Sunday, October 9, 2011

nonlocal "anarchist" home invasion

last august pittybritty, a pit bull owner/advocate (and fairly responsible sounding) showed up and left a few comments. nothing outrageous mind you, nothing that raised my ire or prompted an interest in her, just her personal experience with the breed. you can read them here and here. to my knowledge, she hasn't been back, at least she hasn't left a comment.

on friday, pittybritty's mother left a comment (using pittybritty's profile) outlining a violent home invasion attack against her daughter and her pit bull and attributing it to followers of this blog.

on saturday, an "unbias journalist" with affiliations to ACD JOURNAL left a comment and then another comment attributing the attack to "anarchists" that follow this blog and claiming to be seeking info. on sunday, the "unbias journalist" returned again and accused this "nifty" blogger of finding pittybritty's information and sharing it with my anarchist followers and then "hiding" the information.

i am skeptical. there is no date, no location (i am not even certain of the continent) no information from verifiable sources. i find no evidence of acd journal, bb stunning or a recent home invasion that involved the killing of a pit bull and the beating of a young female on google. i find no evidence that the mother has left the comments anywhere else as the "unbias journalist" has asserted.
maybe one of my readers can turn something up.

to clarify:

i am NOT a pacifist. and i am an avid supporter of the second amendment.

i do NOT condone or encourage preemptive strikes against pit bulls who have not attacked.

i do NOT condone or encourage retaliation against pit bulls who have attacked.

and i most certainly would NEVER condone or encourage a home invasion attack against ANYONE, including pit nutters, dog fighters or responsible pit bull owners.

i do encourage people to LEGALLY arm themselves with lethal weapons and use them against pit bulls and their owners if the need arises.

i do publish the personal information of people who are busted for dog fighting and those whose dogs attack. i feel that people have a right to know where the dangerous dogs are and the criminals who own them. i do NOT publish law abiding pit bull advocates with well behaved pit bulls personal information. i certainly do NOT have the time nor the desire to research every person who shows up at this this blog and disagrees with me. and if friends or acquaintances were to confide in me that they perpetrated an unprovoked violent attack against a pit nutter, i would report them to law enforcement.

attention law enforcement: please contact me and i would be happy to assist in your investigation.


DubV said...

The probability of this NOT being a troll is nearly zero. If pittybritty's login information was not used, then it would be even more obvious. If there was indeed a crime, then the last thing any investigator would want the family to do is go around alerting the prime suspects via internet messages. Any investigator, once told of a blog's possible involvement, would give specific instructions on that point. Further, this story is so sensational that, if true, it would be on CNN, not the ACD Journal which I can't even find a link to online.

This is a relatively clever troll because it forces attention moreso than run of the mill trolls that are more easily ignored.

P.S. The sharpened shovel thing is related to a cold steel shovel I posted a link to for Jake.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps they had to shoot the animal off themselves, then made a clever cover story to "help the breed".

DubV said...

When this is found to be false, what, if any laws, have pittybritty's group broken? It seems they are very close to harassment here.

Friends Administrator said...

I say this "journalist" is barking up the wrong tree. And I find a coincidence here too. Clay Hund on the Opposing Views articles has started this crap that all of this is the fault of pit haters. That pit haters are the ones encouraging the irresponsible people to get pits because haters describe how bad pits are. I think this is a new type of attack against those of us who want to see pit bull fatalities stopped. They've tried everything else and now they are grasping at straws.

Besides anyone want to venture a guess as to what kind of dog this so called "journalist" owns?

Jim said...

Some of the comments from the alleged journalist and the alleged mother of an alleged victim are libelous.

All of their comments are ridiculous.

Mason J said...

