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Is an american bulldog a pit bull?

fuzupf and fuzzy logic

fuzupf's panties are in a bunch because someone in missouri called an american bulldog a pit bull. according to fuzupf "if they can say an ambull is a pit bull than a: malinois is a GSD, a husky is a malamute, a bull mastiff is a poodle..."

the answer to fuzzy's question: it depends. it depends on your definition of "pit bull". according to my definition, yes the american bulldog is a pit bull. i believe pit bull has two definitions. the first is slang or an abbreviation for the american pit bull terrier. the second refers to a type of dog. and by type, i mean function – herding, retrieving, pulling, pointing, racing, guarding, tracking etc. in the case of "pit bulls", that function is GRIPPING. gripping dogs were bred for fighting and baiting. gripping dogs were bred to perform dangerous, violent jobs and refused to quit; APBT, american staffordshire terrier, staffordshire bull terrier, the original boston bulldog, bull terrier, dogo, presa, and yes american bulldogs and alapaha bulldogs. at one time boxers and great danes would have been included in this category but they are now only bred as companions and lack the physical prowess for their original function.

of course any pit nutter, dog fighter or pit bulldog fancier who includes Helen Keller's Sir Thomas, Teddy Roosevelt's Pete, General Patton's Bull Terrier, Bogie's boxers and Sgt Stubby on their "famous pit bull" list also tacitly consents to the dual definition of "pit bull".

back to fuzupf, his logic is not even close. a better analogy would be a husky is a sled dog, a lab is a retriever, a gsd is a herding dog, a beagle is a scent hound. let's see if fuzzy can find two neurons to rub together and connect the dots.

brief history of the american bulldog
1700's original british bull baiter comes to america and morphs into the bulldog.
1835 blood sports are criminalized in the UK and the bull baiter is phased out and the fighting nanny dog is phased in.
1960's american bulldog is on the brink of extinction. a handful of bulldoggers get together and resurrect the ambull. there is not enough genetic material available so they use pit bulls.

Laura Ingalls Wilder's bulldog Jack circa 1880

Colby's Pincher circa 1900

MAC the MASHER, ALAN SCOTT'S foundation dog for his performance line of american bulldogs circa 1960.

JEDI, purebred american bulldog
fifty years later, ambull breeders continue to infuse APBT blood into bulldogs. don't believe me? check out the pedigree of LICHTHARDT'S JEDI. Jedi's dam was an american pit bull terrier bred by FLOYD BOUDREAUX. JEDI'S grandfather was BOUDREAUX'S MAVERICK ROM.

DIXIE BLACK JACK, purebred american bulldog
check out the pedigree of SCOTT'S DIXIE BLACK JACK. surprisingly LITTLE information about daddy's side of the family. i wonder why?

here are a few more pedigrees of purebred american bulldogs with boudreaux blood:

here is an american bulldog forum talking about american bulldogs with KERSHNER/MAYFIELD blood and a pit bull forum discussing ROD KERSHNER'S pit bull dogs. hmmm....

maybe we should abandon the terms "pit bull" and fighting dog and replace them with a more basic yet accurate definition - GRIPPING DOGS. i can't take credit for this. the credit belongs to APBT diva, DIANE JESSUP.

apparently JESSUP gets a little excited when dem hogs gets to squealin too. she directs her fans to a couple of hog doggin videos - here and here. so people can see what a good pit bull and a cur pit bull can do.

the alapaha bulldog is another example of a gripping dog. this bulldog also sports a fair amount of APBT in their blood. one alapaha breeder WILLIAM CHESTER is described as an "Ol Pit-Bull Man" who bred alapahas that were often man aggressive. CHESTER'S old family silver dollar recipe: catahoula x apbt x mountain bull. WARREN LANE was another breeder who infused apbt into his strain of alapahas, although there is no mention of man biters. LANE'S motto "a Bulldog should look at you and through you". i have been on the other side of that reptilian stare.

a few good links:
american bulldogs @
list of banned alapaha breeders (note the violations)
discussion of black ambulls at

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Anonymous said...

Don't forget they were called American Pit Bulldogs until they were rebranded in the seventies.

I think they have 8 DBRfs in the last few years...including the child killed at Lori Haaker's AMPU-Bull Champion Dream Ranch in FL.

With hog dogging champion pedigrees all over the south, she is the John Colby of the Ampu-Bulls.

Scotty said...

American Bullshitdogs should be lumped with Pit Bullshits if for nothing more than the kind of humans that own them. You know, white trash and rednecks!

Hey, I'm just going by the pictures that are shown :-)

Anonymous said...

fuperv can't even handle supporting his family, and suddenly he's telling people who know what the hell is going on his theories?

Lori Haaker knew they were pit bulls, and she also knew why she was calling them Am Bulldogs

Anonymous said...

Whenever I see a man walking a pit bull/ambull/Fila/Cane Corso etc...any kind of muscle dog.. here is the quick list that immediately goes through my head....

1. Micro-penis
2. Low-level criminal
3. Addict
4. High School drop out who lives in his mom's/grandmom's basement
5.Unemployed loser out on phony disability
6. Gansta wannabe
7. Various combination of above traits.

Small Survivors said...

Thank you for this post. I really hate that some nutter idiots like Fuzzy insist they are not pit bulls, while others insist they are -

Scroll down and this site has brags about 3 movies - parenthood, homeward bound 1 & 2 that are explicitly ambulls and also lists the little rascals movie which stars a papered ambull playing petey the pit bull, but the papered ambull supposedly has fudged papers to hide the apbt blood (follow?).

So, Craven's post clears this up. And ambulls are pit bulls for 2 reasons - 1 if the term "pit bull" means "gripping dog." 2. because they are basically apbt mixes.

I like the term gripping dogs - it neatly describes all the dangerous breeds that have a variety of lineages. And it really is that abiltiy and desire to grip and not let go with fear of nothing that makes these dogs so dangerous.

It is really infuriating that pit bull owners and lovers can't get their facts and straight and they won't educate themselves on the subject. And it has been bugging me for a long time that ambulls are often not included in bans and restrictions - its stupid.

Anonymous said...

Looks like the bulldoggers have sent out the welcome wagon for craven.

Small Survivors said...

nothing says "welcome craven" like ugly dogs in flames, skulls, geetars and and the lone star.

The link inexplicably sends you to a link of a bulldog that's not very obedient. oh well.

FormerOhioGirl said...

