Friday, December 17, 2010

weekly frankenmauler roundup 12/17/10

“I’ve seen pit bull fights – they are nasty. But that doesn’t mean the pit bull is bad. It might just need some love and affection.” and "In every dog run, there's a fight. It happens. It's like a play ground with kids. The difference is, pit bulls finish fights."
is that pride i detect?

"If you know your dog has intra dog aggression and you take your dog to a dog park, you are a bad owner, period." E'lise Christensen, DVM, a specialist in veterinary behavior but totally clueless when it comes to genetics.

ROBERT MARINO, president of NYCdog
"Dogs will tussle and owners get into arguments." DOGS TUSSLE. THAT'S WHY FIGHTING BREEDS SHOULD NOT BE ALLOWED IN THE DOG PARK!!!

ROBERT SHAPIRO, no kill animal rescuer down the street from the dog park
"My policy is no dog run." i can't imagine WHY bob is being such an ignorant racist hater. i guess he hasn't received JANE'S memo yet.

12.15.10 new york city this week's top frankenmauler story comes from new york city. a popular dog park is overrun with pit bulls and you know what that means. since september 5 dogs and 3 people have been attacked by mutant pit bulls. fed up with pit fighters, people are now arming themselves with knives and billy clubs. the volunteers who maintain the park, stocked it with a break stick but then removed it. looks like puppet master JANE BERKEY is sending in one of her soldiers this weekend to "educate" people. that's right. DRAYTON MICHAELS will visit the dog park and talk to owners about training their dogs and how to handle a dog fight. MICHAELS will also discuss pit bull traits and “why your dog may be too much for the other dogs.” hmmm, that sounds like a completely new spin on an age old problem.
this is getting a lot of coverage and it should. people are fed up. what they should be doing, in addition to arming themselves, is demand the city ban fighting breeds from all dog parks.
Jesse is one of the pit victims. His owner was also bitten. even though it was a minor bite it resulted in a series of rabies shots. a pit nutter bringing an UNvaccinated fighting dog to an off leash park. CLASSIC!

12.13.10 new york city so my cousin pup snap yesterday and killed her yorkie.he is a very loving dog quiet and calm but the yorkie provoked him(kept attacking him) and tragedy struck she know he has to go for what he did, its just the fact that she losing to dogs know and she can't take it right know.she's going to give birth next month so all this stress is not good for what im asking is should she try and out him up for adoption to give him a chance of life he's only 11 months.i know the pup personally and i cant beleave he did that.he never once showed aggression before till this day.she ask me to help her so what should i do.i live in n.y.c if anyone knows a place i can take him for a second chance at life or should i take him and put him down for her.
my big dog has been "attacked" by small dogs before. his first line of defense is to back away from little mutts. his second line of defense is to let out a low warning growl. once i saw him take his paw and flip a dog. not once has he ever bitten, bared his teeth or snapped at another dog that was either aggressive or just plain annoying. that's because he is not a psychopath and he speaks fluent dog.

12.13.10 new smyrna beach, florida a happy holiday pit attack story for a change. an off duty K9 cop was walking his husky with his fiance and her dog when a mutant (who has a history of attacking the husky) "accosted" them. the cop fired once, killing the pit.

12.14.10 internet chatter Why would a 1year old dog kill a 9week old puppy?
My friend babysat my male Pitbull boxer puppy, he has a 1year old male pit and they had gotten along just fine, till today. The pit killed my puppy today. I'm almost sure my puppy bled to death or had internal bleeding, he was just a baby, I don't get why they got along just fine, and he attacked my baby till he killed him. P.S. Idk if this may be a reason, but the older Pit is having puppies with a female dog and she was there today. Any answers will help I'm not mad at the dog because I know they are animals and they simply have different morals than humans. Please anyone help me, I just want to know.

Paco Bell
12.15.10 reading, pennsylvania no details on the "scuffle" but this chihuahua was bitten by a mutant pit bull.

12.15.10 riverhead, new york a mutant pit dog killed seven chickens and was taken into the custody.

