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pit nutter roundup

originally published 5/29/11. BUMP for renewed interest.
taylor you can thank pittybritty and cyclona.


rogers, arkansas a pit bull jumped through the window and attacked a UPS driver as he delivered a package. the police responded. attempts to taser the frankenmauler only seemed to piss him off. when the mutant tried to attack bystanders, the police opened fire on it. now the TELLEKSON comes forth to say the shit bull was never aggressive before and showed the KY3 news warm and fuzzy photos of his child and nanny dog. TELLEKSON said the shooting constitutes murder. he said would have rather gone to jail than to see his family member killed and that his girl friend is having nightmares.
THOMAS H. TELLEKSON was convicted of second degree sexual assault of a child in 2007. i wonder if his victim is still having nightmares?


leeds, maine 34 yr old LAMONTAGNE is in trouble with the law again. last january his shit bull attacked a llama. he pled guilty in february, was fined and apologized to the llama's owner. LAMONTAGNE went to court last week for the theft of a tractor that he tried to pawn to undercover cops but was intercepted by DEA agents. the pit nutter had a backpack full of drugs: 22 grams of coke, 58 ecstasy pills, 375 methadone pills, 76 diluadid pills and 14 grams of psilocybin mushrooms. estimated value $8300. looks like the entrepreneur didn't acquire another shit bull to protect his business and has to guard it himself 24/7.


vero beach, floriduh team psycho has been charged with animal cruelty after taping a pig's mouth closed and setting their pit mix dogs on it AND video taping it AND posting it on facebook. thankfully, people reported them.


spartanburg, south carolina deranged 27 yr old TATE and an equally deranged buddy approached a 53 yr old woman and asked if they could buy her pit bull for $70. when she refused, they pulled a gun on her, threatened to kill her and took the pit bull. the victim recognized TATE as the son of a long time acquaintance. TATE has been charged with first degree burglary, armed robbery and felon in possession of firearm


hamden, connecticut 25 year old BERNARD claims that no one liked his 8 month old staffordshire terrier, so he stabbed her 29 times. the pit bull is in stable condition. i wonder why no one liked her? advice to BERNARD, next time try silver bullets or wooden stakes or maybe just call animal control.


atlantis, floriduh 40 yr old HALL was sentenced to a year in prison for slitting his pit bulls throat after it got into a fight with his friend's dog. HALL claimed he was putting her out of her misery. this was HALL's ninth arrest.


sacramento, california thanks to blogger Sudden Random Unprovoked and Violent for pointing out a recent blog written by pit nutter DAWN CAPP. she proves yet AGAIN that pit bull advocates are incapable of telling the truth.
here's CAPP on service pit bulls and planes in 2011"
here's CAPP on service pit bulls and planes in 2004:
the above excerpt was taken from paragraph 3, page 7, of the esquire's 2004 book "American Pit Bull Terriers, The Truth Behind One of America's Most Popular Breeds". how awesome it would be if these creepy lunatics could be charged with crimes of deception. i know, that's just a fantasy. but how about this for reality - CAPP graduated from thomas jefferson school of law, the fifth worst law school in the nation with some of the worst faculty ratings and the lowest bar exam passing rate in the state of california. it's all starting to make sense now...

fun with washington nutters

22 year old pit bull owner/breeder/expert MELANIE OHLENKAMP

kent, washington a pit bull went on a rampage, attacking 2 people, killing one dog and attacking 3 others, chasing kids, attacking a police car and attempting to attack a cop. an aco described the pit jumping over a 5 ft wall, "as if it had wings". surprisingly (and disappointingly) the manhunt ended with the mutants being taken into custody without gunshot wounds. although no one has claimed ownership of the rampaging mutant, the lovely miss pit nutter of washington MELANIE OHLENKAMP stepped forward to claim her 10 seconds of fame defending the frankenmauler. "People in general should not be in fear of this dog i mean he's super friendly with people but if you have other dogs and you're walking them you should be very careful just because if he's not familiar with other animals, you know, you just don't know." oh, i think she DOES know. the reporter said that that the young woman is familiar with the pit bull, so she knows who the owner is. or maybe she is the owner.
now meet the REAL melanie.
i am fascinated by the level of narcissism among pit nutters. they are so predictable. take note $hotgun $hortcake: beauty fades, dumb is forever.
Washington Courts
1 Ohlenkamp, Melanie
King County District 103-10788 02-08-2010
2 Ohlenkamp, Melanie Anne
Lower Kittitas Dist 9Y6176884 06-29-2009
3 Ohlenkamp, Melanie Anne
Enumclaw Municipal IT0108900 12-24-2009
4 Ohlenkamp, Melanie Anne
Seatac Municipal IT0035955 09-17-2007


kirkland, washington a seattle man drove his dogs to a kirkland park and let them loose. they locked and loaded on a german shepherd. when LaVALLEY and the gsd owner couldn't get the pits off, the gsd owner pulled his legally owned and concealed pistol and shot one of the ugly dogs. independent witnesses say the gsd owner had no choice. JUSTIN NUTTER LaVALLEY of course admits his dogs were fighting but doesn't feel the victim should have used gun. (under no circumstances should wiggle butt ever be interrupted from flexing his DNA!) too bad, LaVALLEY'S ugly dog is still alive. here are his two uninjured ugly mutants, sitting in the back of his pick up truck, unrestrained. ANOTHER "oops moment" waiting to happen.

Washington Courts
1 Lavalley, Justin
King Co Superior Ct 02-2-01775-4
2 Lavalley, Justin
King Co Superior Ct 03-2-39045-3
3 Lavalley, Justin R
King Co Superior Ct 06-2-17504-2
4 Lavalley, Justin R
King Co Superior Ct 06-2-36032-0
5 Lavalley, Justin R K
Fife Municipal FRL307404 05-14-2013
6 Lavalley, Justin Richard
King County District 115-18049 10-17-2011
7 Lavalley, Justin Richard K
Kirkland Municipal XY0231384 04-30-2010
8 Lavalley, Justin Richard K
King County District CR0028929 12-11-2006
9 Lavalley, Justin Richard K
Bothell Municipal 14547 08-25-2005
10 Lavalley, Justin Richard K
King County District CR0028928 12-11-2006
11 Lavalley, Justin Richard K
Grant County Dist Ct 21996 08-30-2001

we interrupt this frankenmauling moment with a little POSITIVE pr from the land of FABB/JESSUP/BUI!!

tacoma, washington bullseye dog rescue will be having a little fun playing the find the pit bull game. starting june first, low income judgement proof nutters can take advantage of free spay neuter, free obedience training and free pit bull owner only workshops, so you can learn how your fighting dogs (with top-rated temperaments) are no different than any other dog. i hear there will be a game of breed charades and tips on how to successfully dine and dash. these "pit bull only" events are sponsored by and carry the JANE BERKEY seal of approval.

nutters, don't gorge yourselves on the propaganda, save room for truth dessert!
and last but not least...
the ethereal TAYLOR HERNANDEZ, who is as comfortable rubbing elbows with dog fighting scum as she is with rescue angel nutters, tells her story. one of her friends sent me this :)
Why I love the Bulldogs
My personal story

-- Why I love the Bulldogs My personal story I get asked Hey Taylor why do you love this breed so much. Taylor why do you fight for the "gamebred" dog's. Or Tay why are you always fighting with everyone over this breed. Well to me it is so... simple. To me it's like fighting for air to breath. Because with out the dogs in my life I would suffocate. So here is my story. In 1989 I was born. But I was born into a family of bulldogs. My father his father and his father father. All had bulldogs. Yes most of you may not agree with what they did with their dog's however it is what it is and there is nothing anyone could do to change that. I grew up working with my father in the yard. Since I could walk I was out side with my father cleaning feeding and playing with these dogs. I have seen it all before i was in pre K. My Grandfather Jerome Hernandez was a very nice well spoken man who loved the dogs his father raised him with them as well. My Grandfather unlike many others of today even though he was too raised with dogs had to find his own mark and find what worked for him. From what I was told there wasn't many bloodlines to choose from. But of a few and a lot of imported and unknown dogs. He would save everything even to this day I have hand written pedigrees that came from my Great Grand father The oldest I have dates back from 1902 and there is a photo with it and a detailed story about such dog. However I can not find this dog any where online and half of the writing is worn off. My grandfather was around a lot of people one of them he helped was Sonny Sykes. Many may not know who that is and thats fine. So what I am getting at it seems each person in my family even till today myself has seem to fight to do the best for their dogs and in their own way nothing should be handed to us. We all need to fight for them and not expect the work to be done by someone else no matter who you are where you have come from and what you did or didn't do. I have been blessed with so many educational tools and lessons before i was old enough to be thankful for them. I got to see dogs at their best and at their worst. I wasn't sure of my true love of them until I was blessed with my first true love and bond with my first special dog. His name was Peanut. He was so beautiful more like a wild mustang full of life and confidence. He stood at that time as tall as me I was able to look directly into his eyes he could of very easily knocked me down but he was very aware of my smallness and had never tried to over power me ever. He was of an old Carver x colby cross. My grandfather was much into the old Carver dogs. Not really sure why Peanut was bred the way he was But I am sure it was for a reason. He was black with white markings one blue eye and one half blue and brown eye. with big floppy long hound like ears. with big white feet to me that looked like bear feet. My father was also in the services The Marines. He was an old Jar head so to speak. He would get a lot of special trips to do and so on and would be gone for time to time. My father was my world and I loved him very much so he was my Hero. I think more dads of today should take some lessons from my old man. He was the best. At times it may have seem he was hard on me but in all I wouldn't be the strong woman I am today if i didn't have them.When my dad was deployed all I had was the dogs and My dog Peanut. I loved that dog. He would put Lassie to shame. we did everything together even play tea parties. Yes I played tea parties lol. Through the tough times of my life I always had Peanut and he never left my side not ever. My dog Peanut boy oh boy that dog. Even till this day i can laugh and cry at all the times I had with him. I would sneak him in the house at night till my dad gave in and let him become the house dog. he would sleep at the end of my bed. He was a stuff animal destroyer he killed all of my much loved collection but it was worth it never the less. I would share my not so good veggies with him and he would eat them with no complaints. And no one had to know our secrets. Summer times we would go to the lake and go swimming. One day Peanut saved me. One afternoon while in the deep wooded area of VA where I shouldn't of been in the first place. We walked up on a Black bear. This Black bear didn't seem to be too pleased with us walking up on it. and I was young but not too young to understand Bears are dangerous even more so when spooked. This bear was making this loud growl and stomping it's feet. showing its teeth and staring me down. I didn't move out of fright. Peanut however didn't like this bear and made it be known so. As the bear came charging at us. I just stood there like a deer in head lights. Peanut however wasn't as scared and charged back biting the bear on the face that bear flung peanut off like a plastic bag in the wind and the bear came at me but Peanut however came back not backing down and charging that bear once again. By then I climbed up the tree and was screaming hoping someone like my dad would hear me. The bear would swat at Peanut and peanut would hold his ground and keep coming back. By then peanut was all bleeding and the bear didn't seem to be tired or willing to give up as well. But after a while well what seem to be a life time that bear decided to move on and Peanut went chasing after him. I was still in the tree crying and screaming. Thinking my best friend is dead or lost. Finally my uncle comes back there and found me. I was crying so hard as my uncle scooped me up over his shoulder he didn't seem to care much where peanut went. I begged him to please find Peanut. I knew my best friend was hurt and I knew even back then that my dog wouldn't give up and no one was there looking for him to stop him. My Dad wasn't home and wasn't planed to be home till the next day. He had taken his dog Little Shirley out of state to be bred by his friend Jack's dog I believed that dogs name was Blackie That would be the only time Sherley was ever bred later on she had died after a match. That night was so long I didn't sleep for a second. My best friend was gone and alone some where out there. The next day I was up bright and early and headed out to look for my best friend Peanut. I had his favorite in hand a pack of raw hot dogs and a big bottle of water. But I also took back up in case that bear was still around so I took my fathers big hunting knife that was never used. something no little girl should be caring but back then I didn't think so. I called and called and called some more. Where was peanut? When noon came around I had almost given up hope before I had spotted a black flash in some bushes with those neon white markings. There was my friend all beat up limping and bleeding his head was swollen and a slash along the side of him that would show his flesh. Yet he was as chipper as could be wagging his tail and seemed to have been as happy to see me as i was him. When I got home I had seen my Fathers truck in our driveway. He was on the porch getting ready to check all of the dogs and feed them. At that time there was 90 plus dogs there. So There was always work to be done. He turned around took one look at me and another at Peanut and boy he wasn't happy one bit. But he asked me very nicely what had happen to him . Once I told him boy was he very angry for being so dumb to go into the wooded area that far back alone. And at that moment I knew it really wasn't so much anger but maybe fear that I could of been attacked by the bear. My father loved all the wild animals there even if they are dangerous he always felt that we are on their land and we need to give them space. If you been attacked it was due to our meaning humans neglect to be respectful of the animals space. But still I was his little girl. He so quickly grab Peanut and took him to the shed and put him on iv fluids and gave him a few shots one for infection and another for making sure peanut wouldn't go into shock. I don't remember the names of any of them. I do remember him explaining this to me and telling me how important it was that Peanut got those things. He then gave a shot for pain where Peanut's flesh was open. He then had given him another shot that put Peanut to a sleep. He then took a big bottle of clear liquid and poured it over the open wounds and had to cut some of the flesh off. My father had me watch him do this he felt it was needed for me to learn how to do these things. He then put straws inside where he was putting stitches around this whole time my father was checking the dogs oxygen and his heart I was simply amazed at this. My father took over like some sort of Doctor or in the case a Vet. Peanut recovered nicely after he had his much needed rest with us. And grown a custom to bacon and eggs and French toast. My dad would make the best breakfast and by this time Peanut was set a bowl as well plus left overs. By 5 months Peanut was a fat dog but that is what happens when you have a whole family plus people who came over to help my father with the dogs all give Peanut scraps and left overs. By then Peanut was fully healed and my father had an eye on him. He then thought it was time Peanut worked off the extra pounds. My father for months worked with Peanut got him nice and lean he even took him to shows every time Peanut went he would always win Peanut was turning heads all over the place. When ever someone would ask about Peanut my father would point to me and tell them that he belong to me. Some thought it was a joke and others thought it was cute but my father really meant it... Then my father had asked me if I wanted to see if Peanut could prove himself. And I thought sure I had seen my dad test dogs before. I was young what did I know so he did just that. He took Peanut to his litter mate brother his name was Snoopy. My father liked the way they both turned out he then took him to a friend of his dog who was slightly bigger his name was buck he then too said he seen a lot in Peanut. Not much later My father went out of state with Peanut and he matched him to a dog my Grandfather had named Boyel . From what I was told Boyel was experience dog. My father however believed in Peanut. Peanut had an advantage Peanut was not just a bulldog but was also a house dog and had a very heavy bond with us. My father said they went at it back and forth for over an hour a hard hour my grandfather then picked up his dog Boyel and said he had enough. When My father came home with Peanut I didn't like it Peanut looked rough real rough. My dad once again fixed him up and months later Peanut was back to his old self with a few more scars yet he was still the same old Peanut. Peanut and myself started to get older our bond was always the same he was my best friend he was there when no one else was. Peanut and I still went out in the woods even though i had known better. I just felt like it was a home away from home sometimes it felt more home then the one I lived in. It was the one place I was able to see Peanut run and be free as did I. He would fetch sticks and have races with me. We would jump in old pile of leaves and find treasures. It came that time again My father took Peanut back out. But this time wasn't like the rest My father along with a friend Had Peanut wrapped in a sheet My father didn't look happy. I heard of some yelling among my father and his friend something had gone wrong. Peanut wasn't wagging his tail. I walked over to the shed where my father was he was covered in blood. His friend yelling just take out back it aint worth it. My father was sweating I knew something was wrong. My father looked over at me with this lost face. He didn't have that full confidant look on his face. Peanut was just layingthere. My father was giving him shots of whatever he started CPR Peanut just didn't budge. I knew my best friend wasn't coming back and I blamed my father when he looked at me and said he tried it all I started to scream he killed the one thing in my life who never was away he knew gave up on me Peanut was always there He knew all of my secrets. In that split second My father went from my hero to someone I hated. And I did. Peanut laid there on this big steal table eyes wide open I seen my reflection in his eyes. I kissed his nose as I fell down I hurt that night more then ever. The pain of losing my best friend was a pain that was unbearable. It's a feeling of being kicked in your stomach and you lose your breath. You can't hold your head up. The world feels as if it leaning on your shoulders. I didn't care that Peanut won his last match. That didn't matter to me. What did matter was I no longer had my friend my pal the one thing that was always there who was never busy was now gone. My father was no longer my Hero he was a murder. From that day on I knew I wouldn't want to see this happen again. The day we buried Peanut I promised him that I'd never let hurt happen to any other dog in my life or in my care. I promised him I'd never forget him and I wont. I haven't bonded with another dog till much later in my life and that is my heart and sole Gambler. I see the same sparkle in Gambler when he is with my own little girl. I see a bond with them as I had with my own dog. They will never have to face what I did when I was her age. She will never have to say good bye to her best friend in the same manner as I did. But there fight is a bit different then mine and that is BSL. BSL can always strike it's something of the same. It is like a virus. And is spreading state to state and town by town. I feel my love for this breed for all the little boys and girls and their Peanuts and Gamblers. They need to be heard they need us to fight for them. I wont give up some may say I have no right to fight for BSL since I come from a family of dog fighters but I believe I have to fight more so because of that. I must change my family past for this breed make my way to give back to the dogs. Understand them in a way most can not.Or most can't handle. I can't see another dog die due to a virus our government's sets. As far as my father I didn't forgive him till the day we buried him. I felt if anything he had to answer god. I loved my dad I really do and still do he is my father after all. And he was doing what he was raised in doing. It was just the way it was. He has a passion in it just like I have one not in it and helping the breed. Maybe I wasn't into it because of Peanut maybe in the jest of it all he helped me see a different way. Maybe it's because I am a female and tend to be more on the emotional side. Who knows why I turned out to be who I was but I am what I am and I have every intention of being of just that being me and standing by what I love. I am thankful for my life long lessons and find myself still being a student I am always learning and keeping my ears open to all of the possibilities. I wish that one day that my own experiences can help someone else and maybe change just one person. Maybe one day we of all sides who love the breed/breeds can come together and help with the fight and end BSL. maybe even help an irresponsible owner become of an responsible one Maybe one day it's a dream and that is all it needs to be everyone had a dream but very few fight to make them come true. I haven't given in yet and still fighting. Each day I find a way or dot down a plan of making changes and helping . That is it folks this is my story why I am who I am and why I love these dogs and why I am in the fight and as passionate as I am about the breed. Hope you enjoyed or if anything understand who I am a bit more
By: Taylor Hernandez

