Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Dirty Liars Exposed: Bulladelphia

Pit bull advocates are known to lie through their teeth with no sense of shame or guilt. This lying contributes to the pit bull problem; unsuspecting owners get a "nice" pit bull, only to later be killed by their own dog.

I found a site that is no different - it is full of blatant lies. What I wonder is why people believe this bullshit even when faced with the facts. Here's a breakdown on a couple of the lies on bulladelphia.org.

Lie #1: "No spayed/neutered, indoor pit bull has ever killed a person."

It doesn't take much digging around to find cases of loved, spayed/neutered indoor pit bulls killing people. Like Tina Marie Canterbury.

October 2, 2007 | Middleburg, FL
Tina Marie Canterbury, 42-years old, was killed by her two red-nosed pit bulls. She had raised both dogs, Rebel and Thor, since they were pups. Both had been neutered and lived indoors. According to her cousin, Bill Canterbuy, the dogs often slept with her at night. Tina had been taking out the trash when the dogs attacked. Her son attempted to rescue her and was also bitten. Authorities eventually shot and killed both dogs. Animal Crimes Detective Annie Henderson said,"This was a responsible owner. These animals never had any history of any type of aggression."

Dirty lie exposed.

Lie #2:
"According to studies by the CDC, a person is more likely to be killed…
- by a family member
- by a falling coconut
- in a bedroom slipper-related accident
- choking on a marble
- drowning in a 5-gallon bucket
- getting struck by lightning

…than by a pit bull."

These "studies" were never performed. I emailed the website and asked them politely if they could send me a direct link to the source of the material, but all they could provide was the front page. How do I know these studies weren't performed? Besides n extensive search of the CDC's website, I took the liberty to ask the CDC whether or not the studies were conducted. Their response when asked if the scenarios listed by bulladelphia.org really are more likely to kill a person than a pit bull:

"NCHS [CDC's National Center for Health Statistics] does not collect data to confirm the statistical claim you are referring to."

Translation: They doesn't perform that kind of study. If they don't perform those studies, there is no way that bulladelphia.org could have acquired that information from the CDC. However, in the same email response was this, that contradicts bulladelphia.org's claims:

"A CDC study on fatal dog bites found that at least 25 breeds of dogs were involved in 238 human deaths over 20 years. Rottweiler and pit bull-type dogs were involved in more than half of the deaths."

I also found a report conducted by the CDC on breeds of dogs involved in fatal human attacks in the United States between 1979 and 1998, which also contradicts bulladelphia.org's claims:

"...the data indicate that Rottweilers and pit bull-type dogs accounted for 67% of human DBRF [dog bite related fatalities] in the United States between 1997 and 1998. It is extremely unlikely that they accounted for anywhere near 60% of dogs in the United States during that same period and, thus, there appears to be a breed-specific problem with fatalities."

That's right. Breed-specific problem.

It's worth noting that for falling coconuts to be more likely to kill somebody than a pit bull, a falling coconut would have to kill a U.S. citizen every 21 days. I don't know about you, but where I live in the Midwestern U.S., there are more pit bulls than palm trees.

Case closed. Again, pit bull advocates are quite often liars, because to justify keeping a pit bull, one must tell blatant, dirty lies. Pit bull advocates also choose to ignore the facts because it will go against their twisted worldviews. Why do they not feel guilty?

Oh, I almost forgot. Here's the story behind the "coconuts kill more people than X" myth. It started with sharks, and it was recycled for pit bulls. Whatever you plug the myth into, it's false.


Jake said...

Good research Dignitas. Clearly, the pit bull propaganda does not hold up well under closer inspection. A bit of clear thinking and the whole house of cards comes tumbling down.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

outstanding job.

regarding lie #2, it is obscene to compare freak natural accidental deaths like being struck by lightening to being killed by your neighbor's pit bull, a man made, man controlled fighting dog.

Anonymous said...

i heard somewhere that you are more likely to be killed by a neigbours pitbull than win the lottery . stop buying those lottery tickets and think what to do about the red-nosed mutant next door. oh, but the pitters say "blame the deed not the breed" . fine and dandy for them but its a bit fucking late for you or your pet, after the fact.

