a dog pulled out of some shelter somewhere else, instead of paying for neuters and spays for the pit bulls in the pen pals programs, which just results in more unwanted pit bulls being bred. There's a lapse in basic logic and common sense. Thinking they are making things better but actually making things worse

She is putting pit bulls into foster using the cover of taxpayer funded ACCT. Look at her FB cover photos. Still assuring people they are good with other dogs. Yes, sure they are. They said that about Don.!/photo.php?fbid=384211691734971&set=a.101619946660815.2944.100004384292741&type=1&theater

The public doesn't understand that the ones in their animal control and influencing their legislators to do dangerous things are people who have nothing else in their lives, and have allowed themselves to be pushed by the grifters and charlatans in pit bull religious worship, where even the object of worship gets harmed by the worship

Shannon and Jamie bitching!/photo.php?fbid=325290940960380&set=a.101619946660815.2944.100004384292741&type=1&theater about overpopulation and that "people can do whatever the hell they want with dogs with zero repercussions" but not realizing that they are contributing to it, placing unaltered dogs, placing violent dogs that attack others, they have no connection to reality and the harm they are doing. They are being bitches for the breeders, do these two women even begin to comprehend?

You could write a book on these two, but the taxpayers of Philadelphia are on their knees at the altar of this insanity thanks to a handful of really deluded women like this.

Anonymous said...

Shannon and Jamie Holt didn't get into this because they woke up one day and figured on their own, with their own brains, that it was the right thing to do.

Jamie has a yellow lab she got 12 years ago that is at the end of its life now.

When Jane and Andrew Saul, and groups like Best Friends, decided to use the media and their pals in public relations and advertising to create a pit bull religion, women like this believed what they were fed and got sucked into being mindless followers.

They just don't understand they are helping the enemies of these dogs, the people who prey on them, get away with it and prey on more.

They just don't see they are making the problem worse.

If they ever had an intelligent thought and realized any of this didn't make sense at any time, the grifters at Best Friends would whip them back into shape with some more lies.

But everyone else in that city shouldn't be at the mercy of some people who don't know they are being manipulated. That's where the city leaders should be stepping in, to prevent damage and harm, preventing animal cruelty and injury and death to humans and their pets. Instead some of the city government is colluding with this.

Best Friends has government lobbyists connected with political parties that reach out to those who will be bought on city councils and things like that, to hook them into this whole scheme.

Anonymous said...

Here is one of the culprits in Philadelphia City Council letting outside interests come in, operate through these obsessed women and a government department, and putting the people and animals of the city at risk

"Shannon Holt-Grieves reviewed Philadelphia City Council — 5 star
February 9, 2014 ·

Thank Councilman Johnson for taking a stand and caring about the well being of our city's animals. This is issue is extremely important to so many of us! Keep up the excellent work!"

The puppet in question is Kenyatta Johnson

Who even if he might not have a clue as to the dirt going on behind the scenes and how he is being manipulated, might at least care that some deluded women practising a bizarre religion and being used themselves by the breeders and dog fighters are getting children in his own district torn up by the kind of things they are doing. They give aggressive dogs to people with kids, to hurt kids, when they know those dogs are dangerous. They don't care.

The family attacked by Don should be suing the city, and bringing in people like Johnson and anyone else on city government colluding with this abuse of government right straight into depositions, because it's not going to stop until someone holds them responsible for what they've done

Anonymous said...

Translation for Cosby's comment about behavioral tests and they they are a "snapshot in time."

It doesn't make a lot of sense, does it, but there's a calculated reason she said this. It's a ploy.

I'm sure some of Best Friend's liar lawyers had a hand in this ploy lie before she went to the media.

There's a very direct reason for it. VICTIM BLAMING.

Like the pit bull breeders who want to hide the fact that they are intentionally breeding vicious dogs, and are trying to avoid liability, they blame the victim.

Cosby is saying in a sneaky way that when the dog left ACCT the dog was ok, so anything that happens after must be the victim's fault, something they did.

That is bull and she should be getting hit hard with a lawsuit, but should already have been fired.

Anonymous said...

and now Petco is funding them:

Cardinal said...

Bruno looks like he might have the itsiest little bit of Fila Brasiliero.

"ACCT Pen Pals continued trying to place Don after Don attacked and severely injured a pet in Foster home and despite the fact that his foster home expressed concern that could hurt a child."

Well that settles it. When someone worries their dog is a danger, they should see it put down instead of trusting any rescues.

Also, those "adoption ads" for Don are an incredible eyesore. My inner designer is screaming.

Anonymous said...

I'm curious on the timing of the Petco thing. The money is supposedly to build a new facility with a "community challenge" to torture more animals in, like No Kill has been doing for years in Philadelphia and NEVER making things any better, making them worse actually.

Did Best Friends pull some political strings and do this as a PR move after the bad press that revealed that their Pen Pals program is actually disturbed zealots putting violent fighting dogs into families to try to kill them and their pets?

(PR move to create good media to outshout the recent bad, and to get the zealots to be pounding on the citizens with sales pressure to donate to a Best Friends arm)

People like Cosby are inserted into these animal control departments through political string pulling,

Best Friends got political lobbyists on board connected to the two parties some years back, and they go through corrupt local government leaders and corporate shills to let Best Friends bring their cult into government affairs.

People like Cosby are always in direct communication with their puppet string pullers in Utah at Best Friends.(The Winograd people do the same thing. You should see some of the micromanaging communications between Winograd and some of his shills.) They tell her what to do, what to say, how to cover up the bad things they are doing, and plot to stage events to hide any bad news.

This is how they infiltrate these areas.

Best Friends has a lot of face invested in Philadelphia, and has for a long time, first through Winograd, then directly. It would not surprise me that they try to save face (again) by pulling some political strings and getting shills at Petco to try to do some cleanup after the bad media.

The Sauls also had contacts at Petsmart that were doing the same thing with their pit bull events and shills. The Chairman of the board of Petsmart was a friend of the Sauls.

It would not surprise me that someone connected to Best Friends infiltrated the board at Petco, or Best Friends has a shill on the board there who will give them special favors with corporate money. Possibly a California, Hollywood connected shill, since Best Friends has been involved in very slimy affairs there getting support for this kind of thing in recent years, and many have political and corporate connections in that scene. But also since they are hooked up with the Sauls, it could be comming from New York.