12.17.10 st charles county, missouri The owner of a pit bull in the first block of Quiet Falls Court asked deputies to take possession of her dog after it became aggressive and fought with her other dogs. Animal control was contacted.

the attacks that the media NEVER reports

12.15.10 renton, washington Lindsay Seely was seriously injured by a loose german shepherd while on a walk with her welsh terrier Georgia and her daughter Ashlynn. Two strangers stopped and saved her from the dog. Georgia was also bitten but there is no word on her condition.

12.15.10 novato, california two "labs" attacked a jack russell and terrier and its owner.


Anonymous said...

Glad to see the GSD getting the press it deserves.

Turkey said...

Was the above comment a joke? Or just a form of breedism?

Anyway, the second link cousin's pup in NYC is barely readable, but the comments are what's really important. These people not only admit pit bulls are dog aggressive, they understand it is genetics. The problem is they LIKE it, they WANT it, and they think there is nothing wrong with it. They have the fantasy that all it takes is to adopt dogs like this to wonderful, knowledgable, educated owners and everything will be fine. What they are not understanding is those owners are few and far between, and certainly not currently dogless on a waiting list to adopt a dog-killing pit bull. I'm glad they get the genetics and that care has to be taken with these dogs, that's half the battle. But beyond that, they have no sense of reality. All dog-killing dogs should be PTS - period. Want to save a pit bull? There are plenty to choose from that have not killed. Yet. And I doubt the public would intrust the care of these dogs to people who think owning an animal that can kill their pet is perfectly acceptable.

Anonymous said...


Thanks very much for alerting to that comments section. The ones that get the genetic predisposition of pits, and still want one, are just straight up assholes who will never understand why they are irresponsible. The people who own pits and don't get the breed's genetics, I think FUperv is in this camp, are criminally naive and stupid. I suppose if I had to choose, I would rather been an ass than stupid, but neither is very appealing.

Anonymous said...

What is interesting is that most pit advocacy groups, like Bad Rap and Real Pit Bull, have changed their stance on pit bull dog aggression over the last few years, and claim it is no big problem and easy to manage. BR used to have a story on ther website about a pit owner who had brought her young pit bull to the dog park to play a few times successfully...until one day her dog latched on to the face of another dog and would not let go. They removed that story a while ago, and instead talk about dog aggression with pit bulls as being on a continuum, no more so than other breeds.

Pit bull breed advocates seem to be lunatics, idiots, or liars. I live in an area near a dog track, and have watched greyhound rescue operate for many years. I can tell you, the most responsible dog owners you will EVER meet in my area are those with adopted greyhounds. You will NEVER see them off leash, and owners will actually try to educate other owners of tiny dogs about their dog's potential for prey drive. Thats because greyhound rescue is run by kind, sane, decent people who truly care about animals and want successful placements. They won't lie or appeal to emotions just to get the dogs out the door.

Anonymous said...

Many of the locals blame Robert Shapiro and his "rescue" for causing the problems with pits. Shapiro owns a t-shirt shop that doubles as a "rescue". He has found a way to advertise his t-shirt business and make money taking in strays. No experience or actual training with animals, but that doesn't stop him. Here are a few reviews of his organization from the web..

"This place is a disgrace. The place is decrepit and the animals look sickly and scared. The guy keeps cats and dogs altogether, no care in the world for them. The adoption process is worse: no checking references or anything. Just pay your money and you get an animal. This place is a disgrace to real rescues. He cares more about profiting than saving these animals. Truly a disgusting place."

"I'm kinda torn about this place. On one hand I lucked out with the best dog ever through this organization who saved him from a city kill shelter but on the other hand, I was a bit disturbed by how lax they were in adopting the dogs out. I basically walked it, played with my now dog and then filled out a one page form, paid my fee and walked out - all within an hour. The other adoption agencies had a much lengthier process which seemed to make sense as they wanted the right person for the dig. Fortunately, I'm not a psycho but I'm just wondering if this is how they adopt all their dogs.. to just anyone who walks in from the street. Also, the owner, Robert, was a little short and not that friendly with us but he must obviously care for animals otherwise he wouldn't do what he does. In the end, I won't downgrade any organization that's all about rescuing abandoned animals! Adopt!! Don't buy from pet stores!!!"

Anonymous said...

Another review of Robert Shapiro's "rescue";

" 10/28/2010 I specifically created a Yelp account to write this review. After reading the reviews here, I went to Social Tees hoping to adopt a cat. When I arrived, however, the place was nothing close to what I was expecting.