The Ohio state pit bull law -- enacted in 1987 -- takes other grippers into account. They specifically use the language "a dog commonly known as a pit bull dog" (See: Ohio v. Anderson) to include other gripping breeds.

"If a dog possesses the physical AND behavioral traits of a dog "commonly known as a pit bull dog," then its owner must comply with Ohio Rev. Dogs 955.22 or risk arrest and prosecution for noncompliance. The formal breed name which has been assigned to the dog is NOT relevant."

It's well established in Ohio courts that American bulldogs are "a dog commonly known as a pit bull dog." Presa Canarios are too, as that type of dog was at the heart of City of Toledo v. Nicole Woods, which the dog owner lost due to the precedent set in Ohio v. Anderson.

I pray to God the City of Toledo is appealing the more recent ruling by the lowly municipal Judge Goulding, who was undoubtedly bought off by the Toledo Blade.

Anonymous said...

After an owner's dog chased and bit a jogger, I seized it to declare it dangerous. On the citation, I wrote "...Defendant's large male intact white pit bull type dog named Kilo...". In court, the owner tried to get out of the citation, insisting vehemently that his dog was NOT a pit bull, that it was a purebred American Bulldog and that it was a case of mistaken identity, that there were lots of pit bulls running around his neighborhood and that clearly I was not educated enough to know that it wasn't his dog, blah, blah, blah. Judge asked me about it. I told him I considered all those bully breeds to fall under the category of pit bull type (or pit bull mix) and that the witness ID'd his dog - stating it ran off the owner's deck, chased him and bit him. Oh and the Defendant tried to say that if his dog had attacked the victim, he would've killed him (that was part of his defense!). The witness testified that the only reason, in his opinion, that he wasn't more severely injured was b/c a neighbor happened to be driving by and let him jump into the car to get away from the dog. Judge agreed and declared the dog dangerous.

Anonymous said...
Ok..I want to know what others breeds other than the Pit Bull locks onto it's victims throat like a wild animal?

Jake said...

Anon 5:53 -

This link illustrates pit nutter mentality in a couple ways.

First of all, what kind of guy tells his 2 year old to go play in the back yard, all alone with the pit bull?.

Unbelievably, this guy's room mate goes on the record to talk about how loving the mutant is, and declares that he would trust his own children with it.

Anonymous said...

Hey it's the Texas American Babykillers!

These perverts want YOUR child dead! So let them do it, or they'll call you "racist" and start slandering African Americans.

Anonymous said...

The f-tard look on the Colby's Pincher circa 1900 photo is enough to make me gag. I've seen the image numerous times and each time, I want to gag. WHY IS THIS? Because it is a "pose" designed to draw an unsuspecting animal or person in; to offer confidence to the SOON TO BE VICTIM. This is a personal photograph to me, as this is "exactly" how a pit bull (gripper) looked at me prior to attacking FULL BORE!

Anonymous said...

On another note OT but perhaps interesting
Did you notice that the bird fighters are selling eggs on Ebay?

Anonymous said...

Keep coming with all the nicknames....I love it.

Hey Craven it's me! I would like to ask you a serious legitimate question....

are you gay?
do you have some sort of homoerotic fantasy with me?

Continuing on with your post, I guess the
following MUST've been mixed with a "gripping" dog...

-Bull Mastiff

English Mastiff

- This one is blaming the child for being attacked by a dog that has history of attacks.


-Nightmares from a Border Collie

-Shar Pei

These last 2 stories are interesting. The first involves a Pit Bull that jumped on, but did not bite a Postal Worker. All hell broke loose with Haters.

Then, the second story. A Retriever attacks a Postal Worker who needed reconstructive surgery didn't even get mentioned UNTIL the controversy with the Pit Bull arose.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

i can't take credit for gripping dogs. that is diane jessup. try to follow along. if you pit nutters actually read the links that you copy and paste into comment sections to educate us haters, the world would be a better place.

regarding your "serious" question, that's kind of what the pitbullforum nutters think about my "obsession" with stormi king. i am not a male attorney in colorado. if you nutters actually read my blog, you would know that.

but if thinking i have a homoerotic fanatasy about you boosts your ego and makes you feel better about yourself, by means, have fun with it. who knows, you might find out that you don't need gripping dogs afterall.

regarding all of your news links:

1) the shar-pei is a fighting dog

2) you won't hear me arguing in favor of bullmastiffs. it would not be a stretch to call them gripping dogs.

3) a mauling that results in 200 stitches from a border collie is very uncommon. it almost borders on a freak accident. what is there, one or two a year versus almost daily for pit bulls? and good for the owners for not fighting the euthanasia like your typical pit nutter. if that was a pit bull, the nutters would have either hired a cadre of bottom feeding B12 starved animal rights lawyers ot broke him out of jail, painted his spots or moved to arizona.

4) it is despicable that these idiots blamed a 17 month old kid for an attack by any dog.

5) regarding the postal worker who was simply knocked down by by a mutant, maybe you haven't heard but four people suffered heart attacks in the past 6-8 months just WATCHING a pit bull attack their animals. the most recent was a man who saw the SAME fucking pit bull attack his horse for the second time in a month. these freaks of nature scare the bejesus out of NORMAL people.

6) as for the other postal worker attack, first off, it was a resident getting his mail and second are you actually upset that non pit bull attacks are being covered in the media?

here's a serious question for you. why did you block me? i wouldn't do that to you.

Anonymous said...

On a similar note to these dog fighters oops! game dog breeders breeding this shit, operating their game, and selling it under our noses to kill people

Here's how the game fighting bird breeders operate. Kind of similar, the way the dog fighters and game dog pit bull breeders claim they have pulling contests and "dog shows." The fighting bird people claim they are just backyard chicken breeders. They are also breeding and selling Asian birdfighting shit. By the way, these birds have brought disease into the American food poultry industry. That disease kills especially young kids whose systems are more susceptible. Think these assholes care?

That Eugene Epling of Conover North Carolina is selling game bird eggs on Ebay and setting up private deals with people so they can come "shopping" at his home.

I know someone in NC that's gonna do some shopping.

The game dog breeders are operating this way too, with all the Facebook deal running and the rest. Plain sight.

Anonymous said...

FUPerv, how many pairs of shoes does your wife wear out a week so you can sit at home and masturbate about dogs you don't even have the ability or knowledge to handle?

Something tells me this guy is headed for a courtroom in the not too distant future.

Anonymous said...