Andrew Saul is involved in the corporate investment, Wall Street world, and they certainly used connections to friend board members of Petsmart to do this kind of thing for their programs. Not a surprise if there is the same kind of thing going on through Petco corporate or board.

With all the needy situations in the country, poor places that don't even have buildings for shelters or animal control or that work out of shacks, places that can't afford low cost spay neuter programs, that can't afford animal control officers, it is very strange that Petco is showing favoritism by giving so much money to a city that can afford to do this itself, and can reach out to wealthy New York interests, and probably doesn't need to do it at all. This is throwing money away. It won't make anything better.

If Philadelphia dealt with their breeder problem and their dog fighting problem, they would not need to build new warehouses to torture more animals in. But No Kill and Best Friends works to keep them away from dealing with those problems and solving them. There is no way that Best Friends wants to slow down the pit bull breeders! They work for their interests.

The bigger the surplus of pit bulls, the more gullible cult fanatics Best Friends can bring in to enslave to give them money and fundraise for them, pay for all those triple figure salaries and first class plane tickets and houses that Best Friends management loves so much.

The church of pit bull ponzi scheme.

Anonymous said...

"BRONZER is happy cuz he still has his testicles and the nutters are happy cuz those testicles are their job security."

I thnk you nailed it, SAB

The more surplus pit bulls there are, the more cult converts and therefore money to be made, orchestrated and controlled from Utah.

It's a ponzi scheme built on expanding and perpetuating animal cruelty, and convincing the cultees they are "doing good" while they make things worse.

Lot of money in that for the ones higher up on the chain.

How much does Cosby make? She gets a fat paycheck I'm sure while she gets the women like the Holts lower on the chain to spend their time and energy, for little to nothing, working away for the masters, just by convincing them they are "helping animals." It is easier to get slave labor when the slaves have an emotional prod.

Best Friends figured that out a long time ago when they realized there wasn't enough money in the direct religious cult scheme that they tried, so they sidestepped into using animals as bait.

Anonymous said...

I am continually amazed at the detective work you do on these people and your ability to condense all the info for us. Great job.

I agree with others that I'm astounded at how these shelter people continue to turn these aggressive dogs out into society... to help their adoption numbers? Or do they do it for the approval of the nutters who fawn over them for having the magical ability to "rehabilitate" a vicious dog? I don't know. But I've dealt with my local shelter adopting out dogs which have killed other animals -- a dog which attacked and mauled to death a neighbor's pet pygmy goat, another which ripped an elderly woman's cat to pieces right in front of her on her own porch, a dog which chased, terrorized and bit a child... the shelter insists the dog was never declared dangerous so it has no "official" record. Well, the only reason it doesn't have an "official" record is b/c the owner surrendered it in lieu of citations. Doesn't change the fact that the dog is aggressive and will do this again. But tell that to the people at the shelter who see their adoption numbers rise and claim no liability for when this dog does something else.

Miss Margo said...

Hi @ anon 7:56

Dawn did most of the detective work and also helped me with the screen shots. That said, I did almost go blind reading the ACCT Pen Pals' and Shannon's Facebooks. I'm not used to Facebook, so it was a new experience for me.

Anonymous said...

This kind of situation happens because of crazy dog people. And not even only with pits. I am on the other end of the continent from you guys, yet a few days ago while browsing my facebook I ran into this:
The story is that a 4 year old St. Bernard who was rescued (was picked up from the street with an open fracture infested with maggots, starved and with mange) by a family killed one the children (while the boys were playing with each other a little roughly, the dog just walked between them and clamped on one of them) he had been living with for the past 3 years. He ripped out the kid's throat, so even though they rushed to the hospital, there was nothing to be done. And the stupid ass parents knew the dog was aggressive, the rescuer (?) who wrote that post says that "the dog has always had a strong character, he hated abrupt moves and raised voices". Sounds like a great pet to be had with kids, eh?
Anyways, killer dog spent one month "in a kennel too small to move, without love, not knowing what he did wrong". So, of course, a lion tamer/pitnutter showed up to “rehabilitate” him (and it had to be a pitnutter, even if those damn mutants aren’t all that common here, these tamers and breed specific rescuers have cropped up all over the place). At a price, of course. And a pretty high one at that, considering it’s going to come from the “rescatistas” (aka, batshit-crazy dog people) who are often up to the gills on sick and stray dogs. Dogs that few want, even if they were adoptable, which is a gamble ‘couse they do no temperament test of any kind. And they are very much No Kill, even for the sickest or the most dangerous ones. Which is why there they were on the comments, crying for the injustice this “poor baby” had suffered and how he was good but just needs the right home and how dare anyone say that he should, maybe, be pts (from what I saw, one lone soul said so and was promptly attacked for it). Plus, the oldies but goodies of “people kill more people”, “humans are worse”, “murderers are freed and forgiven all the time so why not this dog”, “he was abused aka it is all in how he was raised”, etc. etc.
So, aid pitnutter caught my attention, since denial and universe-sized egos are integral to who they are, and entered his facebook page to see what happened with “Ramón”, the St. Bernard. And I felt freaking sick when I saw this:
He, filming while three kids, two of them pretty damn small, fed the unleashed, tail and head high when interacting with kids, pee and anal marking, jumping up and snapping for food, not even sitting when asked killer dog. While in the comments, the morons congratulate him on his training skills and how “he looks like a brand-new dog”. And the grand lion tamer asks for food for the dog and more “donations”. And that once the dog gets adopted (!!!) he’ll let everyone know.
So, yeah. Nutters are an international pest. Be glad that you guys have, at least in theory, laws and ways to pts these dangerous dogs. Here, no one will do anything, least of all the justice system.
As a plus: (64 years old woman killed by her two pet-pitbulls, and the judge is still to decide what to do with them)

ps. Sorry for any typos and grammatical errors!

Your Quiet Neighbor said...

What's needed in this case? A big, fat lawsuit. Filed by a pit bull of a personal injury attorney.

Your Quiet Neighbor said...

Here's the kind of lawsuit I'm talking about. Note the six-figure settlement:

Anonymous said...

Jamie seems to have noticed that other people have noticed that she is engaged in dangerous behavior with high risk to other people.

