Tuesday, August 23, 2011

folie à plusieurs

congratulations CINDY MARABITO! the last pit nutter to stir such outrage in me was THOMAS CHRISTOPHER O'HALLORAN. in addition to the evocation of rage, MARABITO beautifully demonstrates the phenomenon known as Folie à plusieurs (madness of many) a syndrome in which two or more individuals share symptoms of mental illness

pit bull advocates have set a new low for rumor mongering with their promotion of the ladder theory in the death of DARLA NAPORA. waves of nutters gobbled up the fairy tale and repeated it. meet CINDY MARABITO aka ground zero.

drama queen CINDY MARABITO, with muzzled pie hole in a bit of pit nutter city council street theater 2001. MARABITO helped to kill a muzzle proposal in the aftermath of the savage murder of Diane Whipple. too bad that pie hole wasn't muzzled before infecting the nutters with her most recent bout of dementia.

MELANIE COY quickly jumped on THE LADDER DID IT bandwagon in a blog post titled, are you ready for it? IT CAN'T BE UN-SAID. no shit!!!! COY has since "apologized" and claimed to have learned her lesson. yeah right. and it's all how you raise 'em!

here are a few highlights of the collective madness that pulsated through pitternets last week.

righteously indignant ubergullible nutter soldier, LAUREN MCCAA, took it upon herself to educate dogsbite.org of the TRUTH! in an email with the subject line 'LIES'.
Hi Colleen,
The Pacifica woman was NOT killed by her pit bull she fell of a ladder. If she was mauled she would have bite wounds, flesh missing, and not trauma resulting from a fall. Maybe instead of being so worried about donations, which you still have not shown to go to any dog bite victims, you should get your facts straight. Way to go for jumping on the idiot band wagon and believing everything you hear. If you do not believe me here is an accurate article, http://www.examiner.com/american-pit-bull-in-national/pacifica-dog-mauling-what-really-happened-1, but I am nothing but a pit nutter with facts and you are a maniac with your opinions. Did you not learn after your infamous interview with people from the SPCA? Also all the victims you used are shark bite victims, yes I did little digging, and again you lie. I must ask do you have anything else to prove your case except shark bite victims and google articles, which were later proven that the dogs were not pit-bulls at all. Also pit-bull is not a breed, but I bet you knew that. Other than spreading lies and debunked opinions have you contributed anything at all to real dog bite victims??
LAUREN'S facebook comments include:
Im just not into the whole bully style and have gotten really confused. He is PR ukc and adba registered as APBT, but hes not a pure bloodline but a mix. I want to show him hopefully next yr.
when LAUREN is not chatting it up on facebook, she seeks advice on how to properly raise/socialize her super aggressive UKC/ADBA registered mixed pit bull:
I have a 2 1/2 yr old un-altered male, who I adopted from my friend about a year ago. He spent most of the beginning of his life on a chain and wasn't properly socialized with other dogs and has severe aggression around other males and smaller dogs. He now runs on half and acre with two mixed females. I love him to death and he such a sweetie around people, but he changes when comes near other males. His true personality is calm and really relaxed, but around other males/small dogs its like his prey drive and ego spike. He is not the foaming at the mouth or yanking me to the ground type, but if they get in his range he will strike. They did put him through extensive obedience training and does well with sit, stay, lay, come, and walking off a leash, but changes and will become unfocused around other males. Females he is fine around, no issues what so ever. I would like to know how to keep him stable and focused and not worry about him attacking other dogs. I want to know how to re-channel his true personality and keep him turned off. Thank you so much for the help.

another 'oops, he's never done that before' moment waiting to happen!