DepthCharge said...

A "bedroom slipper-related incident"?? Are people actually grasping at ANY straw they can conjure up? That is classic.

Let's not forget Darla Napora. Maybe her bedroom slippers had something to do with the fact that her very friendly pit bull killed her?

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

dogs bite but balloons and slippers are more dangerous by pit nutter janis bradley. i think ledy and jane bought 10,000 copies that they pass out to legislators.

funny, i've never heard of a pair of slippers SOMEHOW getting loose from their closet and killing the 80 year old neighbor as he worked in his garden.

Small Survivors said...

Great post!!!

And although Dawn's 100% correct about the loathsomeness of comparing acts of nature to acts of asshole idiot owned pit bulls, those numbers about lightening strikes were all simple probabilities assuming every american had an equal chance of getting hit. And it was estimated that about 1000 people a year were getting injured or killed.

Well guess what, someone started tracking actual lighting strike injuries and deaths. And if you compare 2009 stats to Dogsbite.org's 2009 study you are slightly more at risk for getting killed by lightening than by a pit bull but its in the same ballpark. And you are over TWICE as likely to get seriously injured by a pit bull than by a lightening strike.

and in MY state, you're more likely to get killed by a pit bull than hit by lightening.



They are making lying and sociopathy work for them, though.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

holy cow snack, what a great site.
i am surprised to see that more people died from dogs than lightening last year. they look almost as ridiculous with the truth about lightening as the truth about falling coconuts.

Meals on Wheels said...


I'll take my chances with the coconuts, pit bulls...not so much.

cinnamon2005 said...

A pitbull lover friend recently threw the ATTS stats during an argument..so I said an EDUCATED person would looks at those and wonder why only 800ish were tested when over 3000 German Shepards were tested with only a lesser average than the pit. I also told her 4 times a German Shepard ran towards me and my dog when on a walk and each time with just a whistle from the owner, the dog stop and went back to it's yard..can your pit do that? She left slamming the dog.

cinnamon2005 said...

I emant slamming the door.

Anonymous said...

im ok with slamming the pit-dogg.

DubV said...

The coconut thing is just another example of pit nutters doing their whole comical idiot impersonation. It's true that mosquitoes kill many more people than all dogs each year. A pit nutter would have us prefer to enter a room with a grizzly bear then rather than a room with a single mosquito, since you know mosquitoes are so dangerous based upon some data analysis.

Have I said yet today how much I hate pit nutters?

cinnamon2005 said...

Everything they say is to distract people from the topic at hand..the pitbull attack/mauling/killing. So of course anyone who won 't fall in line is ignorant, eneducated etc. Hate them with a passion! OT...I just found out my beloved Irish Setter breed has now been turned into a Doddle! The shame!

Miss Margo said...

All previous posters have made the points I intended to introduce. Great jobs, everyone.

Dignitas, bless your heart for actually CONSULTING THE CDC. If mainstream journalists these days had half the integrity and professionalism you demonstrated in your article, there would be much less false information distributed to the public.

And everyone's said it already, but I am compelled to reiterate it: who gives a fuck about falling coconuts or lightning strikes. Those don't RIP OFF YOUR FACE or eat your goddamned arm while you're still alive.

Cheers, Dignitas. Thank you for your effort and this research.

P.S. I know the CDC gets a lot of hatin' for collapsing to pressure and ceasing to collect data on dogbite injuries (and they deserve this criticism. Bad, bad policy decision on their part. Negligent and a betrayal of the public health). HOWEVER, as far as fed agencies go, they are on the ball, and they will get back to you if you ask them for information. They have some world-class scientists working for them, and some of the best public servants in the world. This is my professional opinion as a lowly scholar. Sorry for the tangent.

Anonymous said...

CDC has a long history of ongoing problems and ethics conflicts. Public servants, not.


Read all the comments, with links to websites concerning CDC ethics violations.

Anonymous said...

craven, have you considered going to a non Google platform? Or going back to prescreened anon comments?