She's taken down all her personal photo ACCT pit bull pictures and her pictures of her at ACCT and communications with people like Shannon about shifting these dogs around on her FB. Only pictures of her with her lab now. The usual messages begging for foster care with potentially very dangerous dogs, but she's trying to distance herself personally from this danger. Something to hide. No matter, they're saved.

If anyone didn't see, Jamie Holt is not taking any of these fighter dogs she's hustling through the ACCT front to her home, by the way.

In an extended exchange where she is putting pressure on some people to foster a typical PA fighting pit bull right off the streets, she went into some detailed conversation about how she operates her obsession through ACCT.

She doesn't put herself in the dangerous seat, and avoids liability that she happily places on other people and the CITY.

To summarize, she can't take any of these pit bulls into her house because she has a 14 year old dog, and her brother (and Shannon's) lives in the basement with his dog. It sounds like it's a parent's house, a row house. Also that Shannon's two kids are visiting a lot.

So she puts intense pressure on witless idiots to be taking these dogs into their homes as "foster care." She DOESN'T. She just visually sees them or photos of them, then she's selling them. She wants other people to do the dirty work and take on the risk. She sidesteps any problems and the liability.

One of them asked her if a pit off the streets was "good with other dogs." Jamie didn't have a clue but just assured the woman, yes, definitely, to try to pump and dump this dog.

Jamie just isn't doing the pit bull foster care. Jamie's and her bothers' dog doesn't get killed of course when the pit bull does attack, she puts that off onto people like Don's foster care. Their pets get hurt and attacked, and they get the vet bills and potentially sued or charged. Their kids get attacked and potentially killed, not Jamie's neighbors or Shannon's kids. Jamie sidesteps the liability of course. That's for other people.

Jamie better be aware that she and Shannon are not going to escape liability and problems when their actions result in trouble, and their friends at ACCT and Best Friends will drop them like a stone. They are warranteeing these dogs as safe. If they want to be used and lied to, that's their choice, but they are involving other people and putting other people at risk.

Anonymous said...

Another beg fest where the money was wasted, gone. Shannon and Jamie through ACCT running a clearing house for the pit bull breeders.

Instead of placing how many nice dogs that got killed instead, instead of paying for how many spays and neuters, they got money out of people and potentially used Philadelphia tax money though ACCT to do this, and of course it was for nothing.

The vet should have been reported for leading them to believe this dog would survive, but the vet is happily making money getting these people to panhandle and run up huge bills, or potentially getting tax money to them- that isn't clear. ACCT records should be FOIA'd.

This dog suffered before it died too. This was a gruesome example of pit bull worship and No Kill cruelty and waste.

No wonder some of these vets support No Kill and pit bull worship. They can sleaze a lot of money out of it and scam these people themselves. Another ponzi scheme.

As a little history, Philadelphia animal control run by this No Kill insanity had a vet who did work for dog fighters on the payroll a few years back.

Anonymous said...

They let that pit bull Sally languish in "horrendous" pain and suffering in a concrete cage while they raised money for the vet and worked on getting "rescue" to pick the dog up. That took time.

Shannon and Jamie sure didn't run home with the dog and care for it.

They let it rot and suffer while they played these games.

That dog suffered in agony. That dog was internally bleeding and in great pain the whole time these zealots were taking the time to run around and "pull" the dog and organize this insanity.

This is the cruelty that is No Kill and pit bull worship. They abuse them while they tell people they are saving them.

The biggest cruelty is that the city lets deluded women who aren't dealing with reality or don't have real compassion to do this to city dogs.

That vet should have had their license reported for going along with this cruelty.

This is animal abuse, and these people knowingly did this. look at their own words, Shannon Holt Grieves the "expert's" words.

"Sally came to ACCT PHILLY as a stray, in very bad shape. The volunteers are trying to get rescue pull for her so she can receive much needed medical care. The shelter is not equipped to provide this type of care for her. She has skin issues which may be flea allergy, dermodex, pyoderma or a dermatitis, hair loss, old and new wounds all over her body. Sally may also may have a uterine infection as she has bloody vulvar discharge. This girl is so friendly and tolerant of all the dogs she met at the shelter. This gives testament to what a great dog she is. Despite her condition she still finds it within herself to be a loving, friendly girl. Imagine how great she'll be when she is all fixed up! If we can offer some help with her medical bills we're hoping it'll help get her out of the shelter ASAP. Thank you and please share as well!"

"t is with a very heavy heart that I have to announce that Sally did not make it. Her blood levels were severely low and she was found to have pyometra, a uterine infection requiring immediate surgery. The vets did not think she would survive the surgery. They also believe she may have had a clotting disorder which was causing her to bleed from her nose and internally. They and her rescue agreed that it would be best to put her to rest. No more suffering for her. Unfortunately we got to this girl too late. For that I am so sorry. We tried so hard. We will never know what Sally endured before she came to the shelter, by the looks of her it was horrendous."

Anonymous said...

Shannon and Jamie Holt are also using ACCT and ACCT dogs to beg for money through.

But the money appears to go to them, personally

So who is tracking how this money actually gets spent and accounted for other than their promises? Who is making sure that money is spent appropriately? Who takes responsibility for the taxes, which someone has to claim as income. They can't take the money and use ACCT as nonprofit cover.

Where the hell is Sue Cosby supervising any of this?

Anonymous said...

Another one of the group using ACCT as a front for collecting money through that goes to them personally

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

miss margo, me thinks shannon has seen your blog post. she deleted two of the videos. you know you have struck a nerve when they delete the evidence. lol.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

"What's needed in this case? A big, fat lawsuit. Filed by a pit bull of a personal injury attorney."


scurrilous amateur blogger said...


that is freaking awesome anon.

Anonymous said...

BRONZER is dead, as I'm sure you'll be delighted to know. He was critically ill when he was saved from ACCT - too sick to be neutered. Surprised you didn't come across that information in all of your "research."

Unknown said...

Aww, poor, poor Bronzer is dead.

I weep.

See, this is what's wrong with pitnutters. They get all puffy-eyed over ONE dog that dies, and forget the hundreds, no thousands, of dogs killed by the breed specifically bred to kill their own species.

