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Tia Torres' New Best Friend Otis

Tia Torres of Animal Planet's Pit Bull and Parolees has her own victory dog, and it's human aggressive!

I'm not a regular viewer of Pit Bulls and Parolees, so I didn't catch Otis the pit bull's episode until it was replayed right before Thanksgiving. Craven Desires blogged about human aggressive Otis and his owner the exceedingly weird, selfish, lying Daniel Coverston already.

His four frankenmaulers dug under his fence which abuts a parking lot where they went on a completely unprovoked rampage. Their first potential victim escaped to the safety of his car, but the second victim, a 17 year old boy, was knocked down twice and severely mauled before two rescuers, armed with a wrench, beat the dogs off long enough to get the victim into a car. One of the four frankenmaulers, Sherman, continued to attack the car. The boy ended up with a total of 30 stitches, 20 puncture wounds. One bite barely missed the boy's brachial artery and a wound on his leg exposed bone.

Victim's partially healed wounds

The selfish, lying Daniel Coverton fought the court's ruling to euthanize the dogs and called in Tia Torres of Pit Bulls and Parolees fame to help him save his human aggressive pit bulls. She JUMPED ON THE CHANCE to magically rehabilitate the FOUR HUMAN AGGRESSIVE MUTANTS (oh yes, she was going for all four initially) thus using her TVshow as a platform to educate the mindless pit loving masses that no matter how aggressive and vicious a pit bull is TOWARD OTHER PEOPLE, it deserves a second chance to maul again, unless, of course it attacks you, the nutter, in which case all bets are off.
Tia Torres thinks Daniel Coverston is "nice" "quiet and just gentle"

But, rescuing four human aggressive dogs with blood on their paws to help a selfish, lying, psychopathic owner doesn't seem to be the makings for broad audience appeal. So, the producers likely decided to tweak it a bit, and make it seem that Tia was willing to take one of the dogs only because there was an indication he was submissive and only because that dog did not participate in the attack. And the selfish, lying, psychophatic, irresponsible Daniel Coverston had to be turned into a nice guy who was victimized by the media exploiting a "horrible accident."

What follows is a transcript of portions of the Otis episode of Pit Bulls and Parolees with links to news accounts to expose the enormity of the many twisted lies.

[on the phone]
Lawyer: This is Dean Starks. I'm a lawyer and I've got a case where some dogs got out of my client's yard and attacked a young man.
Tia: My first reaction when I hear that a pit bull has attacked a child, if he's a dangerous dog obviously he needs to be put down. He's not safe. He shouldn't be out in public. You know, I'm a mother first and a dog owner second.

Tia was willing to evaluate all four dogs and possibly take any or all four dogs, knowing some or all had attacked, mauled and nearly killed the 17 year old child. "I expected to go in there and say, 'Yeah, let's take them all.' Torres said."

Lawyer: We've got evidence one of the dogs, named Otis, didn't actually bite him. I've talked to the witness, a young man named Wade Andrews. And he's basically the hero that jumped into the middle of this thing and saved the young man that was being attacked.

The witness did not arrive until after the victim had been knocked down a second time. The victim, of course, did not know which dogs bit him. The second judge said "there was circumstantial evidence that all four dogs took Kerschner down to the ground and it's more likely than not that Otis was involved in the attack and some biting" after Torres had already evaluated all four dogs and had testified at the second trial that Otis was "salvageable."

Lawyer: That dog should be rescued and saved as opposed to being tagged as a vicious dog and destroyed.

Tia to camera: When I heard that Otis tucked his tail and ran, that told me he might be a submissive dog and there might be a chance for him.
Tia to Lawyer: Soo, uh, do you need me to come up there and meet the dogs...
Lawyer to Tia: Well, yeah.
Lawyer to camera: The ultimate verdict for the dogs was that three of them were to be euthanized by the city, but Otis deserved a chance to see if, if Tia could rehabilitate and retrain him.

At different times in the episode you will see that both the lawyer and Tia suggest that Otis deserves to be saved because there is proof he didn't participate in the attack and therefore is innocent (not human aggressive), at other times, both Tia and the lawyer talk in terms of Otis being "salvageable" (human aggressive but worthy of magical rehabilitation based on Tia's temperament test).

Lawyer to Tia: You know the problem is the court's probably not going to give the dog back to my client at this point. So, Otis' only chance may be actually be your place.
Tia: OK. So this is almost like, ah, you need me to evaluate them and then actually, ultimately take the dog.
Lawyer: That's true.
Tia to camera: You know, based on the phone conversation I had with the attorney, I just don't feel comfortable enough yet committing to taking Otis. At this point the only way for me to really know is to make that seven-hour drive, you know, up to Auburn and get the whole story, and possibly save an innocent dog's life.

This whole interaction was fabricated for the show. Tia was asked to evaluate all four dogs in early January 2010 on behalf of Daniel Coverton. She testified as an expert witness at the second court hearing at the end of January, and picked Otis up in February.

Tia to camera: When I get involved in these stories where a pit bull has bitten someone or somebody I have to become like a CSI. I need to look at police reports, blogs, newspaper articles. I need to get the whole story so I know what's going on.
Tia to daughter, Tania: I printed up all these articles from that, um, pit bull case...God, there's like, SO many articles on these dogs...

She's suggesting that media hysteria has blown the story out of proportion. Except the media did not run wild. The first stories were from four local media outlets. The story might have died quickly had Daniel Coverston not decided to fight the court order to euthanize his dogs. But what really gave this story legs was the involvement of TIA TORRES. That's when UPI and, not surprisingly, Animal Planet picked it up.

Tia to the camera: Otis and the three other dogs he lived with were owned by a guy named Daniel Coverston. And from what I've read, they've made this guy out to be the beast, like he's trained these dogs to attack humans.

No news story ever suggested that Daniel Coverston trained the pits to attack humans. Only pit nutters, in the comments sections of these news stories, insist that if a pit bull mauls someone, it must have been trained to attack. This is SOP for nutters to vilify their own when the inevitable happens in order to defend the breed.

Tia to camera: Contrary to what a lot of rescuers and people think, not every dog can be saved. I mean there are such things as dangerous dogs. I don't know what to believe and I do have to take a step back, I mean it's innocent until proven guilty.
Tania: And where's Auburn?
Tia: its about 7 hours away. Its kind of a cute little town. Except, except now they have a witch hunt going on for pit bulls.
[at Auburn]
Tania: This place is amazing
Tia: Yeah, its like, its like lost in time
Tia: So when I first get to auburn, you know the first thing I what cute quaint little town. It was like out of a storybook and I thought, you know, how can anything so horrific happen here?

Answer: pit bulls, that's how.
This is the beginning of Tia defining "stereotypical bad pit bull owner." Bad pit bull owners don't live in cute, storybook towns.

Tia: So when I pull up to the Coverston's house, you know, I had to double check. I had to look at my piece of paper and say, you know, is this the right address? Because this does not look like the house of killer dog owners. As I'm walking up to this door, you know, I'm actually nervous - and not much scares me.

Bad pit bull owners do not live in nice houses. The media hysteria is so wild and out of control, it has even scared pit bull lovin', felon marryin', parolee boss Tia.

[Ominous music as the door opens to a beautiful, old California style bungalow home with a fire going in the fireplace. Inside we see a sweet-looking, gray haired woman, and a thin, wan, boy/man that Tia could push over with her left pinky finger]
Tia to camera: When I met Mrs. Coverston and Daniel, I just...I had to take a step back. You know, here was this woman and her son who was very quiet and just gentle.

"Stereotypical bad pit bull owners" are not quiet and gentle.

Tia to Coverstons: When I was asked to come here, I told the attorney this is a big mystery. I want to be able to figure this out. I have to ask, you know, about what happened.
Daniel: I was in Michigan
Tia: Ah, so you were far away?
Daniel: And my neighbor called me and told me that my dogs were loose and running around.
Tia: So they got, they dug out of the yard?
Daniel: I think they dug out of the yard.

Wow! That is the extent of the sleuthing to solve the mystery. Did you get a load of that hard hitting CSI interrogation there? Tia is COMPLETELY satisfied that Daniel and his mother were not at fault because he was "far away" and did not provide adequate supervision or containment for his dogs.

Tia: I read some of the comments in the media. I did get the feeling Otis definitely wasn't the one to start the whole mi...melee
Daniel: Otis, he's kinda shy. Very sweet. Very snuggly.

l to r
Maui who attacked an attendant and Tia Torres
Ronin the most aggressive, dominant and beloved
Sherman who persisted in the attack after the victim was in the car

Mrs. Coverston: It's the first time he's ever been separated from Dan, from me, from his brothers.
Tania to camera: If somebody tried to take my dog from me it would be a horrific day. Though, I can only imagine how sad it is for them to have Otis taken away.
Tia: Dogs follow other dogs. Just because he was there, doesn't mean anything.
Mrs Coverston: But the newspaper has been absolutely relentless. We have been portrayed as this monstrous family who's raising fighting dogs and aggressive dogs.

Tia: I don't see what everybody else is trying to portray you guys to be. This was just a horrible accident for everybody involved - everybody, the dogs, your family.

Mrs. Coverston: Its a sorrowful situation all the way around - for everybody included.
Tia: I'm glad at least one of 'em, umm, you know, can be saved. And I'm glad to hear that's how he was.
Mrs. Coverston: Hopefully you can work your magic.

Tia: The Coverston family did not meet the criteria for a stereotypical bad pit bull owner. I couldn't believe that this was the family that was being portrayed as nothing short of the Mansons.

This is what the whole set up has been about. Daniel is most assuredly not a ghetto dwelling, loud, fear inducing thug who specifically trained his dogs to attack people. No, Daniel is not the stereotypical bad pit bull owner that pit nutters blame as the sole source of the bad rap pit bulls get.
He lives in a storybook town, in a nice house, is gentle, and he has "the craziest bond" with his pits. 
 However, he is a despicably selfish, self-serving, lying, asshole whose response to the victim's ongoing physical and psychological trauma is, "I am very sorry for what happened." "I'm extremely glad he's OK." And I want my dogs back.
Here is a list of what Daniel Coverston, who Tia Torres has just judged "nice, quiet, and gentle" and "not a bad pit bull owner," did according to news reports:
3.Coverston failed to keep rabies vaccinations current. (see previous link)
4.Coverston failed to keep dog licenses current.(see previous link)
5.Coverston was aware of inadequate fencing and a broken gate and failed to correct these things which led to a boy being mauled.(see previous link)
6.Coverston lied to police and to the court saying that he administers fictitious "aggression shots" to his intact pit bulls.(see previous link)
9.Coverston tried to have his dogs moved to another facility in the hopes of circumventing the judge's decision and eventually getting his dogs back.(see previous link)
10.Coverston tried to withold paying the fines he owed the city unless they complied with his demand to give him his dog back.(see previous link)
Here is how the judge saw Tia Torres' responsible pit bull owner, Daniel Coverston:
"Judge Joseph O'Flaherty also banned owner Daniel Coverston from "owning, possessing, controlling or having custody of any dog for three years" in Placer County or Auburn.
The ruling issued on Thursday also found that Coverston was aware of the danger that the dogs posed and failed to protect the community from such an attack.
In his ruling, the judge said Coverston showed "no detectable emotion or remorse" in his testimony and was "clueless" to the danger he caused by not properly securing his animals."

Mrs. Coverston: After meeting Tia, I feel like there's hope. And I have felt like there has been no hope.

Tia: So after talking to the Coverstons for a little bit, you know I thought ok these are nice people. But, you know, I still have to base any decisions that I make after meeting Otis. If Otis does turn out to be aggressive and not salvageable, in my opinion, you know, I'm going to have to put a recommendation to the judge to have him euthanized.
[at animal control]
Tania: Wait so are you going in or are you bringing out.
Tia to Tania: You stay here, the city attorney is making me do this solo. Just go ahead and open everything up.
Tia: I'm starting to feel like I'm in a really bad movie, here. I'm in a small town with this demonic family who's actually really nice. And now at the animal shelter where they're being all hush-hush, you know, won't let in anybody but me. And now I'm starting to think, what the hell is goin' on here...
[recap after a break]
I'm at the animal shelter in Auburn to evaluate Otis, a pit bull, who was involved in in an attack on a teenage boy with three other dogs. Law enforcement took the dogs into custody and after two trials, three of the dogs were ordered euthanized. Otis had nothing to do with the attack, so his life will be spared IF I agree to take him to Villa Lobos.
[outside animal control]
Tia: ok you have to stay out here
Tania: alright
Tia: ...thanks to the city attorney
Tania: OK I'll do that
Tia: i have to go in by myself
Tania: OK, well I'll be here.
Tania to camera: I was mad cuz I had to wait outside cuz I wanted to see how my mom handles dogs like that.
Tia: I'm going in rogue
Tia to camera: Every shelter has their rules and, you know what, I have to abide by them. they're not letting my daughter in the shelter or crew. Everything's kind of like hush hush. I'm not being allowed the freedoms that I need to really assess this dog. Its my decision whether he lives or dies.