Fuzzy doesn't even address the content of this blog. Typical.

Small Survivors said...

I am now envisioning Fuzzy fantasizing about Craven having a homoerotic fantasy about him.

I have a serious question for you, Fuzzy.

In your fantasy about Craven having a homoerotic fantasy about you, who's the top?

Seriously, you can tell a narcissist something 100 times, and if its not about him, it will not register.

Here's a story about a serious pit bull mauling that did not get any press at all until the victim's friends put out press releases announcing a benefit party to raise funds for her nose reconstruction surgeries.

Anonymous said...

Love the photo of the game bird idiot holding his fighting bird in one hand and the baby in the other!

Like the game doggers!

Can you believe the women who subject their kids to these fighting animals? And the game bird idiot is writing about how his fighting breed birds are so aggressive they are killing each other as chicks! Yeah, hold it up to your kids face, asshole!

Anonymous said...

And you notice that Eugene Epling claims he is only selling eggs, but look at this person who contacted him through his Ebay listing

"I don't actually know lol I found him on Ebay, he was selling Thai hatching eggs so I asked if he had any started birds and yep a 4 month old trio."

Yes, he's selling fighting breed birds directly and using Ebay as a front.

There is so much money in all these various fighting breeds, birds and dogs, and these operations are still in business, is it any wonder they fight against bsl and organize to lie and blame victims, and excuse human death and slaughter??

Anonymous said...

Man commanded his pit bull to attack his teen daughter.

What are your opinions on this? It would be great if you could get more information on this.

* said...

Looks as though there's a lot of child abuse and neglect going on with these pit bull attacks as of late.

Anonymous said...

I found 247 Pit Bull fatalities in 46 seconds!

Small Survivors said...

Fuzzy is STILL not getting it. Doesn't HAVE a CLUE.

Here is ANOTHER CLUE. You are the one that brought up homoerotic fantasies and you are the only one who is describing homoerotic fantasies.

What I was describing was an idiot lost in the bush.

That's about 4 or 5 clues you've gotten already. And you've been told directly where and and how to figure it out.

He still won't get it. STILL will not even try to figure it out.

The only thing he needs to defend against is his dangerous combination of narcissism and stupidity.

How does the St. Bernard story support his case? As poor judgment as this man showed, he looks like Einstein compared to pit nutters who WILL spend thousands upon thousands of dollars and refinance their house to keep dogs that in one maul outing inflict infinitely more damage to complete strangers.

Anonymous said...

To Fuzpuf,

I for one keep track of non pit attacks on this blog

And I keep track of pit attacks here

Not surprising pit bulls are 30x higher at inflicting serious damage than other breeds.

- D

Anonymous said...

After I knew it was an FUperv post, I just could not begin to read through his double-spaced rambling post. I just love myself too much to do that.

WolfPrincess said...

In Canada Retriever bites are going up and they aren’t a banned breed. I think any Pit Bull that shows aggression but has no history or attack should be spayed or neutered so it won’t pass on that trait. Pit types that do not show aggression should be allowed to breed so responsible and experienced owners can enjoy the up side of the breed. However if a dog has a history of killing animals then I believe it should be put down, this goes for ALL BREEDS AND TYPES. Besides all dogs can bite and kills as you will see in the links below.

Still think only Pit Bull type dogs are savage attackers? In this last link a Pit Bull saved his elderly owner from two vicious dogs.

Anonymous said...

Didn't Dog bites recently double in Calgary, with our imported American "Canine Idiots" taking the lead?!?

Stephanie said...

Since you take a very vocal and public stance on your beliefs about pit bulls I have come to the conclusion that you are also racist. In just the same way you think pit bulls are inherently bad you must think Blacks are also inherently bad. Looking at statistics, Black men make up 6.5x more than other races in the jail populations. OBVIOUSLY they are all bad and OBVIOUSLY we should make moves to BAN BLACKS! Disagreeing would contradict your entire website so I will assume you feel equal. I'd love to hear from you, Thanks!

scratch said...

Oh good Lord, Stephanie, that racist excuse is older than dirt and has no meaning. You are the racist to have brought that up AGAIN. Dogs have no race, they have breeds which were created for a purpose. The criteria for inclusion into the gene pool for any breed is the ability and willingness to engage in whatever activity the breeder desires. Before you do another cut-and-paste comment, please stop and THINK.

Stephanie said...

Scratch, first off what argument do you have that isn't "older than dirt"? And secondly you proved my point saying "whatever activity the breeder desires". EXACTLY. the BREEDER/owner, not the dog. The breed was not created to fight. It is literally no different than race.

scratch said...

Stephanie, the breed was created by dog fighters, the dogs were created to fight. What part of that simple scenario do you not understand? Dogs do not have the capacity for romance. Rape stands are not used for breeds other than pit bulls because only pit bulls would rather kill each other than copulate. Putting your fingers in your ears and singing LA LA LA does not change the truth. Do not demean genuine victims of racism with comparisons to pit bulls.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

human races arise naturally.

canine breeds are created by selecting for a specific trait and intensively bred by humans.

this is not rocket science. even backwoods uneducated hillbilly dog fighters understand this. but thanks for sharing your personal view that black people are inherently bad.

IF you would like to better understand why blacks are overrepresented in the criminal justice system (hint: it is not media bias), i recommend that you read "The Rich Get Richer and The Poor Get Prison: Ideology, Class, and Criminal Justice" by Jeffrey H. Reiman
this is an excellent book!

Anonymous said...

Dog breeding is like when Hitler tried to created the Aryan Super Race...The Pit Community almost suceeded, except that they created Canine Idiots.

Jake said...

@craven -

Thanks for the tip on "The Rich Get Richer..", it sounds fascinating and I've added it to my amazon wishlist.

PS - Long live the mules!

Anonymous said...

So, Stephanie's racial background is just like a dog's breeding...So, we can surmise that someone somewhere decided that her mother should be bred to her grandfather.
That same person then told her that he decided that her grandfather will mount her. And then for a later breeding, maybe she'll get mounted by her father.
I'm trying to figure out what she's been line bred for, but I'm guessing it ain't smarts.

april 29 said...

Anon 11:27, I understand your thoughts, and your explanation of the line breeding concepts, but your comment is a pretty strong and very personal attack on another poster. I am uncomfortable with this and hope that you could rewrite the comment to avoid the personal attack.

* said...