*TAYNADO is 22 yrs old, that makes her father an illegal dogfighter.


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Anonymous said...

Dammit Craven!!...I spit coffee all over my keyboard when I scrolled down to Melanie Ohlenkamp's beer swilling photo!

Thank God she was there to set the record straight and ensure public safety.

You can't make this stuff up!!!

april 29 said...

Fairly easy to identify a perp with his name tattooed on his neck... Tate is a classic nutter.

Hernandez has seen dogfighting from the inside of the dirty and illegal world. She has apparently never considered the impact that her gamebred pits make on the lives of victims. We love our dogs too, and cats, horses, ponies, our children, our grandparents.

Before a 22 year old with limited life experience tries to modify society to fit her desires, she might consider how to modify pit bulls to fit into society without violence. Oops, no, can't do that, pit bull advocates like 'em game.

Small Survivors said...

April29, I was thinking the exact same thing about tattooing your name on your neck! You would think when his buddy said, lets forcefully steal a pit bull from a lady instead of picking up one of the dozens listed on craigslist for free, Antonio would have said, you know since I tattooed my name on my neck, I don't think its a good idea for me to confront my victim directly with a gun.

UNBELIEVABLE FIND CRAVEN ON STUPID SHOTGUN SHORTCAKE!!!!!!!!!! If her pit bulls maul anyone, it better be her and not any of those little kids in her photos. Then she can take photo after photo of her scars.

boo radley said...

high entertainment. you de man,craven.great to shine the spotlight on these cretinous excuses for humanity. poor little taylor and peanut. another pit princess and her glorious mutantmualer. what a crock of pitshit,the bear fairy tale. BOO BOO

BOO BOO said...

"why i love the bulldogs. my personal story." dog fighting background, early bonding with a pitbull with the unlikely name "peanut" and then death of peanut in dog fighting accident. father now forgiven and b.l.s the enemy. in a nut shell.

Dude, I BaggedYourPit said...

"... the bear fairy tale."

Exactly. 5 minutes on a polygraph and this bullshit artist would print more lies than a Japanese earthquake on a seismograph. How do people get this weird?

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

neck tattoos are probably cheaper to just go with a generic tattoo that says: LOSER.

here is a fun little tattoo map of social relevance.

Taylor Hernandez said...

I gave no one the right to use my own personal photos nor my own personal story that has copy rights may I show you? I am also putting a book together and don't go saying i dog fight because I DO NOT AND NEVER DID! now can you kindly remove my photos and my story and maybe next time ask to use them because in all honesty i would of let you if you would of asked.

Friends Administrator said...

Taylor, did you finish elementary school because your use of the English language is definitely lacking. Therefore I find it hard to believe that you even know what a copyright is, much less how to spell it correctly.

DubV said...

Oh yes, I'm sure Taylor Hernandez knows all about the law in this area.

Taylor, that story should remove any credibility you ever had in the eyes of your fellow pit nutters. You are forgiving and loving toward and find inspiration in what they hate the most...a dog fighter!

Guess what? It won't though. The pit nutters will accept anyone who says a nice word about pit bulls. They are easily manipulated, but you might already know that.

Anonymous said...

my father did fight dogs i never lied about any of that. However what he did isnt my fault by any means. I don't agree with it one bit it was MY STORY. and I doubt craven really wants to test me on this. She has till tomorrow to take it down or the chips will be where they lay. Also lets hope shes not in florida because the laws are a bit more tricky there for her end.

Anonymous said...

also it only cost a whole 35 bucks to have something copyrighted and all of my things are.

like a rag doll said...

One word for Taylor Hernandez: paragraph. Look it up before you write your book.

Anonymous said...

it is on my facebook page its the way the person copied it LOL

Fuck Stick said...

Copy right infringement. COOL

Anonymous said...

You go girl...Tell the shyster lawyers you want monetary damages. Cravens pit bull rescue compliments of intellectual theft.

Hernandez Lacks Logic said...

"it is on my facebook page its the way the person copied it LOL"

If it was on your facebook page, and your facebook page was public at the time it was given, then Craven is in no way infringing your privacy or obstructing copyright laws. Especially since they mention you as the author.

Also, quoting someone is not wrong. Misquoting someone most likely is.

Hernandez Is Illogical said...

You mention this,

" I am also putting a book together and don't go saying i dog fight because I DO NOT AND NEVER DID!"

But why should that matter when it's hinted that you still support it?

"My Grandfather unlike many others of today even though he was too raised with dogs had to find his own mark and find what worked for him. From what I was told there wasn't many bloodlines to choose from."

"So what I am getting at it seems each person in my family even till today myself has seem to fight to do the best for their dogs and in their own way nothing should be handed to us."

"He was of an old Carver x colby cross. My grandfather was much into the old Carver dogs. Not really sure why Peanut was bred the way he was But I am sure it was for a reason."

Your father and grandfather were idiots to allow a child to handle and walk a pit bull with solid fighting lines. And I must say that I have to call bull shit on your black bear story. And if that were the case, then the reason your pit bull ha the upper hand was because it was bred to maim and kill regardless of how injured it was.

However, most pit nutters are compulsive liars or people who love to exaggerate their claims as evidenced by such idiots as RobC. So the whole thing just smells like a big pile of shit if you ask me.

The irony behind your comment and your excerpt from your future book, is that you seem to take pride that your family were illegally breeding, selling, or fighting gamebred pit bulls. And honestly? That really makes you a hypocritical and sick individual.

Also you need help it no pit bulls in your life would make you say, "Because with out the dogs in my life I would suffocate." Seriously, you do need help...

Anonymous said...

no this is in the private settings and if someone has a website open to the public does it mean you can steal whatever you want off of it? now where is that logic sweet heart?

using my name and photo is also slander all these dog fighting comments slander plus u cant uses someone photo with out their permission either. It was taken off of my private facebook page need I say more?

Hernandez is still an idiot said...

Obviously your reading skills are as bad as your writing ones. :) To help you understand better, this is what I originally said.

"If it was on your facebook page, and your facebook page was public at the time it was given, then Craven is in no way infringing your privacy or obstructing copyright laws."

You're the one who failed to mention your facebook was private. And you're the one making bat shit presumptions and who misunderstood my comment.

Thanks for proving my point. Try to rub those neurons together and follow along, ok?

Hernandez is stll an idiot said...

Also, before you make another poor accusation. Your original comment under the name of Taylor Hernandez makes no comment that those photos or portion of your writing were on a private journal.

What makes it worse, is that if Craven or someone happens to have a screen shot of your facebook being seen without a logged in name in the toolbar, then you're a liar.

Hopefully you're telling the truth about something however. I see that your profile is currently set to private, so there's hope.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

looks like the party started right after i checked in this morning.

as for taylor's personal story, i am not calling her a dog fighter, i am not calling her a liar. the part of her story that grabbed my attention is what Hernadez is Illogical seized on "Your father and grandfather were idiots to allow a child to handle and walk a pit bull with solid fighting lines."

taylor, i have not ever knowingly violated copyright law and i would not ever knowingly violate copyright law. in the past when people have informed me that something is copyrighted, i took it down. something tells me that you are lying about these being copyrighted. what i do is no different than what the new york daily news has done with the current fatal attack, grabbed a photo and information from facebook. and actually, i didn't take it, they were sent to me. i can't see anything on facebook, public or private. i created a facebook account but deleted it, i don't like that world. without a facebook account, i can't see anything and i am quite content to remain ignorant of the information that is on facebook. besides, i know many people who do have accounts that can get information for me, sometimes unsolicited.

there is a very simple solution, send me your copyright info and i will remove it ASAP. or since you generously stated that you would have allowed it, if i asked to use it, how about a compromise? i keep the story and delete the photos?

i will check my email every few minutes for your response. you should know that high noon type ultimatums intrigue me.

DubV said...

Taylor said..

"also it only cost a whole 35 bucks to have something copyrighted and all of my things are. "

Wow, you actually think anything you've produced is worth $35?

DubV said...

"Your father and grandfather were idiots to allow a child to handle and walk a pit bull with solid fighting lines."

Very true.

Taylor, you are only 22 and part of who you are was formed by dogfighters.

You should consider that perhaps you have been taught many wrong things and also were not taught how to identify what parts of your belief system are wrong.

Before, you go changing the world you should realize that being opinionated and full of yourself is not the same thing as being correct or intelligent.

Dude, I BaggedYourPit said...

Fair use doctrine: "Section 107 (title 17, U. S. Code) contains a list of the various purposes for which the reproduction of a particular work may be considered fair, such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research."

Other criteria to assist claims of infringement would be replication without credit, particularly for commercial purposes, and use of a substantial portion rather than excerpt.

Infringement: None
Fair Use: Yes
Blathering Idiot: Hernandez

Dude, I BaggedYourPit said...

I think it's funny this dope would spend a nickel to copyright garbage, but would encourage the dope to spend its money the way it see fit.

Everybody else can go here:

Psyco Nutter killer of virgins and cats/dogs/cattle/whatthefuckever said...

I see the cunt house has once again opened it's doors to the masses. Cool 'cause you really aren't worth registering for.....