Tia: Tania open the back
Tania: When I first saw otis, I mean, he was nothing, you know, what I thought
Tia: Otis reminded me of Bambi. He was this big doe eyed shy dog.
Tania: Come look, Come look buddy
Tania: He's like, i don't know
Tia: It was actually a huge relief. I mean, it told me that he was actually a follower, just a kind of a part of this pack of dogs.
Tania: I was really glad that Otis was as sweet as he was cuz he seems like a really cool dog. It's alright, bud!

Tia was REALLY upset that her camera crew couldn't go with her for the assessment. I mean, she could NOT let it go. Her daughter was cool, but TIA was having a fit! And she says she wasn't allowed the freedom to assess dogs because her camera crew couldn't go in and her daughter who just wanted to learn couldn't go with her. Why does she need a camera crew to assess the dogs?
This whole scene is bullshit, of course, because in reality, Tia assessed all four dogs in early January 2010 and didn't pick up Otis until February 2010.
Oh, and you know what? When she went to evaluate the four dogs, the camera crew went with her. In fact, one of the dogs, Maui, lunged at a cameraman. Based on Tia's description, I would LOVE to see this footage, but none of it was included in the episode.
"Torres’ encounter with the remaining three pitbulls, Maui, Sherman and Ronin, left her to conclude that they could not be saved.
Torres said she had already decided she would not take Sherman into the shelter because she was told he did not retreat from the attack.
She attempted to get close to Maui, who was constantly growling and puffing his lips in his cage, she wrote.
“The barking and ‘screeching’ was nonstop,” Torres wrote.
Torres said they tossed Maui a raw hot dog and then opened up the kennel door so he wouldn’t feel trapped.
“Maui then quickly bolted toward our cameraman and Megan quickly yet gently looped him,” Torres wrote.
Torres said she then tried to loop Maui with her leash but “he jumped up and bit my right hand.”
Torres said the dog then became frantic and it looked like he was going to bite another person. He continued to snap at Torres as they put him back in the kennel.
The other two dogs, Sherman and Ronin, “had become extremely aggressive acting, hitting the kennel gates and barking hysterically,” Torres said.
Torres ended her evaluation soon after."

And here is Tia Torres' expert evaluation of Otis.
In her report of her visit to Placer County’s animal shelter in Auburn, Torres that one dog, Otis, seems possible to rehabilitate.
She said Otis, while “very fearful,” allowed her to touch and examine various parts of his body, including his teeth and gums.
“Though he did not show any emotion one way or another toward me, I feel that there may be some hope for him to be rehabilitated,” Torres wrote.
In her report she suggested that she take Otis back to her center and see how he reacts to a home environment for the next two months.
It should be noted that the Otis had just had stomach surgery after he ate his bedding and he, along with his brothers, had been taking 20 tabs of tranquilizers a day for months in a fruitless effort to keep them from engaging in aggressive, anxious, and self-mutilating behavior, and Maui had attacked an attendant. Every morning, the attendants would find the dogs' enclosures covered in blood. The attendants noted that this behavior was unlike any other dog's they'd ever cared for, including other pit bulls.

All of this was not only documented, it was published information that Tia had available to her before her evaluation. For most people, all that documented bizarre and aggressive behavior would have been enough to make a judgment. But not for Tia. Although Maui had already attacked the boy and an attendant, Tia still decided to let Maui out of his cage allowing him to lunge at a cameraman and bite her hand.

Tia: You know, this story will forever have me stumped. I mean we have four dogs that were apparently raised in a very loving home and they got out and they attacked a kid. And we'll probably never know what happened in Auburn that day.

Tia is stumped. Me, I think I got it. The ratings are up, aren't they.
She took Otis home with a lot of provisions from the judge. Otis can't leave her ranch without a court order. After the episode was taped, she did an interview. An incredible interview:
"It seemed as though the pit bulls were well trained, but she thinks it will ultimately remain a mystery why the dogs lunged at and bit Kershner repeatedly.
"Everything pointed to a perfect dog so what happened? What aren't we knowing," Torres said. "Something is missing."
What is missing? What would solve this mystery? Here is a clue for Tia, the CSI the super sleuth - it begins with "G" and ends with "enetics."


flicka said...

Thank you snack sized dog, excellent post!!!

Every time I hear a pit nutter go through the whole "we will never really know what happened" routine, for some reason I hear Gomer Pyle's voice saying "Golleeee."
It is very clear what happened. The information is in the police report and the court records. The attack was unprovoked, the dogs had a history of being at large, they were not maintained as the law requires, they were all mature and sexually intact. What is to not understand?

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

one of my favorite parts was torres expressing fear about going into the house and how nothing scares her. what a phony. she is married to a violent felon who is being held on a million dollar 3 strikes your out bond. and how she sees the coverstons as "gentle" people. not all pit bull owners are violent criminals like torees is used to. some of them are "gentle" creepy naive idiots like daniel and marji beach.

thank you for the in depth coverage of this nightmare. this was one of a handful of attack cases that i became what some nutters would call "obsessed with" for all of the reasons that you outlined. this was a freak show from the start and an absolute travesty of injustice for the victim and for the city of auburn.

it is so funny that the pit nutters always accuse us "haters" of sensationalizing these attacks. this is the epitome of pit nutters manipulating people's emotions to pursue their agenda.

i don't have cable tv. reading this make me both glad and sorry that i don't have cable tv.

thank you so much for sharing this on craven desires snack sized dog!

Anonymous said...

I'm a fucking nutter. Those dogs should be put down. Had they been my dogs I would have done it myself.

I still think ya'll are nothing but a bunch of fucking lonely, spinster cat people. The fucking bag lady dregs of humanity but we maybe can find common ground on this topic. Maybe not.......

Small Survivors said...