You should know that some of your good regular posters got "disappeared" by Google because the usual suspect and her friends hooked up with their buddies there and aced their acccounts. The truth was a little hard for her to handle, especially her corrupt kin.

You can't tell as when you click on their id it just says that the user made their id private, but that isn't so.

Anonymous said...

Did you see the recent news report of the pit bull advocate whose pit bull mauled his daughter? I think it is on dogsbite.

This was a sign toting, bsl opposing, full blown indoctrinated protester, complete with sign that featured a photo of his daughter sleeping with the pit bull that mauled her?

They'll sacrifice their own. It makes me feel so sad that they have been fooled by very bad and very rich liars.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

if we are talking about the same one, yeah i saw that and i plan to blog it. i am still in stealth mode. i found the nutter but i did not find a connection to a specific advocacy group. i was waiting to see if the story developed to see if charges and/or excuses came.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

regarding your comment at February 22, 2012 4:48 PM,
please email me crvndesires@gmail.com

safer midwifery utah said...

Grade A detective work, worthy of any skeptical website. Good work!

DubV said...

I'll say this about my closest exposure to the CDC: I had to evaluate their human rabies prophylaxis treatment recommendations, and it was a joke. It had so many hidden assumptions that it was like I was pulling rabbits out of hats all day. That was only one example, but the scientists on the panel did not do their jobs.

Dude, I BaggedYourPit said...

Falling coconuts are irrelevant in my area because there are no coconut trees. We're anxious to say the same about pit bulls.

Anonymous said...

shitbulls are supposed to be ignored cuz there are humans being murdered and kids being molested . sorry , bone-heads but its an apples/oranges thing. those other issues hopefully are being dealt with but if you folks (pitter cretins) had your way, the world would be a pitter /pitbull playground.

Anonymous said...

craven do you have non G email?

scurrilous amateur blogger said...


Anonymous said...

G's tracking and the bad 'uns have contacts. You might want to consider a change.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

you mean they have more contacts than in facebook?

but seriously, i've the seen the bullshit in youtube (owned by google) nothing surprises me. but maybe they will be taken down by the RICO act.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

maybe, i will play a part in that take down ;-)

Fight for your rights said...

Still spreading lies & fear I see.
Still cant understand why so many seemingly smart people can have such poor judgment.

Dawn James said it perfect "a man made, man controlled fighting dog"

It could be a Pit bull a German Shepard or a Labrador a dog only does what it's taught or just as bad not taught the problem is people not Pit bulls.

Tell me these are lies !









There's plenty more but these should be enough to make my point
in defense of Satans flesh ripping mutants and after # 7 the rest of the Country will open their eyes & follow suit shortly after.

Face it your losing.... people dont listen to your hate because they have eyes of their own and see the truth.

Anonymous said...

thanks ffyr.
for those pearls of pitter wisdom . you can crawl back under your rock now .

Dignitas said...

FFYR, a few "good deeds" can never outweigh all the people and pets viciously mauled, maimed and killed by pit bulls every year. Nice try, but your argument is a poor one.

Anonymous said...

thanks dignitas ,but....
in this case, "pearls cast unto swine ".

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

ffyr, we need a whole new category to measure your stupidity.

you demonstrated that you can read but i have yet to see that you can comprehend. it's all how you BREED them, hence the MAN MADE comment. labradors can't hang on a spring pole. a german shepherd will let go if you hit it with a 2x4.

dumbass, you included the bait dog twice and yes, according to AFF, bait dogs are a lie. i guess you missed the animal farm foundation's memo.

Fight for your rights said...

It's also kind of funny that you picked Toto for an avatar because as I remember it Toto was on his way to death row after he bit poor Miss Gulch on the leg.

I work with dog shelters all across my state and bait dogs are real and pitbulls are the most abused dogs in the country. I am in contact with hundred's of them a year and have never been bit.

If you have had problems with them maybe they sense your nasty disposition because dog's are a great judge of character & Dawn you are pretty hostile maybe you should be euthanized !

Anonymous said...

classic pitter logic, if youve been bitten or something , it must be your own fault . or your dog barked, so its ok for their ugly fucking mutant to go to work. these people are seriously lacking in the ability to feel for another person or animal.

