Thursday, August 18, 2011

Pit bull advocate Donna Reynolds speaks

DONNA REYNOLDS' reflection on the murder of DARLA NAPORA inspired another brilliant critique from anonymous.

BadRap's advocacy is a failure......if they are unable to convince their own members/supporters to be responsible owners, and do things like neuter their dogs, then how can you expect them to convince the general public?

  • In the eyes of BadRap, Darla's death was worth it; a small but necessary sacrifice, the price we pay for the "privilege" of living with their beloved breed. (and I would add they see it as normal)
  • We cannot trust pit bull owners assessment of their OWN dog's dangerousness.
  • Pit bull owners/advocates seem to often be young people who lack maturity and common sense......why on earth would the Naporas own two large active dogs when they lacked secure housing? They were in a rental unit. And why would they keep these dogs in a tiny, one bedroom cottage? Why would they fail to neuter their dog?
  • Pit bull "advocates" are fanatics. They are misanthropes who value the life of a pit bull as being equal to, or more important than, the life of a human. They are often bullies, who blame innocent victims of attacks for "provoking" it, and somehow deserving what they got. They lack empathy and compassion for human victims of dog attacks.
  • Pit bull "advocacy" protects the dog fighters and back yard breeders who are abusing these dogs by fighting against sensible BSL to control over-breeding. Pit bull advocacy's primary function is to protect the rights of people to continue to make money off of these dogs through back yard breeding and dogfighting by protesting any and all regulation on breeders.
  • Bad Rap's response to this tragedy reveals how far this groups members are from normal society. Greg Napora's ONLY public statement about this tragedy was NOT to talk about his wife...but to defend his dog and the "pit bull breed". He immediately removes his Facebook page, and while in the midst of burying his wife, is on the phone to Donna Reynolds of BadRap? Greg Napora acts like a man who is more upset that he let the members of his "cult" down, than a man who lost his wife and child. Donna Reynolds bizarre statement....that it was just a dog being a dog, accompanied by a graphic of a woman and her pit bull walking peacefully into the sunset together. She adds insult to injury by ending her post with "R.I.P. Darla and Gunner", in perhaps the most spectacularly insensitive response to this tragedy I have seen yet.
  • BadRap members, and other pit bull fanatics, are endangering the public by relentlessly promoting these dogs as pets, and encouraging immature, irresponsible people like Greg Napora to own and promote the breed. It could have easily been one of the Naporas neighbors who was killed.
  • Its time public officials stopped listening to the dog lobby, and small groups of fanatics, and craft public policy that will restrict breeding and ownership of these dangerous dogs.


Anonymous said...

Donna Reynolds was wrong if she said it was a case of a dog just being a dog. a pit just being a pitbull, perhaps, but lumping a fatal attack in with say a nip or a bite from a normal dog is ridiculous and despicable. this is like comparing a hit or kick from a child to that same child killing his sibling.

Mary said...

Bad rap's response to this is definitely a great big failure. Normal dogs do not kill people.

Naturally, people in the comments section there have brought up the arguement that since it's wrong to judge a whole race of people for the actions of one person, it's wrong to claim that certain dog breeds may be more likely to maul than others.

Pit bull promoters need to be reminded: dogs aren't people. Plus, no one is breeding certain races of people for certain behavioral characteristics. Pit bulls have, however, been selectively bred for high performance in the fighting pit. That's why they are more likely than other dogs to maul and kill.

Of course, there's someone in the comments noting that they were bitten by a dachsund; therefore, dachshunds are as dangerous as pit bulls.

What these pit bull promoters seem to miss is that there's a world of difference between a bite (where the dog lets go quickly and stops) and a full out, sustained attack where the dog won't let go. The pit bull's "gameness," or unwillingness to stop attacking once started is honestly a horrid characteristic to have in a pet dog.

DubV said...

Wow, no one will answer my question over there. They either sidestep or saying nothing could change their mind. What a bunch of insane clowns in a posse.

Anonymous said...

Craven, You nailed it!...They are trying to change America's Canine Safety expectations and norms so they can keep the Billion Dollar Pit money machine pumping out the blood money.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

i'd like to take credit for it but i didn't write it. i only copied it into the blog.

Small Survivors said...

Dawn, you're attracting some very perceptive and articulate followers!

DubV, Insane Clown Posse! excellent! One of those morons made an analogy with people - in the comments section of Donna's THEY'RE JUST ANIMALS thesis. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

They won't get that.

SRUV said...

.... in perhaps the most spectacularly insensitive response to this tragedy I have seen yet.

> > > Thank you for catching the bizarre corruption of Hallmark sentimentality. Reynolds has tried to present us with a packaged set of emotions about Darla Napora's death, which you have been wise enough to deconstruct. Oddly, the husband himself has bought into this.

Burying them together? I'm sorry I ever heard this. It's a sickening thought that will stay with me.

Mary Ann Williamson said...

This is completely bizarre! A "dog being a dog" was when my mutt destroyed my flip-flops. I refuse to have the expectation that it would be completely understandable for her to tear into me, I've done most of the things that seem to set pit bulls off with my little fur-ball anyway like slipping on the ice walking her, trying to get her to come inside when she doesn't want to. All those bad owner triggers.

cyclona said...

hola cats and kittens!!! maybe i missed it but where can i read about the death of a bad rap person? i really love the carving the bad rap man does and i also love the way he does the temp. tests. sad and i hope none of you are happy to hear about this LOL i bet you are:) was this really a pit bull or yet another rescue of unknown heritage?