Flicka, I love your assessment and your association. I just can't decide if this tactic should be called "pulling a Gomer" or "The Shazam."
Craven, I found this story incredibly disgusting. It wasn't until I saw the show that I became obsessed. Torres was actually perverting a story of perversion to make a case for rehabilitating human aggressive dogs - which is itself a perversion! That is so twisted, I still ... GACK! And the more you look at it, the more intricately twisted it becomes.
Hey fucking nutter! If you think the owner should have manned up and had all his dogs put down immediately, then there is common ground. Not everyone who comments on this blog thinks that merely owning a pit bull makes a person a nutter. Some believe in the theoretical existence of that rarest of rare creatures - a responsible, sane, non-nutter, non-fighter pit bull owner.

Friends Administrator said...

Let me explain about the shelter not wanting cameras inside. In California, in order to reclaim your dog, you have to present proof. That can be licensing, vet records, or PICTURES. Most shelters in CA won't allow cameras inside because the pictures can be used to reclaim a dog that doesn't belong to you if you use those pictures taken inside a shelter. It has happened before.

Plus they were taking someone in to see dogs that had attacked someone, there is a liability factor involved. Why subject more than one person to a possible attack?

Tia is an addict, addicted to pit bulls, no different from a drug addict. She has to have that "fix" and her fix is the rush she gets from handling dangerous dogs.

flicka said...

"I still think ya'll are nothing but a bunch of fucking lonely, spinster cat people. The fucking bag lady dregs of humanity but we maybe can find common ground on this topic. Maybe not......."

Nope, anon, there is no common ground with you. You have the social skills of dung beetle.

Anonymous said...

Don't you all get it? Can't you see what Tia is saying?

"Everything pointed to a perfect dog so what happened? What aren't we knowing," Torres said. "Something is missing."

Tia is blaming the victim. Everything was "perfect" and pit bulls are "wonderful dogs", so the boy MUST have provoked them. Thats the seed she is trying to plant in the minds of viewers. The old, "No one will ever really know what happened" ruse to explain away genetically dangerous dogs.

When the story ran in the Auburn Journal Tia and her fans showed up in the comments section, threatening posters who made critical remarks about her with lawsuits and making excuses for the attack. Some pit nutters blamed the boy, because his parents were involved in wildlife rehab, so they postulated that he must have "smelled like other animals", therefore, brought the mauling on himself.

The entire stunt was done for ratings, and nothing more. Tia drove 7 hours, and probably passed a dozen shelters where countless pit bulls were destined to be euthanized who HADN'T attacked anyone, and who were not unstable and fearful. She didn't save those dogs, because that wouldn't put money in her pocket like a highly publicized attack case would.

She wasn't looking to save a worthy dog, her producer was looking for a storyline, and this case fit the narrative they sought.

Anonymous said...

I just recently backed up your statements with this journal:

Hope you enjoy!

Anonymous said...

Not to inject a controversial issue, but I think this somewhat stands out enough to me to perhaps be interesting to someone else. It really is an amazing divide I've found in society over this pit bull issue.It reminds me of the young earth creationist versus skeptic/atheist/agnostic divide.Young earthers are nearly universally either very dumb or allow their emotions to lead their mind.Skeptics et al. are ordinarily much more intelligent and well-informed than the creationists they debate.The same is true here except the pit nutters are the creationists.I honestly have not yet read a reasonable argument from a pit bull advocate.What is maddening is that they are incapable of realizing their own defeat. I think this whole pit bull thing is almost like a religion to some people, maybe that is why the analogy holds. Come to think of it, don't most pit nutters claim that what changed them or solidified their thinking about pits was a "personal experience" with a pit bull? Are they not always arguing about generalities using anecdotal evidence? Does this remind anyone else of the analogy I made?

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:39, your analogy was offensive to me. There's no reason to drag religion into this debate.

That being said, pit nutters are more like a CULT than a religion.

Also the fact that she did indeed drive 7 hours past highly adoptable normal dogs and even adoptable pit bulls to save an unstable human aggressive child attacking pit bull is proof that pit nutters like Tia lack compassion or the ability to logically think about what she's doing.

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:53

Part of me believes that she may not even love the dogs in the way that she states she does.

She claims time and time again she wants to save misunderstood dogs. What those dogs did was not misunderstood, it was factual. The bite and maul wounds on that teen proves it.

She really is a dumb person, overlooking the hundreds of pits that have never mauled or bitten anyone but wasting money to drive 7 hours (money she claims not to have) to save a pit that has a high likelyhood of biting the teen.

Anonymous said...

You might enjoy this, Craven.

It's an all new low.

Anonymous said...

There is an anti-aggression shot available for Pit Bulls called EUTHASOL.

Use it early and often!

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:39, I am not offended, and I find your analogy accurate. Personally, I think the show is great, because it highlights the fact that the people involved with this breed tend to be social deviants. Tia is a troubled woman, with a long history of involvment with abusive, violent men. She admits to being in a gang when she was younger, and seems to have spent her life drifting from job to job and man to man. Here is a recent interview she did, which indicate a serious lack of emotional maturity (she is "obsessed" with vampires, and like to dress up like one)

She did manage to leave this bit of info out of this interview....another interview she gave a few years back regarding her plans to run a brothel,,,

Anonymous said...

Wow! she came from an upper middle class background and gravitated to the gangs - and the brothel story is amazing the way she describes it, it's downright wholesome. She's worked in porn, married gangsters, drug addicts and felons, she puts herself into every marginal, destructive group that ever existed!

pit bull nutters are extremely cultish -

they believe in the absolute good of "rescuing" and owning any pit bull no matter the consequences.

Pit bull love is the highest form of love.

Pit bulls represent something larger

only they know the "truth."

everyone else is wrong and expendable

other pets are lesser and espendable

they have developed their own myths surrounding the origin and status of pit bulls in olden times

they see themselves as persecuted

they have developed their own language - maul talk

owners are shunned and vilified if they question or cease to follow the party line

only special people are capable of owning a pit bull

the pit bull is never wrong

Anonymous said...

Nope, anon, there is no common ground with you. You have the social skills of dung beetle.

Thank God. I was hoping that was not going to be the case. Actually dung beetles have a quite active social life. You on the other hand have the social skills of a pit bull.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

anon, if you had left just the first paragraph of your comment, i would have said that you are not a nutter but the lonely spinster cat woman bag lady comment disqualifies you from non-pit nutter status. sorry.
but thanks for playing anyway.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I have always suspected that the folks involved in the porn industry are just the nicest people. I am sure most adult film actresses and prostitutes are happy, healthy,and emotionally whole. I will guarantee you that the majority of these women have histories of family abuse, both sexual and physical, and are often substance abusers trying to self-medicate to numb the constant degradation they endure. To think that Tia, as the mother of two young girls, would exploit these poor, desperate girls by running a brothel, asking them to sell their bodies for money, is stomach churning.