one proud pit nutter wrote to dogsbite.org and in an exceptionally bold move signed her/his comment PIT NUTTER:
Oh my god do you people pull this ridiculousness out of your behinds. Where does it state her nose was bitten off and oh just so you know her pit-bull did not maul her, she fell off her ladder. She did not have missing limbs, ripped flesh, or crushed bones, she had upper body trauma consistent with a fall. Before all you jump on the media bandwagon, who couldn't tell an accurate version of a story if it had already been written for them. http://www.examiner.com/american-pit-bull-in-national/pacifica-dog-mauling-what-really-happened-1. That is accurate version and not an article filled with lies to help sell. Oh and if BSL worked Ontario's and Denver's bite rates would have decreased, correct? Your wrong there bite rates have increased. Yes lets ask where your priories, believing lies and a website full of shark attack victims and not dog bite victims. Believing a website that cares nothing about receiving donations because the members are too dumb to notice real facts. Colleen has NOT ONCE contributed to a dog bite victim. Oh hey don't believe anything, but what the media say, because Colleen told you to. I am just a pit-nutter though with facts though filled with maniacs and their opinions. I guarantee not a single one of you could point out a 'pit-bull', since its not even a breed of dog....
well, s/he was right about one thing, s/he is "just a pit-nutter."

LINDA FRANCIS, phoenix pet welfare examiner and blog author of 'from my chair' where LINDA can in fact know the details of a fatal mauling hundreds of miles away without leaving the comfort of her chair.
Thanks for keeping us updated. I have no proof of course, but I can tell you that Gunner did NOT maul his owner, but was trying to get her up after her fall! I am betting this will be the outcome. I am saddened that once again, cops have shot first and asked questions later!

TRACEY SCIBILIA, cops are evil
How horrible! I am positive that sweet dog was trying to wake up his "mommy" sooo awful! The cop that shot that dog should be suspended and the reporters should be fired.
i wonder if c marabito even had her hand slapped over this piece of crazy fiction?

DAWN DUNSMORE, the psychic
Before reading the article I could already tell that they dog was just there at her aid. Such a tragedy for all, I hope the husband can be reunited with the other pittie, at least with the horrible loss that they both have endured, they will have each other.

FAITH HYNOSKI (SeaNuttle's FABB founder) chimed in
Thank you for sharing the true facts of this horrible story. Since I am now 8 months pregnant, I do feel for this poor woman, her baby, and the dog involved. Great to hear how rational the father is and that he was non-emotional (hard since it is his daughter that died) enough to want to learn from the evidence. I wonder if people will seek to ban ladders now?
you can read more about this ever so witty seattle nutter here.

DEBORAH NAVA, evangelical nutter
I knew there was more to this story. Pacifica police were just trying to justify the killing an innocent family pet. My heart and prayers goes out to this family. Since the dawn of man-dogs have been our companions. The Lord in his infinite wisdom created dogs/wolves to love us unconditionally and they help us in countless ways. God bless all dogs and good pet parents. The authorities need to return Tazi, the female pitbull to this family to help in their time of grief.
god created wolves to love us unconditionally :-)

JODY DARRIELL, litigious jody
Pit owners EVERY WHERE need to create a class action suit against the reporting media claiming irrevocable damage for falsely reporting this woman's death and blaming pit bulls.
JODY takes a third of the judgment for the irrevocable damage done to shit bulls.

This is horrible and sad on SO many levels! As a professional dog behaviorist, I IMMEDIATELY noticed holes in the reporting (probably along with all of the educated, level-headed, individuals who read the initial reporting). I am thoroughly disgusted by the SF Chronicle and other news coverage of this event. This event EPITOMIZES what Pit Bull Terrier owners face, and owners of other powerful and misunderstood breeds, on a daily basis. I hope that the female gets returned to the husband or she finds a new home. Once the facts finish coming through, I will be writing a letter to the editor of the Chronicle, and I hope some of you on here do the same. It may not make a difference, but you never know.
professional dog behaviorist who specializes in bully breeds and specializes in regurgitating the pit propaganda (Helen Keller and Teddy Roosevelt) like any good nazi soldier.

dude says it best
Bwaaaaaaaaa-hahahahaha! Idiots!

the authorities stepped in and corrected GUNNER'S exaggerated weight of 125 lbs. this in turn prompted C MARABITO to start laying the foundation for the next lie. C MARABITO is now creating doubt about the authorities ability to conduct a necropsy in an effort to explain and excuse this wiggle butt's sinister deed.
Please share necropsy report and autopsy as soon as revealed. I would go on to suggest a second necropsy report be done if Peninsula Humane Society is involved....not a safe haven for pit bulls and other animals.