@ above commenter "Psyco Nutter killer..."

But they're apparently worth following to know that they turned of anonymous comments. Their words are worth reading for you to find out through a line of comments that they were enabled. And worth coming here to express your opinion on their blog. :)

Good to see that they're not worth registering to in order to comment. But sure as hell worth it to do the above!

@pshco pond scum said...

glad hes not trying to fool us about what he is, honesty's the best policy. always prefer it when pit pond scum is above board. b.t.w. wonder if little pit princess will be getting back to our good man craven?? pits might fly

So Funny said...

@ anon 9:37

Seems as though she goes by wolf princess these days. And I could stand corrected, but is this their old blog?

Anonymous said...

Going way back to what April 29 said, I agree with this completely. Why is it so easy for Taylor to see that Peanut had no business being fought but so difficult to understand that when Peanut did fight and win, maybe some other little girl lost a beloved companion? When Peanut was out running free in the woods, only by the grace of God and dumb luck did some other little girl not lose a beloved dog or cat. Multiply the Peanuts of the world by the thousands and the animal and human victims by the tens of thousands. Why should *anybody* have a game bred fighting dog? Why is compassion and understanding limited to not going beyond the nose on her own face?

not so funny said...

i didnt mean our own little lycan pit princess. i might have been trying to say they (tay and lycan) were both cast in the same mold. ive been making a study of the dingbat phenom. they and their mualers are fucking everywhere. its true ,most of them are not fit for human consumption. except to have for dinner.

Kristi said...

I thought Craven's was about protecting the general pubic from being hurt or worse by pit bulls. I do not get why you pick on a little kid. I have never seen her post or say a single thing about the care of apbt's that is irresponsible. you all have not either. The old time dog fighters should be your best friends. There were never any of these tragic incidents when the dogs were in their hands. `It is sad that the dogs were fought and suffered but those fights did not happen often. The pain and suffering does not compare to the pain and suffering happening now at the hands of the wannabees and the crazy people who believe the dogs are harmless. I am totally confused what your agenda is. i thought protecting the general public humans and animals from pit bull attacks, all a result of idiots. pick on the LOL Skid's aka Dan Meagers. Please consider leaving the nice little girl alone. Taylor is one of the responsible dog owners and there are not many of those around. She sure as hell had no control of what her grandpa and dad did with the dogs.

Anonymous said...

Kristi, Taylor openly fights BSL. How is that responsible or keeping the public safe? If pit owners have proven anything in the past thirty years or so, it's that they will NOT self-regulate, will NOT attempt to breed better, safer dogs, and will NOT be responsible breed stewards. When people refuse to regulate themselves with dangerous things, the government then steps in and regulates them. This regulation benefits pits as well as so-called responsible pit owners. Fighting it is counterintuitive and a blow to public safety.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

a responsible owner would have not only condemned the dog fighting her family engaged in but also the allowing of a child to be in control of a powerful dog. that is my primary reason for including her story in the blog post. this myth about "responsible" dogmen must be exposed.

in addition, a responsible pit bull owner would condemn joe woodall, ed faron and donnie casanova, not portray them as heroes who have have been unfairly persecuted. i might not be a fan of pit bulls but that doesn't mean i view dog fighting as okay as long as non pit bulls are not harmed. i have never accused taylor of dog fighting, but it certainly doesn't help her reputation that she consorts with the scum and aggressively defends them. her association with them also casts doubt on the legitimacy of her boy friend's "rescue".

Anonymous said...

Craven...Don't you get it?!?

Only African American Dogfighters like Mike Vick are condemned by the "Responsible" Pit Community. The Doggers harken back to the good ol' days when matching dogs was legal and blacks couldn't own property. Made them feel higher up on the social ladder....

Gotta wonder if this generational Dogfighting revelation will hurt or help Taylor's Pit Griftering Career?!?

hater with reason said...

shes what 22? and in my mind not far removed from the rest of the young arrogant pit owners who are going to have just whatever they want no matter the cost to the rest of us. sorry but words are only hot air.

Friends Administrator said...

Kristi, little kids grow up into adult psychos. That's the path that "little" kid has chosen. She says true to the myth of "raising them right", raised by by dogmen, fighting BSL, etc. I don't want her as a neighbor, I can tell you that. I think anyone with a pit bull should be in confinement camps, put them all together, get them out of the general public. We wouldn't need regulation or bans then because they would kill each other off, both pits and owners. Simple really.

DubV said...

Does Taylor think it is all in "how you raise them"?

That's bizarre for the spawn of a dogfighter to think that.

If so, it is fitting in an ironic sense. Nurture is obviously more important in humans. And it so happens Taylor was raised by someone who is a huge asshole.

Sorry lil' Taylor, certain things you can't come back from. And if people do certain things it is perfectly legit to judge them by it. Dogfighting is one of those things (which is just severe, purposeful animal abuse for pleasure, really psycho shit, but I'm sure you've cleaned it up in your vacuous mind).

Another would be severe, purposeful abuse of the elder or kids. You get the picture. Your dad should be in jail if he is still around.

I don't care if he served our country or not. It doesn't erase anything.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

re: the it's all how you raise 'em propaganda, i will defend taylor on this one. she is honest about the pit bull's innate animal aggression. she is absolutely better than most. i just wish she would condemn dog fighting scum instead of embracing them.

on the pit nutter scale, taylor scores low. i am actually sorry i included this taylor story with the same blog post as dawn capp, as she seems to have been overlooked and she has the potential to do much more harm. capp scorse very high on the pit nutter scale.

DubV said...

Sorry, I was just unwilling to do more than skim her incredibly poorly written large block of text.

So Taylor has decent knowledge about pits but is incapable of making good decisions based upon it.

Definitely a lion tamer sort or "special" person who can handle these dogs.

* said...


The oddest person I see is someone who acknowledges that the pit bull has problems that are genetic, but then still goes to defend that breed (which actually hurts them more) but denying that better breeding standards and regulation are needed. It really boggles the mind.

On that same note and speaking of children with dogs...

Also, don't nutters think that in order to prescribe or hold a title that the owner would have to earn and maintain it? Even if pits were nanny dogs of old, they most certainly lost that title since the early 1990s.

DubV said...


Good points. I think that many nutters will go so far as to say that dog-directed aggression, gameness, etc are genetic. BUT they will do the following right after: 1. not consider any of this an issue because special people like them can handle it, 2. consider dog-directed aggression not a problem, and/or 3. contend that these traits don't make pits anymore dangerous for people.

It seems they can't quite close the loop there because it would cause them to have to think something that makes them feel bad.

Anonymous said...

"Before, you go changing the world you should realize that being opinionated and full of yourself is not the same thing as being correct or intelligent."

Now that's something that should be copyrighted.

animalcop said...

World meet Kristi! One of No Bulls failed hosts. As well spoken as Hernandez and who claims to have allowed her son as a youngster to be embrassed by dog fighting enthusiasts or so she claimed on the show "cackle, cackle, cackle"!

animalcop said...

Ms. Hernandez please tell your on again off again boy toy to stop messaging me with strange notes. I am not sure which one of you is the bad influence, probably both, but airing your dirty laundry in my inbox is wasting my precious time that is better spent hunting and reporting egotistical dog fighters! Thanks ;)

FormerOhioGirl said...

I don't believe this story is copyrighted (by her) because I do not believe she wrote it. I believe this story was lifted from elsewhere and it wasn't even a true story at its previous location. This is the most pitiful, bullshit hoax story ever.

There is absolutely nothing original or distinct about it. Anyone who searches Google for a day on pit bulls, could write this exact piece of garbage without have ever even owning a dog before!

A total hoax!

Word up to Taylor, real dogfighters (assuming you are trying to attract them to you) would fucking vomit at your piece of garbage BULLSHIT story! Dogfighters are stupid, but they are not stupid when it comes to stories about their dogs.

"L" for loser babe!

Anonymous said...

I feel sorry for the hundreds perhaps thousands of Pits slaughtered by this Dogmen family....not just the Peanut.

In honor of Peanut, the only special "family Pit" meriting sympathy, let's use a new term for when a Pit is killed or culled by a dogfighter.


ie...In 2010, 40,000 American dogfighters PEANUTTED over 250,000 Pit bulls.

May Peanut's fighting spirit live on forever!


Anonymous said...


November 2009, Maricopa County welfare recipient Linda Chavez takes to the airwaves with her "family" after her "family" Pit Bull is shot while attacking the Sheriff. While setting the record straight, her alert welfare caseworker notices that she had been drawing single mother benefits for over 5 years and a welfare fraud investigation is initiated against her.

Disclaimer** I am not making this up!!

* said...

I presume that Ms. Hernandez could not provide that document proving her copyright to the above post because it's still there.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

i am still waiting on it. maybe she is in the process of acquiring the copyright. taylor, i give you my word that i will not share the copyright with anyone. i will just delete your story/photo.

although, this blog could serve as a good promo for your book sales. i definitely would buy it and add it to my book list.

kristi said...

I cannot stand to hear the it is all how you raise them. It is not true. Genetics have more to do with the behavior than environment, in my opinion. I assume Taylor's family had well-bred game dogs. You cannot find any safer dog to be around a child. I do not allow my game-bred dogs around little children only because they are not used to kids. I don't like to see any large dogs around little kids that are not used to children. I can't argue with you at all about the pit bull owners today, especially the breeders are a nightmare. Since the bsl's are not in effect it seems you would want someone like Taylor teaching people how to keep the dogs secure. We have no choice in loving the breed just as we have no choice in who our parents are.

* said...


If she cannot provide that document within the next 24 hours, then she's indeed a liar. Although the credibility of her story already had me presuming that from the get go.

* said...


If you're going by the "every dog is an individual argument" then this is partially true. However, what is not debatable is wether or not the trait is genetic. It has been documented in silver foxes and I find it odd that people in the pit bull community are against the canine codis.

Those two things are more fact than opinion. What's opinion is that many dogs do have the genes for aggression, but that some may or may not have those genes "turned on" if you know what I mean. But that shouldn't be the main argument; because it still shows up all to frequently regardless of how well cared for pits are.

You do have a choice in what breed you love. It's not something you're inherently born to do.

kristi said...

I know who animal cop is. I would sue you for making such a statement about me if you had any money. I never said dog fighting enthusiasts on any radio show. It is all recorded. You said about the same thing to me on Keith Wandell's wall using your real name. This is the second time you have mentioned my son. You must listen to those shows intently! Very true about the many of the old time dog men being racist, vintage. People like Vick and DMX have not done the breed any favors. DMX certainly knows much more than Vick does about the dogs but he promotes dog fighting. I did say genetics. Which is why my dogs are never allowed to be home alone together. Genetics has a lot to do with them being friendly to humans and very poor guard dogs too. This is just my personal opinion from experience with a lot of well-bred game dogs. The supreme court in Alabama disagrees with me about the genetic predisposition. Remember the Huntsville case? It pretty much makes the case against bsl's.

FormerOhioGirl said...


You are brilliant!

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

kristi, you were doing so well and then you had to go and go blow it with the nonsense about human aggression and best dogs for kids. that's almost regurgitating the man biters were culled and nanny dog myths. very very few dog breeds were actually created to be human aggressive.

regarding taylor's personal story, i repeat, i am not calling her story fiction. i can never know with absolute certainty if it is true but i hope it is true.

i am not interested in harassing a "kid" on the internet. i am interested in exposing and shaming pit nutter liars (like dawn capp above) and the myths. and one big myth is the so called "responsible" dogman. that is all i really care about in this story. it would be irresponsible to allow a little kid to go off in the woods with a labrador retriever. it is down right criminal to allow a kid to go off in the woods with a fighting dog!

i don't have a problem with taylor as a pit bull owner or as an advocate, other than her close association with craven eddy and his adopted son donnie and her support of joe woodall. her rescuer boyfriend might be a pit nutter, i don't know.

in my opinion, a responsible pit bull owner does two things.
1) they denounce crazy pit nutters like ledy vankavage and donna reynolds and their bogus propaganda, acknowledging pit bulls are different and should be treated differently
2) they denounce dog fighting.

now THAT is a responsible pit bull owner. i know they exist but i think they are statistically insignificant.

DubV said...

I have some good news to report. I posted here before about my dog being attacked by a large pit who had attacked another dog previously. I had the dog declared vicious, but the orders were ignored and the police complacent/hand tied.

I also posted about the woman whose dog was killed a week or so back. Well, the little boy who was walking the killer pit confessed to a neighbor that it was his dog. And...wait for's the same dog that attacked mine. So, it was declared vicious and a 12 year old was walking it without muzzle (in violation on ordinance) when it killed recently.

I've copied all my information for the lady whose dog was killed. She stopped by the police station but the office is closed after 4 pm. I'll likely call my reporting officer this evening, and she's returning tomorrow.

So, if this thing doesn't get the needle by order of police or animal control, then I'm sure a judge will order it after all the victims come forth and a timeline is laid out.

kristi said...

I never said the apbt has problems that are genetic. I believe the behavior and character of the apbt has more to do with genetics than lol how it is raised. I love apbt's. It is only my opinion that genetics have everything to do with how much they love humans and the willingness of many of them to fight with other dogs. I do not see either of those characteristics being flaws. If someone wants a dog who can play nice at the local dog park I recommend choosing a different breed.

DubV said...

Here's kristi's circular logic with a dash of No True Scotsman...

Q: "How do well-bred game dogs behave toward people?"

A: "They are friendly toward people."

Q: "Well, how do you identify a well-bred game dog?"

A: "You look for the ones that are friendly toward people."

I doubt you get it, kristi.

DubV said...

kristi said...

"It is only my opinion that genetics have everything to do with how much they love humans and the willingness of many of them to fight with other dogs. I do not see either of those characteristics being flaws."

Would you consider it a flaw for them to be human aggressive?

If so, then how does this not imply that you don't worry/care too much about the dogs of others that are not pit bulls?

* said...