Equally shocking is the fact that a single mother of two young girls would start writing to guys in prison, looking for attention....this is textbook DYS case worker stuff.

So very, very sad for her daughters. But this is what passes for "normal" with the pit bull advocates.

Anonymous said...

<i would have said that you are not a nutter but the lonely spinster cat woman bag lady comment disqualifies you from non-pit nutter status. sorry.
but thanks for playing anyway.

I am a nutter. Proud to be one. Thank you very much.

Anonymous said...

the nutter doesn't know what the word nutter means...but he's right. He's a nutter.

And speaking of nutters and their way with words. I wrote this quote down when I heard it. It must be from Tia's show:

"It's all about the underdogs and my kids are the biggest underdogs here." Tia Torres

no irony, no recognition that she slammed herself as a mother, but so true...

And this is what she's adopting out:
"But Magnum will absolutely and positively need a Pit Bull experienced owner. You see he and his gal pal, Monique got loose from their original owner and did what two loose Pit Bulls do....they got themselves into a little trouble. But its nothing that a responsible owner can't handle." They were taken away from their owner. He's 80 lbs.

HonestyHelps said...

This will be a long post. This is a comment made by the sister of the twin boys that Tia "adopted". It's on my blog

My experience with Villalobos dog rescue center began two years ago when my younger twin brothers Kanani Dana Chock and Keli'i Cameron Chock started working there. Prior to Villalobos, my brothers were excellent students, they were admired by peers and excelled in high school sports. However, after they started working at Villalobos, they dropped out of school and disconnected with family and friends."

"About a year ago, my brothers became involved with Tia Torres' husband Aren Marcus Jackson, who had recently gotten out of jail. He had been in jail for approx 14 years for the attempted murder of two Orange county police officers.

My brothers moved into a house on the Villalobos dog rescue center property.

About nine months ago, we found out Kanani and Keli'i were using crystal meth intravenously. When confronted with the drug use, my brothers promised to quit.

Three weeks ago, I got a call that Keli'i had been hospitalized due to a drug overdose."

"By the time Keli'i was taken to the hospital, he had fallen into a coma. It lasted for two days. He eventually pulled through, however, I later learned that Aren and Tia had been "nursing" Keli'i for four days prior to taking him to the hospital. It wasn't until Keli'i started having convulsions and was unresponsive that Aren decided to take him to the hospital. When we asked them what had happened, Tia and Aren assured us that it was not from drugs but some sort of mental health problem.

At this point, we were more than just a little concerned about the health and safety of Kanani and Keli'i. We realized that they needed the help of a drug treatment center.

The boys looked up to Aren and we felt it would be helpful he talked to them about going to rehab. But Aren held the opinion that rehab "doesn't work" and that they will ?use again.? After Keli'i had gotten out of the hospital, my mother took him to an NA meeting. Aren told Keli'i "not let them brainwash you."

Aren should know about drug addiction, he was hospitalized about a year ago from a drug overdose and according to his Parole Officer is still using. Meanwhile Tia just stands by and pretends that she knows nothing about what is going on there. "

"In a last ditch effort to get the twins to stop using meth, my mother organized an intervention, seeking help of Intervention Service & Technologies (

On Sunday, September 9, 2007, we held an intervention. Keli'i was receptive. He agreed to go to a treatment center in Kentucky called Liberty Ranch ( Immediately, he was put on a plane and flown to Kentucky to begin a drug rehab program. Kanani was not so receptive, he did not go to rehab, but did admit to us that he had a problem. During this time that we learned that Kanani had been arrested for suspicion of possessing methamphetamine during a September 6th raid on the house on the Villalobos property. In addition, I heard that the officers found eight ballons of heroin on the property. To confirm this please refer to the police report. No one from the Chock family was contacted. Allegedly, Tia Torres posted bail, which was $10,000, and picked Kanani up from the police station.

HonestyHelps said...

On Monday, September 10th, I spoke with Aren Jackson. During our conversation, Jackson reminded me that he was in complete control of my brothers and they would do whatever he told him to do. He said that there were ?certain conditions that needed to be met,? before he would release my brother to get help. It was unclear what the conditions were. Perhaps it had something to do with the recent raid on the property. When asked what he meant by "condition,? he told me that my brother needed to "testify" on [Aren?s] behalf and that after he had done so he was "free" to go. When questioned about the date of the hearing he would not give me a date except to say that my brother would not be able to leave until then. The conversation became heated and Jackson started threatening me, yelling "Do you want your brother or not?"

Wednesday. I received more bad news. Keli'i had left rehab and was on his way back to Villabolos. Allegedly, Tia Torres had bought him a plane ticket home.
I have read several articles on the internet from the L.A. Weekly to the Daily News that commend Torres for the work she is doing to save, protect and rehabilitate pit bulls. I do not understand why a pit bull is more important than a child, more important than my brother. What is Torres motivation to keep my brothers out of rehab? Why is it so important to have them at the Villalobos? She knows they need professional help. She was there when Keli'i overdosed and had to be taken to the hospital. Are they helping her run drugs? I cannot predict the future but I do know one thing that is certain. If my brothers do not get the help they need I am afraid that they will end up in prison or dead.

In addition, what about the tax dollars and donations Torres receives to care for the animals. When she spent money on the plane ticket or the $10,000 bond. Where did that money come from? "

Anonymous said...

Why does Tia find the circumstances behind this mauling so shocking? It's rare that the fighting dog gets loose and mauls people - its always the family pet. If she really is rescuing pit bulls, you would think she would have goten that by now. The whole thing is a farce, totally staged.

Anonymous said...