Ignore Stephanie. She's been rampantly going around making idiotic and unfounded claims on various blogs and surmising that anyone who does real research on the breed as having no life. But she forgets that if this is the case, then people like Bad Rap and Best Friends also have no life. Unsurprising to see that her logic doesn't extend that far.

Come on Steph! Rub those neurons and make a connection!

* said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
* said...


Here's some basics on canine breeding since you've obviously done no research or been brain washed by someone.

Humans have different personalities because they do not specifically breed for a particular temperament. However, if this were legal and done in an experiment. You would soon find that through a few dozen generations, that there would be a more aggressive stock, and a nicer stock of humans. But we can't do that and we see how well that worked in the 30's when it was attempted...

Point is. Dogs were bred with specific temperaments, while humans have been copulating with whatever whenever we please. Therefore humanity doesn't have a general set temperament like other animals do.
Come on. Seriously invest in some common sense.

Oh, here's a link to the video in that article since it was deleted by Nova on the PBS website.

And I agree with Craven, you really need to invest in some more reading by logically sound people instead of the pit bull advocacy.

WolfPrincess said...

Ok most of you hate Pit Bulls and want to see them all dead yet some of you have them as avatars? Then you turn around and snarl at me for having an alien species on my avatar?

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

oh good, your'e back. i was wondering what your teacher and her BAU husband's thoughts are on tia's circus of vicious dogs and felons moving into tehachapi?

* said...

I wonder if LycanPrincess ever dropped out of high school... And if she hasn't what here current GPA is. I bet pretty low.

FU Zupf said...

I did some research about Am Bulldogs. There is only 1 family in the American Bulldog lineage that has infused Pit Bull Terrier in it. It's called the Painter/Margentina Type.
The regular, more common are: Johnson, Scott, "Old Southern Whites", and the Hybrid.

It was first registered in 1970 as American Pit Bulldog but renamed to American Bulldog to avoid confusion with the APBT.

Johnson type started in the '70s when D. Johnson bred 2 Am Bulldog females to an English Bulldog giving it the more athletic, white BullMastiff look.

The Scott Type looks like a large white Pit Bull, but in fact were bred with Old Southern Whites and the Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog.

The Painter/Margentina Type were the ones used for dog fighting. They used inbred Johnson's and infused them with the Pit Bull Terrier blood from the Joe Painter line.

The "Old Southern Whites" are referred to as "White English" These are considered to be the true American Bulldog. They are not descended from any of the modern lines or breed strains with no infusion of blood from the common American Bulldog lines.

The Hybrid type is basically a mixture of standard and bully types with the goal being to distill the best features of both.

There are 3 THEORIES where American Bulldogs came from.

1. It was brought over to America to be primarily used as farm guards. It's the "original" English Bulldog left unchanged, rather than the present day English Bulldog.
2. The breed is "made up" from a mixture of breeds like the bull breeds, Mastiffs, and APBTs. Each created to suit his individual purpose.
3. Possibly the closest to the truth.....American Bulldog was selectively bred from bulldogs and bull terriers. These were not show dogs so they didn't keep any records, there was no need. Higher proportions of terrier blood would have been added as well for tenacity and quickness.

However, the American Bulldog is now certainly far enough away from its "root-breeds" to unquestionably be regarded as a true breed in its own right.

So to explain my statement again. American Bulldogs and American Pit Bull Terriers are for the most part DIFFERENT. The only exception is the Painter/Margentina line. Which was used for fighting. I admit.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

so nice to see a pit nutter doing independent research. there *might* be hope for fuzupf. it's never too late to learn the truth.

but you are moving the goal post.

of course the american bulldog and american pit bull terrier are different! they are different BREEDS within the same TYPE.

your question was "American Bulldog is a Pit Bull????"

yes, they are.

a more correct question would be "American Bulldog is an APBT????"

no, they aren't but they are pit bulls, they are gripping dogs. they have similar temperaments, functions and physiology.

SOME ambulls are still being bred to APBTs.

please click on the links and you will see that.

this dog's father was an ambull and his mother was an APBT from floyd boudreaux's fighting lines. it is 50/50 and yet it is considered a purebred american bulldog. how can that be?

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

regarding the THEORIES of the ambull origin is not relevant anymore.

what we KNOW is the ambull was brought back from the brink of extinction by scott, johnson and a few others who ADMITTEDLY used the APBT because the ambull gene pool was not big enough.

FU Zupf said...

I have to play by your rules, so here we go....

You state, "in the case of "pit bulls", that function is GRIPPING. gripping dogs were bred for fighting and baiting. gripping dogs were bred to perform dangerous, violent jobs and refused to quit..."

Function- The action for which a person or thing is particularly fitted or employed.

The "function" of gripping can be interpreted in may situations.

Herding Dogs
(including: Collies, GSDs, and Heelers)
"I was a novice handler and panicked, correcting her for taking those cheap shots. Later, I corrected her for even thinking about gripping. I took the grip right out of that dog. She began to believe that she was not allowed to bite, so she began to feel she had nothing to back up her authority..."

"Grips are only allowed on the neck, the side or the rump of the sheep. These areas have sufficient wool and muscle to protect the sheep from any damage the grip might do. Gripping in these areas are genetic, not taught."

Even with Schutzhund training, the "gripping" of a GSD to an attacker is a function.

So, a more correct statement would be, "A Pit Bull's only function is fighting and baiting."

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

yadda yadda yadda blah blah blah. too bad i checked the spam comments. this would have been better left there.

btw, play by whatever fucking rules you want. i will publish your comments despite the fact that they are boring the hell out of me. just don't call me a denver city attorney.

Unknown said...

Every one of you here who say an American Bulldog is a PitBull are COMPLETE and UTTER morons,you even make up your own definitions to
justify your ridiculous comments.I won't even waste my time leaving facts,opinions,and comments about the breeds cuz you morons will just make some crap up to try to discredit matter WHAT breed of dog is out there,they ALL still need our love and support,SO GIVE IT!!!...They can't all be little ankle biting yappers,if you raise em right,they are ALL great breeds...BLAME THE OWNERS YOU MORONS NOT THE BREEDS!!!!!!!.....Nuff Said~~

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

you would have to know what facts are in order to leave them. if you followed the links in this blog, you would see they are all from bulldog, pit bull websites.

Strange and I Like It said...

