Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Sarasota County plays "Find the pit bull"


a grant has been awarded to manatee and sarasota counties for free pit bull sterilization in hopes of breaking the vicious cycle of dump and pump with euthasol.

shelter officials cannot fully explain why pit bulls are lost, abandoned or mistreated more than other breeds.

okay, i'll take at stab at it. pit bulls are lost more than other breeds/types of dogs because they are escape artists. pit bulls are abandoned more often than other breeds/types of dogs because they have greater exercise needs than other breeds/types and a lot of people don't find crate & rotate doesn't fit their lifestyle when the wiggle butt commences to scrappin with their other dog. pit bulls are mistreated more than other breeds/types of dogs because knuckle dragging neanderthals are drawn to pits.

TAMI TREADWAY, animal control supervisor of the sarasota county animal shelter says 80-90% of all dogs they house are pit and pit mixes. WOW! 80-90%. i had to see this for myself. i also wanted to see kind of dogs would be not be eligible for the freebies.

Sarasota County Animal Shelter i counted 47 dogs, 21 of them were LISTED as pit bull, bulldog or mix. that's only 45%. where's the other 35%? maybe in the back under a 10 day hold? or possibly sporting the "boxer" moniker?

let's take a look at some of the dogs not eligible for free spay neuter:


Anonymous said...

"pit bulls are abandoned more often than other breeds/types of dogs because "

THEY HAVE ALREADY BITTEN SOMEONE, or are acting aggressively toward family members or pets.

These people don't want to admit these dogs have problems (or admit they were endangering their kids). They just dump them on the street.

Anyone who takes in a pit bull off the street is getting a dog that likely already has proven aggression problems.

And anyone who would give away, adopt out, put in foster care, or sell a pit bull that was found dumped on the street is putting other people's and pets' lives at great risk.

Countless stories from the pit nutters "that wish they hadn't" taken in a stray pit bull because it has killed one of their pets or bitten someone.

It is never worth the risk!

(And anyone who lets a pit bull "rescue" stick them with one of these street-found pit bulls as a "foster home" is letting themselves get treated like dirt by the "rescue." Let THEM take the street-found pit bull. Oh no, they know the dog is a danger so they stick them with naive foster care to endanger them.)

Anonymous said...

"Oh no, they know the dog is a danger so they stick them with naive foster care to endanger them."

Or try to adopt them out as something else: boxer mix, cattle dog mix, lab mix, whatever they think they can get away with.

No wonder they play the "pit didn't do it game," or the "media was wrong game." They obviously couldn't identify a pit/pit mix if it was wearing one of those heart shaped 'Love a Pit' tags and chewing on their leg!

5% of the dog population - 50+ percent of the dogs in shelters - average life span of 18 months. If they're such wonderful dogs, how come their turn over rate is faster than feed lot calves? It's hard to even grasp the "waste management" issue to dispose of that many dead pit bulls.

Mary Ann Williamson said...
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Anonymous said...


Why take offense over sincere breed recommendations? You taking offense to something being said about your dog's breed is the "hurt feelings card" played by pit nutters. One reason people are so PC about the pit is because many individuals in the breed have been abused and this causes people's neurons to misfire around the issue.

Anonymous said...

I have to agree....90% of people, or the "average" pet owner, shouldn't own a Border Collie, because of the breed's intelligence, drive, activity level, and need for work. Its cruel for a suburban family to get a BC and keep it locked in a crate for hours on end while they are at work...only to expect that a walk and a quick game of fetch is enough each day to keep the dog sane. These dogs suffer enormously when their needs are not met.

Anonymous said...

To Craven's point...

The city is using a grant to subsidize free s/n for pit owners, yet in their desperation to adopt out pits, the shelter mislabels them as other breeds in an attempt to fool the public. Therefore, the pit bulls listed would not be eligible for free s/n, even though they are obviously pit bull.

Anonymous said...

There are actually a LOT of working dog breeds that most people should not keep as pets; not so much because they are dangerous, but because their working drive makes them less able to function as we expect a house pet to function.