SFgate the great muzzle debate


CINDY MARABITO: answered questions

CINDY MARABITO backpeddling :)


CINDY MARABITO'S nutter rescue

CINDY MARABITO'S pet sitting business (this woman is not to be trusted!)


MELANIE COY + craven desires

SFgate profile of pit nutter: C MARABITO be sure to check out C's fascinating journey from texas to cali. from her early days as girl friend of lead guitarist of a communist punk band (the Dicks) to seasoned pit propagandist and founder of reunion rescue where she pairs up the ultimate canine gladiator with "not-so-perfect" tolerant san franciscans who are attempting to "reinvent" themselves. C also rattles off an extensive list of famous pit bulls and pit nutters, the majority of them bogus: Humphrey Bogart, John Steinbeck, Theodore Roosevelt, Thomas Edison and of course Sgt Stubby.

Special thanks to Camden Swita at the Pacifica Patch!


Anonymous said...


March 2009: Mountain Lions almost get a BADRAP in Pierce County, WA....


When wildlife agent Richards went to visit the couple in the hospital, he said they were “ripped to pieces.” He said, “We’re talking a major mauling on two people.”

Richards took a tracking dog, Mishka, to the couple's house in an attempt to locate the mountain lion, but no trace was found.

Instead, Mishka led agents back to the couple's house and to the couple's pit bull inside the home. Richards said when he looked in their house he saw a white dog covered in dried blood.

**Disclaimer...You can't make this stuff up!

Alexandra said...

Among all the usual lies, there's actually something quite refreshing here... In their attempt to prove it was a ladder, the nutters are actually admitting that a PB attack (which they commonly call a 'bite') leaves people with multiple bite wounds, missing limbs, ripped flesh, and crushed bones.

In absence of multiple bite wounds, missing limbs, ripped flesh, and crushed bones, either it wasn't a dog attack or, if it was, it couldn't possibly have been a pit bull.

Which means that where these things are present, they agree it's indicative of a pit bull attack. Thus that the attacking dog is a pit bull. We should thank them for these clear criteria for determining the breed of the attacking dog! If they take their own criteria to heart, we should never again have to argue with them about whether it was a pit bull or a chihuahua that 'bit' when someone gets mauled.

Now only the argument left is the one about whether it was a pit bull or a landed shark.

Small Survivors said...

How long has Colleen been faking pit bull attacks with photos of shark attack victims?

Cindy's blog is a fantastic! Her colleague, Cyndi, in Cali screened a pit bull adopter so well that he let his newly acquired BFF pit bull run away within 2 weeks.

So, Cyndi consulted FOUR different animal communicators who got different communications from the AWOL pit and on the basis of that Cyndi drove 85 miles to search for AWOL shitbull. An' guess what - nada. the AWOL shitbull LIED to the communicators. LIED!!!

These are loons. loons. Loons.


DubV said...

Ya know, the muzzles on those pit nutters look very fitting.


Dude, I BaggedYourPit said...

Excellent Craven! I wish every one of the imbeciles that 'Liked' Marabito's advocate spam could be listed in a permanent record that would turn up in a name search. Not that idiots like these don't already have the cards stacked against them, but short cuts for prospective employers is a good thing. I wouldn't want people this stupid mopping my floor.

While many of these advocates still cling to the ladder story or a variation of the "We'll never know what really happened," bullshit, a handful of dupes have back tracked to 'Unlike' Marabito's fantasy "news reporting." I'd like to think they would experience some humility about being duped by something so stupid, but I think they're more worried about being identified as cosigners to the lie.

Rag Doll said...