Animal Planet Channel has apparentlly decided to join the ranks of the Pit-Jihadists with it's All Pits, All the time programming....It pissed me of so I wrote a song about it:

MONEY FOR NUTTERIN’(on the Animal Planet Channel)

Now look at them yo-yo's that's the way you do it
You play Lion Tamer on the APC
That ain't workin' that's the way you do it
Money for nutterin’ and pits for free

Now that ain't workin' that's the way you do it
Lemme tell ya them guys ain't dumb
Maybe get to lose all your fingers
Maybe gouge "Otises'" eyes with your remaining thumb

We gotta install cremation ovens
Custom kennels pup deliveries
We gotta fill these refrigerators
Pimpin' donations on color TV

See the little grifter with the agent and the breakstick
Yeah buddy that's her own lair
That little grifter puts Pit Bulls on a airplane
That little grifter she's a tax free millionaire

We gotta install cremation ovens
Custom kennels pup deliveries
We gotta fill these refrigerators
Pimpin' donations on color TV

I shoulda learned to play a nutter
I shoulda learned to burn dogs in drums
Look at that mama, service-doggin’ in the camera
Man we could have some fun
And he's up there, what's that? Growlin’ noises?
Rippin’ off faces like a chimpanzee
That ain't workin' that's the way you do it
Money for nutterin’ and Pits for free

Look a' here
That ain't workin' that's the way you do it
You play lion tamer on your APC
That ain't workin' that's the way you do it
Money for nutterin' and Pits for free
Money for nutterin' and Pits for free

Money for nutterin' and Pits for free

Look at that, look at that

Money for nutterin’ and Pits for free
I want my, I want my, I want my APC
Money for nutterin’ and Pits for free

I want my, I want my, I want my APC

Anonymous said...

Thanks for exposing Tia Torres as a dangerous freak she truly is.

anon 12:39, I completely agree with you about the pit bull thing being like a religion. Pit nutters are also like the typical christian possessing less knowledge of the bible than atheists.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:42, you made my day. LMAO!

Anonymous said...

Her Grifter Organization's 2008 Tax return show expenses of $6100 for "Big Cat" Food.

WTF said...

In addition to between 175 and 200 pits, she supposedly has 20 wolves, 2 black bears, a grizzly bear and until recently a bengal tiger at villalobos.

She also seems to be doing very well for herself. She's got a new larger property she's moving to. And she's starting a fighting dog rehabilitation center. And adoption cabins a la Best Friends. Funny she doesn't show a close up of the house. Bet it's a beaut. And she's begging like crazy

Look at the way she's selling this dangerously aloof, stranger aggressive pit bull - "ladies...this is your private home security!!!" Way to get a lady killed. He's been there all but 1 year of his 11 years.

P. what that girl sent you is chilling.

Anonymous said...

Its very interesting what is NOT shown on the the above poster says, she has all these other animals at the property, but we are never allowed to see them, or the conditions in which they are kept. I have heard of all of the above, plus racoons,cats,etc. I suspect there would be controversy if cameras showed exotic/wild animals living in cramped cages, so the producers of the show chose to try and hide this. In her recent interview, she claims she only has four convicts working now...if you count Tia, her daughters, and the "twins", that is nine people to take care of all of these animals? She will claim she has lots of volunteers, but if that is the case, then you would need a full time person just to manage and coordinate volunteers. Something doesn't add up. The boarding kennel I use boards a maximum of 50 dogs, and they have a much higher staff to dog ratio, plus the owner lives on the property.

The show is so heavily edited, its just weird....the twins live there, but they do not appear on camera ever....they were just introduced this season. The other animals that live on the property are never shown. Most of the convicts she hires end up re-offending and back in prison, or simply leaving, so her "rehabilitation" story is just bullshit...this is a failure of a program.

I am sad for the animals, who seem to be warehoused in kennels for the rest of their lives. She seems to be more of a "collecter" than a rescuer. The reality is, no one can really provide the kind of close companionship, training and care a normal dog deserves with this many animals. You may be able to provide food, water, and a clean kennel, but thats about it. I wouldn't want to exist in a 12x15 foot prison cell for the rest of my life, with one quick walk a day. But I guess when someoone like Tia has found a way to make a living doing this to animals, and is able to convince the public that she is a "hero" just for keeping them alive, this type of "rescue" will continue.

Friends Administrator said...

Actually the twins were introduced in the first season but immediately disappeared and the reason is what the sister wrote in the above comment. Be interesting to see if they last out another season.

Friends Administrator said...

An insider told me that volunteers are rare except those group volunteers that come once in a blue moon set up by the producers of the show. They are usually there for only a day during the taping. If she had volunteers, they would be seen on the show.

Are you aware that the infamous Ed Boks, former director of the City of LA Animal Services, hired Tia to do a program in LA and when the City Council and Attorney's office learned of it, fired her immediately.

Anonymous said...

Tia has a blog called justice for AJ, her jailbird husband....

Dude, I Bagged Ur Pit said...

"Now look at them yo-yo's that's the way you do it"

Bwaaaaaaa-hahahaha! Awesome!

Weird Al Jankovic couldn't have done it better! In case anybody isn't familiar with the parody source, try here: 'Money For Nothing,' Dire Straits:

Hahaha! Love it!

Anonymous said...

When the Chock family went public with what was going on, Tia's lawyer threatened them on a public blog....

Anonymous said...

Comment from the above Tpix thread...much as we suspected.

"What you see on TV is not the whole story. I've been there. The dogs are all housed outdoors and EVERY winter she puts out a call for "blankets." She has too many animals and very few of them ever get out of their cages. The two full grown wolves are stuck in a tiny cage. This is not rescue. This is warehousing for dollars. The dollars that come from donations and the state for the parolee program should have been enough to build a building to put all of those dogs indoors. She's had 200 pitbulls ever since I first heard of her 10 years ago. Ask her how many were adopted last year....she'll just curse at you. This chick is no angel."

Anonymous said...

Anon with the parody ala' dire straits,

Great job. I'm glad you brought up the chimpanzee face ripping. Aren't the pit nutter arguments very similar to those given by people who chimps and other exotic pets?

Anonymous said...

There's DRUGS at her dump of a rescue. Don't these DA's care about that?

Volunteer teens overdosing, drugs being manufactured, sold.

Plus the white supremacist thing by her husband.

She is a crook and a scammer.

Anonymous said...

She bought a fucking whorehouse to run as a whorehouse with an exotic zoo, wild animals caged up and abused.

It burned down under mysterious circumstances- ARSON!

Does Marjorie Kaplan of Animal Planet Discovery have rocks in her head?

Friends Administrator said...

Any woman that would sell another woman's body for her addiction needs to be shipped off this planet. That is the lowest of the low. Wonder if the only one to work that whorehouse would be her and her daughters?

