Friday, December 10, 2010

weekly frankenmauler roundup 12/10/10

Dorset police are looking for this fucktard.
12.09.10 UK this psychopathic pit nutter's mutant attacked an elderly couple's cairn terrier. when they tried to protect their dog, he attacked them. the attacks happened around 10am thursday, december 2 in poole park. Dorset police 01202 222 222 or 0800 555 111

12.03.10 kinston, north carolina two mutant pit bulls crawled under the fence into a neighbor's yard and killed a poodle, Rex and injured another dog, Snowball. the mutants were declared dangerous. they have to chained & kenneled on their property and leashed & muzzled off their property. the public safety director proposed a ban but the gutless city council wimped out.

12.04.10 pittsburgh, pennsylvania PAUL HARRIS' (2021 Eggers St) mutant pit bull escaped and bit an 11 yr old girl in august. HARRIS had AC give mutato a dirt nap. he is in trouble with the dog police again. this time his mutant pit bull on steroids (ambull) SOMEHOW escaped his fenced yard and attacked a woman walking her dog. it is not clear if her dog was injured, she was not not although her coat was torn. the two men who came to her defense however were injured. one was bitten on the face, the other on the hand. their clothing was also torn up.

12.04.10 knoxville, tennessee Gary Nicely came home from a christmas party to a blood bath and a neighbor's pit bull in his front yard. the mutant dug under the Nicely's fence and killed their 2 year old beagle. Nicely shot the frankenmauler when it turned on him.
rip Roscoe

12.05.10 internet chatter a scuffle broke out between a pit nutter's beagle and pit mix. the two females got along fine until the mutant reached that magical age of 2. guess who got the worst of it? i'm impressed that beagle got a few good licks in, including the nutter.

12.06.10 spartanburg county, south carolina A Spartanburg County deputy shot a white pit bull in the head after responding to a complaint of a dog attack, according to an incident report. The deputy responded to Peaceful Valley Road at about 2:15 p.m. Saturday after a resident complained that two bit pulls had just attacked his dog, which was chained in his yard at the time. Later, the deputy was able to corral two pit bulls in the back of his patrol car, and the deputy began driving around the neighborhood looking for their owners. While trying to give one resident a better look at the brown dog, the deputy opened the car’s door, and suddenly the white dog attacked the brown dog, the report states. The white dog dragged the brown dog across the road and onto a sandy area, at which time the deputy fatally shot the white dog in the head. Animal control officers, who had been responding to the original call, took possession of both the live dog and dead dog. The owners were eventually located, and animal control officers explained to them why the dog had to be put down, the report states.

25 yr old RYAN TORANZO charged with a 3rd degree felony
11.30.10 golden gates estates, florida TORANZO'S mutant attacked a black bear. this atavistic puke flew into a rage cuz wiggle butt got hurt. TORANZO chased the bear down with his truck, ran it over several times then shot it. in front of his neighbors.

12.07.10 bend, oregon TIFFANY ROUNDS opened up her door and her mutant DAISY charged out after a buck and 2 does. only one problem. they are wild animals and do a better job of defending themselves. the small herd attacked the mutant. DAISY has a punctured chest but is expected to recover.

Jane and her surviving dog Misty
12.07.10 australia Jane Lampard was walking her two small dogs Misty and Lucy on the beach when she encountered a mutant pit bull. the pit nutter just stood there as Jane struggled to free Lucy, her 9 yr old maltese/pekinese. afterwords, the pit nutter belched out the obligatory "He's never done anything like that before." Jane rushed lucy to the vet where she died from puncture wounds to her spleen and kidney.

12.07.10 australia Judy Brown's leashed golden retriever puppy, Ruby was attacked by a leashed staffy bull during a walk - unprovoked. the pit nutter provided Judy with false identity.

12.08.10 australia Denise Loxely was walking her scottish deerhound/greyhound mix when an ugly mutant decided to flex his genetic mutation. Denise said the pit nutter was your typical thug and he verbally abused her the whole time her dog was being savaged. she he managed to pull the frankenmauler off of her dog and then left in a hurry leaving Denise in shock and her dog Tek severely injured. kind strangers helped her get Tek to the vet. Denise is left with traumatized as was her dog and a $1500 vet bill.

animal blood
aco blood
12.08.10 las vegas, nevada the mutant pit bulls living next door to Diane Largent have been terrorizing her since 2004. she heard them in her back yard killing an animal and called animal control. while the aco was in Largent's backyard taking the report, the mutants jumped the fence and attacked her. the aco was badly injured. backup was called, they confiscated 3 adults and 9 puppies. the city limit is 3, unless the owner has a breeder permit. obtw, Largent's cat is missing.