I've been to 3-5 other animal shelters in my life, and this is by far the dirtiest one I've ever seen. The urine smell alone is enough to make your eyes sting. Many animals are in cages, but a few cats and dogs around underfoot. After being there for a few minutes, I noticed that one cat killed a mouse and was playing with the body. Normal cat stuff - I know! - but the guy working there (not the Robert everyone here seems to venerate, I didn't meet him) didn't seem to care. Dead mice spread disease, and I've had cats long enough to know you are supposed to say "Good Kitty" and then promptly dispose of your new mouse "gift."

Worst of all, almost all of the cats and kittens here looked sick. They all had watery, goopy eyes, and some seemed borderline listless. I understand that Social Tees is rescuing cats from being euthanized in the city shelter or elsewhere, but bringing them to yet another place where they are picking up more diseases isn't much of an improvement. Poor little guys.

I ended up walking out of this establishment without a pet (yes, they do same day adoptions. I'm not totally opposed to this, but it's definitely not the norm for reputable shelters). As much as I would have liked to get an animal out of there, paying the adoption fee would only have helped enable them to continue to treat animals this way."

Anonymous said...

It would seem then that Shapiro doesn't care for animals at all, only the money they bring him. I'm sure its real easy to catch some strays, give them some food, and then collect the adoption fee while patting yourself on the back like some hero.

Anonymous said...

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

good find on the scam rescue!

Anonymous said...

In the comments section of the above link, residents refer to Shapiros t-shirt shop as a "pet shop". Why aren't these organizations licensed and monitored by the board of health or department of agriculture? Residents need to complain to city authorities about this. This is N.Y., for God's sake....even in my small suburb, you can't just start taking animals into a storefront without proper licensing, insurance, zoning approval, etc. This nut Shapiro could be spreading diseases, FEV, FIV, Parvo, distemper, etc.

It seems that all anyone has to do is declare, "I am rescuing animals" and they receive a free pass and instant hero status...even if they are actually exploiting, neglecting, or abusing these poor creatures.

Oh, and I love the comments by pit bull owners....they are obnoxious narccisists who actually enjoy the fact that their dogs can kill other dogs. Nice to see that my opinions are constantly validated every time a pit owner opens his/her mouth.

Anonymous said...

From the article that was linked to two comments above:

"Garrett Rosso, 52, a member of Friends of First Run, a volunteer organization dedicated to the beautification and maintenance of the Tompkins Square Dog Run, said he knows of over a dozen people who have been carrying knives or hammers following the recent attacks.

While he was alarmed by recent events, he lamented hearing of owners willing to use lethal force on dogs.

"I heard two reasonable people discussing picking up a shovel and bringing it down on a dog's neck like this," said Rosso, who grabbed one of the metal pooper-scooper shovels kept inside the dog run to illustrate."

Someone needs to ask this guy point blank what are owners supposed to do then when a pit bull attacks their pet.

And the comment section was awful. It's like you get the same dumbasses who hunt down any online article that isn't mindlessly praising pit bulls and post the same moronic talking points.

Anonymous said...

Anon 7:37,

Yes, it seems the "pit nutter intelligentsia" is quite busy. Can you imagine searching the online news daily and then trying to counter each pit bull attack that is new? Saying the same thing, in a slightly different way each article, day after day. After how long of doing this would you begin to reappraise your position?

The guy from the dog run that is amazed that someone would envision how to deal with doggie violence, well he is just a concern troll.

Anonymous said...

BRIAN HEDENBERG: “I’ve seen pit bull fights – they are nasty. But that doesn’t mean the pit bull is bad. It might JUST NEED SOME LOVE AND AFFECTION.”

Yeah, that's the ticket. Genetics won't matter if love and affection are offered.


How F'ing stupid does one have to be to own a pit bull? Every time these morons open their mouths the stupid scale threatens to bust from another overload of stupid!

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

that is exactly why i opened this week's frankenmaler round up with this fucktard.

Anonymous said...

"I've seen wolverine fights. They are nasty, but it doesn't mean wolverines are bad. They just need some love and affection." Anybody want to send a few live wolverines Brian's way? Maybe he can show us how to love out the genetic aggression so we can all own some giant weasels for shits and grins. Or maybe some cassowaries. Crocodiles? Piranhas? All they need is LOVE!