Unknown said...

I might be an APBT owner but i think Tia is nuts for taking in a human aggressive apbt!
I think that a dog with HA should be put to sleep ASAP, no matter what the breed is!

As a rescuer she should know better, trying to "fix" a dog with HA could be dangerous.
IMO, animal planet is just crazy for airing her show... I consider my self an advocate for the breed and letting some airhead criminals run a rescue full of apbt and apbt mixes is fukkin stupid! I don't think ex.cons should be around the breed, that only creates more trouble.

Unknown said...

I've been reading all the comments and i never knew that Tia had/has so many issues... i really don't think i'll be watching her show anymore.
I don't agree with everything thats being said, but i'm pretty glad i read this...
They really shouldn't have that show...

Anonymous said...

Remember before reality tv when animal planet, discovery, a & e, the learning channel, and history channel actually lived up to their names and were highly educational? What's next Howard Stern plays anal ring toss on PBS?

Anonymous said...


Pass this info on to every other APBT owner you know, will you? It benefits both of our sides if shows like Torres' are no more.

Anonymous said...

What is really sad is that humane advocacy in this country has deteriorated to the point that a degenerate like Tia Torres becomes a media darling and folk hero for making a living warehousing animals in small cages, while the real, unsung heros who are doing the REAL work relieving animal suffering in open admission shelters are vilified for "killing" animals. The shelters where staff has to clean up the mess these pit bull "advocates" create by opposing comomon sense breeder regulation, these poor people are the ones who have to deal with the sick, old, damaged and aggressive,unadoptable dogs and cats. But at least those poor animals won't have to suffer any more.

I can't imagine what its like for a wolf or a bear, whose natural behavior involves roaming a HUGE geographic territory, to be kept in a small cage. That is the very definition of torture. As far as her keeping a bengal tiger, I have watched big cats in zoos engage in steriotypic behavior, pacing, etc. These animals suffer horribly in captivity.

And anyone who thinks that keeping dogs in outdoor kennels the size of my living room, exposed to the elements, with the stress and constant noise of other stressed dogs barking all day, for years on end, should ask them if they would feel lucky to live like that. There was a time when that would have been considered cruel, and the public would have recognized that.

Anonymous said...

Tia Torres began Villalobos as a wolf still operates on her property.

Its rather seems to promote the keeping of wolf dogs as pets, and its non profit status is listed as a youth empowerment organization, NOT an animal rescue. There is a wolf sanctuary near me, and this is NOT how it operates, people are not allowed to pet and play with the animals for money.

This whole operation seems shady, maybe our resident sleuths can find more info.

Anonymous said...

There have been 17 Pit Bull DBRFs in California since 2005, not to mention hundreds of horrible maulings. Yet we have a Pit Bull Rockstar saving human aggressive Pits?!?

Breed Stewardship Score: F-

Maybe it's time to shut it all down until the breed community can come up with an acceptable operating model.

Friends Administrator said...

I encourage everyone to write to the Pimping for Pits channel and express themselves about this show. She is not a role model.

Anonymous said...

Daniel Coverston never seemed particularly concerned about the damage his dogs did to Kerschner. Kerschner was a popular, athletic, normal 17 year-old boy. He was everything the unpopular, picked-on, effeminate Daniel Coverston wanted to be but never was and I'd imagine that Daniel viewed his attack as an evening of the score. I can see the parents feeling the same way - JoJo's attack was some kind of revenge for the wrong done them by the Universe that gave them a son like Daniel instead of JoJo.

Pit owners are always misanthropes.

Unknown said...

What do you think about the show "Pit boss"?
I have my own opinions, but i wanna hear what others have to think.

Friends Administrator said...

Pit Boss is just as bad if not worse with his "service" dog growling on one show when someone went to pet it. Or them taking an unknown pit from the shelter directly to the boardwalk at Venice beach to pimp it out. Stay tuned, the final show of the season has all his employees quiting and him in the hospital. He treats his dogs better than his employees.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

my opinion of pit boss is the same to tia. it is a violation of rule number one: BAN FELONS FROM OWING DOGS.

Unknown said...

Exactly! I don't understand why animal planet is letting all these ex.cons have there own show, especially when its about pit bulls. I just don't think thats the type of person that should be representing the breed.

I know a lot of pit bull owners are loving all the "positive press" that the breed has been getting with the shows, and i feel the exact opposite.

Anonymous said...

One more thing about Villalobos that bothers me, is the fact that, in one show, they pick up a sick dog and have to drive it to a vets office. If you include all the other animals she has, don't you think a facility like this needs an on-staff vet, much like a zoo? With 250 animals, just the rountine stuff like administering shots, keeping track of heartworm medication and flea-tick prevention (since they live outside) would take a huge amount of time. Who keeps their nails trimmed,(since they are kennel dogs, their nails must get long very quickly.) How are they taking in this volume of dogs and having to leave and drive who knows how far to a vets office for routine care?

I would imagine you would need a vet on staff to really take care of that many would take a large full time staff just to feed, water, and clean cages/kennels each day, with no time left to exercise and train these dogs.

Am I the only one who watched the show and immediately thinks, this person should really be on Animal Hoarders....wrong reality show!

Unknown said...

yea, it would make so much more sense if they had a vet on site 24/7, and more staff.

And i don't think there dogs get exercised at all.
Most of the dogs seem to be misbehaved and i don't think any of them have ever had any proper training. Like the episode where they let the daughters French bulldog meet two pit bulls who are looking to get adopted. That little french bulldog ran outta that house like he was ready to f*ck something up. Then when they let him get close to the dogs he started growling and was ready to fight, ...but the daughter(who owns the bulldog) is trying to be a dog trainer??? yea that makes a lot of sense.

Anonymous said...

Repeat over and over stepford pit nutters......

Doggies need trained
Trained doggies never attack
That's how we defined trained doggie
I see a doggie attack
That doggie NOT trained!

(return to first line...don't say this part)

The Smiling Frog said...