I have an American Bulldog and know a lot of people with American Bulldogs. I also know people with Pit Bulls, Rottweilers, Dobermans, and German Shepards. Not one of these dogs has ever attacked another person or animal. It is not the breed that is dangerous. Every dog is an individual and should be judged as an individual. BSL is stupid because it is basically the same as racism. Yes, there are some dangerous dogs in these breeds, but guess what. There are in every breed. I recall a case of a Pomeranian that mauled a 2 year old to death. In my state, we just recently had a case where a city took away a man's service dog because it was a pit bull mix. Taking away his service dog not only caused him emotional anguish, but hurt him physically because he fell without his dog there to help him. The dog had no history of aggression and never bit anyone. They took him away simply because he was PART pit bull. The man took the city to court over it and got his dog back because his dog was protected under federal law as a service dog.
And I really don't care if AmBulls have Pit Bull blood, they are not the same thing. There are a lot of "pure bred" breeds today that came from mixing other breeds for a desired result. Those mixes become a breed of their own if they are popular enough. AmBulls have a good reputation despite their ancestry, and it really irks me when someone wants to change it just because the dog LOOKS a certain way. My AmBull is a sweetie and I could not have asked for a better dog. She is smart, playful, and loving. The most important thing for ANY breed is to have a good owner that knows what that breed needs. Pit Bulls have a bad reputation because uneducated punks buy them to look tough, but don't know how to handle them correctly. A lot of these people will even abuse the poor animal to make it more aggressive. That is not the dog's fault. If you really want to get educated on the myths of Pit Bulls, this is a great article:
It is true that Johnson and Scott mixed other breeds into their bulldogs to get their desired vision. However, I cannot find any source on the internet that describes the exact breeds used. I do know that Pit bulls are a product of Old Country Bulldogges and white terriers. In closing, do not judge a dog based on breed or looks. There are good dogs and bad dogs in EVERY breed. Just like there are good people and bad people in every race.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

i didn't say they were the same dog, i said they belong in the same group/type based on function of gripping. - fighting/baiting

there's an awful lot of bullshit in that link you included.
like the hyena crossing. NEVER heard of it. i have read some bottom feeding scumbag lawyer/rott nutter in texas ignorantly claim that hyenas were in the dog family.
fucktard jeff shaver:
Watch Animal Planet when they show packs of hyenas or wild dogs in Africa fighting for territory . Domestic dogs , whether a poodle or "pitbull" , have little genetic and almost no behavioral differ!ences from wild dogs
what a dumbass

gripping dogs have bad reputations based on genetics. i agree, it's not the dog's fault. it is the humans fault for creating them. they shouldn't exist.

the pomeranian fatality was on an infant and it was not a purebred pom, it was a pom mix. isn't that one of the desperate deflections used by the pit bull community when there is an attack? "it wasn't really a pit bull"

BSL is not the same as racism and you are stupid for equating dogs with people of color.

regarding the "service" dog, you are probably referring to the scam being pulled in aurelia, iowa. that nutter ought to be charged with fraud.

you gripping dog fanatics believe everything you told.

Puppy Magic said...

Dog will be just like their owners. No matter the breed. These dogs are the most loyal, loving, sweet dogs you can by. Pit bull's are as well. If the owner is a jerk and mistreats the dog and doesn't train it, of course it will "misbehave". Its a dog, we domesticated them thousands of years ago and then recently forgot that we still have to train them to do what we expect from them. They are not hardwired, they are not self taught to domesticate. We do that, so when we fail, we as a society blame the dog. IT"S A DOG. They do what they are shown and taught. They dont learn "bad" behavior, thats a dogs nature. Bite, sniff, investigate, play, roam..... We expect them to be people. Again, they are dogs, Its like they say .... Guns don't kill people... Stupid people with guns, kill people. Animals are instinctual, when you mess with that, then drop the ball, there instincts will always kick in. I think we should require people take classes to own a dog. As with children for that matter. (side note, I am three time owner of american bulldog/ bullnose pit mix, husky and lab, and currently a full grown male American Bull dog and a 4 month old Girl) I have two children under 10 and these are the best dogs for families, if you are prepared for the stuborness and all the love, loyality, protection and affection you can handle. Email for pics of my Bully's

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

puppy magic, genetics is a myth and the earth is flat.

Strange and I Like It said...

I felt the link I posted had some good information in it. I did not, however, say that all of you believe every single myth on there. The article states that the hyena myth was not a very common myth, but there are those out there who do believe it.
You did not say they are the same. I was not talking just to you, dawn james. Some would love to believe that American Bulldogs and American Pit Bull terriers are “basically the same thing.” I hear it all the time. Sure, they look similar, but are different breeds. As for the function of gripping, it was something that was needed back in the days, but is not needed anymore. That does not mean all dogs of this function should be put down. All dogs deserve a chance at being part of a family in a loving home. If you don’t want one, don’t get one. But don’t go around trying to get people to get rid of their dogs just because you do not like their breed. You will not change our minds any more than we will probably change yours. I honestly don’t care if I change your mind or not. All I care about is stopping the killing of innocent dogs that never hurt a fly.
Also, I fail to see how breedism is any different than racism. Humans are, after all, animals. While different races are not bred together for certain things, there have been selective breeding of humans throughout history. As for example, in medieval times, royalty was only able to marry royalty. That was eventually abolished. More recently, black slaves went through selective breeding so owners could have bigger, stronger slaves.
Genetics have a lot of different variables. Sure, someone could have bred 2 aggressive dogs together to get more aggressive puppies. But not every single puppy from the litter would be aggressive. There is no gene that says that dog will be aggressive no matter what. There are many variables in the genes that determine many different things. And temperament has more to do with experience and care and less to do with DNA. And who cares if the pom wasn’t pure bred. My point was that pit bulls and pit bull “type” dogs as you call them are not the only breeds that can kill a human. Any breed has that capability. And there are times when the media mislabels a dog as a pit bull just because they think it will sell better that way. I don’t have the link, but there is one blog that documents such cases.
And how exactly is the incident in Aurelia, Iowa a scam? The dog was a certified service dog that the guy had had since a puppy with no history of aggression. His dog is protected by federal law that overrules any city laws. And it is a no brainer that he won.
And I’m sorry if I have offended you because I share different beliefs than you, but I take it personally when someone says my dog should be put down just because she looks a certain way and comes from a breed meant to take down bulls. How would you feel if someone said they should put down children of people like you just because they are bred from small-minded, ignorant hicks? I’m sure you’ll say that dogs are not people, so it’s not the same thing. But guess what, my dog is part of my family. She is not property, she is my baby. I will fight to the death for her if I have to. No one should have a member of their family taken away just because other people are ignorant and scared.

