Thursday, December 24, 2009

pimping the vick dogs, ssshhh

hector is making the rounds, drumming up business for the pit nutters. hector reminded me of a couple of other vick dogs that i saw in the news.

click photo to watch video or click here.

about half way through this video:
rachel ray: "so, we are not clapping because we have a very special guest here. who is this guy?"
donna reynolds: "this is johnny justice."

at the end:
rachel ray: "i have a big surprise for you! i really love this company, dad's pet care, they're donating $20,000 to badrap. $20,000 to help save and rehabilitate these animals. and they're giving you a year's supply of better than ears snacks."
"guys if you want to learn more about badrap, how to adopt these beautiful animals or help out, please go to our website and we'll direct you. sssshhhh, we'll be back in a couple."

so, what's up with all the no applause and ssshhh? where have i seen this before? this seems really familiar? oh, yeah, now i remember...

click on the image to view larger.

this is a screen grab of one of the vick dogs that went to the utah pit nutters. the caption reads: Handlers cannot explain why loud noises make Little Red jumpy.

how can a former fighting dog be ready for adoption when its environmental noise level requirements is the equivalent to a library?
doesn't rachel ray asking for money and the $20K donation from dad's pet care violate the judge's NO FUND RAISING order?

i wonder if hector required a shhhhh intro and exit at show & tell?

watch below or at badrap or on youtube.


Anonymous said...

This is why BadRap is supporting pit bull breeders and pit bull fighters.

Because they can keep shilling and KEEP MAKING MONEY off this industry

This is BUSINESS for the boneheads that run this pseudo organization

They WANT tons of these dogs getting bred and dumped, and fought, because they can make money off these pit bulls and rationalize their group's existence

If dog fighting goes away, then they can't make money with this fake rehab routine.

They are really lobbyists for the pit bull trade, and pro mauling.

Anonymous said...

Every dog fight has an audience clapping and encouraging.

These are fighting dogs, and activity like this can make these dogs blow

Now imagine them in a home with little kids doing normal little kid things- screaming, shouting, clapping.

Dead child.

Badrap needs to be documented and cited for encouraging child abuse.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

"Every dog fight has an audience clapping and encouraging."


Anonymous said...

I found this on another website, and I had to send this to you, not because I think this dog officer Monica is a bad person, but this is the kind of naive thinking that leads to mauled pets and dead kids when these pit bulls get placed.

If this pit bull "doesn't get along" with her dogs (in other words has a high prey drive and is dog-aggressive) and has "socialization" issues, what does Monica think will happen when she ADOPTS OUT THIS PIT BULL TO A "NEW" HOME?

The neighbor's pet will get killed, a child will get attacked, someone will die because Monica had the misguided idea that these screwed up dogs, programmed by breeding to kill, will somehow get magically fixed with "Love."

AND MONICA IS AN ANIMAL CONTROL OFFICER, hired to protect public safety.

Think of the bad pit bull attacks that Indiana has had lately. And think of all the loving, non-dangerous dogs who died who could have been fostered by Monica, but she has chosen to take up space with a disturbed pit bull that will always have dangerous problems. (And that she clearly can't keep because it wants to kill her dogs)

Instead of doing the right thing and having this dog euthanized, she is going to pass on the problem to some unsuspecting soul, or their unsuspecting neighbors or relatives.

Unfortunately in some parts of the country, animal control is part of the problem. Some of these people are I'm sure very nice, but they are so misguided and disconnected from reality, and that is how other pets and people get disfigured and killed.

There is a photo of Hades now Sadie accompanying Monica's words copied below. It is a black and white pit bull with cut ears.

"I am an animal control officer for Lafayette, IN

I had many calls on this girl, barking complaints. Her idiot owner tied her to a chain at the very back of their yard. No shelter at all. The owner didn't understand what the big deal was, after all it's a dog! Long story short the owner got put in the hospital and left the dog behind, no one around to take care of it. Animal control was called and my boss and I went to get the dog. We both knew this dog would die at out shelter since she didn't have proper socialization so we agreed that I would take her home. That was over two months ago. She loves me, and does wonderfully with my cats. Some of my dogs seem to have issues with her. I'm still working on that and her socialization before I adopt her out. I have already got her spayed and vaccinated. Her names was Hades, I since changed it to Sadie. She loves being indoors and took well to the crate!! She is barely outside for 2 minutes before she is wanting back in! She is definitely an indoor dog now!! Thank you for all that you do! Monica Alcorn Lafayette, IN "

Anonymous said...

Is anyone going to file for contempt of court with the years of proof now evident that these groups are directly USING THE VICK DOGS TO FUNDRAISE and directly violating the judge's order?

They are spitting in the judge's face and making a mockery of him and the legal system as they "get rich quick" using court evidence.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

do you have a link to monica alcorn?

Aonon2 said...

When are they going to do a show about Vick's beagles?

Anonymous said...

Pit Bull Paparazzi....

Anonymous said...

This is the page that has Monica's story about Sadie. Scroll down on the left.

I want to repeat that I think that this Monica Alcorn is NOT a bad person, and I think this group DDB is doing good things. Chaining dogs is not only cruel and ignorant, but it is the loser's way out when they have a dog too aggressive to be in the house. Chaining makes an aggressive dog even worse, then the neighbor's kid gets killed. (Chaining is also the modus operandi of the dog fighters)

But pit bulls are just a different story.

It is wrong to be taking up foster space with a dog that shows clear signs of being dangerous, and it is wrong to think these dogs can be fixed and put into a new home.

