Monday, December 27, 2010

and the winner is.....

Attacker Breed Victim Outcome
1) Smokey pit/chow mix 10 yr old girl hospitalized, had 30 stitches.
2) Nala & Jade 2 pit mixes Jack the cat mutilated & killed
3) Sadie pit mix Precious the cat killed
4) Clyde & Katina pit bull & swiss hound Tortie the cat killed
5) Leah chow chow stray cat severely injured, had to be put to sleep
6) Snapper & Lazy two rottweilers stray cat killed
7) Goldie pit bull cat killed
8) Cordilla pit mix Lucky the Puggle wounded, required surgery
9) Annie pit mix Legally blind man Taken by ambulance to hospital. Had to get seven weeks of rabies shots. Liquid stitches for his wounds. Was covered in blood and began vomiting at scene.
10) Bo rottweiler cat killed
11) Chico pit cat killed
12) Molly & Kila pit mix & lab mix kitten killed
13) Buck boxer female attorney attacked
14) Lady Blue pit kitten snatched from owner's bed and killed
15) Thug Rottweiler 12 yr old girl leg savaged
16) Rex pit mix 5 yr old girl stitches in head
17) Shay Rottweiler Yorkie killed
18) Rambo pit bull dog and its owner bitten while walking
19) Tiger pit bull cat killed
20) Raven german shepherd Gizmo the mini pin attacked by loose dog
21) Jack akita man attacked by loose dog
22) Tiger pit/lab mix Princess the Pomeranian euth'd
23) Tara & Venom pit bulls man cuts and lacerations
24) Spike pit bull 12 yr old boy attacked, hospitalized
25) Diesel mastiff adult Injured
26) Chula & Noah pits Yorkie killed
27) Mama & Noodles pits cat killed
28) Jamrock & Brad pit bulls cat dead
29) Stitch Pit cat dead
30) Thor belgian tervuren cat dead
31) Pebbles & Bam Bam pits man Injured
32) Capone pit bull 3 people, including 2 yr old & 11 yr old injured
33) Ladybear Pit Chico the Chihuahua killed
34) Perla & Katriel pits Lucy the cat dead
35) Baby pit bull Prince the Maltese dead
36) Rogue pit killed and ate cat dead
37) Kano & Jewels pits cat killed person attacked two, a couple months later
38) Carmelo pit person bitten
39) Remi pit dog bitten
40) Terror Rottweiler kitten killed
41) Marley pit bull cat killed
41) Brody beagle mix jogger bitten
42) Two Face pit bull 6 yr old girl bitten, 16 stitches
43) Maddox boxer Milo the mini-Pin Killed
44) Kira akita Mojo the Yorkie killed
45) Lulu & Bandit pit bulls cat killed
46) Coco pit bull Speedy the Chihuahua killed
47) Jasmine pit bull Mitzi the Yorkie and Sam the Yorkie
both attacked, Mitzi died
48) Canela pit bull cat dead
49) Ivory Bull terrier cat dead


Anonymous said...

But, but... the pit bull people keep telling me the dachshunds are the biters! How could this be?!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like all the Dade County scum moved to Broward.

Pit Nazi said...


Anonymous said...

It's quite simple. The pit nutter has a theory about aggressive pit bulls that has a few simple parts. The simple parts fit together, but are pretty flexible so they can easily be asserted for any situation (this flexibility also makes it difficult to disprove in a strict sense). So, no matter what happens the pit nutter looks for one of these things that could possibly make it not about the breed. Of course, they can find a faint trace of something. They then make it not about the dog and put that instance in the stack of others that confirm their opinion. Pure pseudoscience, just like astrology.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 11:11 - I can confirm that the Dade County scum have moved to both Broward County and Collier County. And you know what? Both counties would rather sweep this shit under the rug. Naples is the worst - so much shit gets hidden from the media.

Naples, Florida and Ft. Lauderdale, Florida are the new Pit Bull Havens. Lee County, Florida is making it's mark also. Be safe!

. said...

You might like these.

"I swear! There's not pit in him!"

Anonymous said...

Broward County is a real Pit Hole.

Broward County, Florida
South of Lake County, the Broward County Dog Bite Database depicts a vivid picture of the "top biter." During the years of 2005 to 2008, Labs produced 151 biting incidents with 98 inflicted on humans and 53 on animals, while Cocker spaniels produced 16 biting incidents with 15 on humans and 1 to an animal. In the same period, the pit bull/American Staffordshire terrier community produced a whopping 618 biting incidents with 323 inflicted on humans and 296 on the county's pet and livestock population. The data shows that human-aggression is just as prevalent as animal-aggression in pit bulls produced by local breeders.

Anonymous said...

You also have to take into account that on the whole, labs are a much more popular breed than pits. How many labs didn't bite versus how many pits? In the face of that, the pit statistic looks even worse.