Strange and I Like It said...

And for anonymous who posted February last year:
1. I’m a girl so I don’t have a penis, but I can assure you that my husband is very well endowed.
2. Neither of us have a criminal history and have never committed criminal acts.
3. Neither of us do drugs.
4. We both graduated high school with GPA’s over 3.0 (mine at 3.6) and we live in a house.
5. We both have full-time jobs.
6. We laugh at “gangsta wannabe’s” and constantly tell them to pull up their pants.
If you are this wrong on the owners, maybe you are wrong on the dogs too? Just a theory...

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

i am offended that you are incapable of reading and following links that often go back to PRO pit bull sites. the evidence is there to support what i am saying but you refuse to acknowledge it. i won't publish anymore of comments and i might delete these.

Unknown said...

I am floored at the ignorance of people I'm guessing anti pit type people posting on this site r also far left commi lovin gun hatin baby killin people who own four cats and who r by most considered loosers..... my pit won't hurt u cause u mess with him ill shoot you through the head wl my 357 be4 u can lay a finger on him........... dum f****s

Unknown said...

People r so stupid . I'm gonna put challenge out there for the grossly misinformed people who feel compelled spout off before they have done their research. Name a breed of dog that you know from experience that makes a better companion than an American Pit Bull Terrier.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

"Name a breed of dog that you know from experience that makes a better companion than an American Pit Bull Terrier."

i thought pit bulls were just dogs? i didn't think they were different? i thought it was all how they are raised?

Anonymous said...

The amount of hate and bullshit spouted from BOTH sides in these comments is astonishing. Your pure hatred and un willingness to see any other points, except that of your own proves to everyone reading your own ignorance.

But, don't flame me just yet.
I have been attacked by a Pitt Bull, not servely, i am fine and there is no need to elaborate.
I would not own a pitt bull, but i do not hate them, they are just animals.
I owned a American Bulldog for 5 years. I rescued her from a puppy mill, where she was used, and then left to die.
She was the sweetest, chill dog i have ever seen.
She almost never barked, and in 5 years i only saw aggression out of her once, when she confronted an intruder in my home.
I cannot count the amount of times irresponsible owners let their dogs of various breeds loose to accost me and her on our daily walks.
Never once did she show aggression, or bite/attack.

Are Ambulls dangerous? Sometimes.
Pitt Bulls. Mostly.
Etc. Etc.
What has been said bout these breeds has been said.

But what about the several hundred thousand chuckleheads that let their dogs run around and get other well mannered and well trained dogs in trouble?

It's to bad you morons aren't getting this upset over that.

Oh well.
Society is going downhill.

Again, I am not immune, and go ahead, flame me, hate me because i owned a dog that never hurt anyone.
You will do so because Society tells you too.

I loved that dog, and i love my 4y/o Oldy English Bulldogie, who is also just as well mannered and trained, partly due to being raised from any early age by my Ambull.

I might add, due to having many of the common ailments common to Ambulls, I had to have her put to sleep. I am a 28 y/o Male. I cried like a Child, and not a goddamn day goes by that i do not miss her.

And none of you fucking narrow minded chuckleheads will EVER take that from me.

Also, to "ALL" the irresponsible owners and breeds out there, fuck you all. You are the problem. The breeds make the dogs the way the are. the Moron owners, well, we know what they do.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

blah , blah, blah.

the name craven desires is in reference to dog OWNERS.

Anonymous said...

what a load of bollocks most of yall preach!!!! How about we pts all those dumbasses... :-D

Anonymous said...

God this dude talks shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

The quote at the top of this page...He who knows nothing is closer to the truth than he whose mind is filled with falsehoods and errors. Thomas of tremendous irony.

The close minded, self righteous, idiocracy exhibited by the pit bull haters on this website conjures visions of zealots, frothing at the mouth, as they sit and bang away at their keyboards, using biased, falsely represented data sets to prop up an antiquated witch hunt mentality that any one with a twitch of common sense and critical thinking recognizes it for what it is...devotion to ignorance.

The logic represented by these mental midgets is like a bad rehash of a Monty Python skit...If she ways the same as a duck...she's made of wood!

Anonymous said...

The last picture is straight up revolting. To hunt is one thing but any person who uses gripping dogs for it is a rotten brute who should be shot themselves. Every time an ad for that piece of shit series "American Hogger" comes on I want to throw the television out the fucking window.

Sorry... just needed to vent for a second.

Unknown said...

I second everything that "I´m strange and I like it" says. She is a highly intelligent human being, light years ahead of most earthlings. I feel exactly the same way and would just like to add that my Scott type American Bulldog is not an APBT because she barks more bass, walks with more swagger, is non dog agressive and is more territorial, so although she may look like a tall pitbull or pit mix she is infact a gripping/guard dog suitable for work with hogs and cattle or even boar hunting (without fighting the other hunting dogs). Big difference !!! Also more stubborn,bigger boned, slobbers more, thicker tail.

Anonymous said...

stupid photos of animal cruelty! you will be reported!

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

hey anonymous fucktard, do you actually think that i condone bull baiting or hog dogging? i don't, in fact i think it is more cruel than dog fighting. but hey report away asshole.

Badger said...

Uneducated dick. Your the kind of guy who listens to this crap.

Anonymous said...

Or is a family man that wants his family safe when he is away at work for days or weeks at a time!!

Anonymous said...

Most of you "commenter's" have no f'n idea what you are even talking about. You are the ones who go on hearsay and believe that everything on the news and the internet are gospel.

I have owned American Bulldogs for years and regardless of what you want to label them, they are only as dangerous as the one training them. If the owner/trainer doesn't do it right from the time they are puppies, then yes, like ANY dog they can be dangerous. ALL dogs are animals, period. They do what they do, but with proper training and management the American Bulldog is great pet.
And, by the way. Some of you aholes labeled American Bulldog owners as uneducated, criminals, druggies, etc. My wife and I both have master degrees, successful careers, do not do drugs, and are law abiding citizens. How many of you posters have the same credentials. Ass munches!

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

an anonymous commenter can and does say anything. i caught a 29 yr old woman pretending to be a licensed veterinarian for 30 years. true story.

i don't believe that anyone here said every single american bulldog dog owner past present and future is an uneducated, criminal, druggie. that should need explaining to someone with a masters degree.