Remember, in the pit bull wars, humans are only collateral damage.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous Shannon, maybe one day you and your sister and friends will wake up and realize that you are being manipulated by the dog fighters and pit bull breeders whose interests Best Friends and their affiliates are really looking out for.

That's who is involved in their policy making these days, people who are breeders or even are afficionados of dog fighting. You have no idea because their million dollar advertising and pr shills tell you lies to keep you the docile servants they want you to be.

All you are doing is being maids, cleaning ladies, for the breeders and fighters, and you are just greasing the path for them to be able to breed more and more pit bulls and exploit more and more pit bulls, as they are doing now.

That's what the leadership of pit bull advocacy is, except Best Friends and the rest don't want to know who they are in bed with.

They don't want you doing anything about the overbreeding and the breeders, did you notice?

This is why they latch on to stupid, gullible women who don't have the ability to think about how they are being used. You are helping the breeders and dog fighters persecute these dogs.

They have you right where they want you.

Anonymous said...

A vast percentage of the overly large Best Friends management makes triple figure salaries, full benefits, they even get free houses. They give triple figure salary jobs to their inexperienced relatives.

The money from the merchandise they sell, like the Vick dog wine and the T shirts and the vitamins and the mugs, goes into a private company that then goes right to the big chiefs at Best Friends, their private accounts.

They sit on their big, rich butts in Utah and give orders to the poor little people.

Are they taking these dogs into their homes, or arranging foster care, or paying for the medicals? Hell no! They are not getting their hands dirty. That's for the little people, like the Holts, to do.

Is Best Friends taking any of these dogs to their hundreds plus acre sanctuary with millions of dollars in the bank to pay the bills? Hell no! They are getting rid of sanctuary dogs and reducing the number.

They don't even take pit bulls from their state, Utah!

They hand out a little tiny amount of money like $10,000 to ACCT slaves, which is like pennies to Best Friends, and it isn't even enough to actually do anything . They're rich! They are rolling in money. But instead of spending it, Best Friends instead gets servants at ACCT to spend THEIR OWN money trying to cope with the breeder problem that Best Friends is supporting.

Best Friends thinks it is just fine if people like the Holts go broke doing what the pit bull breeders want.

Do any of these followers ever stop and think about reality? They see the problem getting worse. The breeders are getting worse. Best Friends does nothing about the breeding and fighting problem. Do they ever wonder why?

Mom in Eugene said...


They are the type of SLOW KILL zealots that will fight over the kid killer because they have to save them all- totally ignoring that saving the dangerous ones subtracts from the total because they kill!.

Our city shelter is full of nutter idiots, and is slow kill, but still has a little sense in that they PTS sick and aggressive dogs. Every year, a totally insane slow kill non profit hounds them, sues them, just to get their stats on what dogs were killed. Then they make a huge stink with the city, whip up the public, by telling them how this shelter is a bunch of mad slaughterers.

I think our city shelter kills less than 50 dogs a year, and all should be PTS no doubt (I know because ones they ought to kill are still alive, like the mauler thats been there for 2 years). They would have to be really sick or aggressive to get PTS, so that is who these loonies are fighting for.

The most offensive thing is that all the time, money, and energy that goes into pits, plus begging for millions more for a new shelter, is that all of it happens while CHILDREN LIVE ON THE STREET. We will spend more to save PIT BULLS than we will to house KIDS.

There IS one thing we do for our homeless, the one and ONLY thing: GIVE THEM PITS!!!!! See, we are helping (pits!)….

I wish I was kidding. Its like the law here- you cannot be homeless without a mauler by your side.

Mom in Eugene said...

LOL someone came here to defend Bronzers balls, but ignored all of the serious allegations.
Is that all ya got?

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

yes, i am delighted. and by "critically ill" you mean suffering from his cannibalistic mutant urges?

Animal Uncontrol said...

"Shannon Holt-Grieves either deleted all her posts from Facebook or set them to private. The videos of Don are also gone."

These guys are so into censorship, they are now CENSORING THEMSELVES.


Animal Uncontrol said...

"BRONZER is dead, as I'm sure you'll be delighted to know."

I'm on the fence... did you at least get a couple of good steaks out of him?

Anonymous said...

A lot more is becoming clear

"Sue Cosby, executive director of the Animal Care and Control Team (now known as ACCT Philly) since 2012, is leaving at the end of March to work for the Petco Foundation. Her replacement at ACCT will become the fourth leader since 2007

It looks like the water is getting a little hot for this pos, so now she will be doing the work directly for the pit bull breeders and Jane and Andrew Saul at Petco and giving out corporate money to build new buildings that taxpayers then have to pay for to handle all the pit bull breeders castoffs and overage.

Bykovsky who wrote that article, by the way, has long been a fanatical, Winograd type zealot, pumping out the old propaganda for that cruelty, and posing as a "journalist" for

Special interest influence in the media that gets animals and people hurt and killed and makes the whole problem worse.

But now it is apparent what was the motivation for killing animals and increasing the maulings with violent pit bulls. She was going to cash in being a good puppet!

Anonymous said...

"Every year, a totally insane slow kill non profit hounds them, sues them, just to get their stats on what dogs were killed. "

Mom, it sounds like that crook and charlatan Nathan Winograd?

The guy who was helping to abuse animals during the short period he ran a shelter, and now is supported by his stock market fraud accused father-in-law

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

you say potaytoe and i say potahtoe. you say censorship and i say spoliation.



Spoliation of evidence refers to intentional or negligent withholding, hiding, alteration or destruction of evidence relevant to a legal proceeding. Accordingly, it is inferred that a person who destroys such evidence does it with consciousness of guilt. Thus the principle carries along the following consequences:

1. the act is criminal by statute, and may result in fines and incarceration for the parties who engaged in the spoliation; and

2. case law has established that proceedings which might have been altered by the spoliation may be interpreted under a spoliation inference.

Anonymous said...

All the victims, animal and human, of these fighting breeds need to know that someone who helped get them hurt, killed, and tortured is now going to be working for PETCO doing it NATIONALLY.

The body count wasn't high enough apparently.

This is what Petco represents, death and cruelty.

Anonymous said...



It's strange, I was just thinking about that the other day.

That is exactly what these people are doing, Cosby, Kumpf, and the rest.

Anonymous said...