It is wrong to adopt out dogs that are dog-aggressive, because other pets die and people do too who are caught in the middle of these attacks.

The result is just injury and death, and the pit bull gets shot or euthanized anyway, after much suffering.

It also was wrong for Monica's boss in animal control to let her take home a dog that showed signs of being dangerous.

Animal control is number one, a public safety job.

Anonymous said...

And another pit bull (conveniently called a Staffie) that Monica has put into foster care.


Does anyone with a brain understand that an unneutered pit bull that has been chained for 8 years is not safe to put into a new home?

And the dog already displays clear signs of problems

" He has a few issues with toy/bone possession and some food aggression that his foster family is working with him on. "

When another breed of dog with food or toy aggression bites, it's stitches.

When a pit bull bites, it is missing eyes, ears, missing scalp and face, and escalation from a bite into a mauling.

These are problems that can not be assuredly fixed in a pit bull, and even though they are "worked with" these problems can resurface at any time in the future, with devestating results.

Anonymous said...

Oh what a wonderful Christmas present it would have been to see the dog berserk and rip off Rachael's face and then follow with a second course of the BadRap bitch. And then, in 6 or 8 months Oprah could have had them both come out in veiled hats and our anti-pit cause would have been up and running. Dare to dream.

And did you see the guy in the video there with his 3 year-old and his adopted fighting dog? It isn't the first time I've seen it and I know it won't be the last but I can never quite really believe it...

Anonymous said...

Rachel Ray is essentially telling people that pit bulls are good with kids, and that fighting dogs are safe.

She is putting her guarantee on these dogs.

She needs to be held liable when the next pit bull slaughters a child.

Call out the lawyers!

RRLoser said...

Rachel Ray is a TOTAL LOSER! I had no idea! I've never watched her before. And I love the "We have a lot to learn from pit bulls!"

$20,000 to BadRap to "rehabilitate" these animals. That is interesting as absolutely zero funds were to be donated for this purpose.

HonestyHelps said...

I have been called for a boycott on Rachael Ray for several months now. Although it probably only makes me feel better, I did write to her explaining why I am boycotting her with copies to the networks airing her shows. Do what you can, I say.

Anonymous said...

My personal boycott of Rachael Ray has gone on for quite some time now. Anytime I see her photo on a product I send an e-mail to that company telling them exactly why I will not purchase their merchandise.
In addition to being a shameless pit nutter, Rachael Ray it the most irritating woman on television.

Dogbites you never hear about said...

Is it gamebred/former fighing dogs attacking?

Anonymous said...

Each of these Vick dogs already came with a $20 K dowry...The good thing is tha the Feds made the rescues indemnify them with $1 Million insurance for the life of each dog.

A good precedent for responsible Pit ownership!

Bagheera Kiplingi said...

Marty, do you think a rescued or retired fighting dog should be adopted out to the public or paraded around in public when they come a no clapping clause?

Anonymous said...

The old man (retired journalist) who should know better who runs ohmidog is another naive doofus that has Winograd and Best Friends (and through them the fighting dog breeders) issuing out pit bull breeder and fighter propaganda.

He's too stupid to understand he's being used, because he is old and senile.

But they pay attention to him in his dotage, and he is grateful and publishes what the breeders and fighters want.

That is why Marty refers to the ohmidog website. The dog fighters feel that have a tool in that old man.

Anonymous said...

"The good thing is tha the Feds made the rescues indemnify them with $1 Million insurance for the life of each dog"

But has anyone verified that this has been done? Was proof provided to the court?

This should be public record.

Best Friends and the others have already disobeyed the court order about using these dogs for fundraising.

It would not surprise me that they are failing to get the expensive insurance, especially because Best Friends is having financial problems.

These pit bull rescue groups have already lied to and deceived the court.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

i ifnd it hysterical that the game-doggers have aligned themselves with these kooks who support the OREO law, since it a major blow to their property rights defense.

i sure would like to know who runs ohmidog. please share

Felony said...

More Vick dogs in the news:

Starting Friday, a new season of "DogTown" (10 p.m., National Geographic Channel) revisits some of the dogs rescued from now-Eagle Michael Vick's notorious Bad Newz Kennels and other survivors of the underworld of dog fighting.

The sad-eyed Cherry, thought to have possibly been used as a "bait dog" in Vick's operation, can't be adopted until he overcomes his fear of people, while Georgia, a former dogfighting champion, has a chance to become a "spokesdog" for rehabilitated fight dogs, but only if she can overcome a tendency to go into attack mode whenever another dog enters her sight line.

Anonymous said...

Those dogs dont come with a 'no clapping' clause, you idiots. Rachael Ray shushes the audience when ANY animal appears on the show, wildlife, domesticated and even the 2-legged variety. Any animal is likely to be frightened by the lights and sounds of a large group of people like the setting on a tv show, and frightened animals dont make good TV. When you hear hoofbeats, dont think zebras..HORSES. Simplicity really.
(and Im not discounting that yes, the vick dogs, or at least one of the vick dogs, was sensitive to loud noises... believing that hearing children clapping would "set them off" is ridiculous)

And donating that money did NOT violate the court order... Anyone can donate to Badrap, just not directly to the Vick dogs themselves.

Anonymous said...

Typical pit nutter lies. That's total BULLSHIT! I have seen RR's show before and I have seen her squeal in the presence of "creepy" wild animals. The audience roars with laughter.