Anonymous said...

It is the uneducated masses and pool of stupidity that creates all the media hype around certain breeds of dogs. Clearly the author of this article is one of those uneducated people. Bulldogs (in one form or another) have been around for centuries. If you're going to try to convince the world that bulldogs are evil or that they are just Pitbulls, then perhaps you should better educate yourself on their long history. To say American Bulldogs are Pitbulls would be the same thing as saying all morons are just uneducated keyboard camandos. Before you spew more dogmatic nonsense, you should do some actual research on the breed.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

follow the links. that's all you have to do.

RSM said...

Reading comprehension isn't one of the nutters strong suits is it?

Not one read the links, or understood the idea of the post. They are too guys splitting hairs.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

you got that right.

Anonymous said...

This is why I love my pitbull. They are a breed of dog that can protect and still be lovable.

tt said...

your a little pussy who thinks its cool with dogs like this, and you thinnks its cool and macho to take a bull or a pig i bet you have a very little penis.. and i know you cant fight for youself that you have proved....

Bill R. said...

Thank you for this post, it was very helpful. My 13 yr old border collie mix was torn to shreds last summer by one of these bs dogs. Not surprisingly, the owner was a supreme jerk. There is a pit bull ban in my city, but jerks who own "American Bulldogs" got them classified by the city as distinct from pits. I come from a state on the east coast in which they have always been considered the same, and I can tell you from personal experience that they act the same. That is, they are killers. A good friend's brother had his leg ripped to shreds by one. Until I found this post and your recommended sites I could find nothing on this question except by large groups of jerks who own pits and American bulldogs all telling us how f-ing safe and cuddly they are. Nothing was done to the vicious dog that attacked the dog-love-of-my-life, cuz it wasn't a "pitbull." I hope the cuddly pits and Amerbulls of all these wonderful family people choke on a chicken bone!

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

so sorry about your border collie bill. yours is a perfect example of the limitations of BSL. We should be targeting a type of dog not breeds. this should be done not only so other dangerous dogs like american bulldogs and presas don't slip through the BREED crack but also to minimize the potential for deliberately mislabeling pit bulls as ambulls.

Bill R. said...

Thank you Craven. I just returned to see if you posted my comment and I appreciate your reply.I completely agree with your take on Specific Breed labels. One of the things I love about the working border collie is they were classified by their herding style, not by appearance. Consequently they are all really what "pure breed" fanatics would think of as mutts. Sadly in recent years these types have engineered a "pure" border collie show dog. It is truly sad to witness it compared with the wonders of the working collie. But the world is moving on and I am sad to say there is not really a place in it for the magnificent working dogs. The obsession with the "pure breed" has been a topic for a while among several of my dog owning friends. We have come to the conclusion that the dog world is the last haven for borderline Nazis at times. Again, thanks for the reply and many thanks for your very informative post.

Dayna said...

I read all the posts and comments here. It's been quite an education, I've learned how evasive and dishonest most pit bull advocates are as well. I'll say, when I'm walking down the street or at a park, when I see a pit bull type dog, I don't care what the specifics are of which category it falls under. They're all the same to me, a potential threat. I will never trust this type of dog or their owners after the things I've read and seen. You pit lovers are doing yourselves no favors either by defending your breed in the comment sections after an article where a person or pet has been mauled by a pit bull. It makes you look as heartless and cruel as your dogs.

Packhorse said...

This is a meme from Big Cat Rescue, which is dedicated to ending the private possession of large, dangerous wildlife as pets (certainly a noble cause).

Anyway, take a look at the meme and you'll know where my mind is going. Tigers aren't the only "pets" who see an all-you-can-eat buffet!

Anonymous said...

Pro-Pit people..your points are endlessly reiterated, giving you plenty of space to polish up your recitation. Please stop mangling our language. It's making this uneducated moron's head hurt. And that just makes my keyboard commando role that much tuffer.

Anonymous said...

Hey! How'd the hall monitor get in here?!

Anonymous said...

I noticed on Jessup's page she has the photo of the three pits attacking a bull as though that were a 'sport'. Didn't that photo originate in the aftermath of Katrina? Didn't the dogs just randomly attack the bull on their own? Weren't they then shot by the National Guard a.k.a. the same people who took the photos?

I wonder how many of her other photos are like that one... showing the activity but under very different circumstances than what she describes?

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

anon 12:12, that's the story behind the photo. at least that is what i have read.

Mom in Eugene said...

I wanna know what the deal is with Fuzzy (fuzupf). I see he hasn't posted in a long time, but his video channel is posted on some of "our" sites. Was this just to show the pit attacks? Or did he some over to the sane side? I have been wondering this since I found this blog.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

fuzupf has been MIA for quite a while. who knows? maybe he received a darwin award. maybe he was jailed.

Meals on Wheels said...

American Bulldogs are just big, ugly pit bull mixes. I am still waiting for some scholarly research that proves that pit bulls, in all of their ugly flavors and forms, are more loving than my doga that was killed by the world's ugliest American Pit Bull Dog.

Please post your links to the peer reviewed scientific study on how some dogs are just better lovers than others. Wait a minute, did I just write that?

Anonymous said...

Why do you post as anonymous? Are you too scared to get a reply directed to you? You clearly dont own a pitbull if you think thats how they look. Plus you uneducated imbecile those dogs were bred to fight simply fight. If you think pits just are killers the moment they're born you also probably also think blacks are just niggers southern people are all rednecks and beaners and that your leaderare the most honest morally uncorrupt selfless people that ever walked the earth and im posting as anonymous because I dont feel like making a profile on this billshit bias site

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

"If you think pits just are killers the moment they're born you also probably also think..."


check this out nutter.

Unknown said...

Dangerous by default.
That's what wolves are, right?
Pet wolf = very bad idea, right?

So how the hell did dogs start?
Some 'nutter' had the courage and the empathy to take a chance on a WOLF. And was well rewarded.

Got a counter-argument that doesn't consist of puerile insults?

Anonymous said...

Or adopted by ppl who give a shit. I adopted a sick puppy who was gonna be put down because nobody gave a crap about the "dangerous american bull puppy"... Now he's an adult and lives with my chihuahua and kitten. He brought joy into my house by playing and caring with them daily.. and I'm a CITY GIRL.....

Anonymous said...

