Monday, August 17, 2015

craven mailbag

The recent Wisconsin pole dancers for pit bulls fund raiser inspired this email from a reader:

Not everything reviled is misunderstood. Some things are stigmatized, feared, hated, for good reason, and should remain so, for the good of all. All thinking people realize stripping and fighting breeds, are not good things to be revered or encouraged.

The only people misunderstanding stripping are liberal jerks that think being sexually exploited is just everyday work, and have the nerve, and ignorance, to call it empowering. That's a lie, one that hides the abuse and dysfunction driving most strippers, along with a lack of better financial options, even the outright slavery that is part and parcel of the sex industry.

The only people misunderstanding pits are liberal jerks that have taken PC to a place that makes no sense at all. These people love an underdog to the point that they will take on the disgusting, and dangerous, as causes to celebrate, so long as the average person finds them repulsive. They can't be seen as one of the sheep! Blinded by their own false morality, they mistake solutions that are truly humane like BSL for evil plots to commit mass slaughter of innocent animals.

These type of pit pushers also include the rescue angels. Their need to feel special drives them, and owning a "pibble" fills that ego driven need for several main reasons. One reason is the ego boost that they get when they can look progressive to their peers (other such ignoramuses); adopting a vile creature with a bad reputation is a badge of honor amongst these fools.

Another reason is that if their pit hasn't (yet) maimed or killed, they can feel superior to others, which feels good and falsely elevates their self esteem. This is why they fully believe, and internalize the lie, that genetics mean nothing, and pits are safe and wonderful with the right owners. Their sweet fur baby is harmless, so they think, and it's because they are such great people, unlike those "un-enlightened trash" that have pits that attack.

You see a pattern here? I know I do. 

While this doesn't cover every person that parrots the line about the "true greatness of the poor misunderstood victim", it describes the reality I see everyday in my hyper liberal city.

You see, contrary to the crap many pit lovers spew, the majority know exactly what pits are, what they can do, why they are bred, and they revel in this. Whether it's the power they derive from intimidation and brutality, the sexual thrill (!) of owning and controlling a strong and virile beast, or simply the desire to profit big off of dog fighting/breeding, they know pits deserve their bad rap. They depend on it, brag about it!

Sure, these sociopaths will use the same lines about poor sweet nanny dogs when speaking to a non pit owner, but they have no illusions about their breed being misunderstood.

The same goes for the rest of the (all too often so called progressives and 3rd wave "feminists") that push approval of stripping (plus porn, prostitution, sexual deviants, etc). They aren't misunderstanding the nature of the sex industry. They just enjoy the enormous profits, and other benefits more than they care about the fallout and damage done.

The liberal lovers and defenders of pits and sexual exploitation give cover, and public legitimacy, to sociopaths and their actions. Their work making dangerous dogs, and sex "work", seem safe and fun is deplorable, harmful, even deadly, and utterly selfish. 

There is nothing progressive about this.

in case you missed it, pit nutter circus took a jab at the wisconsin freak show too. 


Anonymous said...

Liberal here, and none of them things.

But you are correct that there are "liberals" who are that stupid. Conservatives don't have a monopoly on lack of reasoning power, after all.

Anonymous said...

"The youngest dancer will be 9-years-old with her mother Anneliese Hartman, a competitive poler, dancing as well."

Who in their right mind would let their nine-year-old daughter pole dance?

How are pole dancers misunderstood? I mean, I know pit bulls are misunderstood by nutters themselves, but I'm pretty sure I understand what pole dancers do.


Unknown said...

love how some women resort pole dancing and then complain they are stigmitized, just like peops choose pitbulls and then spent years trying to convince others that their pibbles are just normal dogs . so , its not okay to judge dumb people and their ugly dangerous dogs but it is okay to judge someone who clearly has some degree of discrimination and sense of right and wrong ?

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

"Who in their right mind would let their nine-year-old daughter pole dance?"

within the question lies the answer.

Anonymous said...