Although some of your points seem flawed, you're one of the few pit bull people to come here and actually admit that the problem is generally genetic. I congratulate you on that.

Jake said...

Kristi said:

"If someone wants a dog who can play nice at the local dog park I recommend choosing a different breed"

So, how is that not genetic?

turd chugger said...

obviously little pit princess was bullshitting about the copyright thing. so much for her credibility. i wonder if theres something genetic about girls with fathers who were marines? agent orange or something.

Jake said...

kristi also said
"It is only my opinion that genetics have everything to do with how much they love humans"

If by love, you mean "maiming and killing their owners at the highest rate of any breed ever" then yes, I agree their "love for humans" is genetic.

Kristi, continued:
"...and the willingness of many of them to fight with other dogs. I do not see either of those characteristics being flaws."

Wow - I'd call it much more than "willingness to fight" when these mutants chew through fences, snap chains, jump out of 2nd story windows or moving cars to kill the widow's poodle or the toy horse.

I don't think the double standard is cute or funny - i.e. to demand protection and special consideration for your ugly frankenmauler, while considering another person's dog "just an animal, no big deal".

You pit bull owners seem blissfully unaware that there are dog owners who love their dogs just as much, if not more, than you love your mutant - and when it kills their dog it's a grievous attack on that person.

BTW your smug little explanation of the mangled heap of blood and fur that was so dear to these people as "a scuffle broke out" just doesn't cut it. We want you folks to be held accountable when your gripping dog attacks.

not into bloodsports said...

princess comes from a line of dogfighters and alls well until her peanut falls victim to the "sport". then daddy dogfighter's in the doghouse until he croaks prematurely. now hes dead, for some reason he's forgiven. to my mind theres something a bit wrong here.the breed is because of the sport , if you dont believe in the sport you probably should want nothing to do with pitbulls. thats the way i see it any way. gamebred pitbulls at the very least, dont make any sense, if they ever did.

flicka said...

I agree with your statement completely "BTW your smug little explanation of the mangled heap of blood and fur that was so dear to these people as "a scuffle broke out" just doesn't cut it. We want you folks to be held accountable when your gripping dog attacks."

Here is another problem I have with Nutter logic... When a dog owner is injured trying to save his well loved pet, frequenly a tiny Yorkie or Toy Poodle, the nutter statement is "well, what do you expect? Everybody knows you don't get into the middle of a DOGFIGHT." It's not a "dogfight" it is an unprovoked mauling and killing.

Newsflash nutters... owners of normal dogs may be armed.

* said...

not into bloodsports,

Game dogs make perfect sense when you look at the infancy of humanity. When our common sense was clouded by prehistoric and innate cravings. The people who still get a high from watching dogs bloody each other come from a line of society who has yet to evolve beyond that stage into a stage or morality and reason.

This is wh they admire game bred dogs and this is why they say things like, "well, what do you expect? Everybody knows you don't get into the middle of a DOGFIGHT," when someone's' pet ends up being killed.

They are unmoving sociopaths, plain and simple

* said...

You would think that Ms. Hernandez would have any documents that pertain to her future novel in an organized system on her computer or elsewhere The fact that she's still yet to provide that copyright proves two things.

First, she's a liar.

Second, she's a wishful thinker; and believes shallow threats and her lies would not surface.

DubV said...

Have you noticed that the more intelligent someone is the more careful they are with their children? This is not merely by definition, but can usually be predicted before you see someone around their children, merely based upon conversation. This is because anticipating how various situations can turn for the worse usually requires intelligence and imagination. If you cannot see a causal train longer than half a complete step, then you will continually be taken by surprise in life.

This I'm convinced is partially why pit nutters seem very dull and less risk averse than most other people. It would be bad enough if they were not risk averse in regards to their own safety and were actually calculating risks (perhaps like a skydiver who gets a net positive from the activity and has an idea of the risk and has pondered). No, they are non-risk averse when it comes to other people and animals. It could be that they are uncaring or dumb, or both.

They have not figured out that living a long life, avoiding prison, and dying comfortably in your own bed requires that you do not take unnecessary risks that add little to your life in comparison to other choices.

Pit nutters, go buy a normal dog and quit being total jack asses.

Kristi said...

I think it is genetic and has nothing to do with how they are raised. I have seen so many idiots, Jesse James being my favorite buy game dogs and be clueless what the hell to do with them. You never know when the fight trait will come out of them. It usually comes in the first two years but sometimes it happens late in life. Jesse comes home to find a dead dog. I think the same dog who killed the other dog in the shop was Cinnibun who was running loose in Los Angeles.

Someone asked how can you tell a well-bred dog. Not difficult. Find out who was careful about what they bred. With the on-line data base you can trace the ancestry back to the 1800's. Man biters were usually culled. It is not a myth. If the dog was an exceptional fighter and was a man-biter some would keep them in the breeding program but not often. I do not like big strong dogs around any kids. I only let children pet one of my dogs. My 9 year old dog has not been around children very often. None of us knows what is in any dog's head. My little burned rescue was trained by just my opinion the best dog trainer in the world. I do allow children to pet her head if she sits nicely for them. My trainer's name is Stephen Phillips if anyone cares LOL. Vintage, you sound a lot like Craven. I like what both of you have to say and this has been fun posting today. I bet I hate more pit bull owners than you all do. The poor things attract the scum of the earth. There are a few good people who have them and I will not be mentioning names here or anywhere. I do my best to represent the facts. I am Best Friends worst public relations enemy. Not all happy pack animals like they want the general public to believe. My dogs love cats and also my parrot but with the size difference even a playful bite could kill a smaller animal so I do not allow them to play together. Everyone get plenty of attention and stays safe. I warn other people but most are not willing to listen until something horrible happens. I hate to lose freedom to the government but I did have to jump through hoops in New York State to get a pistol permit years ago and we all have to take a test if we want to drive legally. I am about ready to get a license to own and breed a dog. Even willing to pay a lot of money if it will keep the population on the streets and in the shelters down. I don't want it to be breed specific. I think it should apply to all dogs if any. It is so beyond sad that all these happy, healthy loving creatures are executed every day because they are not wanted. Those who are causing the problem will never listen to reason along with the dumb @sses buying dogs for a couple hundred bucks off Craig's list. Going to do the dishes now.

* said...


There's a lot I agree with but here are some problems I find in your argument.

Culled Man Biters:

Yes, most of them were supposedly culled; I do not know the records of most breeds which is why I used "supposedly." Yes, several lines were culled; and yes several were not. The problem is that the pit bull community assert this as an absolute fact with out mentioning man biting lines that were preserved in dogs like Chinaman. And judging by the spike in pit bull attacks in healthy environments, there's no surprise that several if not many of those lines survived.

Other than that, you have sound points. The problem with pit bull advocates is that they seem to tolerate the abuse their breed gets because they decide to either do nothing about it, or remove the laws that prevent bad or novice owners from getting these dogs in the first place.

Jake said...

Yes, Kristi makes some good points - she doesn't sound like the pit nutters who usually comment.

But as far as her comment about "healthy, loving creatures being executed everyday" - I would have to call into question her assumption that being a pit bull automatically makes a dog "loving" - the stats say just the opposite -and I'd tend to suspect that any given pit bull turned in by the owner may well have proved too violent and unpredictable to keep.

In any event, your fighting dog breeders kill the most docile pit bulls, usually quite cruelly - about 1/4 million a year, leaving only the most vicious killers (they call them "game") to procreate.

Pit bull breeders produce a million excess pit bulls a year, which find their way into the shelters and have to be put down at taxpayer expense.

Here's an idea: stop breeding so damn many of them!

* said...

Speaking of lovable wiggle butts here's another duo of pitties who've been documented creeping into someone else's house. What makes this case astounding is that there are pictures to prove the case.

Craven, you should write about this.

Anonymous said...

Citing dogfighter myths does nothing to solve the Pit Bull mauling problem.

Gotta remember, these platitudes were conjured up by the same types that would kill their own child's dog to make a little blood money.

Blood Money drives Pit drove the creation of the breed and it drives the perpetuation of the breed.


i keep wondering about our little lycan friend. hows she doing, whos she dating and did she get her first pitbull? i suppose maybe her parents found out about what she was doing on her computer and what sort of ageing riffraff she was interacting with.craven and his motley crew of preverts(sp). she should probably stick with dating 30 yr old marines and her alien fantasies. leave us pit hating degenerates to our pit disemboweling and turd chugging.

april 29 said...

Regarding pit bull pedigree information. Don't put too much faith in it. Read the book Fifty Years with the American Pit Bull Terrier by Jack Kelly. Kelly published the Sporting Dog Journal for roughly 30 years and was absolutely a dog fighter and makes no apologies for it.

In the book Kelly discusses many dogs that he fought and dog fights that he saw. While discussing breeders he talks about some that just wrote out pedigrees with a pencil. When asked "how do you know this, you put all your pups in the same pen. One answer was "I will sell you what I have created but I won't give you the recipe so you can create it yourself". Another answer was a question, "how do you WANT the dog to be bred?"

As for "manbiters were always culled", Kelly talks about washing the dogs prior to a match. There were dogs that he said he would never touch, too dangerous, they were manbiters, not culled but sent into the pit.


been reading "hurry up and die, old man". very disgusting but also illuminating of the gamedogging charachter. this shit-spawn is at least as degenerate as i had imagined. never known any dogfighters but once overheard this cretin telling his buddy about a fight he'd been at. this piece of shit was amused about an eye being gouged out. but really , what else would one expect? DISCLAIMER: am not a qualified veterinary surgeon but will do euthanasia as needed without monetary recompense .


has your pit got the "pitbull blues" ? what im hearing is that pitbulls can get depressed by all the bad rap they get! this is not cool! no wonder some of them turn nasty. you would too if you were treated unfairly all your life. if you see a loose pit in a pickup, dont park 3 spaces away and dont cross the street with your pommeranian. think how youd feel if you were a red nosed pit bull.

Friends Administrator said...

Kristi, look into your crystal ball and tell me who I am.

I had dogmen in my family and I can assure you that human aggression was not culled, instead there were always those fools who wanted those dogs and paid money for them. I've heard them talking about selling those dogs and laughing about it. And those dogmen family members weren't small time either, they were well known for their line of fighting pits. You are still having your chain yanked by the myths of the pit bull. Wise up or the next closed casket funeral could be yours or a loved one.

Anonymous said...

Kristi, are your dogs stronger than you are?

What is your plan if their switch is flipped and they do not respond to your voice commands, leash work,etc?

Personally, I will never own a dog I cannot easily overpower.

Jake said...

I'm OK with a with a dog that is large and strong, but it would have to be one with a good temperament - not a psychopathic killing machine.

Dude, I BaggedYourPit said...

"Digger said...
Speaking of lovable wiggle butts here's another duo of pitties who've been documented creeping into someone else's house."

Get a load of that pit owner - a toothless imbecile - a pit owner of the most common kind! Classic... it's like these fucktards are stamped out with a cookie cutter and issued a pit bull on their way out of the shit factory.

DubV said...

More good news. The police and animal control picked up the pit today. The little boy admitted to the attack. That combined with all of our past documentation sealed the deal. It didn't help the pit nutters that the dog was outside walking around with no fence or chain when the authorities arrived (seriously, what are these people thinking at this point?).

It is getting the needle now unless the owner tries to fight it. In that case, it will be a bit delayed and we will have to go before a judge who decides. Chances are it will be dirt napping soon.

Jake said...

Thanks for the update DubV - great to hear the mutant is headed for a dirt nap. It's just a shame that woman and her companion had to pay the price for the depraved indifference of the nutters.

It would have been much better if the woman had been armed and able to kill the mutant before it killed her companion.

Dude, I BaggedYourPit said...

That's good news, DubV! The only question now is how long before the moron nutter gets another one?

US MARINE said...

.....obviously little pit princess was bullshitting about the copyright thing. so much for her credibility. i wonder if theres something genetic about girls with fathers who were marines? agent orange or something........Turd chugger I dare you to say that to a marines face. I guarantee you will be chugging turds. Goddamn fucking fairy probably hid in his diaper bag when it came time to serve. Just like you people to make comments about service people. It's on the backs of marines that you are even able to preach your hating bullshit. You let that imbecilic cunts remark stand. I condemn every fucking one of you.

Jake said...


I served my 4 years for Uncle Sam, and did my tour in Southeast Asia.

Just sayin'

DubV said...

I don't support bashing the military for no reason. What I find just as annoying though is when people who have served throw it up to your face in an unrelated argument. Such as...

"oh yeah, you believe in medical marijuana? well, i put my life on the life so hippies like you could dodge the draft and talk this trash."

or closer to home

"It's on the backs of marines that you are even able to preach your hating bullshit."

US MARINE said...

Dub V, All I have to say to you is a resounding FUCK YOU. You're another one that sat on his ass and let others take the heat. Every goddamn one of you are cowards.

Jake said...

Oh well. I was giving US MARINE the benefit of the doubt. Guess that was silly of me.



Jake said...

Bobby Peru? Nice touch but the reference is probably too obscure. Do we have another David Lynch fan in the house?

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

"You let that imbecilic cunts remark stand. I condemn every fucking one of you."

us marine, what would have me do? would you like me to delete that comment? would like me to ban the commenter?

if the answer is yes, then i have to ask you, do you not understand american values? do you not understand the job of the military? do you not appreciate our first amendment? do you want to throw it away because it offends you?

please reacquaint yourself with article one.

april 29 said...

US Marine,
My spouse is a former Marine. We are so Marine oriented that we fly both the Stars and Stripes and the Marine Corps flags. Birthday cake is consumed every November 10th. Copies of the Leatherneck and the Marine Corps Gazette are found next to favorite chairs. Nobody meant to speak poorly of Marines, They spoke poorly of that specific, dogfighter Marine.

Your response here is classic Marine, love it.

Semper Fi.

olmaoay said...

Us Marine, Turd Chugger reminds me of this blogs creator. The writing is much the same and it doesn't use caps except when its panties are all in a twist. Most people seem to think that this thing is a bi sexual
lawyer from Denver. I think it's the inbred preacher from Kansas.