Zoe (rip) and Anya
12.07.10 woodside, california Linda Bleich was walking her 2 shih tzus at woodside elementary school when a mutant broke away from the drunken bloated 60ish fucktard sitting on a bench. the pit nutter said that his dog was 2 years old and had never been outside (wtf?!) and that he didn't think he hurts small dogs. after zoe was dead, he grabbed his mutant and walked away, without so much as looking at Linda, he said "i'm sorry". the pit nutter is balding and was wearing a green jacket.

12.08.10 bristol, pennsylvania last month a pomeranian was killed by a leashed pit/sharpei. bristol is now considering a mutant muzzle law.

12.08.10 holland, michigan two mutant pit bulls got into a neighbor's fenced in yard and killed their small dog.

12.09.10 UK chatter My cat was killed by a pitbull what action should i take?
My cat was injured by the pitbull in the alleyway and died later that night at the vets. the pitbull was let out of the garden at around 8 in the morning with children the youngest being around 5 and oldest around 12 and it was snowing so anyone could have been out there. the pitbull was let out with no muzzle and no lead after asking around i have been told from numerous people that they do it on a regular basis letting the children out with the dog. the next day i saw the woman with the dog and it was clear she couldnt control it as it took her around 5 minutes to get it from her car to her house. i just need to know what action i can take against the owners of the dog. I live in the UK

12.09.10 UK a man walking a leashed staffy bull was attacked by a loose english bull terrier. the mutant is described as well cared for, white with a brown eye patch and is still on the loose.

12.09.10 san antonio, texas DENISE SANDOVAL'S pack o' mutants has been terrorizing the neghborhood. neighbor's are afraid to be outside in their own yards after SANDOVAL'S mutants have killed at least 3 dogs. SANDOVAL says that she keeps them chained up during the day and let's them loose at night "for protection". she says the dogs that she keeps for protection aren't vicious but"If a dog gets close to the yard, of course they are going to get out and defend themselves." neighbor's want the pit bulls removed but asst director of ac services, Vincent Medley says "We can't just go in and decide we are going to take them. People do have 4th Amendment rights." fortunately, there is a little thing called the SECOND AMENDMENT. EXERCISE IT!!

12.09.10 cottonwood, arizona a 72 yr old woman was walking her puppy when a pit nutter drove by her in his ATV. he also had 2 pit bulls with him and one jumped out and attacked the puppy. when the pit nutter stopped and tried to get his dog, the other one jumped out and knocked woman down. he finally got both of his dogs under control and drove away. the woman was knocked unconscious, she also injured her knee. no word on the condition of the puppy. it appears that he was bitten by both dogs. the ATV is black and white with a red top. one of the dogs is white & tan, the other is tan or red with white. the victim's daughter is offering a reward for information.

12.10.10 australia pit nutter RANGI NIKAU'S mutants are finally dirt napping after spending 6 months in the slammer. last may, the two mutants attempted to break into a home to attack a kid and his kitten. the council declared them as restricted and ordered them removed from the city in january 2009. NIKAU fought the decision and tried use DNA testing to prove the mutants are not illegal APBT but a golden retriever/boston terrier and staffy bull/boxer. more on DNA testing later.


sterling heights, michigan the city is considering an ordinance that would require owners of pit bulls to microchip, spay/neuter, limit the number per household to one, mandatory fencing for mutants left alone in the yard, pass a temperament test every 2 licensing cycles and a minmum of $250,000 insurance on their wiggle butts. all legally licensed pre-existing mutants would be exempt from the new ordinance. the nutters came out in force to oppose what is being regarded as the most extreme ordinance in the country. people who favor the ordinance favor a ban.
a more in depth discussion of the proposed ordinance can be found here.
remember the little scandal around the pit nutter design last summer? the owner of the photo was detroit resident AMANDA BARBER.

shrewsbury, massachusetts CHRISTOPHER and LISA O'CONNOR continue to fight to keep their frankenmauler alive. they filed an appeal after the dirt nap sentence was handed down in october despite the fact that AC said it can not return to their home because of the close proximity to a school and despite the fact they have only paid $1250 of the $7611 of the savaged poodle's vet bill that later died.

the attacks that the media never reports

rip Sierra
11.27.10 running springs, california Sierra was killed by a neighbor's norwegian elkhound.