This is fucking weird! I came across an identical article as the story told here,online, about a week in a half ago. I remember so well because the very obvious APBT was said to be a breed I have never heard of and could not pronounce either. It was not a American article, I did not recognize the language, but there was a written English interpretation below the original article.
It had shown photos of law enforcement(not American uniforms), a very attractive younge girl with a ugly ass red and whit shitbull(with the identifying large head and compact short body) that they named some unpronounecable breed.
Im backtracking like crazy, trying to find this page, but it seems it has just dissapeared. I'm even searching my web history, but NOTHING!?
This was recent news, I dont know why it is so hard for me to find it, when I had literally just accidentally ran into it in the first place..
The article had said they were not releasing names at that time, but they put up pictures of the girl and mutt, with no problem? I'm gonna continue to search for this shit though. Another thing, this article did not say anything about Cravendesires, pittybritty, or even shitbull advocacy. I'm a fan of Cravens work and thats something that would have stuck with me. This has got to be the same person though!

Mason J said...

This is dam weird! I came across a identical article as the story told here,online, about a week in a half ago. I remember so well because the very obvious APBT was said to be a breed I have never heard of and could not pronounce either. It was not a American article, I did not recognize the language, but there was a written English interpretation below the original article.
It had shown photos of law enforcement(not American uniforms), a very attractive younge girl with a ugly ass red and whit shitbull(with the identifying large head and compact short body) that the called some unpronounecable breed.
Im backtracking like crazy, trying to find this page, but it seems it has just dissapeared. I'm even searching my web history, but NOTHING!?
This was recent news, i dont know why it is so hard for me to find it, when i had just accidentally ran into it in the first place..
The article had said they were not releasing names at that time, but they put up pictures of the girl and mutt, with no problem? I'm gonna continue to search for this shit though. Another thing, this article did not say anything about Cravendesires, pittybritty, or even shitbull advocacy. I'm a fan of Cravens work and thats something that would have stuck with me.

Mason J said...

Hey man, is there something wrong with my computer or are my post being deleted? Copy and pasted, because I was searching for the links for ya'll, but thats twice they dissapeared?
Maybe just something with my computer but if not, just tell me and i'll keep my mouth shut.

safer midwifery utah said...

haha what? The whole story is pretty crazy sounding.

Mason J said...

Alright man, I guess you dont want the links? I get it. Shouldn't have asked for your readers help if thats the case though.

DubV said...

I'm guessing Mason J is here with his brand new blogspot account to act like he is trying to post imaginary links to keep up the "clever" trick?

Hey Mason, if you can read your post above, then your shit works and you could've posted the links, k?

FU Zupf said...

All I gotta say is:

IF, I say IF, this whole allegation IS true, all of you are gonna have a BIG hurdle to jump trying to convince the public and government to ban or eliminate the breed. Because now, not only are you fear mongers and insult everybody that's NOT on your side. But you're starting to actually harm people, break laws, and act far worse than anybody that Craven has ever posted on here.

I truly do hope this allegation is false and all your interesting new names for me continue. :)

DubV said...

Mason gave up after waiting a whole 15 minutes without a response. I guess he had a pizza in the oven and wanted to get this squared away before lunch.

DubV said...

Hmm...interesting that FU Zupf is here suddenly. It could very well be a coincidence, but it makes me suspicious that this idea was hatched among some group of pit bull defenders.

FU Zupf's post has bumped him up to an 11 out of 10 on DubV's "dislike" meter.

I'm not surprised that FU Zupf finds the story mildly plausible. In fact, if Dawn and others hadn't already pointed out the obvious, he would likely be calling the FBI right now and offering to meet someone here while wearing a wire taped to his pit bull.

What if a pit bull owner/advocate acted violently against someone who spoke against their breed of obsession?(this is more than a rhetorical question as pit bull defenders at least harass people, but I wouldn't be surprised if they have been physical as well) Would FU Zupf find it fair for us to lump him in with that person? No, and he would have a litany of reasons why. FU Zupf can't seemed to understand that those reasons would apply in cases involving a group he does not like.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

mason, your comments landed in the spam folder. i have released them.

vintage, i think you are on to something.

if this happened to my daughter, i would not be playing my hand. if i was an "unbias journalist" seeking info, i would not be convinced that the blogger was HIDING incriminating evidence after just 2 days of research.

here are a few things that stand out as odd to me:
1) anarchists? how on earth did the "unbias journalist" come up with this? did they spray paint an A with a circle around it before they left? did they refer to themselves as such during the attack? or do they just "look" like anarchists? this is the most absurd part of this story. if you think about the kind of people who are attracted to this blog and, they are more more of the nanny state type individuals, not fucking anarchists.