Anonymous said...

dear old masspits
re toto , any dingbat could see what a nasty old piece of shit miss gulch was and definitely deserved a pit
- sized bite , not toto's. you pitters make me laugh , acting terrified of small dogs and yet opting to own fricking great mutant maulers.
as for mutants being the most abused dog ,i think its great . what better breed or type to accept punishment than one bred for gore and suffering . ive heard of cutting off a pits leg and it still wont let go . LOL. I LOVE IT .

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

"and bait dogs are real and pitbulls are the most abused dogs in the country."

see. you did it again. i said the AFF made that claim. reading comprehension is your friend. so slow down, take a deep breath, and read it twice if you need to.

"Dawn you are pretty hostile maybe you should be euthanized"

i am just misunderstood by pathologically politically correct morons who can't handle truth or unpleasant thoughts. in reality i am the gentlest, goofiest, most lovingest, loyalist, courageous, most people pleasingest, person i know. all of my friends and family say that they would never have it any other way.

but i do tend to force direct eye to eye contact and most people can't handle it.

educate yourself!

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

fight for your rights, since you seem to be so bothered by my avaatar photo, i changed it to something that is more appropriate and familiar for pit nutters.

be sure to click on my profile so you can see the larger version.

Fight for your rights said...

Dawn I have never advocated for any viscous dogs I love all animals & I agree there needs to be something done about the amount of bad dogs that are out there what I dont agree with is BSL or any laws that judge a dog based on its breed instead of its actions.

BSL does not work because it only effects good dogs and responsible owners because the criminal element like dog fighters & drug dealers dont register their dogs or abide by the law so they will hide their problem dogs in their homes barns and back yards while the good dogs and owners are paying the price.

The Pitbull Terrier because of dog fighting alone is the most abused dog in the country thats why there are more attacks by them.

Pit bulls do not have the most power full bite of all dogs that
myth was busted on National Geographics they were seventh out of 10 dogs tested.


I'm all for issuing permits in order to own one or a better solution would be to issue huge fines for unregistered dogs and enforce them also when you register your dog you should have to have your dog present so it can be evaluated on the spot then you can impose restrictions such as muzzles locked chain link kennels or in severe cases euthanized.

If you put these kind of things into effect most of the scumbags who exploit these dogs wouldnt bother with Pitbulls anymore but then were right back in the same spot in a few years with another breed.

They need to tackle the real problem "Bad people".

Even if there's 300 bad attacks a year when compared with the amount of abused pitbulls you can see why.And there is still Millions of Pitbulls who do nothing wrong why should they be destroyed. I openly invite anyone to spend a afternoon with my dogs even though they have never met you and if you gave a honest assessment they would change your mind about the breed.

Dawn I believe you are a very happy caring pleasant person to be around I just believe you have been blinded by bias media and fear of what you dont have first hand experience with.

@ Snarky you are a ignorant person who again makes no point in your insults and sick remarks you are just looking for approval of people who can clearly see you are a jerk off so do us all a favor and crawl back under what ever lonely rock you squirmed out from under.

Fight for your rights said...

Also I read somewhere that the Vick dogs were a failure that also is not true even as abused as they were out of 48 only one dog showed any aggression towards people and those dogs were victims of extreme abuse.


Fight for your rights said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
scurrilous amateur blogger said...

hey fight for your rights,

i had to delete your comment. i couldn't find that story in a legitimate news source. if you do find one, i will republish it but i will not help you spread this story with your proof of assertion activities.

Fight for your rights said...

It was a Florida paper..Here's how wide spread the abuse problems are though.


And another example of a good dog.


Fight for your rights said...

I found several links


Fight for your rights said...


Why didnt you post my other views on how to handle the dog problems we have today. I thought they were fair.

And snarky does need help !

