Friday, December 3, 2010

weekly frankenmauler roundup 12/03/10

a short list this week for a change.
rip Marcus
11.28.10 jersey city, new jersey Sanatu and Lynn Roy heard a commotion outside. they looked out the window and saw two unleashed mutant pit bulls savaging their cat. they ran outside and Sanatu kicked one of the dogs off but it was too late for Marcus. Sanatu confronted the pit nutter who replied "My bad" and walked away with his ugly mutants. AC can't help. it is up to the Roys to locate the pit nutter and his assassins.

11.29.10 silverton, oregon DONALD THOMAS left his 2 mutant pit bulls with his mommy, CHRISTINA THOMAS thanksgiving. THOMAS had the 2 pits in the car with her when she stopped at a friend's house. that's when all hell broke loose. THOMAS opened the door to try and separate them but they just continued the fight in the street. several people tried to break up the fight without success. after about 15 minutes of tearing each other apart, DONALD'S mommy gave permission to shoot the brindle mutant. the other dog was near death and permission was given to put it out of its misery. another hallmark pit nutter holiday. good times.

11.30.10 atlanta, georgia The case stems from a May 29, 2010 incident on Spring Garden Drive in southwest Atlanta. The obviously intoxicated [Wayde] Clark was walking with his two pit bulldogs when he unlocked the gate to a neighbor’s home. He removed the cinder block and Herbie Curbie the owner had used to secure his property and put his dogs into the neighbor’s yard. The pit bulls attacked the two puppies in the yard, a Labrador mix and an 8-month-old Shepherd. The 22-pound Shepherd mix, named Crackerjack, was killed.
When a neighbor intervened and attempted to stop the mauling of Crackerjack, the defendant commanded one of his dogs to attack her. She made it safely back to her home and called 911. Fulton County Animal Control officers took custody of the pit bulls. One was deemed dangerous and euthanized.
68 yr old WAYDE CLARK pled guilty to aggravated animal cruelty, aggravated assault, criminal trespass and public drunkenness. Judge Henry Newkirk sentenced him to 10 years.
i love this comment: "Too bad the homeowner just didn't blow this guy away and do the world a favor."

rip Tammy
11.30.10 australia a pack of ugly mutants went on a feline killing spree. three staffy/pit crosses first killed Lucy (in her own yard) and then Tammy within 5 minutes.

Bella - watch the video, watch this poor dog try to breath.
12.01.10 miami, florida CANDIDO GARCIA'S ugly frankenmaulers escaped from his yard and attacked Bella the beagle. Bella's owner said that the american bulldog grabbed one end and the rottweiller grabbed the other end of Bella. GARCIA claims that he took the american bulldog to the vet and had her euthanized that morning. he said the 3 yr old ambull has been getting aggressive, she recently killed a cat. but the nutter denies that his rott was involved in the mauling. witnesses of course say otherwise. animal control will demand proof that the ugly dog was in fact given a dirt nap and will investigate the rottweiler's role in the mauling. GARCIA has a history with animal control. GARCIA was cited in march 2008 and october 2008 for having illegal pit bulls. he was again investigated for having an illegal pit bull in august 2009 but the charges were not substantiated. GARCIA needs to consult with DR PATTY KUHLY, she encourages people to fake service dog status in order to skirt the miami mutant ban.

12.01.10 internet chatter My neighbor has 2 American Pit Bull Terriers. These dogs are not being abused,used for fighting,etc,etc. They are family dogs because my neighbor has small children. My neighbor has a fenced in yard,and adequate housing for his animals. These dogs are well taken cared of. Here's the problem:
These dogs,somehow, always get loose, and they always come into my yard. One of them jumps their fence,the other finds other ways to get loose. I had no problems with their dogs in my yard until the day I came out with my little dog,on a leash,atleast 200-300 feet away from their property. The one Pit Bull jumped the fence,attacked and killed my dog. The cops were called,the neighbors were cited,and they paid vet bills. They got to keep their dog because it was a first time offense. The next day,we wanted to have a sit down discussion with them to see what we can do about this so it wont happen again. They were quick to blame us,stating that, "your dog provoked our dog" and our dog was "too close" to their fence.Nothing was resolved that day.
click the link to read more, a lot more...