2) when the "unbias journalist" first showed up, they claimed they were looking for info and found my blog by googling. the next day, it is apparent that the "unbias journalist" is in contact with the mother. why wouldn't the mother direct the "unbias journalist" to this site? why would "unbias journalist" find it through google?

Mason J said...

Oh come on... Those comments I posted were there and then they werent then somehow theyre back? Stupid fucking game. Yes I have a new blogger account, BECAUSE I DONT BLOGG, i have enjoyed reading Cravens findings but I have never posted before. I thought this was a good reason to start, MY BAD.
This is a REAL story making its way around the internet, was just trying to help ya'll out.

Anonymous said...

just some more slimy scammery on the part of pitters . storm in a tea cup if you ask me. ive said it before and i have to say it again. NOT ALL SHITBULLS ARE THE SAME BUT THEIR FUCKING PEOPLE ARE.

Anonymous said...

all i gotta say is: F.U....fu zupf.
u fuckers arent fooling the silent majority of sane people anywhere.

FU Zupf said...


You're rad! I love how you refer to yourself in the 3rd person.

I shut the computer down over the weekends, I log back on and NOW your mind is turning its gears trying to figure out how I play into all of this. Absolutely amazing.

To answer your question: You already DO lump me into, "that person."
All of you have some type of interpretation of who I am. I don't care, whatever.

But to make assumptions or to ask me a question like, "What if a pit bull owner/advocate acted violently against someone who spoke against their breed..."


Thank you for responding (mature and appropriately) to my concerns involving this allegation. I thank you.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

i have never seen anyone spell blog with two g's before, well until now.
here is acd journal and here is mason j

interesting coincidence?
i believe mason j and acd journal are one and the same person trying to play good cop/bad cop with me. the same person is probably the other two clowns commenting here too. what do you all think?

DubV said...

Good catch Dawn. If it wasn't obvious before, it is BEYOND obvious now. And Mason J is in on it. It must hurt them that they fooled no one for a zero length of time.

"when the "unbias journalist" first showed up, they claimed they were looking for info and found my blog by googling. the next day, it is apparent that the "unbias journalist" is in contact with the mother. why wouldn't the mother direct the "unbias journalist" to this site? why would "unbias journalist" find it through google?"

DubV said...

"i have never seen anyone spell blog with two g's before, well until now.
here is acd journal and here is mason j"

Damn Dawn, brilliant.

Anonymous said...

"your concerns regarding this allegation"
dont make me laugh. u guys are so fucked.

Small Survivors said...

Why do nutters still believe they can just say something without evidence and think people will take them seriously. DBO and CD have been slamming their assertions with research and citations for years, and they still don't get it. You have to prove your assertions.

I'm still trying to figure out what those attackers would have been saying about CD to pittybritty while they were beating her with a shovel and strangling her pit bull...CRAVEN DESIRES ROCKS, YO!...????

Most criminals are very stupid, but even among stupid criminals its considered very stupid to announce to your victim how you can be found.

Yeah, now that Vintage mentions it, I wonder what happened to pittybritty's pit.

It is sad, but I guess expected that Dawn would have to explain time and time again that she's never advocated vigilantism, just protecting yourself from pit bull attacks.

It is pathetic that pit nutters, who regularly say in comments sections - "ban stupid owners" "the owner should be euthanized" "you should be euthanized for saying that (something against pit bulls)" "if you can't play with the big dogs stay on the porch" - threatening violence at every turn - can't distinguish defending one's self from vigilantism.

They really do believe we have to just shut up and take our maulings.

Small Survivors said...

snarky's FU PUTZ is THE name. yep. tried so hard to find the right name. FU PUTZ.

Mason J said...