DubV said...

Hmm...I had no idea that everyone who had not served in the military (I wasn't born after any draft I could've dodged) was a coward and all of these things.

What would happen if you had your wish and everyone enlisted? I don't think this is a tenable solution to your emotional state.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

craven being a pimple on a mulatoo-crack hoes asshole would give him a shitty outlook . still he doesnt seem to mind dealing occasionally with pit breeding scum and psychopathic pit skanks. being that pimple, in that place , i quess hes used to turds and other filth. OBTW--WHAT KIND ARE YOU

i noticed someone else sometimes comments in lower case except when their panties are in a bunch too. or are you just another one of my split personalities too?

US MARINE said...

.....What would happen if you had your wish and everyone enlisted? I don't think this is a tenable solution to your emotional state.....

ub v you dumb cunt it works just fine in Israel and they don't have a country full of goddamn pussies. I still believe you a coward.

April 29 you may have hope.

olmaoay said...

"i noticed someone else sometimes comments in lower case except when their panties are in a bunch too. or are you just another one of my split personalities too?"

I didn't make that post.

DubV said...

People in Israel and S. Korea do not enlist. They are forced to serve because they are bordered by countries hostile to their existence.

Apples and oranges.

I think you need to calm down.

lesion on a jackasses ass said...

i,m not craven , just one of his core of turd chugging degenerates. but it was quite a compliment nevertheless. you could say if you wanted that im a syphilitic lesion on a iraqi donkeys twat. i quess it got pretty lonely over there.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

yep, you're right. see this is what i personally dislike about the anonymous feature being turned on, it is harder for me to follow a conversation. oh well.

Dude, I BaggedYourPit said...

I don't believe the so called "US MARINE" is, or ever was a Marine. I don't believe this idiot would know the difference between an incoming JDAM and a sack of nuts swinging into his face. Of course, considering the possibilities, he could have "served" as one of the crap-for-brains punks playin' it cool in the motor pool with a soap bucket and chamois - a shit bag of a jar head nobody wanted in their fucking platoon their entire term of service. The never-seen-action, base hugging, ass kissing motor pool fucktards are the only ones that try to leverage their service. Real Marines don't play bull shit trump cards, particularly when they actually earned that right.

Go clean my fucking heads, pretender.

Get fucked and Semper Fi.

april 29 said...

" Jake said...
Oh well. I was giving US MARINE the benefit of the doubt. Guess that was silly of me."

Me too Jake, I'm out. This is not the kind of conversation I hear from my genuine Marine, or the other genuine Marines in the family. They don't talk about it much unless directly asked.

Dude has a gift for analysis of these guys and suspect he has nailed this one.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

dude definitely is gifted in that department.

i haven't known very many marines but the few that i have known are without a doubt some of the most soft spoken, polite and humble people i know. they are not easily threatened, especially by words. they don't feel the need to prove anything to anyone. i have hard time visualizing them shooting their mouth off in that scenario. but i have a hard time visualizing them at a dog fight too and that could be the atavistic difference here.

Lindsey said...

Only Marine I've ever met who talks like that remotely is pretty fucked in the head from his tour of duty. Not his fault, but they do have help for that.

Jim said...

If "US Marine" is anything more than a pogue (and that is being generous) I would be very surprised.

I will be glad when the day comes that CPS can remove children from pitiots homes. I find it highly disturbing that a child was allowed to romp and play with a fighting dog.

Anonymous said...

Ahh...the Nutter Veteran Card.

There are 25 Million veterans in the US...A few less over the past few years due to Pit Bulls ie...Henry Piotrowski, Jerry Yates, Raymond Tomco and Hulon Barbour. Per capita we are less likely to be involved in crime and have successful lives.

Then there are the embarassments...A few examples:

Al White...GA convicted Dogfighter and child sodomist.

Donald Brewer: Kid Killing Pit Breeder and convicted manslaughterist.

Taylor's father...Killed his own daughter's dog for blood money.

It takes all kinds. There is a reason Pits are not used in a Military Working Dog capacity and are banned from bases.

Here are a few of the Pit Bull Net drain moments...Military Dependents killed by Pits:

Mary De La Pena
3 years old/Killeen, TX
February 9, 1951
Daughter of US Army Officer stationed at FT Hood, deployed to Korean conflict. Killed by neighbor’s (another US Army member)Pit Bull

Randall Ayers
2 years old/Orlando ,FL
May 9, 1992
Neighbor’s Pit Bull/ US Army dependent, Father flown home from Korea to handle mortuary affairs

Dandre Fisher
3-years old | Hunter Army Airfield, GA
May 26, 2007

Seth Lovitt
11-years old | Killeen, TX
November 7, 2007
Grandmother’s Pit Bull, Father flown home from Korea to handle mortuary affairs

Julian Slack
3-years old | Camp Lejeune, NC
May 14, 2008
Killed by family guest’s Pit Bull in base housing

Isis Krieger
6-years old | Anchorage, AK
August 14, 2008
Family Pit Bull, Father flown home from Iraq to handle mortuary affairs

Margeurite Derdenger
21 months old/Los Angeles, CA
February 13, 1945
Mother’s dog/US Army dependent, Father flown home from Camp Barkely, TX to handle mortuary affairs


Anonymous said...


2008 Pit Advocacy org STOP BSL gets caught raising tax free donations via notorious dogfighting magazine "ScratchBack".

The donations went to the legal defense of Albert White (pleaded guilty to Dog Fighting and Child Molestation), and to Juan Verdin (who pleaded guilty to dog fighting and posession of child pornography).

Later, the proprieter of the organization called the exposure "unfair".

I think the lesson here is that when a young girl lays down with the dogfighter/pedophile types, she will wake up with fleas....

STOP BSL does not offer donations to Pit Bull mauling victims.

*Disclaimer...I am not making this up!

cyclona said...

i think it was jake who said they chewed thru fences and jumped out windows. some do and some are silent about it. the reason i call it willingness to fight is i hate calling it dog aggression. dog aggression to me is usually a lot of posturing based on fear. growling and the fur standing up. i do not want the general public to think just because their pit bulls are quiet and polite around other dogs they would not just as soon kill them as look at them. the chewing threw the metal and jumping out windows of any story they act more like they are going after a favorite toy than dog aggressive. it does not seem to be personal. some scream but it is not like what i consider dog aggression to be. and whoever asked if i considered a man biter to be flawed. yes, unless the dog went thru severe abuse, like getting beat up or starved. i am only speaking for apbt's that i can actually look at their peds. if i don't know the genetic history of a dog i don't even know what kind of dog it really is. and anon. my dogs are way stronger than i am. i keep them apart so no worries about any switch flipping. i know the history of my dogs back to the 1800's and they are all nice with humans. anything can happen with any dog and we are always as ready as possible. stephen phillips trains my dogs and me lol. i think he is the best trainer in the world. nothing like the irresponsible dog whisper guy. that man is dangerous to the general public.
somehow i am lol cyclona now

Anonymous said...

Sounds like lion taming to me...perpetual crate and rotate with a break stick at the ready in every room, and professional trainer on speed dial.

There are 284 documented Fatal Pit attacks from 1877 to present documented archival site, including one a the great Colby breeding operation. The APBT community has clearly bred more than their fair share of mankillers and maulers.

The Manbiter culling myth was generated by dogfighting types. Types like Al White and Taylor's father. Merciless Bloodsuckers!

The rationalizations from owners of why they choose to bring such an animal into a neighborhood are ringing hollow. There have been too many containment failure episodes of fence jumping, window smashing, chain and leash busting leading to terrible maulings. Oweners who belive they have a special power to defeat two centuries of grotesque selection are a public safety threat.

Mandatory enclosure and maximum insurance regulations are the way to go here.... or perhaps the breed community can self regulate.

cyclona said...

lol my dad always said raising me was like taming a lion. i go out of my way to make sure i have dogs with stable temps. i have never met a mean american pit bull terrier or even a rescue of unknown heritage that is mean. i have met plenty who want to fight with other dogs so am ready for that in the event. i have never had to use my break stick. my dogs are just as safe around people probably more safe around people than other breeds. i had a german shep. who was very sketchy around people. those certified therapy dog papers should be more than just a piece of paper. i am sure some people do hang papers but for a dog to complete the training takes a lot of work and dedication. never heard of a human death r/t the colby's. it certainly does not happen often that humans get hurt with well bred apbt's. what happened? can i read about it somewhere? LMAO @ bobby peru!!!!!!!!!!!!

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

"i had a german shep. who was very sketchy around people."

GSD are naturally suspicious of strangers and that's called genetics cyclona/kristi (although i think you might be me with the lower case)

re colby fatality
craven desires

funny, there is no mention of that fatality in either fo the colby books that i have.

cyclona said...

seems to be genetics with the sheps. i had two mixes and they were great watchdogs. my pit bulls do not even look up when someone walks by with their dogs or knocks on the door. my parrot is way more reactive. when i read you us lower case i figured i would, too. i can't stand to capitalize. maybe it is low self-esteem because i am not comfortable with big I's. i was going to order one of the colby books this week. i think it is joseph colby. i would be interested in the circumstances of the attack. i bet most of the states of fatal attacks were recent most in the last 15 years. it is not a myth that the man-biters were not bred. there were exceptions with great dog fighters. they were very careful about health, too. the apbt's don't have all the congenital issues going on most pure breeds do. someone did a great job for them to still be so healthy when the current breeders are less than careful what they are breeding. it is very surprising when you consider how inbred they all are. lol what happened to animal cop? she is a pit bull rescue person.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

i will never understand the attraction to dogs that "lick you to death", dogs that "never met a stranger", or dogs that would "help the burglar clean clean you out".

my personality is a lot like a german shepherd, weary of strangers. that's just common sense. treating everyone like they are a trusted friend is stupid and dangerous, for dogs and humans.

i certainly don't want a dog that is out of control, even if it just LICKING! i find nothing funny or desirable about this dog and i think there is something wrong with people who do.

so, since you are down on those in rescue, what's your opinion of taylor's rescue boyfriend?

cyclona said...

pit bill is a nice guy. he is very funny and his dog is adorable. from what i have seen he does not have a clue what the heck he is doing with rescue. just a guess because i am not there. the only rescue i support is out of the pits because they are local and i have seen the good work they do in person not just read about it on the internet. i get a kick out of him challenging people to fights in the octagon. i respect very few people on either side of the apbt fence. i am surprised i do not have high blood pressure from watching pit boss.

cyclona said...

you would for sure not like my dogs they are useless as watch dogs. they are not lickers, it is not polite to lick. either. one of my dogs would go with anyone interesting because she was burned and stabbed when she was a baby but shows no fear of anyone. the other would not and that would actually cause him to fail the cgc exam. it shows me he has a brain not to be willing to go with strangers. you would probably like my parrot. she is a great watchdog.

april 29 said...


You are aware of the connection between Frankie Flora and Out Of The Pits, the only rescue you support?

Just keeping this real and there is nothing more real that a child mauled to the point that his survival was in doubt.

Has the pit bull community contributed a dime to the medical expenses of this child? Nope...

You feel that your GSD has a temperament based on his DNA, but the pits are free of this sort of problem? How can that be? Colby kept that dog and continued to use him in the yard breeding program despite the mauling death of his own sister's two year old son.

There is nothing colder that the heart of a pit bull advocate.

cyclona said...

lol no clue who frankie flores is. i have just been waiting to find out information that would disturb me about out of the pits. i never said that genetics did not influence the behavior of pit bulls. i think genetics influence the behavior of every dog. genetics are why pit bulls make horrible watch dogs and gsd's, dobies and rotties great watch dogs. i am not one of the it is all how they are raised people. do you know the name of the colby dog who hurt the child? i will look thru my peds for that dog. i bet that dog was used to children but maybe not. dogs and little kids make me nervous anyway. not a breed thing a size and strength and you never can be sure what any dog is thinking. i really am enjoying the conversations here. facts are always good. you have done way more research than i have. some of it has really LOL shocked me and also been VERY informative.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

actually, i haven't read one way or another if colby gave the child killer a dirt nap or kept him in the yard. i doubt that we will ever know.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

out of the pits adopted out the pit that attacked frankie flora

april 29 said...

And a discussion of Frankie Flora is NOT an appropriate place to LOL...

cyclona said...

calm down beevis. i was LOL not at a child getting hurt but i figured i was about to hear something bad about the only rescue i have any respect for. frankie whatever sounded like a gangster name. you are really pawing at straws april to even attempt to turn that into me laughing at a child getting is cydney cross. i read a few comments on the dog bite site. they are blaming out of the pits totally. the family made the choice to adopt the dog. i am always curious about the entire story behind the story. out of the pits i am guessing changed their adoption standards after this incident. they are very strict about not adopting any dogs to homes with young children. i think it is any kids under the age of ten. they do a very nice job carefully placing the dogs from what i can see. it is not a lets she how many dogs we can save as fast as we can kind of rescue. cydney did say something once that i really diagreed with. work called me and one of the men i model with had a pit bull incident and wanted to call me for help. his two pit bulls got loose and mauled a german shephard dog and the 80 year old woman who was walking her dog got her arm broken. i am not sure if the gsd died or not. cydney worked at the shelter where the pit bulls were brought after they were seized. cydney and the man i worked with both BLAMED the little old woman for not fixing her gsd!!! the man i worked with killed his dog, shadow and was totally responsible for the old woman and her dog getting injured. he and his wife were inside during the incident and claimed some kids must have opened the gate. i am pretty sure it was just not an appropriate fence. i am pretty certain the gsd did die. i never want to see or speak to that man again. i did tell him what i thought about the incident being 100% his fault.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

what do you know about cyd cross's mauling? rumor has it she was pretty seriously mauled up on jane's new york funny farm. the two nutters aren't friends anymore and i am guessing that jane's lawyer cut cyd a mighty big check for her silence.

Lindsey said...