Anonymous said...

I'm picturing pit nutters with "all you need is love" running through their minds while they skip around a dog park littered with dogs dispatched by their pit that is now running beside wiggling his butt.

Anonymous said...

And their little butts never wiggle faster than when they're killing something.

Anonymous said...

That is righteous Turkey...lmao A hater calling someone else a breedist. I see that it is only breedisn if your hating on something other than pits......... Dripping sarcasm there for you idiots that are unable to understand.

Anonymous said...

Anon 4:53, you're the fucktard that missed the sarcasm. You pit nutters love to scream "racism" about pits. As soon as someone suggests you may be engaging in a little breedism--the correct term--of your own to show you what a fucking jacktard you sound like when you do it, you miss the point entirely. Good to see your reading comprehension skills are still down to sub-par. If you ever actually got a point made to you, it would signal the apocalypse.

Turkey said...

LOL, Anon 5:46 got it.

There is no such things as breedism except in the nutter's mind.

I know, I know, oxymoron...

Sarah Pukelin said...

I love me some hog huntin'! Yeehaw! Its real accomplishment for rednecks! sittin' back on my jacked truck while lettin' mah mutant dogs do all duh work! Yeehaw! i also love litterin' by spitting mah tobacco all ovah duh place and dumpin' mah beer cans in your neighborhood.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

i can't move comments but i did copy it over to the previous thread the hog dogger.

Unknown said...

I love how many anonymous's there are on here. First of all, I don't own a Pit Bull. I own a Vizsla. Who some brainiacs in the East Village tell me she has pit bull in her. lol. ummm. yeah. I know many Pit Bulls, none of whom have ever hurt another dog. However, I know other dogs that have fought and injured other dogs and people in the dog run that were not Pit Bulls. I see a lot of very hateful comments on here. I guess there is no discussion for some of you. You've become specialists in your own minds and are here to promote the death and exclusion to all pit bulls? Its like reading a Islamic-fanatic website on Jews. Geneticly bad? Wolverines? lol.

And to the genius who never watched National Geographic, animals, like woolverines become aggressive when they feel threatened. What the news interview didn't show was the need to learn early detection signs to dog fighting and aggression (pit bull or not) and even how to best handle the situation instead of having a little old lady jam a "break stick" in its mouth or stabbing it with a kitchen knife.

I agree with the agree to this site as highlighted above. Fear is created but falsehoods, rumors, and uneducated slanders. I was raised that if you had something to say, especially as extreme as some of these comments, then step to the line and say it. Put your reputation on it. Don't hide on a blog behind "anonymous". It says a lot about you as a person and kind of discredits any hateful message you're trying to regurgitate into the world. I think it would be great to see some of you at the free clinics and dog education classes this Spring in Tompkins Square Park with an open mind. Somehow I doubt it.

If you or a loved one has been attacked by a pit bull, I think it's a horrible thing and I'm truly sorry to hear about your misfortune. But lets keep things in perspective here. yeah? Not-Anonymous" Brian

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

i never said you were a pit bull owner. and you don't have to own a pit bull to be a pit nutter, you just have the "it's all you raise 'em" crap. i know. i used to do that!

here's another. this idiot teenager that has been defending pit bulls on this blog says that she's "not really gonna blog yet(maybe after I get my Pit Bull I will blog about he/she’s progress)."

Unknown said...

Well I'm just flustered because my dastardly plan of releasing my geneticly cross breed of Tea-Party and Pit Bull into the wild has been foiled!!! They don't have laser beams on their head, that's just silly. but they do have an extra nipple that shots acid at God fearing christians.

I only ask before a pit bull Jihad is issued, that the dog owners in the East Village be warned so we may break out our doggy kevlar and set up bomb detection at the dog run. And the guy carrying around the steak knife should be careful that knife doesn't get taken away and used against him. All we need are pit bulls running around the East Village carrying steak knives. Then they're hanging out on street corners in leather jackets. Then its unprotected sex. Property values go down and we'll all have you to thank for it.

Remember the great teachings of School House Rocks..."Knowledge is Power!"

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

hey, you are a funny chap.

i agree, knowledge IS power. you should educate yourself.
here is a good start: