Wednesday, June 25, 2014

gripping pit bulldogs and their owners scorching the earth

given the huge success of my first gripping dog blog post and the scorched earth tactic the nutters have taken against it, i decided it was time for a sequel. and how serendipitous, not one but two gripping dog fatalities this month.

scorched earth – a tactic that involves destroying anything that might be useful to the enemy.

the first time i heard the phrase was from this clever blogger who employed it to describe the aggressive nutter campaign that overturned the pit bull law in ohio. the nutters have also used the tactic to kill the pedigree links and completely re-write the american bulldog history.

normally, i probably wouldn't go to the trouble to fix all of those links but while craven desires is creeping up on its 750,000th pageview, is an american bulldog a pit bull? occupies the most popular blog post which is fast approaching 60,000 pageviews. snack sized dog's blog about the tehachapi bully is the next most read blog post at nearly 22,000. i get that, TORRES is a celebrity hybristophiliac and the vapid consumers of american pop culture are a bottomless pit when it comes to celebrities. but it is puzzling to me why the bulldog blog gets so many hits (approx 3500 each month!). last week i read it again and clicked on a few links and discovered all of the pedigrees were redirected to german shepherds and the american bulldog profile at had been completely re-written. every reference to pit bull blood (as well as other manstoppers) in ambull ancestry and current breeding trends had been deleted. hmmm.... good thing i saved the evidence. pdf to the rescue!

2010 profile of the american bulldog
Even though the Scott type was directly developed by crossing early Johnson's dogs with more tenacious breeds, such as the American Pit Bull Terrier, it is gradually becoming accepted as the breed ideal, regularly outperforming its ancestors.
There are also some unpure bloodlines to be found, so potential buyers should be careful. Boxers, Bullmastiffs, Presa Canarios, Olde English Bulldogges, AmStaffs and other bullies are at times crossed into the American Bulldog bloodlines, sometimes with the intention of improving its working abilities, but more often simply for appearance and other reasons.
other reasons? hmmm...

now compare the 2010 breed profile of the gripping bulldog to the 2012 breed profile on you will not find PIT anywhere on that page.

the breed profile at was also watered down. although i didn't include it in the previous blog post, i will include it here.


It is said "fighting off one of these dogs is like fighting an animal that possesses an alligator's head and a python's body."

how freaking lovely!


quite a bit tamer, wouldn't you say?

nutters like dawn capp try to redirect the focus of blame onto those evil little terriers in an attempt to minimize pit bulldog danger with nonsense like "all terriers are animal aggressive". but the problem with "pit bulldogs" is not the terrier half, it's the bulldog half! why? because aggression isn't the only issue, tenacity carries as much if not more weight. aggression doesn't set the pit bulldogs apart from other dogs, tenacity does.

tenacity.  |təˈnasitē|
the quality or fact of being able to grip something firmly; grip
the quality or fact of being very determined; determination
the quality or fact of continuing to exist; persistence

tenacity, you know it when you see it. and we see it all of the time, most notably when 5 london police officers were hospitalized by one berzerking pit bulldog last summer.

after i updated the links to the "purebred" american bulldogs, i got caught up in the peds, again. all of the "purebred" american bulldogs that i linked to traced their roots back to FLOYD BOUDREAUX'S MAVERICK ROM. it's sometimes hard to keep all of those grippers straight, i had forgotten that MAVERICK was the descendant of BULLYSON, a well known man biter that you can read more about here and here.

terrier? or bulldog? what exactly defines the pit bulldog's essence?

here's a discussion from to help clarify.

BOUDREAUX'S MAVERICK ROM pedigree at the ambull site listing only the first generation.

BOUDREAUX'S MAVERICK ROM pedigree at the APBT site listing four generations - including BULLYSON.

so there you have it. a famous man biting pit fighting BULLDOG'S blood proudly pulsates through the american BULLDOG. 


safer midwifery utah said...

God damn you are organized! This proves that there are advocates out there are willing to lie and re-write history to promote a dog breed. This should be the go-to link whenever a nutter tells someone to "get educated" about pits- its hard to learn anything when all the unpleasant parts are whitewashed for PR purposes...

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

this is why the nutters are working hard to bully amazon to remove dog fighting books from their shelf.

pit bull zealots, amazon, truth and the first amendment

and this is why it is so important to save your evidence. i have gigabytes of pdfs, screenshots and images taken from the pitternets.

Rumpelstiltskin said...

It took me some time to realize so much pit bull/pit nutter information regarding their pit bulls is extremely contradictory.

I see it like this. Pit nutters speaking to pit nutters obsess and boast about how "game" their pit is. They also obsess over the possibility that their pit possesses genetic material from a pit who was a "champion" which in pit nutter terms means somewhere in the lineage, pits were fought, won frequently, bred, and held ROM titles.

Then there's the other side, coming from the same people. Pit bulls are nanny dogs. Everything they say revolves around or is closely related to this lie. Attempting to create pit bull service dogs, pit bull therapy dogs, pets, and potential dog park terrorists. I say dog park terrorists because I have seen dog parks, including me, clear out when a pit bull shows up. An activity discouraged by pit nutters who are only 1/2 idiot and not full-on idiot.

Most pit nutters are aware of both concepts, but only 1 is true. I have met some pit nutters who are completely clueless about the pit bull's fighting history and I just shake my head. They are the dumbest of them all.

Rarely do you see a pit bull as a service dog. The wash-out rate is very high. Mainly for dog aggression. The pit nutter folks who desperately want a service dog title go to one of the online "service dog" sites, pay their $100 and in their ignorant mind, believe they possess a pit bull service dog. There are recent "tragic accidents" where a pit bull service dog provided a service similar to what his grand daddy's grand daddy provided, removing another dog's limb.


Thanks for keeping up on the contradictions! I have seen them online but never thought to capture them. Pit nutters make pit bull websites based on their crazy beliefs and not on the facts. Then other pit nutters point gullible people to those sites. It's all a big cover up, I'm surprised it's gone on this long.

They even try to bully Amazon into assisting them in hiding the facts. The pit bull fighting dog books should always appear with the pit bull picture books.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

behold, the pinnacle of pit nuttery!!

"They were originally bread to be a nanny dog, that's their nickname the nanny dog. Through the years they realized how strong and powerful they were and that's when they started training them for the fighting." Rhonda Lang, SPCA


"There is some cause for concern for pit bulls because they've been bred over the past couple of decades to be fighting dogs." Ali Brown

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

"...who are only 1/2 idiot and not full-on idiot"


"dog park terrorists"


Rumpelstiltskin said...


Do you think the pit nutter/SPCA full-on idiot believes her own words? I think this is an example of overcompensation. Because pit bulls are problem dogs and much more trouble than normal dogs, some overcompensate by saying the exact opposite. It's not good enough to be "like any other dog". Noooooo, they have to be exceptional with children. Ironic how children and toddlers are on the pit bull feasting menu so often. They hysterically cry "nanny dog" AND "just like any other dog". Sometimes one right after the other. Maybe it's just a form of multiple personality disorder manifested in pit nutterdom.

I'd like to think she's not that stupid, just crazy, and aware she's lying but "it's for the dogs (pit bulls)" so it's okay. Also indicative of lacking empathy.

It's people like this idiot who gets people mauled and killed.

Anonymous said...

how does a fighting dog "bread" for aggression and tenacity and gameness also become a "nanny dog" ? same way an ugly white mutant becomes a beautifull angel ......magical thinking, in the unbrain of a dingbat .

Anonymous said...

nutter comments crack me up . they gotta be the stupidest shits that ever put meat-hooks on a keyboard. i really miss them when they arent here..... bless their tiny little hearts . pleaze make a quest appearance , ryan ,erin or some other pitterine pit harbourer.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

"Do you think the pit nutter/SPCA full-on idiot believes her own words? "

i think some of them actually believe this garbage but whether these two idiots believe it or are deliberately lying, it's hard to say for sure. i tend to think that the people who only consume highly processed information like bulleted talking points from the AFF/NCRC/best fiends/badrap are really clueless.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

check out the pit bull poet laureate :-)

Packhorse said...

I figured everyone might like to know that Merritt Clifton has a review of the gripping dog coffee-table book, "I'm a Good Dog", in the current issue of ANIMAL PEOPLE. Priceless stuff.

Small Survivors said...

"i tend to think that the people who only consume highly processed information like bulleted talking points from the AFF/NCRC/best fiends/badrap are really clueless."

I agree, but those making the bulleted talking points know they are lying.

I hope you link from the original gripping dogs post to this one. They need to know!

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

great idea snack. done!

i do think many of them are lying, possibly most of them are lying but i do think there are some people who just consume the propaganda and see no reason to ever question the higher power.

DubV said...

Any trick to get the Oct. animal people issue to display? I've clicked on it and all the hyperlinks below it and nothing shows up or it just processes for a long time and nothing pops up.

safer midwifery utah said...

is this it? this was an amazing article...

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

here's the book review.

DubV said...

Thanks, Dawn. It was a Chrome issue for me. Opera opened it right up.

Jake said...

@DubV - Re chrome issues with animal people - when I went to look at the current issue of animal people magazine the html version was not ready so I looked at the online magazine with the animated page turning which worked fine. Then I downloaded a pdf copy and that looks fine too - all in chrome, but admittedly it's chrome on linux here.

Rumpelstiltskin said...

I read the Animal People article. It was first class.

Anne King said...

reading folks like Craven and Merritt write helped save my sanity after my child was attacked, and I first came up against a bunch of nutters firstly blaming my child, then me, then a radio soul I was thought was my friend, interviewed me and right on the air told me they were the Nanny Dog...I think she works in Calgary BC now...she also on the air, 2 days after the attack on my child, told me Petey was pit and posed the "all the dogs bite" statement...this was a person who before this was my friend, and was also my child's friend. Seems the kool aid is some potent shit, they (butters) have no social concept of social rights and wrongs.

Anne King said...

not butters, nutters. That's the second time I've called them butters, maybe there is something to it??? hahah!

Anonymous said...

butt-nutters, butt stupid

really , some are just plain stupid . dont know any better , i suppose .

safer midwifery utah said...

oh man so I guess fiona apple cancelled her tour because her pit bull is dying. She wrote a letter to everyone about it where she says some crazy shit about her dog:

" She is my best friend, and my mother, and my daughter, my benefactor, and she's the one who taught me what love is."

Um ok. she is 'baking tilapia' for them.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

here is her entire blathering.

wow. not sure what motivates someone to take public something so personal and private. exhibitionism? narcissism? guilt?

Jake said...

Oh, no - her "dog" is actually a pit bull?

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

it appears to be a pit bull.

best to consult with jane berkey though first to see if it qualifies for free temperament testing and honorary fucking tutu.

Miss Margo said...

I saw Fiona Apple live in Napa CA in...2006, I believe? I'll never forget it, because she flipped out on stage. It was a small auditorium, outdoors, late afternoon. She started crying and shaking on stage and she aborted the performance after just two or three songs (she was having trouble singing). It was really strange. To me, it looked like she was on drugs and hallucinating. I felt a little badly for her, but then I was irritated because it is unprofessional to cancel your own performance and then not refund the price of the tickets.

Your Quiet Neighbor said...

@Miss Margo: Flipping out on stage is the mark of an amateur. You don't do that if people are paying to see you. They don't care how bad your day is going. You get up on that stage, you PERFORM.

The show must go on.

Anonymous said...

I love you guys.

You spout PURE HATE at other people.

Before you consider giving advice or stating your opinions, try to look at the hate flowing from your own mouth before talking.

Yes, Pits and their duratives are dangerous, but you have turned it into HATE pure and simple.

Yes the nutters are a prime target, but so are you people in return, based purely on the fanatical, narrow minded hatred you spout at them back in response, it's almost like you don't really care about helping, or changing anything anymore, just about how well you can boost your own egos and prove how big of a gigantic asshole you can be to other people.

Well done.

Start directing some of that hate towered the irresponsible owners and breeders and you "MIGHT" make a real difference in the cause you claim to support.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

you say tom-aye-tow, i say tom-ah-tow.

what you see as 'hate mongering', i see as being a stickler for truth. but seriously, do you nutters even bother clicking on the links i provide?

Anonymous said...

I thought bull terriers weren't very successful in the pit? I know they can be aggressive but I didn't think they had the same tenacity as the other grippers? Smaller animals would be in more danger because of the prey drive or aggression than bigger animals or even kids if what I've read about the bull terrier is true. Aren't rat terriers part bull terrier? I have yet to meet a rattie that would be dangerous in any size. American bulldogs are ugly and scare me more quickly than the pits I've come across. The crossbreed quite frankly is HIDEOUS!

Anonymous said...

Do you mean American Bullies or American Bulldogs? I didn't think American Bulldogs were crossbred, but American Bullies are...

I saw someone walking an American Bulldog today. Mutants are everywhere.

Someone mentioned the Bull Terrier... I don't know how good they are in the pit. Their freaky head shape can't help them. But, they have a generous dose of pit bull DNA.

Anonymous said...

American bullies, a "dog" we could all live without. I don't care for American bulldogs either, they're not on my list of dogs I want to be around. As for the bull terrier my questions are honest. I'm trying to find the attack stats on just the English bull terrier but pits,staffies and all the rest keep popping up. From what I can find, the English bull won't start a fight, but if provoked they will defend themselves and aren't trustworthy around smaller animals. That makes them a little better than the other grippers I guess, at least for the human beings safety. They don't seem all that common to find the animal attack stats. Just the warnings to watch them around other animals, which seems like a pretty good idea when having any bigger/smaller animal combos no matter what breeds. If they play a little rough the smaller animal could be hurt.

Anonymous said...

Since the bull terrier isn't as popular that can only work in its favor. IDK much about them, but pit bulls are being line bred and every other inadvisable thing. But, it will make finding info much harder. I know they looked different at the beginning of the 20th century with the concentration being more on the white color. I'm not sure when the weird headshape came into play or why.

Unknown said...

Nobody will ever win this argument dogs can b bad and so can people dogs can hurt people and so can people dogs can b good an so can people so where does it end it doesnt

KaD said...

It seems to me the pit bull terrier encompasses the worst traits of both breeds: The prey drive of the terriers and the tenacity and physical damage of the bulldogs. This perfected canine killing machine has no traits which make it worth breeding to other dogs. The JOB they were created for is illegal. These otherwise useless, destructive dogs should have been made illegal too.