Frankie Flores. It's not hard to scroll up and re-read. It's not hard to treat a child like a human being and not be dismissive of a mauling. Now you're starting to sound more like the nutters we all know in this corner of the internet. I was wondering how long it would take.

Anonymous said...

And the Nutters wonder why they are becoming viewed with the same derision a Sex Offender gets...

It is an obscentity that the Pit Pushers at Best Fiends, HSUS and ASPCA are sitting on Hundreds of $Millons in tax exempt assets while their victims are fundraising for reconstructive surgeries. Here's one for the good guys:

Pageant fundraiser held for 5 yr. old dog attack victim
Posted: Jun 04, 2011 7:24 PM EDT
Updated: Jun 04, 2011 11:12 PM EDT

LONGVIEW,TX (KLTV)- An different kind of fundraiser was held at the Longview Community Center--a beauty pageant. Several little girls got dressed up to help 5-year-old Rylee Tolleson of Longview with medical bills. Rylee is recovering from a pit bull attack.

Frankie Fiora's community had to hold similiar fundraisers while OUTTADAPITS was AWOL.


cyclona said...

you are calling me dismissive? the family made the choice to bring a dog into their home and a child was hurt. I am not comfortable about dogs and kids because you never know what is in any dog's head. I think what best friends and groups like them are doing is very wrong. the pr guy from best friends even bitched at me for giving the dogs a bad name lol. i want the dogs to be safe and respected not set up to make the headlines. i about had a stroke when i saw how best friends exploited those poor vick dogs. they were even selling wine with the names of the dogs on the bottles!!!!!!!!!!! i don't believe the vick dogs are even apbt's. the only one who behaves like a pit bull is jane. best friends double bunked those dogs. total idiots!!! out of the pits changed their adoption policy. they are not going to shut down the rescue. all the stories are good to know but they really prove nothing but dogs bite. pit bull looking dogs are over populated and very available. they are often owned by irresponsible scum bags that allow them to run the streets and dump them at shelters. i would only be comfortable having a dog i had raised from a pup around my little children. i would have to know the temp. of the ancestors, too. the general public needs to think and research for themselves and not take the word of idiots like the dog whisperer or best friends. i sure as hell double check what any doctor says to me or my family. i do this even with doctors that have the reputation of being the best. i had my son wait until he was 13 to get his first apbt. we raised them from pups. at 14 he was taking care of a yard of 30 apbt's. i always went to work with him just in case a dog got loose and there was a fight. we could have easily handled the situation together in a matter of seconds but it almost impossible with just one person and two dogs fighting. there was little chance of any accidents. the facility was as secure as a max security prison. all very sweet stable dogs. craven, i did not hear about cyd and jane or cyd getting mauled. if you work with dogs of unknown history and heritage every day for years you can expect incidents. there is always a lot of infighting among the rescues. who is jane?

Jim said...

FYI, the only reason pit bulls are considered "healthy" amongst nutters is because they are rarely health checked with the same level of scrutiny that reputably bred breeds are.

MANY have hip and elbow issues and hereditary cataracts.

cyclona said...

the breeders i work with do not do the health checks but if a dog lives to old age and has no health issues i consider the dogs to be healthy. if you compare the hip, elbow and eye issues to any other pure breed dog there is no comparison. i qualify by saying i am only talking about dogs that have been carefully bred and not dogs that look like pit bulls of unknown heritage. we do have lymphoma in our line but it has never hit dogs under ten years old that i know of. i think i found the list of cong. defects associated with the different breeds on the att site. (i know a lot of pit bull supporters use that site but i don't even though it makes the pit bulls look good. i have not seen the peds of the dogs they test and they are not testing many pit bulls. who would pay money to get a temp. test for their dog if they thought it would probably fail the test?)

april 29 said...

" i had my son wait until he was 13 to get his first apbt. we raised them from pups. at 14 he was taking care of a yard of 30 apbt's. i always went to work with him just in case a dog got loose and there was a fight. "

Is Kristi kidding?, is this a joke? Nobody calls it a "yard" and has 30 pits just because they like breed.

"i don't believe the vick dogs are even apbt's. "

The Vick dogs NOT pits? Well that would sure make the United States Govenrment, HSUS, BadRap, and all the other pit grifters who lined up for those dogs look silly.

Suspect Kristi may be a troll.

Jim said...

Like I said, it is easy to claim you have a "healthy breed" if you never do any health testing.

Ignorant breeders aren't doing you pit advocates any favors.

cyclona said...

i am the one who uses my real name and you are calling me a troll? it is not hard to figure out who i am since i give my name,jesus. it was a yard of very valuable apbt's. a state of the art breeding facility. do you think they should have had more than 30? LOL
i do not believe that the vick dogs are pit bulls after reading that book called lost. the author did a very nice job on the book btw. he went thru the personality of each of the dogs saved from the vick yard. no dna tests that i know of. my guess is those dogs came from someone like dave wilson who mixed a lot of breeds in with the pit bulls and then lied about it for years. hsus and best friends would not be happy at all LOL. those dogs do not have the characters of any apbt's that i have met except jane, the one who lost her teeth. best friends lied about how she lost her teeth, too. the only responsibe thing vick did was to use a breeding stand so the dogs did not get hurt and best friends called it a rape stand to make it sound more sensational.

cyclona said...

i don't buy my dogs from ignorant breeders. i buy my dogs from the best in the world. i would not even purchase a dog in the states there are no pups here i am interested in owning after hsus systematically murdered the good ones years ago yard by yard. certain breeds need to test the pups for different things. i only know about the apbt. the apbt peddlers in the states who advertise all the pups with there test are selling pups that i think are inferior and would not have in my home. mostly the ukc show people. ukc gives blue ribbons to blue dogs with blue eyes LOL.

Jim said...

Everyone else is lying and no one but Cyclona can properly identify a pit.

Standard pitiot responses.

cyclona said...

just having a conversation about my favorite topic. i am no expert LOL except when compared to most of the self-proclaimed experts. i cannot identify a pit. no one can without papers from someone trustworthy and a dna test which i have heard are not always the lost book and tell me if those dogs from vick sound remotely like pit bulls?

cyclona said...

it was a breeding stand so vick could breed his curs without them getting injured. if you are going to breed a pit bull you need one of those or two people and some duct tape. LOL good times!!! if you have ever seen bitches in heat and how the boys act around them i doubt the bitches mind too much. best friends and nancy grace must think you just send them to the honeymoon suite for a night. if you are interested in pit bulls or the vick case the book is great. the only bad thing is it leaves people with the impression that pit bulls are harmless fluffy little bunnies because vick's dogs were. one interesting thing is they were happier in his yard than when they were put in shelters. i think they were all on chains and loved being out. the beatings and brutal murders could not have been too much fun:( i got the book on tape at the library. i was surprised at what a nice job the author did.

cyclona said...

lol i prefer my men rich and famous. i do love my dogs and i am responsible with them. probably a waste of time but i try educate others who have been left with the impression that pit bulls are cuddly pack animals. they are cuddly but not pack animals.

april 29 said...

Kristi can't visually identify a pit bull but feels qualified to educate victims on pit bull behavior.

She can't find a breeder in all of the United States with dogs good enough for her (keep in mind that she can't visually identify a pit bull). She only deals with offshore "yards" to provide her the quality animals that she seeks (but can't identify).

Kristi bases her "education" on an audio book she got from the library.

Come on... this is fuzzy, or Dan, or Joe Woodall just messing with us. And I fell for it.

cyclona said...

that is right. i cannot tell if a dog is a pit bull just by looking at it. and the book about the vick pit bulls makes me believe vick's dogs were not pit bulls. i have met one of the vick dogs. she looks like a pit bull but i am not sure she is all pit bull.
p the crystal ball says you are lol animal cop.

cyclona said...

where is your photo, lee? lol my name is not cyclona. cyclona was my favorite character in one of my favorite movies. my name is kristi marcus. i can log in using the nick cyclona with google mail. i am just a sweet innocent little old lady who likes apbt's. i do not want other people to like them i want other people to be indiffernt towards them and not notice them. i don't want people to adopt them and come home to find the family dog they got the pit bull as a play mate for dead. it is really easy to keep everyone safe. i wish my name was cyclona it certainly would fit me much better than kristi. all the photos i post do me justice and more. i only post photos of me that make me look way better than i really look LOL.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

if by toto, you mean me, you are mistaken. i am not playing nicely with pit bulls.

Jake said...

@cyclona - I liked wild at heart but I'd have to say Mulholland Drive was my favorite David Lynch movie - such a brain twister.

Lee, I think you need to have a talk with the cowboy!

@cyclona, my pet alligator wants to play with your pits.

cyclona said...

i have not seen muholland and i never watched the twin peak series. do you know if twin peaks is out on a dvd set yet? i had a pet alligator, too. aunt sally was her name. noooooooooooo aligators my bull dogs would get hurt! they must be defective because they have not eaten any children or kittens. they would want to hang out with the gator. miss craven, are you going to do a piece on b u d d i e s rescue. keith wandell takes the grifter cake. it is so tragic and unbelieveable that the donations are still pouring in.

Jake said...

@cyclona -

Yes, Twin Peaks DVDs can be purchased from amazon. If you ever watch it, maybe you can tell me who killed Laura Palmer.

As for your pits being defective, give them time. I've known of pits going many peaceful years before suddenly and without warning turning a family member or pet into a bloody mess.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

re: keith wandell, do have something i can use?

also, i should point that blog posts are unmoderated for 10 days, then they require moderation. i don't mind that people are talking about movies or other off topics topics and issues until it requires me to manually publish them. i won't. i will throw them away.

cyclona said...

are you sure the many have you seen turn against humans pit bulls or mixes? i have never heard of that happening with pit bulls or dogs that look like pit bulls. i have heard of it a few times with doberman pinchers. i think there may be a connection between the rabies vaccination causing brain swelling. just a guess from my observations. i have heard tons of times pit bulls or dogs that look like pit bulls living peacefully for years with other dogs and then the owners coming home to find a dead dog. most act shocked and blame the dog when it is their fault for being irresponsible and ignorant. the chances of my dogs turning on me are not very good lol. cappie is 9 and lourdes is 3 and neither dog has ever even so much as growled over a bloody meaty bone. i have been slapped in the face a few times by the tails and it hurts!!! it could break a nose for sure. i get holes in my bare feet sometimes from them stepping on my feet.
i did watch come firewalk with me. no clue what was going on but i loved it. i did not enjoy lost highway. i will have to watch it again.

cyclona said...

i don't understand what you are saying about the off-topic posts. i certainly do not want to make more work for you. it is not everyday i meet a bobby peru devotee!!! there is tons of information about keith. i will try and find something that covers the whole story. it is HORRIBLE!!!

Jake said...

@cyclona - you've never heard of a pit bull turning on someone? You're joking, right? Maybe you were not looking. I will say that the pit bull advocacy groups will never tell you about those cases, so that could be it too.

In any case google is your friend - and has a lot of stories archived and indexed for your convenience.

Here's an educational link to start you off - 7 pit bull attack triggers

cyclona said...

i did hear of two attacks of little boys and the pit bulls had never shown signs of aggression before. i have google alert for all pit bull related incidents. i certainly have heard of attacks happening with loose dogs hurting non-family members. considering how many pit bulls there are compared to any other breed the #'s are very low. i also consider most are owned by scumbags. i think they do very well as far as temp. i am interested in reading about the triggers. i noticed with my gsd's (mixes) that little kids running triggered them. i think the movement of children reminds them of prey like squirrels or bunnies. i have been to the dogs bite site. it is a very well put together site. i get confused about the different breeds. i will have to check it out again it has been a year or more.

Jake said...

@cyclona - I couldn't help noticing you said "considering how many pit bulls there are compared to any other breed" - so I gather that pit bulls are popular in your town.

How about labs? by far the most popular dog in the USA, there are many more labs than pits, and Labs are big, strong dogs. Let's see how they compare -

The Merrit report shows Labs were responsible for 36 serious injuries and 3 deaths during the 28 year study period. But during that same time, pit bulls and close pit mixes committed 1654 serious attacks and killed 173 people.

You have to admit, 180 years of carefully breeding pit bulls to attack and fight to the death have had quite an effect.

cyclona said...

pit bulls seem to be everywhere. from the rescue posts i see on crackbook the shelters are packed with them. i doubt there are more labs but maybe. i am actually scared of labs. when i think of labs i think of yuppies. i am guessing that yuppies take better care of their dogs than most pit bull owners. we have no clue what the dogs being called pit bulls really are. and i seriously doubt they were carefully bred. years ago i used to follow up on every incident i heard or read about and not once could the owners prove that the dogs involved really were apbt's. someone here mentioned the colby incident. that is the second i have heard about with a well-bred apbt. the other one was a dog ed faron mentioned in his book. no one got badly injured but the dog was a man-biter. someone else mentioned chinaman being a man-biter. there are tons of those dogs all over the world. i have never met any of them but i have not heard about them biting anyone. we have a very dog friendly community here. two fancy dog boutiques uptown and all the businesses leave out water. i won't let mine drink water that other dogs have drooled in. there is a map of stores, restaurants, bars and hotels that welcome dogs. i take lourdes bar hopping and shopping all the time. she is beloved in the community. tourists ask for her photo and give me money to buy her treats. she looks and acts like an apbt but i am not sure because i have not gotten her tested. someone burned her and stabbed her when she was a baby. everyone falls in love when they see her scars and hear her story. i have never met a pit bull looking dog that scared me. most dogs make me nervous. i was shredded when i was a little kid by a weiner dog.

Jake said...

@cyclona - a few quick responses to statements -

1. Yes, animal shelters are overwhelmed by pit bulls - but to assume that the breed percentages inside the shelters are a reflection of the breed percentages out in the community is silly.

Inside shelters, pit bulls are often a majority. Outside the shelters, and in the country as a whole, pit bulls are a minority.