12.08.10 bridgewater, massachusetts two australian shepherds killed a pomeranian. the aco said the dogs appear to be part pit bull. the owner of the 1 and 1/2 yr old sibling killers said he was "concerned" that they were part pit when he adopted them from the shelter. i'm leaning towards part pit as well based on the owners statement that the dogs were contained by an e-collar, but SOMEHOW they got through it. e-collars do a good job of containing normal dogs but not mutants. plus (nutter) JOHN FITZGERALD said of his 1 and 1/2 yr old dogs that he has had for one year, "they've never done that before" as well as "They've lost their dog but I've lost mine too." pit nutters are really good at trying to muster up sympathy by trying to compare a savage violent death of beloved pets with the HUMANE EUTHANASIA of their assassins. because of the question in breed, the pom will not be included in the mutant card.


Anonymous said...

If pit nutters weren't self-centered, then they would have chosen another breed to begin with. Off to get my FOIA request on the nutters who I am after in court. :)a

Anonymous said...

Lots of mutants shot dead in this particular round-up. That's news I love to hear. Pity it's not legal to do the same to their thug owners. I see no difference in some asshole using a pit bull to threaten and terrorize than a gun. You can shoot a person who pulls a gun on you. Maybe one day we'll have the same freedom when it comes to nutters.

I Bagged A Pit And Owner said...

@ Anon 12:35 Check out this detail in the UK story: "12.09.10 UK this psychopathic pit nutter's mutant attacked an elderly couple's cairn terrier. when they tried to protect their dog, he attacked them."

I checked the link to make sure I understood the pit owner, not the dog, attacked the couple when they tried to protect their dog.

Now there's one for the books, and surely a case where I'd be taking out pit and owner for sure.

Anonymous said...

I bagged a pit,

That brings up a real fear of mine. The situation would be me defending my dog or another person or myself, and the pit nutter interferes with me doing what I need to do because of something like "it ain't right to kill my dog to save yours man!"

God I just hate stupid people who don't know they are not smart. You can't really dislike a guy who will admit he struggles with things and humbly asks for helps. These pit nutters are the type to flunk math in high school and then think the teacher was stupid.

Anonymous said...

Wonder how many non tax paying breeders are members of the Great Lakes APBT club?

Anonymous said...

The bear disrepected the Pit...he had it coming in the Nutter's mind.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

so did the elderly couple by trying to protect their dog.

Anonymous said...

I was quite glad to hear that the deer turned the tables on the mutant and kicked its ass. This might sound crazy, but if only pit bulls would pick more fights with animals they can't easily kill - like deer herds, cougars, bears, etc.

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised and glad the deer could whip the dog's ass. I wonder why horses seem to succumb more easily? Anyone have links to a dog getting the best of a pit bull? Stories of a pit picking a fight with a gentle giant dog and then getting destroyed would make my holiday's complete.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

i saw a video not too long along of a doe kicking the shit out of what appeared to be a friendly curious dog who dared to get to close to its new born. it was brutal. i winced. i would be surprised if the dog survived.

i think what you are seeing is the difference between domestic and wild animals, although i have seen images of a mule kicking the shit out of a cougar.

Dude I Bagged Ur Pit said...

Craven; I know the vid you're talking about. The doe trounced a border collie that didn't even see the fawn or see her coming. The doe tried to kill the poor dog and then went after a cat.

Deer can be fierce when they want to be. A couple of years ago, I blew a dying rabbit call towards a coyote. The coyote started towards me, but a doe suddenly came out of the woods, bounced over a fence and came on the run. I guess a doe that might be missing a fawn could interpret that to sound somewhat like a bawling fawn, but I've never seen anything like it. An unnaturally stiff gait in a doe is aggression and the coyote didn't want any part of it.

Deer get into trouble with pit bulls and visa versa because pits have their survival instincts and intelligence bred out of them. Here’s an encounter between an old lactating doe and what looks to me like a border collie cross. This dog has good instincts and natural intelligence about how to work the doe out of there without getting hurt.

Dude, I Bagged Ur Pit said...

I didn't read any YouTube comments when I hunted up the link to the video I posted above. Check out the comment posted by yet another moron pit nutter!

louisangelpena, 2 hours ago... "True They can Kill A Golden Retriever, But My Pit Has Been Through street fights with other dogs up in new york, It has been through Hog Hunting In Florida And I Ran It Over By Accident one time. My dog would fuck up a deer."

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

interesting video dude. i saw the video we both referenced right below it. it is hard to watch especially when you realize the dog isn't the threat, it's the cat!

bluesmom said...