I agree with anonymous 1. I consider myself both liberal and feminist but this extreme political correctness is literally killing people, by pit bulls and the sex industry.

I also agree with the letter. It's all about ego, any way you look at it. I also believe that there is a segment of liberals that idealizes the under-dog to such an extent that they want to fit in with low-life pit bull owning society, they crave their attention. Even the ones that don't even own a pit bull will put up more pictures of them on FB than whatever normal dogs they happen to own.

I overheard some people talking about a pit bull incident while I was at a dog agility trial a few months back. I didn't catch the location, but a pibbles went all pit bull in the middle of an obedience trial somewhere recently, and turned around and killed the little terrier that was placed beside him. I would imagine the "rescue angel" said "he's never done that before". It was good to actually hear people at a dog event understanding perfectly well what these dogs are about.

Anonymous said...

Um I can say that you do not do your blog any favors by posting this sort of political rant. Most feminists are against stripping and prostitution as it objectifies women and makes them into a commodity, and that men are still the ones in charge, It is the Libertarians that do not want any regulation on the sex trade, prostitution or stripping, as it is voluntary and a simple business transaction. Do not believe me, look at the Cato Institute ( Libertarians and many anti regulation republicans are the ones to not want to ban any breed of dog, as that is infringing on the rights of property owners. Barbara Sears sponsored the Ohio Bill 14 on removing Pit Bulls from the definition of vicious dog and Sears is a Republican. Certainly Liberals have the do not judge a dog by its looks babble, but the failure of dealing with dangerous dogs is a failure of many different political philosophies.


Anonymous said...

Unrelated to this topic, specifically, but tangentially, pit bull acts like pit bull and owners are surprised. Many pictures of the hideous dog.

And anonymous right above me, the agility incident- I think dog people are finally beginning to realize we've been hoodwinked by the pit lobby.

Anonymous said...

Love the nutter wake up call stories:

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

cnyc, busy at the moment but i will address your comment later.

Anonymous said...

"scurrilous amateur blogger said...
'Who in their right mind would let their nine-year-old daughter pole dance?'

within the question lies the answer."


I did forget to mention that the email was very well written, and spot on.


Unknown said...

I read that earlier Anon 5:43, I'm sure they'll get another pit bull. There was a sentence about finding the pit in a pool of blood and figuring it had killed their chi, almost like they would have accepted that. It turned out pitty had chewed through a can for food. I didn't find myself feeling a bit sorry for him or his wife, they knew the dog was dangerous yet CHOSE to sleep with it in their bed. That would be like having a pet pit viper and sleeping with it at night to keep it warm.

Your Quiet Neighbor said...

I'm a red-hot flamin' liberal who wants nothing to do with the animal rights extremists and their pit-pushing agenda.

Anonymous said...

So they're releasing a documentary film celebrating the Vick dogs, titled, "The Champions" (how long can you beat a dead horse?)

So, yet another pro-pit bull film for nutters to fawn over and organize screenings. Seriously, when will we get a documentary film about the victims? It could even be crowdfunded to get it off the ground. I would help, I imagine all victims' supporters would help.

S.K.Y. said...

Like others here, I object to pit nutters being equated with liberals. I'm very liberal, politically, as are many of my pro-BSL friends.

Liberals, in my book, are people who hold the public good above individual gain or "rights."

By converse, the "right to own a pit bull" is much more in line with the conservative/NRA "right to bear arms" point of view. In addition, research has shown that conservatives (also, religious people) are more likely than liberals to be poor, less educated, and have a criminal past. All things that I associate with pit nutters, not our side.

Anonymous said...

I was happy to see this article. I'm so tired of pit bulls being attached to ANYTHING to get them attention (Has there been a titties for pitties funraiser yet?) Its all a distraction of aren't pit bulls cute! OMG, they're wearing a funny hat! Of course they won't kill you. Look, here's one wearing pearls!

As a person who will never condone pit bulls, this often makes me feel like the wiser person left out of a party that I would not want to be a part of.