I'll admit I'm not much for spelling, never have been. But wow this shit is funny how dumb you people are! I cant believe I once looked to this site with respect! Blogger is spelt with 2 G's I know that because i just signed up for it and the "journelist" you gave in the link had spelt it that way, so hell ya I assumed thats how you spell it!
Hahah I dont think i would call your assumption brilliant though...
My name is Jesse Johnson, my sons name is Mason, he was bit on the arm by our neighbors pitbull, that got a face full of my baseball. I hate these fucking dogs and their fucking owners!
I live in west longview Wa, sunsetvillage appartment 2. I am a Carpenter by trade, I have also done abit of logging. I lived Gorgia for about ten years before comming back to wa about 11 yrs ago.
Believe me Iv got nothing to hide from you fuckers hahah look me up though, Im just a fellow pithating working man trying to keep my kids safe. I just got alittle excited when I saw this because of the article I had read befor.
Dam I know how you treat the Nuts but I wasnt expecting the same treatment. Ya'll stupid, have fun with that.

Small Survivors said...

LOL, I don't know about the rest of you Craven followers, but I'm wringing my hands thinking about how I might have hurt the oh-so-delicate Mason J's sensibilities...I'm positively devastated.

I'm dying inside knowing that Mason J might have been a solid supporter and now I've done gone and killed that support.


Mason J said...

SMan you guys are incredible! I am fucking blown away by how childish you fuckers are. Really feels like you guys are trying to cover something up by the way your puttin this shit on me. I have no resaon to lie about who I am or where I am. I just gave you my name and address, and my sons name, I know you fuckers wont come lokkin for me and if you did well the more the marrier haha
Anyways i hope this stupid site gets shut down whether you were involved with nutter or not! Its a joke

DubV said...

It is easy to give your name over the internet.

For instance, most people don't know my real name is Queen Elizabeth II, and I reside at Buckingham Palace in London, U.K.

Mason J said...

Do some research on me craven, then tell everyone how many shitbulls I have owned or ever supported! If any, the only one you will find will be the dead one. And yes ONE swing from my baseball bat offed that piece of shit. I guess not all men are equal though. The fucking owner called the police so im sure you can find it. Besides that you wont find me havin nothin to do with them fuckin dogs. PERIOD

Mason J said...

Look me up Vag, I gave you my address. You can atleast verify the info I gave you. I dont need to be associated with that shit

Tegenpitjes said...

It's the word "Anarchist" that gets to me. I mean, it's so old fashioned, who uses such a word? What do you guys think? He's Russian, Easter Europe?
CD, just curious, did you check his IP?

DubV said...

So, let's get this straight. Someone accuses this blog or its readers of violence. Someone chimes in that they heard about the story as well. We don't believe him. He then gives all us potential psychos his full name, kids name, and address. I don't care how confident you are in your physical prowess, if that's how it really went down then that isn't too bright.

april 29 said...

There is a Jesse Johnson in Longview Washington. There is a photo of a beautiful baby on his myspace page. Is this you Jesse? Is the photo Mason?

I'm just sayin... took the man at his word and this is what I found.

Bill G said...

Hey Craven!

You'll love this: I run out to the grocery store earlier and in the line in front of me is a young gentleman shirtless. What is so hard to understand about "no shirt, no shoes, no service"?

In any case, the guy has a tattoo of a PIT BULL on his right shoulder blade.

I'll bet you can't guess what was tattoo'ed on his LEFT shoulder blade...

wait for it...


I wish I'd had my camera!


Anonymous said...

i like and believe jesse's story about a blow from a baseball bat killing a pit. everyone should have one ready behind the front door. wtf jesse got so ornery on c.d , over nothing , is another story and makes me think he perhaps does have his own pit on a chain in the back yard.

Ro Martinet said...

This home invasion attack story sounds preposterous and none of the posters--the mother, Mason J/the journalist--have offered an iota of evidence to substantiate the story. Personally, I think that whoever cooked up this little plot must be aggressively stupid. If the attack really happened, I will retract that and publicly apologize.

Furthermore, as others have also noted, no professional journalist would conduct inquiries in the fashion ACD Journal has. A journalist would provide his/her full name, a professional email address (and likely an office phone number), and the contact information of their periodical's editorial department so that any potential interviewees/sources could verify the journalist's credentials and assignment.

And who the hell learns English as their "seventh tongue?" I am dying to know--what were the first 6? And there are interpreters at the United Nations who don't speak that many languages. For Chrissakes.