2. You do a disservice to the hard work, careful documentation and attention to detail in the Merritt report. The report included only those attacks where the breed was able to be clearly identified - and this may come as a surprise to you, but ACOs tend to be very good at determining the breed of a dog, and when an owner says his dog is a pit bull, it's most likely a pit bull.

Pit bulls have a rather distinctive appearance, so if someone could not identify pit bulls, then they would also be unable to tell an Akita from a Wolf-Husky hybrid, or a Rottie from an overweight Dobie. So the argument applies to other dogs as much as it applies to pit bulls. The whole argument falls apart upon closer consideration.

I'm glad for you that you have been lucky with your dog, but I hope you don't suffer as so many loving owners have when their "baby" suddenly turned on them.

cyclona said...

i have not read the research yet but i do not know a soul who can identify an apbt by looking at it and the adba has lots of dogs registered as apbt's from that dave wilson that are not apbt's. if the largest registry of apbt's (i am only assuming it is adba)does not even have accurate paperwork then there is no way an aco could no for sure what is mixed into the dogs. if the shelters are overpopulated with them and they are only a few pit bulls compared to other breeds that certainly says something about whoever is getting and disguarding the dogs. i doubt i will end up like that joy lady from born free who was ended by one of her beloved lions. i figure i will get shot by some peta fruitloop who thinks i am wearing real fur when i am wearing my faux mink. i love the looks and personalities of apbt's more than any other breed of dog. part of the fun for me is they certainly could eat me any time they wanted because they are so strong but they never would. i also raise them properly. people like cesar milan really scare me. he can do fine with a dog with a strong personality but his bully techniques will not work so well for the general not animal whisperer public. a dog with a strong personality will not tolerate being bullied like that forever. i cannot stand that man but i do like the illusion collars his wife designed.

Jake said...

Personally I dislike the appearance of pit bulls, and find them ugly and intimidating. That is probably because of all the horrific massacres I have seen. Far too many sweet pets have been ripped apart by these ugly mutants - and far too many children too.

On the other hand, I love wolves and wolf-like dogs. Go figure.

I really don't understand your point about dogs thought to be pit bulls not really being pit bulls. Are you saying they are Labs, or Beagles? Chihuahuas perhaps?

If you are splitting hairs between various lines in the pit bull family that's a whole different matter. Are you saying apbts are somehow fundamentally different from other pit bulls?

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

i didn't like the look of of pit bulls when i was a pit nutter.

pit bull advocates take the phrase 'splitting hairs' to desperate and ridiculous almost psychotic extremes.

just look at the definition of BREED.

breed (webster's) a homogeneous grouping of animals within a species, developed by humans

breed (oxford) a line of descendants perpetuating particular hereditary qualities

breed ( A group of organisms having common ancestors and certain distinguishable characteristics, especially a group within a species developed by artificial selection and maintained by controlled propagation.

pit nutters are attempting to narrow down the definition of BREED to the point where there is no thing as a breed.

cyclona said...

that dave wilson started mixing mastiffs and other breeds into the apbt’s. he started out with great dogs but I guess he thought he could improve the breed and make a ton of $$$$$$$$$$$$$$. I think he wanted to breed bigger, blue dogs that made great pets and were not interested in fighting with other dogs. his razor’s edge dogs are everywhere. from what I know they have fine personalities but they have a lot of health issues. I know apbt’s were originally mixed with other breeds when they were created. I am only sticking up for those that I consider well bred. I would have to see the ped. it really is splitting hairs down to a very minute percentage. I admit that. I hate the looks of those giant blue dogs that look like hippos. I hate clipped ears. I doubt those hippo looking ones would ever hurt a flea. they probably have to put a lot of effort into making it to the food bowl. I like the gangly goofy looking ones that kind of look like blood hounds. wolves are beautiful, too. I had a boyfriend with two timberwolves. they were nice. I hate fluffy little dogs but I like the look of the short-haired chi’s.

Jake said...

@cyclona - Thanks for the insight on the Dave Wilson pits. They were doing the same things with Akitas in Japan, breeding with Mastiffs and Great Danes to make them bigger, and with Tosa fighting dogs for other reasons. Fortunately sanity eventually returned and they've made a big effort to restore the Akita from the original Matagi Inu stock. American Akitas still have some of the other breeds in them, which is why they are bigger.

So, back to my question. Are you saying that APBTs are different from other types of pit bulls?

cyclona said...

i consider pit bulls and apbt's the same breed. i call them bull dogs too. if you mix a mastiff or something else like an american bulldog with an apbt it will look like an apbt (pit bull) but it won't be. i am interested in the preservation of the originals. i am very sorry about all the unwanted dogs that look like pit bulls but i certainly cannot vouche for them and i do not want to own them except of course lourdes! no clue what she is but i am glad i have her.

april 29 said...

Cyclona said
"i get confused about the different breeds."

If you can't make a visual identification of your own breed of choice... that will happen

Cyclona said
"pit bulls seem to be everywhere. from the rescue posts i see on crackbook the shelters are packed with them."

How do you know the dogs on rescue sites are pit bulls? Remember, you can't identify them.

Cyclona said

"i love the looks and personalities of apbt's more than any other breed of dog."

Remember, you can't identify a pit bull...

Cyclona said
"i have not read the research yet but i do not know a soul who can identify an apbt by looking at it".

You are kidding, right?

cyclona said...

i don't know if the dogs on the rescue sites are pit bulls. i am guessing most are mixes. i certainly like the personalities of all the dogs i have met that i know are apbt's and i have never met one that looks like a pit bull that has not been sweet either. i am not kidding. i don't think it is possible to know what is mixed with a dog. there is no standard look for a real apbt. each bloodline has a different look so how could anyone possibly be able to identify the genetics of a dog by looking at the dog or a photo? i am pretty good at knowing what bloodline an apbt is by looking at the dog but i could never know for sure. i think most of the bite stats are not those of pure apbt's. just my opinion from years of being around real apbt's.

DubV said...

This can't identify a pit bull thing is interesting when it extends past maul tabulation.

In everyday life, if it looks like a pit bull, avoid it. A high false positive rate is better here than a high false negative rate, if you must choose. So set your pit bull detector at high sensitivity. All you'll miss out on is a few attacks and the chance to spend time with a few non-gripping dogs that you mistakenly put on the radar.

april 29 said...


You do know that the stud book for "real APBTs" was only closed in November of 2008? Up until that time a dog owner could register his/her dog with the UKC by stating "Capone is a pit bull", writing a check and providing a pedigree (handwritten was fine, no extra points for truth or accuracy). The arrival of the mailman and the envelope in the mail chute made a dog, one that you might have picked up on the street, a "a real, full blooded APBT." Dogs registered under this system may be, roughly, only three years old.

Cyclona said
" just my opinion from years of being around real apbt's."

How do you know? You can't identify a pit bull, remember?

You do know that every dog show ever run, every horse show, every stock show, every State Fair 4H competition for any kind of livestock, is run on the judge's visual identification of breed? Have all of these events been hollow frauds because breeds cannot be identified?

Your insistence that pit bulls cannot be identified gets more absurd every time you post it.

cyclona said...

lots of dogs are registered with the akc, ukc and adba that are not what they papers say. tons of paper hanging and even some very legitimate people hung papers to hide their breeding secrets. i do not get my dogs from strangers so i can be pretty certain what my dogs are. the new pup is coming from europe:) there are no pups on their way in the states i am even interested in. if the registered dogs are not even real apbt's i can only imagine what the dogs that make the headlines are composed of. papers are great for record keeping but i certainly do not believe everything i read. as far as i know the akc and ukc are interested in $$$ and certainly not quality. i have heard the ukc gives ribbons to supposed apbt's with blue eyes and blue fur!!! i would like to take mine to some adba events if there are any local just for fun. many people disagree with me but i do not think there is such a thing as a breed standard. the standard i am interested in is the character of the dog and you cannot measure that. i love the character of my little rescue no clue what she even is but she certainly acts like i think a wonderful pit bull should act life. sweet, she plays hard and likes to settle down and be lazy, too. i got her when she was under a year and already she had been passed around thru 5 different states and god knows how many people adopted her and offered to foster her and gave her back the next day LOL. i know why, too. a little too much personality for most families to handle.

pittybritty said...

Iv already shared my introduction to this breed with the bloggers. Iv shared the fact that I have spent 26years with these animals and my family has many generations of experience.
Comming from (what I know) to be 'a non fighting heritage. I just wouldn't know what importance of registration and "papers" is, if someone is not only interested in what they know to be extemely dog aggressive and or battle competent. If someone claims to love a *breed*, why only the ones with a paper trail are of interest, when usually the higher end, gamebred or warrior lines are exactly what the public fears?
I completely agree that poor breeding can cause genetic issues, but wouldn't one be more interested in one who was family raised and parents have shown good temperament towards animals and human beings alike? Yes, a well bred gamedog, will have dog aggression. Is that a trait you are looking for?
I was raised with pitbulls, in our home as family dogs that were always willing to protect us, need be. During my child and adult years combined, I have raised and helped raise 11 pitbulls and many fostered. Now an adult with two children myself, I have quit fostering because I don't trust any stangers dog around my children , nomatter the breed.
I still own two *family* indoor APBT.
In my time, I have never had a incident or accident involving my dogs. *my dogs* have been raised with my children and serve as tolerant, patient, loving pets to my children.
I do not agree with most advocates and rescues.
I *know* that this is not a breed for everyone.
My children, do not and have never walked my dogs. My dogs are never left outdoors unattended or off leash, even in my back yard, with a 9 ft security fence, my dogs are never left without supervision. I do not trust my animals with any other unknown animals even though they have never shown aggression of any kind. I will not be surprised if and when that takes place, I am always prepared.
When I was 16, had just moved away from home. I got my very *own* pup, his name was Tugger and I had made a few mistakes with him that I learned from. Thank god he didn't have an aggressive bone in his body! I had left the window down on my car for it was a hot day and I need only run in to Safeway for a moment, not even five minutes later my 6 month old boy had went through the automatic doors and had found me in the cereal isle. From that moment on, my dogs have been restrained and belted in while in my car, at all times. He had once gotten out of my fenced yard while I was at work. I posted flyers, called everyone I could think of and made a missing dog report. I was called 3 days later by the humane society who said a woman had been feeding and giving shelter to my missing dog. When I pulled up to this house in a shawty part of town, there were 2 kids in diapers running around in this fenced in yard and when I approached the open front door, there was my Tugger, barking and growling at me beside this womans infant, just laying on the couch, like this was his new family! Boy was he in trouble! I sure learned allot from the situation aswell. Everyone of my dogs since has been strictly indoors!
I completly admit, at 16 I had no place owning such a powerful breed and the thoughts now on those incidents make me cringe at what could of been.
Now a days, I am much more responsible. My dogs are trusted members of the family and I am like wise to them. I would never put them in a predicament that they could be in danger or put anyone else or their pets in danger. That is noteworthy trust. Even though I have seen zero aggression or fear come out of these two, I will not risk it.
If I can be certain of anything with owning this breed, I have seen everyone of my dogs and the ones I have fostered, to be of complete individual personalities, but I also know where they came from and why they were created in the first place.
I am always on the look out, I will not be shocked by anything and I will not put my dogs in a situation do hurt or be hurt.

pittybritty said...

Omg! Noway! Is craven a female?
Certain things are excepted of woman and some are not. I cannot believe I believed this was a man the entire time! Lol oh my goodness if you are of woman, please tell me you are a lesbian? Please!
If this is a woman, in which I really hope you are not! How dare you even consider calling anyone else "judgement proof"? When in detail of your text, you are precieved as a man. A ,I don't give fuck what anyone else thinks of my opinions! Of a man, at that! There is something of the sort called "lady like" and that of a more understanding nature, that any *lady* follows or should follow.
Oh my, I truely do hope you are not procreating, your children do not have a chance if this is what their mother precieves as endearing! Thoughtful, forgiving, soft in nature or that of any instinctive mothering.
Wow! Now I'm freaked out! The Nazi signs didn't do it for me and all the other name calling,criticism and judging and categorizing of human life, wasn't able to scare me away! This fact certainly did!
Craven, if you are a *female*, please explain what kind of person you, what staus you consider youself, what status you belive others hold you as and why and how you have came to dedicate alarge part of your life to: the hatred of a animal that is born innocent. A animal, man is responsible for making into a monster, due to the amount of trust this animal has laid into such a person, that would force to fight,fuck and kill!? All in duty of a unsuspecting loyal FUCKING DOG!?

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

assuming everything you just wrote is true, you sound like a fairly responsible owner. i still think that liability insurance should be mandatory for even the responsible owners.

you can read about me here

Small Survivors said...


pittybritty has what one assumes are expectations and not "exceptions" but she has no check for her spell check.

pittybritty has preconceptions of "ladylike" but only a tenuous grasp of the English language.

My hopes are crushed, too, pittybritty, to find that you seem to write and think like a 12 year old girl, and you have procreated. Please pittybritty, don't procreate any more! and please get supervision for yourself as a parent, because you have extremely poor judgment.

You think your uterus should guide how you think. You don't bother to become more than quasi-literate. You procreated. You spend your time championing pit bulls when you should be spending every waking moment making yourself more than marginally able to raise your kids.

The story you told about Tugger - not recognizing you after 2 days absence and growling at you - and at the same time characterizing him as "not having an aggressive bone in his body." Well, you have zero judgment about the safety of pit bulls as well. Although, I tend not to believe that colorful story any more than I do the others.

I normally wouldn't just tell someone they shouldn't procreate, but you seem very comfortable telling other people what their reproductive status should be, so I assume you don't mind being told you are a horrific human being and your children are doomed.

cyclona said...

yay! you are back! my favorite blog ever. craven is for sure a female or a very feminine man. i will bet my career as a professional card reader on it LOL.
going to read later after i take care of the brand new pit bull puppy:)
your friend in christ

cyclona said...

grand prize winner!!! OMFG

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

or a very butch female or how about an androgynous bisexual hermaphrodite!