12.02.10 new zealand what a twisted story. two weeks ago ASHLEY EYLES ran over her son and killed him (his death is still under investigation). she is back in court where a judge ordered her mother's frankenmauler a dirt nap. the mutant bit a 13 yr old boy and has been impounded for the last 7 months. the ac officer said the dog is extremely aggressive and they still can not handle it. also while in impound the mutant killed 3 puppies that managed crawl into its cage. ASHLEY'S mum, 41 yr old ANITA ROSEMARIE EYLES and 2 other family members threatened the council staff. ASHLEY was a witness for her mother. she said the family has owned the mutant since a pup and it couldn't have their dog that attacked because she was in the back yard playing with it at the time of the attack. the new zealand judge said the family fabricated the alibi. mommy was fined $545 and the dirt nap order stands.
"This is a classic case in my view of the dangers of people that own pit bulls. These dogs have an appalling reputation and seem to attack at will." Judge Richard Watson

12.03.10 huntington, west virginia An officer responded to a residence in the 1800 block of Monroe Avenue to a report of a vicious dog just after 3 p.m. Nov. 12.
Once on scene, the officer saw a gray pitbull on the porch of the residence. The dog's owners refused to apprehend the dog because of its aggressive manner, and it had killed another household dog prior to the officer's arrival, the report stated.Cabell County EMS arrived on scene, but reported that the dog jumped the property fence and chased them back to their vehicle. The dog returned to the property, but jumped over the fence a second time. The report stated the dog was running toward the officer, who fired three rounds into the animal. The report also stated there were no other animals or people near the immediate area of where the shots were fired.


connecticut remember the guy who had to kill his own dog (a pit boxer mix) when it redirected its frustration at not being able to attack another dog? a witness has come forward to say that he saw the entire thing. that the other dog did nothing to provoke the mutant. he also claims that one of the couple's four dogs was an unleashed black pit bull that he tried to maintain during the scuffle and the berserking dog was a "boxer" named SMOKEY. do boxers come in smoke color? the witness Joe Lefebure blames the owner for not knowing his dog very well. the dog he has owned for the last year. hmmm...wonder what kind of dog Joe owns?

canada the ugly mutant who was banished from the city of white rock after numerous complaints and attacks on other dogs that continued to live in the city of white rock is still in impound after killing a yorkie poo. city officials are tip toeing around the issue of how to deal with the freak of nature. i am sure they are afraid that it will bring on a shit storm of whining pit nutters.

the millhouse family of nutters LAWRENCE, LORI/RICK and TINIKA
virginia 15 year old LAWRENCE MILLHOUSE is the owner of the frankenmauler that attacked their 76 year old neighbor Jane Ashe and her Jack Russell last month as they walked from her car to the house. of course, no nutter was home at the time and they have no idea how the great mutato escaped. the only thing missing is the little old lady or her dog must have provoked wiggle butt because the thing has never shown aggression before. pit bull matriarch LORI MILLHOUSE said regardless of what the judge determines in the dangerous dog hearing, she won't allow the dog to return. that's is what she says NOW with cameras rolling. we'll see.


Anonymous said...

If the average pit nutter cares little for the lives of other people's dogs, they care even less for the lives of cats.

I've been having a frustrating back and forth with a pit nutter here.

bluesmom said...

The average pit nutter also does not care about horses, ponies, farm livestock, or wildlife. When their frankenmauler is caught mauling or killing livestock, the nutter will deny the attack or deny their dog's involvement in that attack. This is frequently done when their dog is covered in the victim animal's blood, in that animal's stall or pen, and the dog is shot in the act. It is very rare that a livestock owner is compensated for their losses. This may be a new concept for pit bull owners BUT we love our horses and ponies and it is gut wrenching to see them suffer and/or die.

Small Survivors said...

Its short, but not sweet.

well said, bluesmom.

I can't believe how fast the mutant score card has grown just since you started it

Anonymous said...

"gave permission to shoot the brindle mutant. the other dog was near death and permission was given to put it out of its misery."

Ahhhh... so sometimes there is a happy ending! If only they turned on each other more often and left the innocent public out of it.

CKing said...

They actually do turn on each other with great regularity. That's why nutters have developed cute rhymes such as "crate and rotate." No other breed has cute rhymes like that.