Some background about the mess in Philadelphia animal control thanks to the takeover by Best Friends, Winograd cronies back with PACCA, of which Sue Cosby has always been one of those plants and cronies.

Best Friends and Winograd got her into that job at PACCA and she's been riding the gravy train of animal abuse and suffering she's helped create in the name of No Kill for many years now.

With No Kill, you get rewarded if you really torture a lot of pets and people.

So now as she fails again, I guess she figures it is time to get out of Dodge before she ends up with criminal charges.

Anonymous said...

Sorry here's the link

Animal Uncontrol said...

Meh... Shannon deleting her facebook posts, or anything on her page, is douchey and unethical, but criminal? Nah... IANAL but I don't think she has a legal obligation to keep anything up on her page...

... UNLESS it relates to an ongoing civil or criminal matter, then it may be another matter.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

i'm not sure what is going on with my facebook page. i can't seem to reply to her but others can. i thought that she deleted her comment but my screen did not refresh but now i am not so sure.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

"... UNLESS it relates to an ongoing civil or criminal matter, then it may be another matter."

i think shannon has seen the writing on the legal liability wall and she is afraid. she has at least three victims and they probably lack the funds to patch themselves up properly.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

plus given Don's history of aggression, punitive damages are in order.

Miss Margo said...

Well, I am glad to know there was an explanation for why Bronzer wasn't neutered and, as I stated in the post, I hope that ACCT routinely sterilizes its animals.

In fact, if Shannon or anyone else at ACCT can say that all the adopted Pen Pal dogs are always sterilized, I would be more than happy to amend the blog post to reflect that. It would be good news.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

i was disappointed that an explanation for the presence of DON'S testicles was not forth coming, maybe a "he was neutered the day before he went to his two day forever home" but then i remembered that the petco grant did not mention diddly squat about sterilization, only adoption.

Anonymous said...

I read Shannon's facebook comment.

Does that look like it was written by a professional, educated, sane, capable adult?

No it does not not.

It is the work of an angry, hostile, deluded, vengeful, childish disturbed person who has been caught doing wrong and dangerous things, has participated in getting people hurt and pets killed, and is pissed off that she got caught.

But this isn't just any hostile disturbed person. She's not a civilian with an opinion.

This person performs behavioral tests and "training" on fighting breeds and WARRANTTEES THEM AS SAFE to the public.

She does this on property that is subsidized by the TAXPAYER performing a government function.

She is in a position that can cause devastating harm and injury and DEATH if she doesn't do her job right. She's not doing her job right. She's already a participant in attacks.

We now see that she has no interest in fixing her mistakes or doing anything right. The interest seems only to be having temper tantrums and keeping on doing dangerous things and putting many people at risk. She obviously completely intends to keep on putting people in danger and she will eventually kill someone.

Shannon, you and your sister are walking liabilities and you will be held accountable for problems you cause.

It is your choice to be a sheep and a mindless follower, but you are getting people hurt.

You will be held held fully accountable.

I talked to a lawyer in Philadelphia who is very interested in this and will be looking into these activities further.

Anonymous said...

Who were Shannon's co conspirators other than her sister Jamie who liked her FB comment?

Anonymous said...

Guilty guilty.

Shannon M Holt aka Shannon M Grieves aka Shannon Holt-Grieves has deleted her Facebook page.

Why hide?

Of course Cosby is headed off to a cushy job at Petco. Cosby won't put her azz on the line for Shannon as the dirt comes out.

Anonymous said...

Shannon M. Holt writes "I feel sorry for your ignorant little minds" when faced with evidence of her incompetence and criminal negligence.

But she doesn't feel sorry for the pets she got killed or hurt, or the people she nearly got killed.

Philadelphia has a bullseye on them for lawsuits here.

Anonymous said...

Then there is her friend Michelle Weirich who is shooting off her mouth and being nasty and defends all this suffering, who professes to love animals, but isn't one bit concerned about the animal cruelty and attacks connected to Shannon and ACCT, including attacks on other pit bulls.

She just wants to attack people who write about the problems.

She doesn't have even the slightest clue that she is helping pit bulls breeders and dog fighters do their thing, and who is actually at the reins in pit bull advocacy.

It is like telling a child that Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy aren't real. They melt down and have a tantrum instead of facing some sobering facts.

OK for a child, not good for someone who is supposed to be an adult.

Interesting insight into some of her likes, like the photographer who is feeding off all this rescue angel insanity and making a buck off this.

Anonymous said...

Shannon's nasty associate Michele Weirich is beyond belief.

Can you imagine being so out of it that you put a pit bull in a situation like this, stress the dog out, and pretend it is a stuffed animal?

They travel from fair to fair in the hot summer like a traveling roadside circus with the pit bull to trap in a booth and exploit.

This is borderline abuse. Stick it in a hot booth and have people shove their faces at the dog all day.

She didn't even care about the pit bull.

At least understand the breed. Don't set it up for failure and bad headlines.

Don't actually abuse the animal maybe, you think? There's a disconnect from reality. They abuse what they love.

but I guess the point of what Michelle was doing was to market pit bulls so there would be more breeders overbreeding and filling the shelters?


There's a HUSBAND actually doing this with her.

If they don't realize they're working to increase demand for the pit bull breeders, what is it they think they are doing, because they aren't helping pit bulls, especially the one they forced to do this like a performing elephant in a circus.

The Delaware County SPCA exploits animals to make things worse for them. Other organizations are involved with her doing this at other events.

This is what pit bull advocacy should be stopping, if they really cared about the pit bulls. But those breeders want advertisers to work for them for free!

"The Delaware County SPCA hosted a booth where festival-goers could kiss a pit bull puppy for a small donation. The booth, provided by animal-lover Michelle Weirich, was taking in a significant amount of money to benefit the SPCA, as people lined up to give a smooch to the 1-year-old Batman, a gray pit bull.

“I do this to help pit bulls,” said Weirich, who travels from event to event with the wooden booth her husband made for her. She donated whatever money she raises to the sponsoring organization. After about 90 minutes of operation, the booth had raised more than $100, with several $20 donations mixed into the jar."

Anonymous said...

I got a kick out of Shannon's backup crew on her craven desires FB comment

It's a Holt family Rumble!