Some people are more attracted to reality and logic and reason, and safety. Some are more attracted to strippers and dangerous dogs. In the end, it makes me a bit sad for humanity.

I'm not trying to distract the conversation from pit bulls and poles dancers but I notice in my life that when you really get to know people many of them are neither liberal nor conservative. They are complex, they may often look like a liberal, but have a few very conservative traits, be middle of the board, or conservative with a few liberal traits. Or absolutely any combination of those two brands.

I wonder why we seem to have this need to figuratively take a bucket of whitewash over our personalities in public and make ourselves conservative, or liberal. Its a social requirement for our public personalities it seems, but most of us are more complex than the tags we put on ourselves.

Anonymous said...

OMG - stupid is stupid. assholes are assholes. There are now and always have been stupid assoholic people who identify themselves as liberals, conservatives, libertarians, socialists, democrats, republicans, social-democrats, independents, federalists, progressives, neocons, greens, populists, and whigs. Really.

The people who advocate for pit bulls are the people who want to own pit bulls and don't give a shit if allowing them their way also allows more pit bulls to kill more people. some of them use liberal justifications and others use conservative justifications - ledy vankavage gauges who she's talking to and uses which ever justification she thinks will sell.

And If anyone anywhere can find one single white pit nutter who professes BSL is racism and who also has a demonstrated history of consistently speaking out against racism against people, I'll eat haggis.

And I'll eat haggis if anyone can find one single conservative "freedom and responsibility" pit nutter who has a demonstrated history of consistently demanding severe penalties for owners of pit bulls that kill and maul people.

I would also bet that the vast majority of people whose lives center around pit bulls aren't very politically involved about anything except pit bull issues and don't vote unless it involves pit bulls. This makes their threat to vote an especially serious one to local politicians. Political people have a hard time voting against their beliefs for a single issue, but single issue voters have no problem voting for anyone who promises to support their cause.

Anonymous said...

There have been several titties for pitties fundraisers, also many tits for pits,

Anonymous said...

Ok, I get the feeling you had a bad run in with a pit bull at some point and never found a healthy way to deal with your issues. You should see a therapist, maybe confront your phobia head on by going to a shelter and interacting with a pit bull. It would be different if you were focused on all large breed dogs, or large animals in general, but since you aren't calling for the extermination of all pits, rotties, german shepherds, lions, tigers, various species of bear, wolves, hippopotamus, and cape buffalo, I have to assume you are just a scared, angry, sheltered person who rarely interacts with anyone outside his own shell of faithful (fearful) followers.

Honestly with this level of outrage you should also be regaling against small arms, concealed carry, and of course, the lack of health insurance coverage in this country that allows for countless deaths each year.

I guess what I'm getting at is that you should be a liberal.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

hippo attacks. looks like i have a best friends cult member. lol.

stranger than fiction

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

but seriously, i will address the political questions collectively, later, when i have the time. apparently people need to know where i stand on all issues.

Zeke Zimmerman said...

@s.k.y. 9:03 -

Regarding the attempt to tar conservatives with the pit nutter brush - the assertion falls apart the moment it is examined. The nutters are entitled, and typically judgement proof.

I've seen plenty of pit bulls at occupy rallies, and there have been plenty of pit bull attacks. But I've never heard of a pit bull at a tea party rally.

Just sayin'

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

nutters cross party lines.

please click HERE

Anonymous said...

I find it hard to believe that anyone who has paid any attention at all to this issue is under the delusion that nutterdom has anything to do with political affiliation.

Just a few examples I quickly found.

Ron Hicks, who sponsored a bill in the Missouri House to forbid breed-specific legislation, said he was surprised when nobody spoke against his proposal last month at a committee hearing.
"I figured a few parents would be there who would bring tears to my eyes," the Republican said. "Would it have changed my opinion or what I believe in? No."

Gov. Kasich (R) with Ledy VanKavage and Barbara Sears (R)) signing BSL ban

Of course the Grand Poobah Jane Berkey comes from republican stock and went to parties and rubbed elbows with the likes of Dick Cheney and Bob dole (also Ed Muskie and the mafia…)

Anonymous said...

