Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Maverick Alexandra Semyonova

honesty, integrity, knowledge and experience are apparently not qualities appreciated by the dutch SPCA. the well organized pit bull zealots of the netherlands led a successful campaign against the veteran animal welfare inspector which ultimately led to her dismissal. based on this article at, the dutch SPCA sounds as dysfunctional as those in the united states, maybe more. read the entire story here.

buy Semyonova's book here or here.

i encourage you to visit her website,, A website dedicated to telling the truth about dogs
Dogs are not wolves.
You do not need to keep your dog "subordinate."
Dogs build on trust, not on dominance.
The first, most basic dog rule is "no real aggression." Humans need to learn this.


Anonymous said...

Thar's dog fightin' money in that thar SPCA!!

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile, here in the States, we have pit bull breeders joining with Best Friends Animal Sanctuary to file amicus briefs, and as Best Friends states, PROMOTE pit bulls.

Yes, folks. An actual humane organization involved in promoting the breeding, sale, and horrors of FIGHTING DOGS!

So when the idiot down the street lets his pit bull chew up your dog while you are in your yard or on a walk, send the vet bill (and the lawyers!) to Best Friends. They think killing pets is just fine as long as pit bulls are doing it.

PRO KILL by pit bull. That's Best Friends, while they preach this fake No Kill garbage to try to cover up their PRO KILL activities.

Anon2 said...

I've bought the book and think it is great. She can really explain things very well.