Brother Jimmy Holt shows up. shows up. Is he the one who never left home and still lives in the basement with his dog, which is why sister Jamie can't bring pit bulls home to foster, but she gets other people to do it and get their pets and kids attacked.? Or is that another one?

Jimmy Holt like to make fun of Down's syndrome people though on his FB page if you take a look there. That's priceless. Oh yes, ACCT really needs people like this there.

Chrissy Holt Marino, another relative.

No one in this gang stops to think about the victims, including the pit bulls.

Where is the staff from ACCT backing up Shannon? Where is Sue Cosby backing her up? MIA. They don't seem to want to get too near Shannon anymore.

Jamie Holt
Ronnie Jamison
Tish Carney
Veronica Jean Barndt
Jimmy Holt
Kelli Tripodi
Chrissy Holt Marino
Jaime Crane
Sherilynn Marie
Kristin Corliss

Anonymous said...

Then there is Christopher Caltagirone who loves all things Left Wing, but doesn't seem to understand that very Right Wing dog fighters and pit breeders are running pit bull advocacy, and getting him and his friends to work hard for their interests.

Chris, guess who works side by side with Jane Saul Berkey and Animal Farm Foundation and NCRC? Her brother Andrew Saul, a Wall Street Republican party leader, Abramoff Pioneer and Bush Man, involved with the people who step on you little Lefties, and the agriculture lobby people that make money off canines and exploit them.

You can't make up how out of it these people are. They have not a clue in the world as to what the real aims of pit bull advocacy leaders are.

Anonymous said...

Micheel Weirich is upset because prong dog collars hurt dogs' necks.

She does not care that fighting breeds bred by dog fighters and pit breeders are ripping pets and children to pieces.

And that she is helping them to keep up their industry.

You cannot make this up!

The hypocrisy is stunning.

Anonymous said...

I know this gets old, but the insanity here is beyond belief. It's around every corner. Where the hell is the mayor of Philadelphia? At the dog fights?

Did you see the dogs Jamie Holt posts on her facebook page to be adopted?

Dogs that will try to kill other animals. So where is there a place where there are not other animals?

Dogs that are too aggressive to be evaluated, but get given to a "foster home" to imprison for a year, and needs a home, but will try to kill other animals.

Dogs that don't leave their cement hell cages for days.

Also taxpayers of Philadelphia, watch your wallets because JAMIE HOLT is also evaluating dogs and warranteeing them.

A middle aged woman with nothing more than a pit bull obsession behind her.

Big fat lawsuits headed your way!

Lara Kelly thanks for getting him out Jamie - poor guy hadnt been out in days! I dont think his walk sheet numbers are helping his cause at all - someone (maybe you?) gave him a 4 on jumpiness - I wont be back to acct until Tuesday but will put him on my list of underdogs.
March 28 at 9:16pm
Jamie Holt No I gave him a 2 or 3 for jumping. I don't think I ever used a 4 before. People need to know he is a jumper though. If somebody isn't comfortable with a jumper than they shouldn't take him out but I'm glad I got to spend more time with him tonight. I'll be getting him out every time I'm down but he could definitely use all the help he can get.

Anonymous said...

Also ACCT is letting these non-staff people launder these dogs on their own.

VOLUNTEERS are running parts of Philadelphia animal control on their own, making private decisions about putting these dogs in homes and exposure to the public, taking ACCT dogs and making decisions about who to give them to and operating as dog brokers- all with city owned dogs and using a city facility. It's that bad.

They even have their own personal emails through the ACCT account to do the dog brokering through.

setting up ACCT and the city for a whopper lawsuit, and staff for potential criminal charges

So what the hell does the paid staff do?

"Jamie Holt. And I wouldn't bother with the phone #. They're very understaffed and rarely answer the phone. If anyone is interested in her, they can either message me on Facebook or email the Lifesaving Dept at

Anonymous said...

Jamie Holt, a VOLUNTEER, took a dog that was so aggressive it couldn't be evaluated, and overruled the staff that had placed the dog on the euthanasia list, and gave that vicious dog to the public, where it still is aggressive and they are looking for somewhere else to dump it.

So the volunteers who worship at the altar of the pit bull religion, and have nothing else behind them, are running the show.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

"I talked to a lawyer in Philadelphia who is very interested in this and will be looking into these activities further."


scurrilous amateur blogger said...

"I got a kick out of Shannon's backup crew on her craven desires FB comment

It's a Holt family Rumble!"

lol. thanks for following it, i am just barely paying attention.

Unknown said...

@anonymous, you are obviously clueless about most of your info on here. I have absolutely nothing to do with the shelter whatsoever. Neither does my sister Chrissy. The fact that you are grossly uninformed about alot of this, yet, you try to bash my sisters and the shelter they volunteer at show alot about your character. You hide behind your false name and your computer and live a pathetically cowardly life. We are all ok with all of this because you and anyone on here thinking your actually gonna make a difference with any of this is comical. Not even a drop in the bucket. The Facebook page has 124 likes. thats the equivalent of verbally complaining to a deaf person. Keep up the good work though! Eventually, you will fade away and maybe then, it will sink in, that you were the one that never made a difference in life. Only God can judge us. Remember that...

Anonymous said...

Only God can judge you for Heaven or eternal damnation. Humans can judge other humans' actions and behavior from what happens in courtrooms all over the world to simply disagreeing with someone. It happens all the time.

Anonymous said...

Sure Jimmy, you and Chrissy have no interest in any of this, but you jump on with a like when Shannon posts her temper tantrum.

Do you understand that your two sisters are doing dangerous things and are going to get someone killed?

Do you understand that they have gotten children hurt already because your sisters are involved in a religion and have lost the ability to think for themselves?

Do you understand that your family will be dragged into this whether you like it or not, because people in the world get very upset when a dog that your sisters have lied about and placed murders a child?

Take your God crap and shove it, because you and your sisters don't care a bit about the people getting hurt. What does God think about that? You'll find out how the police and courts think about it if they keep this up, and God won't be there to save your two sisters from getting the punishment they deserve.

Are there any sane, intelligent adults in your family that are connected to reality and have any idea how dangerous all this is?

Tell dad he's going to have to fix a lot more transmissions to get them out of the mess they are getting themselves into.

When people get hurt and die because of your sisters' actions, there are repercussions and they are severe and expensive.

