Friday, February 10, 2012

Lion Tamer Secrets: Insanity, Narcissism & Depravity

I looked for, but could not find a thesaurus of putrescence to come up with words to do James Lech justice, there isn't one. So, I must admit that I cannot adequately describe this contemptible puke of a charlatan lion tamer. I apologize.

You may remember Lech from Dawn's earlier blog post:

defrocking the asshole priests of the savage lion tamer cult

Quite logically, Dawn supposed the incident in which Lech took a "rehabilitated" rottweiler with a known history of aggression into a restaurant as a fake service dog, allowed the dog to viciously prey on 4 year old Sadie Kukkuk, did nothing to stop the attack, LIED ABOUT IT, and blamed the obviously completely innocent child might end the fucktard's career. It did not.

Lech was not only allowed to keep on doing his lion taming, he was allowed to keep using the mauling rottweiler as a service dog. Knowing this and that Lech was once chosen as one of the top 100 Brightest Young Minds in South Africa, it becomes obvious the entire nation of South Africa is riding the short bus and no one is driving.

So, he "rehabilitated" "D" the mauling rottweiler a second time. Then the malignant pustule of a man allowed the mauler to MAUL A SECOND CHILD, 2 year old Meeka Riley Lackay, while walking three large dogs off leash on a no dogs allowed beach. The description of the second attack shows that "D", the mauling service dog, was again preying on the child. "D" grabbed the girl and began dragging her away.

Meeka was bitten 11 times, had a chunk of flesh removed from her thigh, and underwent a four hour surgery.

2 year old Meeka Riley Lackay

Nonetheless, in an open letter from Lech to the community, Lech's spokesperson managed to minimize Meeka's injuries and report that the mother "seems as if she has accepted this." What? Oh yeah, accepted that we all have to accept dangerous dog breeds in service dog vests going everywhere we go and mauling us and our children.

Lech has no clue how this could have happened. D was traumatized after he mauled 4 year old Sadie because he was physically beaten by "bystanders" and Lech also felt the trauma of being responsible for mauling a child. However, in his professional opinion, he had rehabilitated the mauler a second time, and therefore can only conclude that no one could have foreseen this happening.

In the comments of his open letter, it looks like he's revving up to blame the victim again, "When I am authorized to release my behavioral report, it shall show and indicate that it was the post-actions that caused the harm and damage and not the initial pre-action."

Makes you want to vomit, huh.

But, wait. It gets worse.

James Lech has uploaded a youtube video tribute to the service mauler titled "In loving memory of D - A national hero and dedication to his name"

Since the second attack, D, "the national hero" was given a dirt nap.

The Cape of Good Hope SPCA chief executive Allan Perrins called James Lech an irresponsible owner and expressed his opposition to James Lech being able to own any dogs.

And a Cape Town veterinarian came forward and said that he filed a complaint with the SPCA against James Lech for cruelly binding a dog last year. Dr David Grant was called out to administer a sedative to one of his client's dogs. When Dr Grant arrived, he was introduced to James Lech, the behaviorist who was going to cure the dog's aggression in 3 months.

According to Dr Grant:
“When the dog was presented to me I was horrified. It had been bound with nylon ropes so tightly that Mr Lech could hardly undo them. Both front and hind limbs were bound and the dog was muzzled with ropes.”

“The dog was extremely agitated and salivating and its eyes were blood red. In all my professional life I had never been presented with anything quite as scared… but it seemed that Mr Lech was adamant that all this was acceptable.”

“I gave the dog a dose of tranquilliser and asked them to leave. I subsequently wrote to my client asking him not to return to my practice.”

Aggressive dogs are so much easier to manage when they are bound, gagged and sedated.

posted for snack sized dog.


scurrilous amateur blogger said...

my favorite part of lech's letter:

As a compassionate member of the community, I can state with the heaviest of hearts that I am labouring under severe personal anguish. I understand the pain of the little girl, her family and everyone who is directly involved or in otherwise supporting roles. I am only human, but I am humble and caring and request that you find it in yourself to understand my pain as well.

psychopaths LOVE pity. it is their favored con.

Anonymous said...

this story goes to prove that the authorities and private people cannot be relied on to do the obvious, sensible thing ( a dirt-nap) until it is too late . mind you ,late is better than never but still, for the two victims im sure its way too late . im tempted to say.... stay the fuck out of south africa but on the other hand its not much different here or in most other places.

april 29 said...

A "professional behavioral evaluation" written by the dog's owner is going have value only in the world inhabited by Karen Delise (who also cites her own writings as research sources). The service dog scam gets more out of control, and more dangerous, all the time. This self satisfied pretty boy travels, "teaches", "rehabilitates", plays in the park, rides a bike, and makes a great deal of money from the gullible public. No one may ask him what his disability is and apparently nobody has asked what this particular multi mauler did for him that he could not do for himself. I hope that local law enforcement demands proof that the dog has actually been put down.

DubV said...

This is absolutely unbelievable. Great post. I have no words though. I suppose with such a large world population, we'll have people like this from time to

Branwyne Finch said...

This man should be considered a child some level, he seems to enjoy watching his dogs prey on children. How frightening.

Anonymous said...

maybe the best thing for the lion tamer would be to take a page out of the santino story. im sure he too feels he let his butcher dog down by allowing it to be killed. actually he really did let the dog down by not really understanding its true nature and that rehab is a risk thats not worth taking. for the sake of what he likes to do ,and money and his ego he put innocent beings at risk and he should have to pay , perhaps with his life.

Dude, I BaggedYourPit said...

The "responsible adults" of the S.A. bureaucracy were derelict and still are. When I said this A-hole should be thrown in jail after the first attack, I wasn't pissing into a fan. I quite literally meant this A-hole should surrender all dogs and be thrown in prison as a depraved dip-shit and documented menace to society. Now, even after a second attack, this piece of trash walks free and STILL HAS DOGS?

Anonymous said...


Renowned Animal Behaviorist; Dr Peter Borcheldt gets mauled for $1 Million after a Pittie he was giving a $300 an hour training to session breaks free and bites the penis off a retired firefighter...In court, Borcheldt tried the ole Inspector Clouseau "That's not my dog routine". The jury didn't bite on it....

***Disclaimer....You can't make this stuff up!

Anonymous said...

sorry about the guys dick but im not sorry the the good doctor may be feeling it in his nether regions too. playing god with a hound from hell comes with a personal risk ,apparently its not just the unsuspecting public that may be hurt by a dog that should just be put down and not messed with.

Miss Margo said...

I just saw this. Un-fucking-believable. Will comment more tomorrow. Wow.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

it was damned clear on the video that his dog was STALKING the child like prey. this "national hero" clearly views children as prey. and this fucktard clearly thinks the rest of us should let him.

can you post a link to this puke's whining?

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

you won't get a response and he will delete your comment.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

i was just looking over some of those comments and JAMES LECH writes like one of those nigerian email scammers. it is quite amusing.

fourshoes said...

I agree with the post, there are no words disgusting enough to describe this guy. That dog should have been put down after the first attack. Those poor kids. It breaks my heart to think what they went through.

DubV said...
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DubV said...

I'm thinking Lech must be pronounced either like leech or letch. Either way, pretty fitting.

Small Survivors said...

I've been pronouncing it Letch.

As far as blaming the victim, he seems to be getting ready to say that the dog "just wanted to (blah blah blah) by dragging the child away and if the child had not screamed and if the aunt had not tried to pull the child away, D woudn't have had to regrip 3 or 4 times in his attempt (blah, blah, blah).

There really are no words.