Go to any pit bull forum and poke around, and you will find some neophyte pit bull owner who recites this story. I got a pit bull puppy about a year ago, and she was the sweetest thing. My other pit that I've had for a year and a half gets along great with her. That is...until last week. I came home and ...then you hear about the fighting and the carnage. If they had a cat, the cat gets torn to pieces.

The neophyte then verbally gets the shit kicked out of her for not researching the breed. not knowing and you NEVER leave ANY DOGS alone unattended.

That is bullshit. I never separate my dogs when I'm not home. I think that would be cruel because my dogs like each other and sleep together.

The newbie will be told that if you get a pit in a multi-dog house that at some point you should have known and expected that you will have to separate them forever and never let them see each other again. (That sounds like so much fun)

The only reason this got in the news is because mommy had no idea what she was getting into because she'd been assured they're just dogs. and then it spilled onto the street.

I'm sure sonny boy came home and said, "What part of crate and rotate" did you not understand?"

Reading the following discussion thread is what made me absolutely sure that pits are different, their owners are different and they should both be regulated. If it doesn't come up at the first page, go to the first page:

I know I've posted this before, but it still gets me.

Garnet said...

One of the comments in that discussion on pit bull dog fights notes that, "this is something any dog owner needs to think about..."

What the...? I've kept a variety of dogs (hounds, retrievers and toys mostly) and have yet to hear anyone recommend or discuss keeping tazers and/or pepper spray on hand "just in case" of a dog fight. That's insane - honestly, it's primarily fighting dog owners that would need such weapons to handle their dogs. I can't imagine having to tazer my Maltese or medium retriever mix to make them stop attacking.

Garnet said...

Man, now they are discussing throwing knives in that pit bull thread. Why don't these assholes just MUZZLE their damn dogs is they are so dangerous? Or better yet, keep them the f*** away from other people and their pets!

Seriously pit bull fanatics: this is why sensible people avoid you and your dogs. We don't want our own pets mauled by the fighting dogs you insist on keeping.

Anonymous said...

I hear ya Garnet. I'm highly disappointed in my small mix when visiting my mom and her dogs and he raises a lip to keep one of her dogs away from his chew toy. I spray him in the face with a water bottle and put him in time out. That's enough for a normal dog. I honestly feel bad for some pits, they are like frankenstein's monster. They didn't ask for their instincts. I don't feel bad for their owners at all.

Anonymous said...

It seems that the internet chatter is just an archive. I didn't see anywhere to comment. FYI, a very common artificial sweetener called xyletol is highly toxic to dogs and harmless to cats and other wildlife. It's also a lot harder to trace in the system than say...antifreeze, and it doesn't take much.

Anonymous said...

A famous zen koan equivalent to what is the sound of one hand clapping...

how do you throw sugarfree gum over the fence of a pit nutter who has no fence

I for one won't do anything that could hurt an innocent animal. After my attack, I carry a razor sharp high-quality folding knife that clips to my pocket and opens with one hand via a thumb stud or blade hole. I have the largest blade legal to carry concealed in my state. I highly recommend the spyderco manix 2.

When walking my dog, I carry mace and either a 4 cell maglite if at dusk or during the day a 4 foot oak staff.

I always carried a small pocket knife, but my run in with a large angry pit bull has made me feel more vulnerable than anytime in my life.

Anonymous said...


The day my dog was attacked, I did not have my knife though.

Anonymous said...

..continued again..sorry

And by innocent 2 posts back, I mean a dog that is not the target. You have to write clearly for any stray pit nutter.

april 29 said...

I hear you anon 7:54. I carry a S&W 38 special, cop mace, and my cell phone when I go anywhere near where I was attacked. Yes, I feel vulnerable too. It's a damn shame when decent people feel they need to be armed to the teeth to go out of their homes.

Anonymous said...

FYI, a very common artificial sweetener called xyletol is highly toxic to dogs and harmless to cats and other wildlife. It's also a lot harder to trace in the system than say...antifreeze, and it doesn't take much.

Great information there. My neighbor has a dachshund that is forever urinating on my tires and chasing my cats.

CKing said...

