Monday, December 21, 2009

"a really bad experience"

donna reynolds on pit bulls and dog parks:

My pit bull male is fine at dog parks (I don't know go, because I can't stand the filth, among other things)


But if you love your dog, why would you want to set him up for a really bad experience?

btw, this links to a really fascinating 13 page discussion at a cadre of elite pit nutters are attempting to redefine pit bulls, aggression and genetics.

tiny was attacked by a pit bull at a california dog park, the pit nutters ran off. tiny's owner was also bitten and is stuck with a $3000 vet bill and still tiny might not be able to walk again.

oh the horror! that poor little wiggle butt had a bad experience at the dog park. i hope pittie's fur mommy got him into counseling asap.


Anonymous said...

A pit owner has already rationalized killing a neighborhood dog when they decided to bring it into the neighborhood.

"Dog lovers loving dogs bred for killing other dogs"

Shun them and convict them!

Anonymous said...

They just "dropped" the belief that pits are dog aggressive. Just "dropped it".

Can I just "drop" the belief that stealing is wrong? It would sure make Christmas a lot cheaper...

Anonymous said...

I also love the way pit bull attacks on other dogs are referred to as "scuffles" or "skirmishes". Kinda glosses over the fact that the other dog has been disemboweled or torn completely in two or is missing his throat, both ears, and his tail.

It's like saying that Ted Bundy had a "scuffle" with those sorority girls.

Felony said...

Every time Donna Reynolds opens her mouth, 47 rescue angels get their wings.

Anonymous said...

Maybe minimizing the damage done to the wiggle butt's psyche is the reason behind all of these dine and dashes.

Anonymous said...

I think these people don't realize that they are starting to come up against people who will sue them from now into eternity, and not give up, when their pit bull does these things.

And also will be investigating every aspect of their lives

Anonymous said...

These dog parks should have cameras set up

But most of all, as much of them have done, there should be pit bull bans at dog parks

Anonymous said...

You people do realize that most of the time it;s the others dog fault when it is attacked? I know how vicious a Chihuahua can be, they think they are though some dogs don't like that. Control your pet, if you can't don't take it to the dog park without a leash that goes to pit bull owners as well. You all get what you could have prevented, should have been close to protect the pup if you know how small and fragile a small dog can be.
Stop being racist towards animals, go to school and educate yourself before you try to judge anything or anyone.

Anonymous said...

Donna looks drunk.