Anon 4:31
Horses are domestic animals and just about every horse owner has a dog. Horses never see trouble coming until it's too late. My horse just stood quietly until the dog ripped a 5 inch hole in his neck. He had absolutely no reason to be afraid of a dog. After a 20 minute attack that covered a mile,
we live in another world. This good horse will accept quiet, leashed dogs but running dogs are a very different story. He is dog aggressive, any dog that runs the paddock fence line is met with flying hooves and snapping teeth. I suspect that a normal dog that ran under the fence would not survive. Pits are another story, confined horses die every time. Horses that have room to run may survive.

Dude I Bagged Ur Pit said...

"i saw the video we both referenced right below it."

Yep, that's the one! Watching it again, I can see how the cat agitated the doe but the doe thought the dog was the bigger threat. Interesting to see that tiny fawn's instinct to hide, except that it tries to hide by lying down on the sidewalk. You can tell the exact moment it saw the dog when it dropped and tried to flatten. The poor dog had no idea what was going on which makes me think the dog was older and not particularly alert. The poor dog was keyed in on whatever he was sniffing and never saw it coming.

Bluesmom; as you said, a pit attack can ruin a good horse. Most horses are accustomed to normal dogs and can just blow them off until a dominant horse gets annoyed and turns the tables on their harassing. But an incident with a pit bull is somewhere between very hard and impossible to undo in a horse’s mind. The horse owner always winds up the bag holder.

bluesmom said...

I did end up holding the bag, for nearly three years. My horse now has a substantial bank account, courtesy of the civil court system. When we got near the actual court date, the lawyers for the dog owners took a long hard look at what they were bringing into court and decided (rightly so)that their clients looked REAL bad. After all that whining and foot dragging, we were compensated and closure is a beautiful thing.

Anonymous said...

@ Dude I Bagged Ur Pit -
Interesting that you can understand what's going on in a horse's head.
I'd always figured you to be more associated with it's other end.

Anonymous said...

Do pit nutters not realize that it takes brains to be funny and that therefore they are rarely funny (on purpose)?

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:48, if they were intelligent enough to realize that, they would also be intelligent enough not to own pits.

Retarded Pit Fighter said...

Pit bull owners who encourage aggression in their dogs against other animals are RETARDS.

shar pei mix said...

Go Bluesmom!

Closure is indeed a beautiful thing, as are stories with happy endings. I'm glad things worked out for you after all that waiting.

Dude, I Bagged Ur Pit said...

Well done, Bluesmom! It takes some kind of luck to be victimized by a pit bull owner that actually has a pot to piss in. Because stupidity and poverty go hand-in-hand, pit bull owners are usually judgment proof.

Dude, I Bagged Ur Pit said...

“Anonymous said...
@ Dude I Bagged Ur Pit -
Interesting that you can understand what's going on in a horse's head.”

Ah, couldn’t stay away from these ass kickings, eh FUzupf?

Fucktard FUzupf: “I'd always figured you to be more associated with it's other end.”

A) “It’s” didn’t need an apostrophe. Find yourself a grade school tutor and quit relying on us to educate you.
B) Every time I respond to you I’m associating with a horse’s ass. Why the confusion?

Har, har, har… I know you are but what am I? Geez FUzupf, what must it be like to be a grown man going on 9?

Anonymous said...

Three Michigan Citizens awarded for bravery after breaking up Pit attacks:

Between the Pit Owners and Pedophiles kids can hardly play outside anymore.

SadFalada said...

"Horses never see trouble coming untill it's too late"

I must disagree, horses are quite vigilant about their surroundings and unusual activity, but a well-trained horse inhibits it's natural reactions, trusting that a world that is often frightening, must be accepted as safe, because its whole life, it's been assured so.
By the way, it is said that the zebra stallion is the most dangerous animal in the zoo--respect the equid!

Aeye Care said...

Can you please remove my photo and name from your blog. I respect that you have a opinion but would appreciate it if you can remove the above mentioned things. Oh and I am Rangi Nikau and the information on this blog is false. Ps what cruel comments and totally disempowering.

Aeye Care said...

Can you please remove my name Rangi Nikau and photo from this blogger page. I respect that you have an opinion which you are entitled to. I am not a pit nutter but find this very offensive as my dogs got out of our yard and the neighbours at the time made a false statement saying that they attacked the door. They did not have a cat and the dogs were always friendly and playful with kids. How do I know this? Her sister in law (which is my friend) as well as her kids told me face to face. Sad but true. I thought we had good neighbors but to know avail. I don't condone any of the attacks that have happened but even the innocent get blamed. My kids practically grew up with their dogs.