Yes this an old thread. This is what convinced me that pits are absolutely different categorically without a doubt. a long time ago

THAT IS TO SAY: dogsbite didn't convince me that pit bulls are scary. craven desires didn't convince me they're frankenmaulers-a pit bull smiles discussion thread convinced me pit bulls ARE NOT NORMAL DOGS

Its a long thread and Garnet got to the throwing knives discussion!!!!! How many exclamation marks are necessary to adequately convey the wtf-ishness of this. I mean, really?

There's also the person who says they have a bat in the corner of each room, too. and the taser vs stun gun discussion to control THEIR OWN DOGS.

The labrador boards don't have any of this.

Anon 7:01 " I honestly feel bad for some pits, they are like frankenstein's monster. They didn't ask for their instincts."
I could not agree with you more. I watched the version with Robert DeNiro - that one is very faithful to the book and skewers DR. FRANKENSTEIN. the maker of the monster. I guarantee if you watch that movie, with dog fighters and pit nutters in mind for dr frankenstein, you'll see them exactly. the difference is frankenstein's monster has human self-awareness and the dogs don't.

Anonymous said...

I personally walk with my cell phone and my Glock. Pretty much all the dog owners around here know that now and keep their dogs up like they're supposed to. They've been told it's legal for me to shoot their animals if I feel threatened. If it's a pit, automatic target as far as I'm concerned. Having almost lost my life to them, I consider them a threat whether they're acting like it right then or not.

Anonymous said...

"I consider them a threat whether they're acting like it right then or not"

Everyone should and everyone has to treat them like that. that is the horrid reality of living with pit bulls. its like the 19th century wild west invaded our 21st century lives.

Garnet said...

Right, pit bulls just act on basic animal instincts. The people who breed them are another story - they are the ones that I see as being immoral since they know what they are doing. Breeding and selling dogs bred to fight and kill and promoting them as pets is criminally irresponsible.

Anonymous said...

interesting discussion here:

"I know one thing for sure you better make dang sure such a device is legal in your state and it rarely is. Normally considered paraphernalia for dog fighting as a trade tool. Like a crack pipe to a crack head. And if it is illegal just be aware of it so you don't unknowingly find yourself in jail with no dogs left. People love to cause us Pit Bull owners trouble. Just be careful and know that many people act like our friends but are not. I trust not one non owner of pits and some of those I don't even trust. I am sure you know this though."

Maybe we should give out breaksticks and then call in the SPCA...

Anonymous said...

Yeah, the folks at are not just naive pet pit bull owners but are true dog fighting enthusiasts and I'm sure plenty of actual dog fighters post there and read that site. The general contempt for normal dogs that game dog breeders have shines through in the comment in that thread about the "stupid little collie." As if the poor neighbor has no right to be concerned about the aggressive fighting dog next door! What a sack of assholes those people are. Read around that site if you want a look at some extremely trashy people.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

not much of a choice, but if forced to choose - i'd take honest trash over those giftet and talented machiavellian pit nutter fucktards on the east (jane berkey) and west (donna reynolds) coasts.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

i commend you for trying to debate the pit nutters at youtube. i took a look at the link you provided. i was almost tempted to get involved but i am not a big fan of youtube.

Anonymous said...

Did this one make the weekly roundup?

This pit was kicked with steel toe boots by one man while being beaten with a baseball bat by another. The attack went on for 10 minutes. Animal control came and sprayed it with pepper spray and beat it with batons. The owner of the puppy being attacked called his dad who came with bear spray. After all this, the pit broke away and tried again. The puppy that was attacked died later.

What other breed can sustain this level of damage and still not only function but wish to continue the attack? Before paying attention to these dogs I sort of thought any breed of dog could be defeated by a grown man swinging an aluminum baseball bat.

I think the only sure fire medicine for a pit bull is a gun. I would've thought before, intuitively, that a ball bat was better than a knife. I now think if you don't have a gun, the best thing is to slash the attack pits throat so deeply that you disrupt major blood vessels supplying the brain.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

i blogged this a couple of times.

i agree with you, gun or knife. definitely not pepper spray or bats, those most likely will only make it worse for the victim.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad that in most states you can justify a largish folding knife more easily than an impact weapon to the police. Strange world, but it works okay for us in this circumstance.