Interesting comment from Doug Spencer:
The fact remains that you, Cindy Marabito, grabbed the most ludicrous, unsubstantiated, unverifiable drivel of all possible rumors and ran with it because it fit your agenda. When you were ranting about irresponsible media coverage, you were the most irresponsible of all.
Your hysteria and blame generated hate and mistrust of first responders - provoked a threat of murder against police if they were forced into armed action against a pit bull, and caused paramedics and firefighters to be characterized as “criminally” unobservant. As the initial facts were reaffirmed by official sources, you were still unapologetic – choosing instead to reiterate the baseless, unsourced statement of non-facts you so proudly displayed in quotes. There is no justification for your behavior. You have no integrity, nor the intellect to discriminate between probable facts and foolish fiction.

april 29 said...

The nutters named here display the lack of critical thinking skills so typical of nutters. Has Ms. McCaa, in her shark attack lunacy, considered that sharks have limited access to living rooms in Pacifica, back yards in Pima County Arizona or Putnam County Florida, the streets of Sierra County New Mexico, bedrooms in Kalamazoo Michigan? One might think that a genuine shark in one of these locations would be noted in police reports. But then I forget that police reports are slanted to blame the pit bull standing over the body, or caught in the act of chewing off an arm. Ms. McCaa is sure of her shark maulings but not so sure about the red zone quality of her own pit bull. This knowledge might be critical for her continued survival.

Newsflash for Deborah Neva, the Lord did not create the pit bull.

Jody Darriell ESQ has called for a class action suit against those who damage the reputation of pit bulls, interesting. I saw the pit nutters version of my own attack, creatively written by a local pit nutter, and also a lawyer. The only fact that was correct in the whole account was the gender of the victim and of the pit owner. This nutter demanded that I make a public apology for my own attack because the media accounts "damaged the reputation of pit bulls."

Evidently the concept of "shame" is completely foreign to the culture of pit bull advocacy.

Anonymous said...


Sharon Gardner "wins" the Carnegie Lifesaving Medal for rescuing her neighbor then getting attacked by the wigglbutt.

Oro Valley, Arizona
Sharon Gardner helped to rescue Margaret V. Wiles from attacking dogs, Tucson, Arizona, October 8, 2003. Wiles, 54, was walking her dog through a residential neighborhood when she and the dog were attacked by two pit bull dogs, one weighing 50 pounds and the other, 30. The larger pit bull bit her on the leg as she secured
her own dog and tried to fight off the attacking dogs with a leash. She screamed for help. Gardner, 57, administrative assistant, was approaching the scene in her automobile when she saw the attack. She left her car and ran to Wiles, positioning herself between Wiles and the attacking dogs and yelling at the dogs to distract
them. Two other motorists stopped at the scene and joined in the rescue, enabling Wiles and her dog to secure refuge in a car. The dogs then turned on Gardner, the larger dog biting her on her right leg, and she fell to the pavement. One of the other responding motorists struck the dogs repeatedly with her purse. The dogs retreated. Wiles sustained minor injury, but Gardner required hospital treatment, including suturing, for her
bite wounds. Carnegie Citation #77641-8889

**Disclaimer I am not making this up!

SRUV said...

Reading this page is disorienting: there's too much concentrated madness. Give them all tin hats.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

thanks dude, i might add more of these nutters as time allows.

DubV said...

I think I pasted in links that were already up!

Anonymous said...

If only pit bull attack victims would be more like shark attack victims.

Shark Attack Survivors Fight to Save Sharks


Anonymous said...

truthbird, when I go out minding my own business, I don't expect OR accept the possible consequence that somebody else's fighting dog might come and maul me to death because I'm walking my own dog, or I'm 'walking funny', or whatever shit pit owners love to say when blaming the victim for being attacked by their animals.

When I swim in tropical oceans, I accept that I might encounter a shark. Not to mention that sharks are keystone predators and lifeforms, doing what they've naturally EVOLVED to do, and have infitely more right to exist than a breed of dog created purely to maim and kill other animals including their social packmates (which include humans!!!). Pitbulls are a manmade species, and are an entirely kettle of fish (though their attacks make victims resemble that of shark attack victims)

How dare you suggest that dog attack victims should be more concerned about the status and well-being of the fucking shit beasts that devastated them, especially when most of their owners never give a damn about either dog or victim? Fuck you and your suggestion of wanting pit attack victims to actually lay themselves down and celebrate the breed that devastated them.