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

well thank you snack. so nice of you to care what nuttypittybritty thinks about me. i sure as fuck don't.

cyclona said...

did pittybitty or whatever her nick name is have a crush on craven the man? that was a strange over reaction.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

most people think i am XY, probably because of my foul mouth, love of guns and aggression.

Small Survivors said...

I know you don't, but she was annoying as hell.

Glad you're back :)

Oh Cyclona, that might be it. A crush would explain the weird over-reaction.

However, what explains the fact that she suddenly began writing as if her first language were Serbo-Croatian?

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

snack, i will have to make the time to read her comments more closely, i have to admit, i didn't. serbo-croation!! LOL!!!!

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

oh and thank you for manning the comments snack sized dog.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

so much speculation about me, i get a kick out of it.

psychopath, pedophile, serial killer, nazi, hitler, bisexual preacher, pimple on a mulatto crack whore's ass, very feminine man... i think pit nutters can and SHOULD do a much better, ie CREATIVE job at besmirching me. come one, i have been reading your creative bullshit for years. for example, aspca pit nutter rhonda lang says:
"They were originally bread to be a nanny dog, that's their nickname the nanny dog. Through the years they realized how strong and powerful they were and that's when they started training them for the fighting."


i think you guys are capable of so much more! just look to rhonda as your muse.

cyclona said...

her writing did not seem like english is her first language unless maybe she is from canada or england no states people talk like that. i am not a creative writer. i will stick with lol feminine man:)

april 29 said...

Here is a possible news flash for cyclona... English is the first language for those living in Canada and in England. Both pittybritty and cyclona are living proof that pit bull fanciers are not "creative writers" or even literate. Ending every comment with LOL is most inappropriate.

pittybritty, " I have quit fostering because I don't trust any stangers dog around my children." Good plan, I don't trust "stangers dogs" around my children either.

"Ladies" do not make concern themselves with the family planning decisions of others. "Ladies" do not make statements like the ones that you have made here.

Literate adults understand that the term "judgement proof" deals with the inability to pay for the losses and injuries of victims. It is a legal term dealing with financial responsibility, not moral choice.

cyclona said...

LOL is inappropriate for what april? i guess if i was documenting something medical at work or submitting a resume LOL would not be appropriate. commenting on a blog is not a paid position. spoken and written language is for the porpoise of communication. LOL means i think something is funny. like LOL @ you for taking a blog so seriously that you would even say something like inappropriate. for sure my favorite blog:) my favorite subject the american pit bull terrier. no one hates the nutters more than i do. the psychology of the nutters and dog fighters is very fascinating. i fall in there somewhere:) so does craven. the amount of time spent doing the investigation is interesting. are you ever going to get there is nothing you can say to me april? you just sound silly. LMFAO

april 29 said...

"spoken and written language is for the porpoise of communication"


LOL, You make this too easy...

cyclona said...

did i? looks like we are having fresh caught perch for dinner again tonite!!! YAY!!! and btw LOL @ you

DubV said...

Wow, pit nutters just can't complete a syllogism, can they?

The "best" of them will admit to all this extra care they take with their animals and respecting what they have, yet they don't realize from a "birds eye view" what they are doing is fucking stupid!

Who the hell wants a breed of dog like this? Get a lab and then develop something else interesting about yourself to garner some attention.

cyclona said...

i think labs are ugly, dumb and mean. i do not want one. i want pit bulls:) you get a lab if you like them:)

Small Survivors said...


I could not find the porpoise of language, but I did find the porpoise of life which is related to the Dauphin of France! LMAO

"inappropriate" is SUCH a big word, it might be inappropriate to use "inappropriate" on a blog, unless, perhaps it were this blog which is aimed at totally serious and mature audiences, in which case it's totally appropriate.

cyclona said...

that is cute about the porpoise, dauphin, member of the rolling stones:)
i always say that and carp instead of crap, breast instead of best. it is part of my language just like i do not use caps. why would i bother to click on the cap thing unless i was making a resume, writing a letter or dealing with a client?

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

glass houses cyclona.

funny, labs are typically listed in the top ten smartest breeds of dogs. and i bet they don't take YEARS to housebreak.

having logged countless hours on the pit nutter forums, i have to say that pit bulls are in the top ten dumbest dogs. aside from puppy mill dogs, what other breed/type of dog takes YEARS to housebreak?

there was one nutter so proud of her rescued pibble who now at the age of 7 years was FINALLY housebroken. and it only took two years! YAY!!!

what kind of an idiot allows a 5-7 year old dog to use their home as a toilet? where's that people pleasing pittie now?

FUCK THAT! my shepherd mix was housebroken by the age of 6 months. i had him for 2 months. my border collie mix was 10 months old when i got him and he came to me house broken. he has been devastated on the rare occasion i haven't gotten the door open in enough time for him to vomit.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

"why would i bother to click on the cap thing unless i was making a resume, writing a letter or dealing with a client? "

careful cyclona, the nutters will start thinking that you are really me.

Anonymous said...

Harry Hargrove sentenced to 5 years last week...

april 29 said...

Here is the thing Cyclona, we are not playing word games without a reason. I want you to think, really think, about what you say and what you do. I have seen your photo online, people post far too much about themselves and this can be seen by anyone. You are very young. You do not have the life experience to make safe choices. You are too young to realize your own mortality. You are so young that you are likely "judgement proof" in the legal sense. If your pit bull hurts someone, that victim will have to pay for all medical costs. He will not be compensated for his losses. This is VERY common. If you read articles about pit bull maulings, the pit owners are frequently 18 to 25 years old. They are frequently renters. Pit bulls change lives and the victims pay for it. Do you think this is fair?

You are so young that I don't want you to ever live through the victim's nightmares. From personal experience, I can tell you that this is hell. I want your children to grow up without mental or physical scars. The most common remark that comes from the pit owner/parent of a mauled or killed child is "he never did anything like this before." One of the saddest things that I have ever seen was a public statement from the brother of the owner of a pit bull that killed a baby. This baby was a miracle child, conceived after years of trying and then giving up. This child was LOVED. This child was killed by the family pit bull. Mom and dad and the baby were all in the same room, the baby playing on the bed... the parents were right there. The dog killed that beautiful baby and the father pumped 8 bullets into his dog. The next day the brother made a statement to the press, it was along the lines of "my brother is not able to speak to you today but he wants me to tell you this, to not get involved with these dogs, they come from the devil." The dog was not bad, it just did what it was bred to do. This is not a creation of God, this is a creation of man, bred for an activity that is so violent that it is a felony in all 50 states. My point in engaging you is not to be snarky. I want better for you.

pittybritty said...

I do apologize for my belligerent rant lol (oops! I meant hahaha?) Anyways, ladies night full of colorful cocktails does not = "time to blog!" Can be considered almost as bad as drunk dialing! So I do regret and am some what embarrassed of my indecent public display.
I was and still am considerably shocked, that Craven is infact a woman. Something that didn't make sence to me while I was under the impression *Craven was a man*, was how such a foul mouthed, outspoken person could possibly judge others based on appearance, such as tatoos or a picture of someone giving "the finger". The knowlegde of this person being a woman, really through me through a loop!
After giving it some thought and a good nights sleep :) I actually feel I respect *her* allot more, knowing this is the work of a woman. Although I wouldn't count on her for any emotional support or to be sensitive on any given subject.
I do not have anything against lesbians! Just another belligerent guess due to the lack of femininity, that again I regret.
Thank you April, for the lesson on "judgment proof", though it is very much a "moral"subject, when one can assume, one is not capable of being financially responsible because they sport tattoos or may pose 'flippin the bird'.
The stories of Tugger are very true. He did not act aggressive when I showed up at the judgment proof" womans house. When I entered the gate, he let off a few barks and growls while laying on the couch next to an infant, befor he saw who it was. Everyone of my dogs have been protective of their families and let be known when someone was approaching the door. That does not mean they were aggressive, it does mean he had developed a liking to his new family of 3 days.

Craven, I hold a large insurance policy due to the known fact I own PITBULLS, as required of my home owners insurance. Being honest and responsible does have its financial setbacks.
I don't believe I need coveredge like this, but my insurance company sure does.

Craven, I do apologize again. Hopefully I will not be drinking and blogging for another 6 months or so, its about how frequently I get to have a girls night out and next time I will be more responsible with my entertainment!

By the way, I once attemped owning a weiner dog. He was given to a more appropiate family that was used to small dog behavior and shit in their home. Everyone of my Pitbulls were *completly* housetrained by 5 months. On the very rare occasion a accident should happen, they have shown complete devastaion and embarrassment, that it makes it hard to be mad at them.
I think labs are butt ugly and all seem to have a generic personality. If there is anything I can say about the Pitbulls I have owned, it would be everyone of them has been very different than the last. That does come with different precautions,training and behavior but well worth it in my experience.

Reading all past comments on this blog, I don't think anyone is in position to be giving writing/typing lessons.
When not producing a professional report or important essay, words are often left out, mis spelled, *capitals left out* and or not of the correct format. Shit happens, who cares if its just a dam blog? One could easily make fun of each and everyone of these comments.

Kristi, please explain the importance of the registration papertrail, if extreme dog aggression and fighting bloodline history is not what you are looking for in your pup? For me, a qualified pup would be descentant of in home family raise parents, not of registered killers.

cyclona said...

your writing reminds me of those people who write to me telling me they want to give me millions of dollars. are you from the united states? the importance of knowing the history of my dogs is i like to know what breed of dog i own, know what the health and personality of all my puppies ancestors were. no doubt not everyone is totally honest but i have a pretty good idea what to expect with my dogs. i have never had a mean or unheathy apbt. you cannot show, sell or compete in sanctioned weight pull events without papers:) my dogs are certainly not bred to romp around dog parks with other dogs. i have no interest in taking my dogs around other dogs fleas or other parasites they could catch anyway.

pittybritty said...

April, it is tragic whenever a child is hurt or lost. I would not wish that on my worst enemy.
You can not blame the entire breed when when such a tragedy happens. The same as you cannot blame all of a certain race when one member commits a horrific crime.
All groups of dogs bite, maybe not with the same ferocity in most cases, but many other breeds have been known maulers and even child killers.
Let me say that I in no way have anything against CockerSpaniels. When I was 6, my grandmothers known grandchild biting CockerSpaniel, was put down after the 3rd grandchild it had attacked (me). The first two attacks were not serious and were overlooked because she was "only a CockerSpaniel". The result of the attack left me in the hospital for 3 weeks and bald for 6 months, due to my head being shaved for 48 staples on my scalp. She had taken a large chunk of my ear, that is still gone and tried to take my cheek and scalp aswell. I had 2 reconstructed surgeries in hopes of mending my ear. But yes, I still have my arms legs and ass so....
I still have my life, yet my mother thought I was going to die and felt like I was going to die.
My mother still owns a pitbull, bull cannot be around a CockerSpaniel. After countless talks with my mom, on how "we cannot blame everysingle Spaniel", I have given up on that argument with her. She has worse victom trauma than I do.
I know very well, the horror one goes through during and well after a gruesome attack and wish that on NO ONE! I am also not ignorant enough to blame the entire breed or even that dog, really. I blame my grandma. She knew her animal was dangerous and did nothing about it until after the fact of three of her granchildren getting attacked by her " dear Butterscotch".
No this was not a Pitbull, but it was hell all the same.

cyclona said...

omfg i LOVE you, april!!! i do not hide who i am. anyone is welcome to bring it right up to my front door:) i would enjoy that. there is little chance in hell that any of my dogs would hurt any humans:) i am far beyond careful with them. i am happy to take that big fat juicy worm right off your hook. i will tell my plastic surg. i am very young L M A O
glad you enjoyed all those photos i posted, just me and my walker:)

pittybritty said...

All of my personal dogs have been papered awell, but I didn't need to search out of the country to find one. The actual named blood line wasn't what attracted me, but rather family raised non aggressive parents and grand parents of the pup.
I have no need for dog parks or "play dates" either, but would rather keep my risk of an incident or having a aggressive dog to a minimum. These traits are can be found in many APBT, IN THE STATES.

cyclona said...

all my dogs have been easy to housebreak. i have a fool proof method. i would flip out if a dog had an accident in the house. we have a brand new puppy and housebreaking is not even a concern. i have hardwood and ceramic in the places where the dogs spend most of the time. i would think pee smell would be impossible to get out because of the grout is porous and cracks between the wood. at least you can rip up carpeting fairly easy. i do not know much about labs. i do not like the way they look and i have no interest in owning one.

cyclona said...

maybe the nutters on the forums have no clue how to housebreak a dog and maybe the dogs they think are pit bulls are mixes. i would bet that most of the nutters have never touched a real apbt. i love gsds, too. LOL about the caps. it has been my trademark for years never to use caps. i think i might have here for a while, not sure just so i would not have to hear all about it. i am a nurse so my sentence structure is not exactly normal, either. bye for now going to take one of my dangerous dogs out for ice cream:)

DubV said...

cyclona said..

"i think labs are ugly, dumb and mean. i do not want one. i want pit bulls:) you get a lab if you like them:)"

This proves you are a loon. Most estimates place labs as one of the most intelligent breeds, and they rarely if ever kill/maim people. The looks of them is in the eye of the beholder but what you stated otherwise is demonstrably false. At the very least, they vastly exceed pit bulls in temperament and intelligence. Labs are the most popular pure breed in the US for a reason.

DubV said...

"FUCK THAT! my shepherd mix was housebroken by the age of 6 months. i had him for 2 months. my border collie mix was 10 months old when i got him and he came to me house broken. he has been devastated on the rare occasion i haven't gotten the door open in enough time for him to vomit."

Yep, my beagle-dachshund came from the pound at 1.5 years totally house broken. He has never had an accident in 3 years. He chewed a few things to be destructive when I first got him, but all I had to do was spray him with water in the face when he did those things. Took a few months, now he is incredibly well-behaved and loves everyone including cats.

Face it, cyclona, pit bulls don't have these magical qualities you claim other dogs lack. In fact, they are exceeded in every department except the ability to commit violence effectively.

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