Anonymous said...

Interesting that the Philly pen pals defenders do not address important issue of Don and his attack.

Anonymous said...

I must say the worst accusation I saw was that Craven Desires is a sick group of "satin worshipers". That is just heresy to idolize he wrong fabric. Pit Bull defenders clearly prefer tulle, the fabric of tutus.

Miss Margo said...

@ Anon 6:44

Yeah, I noticed that, too. Neither Shannon or any of her friends here or on CD's Facebook page cited a single factual error in the content. I'm hoping this is because lawyers have advised them not to say a single word about Don. I was also hoping that someone would tell me that Don and every other ACCT shelter animal is sterilized before they are released to their new homes.

Internet archive method said...

I'm surprised none of you use internet archive machines.

If you ever want to prevent a nutter from deleting evidence, this will always back up a video or site, even if it's gone.

Pibble said...

B Cazz: correction, they get all puffy-eyed over one PIT BULL that dies. If it's any other kind of dog, who the fuck cares, especially if it's a small dog. The lives of small dogs don't count because "prey drive."

Anonymous said...

The lives of all other animals and 99 percent of humans don't matter to them. Just fugly pit bulls and other fugly, mean dogs that look/act exactly like pit bulls.

Anonymous said...

U do realize that all these volunteers are just that volunteers who do it for free. You also act like this lady Shannon is the one who gives clearance for the adoptions. I really think u need to investigate higher up on the chain instead of spending your days slandering some volunteer workers. Good u r not a known public face bc I can see u having a problem if u ever ran into anyone who has read this. U have to be either 700lbs with a bag of nachos on ur lap or just a plain out bitch to try and talk trash on Volunteers workers who do this all for free. Just want to point out to that I'm not saying this bc I volunteer I personally think it's waste of time but I wouldn't try to slander or ruin someone's name that does.

Anonymous said...

Also for the dumb shits saying that she uses different names ever think that she was married. For all the investigating you have all done this should not have been that hard. Considering it took me 5 seconds to realize it's her married name look at fb friends. Jeeze

Anonymous said...

"U do realize that all these volunteers are just that volunteers who do it for free"

Now a Holt family teenager shows up. U?

Anyway, dipshit, it doesn't matter that Shannon and Jamie are stupid enough to slave for free.

They are working for ACCT

They are doing behavior tests, they are doing their incompetent "training," they are taking ACCT dogs and putting them in homes or foster homes, they are making promises about these dogs to those adopters or foster homes.

They will take the fall when someone gets killed. Volunteer or not, they won't be protected.

As for Shannon, Holt-Grieves is not her legal name.

There is a HUSBAND?

Someone actually lets their wife put their kids in this kind of insane situation?

Maybe it's time to strap on a couple and look out for the welfare of his kids and his wallet, because Shannon is leading him down a very bad path with negative consequences. And all for what? So she can be a servant for a lot of rich people at Best Friends in Utah who use her?

Get them to get their asses in the hot seat so they get in trouble.

Anonymous said...

I fail to understand why being a volunteer should absolve one of responsibility. The Pen Pals program says that it "pairs dedicated volunteers with specific dogs for one-on-one life skill coaching through enrichment activities such as obedience training and field trips away from the shelter." And continues with "Potential adoptive families then work one-on-one with the dog’s Pen Pal volunteer, to ensure a smooth transition into the new home". So volunteers do have a responsibility and are working on behalf of the shelter. The commenter again does not address the substance of the post on Don. People have volunteered for all sorts of dreadful organizations and programs -- the KKK and ISIS come to mind.

Anonymous said...

u no when u rite like dis no1 gives a fk wut u say

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

"U have to be either 700lbs with a bag of nachos on ur lap or just a plain out bitch to try and talk trash on Volunteers workers who do this all for free."

you got me! nothing slips by you nutters.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

"The commenter again does not address the substance of the post on Don."

they can't. they got nuthin to address it with.

Miss Margo said...

@ Anon 9:01 & 9:06

I did look "higher up the chain" at ACCT & Pen Pals. Staff directories on the site maps, etc. I would have included anything I could find about Don's case, and, believe me, I would rather go after an incompetent paid/salaried employee in a position of authority than a volunteer. And I would LOVE to know who told Trailes "don't worry, (Don) won't (attack a child)" after he tore apart another dog's face.

I am not trying to "ruin Shannon's name." I have no interest in her at all aside from her involvement in Don's case (and, tangentially, her apparent endorsement of other known biters). I have no control over what other anonymous posters in this comments thread have speculated about her name(s) or her family.

Anonymous said...

The Holt family doesn't address the issue that 2 of them are placing dangerous dogs that do dangerous things, and that they are warranteeing these dogs as safe when they aren't.

They just ignore it.

Obviously they now know it but they don't address any of the problems or give any solutions to the problems they've been directly involved with.

So this is willful and intentional on their part, and they have no plans to stop doing this.

"pairs dedicated volunteers with specific dogs for one-on-one life skill coaching"

The translation for that in these Best Friends and Winograd infiltrated shelters is that volunteers ("dedicated" means obsessed zealots who do anything to get the euthanasia numbers looking better, even if it means causing cruelty and hurting and killing other pets and people. Also who will bully the staff and city into doing what they want, and be moles to report back to the masters.)
volunteers are doing all the work and making all the decisions. Cosby and the paid staff sit back and let the zealot volunteers run it.

The Cosby types also have fear of some of these volunteers because Nathan and BF have told the volunteers to raise hell and start lying and calling people killers if staff doesn't do what they want, like if staff wants to euthanize a dangerous dog

That is why a dog that the staff has put on the euthanasia list for aggression can be taken off by the choice of a volunteer, as crazy and dangerous as that is. That's going on at ACCT and other ones connected to BF and W.

Winograd and BF are often in the background coaching their disciples about how to go nuts and go to the media or legislators and spread rumors about the staff, and file endless complaints. That's no excuse for people like Cosby giving up control, but it is how BF and Winograd control things from afar.

Volunteers are the ones really running animal control through terrorizing.

Winograd was recently posting about some court decision in NY that volunteers couldn't be fired for "revealing information" about how the shelters weren't doing what Nathan wanted, like giving dogs to hoarders or releasing dangerous dogs to the public so Nathan could try to brag that his program worked on paper, lying statistics. A shelter there was trying to get rid of a little group of Winograd terrorists that were lying about the shelter and staff and demanding that the volunteers be able to make all the decisions and get people killed with dangerous dogs.