I just want to say you all are a bunch of assholes! People who do far worse things than most of these dogs get second and even third or more chances. Dogs don't usually attack people out of anger it's out of fear. And no I am not a Pit nutter, which is the lamest thing I've ever heard. I have never owned a pit bull, but have met a lot of them. The ones I have seen have been very sweet. I have seen animals of all breeds be aggressive and aggression is due to fear and misunderstanding. Get your facts right and learn about dogs in general before you spout your fear mongering crap! Don't say you care about animal either.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

B12 staved bimbo, the only one one mentioning "anger" aggression is YOU.

you say dogs 'usually' attack out of fear, do you have a something to back up that statement?

here is one of your fellow pit nutters talking about the different types of aggression:

open minded said...

what does having a record or a bad backround have to do with anything. many people are horrible and many people are just loving. the humn race is a 50/50 in good and bad. there are tons of people that have made mistakes inn their lives and used them to make their lives better and help other people. yes, there are criminals that are just plain criminals but not everyone who has a skeleton in their closet deserves all these claims judgmental people give them. it is the same with dogs. some dogs are just the most loving creatures others are just viscous. so just because one dog bit someone doesnt mean every dog and puppy of the samme breed is a mean cruel animal. if we looked t everything in life the same then we would all be rude cruel murders and molesters and serial killers in animals eyes. you can blame every dog or human for one incedent. that is just plain ignorant. howw can you people who judge so quickly just blindly make assumptions that are ignorant.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

are you referring to the background of the dogs or the people?
i think an awful lot of people, even pit nutters would agree that felons should be banned from owning pit bulls.

Anonymous said...

I am not sure who is creepier, Tia Torres or Daniel Coverston.

Anonymous said...

Who cares about the violent attacts on people this is all about saving a damned animal from a very justified crucification.

Anonymous said...

I own a pit bull myself, and I will just say this...not all "pit bulls" are aggressive. there should be rules to owning any dog. 1. make sure they are properly contained. 2. socialize them. 3. never ever leave any breed alone with a child. 4. treat your dog with a caring attitude. 5. when your dog becomes aggressive towards people, Put it to sleep no matter the breed.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

i appreciate that jojo. you should try infecting your fellow pit bull owners with that attitude.

Anonymous said...

well said jojo! I also have a pit bull and he's such a character and blessing to our family! I agree with all five of your points. As dawn james would say, you've "infected" me! Go pit bulls! :)

Pbourque said...

Not being vested one way or the other concerning tia, I can understand some of your concern, but your voluntary ignorance over the breed is amazing! German shepherds maul far more frequently, and yet, no one cares. And the chihuahuas....! Poodles and poms!(don't tell me how they are just a little dog! Thier teeth are still bitch ass sharp thank you!

How could it never occur to you, that just like humans, theres bad seed, that doesn't mean we should exterminate ourselves, does it?

I the truth, that even fighting pits can be loving wonderful pets, that even make friends with cats and rabbits.
And sadly some dogs are just born mean. Just like people.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

i know! there are at LEAST 2 chihuahua fatal attacks a month! and no one EVER reports them!

thank you for your stupidity Pbourque!

Unknown said...

If the judge didn't feel the owner of these dogs was at fault, he wouldn't have forbade him from owning dogs for three years. It is unfortunate that this young man was attacked unprovoked, but thanks for continuing to remind everyone what a pit bull can inflict.

I am a female who lives alone in a densely-populated, mixed-race neighborhood. I own two dogs. One is a pit bull and, because of him, I live free of worry of home invasion. I walk my dogs every day and people around here know my pit doesn't welcome strangers walking up on us. He remembers everything and he knows who we know and who we don't. Since my dogs can count on being walked, it never occurs to them to try to escape my yard. Furthermore, they aren't outside when I'm not home.

No one has ever complained about my dog except one guy who wanted to hit on me. I guess he thought he was all that. He would see us walking, and tried to talk to me from his driveway. Disappointed because he couldn't figure out a way to get close, he said, "I see you have that killer with you."
Aww, no love. The world revolves around the pit!

vintage said...

Update...Since Otis was saved..Los Villalobos has shut down and relocated twice due to financial/licensing issues.

Where the fuck is Otis and how is the state of California accounting for him?!?

Anonymous said...

Excuse me?! I suppose you know everything there is to know about everyone you just talked so much about in your little blog or whatever? So that must mean you know tia and everyone personally? Oh and I suppose you know the owner of Otis too? How are you gonna sit there and hide behind your computer screen and talk endless crap about the show and everyone on it?! Pitbulls are not a bad breed of dog!!! What the fuck is wwrong with pitbulls?! NO Breed of dogs are evil or bad at all unless They are raised to be that way! You idiots know nothing about the breed! I'm so done with this shit!!!

Anonymous said...

She does say some are dangerous because of genetics. That genetic issue is only in SOME pit bulls... Mass genocide is not ok.

Unknown said...

You are all hateful, mean people. Tia does what others don't have the balls or confidence to do. She helps a misunderstood breed of dogs and helps keep parolees' out of trouble. Just because some of those parolees don't apply themselves and fall off the wagon so to speak doesn't mean the Villalobos or the parolees should be crucified. And with pit bulls it has nothing to D with genetics you stupid hacks and everything to do with the WA they are raised. PitBull are some of the most loving forgiving breed of dogs out there and personally Pomeranians and Chihuahuas are meaner and more aggressive then most dog breeds. Get your facts straight before you be an asshole online.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

sandra, so let me get this straight... dogs bred for aggression for 200 years are no different than any other breed, it's all how you raise them yadda yadda yadda but poms and chis are naturally more aggressive. lol. you are too stupid to understand how just stupid you sound.

Unknown said...

I'm sorry I know this is 6 years old and no one is probably checking but I have to tell you people like you make me sick. The most common dog breed responsible for bites is a golden retriever or German Shepard. Put bulls aren't even in the top ten. That being said human aggression can be caused by a variety of factors including genetics. Poor breeding in any breed can lead to aggressive animals. That being said I have 4 dogs in my house. All mutts. Two pit bull mixes and Shepard chow mix and a basset hound mix. You know which one I worry about the chow mix. He loves me and is sweet with the people in my house but is terrified of strangers and can be aggressive. Guess what he gets locked in the bedroom when unfamiliar people are at my house and we have a six foot high metal fence that has a foot of concrete in the ground at the bottom of it so he can't jump or dig out. The owner is ultimately responsible for this attack but it's not the breed in general. In fact both of my pig mixes are the most friendly, to both dogs and humans, dogs I have ever owned in my life.

Unknown said...

The kid that was bitten was a heroin addict and later admitted he was breaking into the neighbor's house to steal drugs and was attacked by his dogs.and that the pitbull's never bit him, but he was going to get a big pay out so he was going with it.