This entire thing would be really silly if it wasn't for the truly nasty nature of the allegations.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

Bill G, thanks you made my day.

Tegenpitjes, i don't track IP addresses. as for the use of the word "anarchists", i suspect it is a way to create instant concern and turn the attention of the authorities on this blog. the word is often used in the U.S. and is associated with ALF/ELF.

i also lack the ability to hide individual comments. i can delete individual comments and i can hide all of the comments in a particular blog post but it's all or nothing.

mason and pittybritty, the overwhelming majority of people who show up, i have ZERO interest in checking out. you both fall in that category. sorry, maybe you want me to so you can feel important. i don't know.

snack, years ago, i knew an older woman who lived alone and a couple of men stormed her home, tied her up, beat her and robbed her. the two intruders kept talking about her gardener/handy man. it was later discovered that was a ruse to throw the police off of their tracks. that possibility crossed my mind. if the attack did happen, i am sure that possibility crossed law enforcement's mind too.

Friends Administrator said...

And this Mason guy is raising a child talking like that? And we have to wonder what is wrong with children these days? Mason would be the answer to that question.

Mason J said...

April, I do have a myspace account that I havent used in ages. My son is now 9 years old along with his twin sister. If there is pictures with 2 beautiful babies, well yep that me. I dont know what jesse your lookin at but if you send me a link Ill let you know.

P. Just because I talk with a dirty mouth around a bunch of other dirty mouthed adults does NOT mean I talk to or around my kids that way. There is NOTHING wrong with my kids, they are smart, loving, funny and love school. I am a single father and am dam proud of my kids so please leave them out of this, I should only have to ask that once...
Craven I just wanted to show you and others I am not some pitbull idiot, you are the one that assumed that, I just wanted my name cleared.

Anonymous said...

jesse : you sure sound like a fucking pitter.

Anonymous said...

Blah Blah Blah...They are always reponsible owners until standing as fools.

Nobody was suppose to be tracking this stuff and the Pit Industry talking points are becoming laughble.

The newest talking point seems to be painting themselves as victims of prejudice of the "Pit Haters"

No one hates Pits(besides the dog fighters who created the breed), we just hate the funerals and lifeflights caused by the constant parade of fools.

Start breeding safer Pits please.

Mason J said...

Ya snark, Pit-Putter hahaha man I dont got no beef with you. Sounds like you geta kick outa pissin people off huh?

Anonymous said...

i really wouldnt know what u are but it seems like u could be a pitter trying to do something clever. i really am a hater, not so much of pits as of pitters but when i first started following craven , a couple of cravenites decided i was a shit eating pariah in the pack and proceeded to tear me to bits , quite undeservedly i thought. the killer instinct is probably as strong in humans as in any mutant canine they ever produced.

Small Survivors said...

Exactly Vintage, this is another ploy to portray the predators as victims. Fuck them.

When a viet nam vet and retired firefighter says that his PROTRACTED attack by pit bulls - which broke his fucking shoulder - was the closest he's come to death, it suddenly gets very clear that these pit nutter assholes are bringing animals that view us as PREY into our neighborhoods. And they must stop it. Some stupid fucking pit nutter did this to an AMERICAN HERO.

And again back to basics. BULLSHIT that anyone would be stupid enough to attack someone with a pit. The pretense here is that pit bulls are just like any other dog and are viewed that way. THEY AREN'T.



Friends Administrator said...

Mason, if you will talk like that period, you will do it around your children. Not even to mention your mindset not being the best a father can offer. No excuses change that.

Jake said...

@Dawn - I recently read the short Harry G Frankfurt book you recommended. Let's just say I'm seeing a lot of it here now.

It wouldn't surprise me if, when you look behind the curtain, you find that pittybritty, our "unbias journalist" and Mason J are all sock puppets on the same hand. I can't imagine that any of these virtual entities are what they claim to be.

The Mason J entity was supposed to be posing as "one of us" but blew it by referring to the nonexistent story which could only have come from the perpetrators of the fraud - not to mention tipping his hand about his true feelings, with the name calling, the accusations, the foul language and a confrontational style in general.

Somebody is no doubt feeling very pleased with themselves at being able to get a response from CD readers and bloggers. Har har.