I once had the great pleasure of meeting a man who owned Large Munsterlanders....magnificant animals, just beautiful dogs. Though he lived in the suburbs, they were working dogs, as he hunted with them on weekends. The dogs were house dogs, well trained, with good leash manners; yet even though he had a fenced yard, when outside he housed them in a chainlink kennel with a floor and roof.(You know, the kind the pit nutters rail against when it is suggested for pits) He understood that their strong hunt drive might lead them to escape; he also understood that, even though they lived peacefully with his own cat, if loose their prey drive may lead them to kill the neighbors cat, and he respected that. (Unlike pit owners, who cannot extrapolate information and will insist that if their dog is friendly with one animal, he will be friendly with all)

This gentleman had a great understanding of the history of the breed, and explained that the breed club did not want to the breed to lose its working ability. Therefore, breeders only sold puppies to working homes, and all breedings had to be approved by the breed club in order to register the dogs. The only dogs bred are dogs that pass field testing.

Unlike the pit bull breed clubs, who have no discernable standards, the LM folks have kept their dogs rare, kept them OUT of the pet population, and made sure that the people who own them are deserving of these great hunting dogs. The dogs win, because they almost always end up in a great home with owners who meet their needs, and never end up in shelters. The people win, because they don't have to watch their beloved breed ruined by bybers and idiots breeding "pets" . Pit bull advocated are far too stupid to understand the concept of breed stewardship to understand this.

Anonymous said...

I seriously wish I could find 10 people and find us 10 intact labradors and boxers and stand in line for the free pit bull spay neuter.

And then ABSOLUTELY INSIST they're pit bulls. And film it.

It would even be worth it to stand in line.

Anonymous said...

"I seriously wish I could find 10 people and find us 10 intact labradors and boxers and stand in line for the free pit bull spay neuter."

Hmmmm... I like the way you think! I wish I could figure out which pit bull was going to be in the news so I could film their owners repeating all the talking points before the mayhem. Show me one pit in the news where the owner HAD NOT previously said, "All in how they're raised... only if they're trained that way... punish the deed... I've had them all my life and not once..."

Anonymous said...

If they're saying 80% of the dogs at the shelter are pit/mixes, they're probably counting the total amount of dogs being held -- including the ones that are not safe to put on the adoption floor. The shelter just basically houses/cares for them until it's legal to put them to sleep.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

that's what i was thinking anon 4:13

Anonymous said...

Here's another one.


Anonymous said...

"Anonymous said...
I seriously wish I could find 10 people and find us 10 intact labradors and boxers and stand in line for the free pit bull spay neuter.

And then ABSOLUTELY INSIST they're pit bulls. And film it.

It would even be worth it to stand in line"

It would SO be worth it!! I would be willing to try it, but my labs are already fixed.

On another note - aren't Curs and Catahula's bred for similar violent behavior? Hog-dogging and such?

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

you could still do that with females.

as for catahoulas, yes they are a tough dog. they are not usually catch dogs though. they have crossed them with bull terriers, bulldogs and pit bulls.

Anonymous said...

I don't get it...why is it the taxpayer's responsibility to fix the Pit Bull breeding problem?

They pump these animals out like livestock without eating them.

Anonymous said...

Have these people ever even SEEN a Catahoula cur dog? NONE of those so-called cur mixes look anything like a Catahoula. Furthermore, it's a fairly rare breed with decent breed stewardship. It's not very likely that a lot of Catahoulas are out there mixing willy-nilly with any old mutt.

Those dogs are pits and pit mixes. Only an idiot or a liar wouldn't be able to see it.

Anonymous said...


So were those dogs tested and they're lying that they are pit bulls, or are you making it up?
They CAN DNA test these dogs, and most shelters in our area do. There are a lot of mixes that look like pit bulls but aren't. Of course you don't want people to know that though.
Just like you have to "approve" comments. So you only approve the ones that support you.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

"Just like you have to "approve" comments. So you only approve the ones that support you."

absolutely not. i prefer comments that are critical. but speaking of skewing data, be sure to check back new year's day. i will deliver a death blow the ATTS.

fyi, comments are only moderated on blog posts that are older than 5 days.

Unknown said...

ignorance seems to be the best word to describe most of the comments ive read on here regarding pitbulls. if you actually read the whole story of a high percentage of pitbull attacks on kids and humans in general its normally poor ownership. as with any large breed dog. face it pits are a very popular breed and most owners are not responsible and or have the time to take care of them properly.its truly an awsome breed but like a gun it requires responsibility.it is also the most media reported dog what the press fails to say is under what circumstances kids and people are attacked. they require human interaction and just like people that are thrown in a cell to be with there thoughts for a long period of time often become aggressive. to prove my point look at the revolving door especially in violent crime in our prison system. many of those that first went to jail was not for a violent crime. unlike humans though dogs behavior can be changed but not in solitary confinement

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

chris, i don't think people are saying that poor ownership is not PART of the equation.