Anon 2:56

Keep playing with pit bulls, and you'll learn what our side is all about.

By the way, can you please share how you can tell a safe pit bull from a dangerous one?


Anonymous said...

Earlier I had criticized the posting of the email calling supporters of pit bulls "liberal jerks" and then addressed certain parts of the letter just to show how wrong the email writer is. As I stated earlier the support of these dogs crosses numerous political philosophies (yes even the Tea Party, look at their FB page post on March 2 on the video of the pit bull attack during the ice bucket challenge and look at the post supporting the dog). Posting an email from someone that complains that it is a "liberal" problem alienates readers because, as one poster above already noted, there is no correlation between "nutterdom and political affiliation." I do not need to know where you stand on all issues, Scurrilous, I read your blog because of what you write about dangerous dogs, and your thoughts on issues such as the Fed and interest rates are irrelevant, and I would rather not know. The introducing of political insults (liberal jerk in the email) detracts from the issue of dangerous dogs and the strength of your blog. That was the point I was trying to get across. CNYC

Anion said...

That "I Killed My Dog Today" story is so typical, and so infuriating.

That dog never should have been adopted out in the first place, for one thing. And it shouldn't have been adopted out to two people who probably insisted they were "responsible dog owners" even as they left their just-adopted, failed-his-safety-tests aggressive pit bull tied to a post outside a store where he could have killed someone.

They accepted his attacking animals because hey, those other animals don't matter as much as being a lion tamer does. They know he attacks other animals but continue to leave him tied up unsupervised in public. He bites people. He bites their friends. All acceptable sacrifices at the altar of I'm A Pittie Hero Dog Whisperer, Look How Amazing I Am. They don't decide enough is enough until Pittie Tamer #2 is attacked in the face in her sleep--because a dog who bites strangers or friends is okay, but when it bites *you* enough is enough.

And they've gotten comments about how they shouldn't blame themselves, and several "That happened with my poor sweet pibble" tales (but of course it's not the breed!). They should in fact blame themselves; they took that dog and in the process exposed themselves and the rest of society to grave danger, and indeed caused injury to several people, by their own description. And they still insist that it's not the breed and there's nothing unusual or different about pit bulls, even though there clearly is. I had a dog who bit someone once; he was startled and reflexively snapped. He knew what he'd done. The guilt and shame in his eyes and body language were clear, and they lasted a long time. It is not natural or normal for a dog to not know they were attacking someone, but it seems to be a common thread in pit attacks.

I mean, part of me honestly feels sorry for these people. They loved their dog and it's hard to put a dog down (kudos to the vet who agreed to do it). I know how hard it is to admit that your beloved pet is a danger to everyone he comes across. But their shamefully irresponsible behavior makes me ill. They're amazingly lucky that their dog didn't actually kill anyone, and I hope they appreciate that--it would be easier to believe they did if they didn't appear to be of the "I'll show everyone, I'll get a pitbull! I tell people they're just big misunderstood sweethearts, but it's clear that what I really like is having a dog that scares people, and that's why I tolerated its aggression for so long--I sort of get off on it," type.

Anonymous said...

I'm aware of the "I killed my dog today" story, but I couldn't be arsed to read the whole thing. I hate nutter tales of woe. I'm familiar enough with it to know what it is, but I had no idea the lady that got bit in the face was while she was sleeping. LMFAO!

"They don't decide enough is enough until Pittie Tamer #2 is attacked in the face in her sleep--because a dog who bites strangers or friends is okay, but when it bites *you* enough is enough."

It is astounding what nutters are willing to overlook in their conquests.


scurrilous amateur blogger said...

i almost forgot...