Jim said...

If sharks started breaking into homes to maul the inhabitants I doubt anyone would advocate for them.

If sharks jumped out of the ocean to attack children as they play I doubt anyone would advocate for them.

If sharks dragged infants out of their cribs and tore them to shreds I doubt anyone would advocate for them.

If sharks started mauling their owners when said owners slipped and fell while walking them I doubt anyone would advocate for them.

Are you intelligent enough to get the point? Or do I need to post more examples?

Sandy said...

Sharks are undomesticated,they are NOT pets(although some people keep small species of shark in tanks), and they have a vital role to play in the health of the ocean.

I admire sharks, they are powerful, beautiful, sleek, amazing creatures. But, I would never be one of those idiot tourists who goes swimming with the sharks on purpose. I know what they are capable of and would not want to put myself in the position to be bitten by one. Shark attacks do happen to innocent people, but they are far and few between. Can't say the same with pit bull attacks.

Dude, I BaggedYourPit said...

Peace guys. I'm sure truthbird was sharing the dichotomy with sarcasm.

When push comes to shove, I'd prefer the shark on my plate with a little lemon, maybe a little tartar sauce and one comment: "Now who's the predator, bitch?" ;-)

Anonymous said...

The Nutters killed another one a few days ago. A 9 year old boy in Trinidad.

On Tuesday evening Jessie was mauled to death by Damien, one of his brother's pitbulls, which police later killed.

Neighbours say they would normally hear Jessie (who would be left at home alone while his brother Rudy Boiselle went to work), crying and making noise at home. On Tuesday it was different. Neighbours said they heard no noise and found it strange. Around 8.30 p.m. they found out why.

Jessie's brother along with a neighbour, Peter Nixon, discovered his little body in a ravine behind his home with dog bites to his throat and other parts of his body.


The Domestication of this breed is vastly overstated.....

Anonymous said...

I was being SARCASTIC! Next time I will spell it out more CLEARLY to avoid such painful, regrettable and unintentional confusion!

I personally find the Pew Environment Group appalling for using shark victims to advocate for their cause, despite the fact that it is on behalf of wildlife conservation.

To think that this type of scenario would never happen in the area of pit bulls would be unwise. Also note the "week" this story ran.


Sandy said...

Sometimes it's hard to read sarcasim over the internet, especially for those who are new to the site and don't know the folks who comment here regularly.

It's also becoming more common for pit bull people to say pit bull victims are really shark victims in order to deflect blame. I'm sorry for assuming you were one of them.

Jim said...

Trthbird, woops! I am sorry for my reaction.

How sad is it that the immediate conclusion I jumped to was this was a pitiot being serious?

I guess my experiences with these people, and how far off the rails they are, has impaired my sarcasm/satire detector ;)

DubV said...

I proposed this a bit ago here, but can't remember the name I gave it. But it really belongs to FUzupf.

FUzupf's Law:

"Without a winking smiley or other blatant display of humor, it is impossible to create a parody of pit nutterism that someone won't mistake for the real thing.”

(adapted from Poe's Law)

DubV said...


This Cindy Marabito character has moved on to using vaccination as an explanation for aggressive behavior and is talking with a homeopath about this. Homeopathy is a total crock.

april 29 said...

Has Ms. Marabito considered the fact that Poodles are vaccinated, and Beagles, and Yorkies, and Shelties, and Labs, and Goldens, Irish Setters, all manner of normal dogs. Owners of these dogs are not at any particular risk of mauling death. Owners of these dogs do not live in a crate-and-rotate world where they have to protect canine members of their household from attack by other canine members of the same household.

I'm just sayin'...

Jim said...

When she and her devoted followers begin losing their dogs to preventable illness, will those followers catch on to the fact that she is an idiot?

Her "rescue" is adopting out unvaccinated animals. It should be shut down for that reason alone (not there aren't many other reasons to close her shop)

FU Zupf said...

If someone is walking on a sidewalk with a dog on their right side and there's a wall on the right side (so the dog is next to the wall)....