This is what Winograd and Best Friends want to do all over the country, fasten on to some tiny, susceptible brains in your community and coach them on how to go wild and take over so that citizens and even staff have no more say in their ac.

That's how Winograd and Best Friends works, uses the zealots to raise hell in the community and lie to bully everyone into doing what W and BF wants. Winograd, and some BF people, actually coaches some of these people about the lies to tell and what to do to terrorize the community, I've seen some of his and BF's email correspondence to "volunteers" in areas they've stuck their nose. Best Friends always seems to be in the vicinity of this.

The citizens of the city or town have no idea that this is all going on, and that their lives are being put at risk, never mind the cruelty going on. So the city, county, or town is placed at the mercy of zealots that believe they have the right to get people killed and hurt, and to slaughter local pets with fighting dogs passing through animal control shelters. BF and W are in the background pulling the strings. If the volunteers get challenged, then Winograd or BF whips them into a frenzy to force the community to let them keep doing it.

Anonymous said...

This is usually allowed to go on because a corrupt local legislator or two, or donor to one of these local government creeps, is involved with these outside special interests, and creates a pathway for them to poison the animal control department and community via influence on city or town government.

It also often is done via the dog breeders too in the area, like in Los Angeles where AKC breeder Brenda Barnette has been destroying animal control and getting people attacked, and also releasing dangerous dogs out to attack again until a recent news feature exposed all that.

The breeders with the zealot volunteers brought in Best Friends and Barnette. Barnette's breeder daughter is actually working for the city doing what the Holts do, placing "foster" dogs like Don in neighborhoods to attack and kill.

Best Friends even got a free building that LA taxpayers pay $200,000 for to fundraise for themselves, and give crony jobs like the one to Barnette's daughter.

Here's a good article from a few years back about how the rich pull strings with corrupt city councilors and mayors to get this terrorism and insane danger into animal control to create this cruel, dangerous situation. I don't know why they call the crooked city councilor Paul Koretz an animal rights activist. He's involved with dog breeders, including his good friend on the city council who is a dog breeder. Name something like Rosenberg, I forget the name.

But this is good coverage of how the higher ups are poisoning animal control in a city via Best Friends and No Kill, with Winograd still lurking around (he's involved with Pamelynn Ferdin in LA) and the kind of people involved in this who are taking over the ac department as their own, criminally.

The public has no clue. They just know there that it is chaos and they are getting hurt and killed by animal control.

It's so bad in LA that there are packs of dogs roaming around and attacking, and some people make regular runs on their own personal time to pick up strays and bring them to ac because Barnette, Best Friends, and the volunteer zealots refuse to have strays picked up because it might hurt their "numbers." They also refuse to have dogs that have attacked declared dangerous until this

You have to see that weasel Barnette the puppet of Best Friends try to lie her way out of this one. Things are different now because of this news story. No more secret backroom deals with dangerous dog owners, but how could Barnette and Best Friends be trusted now after what they've done?

Anonymous said...

You may recognize Brenda Barnette's name from the state of Washington, where she ran Seattle Humane Society for a while and worked hand in glove with the infamous hoarder and liar Steve Markwell, who was involved with Best Friends, until his dog torture business was exposed.

Best Friends claimed they never heard of him after it came out on the news, even though they had sent many dogs there and were good friends with him for a while and promoted him.

Best Friends always lies, you can be sure of that, as they work hard to increase cruelty and death, but make boatloads of money off the stupid.

Anonymous said...

The LA situation is a good example of how Best Friends exploits a community and gets its claws in, and brings everything down.

(The other crooked city councilor with Koretz is Rosendahl, a breeder in LA, and of course Garcetti was in the dirty business with them before they got him in as Mayor for a while after Villaraigosa)

I didn't add that the then Mayor Villaraigosa that brought in Best Friends/Barnette into animal control had a bed buddy, his girlfriend was a local TV news anchor and she had been duped by the Best Friends gang into being a tool.

Pillow talk leads to corruption and special favors. In that article you can see some of the corrupt government assistants coaching them all on how to communicate and hide their emails from public view and FOIA requests (which should be getting used a lot more by victim advocates)

Barnette had already been burned in Washington by having her and friends' Best Friends emails with corrupt city councilors revealed detailing how she and her friends were stirring things up, lying about the ac shelter, calling people killers, and causing problems to take it over for BF and themselves.

(You saw that language in Albuquerque, the Mayor there is hooked up with Best Friends, probably through a local wealthy campaign donor, and got one of their tools, the actual deviant Barbara Bruin who is essentially running a dogfighting operation through ac, to run AC, with the usual disastrous consequences.

There should have been people arrested in LA for all this, there still should be because people are getting hurt and animals are being abused. But Barnette lies away and gets over $200,000 a year plus benefits to shill for Best friends and turn LA into a dogfighting swamp

The public has no idea how most of this corruption went down.

But Best Friends still gets to keep their hands on an LA city animal control building, tax payer pay over $200,000 a year to maintain it for them, and Best Friends does little more than fundraise for THEMSELVES and help keep dangerous dogs attacking again, as well as promote pit bulls and increase the breeding and fighting.

It doesn't change because a small crew of wealthy people, some of the ones mentioned in that article, use that city like their own personal toilet paper, and corrupt city councilors and government employees and staff who cater to them, often for campaign money or promotions or outside favors, commit crimes to protect all this.

This is the Best Friends business model, and they use or try to use it over and over again.

People like the Holts are the servants that do the work and take the orders so Best Friends can tell lies and tell everyone their model works while it fails in terrible ways that cause harm.

Anonymous said...

Disgusting that they pretend to be animal lovers and cry about the possibility of a deranged dangerous dog being put to sleep humanely to protect other animals, but then don't give 2 shits about the animals and people that dog has harmed or will harm.

Do they only have a heart or conscience for pit bulls? What about the other dogs? The ones that actually can feel pain and suffer (we all know pit bulls don't feel pain and if they do they enjoy it).

puzzled said...

Ten fingers? Whole Face? Why would I want to stay intact?

The irony is overwhelming.