"Um I can say that you do not do your blog any favors by posting this sort of political rant."

the above was what i wanted to address, not my political beliefs. my politics do not strictly adhere to any single party platform, my political beliefs are varied because i give the issues a lot of independent thought rather than just salute a party chairman. if you have read enough of this blog you know that i don't shy away from controversy. i have caught a lot of flack for a lot of blogs that i have written, allowed or reproduced and from the comments that i have written or allowed. i agree with most of what is written here but even if i agreed with none of it, i would have published it. the trait that most distinguishes me from nutters is my respect for the first amendment and my lack of fear around allowing other views and my hatred and disgust of politcal correctness. from where i stand, the liberals (think Huffpo) appear to have a monopoly on politcal correctness. the liberal democrats are the ones who attempt to drown out dissenting voices by cloaking it in political correctness. the different parties tend to fit the following molds: the conservative republicans tend frame their pro-pit arguments in freedom of choice and the libertarians in property rights while the simple-minded liberals tend think everyone and everything are equal and are equally capable of rising above any disadvantaged position that everyone and everything could possibly find themselves in. skillful and versatile manipulators like best friends and ledy vankavage shape shift their anti-BSL message to fit whatever political party happens to dominate their target audience.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you about the dogs, so your rant about "liberals" makes me very uncomfortable since I consider myself a liberal. I'm nearly fifty and I've been somewhere left of center most of my life. Most of my friends are on the left. In the past I've been friendly with some radicals who are quite far out there, which I mention because I'm very familiar with some of the personality failings that are on display in those circles. You're not entirely wrong about some of your observations, but it's definitely a minority.

One of the things that the pit bull advocates do that really annoys me is that they want to bring their pet issue (no pun intended) into every setting and venue, no matter how irrelevant. This strikes me as another example of that behavior.

The matter of public safety is a serious one and I'm afraid you might weaken your message by mixing it up with excessive rants against liberals. I've more or less ignored the occasional aside, but this one was more than that.

Also, it's important to recognize that many groups who may not be "conservative" in their personal behaviors, like strippers, are not necessarily politically liberal.

I also agree that feminists who want to portray sex work as "empowering" are misguided. However, my opinions on that are much more complicated than can be explained in a comment. (I tend to lean towards decriminalization of prostitution in order to get it out of the hands of organized crime - which does not imply that I think it's good, let alone empowering.) It's important to realize that all sex workers are not "feminists." Many tend to vote republican.

I do agree that there is something absurd in the image of pole dancers with pit bulls. There definitely is something going on in the psychology of the people involved, like enjoying feeling marginalized. However, I think your argument would be better received without sweeping statements about "liberals", which is a pretty broad category.

Anion said...

Here's something interesting: that "I had to put down my dog today" post has been edited since I read it.

The mention of the dog biting a friend of theirs is gone. And I'm pretty sure the events of the attack on Pittie Tamer #2 have been edited as well; I'm certain it originally said she was asleep and the dog just attacked her, whereas now it's the dog who was asleep, woke in a panicked rage from a nightmare, and attacked.

Did anyone screenshot the original post?

It's not a huge deal, it's just typical whitewashing.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

not sure which "original post" you are referring to. i don't want to read through these comments, so post a link please.

Anion said...

Sorry, it's this one, posted here by an Anonymous on 8/18:

I'm certain they've edited it, as I referenced several now-gone elements of it in my comment 8/20 at 5:27pm (the biting of friends. And I'm certain they originally said the female victim was asleep when the dog just attacked her; now it says the dog was asleep in her lap when he woke up from a "night terror" and reflexively bit her).

Obviously not a huge deal, but the dishonesty and the need to whitewash the truth to present Their Breed and themselves in a better light...sigh.

I tried searching Google cache and the Wayback Machine, but couldn't find any images of the page as it originally appeared; Wayback didn't have it at all and cache only had one of the day before.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

heat from their fellow clansmen no doubt.

Anion said...


Or they were getting criticism from rational people who pointed out that almost none of their actions were "responsible," and they realized that their story was more evidence of the "sudden, random, unprovoked" nature of pitbull attacks.

Wish I'd taken a screenshot.

Oh well. Nutters lie, it's what they do.