If you folks insist this is real, then please PM me or craven ASAP with the contact information, case number, and any other relevant info so that we can contact the investigating Law Enforcement Agency to help them get to the bottom of this.

We're waiting.

Mason J said...

You know nothing about me as a man, all you know is my address. You have no clue what I offer my kids as a father and NO I dont trash talk around them either.. it is actually rare that I get confronted in a negative mannor, I dont start fights with people or call them names for no reason. My kids are very stable healthy safe and happy, that all you need tol know.
Does anyone else on this site have kids? If so what the hell makes you better than me? April is the only one I have seen using dirty words. Most of what is said on here is worse than I talk anyways. I am not a responsible pit owner because I dont and never have owned one. I have asctually given them the benifet of doubt, just because I didnt care to put that much thought in a dog breed. That abck fired on me years ago. My son might not be here if I trusted that that pit, I didnt take my eyes off my kids while they were outside and I always knew where that stupid dog was. My son was not hurt badly cause I was on my way to him s soon as I saw the owners front door open, baseball bat in hand. Im wasting my time here. I dont need negative convo, online or anywhere. Done nice talking with ya on this shot out shit

DubV said...

I'm actually not sure that Mason J is full of it. He very well may have read a similar news article somewhere. It's a big world and people and dogs get assaulted all the time, unfortunately. However, given the mentality of the pit nutters that come here, the fact that at least pittybritty's story is obviously false, and the timing of other people obviously impersonating other people as part of this story, it is prudent and understandable for those here to disbelieve anything coming from an unknown sources without evidence.

Friends Administrator said...

Yeah, Mason and my shit don't stink either. You lost it all together too quickly when you were called on it for me to believe you. Hope you are able to control yourself better with your children.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

a couple of corrections.
DubV recommended the Harry G Frankfurt book and i don't believe April29 uses "dirty words". me on the other hand, i am quite fond of the F word.

another great rant snack. i hope cyclona learned to use the online dictionary for PROTRACTED.

Jake said...

Ah, it was DubV that recommended it? Sorry old chap, my bad. I suppose senior moments like that are to be expected at my age.

Well, at least my memory served me correctly in the fact that I first learned of the book on this blog.

Jim said...

I find it very difficult to believe that this story is true simply because it would be all over the pitagandist sites if it were.

Further evidence of how stupid and crazy the pittie crowd really is.

DubV said...

Good call, Jim. This is especially true given that pittybritty was a member of game-dog forum. No matter the country, a pit nutter somewhere would've gotten the word out in a week or more.

Mason J said...

My mistake, I meant *april is the only one I *havent* seen using a potty mouth.

P. Your just looking for a fight, pretty dumb online, I asked you to leave my kids outa this, nomatter hou bad mouthed someone is, an adult should have enough respect to do so. This is not bout my kids, who are GREAT KIDS so leave them alone. I know you wouldnt be running your mouth in real life so stop being such an ass on the comuter.

april 29 said...

Back to the comments by snarky and Mason J on baseball bats. I think a lot of baseball bats. The first Mother's day after the attack I was given a regulation Louisville Slugger, it is pink.

Of course, I have moved on to Smith and Wesson big time...

Hang in there Mason, I'm all about protecting your children.

Jake said...

@snack - I understand about not wanting to alienate someone who was supposedly "on our side" - but I have a hard time believing that this tough-talking, confrontational character ever was actually in any way sympathetic.

He went from "I'm a fan of craven's work" to "screw you all!" in nothing flat. It's like he wanted to appear to be sympathetic but when he encountered a minor problem his hatred leaked out and betrayed his true feelings.

He seems to have mistakenly assumed that he could endear himself to the CD readers by claiming to be a pit hater, and to have killed one of the creatures with a baseball bat. Naturally that earns no points here, as the CD readers have never advocated cold blooded killing, and most would find the idea loathsome.

Using violent methods against an attacking pit bull to save a victim is one thing, cold blooded killing is a completely different matter and has never been condoned by anyone in the editorial group or the readership of CD.