Wouldn't the only NATURAL instinct would be, is to pass them on the left?
(like the rules of driving vehicles?)

Or if you're coming up from behind, at least say something? Like, (HEY!, or "Excuse me!")

I dunno, just thought I'd throw that out. I was walking my dog this morning and some skateboarder guy came up from behind me and just passed without any warning. Good thing my dog's trained and leashed.

Jim said...

If you have to worry about your dog's response to other members of your community using community space, the problem is with your dog, "trained and leashed" or not.

DubV said...

It's telling that among nutters it is seen as a bit of a brag to do what you should have been doing anyway. It's like dads bragging that they feed their kids and treat them well. That's great fuzupf.

Jim said...

The whole "Yea for me! My dog didn't maul a perfectly innocent bystander today and it is all because I took it through basic obedience. Aren't I special?" meme of the pitiots grinds on my last nerve.

FU Zupf said...

Well, thank you guys for dodging yet another question only to insult me.

Oh, and Jim....

I never said I was worried. :)


I wasn't bragging....I was asking a question.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

pardon me mr fuzupf,

i scrolled back through this thread looking for your question. this is all i found:

Wouldn't the only NATURAL instinct would be, is to pass them on the left?
(like the rules of driving vehicles?)

Or if you're coming up from behind, at least say something? Like, (HEY!, or "Excuse me!")

is this for real? your upset that these 2 questions weren't addressed?

you're trying to play perry mason again, you're shooting for that gotcha moment. i am two steps ahead of you ;)

if you think i am going to let you turn any discussion on this blog into a colleen bashing session, you will be disappointed.

Small Survivors said...

So the litany of "things other people ought to do" in fuznuts mind grows from how to feel, what to think, what to blog, and what questions to answer.

He's trying to control the conversation, failing miserably, and still won't go away. And I had the very same thought, Dawn, about where this pathetic attempt might be going. I'm sure he had it all planned out in his head.

Thanks to DubV and Jim, with whom I completely agree - FAIL!

Jim said...

No and No to your "questions" Fuz-nuts.

When I walk my STARR/CGC/C.D labrador, I never have any expectation that people will alert me to their presence or pass me on the left... but then... I don't have to worry that she will eat someones face off for "failure to yield" ;)

Anonymous said...

Maybe now that the Space Shuttle Program has ended, NASA could develop a Pit Bull repellant that pedestrians could spray on themselves. That way they won't be a fault for not alerting the Pit Bull owner that a living being is entering "the mauling bubble"...

Anonymous said...


Some Nutter named Peter writes DBO to lend his expertise and set the record straight on the 3 Year DBRF Report...

From: peter d
Date: April 29, 2011 3:25:21 AM CDT
To: press@dogsbite.org, info@dogsbite.org
Subject: error

I was reading DogsBite.org Releases 3-Year Fatality Study: U.S. Dog Bite Fatalities January 2006 to December 2008 and again the statement , "The report covers a 3-year period -- from January 1, 2006 to December 31, 2008" and I noticed the dates Jan. 1 2006 to Dec. 31, 2008, only encompass a 2 year period

Let's see here 2006, 2007 and 2008...Thanks for clearing that up Peter!

Disclaimer** You can't make this stuff up!

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

math is not a friend to nutters.

Anonymous said...

gee thanks for the dingbat line-up. whats the betting that these females are all mothers and would do anything to defend their progeny even if/when they turn out to be psychopathic nutters/ murderers too. why cant they just lose weight, the dogs and the jail-bird boyfriends. the tattoo's might be a bit harder to unload but hey if they do those other things and also get an education and even a job maybe decent folk might want to overlook the idiotic tattoos.

Anonymous said...

@ dub v
not just the muzzle , the eyes look the same as hanibal lecters. the eyes are the windows of the soul, but unfortunately i dont think theres much there.

Anonymous said...

Ah ha! Regarding the muzzle--Marabito has finally discovered a better mousetrap.

Anonymous said...

You noticed that, Petey? I sure wish you were on OUR side.