Thursday, April 1, 2010


PROJECTION an unconscious psychological defense mechanism used to cope with reality and maintain self image. it occurs when one's own unacceptable or threatening attributes, thoughts and emotions are repressed and then attributed to others.


Anonymous said...

Think airhead Marjorie Kaplan will figure out she's helping the white supremacists make money with her Animal Planet pit bull shows?

Hell, this could be a photo of Tia Torres husband!!

Anonymous said...

Time to take Jesse off the list of famous Pit Bull owners....

Torn between two nutters said...


The characters from ACF and Florizon Sasek lose to the City of Aurora CO in an attempt to overturn the city's Pit bull ban...Judge Daniels slammed their "Jailhouse Lawyering" techniques and ordered them to pay the city's legal costs. Several years earlier the Plaintiff appeared in a local bachlorette feature and allowed the following to be published about her:

"She recently brought home a pitbull dog from the pet store and is looking forward to watching her tear apart the neighborhood poodles and beagles. She loves animals and often watches the Discovery channel on the weekends."

I wonder if she is still having trouble finding a man?!?

Torn between two nutters said...


Meet Christine Tomco...purveyor of Nanny Dogs that happened to kill her Korean War vet father!

Between June 2004 and March 2005, Christina Tomco received four citations for allowing her dogs off her property without leashes and five for failing to license them, and she was issued fines totaling $600, said animal control officer Jennifer Vitale. Christina Tomco raised and sold pit bulls, authorities said.

The dogs, which were sexually mature, had not been spayed or neutered, and three had expired rabies vaccinations, Vitale said. "They're like rowdy teenagers with a bad attitude. They're not afraid to fight," she said.

On Wednesday, animal control officer Tom Guy shot and killed Onyx, a 50-pound dog, at the home. The other four pit bulls were taken to the Tri-County Animal Shelter in Hughesville, where they will be euthanized.

Friends Administrator said...

One has to wonder now about Sandra and what she is involved in.

Anonymous said...

I agree P.

Even with all this crazy stuff, just on a more basic level, when Sandra found out one of his pit bulls had killed another, what was she thinking about this guy?

By the way, see the cover of the Enquirer? I held up the grocery store line reading that one.

There's some information here. The article itself has more details.

And in the print issue, Discovery Networks (owner of Animal Planet) had a part to play in this.

Anonymous said...

The paparazzi is finally catching up with the Cisco vs Rudy shop accident. They haven't caught on to the fact that this Pit owner actually named a burger resturant after the dog that killed "his brother".

BOYCOTT CISCO's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Only in the Pit community does this happen.....