Wednesday, December 30, 2009

pit nutter of the month: steve markwell - rescue angel, lion tamer, child of the universe, and a good candidate for B12 intervention

steve markwell of the olympic animal sanctuary.

it was a tough decision that was only made easy when Idea Mensch published this piece around x-mas. markwell talks about a pit lab mix bite that he received a few months ago that broke his hand. markwell shrugs off the broken bones. he sees dog bites as an opportunity to expand his personal scar collection for the day when he meets that special girl. you know, cuz girls like scars.

markwell has a rather bizarre view of dogs and the world. he doesn't think it is fair that dogs are singled out among all other animals and not allowed to bite. he states, "Cats are allowed to bite all they want. Horses are allowed to bite and kick and stamp. A hamster can bite. But when a dog bites, we go crazy." maybe i live a sheltered life but i have never heard of cats or horses or hamsters escaping containment and going on a rampage.this man with a mission to save dangerous dogs first came to my attention when he took in SNAPS. snaps was sicced on a woman in seatac, washington when she tried to intervene on behalf of the dog who was being beaten by psychopathic teenagers. king county animal control deemed snaps unsafe to adopt out but sent him to live out the rest of his life with this dog nutter. i can't tell if markwell is crazy or stupid.

Taming dogs with a mean streak

steve markwell's kindred spirit
don't give up steve. you will get there if you try hard enough!
warning to all of you delicate youtubers about clicking on that link, it's not for sensitive viewers.


Bagheera Kiplingi said...

One of Markwell's ad states "We rescue scary dogs." I guess if you rescue enough really scary dogs then you will be viewed as REALLY scary.

Anonymous said...

This is how one becomes a Pit Bull "Superstar" these days..More and more outrageous saving of red zone Pits to outcompete the other Nutters for a TV show on Animal Planet...

None of the hardcore Dogmen will publically condemn it.

At least with the 24/7 non stop media blitz they won't be able to say "no one can properly identify a Pit bull"!

Classic backfire.

Anonymous said...

I think someone wrote about Markwell on the discussion boards

He's a completely inexperienced loser who clearly realized he could extort money by pretending that he is "fixing" and "rescuing" dangerous dogs.

I think they predicted that he would get attacked. Prediction true.

Meanwhile, he was begging for help at his fakey sanctuary, so what is happening to all those warehoused dangerous dogs he has while he can't function properly with broken limbs?

How in the hell is his community putting up with this time bomb situation? Does he even have insurance? Is he filing proper paperwork and accounting for the money he's getting for this disaster?

Anonymous said...

King County animal control got pressured by a corrupt King County councilor who is in league with and in business with Nathan Winograd and his business cronies to release this dog SNAPS to Markwell.

This is the effect of private industry No Kill getting pushed onto animal control by a downright dangerous county official pandering to a quack and extremist like Winograd and No Kill. Also with their Best Friends attached comrades.

This can't be blamed on animal control.

Crunchy said...

Nice arms! Hope he can keep'um!

Anonymous said...

"He's always had a thing for animals"


I bet he has. Boom-chicka-bow-wow!

The whole situation is nuts. I hope it is the loser himself that gets his face removed and not some poor kid passing by.

Anonymous said...

The sad thing is that animal cruelty will be the result of this sanctuary, chaining dangerous dogs outside to just pass days and go crazy.

He doesn't even have proper kenneling. This is hillbilly dog treatment by a middle class person who should know better.

A nut tries to play messiah (or more probably to make money through begging for donations and grants) and claim he is "saving lives."

A liberal person who becomes the capitalist he claims he hates. No, worse.

Zuzu Milan said...

Actually, a properly bred and socialized American
Pit Hamster is far less likely to bite than one of those back yard bred cur rodents. Private First Class Herbie was the only hamster to receive a purple heart. During the Great Plague of the 1300's, he infiltrated enemy lines and singled handedly stopped the spread of the disease. After that, hamsters were the world's favorite pet. Everybody had them right up until the 1800's when that damn pit dog displaced 'em. One crazy rabid hamster tried to kill a baby and a pit dog intervened. From then on, pit dogs took over the coveted title of NANNY PET. People just didn't care that PFC Herbie saved the world.
But in the off chance that a nanny hamster is provoked to attack, a properly used break stick will defuse the situation. But don't try it with a game bred gerbil or guinea pig.

Friends Administrator said...

ZuZu, I have had hamsters and guinea pits and they are soooo sweet and have the cutest butts. I let them play with my dogs and they have never shown any aggression, just a little nip every now and then. Even when you awoke the hammies from their naps, they never tried to bite even though this is what the whole world says they will do. They never try to escape either so they make a perfect pet for children, babies especially. So what that they are prey animals and run at the drop of a hat, a little TLC always oveercomes their genetic instinct to run. I think I am a responsible hammie and piggie owner because I feed them. I do allow them to "play" outside and sometimes they do chase the neighborhood kids but it's all fun and games. They would probably lick the kids to death anyway.