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

i'm not publishing that pollyanna bullshit about the vick dogs or anything from lifewithdogs, the dogfiles etc. those are not legitimate news sources.

there is a year difference in the dates between the tucson link you sent me and the first propaganda piece you sent me. very odd.

as for the georgia cop dog fighter busted yesterday and how wide spread the problem is, apparently you missed the first year of craven. yes there are jail guards and cops in the dog fight busts i covered. i am very aware of the problem. it is huge.

stop bothering with this nonsense or i won't even bother reading your comments and they will go directly into the trash.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

since i have found a pro-dog/pro-pit source that doubts the veracity of this hero story, i have decided to publish your comments with bogus links.

Animal Rescue Skeptical of Hero Pit Bull Story

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

By John McQuiston
MINNEAPOLIS -- The pit bull mix credited with saving a Florida woman and her 2-year-old son from a knife-wielding attacker is now awaiting adoption in Minnesota.

The dog's 1,500-mile flight was one of the last legs of a journey that has taken several strange turns since it began more than a month ago in Port Charlotte, Fla.

Midwest Animal Rescue in Minneapolis, Minn., is in the process of placing the dog, named Angel, into a permanent home.

Angel's ordeal began Nov. 3, when a woman claimed that a man grabbed her and held a knife to her throat as she and her toddler tried to leave Higgs Park in Port Charlotte. She told police that the 69-pound pit bull mix came out of the nearby woods and scared off the attacker.

The dog then jumped into her car before she drove home. Charlotte County Sheriff's Office spokesman Bob Carpenter said deputies never found the attacker. The dog was later taken to Charlotte County Animal Control.

Animal rescuers at MARS saw Pet Pulse's Nov. 5 article about Angel and were immediately skeptical about the alleged victim's story. The dog would not protect someone it did not know, they believed.

MARS adopted Angel, fearing for its safety if left at the pound. Though MARS rescuers questioned the woman's story about the attack, Carpenter says police have no reason to doubt it.

Pet Pulse's queries to the police department also confirmed the report as legitimate.

Angel went to the Punta Gorda Animal Hospital, in Punta Gorda, Fla., after MARS gained legal custody of him. There, veterinarians discovered that Angel had heartworms. The dog credited with saving a life now faced a danger of his own.

Monique Haas from MARS explained that the dog had to stay subdued for the six-week course of treatment in order for the medication to work. The organization decided to place the dog in a foster home in Florida so it could begin treatment immediately.

Phoenix Animal Rescue in Gainesville contacted MARS offering help. MARS spokesman Chris Rinkenberger said that's when another threat to Angel emerged. One of the people who had volunteered to serve as a foster host for the dog threatened to find Angel and take him by force, Rinkenberger said.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

The threat led MARS to quickly abandon plans of fostering the dog in Florida and sent someone to personally escort Angel to Minnesota, instead.

"We didn't know who we could trust," Rinkenberger said.

Representatives from Phoenix Animal Rescue and MARS met at Tampa International Airport on Dec. 3 and Angel flew to Minneapolis.

Angel's outlook improved once he arrived in Minnesota. Veterinarians found his heartworm condition was not as serious as believed and his prognosis is good, Rinkenberger said.

The dog stayed with Rinkenberger for several days while he awaited a longer-term foster home. Angel showed no signs of aggression, he said.

Though he appeared to not have had much formal training, Angel "was very lovable," Rinkenberger said.

"He wanted human attention."

Angel's docile nature offered further indication that he would not have charged the alleged attacker, as the victim in the Florida incident had claimed.

They can't prove it, but MARS rescuers still believe that the attack never happened and that the incident was a ruse so the woman could dump her dog, perhaps hoping a hero would stand a better chance of finding a new home.

If so, the ploy worked. Haas said that it was still worth the expense and effort it took to rescue Angel, "because he needed to get out of there," she said.

Once his heartworm treatment is complete, Angel will be eligible for adoption in his new home state.

To contact MARS, visit MidwestAnimalRescue.org.

And to search for Pet Pulse's original story on Angel, type in "Stray Pit Bull Saves Woman" into Zootoo's news search engine.

Tell us what you think about "Animal Rescue Skeptical of Hero Pit Bull Story" below. Share your favorite videos by clicking on the ZootooTV tab. Send us your story ideas by e-mailing us at news@zootoo.com or by calling us at 877-777-4204.