If Mason J is a real person, then I recommend that he try to calm down and behave rationally. Look at things reasonably: A lot of lying trolls and trouble makers come through here dumping loads of guano, so pardon the skepticism. Quit making silly demands and give it some time..

Anonymous said...

where i live , the NANNY / NINNY state has determined in all its protective wisdom that the public does not have the right to defend itself from armed, dangerous and criminal creatures of the two legged kind. as for four legged menaces, i suspect the same asinine attitude also applys.

Small Survivors said...

Jake, I didn't make any comments excusing this person. it must be someone else.

I agree with everything you said.

I don't think its a real person. I don't think I've addressed anything this non person said. But I'm too lazy to look back and be sure. lol.

DubV said...

found at the excellent dogs bite decatur al

I believe this is the definition of gameness. The pit bull continued to attack a sheltie even after the normal dog's owner drove a PITCHFORK through the pit's head!

Oh, big ups for having the stones to drive a pitchfork home like that.

Perhaps a small Poseidon trophy is in order.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

yeah, this is a sweet finale for wiggle butt.
i have been researching this attack and the pit nutter, still looking for him.

Anonymous said...


October 13, 2011
Police shoot pit bull as it attacks owner

HAVERHILL — Police said they shot and killed a pit bull as it repeatedly bit its owner's body and face.

The dog attacked the owner in the entrance to his apartment building and was "not letting go," said police Deputy Chief Donald Thompson.

Finally, a Pit owner who doesn't want to talk!

**Disclaimer...I am not making this up!

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

damn trigger happy cops.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

maybe MICHAEL LAMONT'S pibble was after his stash.

Arrest: Michael Lamot, 52, 78 Lafayette Square, possession of heroin with intent to distribute, 121 Lafayette Square, 8:20 p.m."

yep, trigger happy cops, they murdered another lawdogs recruit.

Anonymous said...


These two nutters had to call police, then complained about the beserkers getting the needle!

Pit bulls euthanized in Lowell after they bite owner
By Erin Smith,
Updated: 10/13/2011 09:18:32 AM EDT

Pit bulls Jade, left, and Jasper were euthanized after fighting over food.

LOWELL -- City officials euthanized two pit bulls Tuesday night after one of the dogs bit the owner, who was trying to break up a fight between the two animals inside his home.

Neither dog was registered, The Sun has learned, and that raises questions about how well the city's new pit-bull ordinance is working, officials acknowledged.

Lisa King, the dogs' owner, said the city only recently notified her about the new rules. Lowell's ordinance went into effect July 1, raising King's licensing fees for her two pit bulls from $20 to $120 annually. King said she lost her job in April and couldn't afford to pay.

In June, the City Council passed the new ordinance after more than two years of debate. That also followed reports of 16 attacks involving pit bulls in the city in less than five months last year.

*Note to Nutters:...If you have to call police to protect you from your unregistered beserkers, do not complain about responsible adults euthanizing them. Consider yourselves lucky they don't assess you the first responder costs!

**Disclaimer...I am not making this up!

april 29 said...

We have all had fun, and a fine conversation, but it must be noted that there has been absolutely NO proof of the pittybritty story produced. These folks appear to have slithered off into the shrubbery...

DubV said...

Good point, april 29.

I just checked and pittybritty's blogger account has now expanded. It appears she lives in barbados. I'll check to see if her story is found there at all.

Anonymous said...

Ever wonder why American Pit dealers try to meddle with Pit restrictions in other countries?

There has been a rash of Piticides throughout the carribean lately...Someone is importing our foul bred american killers...making buckets of blood money.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

dubv, now that's a good point. i have so little interest in the pittybritty dingbat, i didn't even think to click on her blogger profile. LOL!!

DubV said...

Pittybritty has an empty blog. It is unclear, given the writing, if this will be some launching pad related to her story. Weird. I googled

barbados dog attack

and a few other things, but nothing came up that seemed related.

Anonymous said...

Chitty Britty Bang Bang didn't even dignify a response...It just shows how dangerous Nutter group think is. They are looking to believe anything.

An example is reciting the Nanny Dog myth despite 180 american kids being killed by Chitties, not to mention thousands terribly mauled.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

chitty britty bang bang!!! LOL!!!!