I have had several bulldogs raised to maturity and NEVER had one bite me or any member of my family, or anyone else for that matter... SCOREBOARD... It's all in how they are raised, just like anything else, you get out of it what you put in. Bulldogs just want to please their owner more than any other breed

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

so, on the one hand you are denying genetics by saying it's all how you raise them. and on the hand you are promoting genetics by saying bulldogs want to please their owner more than any other breed.

do you know the definition of oxymoronic?

Bulldog Slippers said...

of course any pit nutter, dog fighter or pit bulldog fancier who includes Helen Keller's ...

BigDnMo said...

You don't need to worry about my dog. You need to worry about me. I'm meaner and can formulate HOW I'll snap your neck.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

awesome comment BigDnMo!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

The most interesting part about this entire blog is how both camps claim to be right by showing all of these case examples to support their respective views. The only factor that is related in both camps is the fact the humans are involved. The truth of this is that regardless of what type of animal is being ostracized or promoted we as as responsible people are ultimately to blame.
We have the ability to train these animals to be whatever we desire them to be. It is not the animals fault that we are letting them down.

Unknown said...

Be a responsible owner. Whether it's a chihuahua or bulldog be a good leader and socialize your dog. I have two large americanbulldogs who grew up around children and people. Be responsible.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

so frustrating to see denial of genetics. get educated whitney.

Anonymous said...

So. Because I own a pitbull I am a redneck, a criminal a drug addict, apparently, Haha that's funny because the last time I checked I was a successful lawyer living in a multi million dollar house driving a Land Rover. All you people and your stereotypes just proves what is wrong with Americans these days. Since when does the breed of dog you own dictate the kind of human being you are? I rescued my dog from the animal shelter and he is one of the most calm, loving, fun loving dog I have ever encountered. He plays with other dogs and cats and has been attacked by a golden retriever, A German Shepard, and a Jack Russel and did nothing but run away. Oh yea he weighs 130lbs so if he wanted to retaliate he would have. So to all you people who want to label me for owning a Pit Ill be the one that gets the last laugh while I'm sitting at my beach house in Boca with my pit by my side looking at all you pathetic peasants.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

hello mr successful lawyer living in a multi million dollar house with the land rover in the driveway and the pit bull at your side. i would like to direct your attention to my comment of january 22 2014

an anonymous commenter can and does say anything. i caught a 29 yr old woman pretending to be a licensed veterinarian for 30 years. true story.

i don't believe that anyone here said every single american bulldog dog owner past present and future is an uneducated, criminal, druggie. that should need explaining to someone with a masters degree.

also, this is an interesting LINK too :-)

Unknown said...

Can someone give me a logical explanation as to why, although the definition of "pit bull" continues to creep out into other dog breeds, the English Mastiff, Boxer, Great Dane, and Bullmastiff or never targeted by the anti-pit bull crowd? I have heard the claim that these dogs can no longer perform the physical tasks they were once bred for but that argument holds no weight. Anyone who has ever met a boxer or great dane knows that these dogs are just as physically capable of causing damage to a humane or other animal as a pit bull dog. It seems to me that it is not so much the dogs that you wish to target but, rather, the owners. The amount of hatred I hear from anti-put bull advocates is almost too disgusting to laugh at. "White trash, hillbillies, rednecks, thugs." You might as well just drop the N bomb and get it over with. We all know that's what you're thinking anyways. I thinl you don't target these other "gripping" dogs because they are generally owned by a different demographic. Which would explain why, although they have no history as "gripping" dog, the Rottweiler is frequently targeted by the pro-BSL advocates. The Rottweiler was originally a herding breed. So where is the logic in excluding some "gripping" dogs while including the Rottweiler, who is one of the oldest herding dogs in the world?

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

"Can someone give me a logical explanation as to why, although the definition of "pit bull" continues to creep out into other dog breeds, the English Mastiff, Boxer, Great Dane, and Bullmastiff or never targeted by the anti-pit bull crowd? "

the bullmastiff is consistently targeted by the anti-pit bull crowd. the great dane, boxer and mastiff are nothing like their original forms. i wrote about the original boxer here. great danes used to resemble the siberian bloodhound. they were seriously scary dogs back in the day. you clearly know very little about them. same goes for mastiffs.

"The Rottweiler was originally a herding breed. So where is the logic in excluding some "gripping" dogs while including the Rottweiler, who is one of the oldest herding dogs in the world?"

well, where do i begin? for starters, they were not herding dogs. and herding dogs are not gripping dogs and the reason they are not mentioned here is because this is about the american bulldog.

Unknown said...

Dude. Is your self esteem really that low that you project your fears and hatred and self loathing onto an animal? It's a fucking dog. Not a murderer. Not a rapist. Not a pedophile. Not a gang banger. Not a thief. It is a dog. Common fucking sense people. Mass punishment and legislation is and always has been fundamentally immoral. Even looking past the obvious morally disgusting traits of BSL. Let's look at the effectiveness of legislation. Some people who have guns will shoot people. Some people who drink will cause an accident. Some people who have a bad day at work will beat their kids. Some dogs will attack people. How many of these issues have been solved by passing laws? None. Shit look at the drug war for fucks sake. That's a god damn tragedy of tax dollars and wasted life. A dog should only be considered dangerous when it attacks. When it does put the animal down. It's as simple as that. There is no preventative measure that can be taken to stop an animal attack other than carrying a way to defend yourself at all times. Stop asking big brother to protect you. They can't do that. All they can do is punish after the fact. Self defense is a personal responsibility. All this whining I'm hearing really just makes you all sound like pussies.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

what a great comment. before i reply, can you please clarify this:

"Mass punishment and legislation is and always has been fundamentally immoral."

i am especially interested in what you mean by "punishment".

Unknown said...

Or maybe because my 12 year old daughter picked him out. Judge much?

Unknown said...

Or maybe because my 12 year old daughter picked him out. Judge much?

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

"Judge much?"

ALL of the time but still, i suspect far less than you.

KaD said...

In the interest of improved accuracy I think I would change the pit hags comment: "I can produce health tested, mostly sound, sometimes people friendly, utterly tough, athletic gripping dogs with the drives that make them of little legal use to today's society - as they have been for centuries past."

Unknown said...

your so lame and worthless piece of crap.... i have muscle dogs and for sure you cant afford to buy one... i aint jobless and have a high oaying job and a wonderful family...

you are raised by idiots and wirthless individuals!

Unknown said...

Nobody will ever win the argument on either side there will ALWAYs be lovers and haters weather it's dogs or human beings