Tuesday, March 27, 2012

kids and pit bulls

another child was killed by pit bulls. i don't usually follow fatal attacks closely so i haven't see the comment sections of this story but i am sure there is plenty of parental blame on this one, and that blame appears to justified based on the reports that the 4 yr old was killed after wandering a half mile away from his home. the neighbors claimed this wasn't the first time the victim wandered away from his home. but if you scratch beneath the surface of the nutters' haughty attitude, pseudo dog behavior expert credentials and holier than thou comments, you find a group of people who preach a "do as i say and not as i do" message.

take for example the story of FLAPJACK. aside from the fact that i believe the back story of FLAPJACK to be a complete fabrication on the part of his rescuers, i was appalled to see the following photos on dogforum.net.

now, i am no authority on dog behavior but a tail that is tightly curled underneath the belly is not behavior you want to see in a dog, especially a pit bull and especially in such close quarters with a small child. having recently been accused of claiming to be an "authority on animal behavior", i decided to come armed for this fight, so i did a quick google. and i found plenty of experts to back up my non-expert opinion. here's just one:
As most people know, a tail tightly curled under a dog’s belly is a very fearful dog and can even lead to a bite.

the fairy tale rags to riches happy ending tub photo was posted on august 17, 2011 by DENISE PARRY. on august 30th, Denise provided this happy update:

photo caption: He has shown no aggression towards his food, people, or other dogs.
they never do, until they do!

how many maulings have been attributed to the child getting too close to the dog's food?

and on november 29, 2011, the dog nutters received this happy update:

i have lost count how many times the nutters have scolded us for leaving children alone with dogs.

from our canadian nutter neighbors who are every bit as rabid on the subject of pit bulls as their american counterparts, we have TAMMY WILLIAMS of the ADVOCATES OF THE UNDERDOG in ontario. after a mere TWO months as a pit bull owner, ontario decided to ban grippers. what did TAMMY do? "I immediately hit the computer and started learning everything I could about BSL. I talked to anyone and everyone that knew anything about it. I spent months and months in front of my computer just learning." of course with "months and months" of on line education (on BSL, NOT pit bulls!), she still has not a lick of sense but she is SOMEHOW transformed into an expert. here are a few photos from the ontario nutter gallery:

wtf is wrong with these people?

TERRA FLEMING'S nanny dog bit a 3 yr old girl in the face when she went to hug nanny. this was not nanny's first offense. six months prior, nanny PEANUT bit FLEMING'S son. the ACO described PEANUT as "not highly aggressive" but added that "children should not be left alone with dogs". FLEMING was ticketed for misdemeanor child neglect.
here's another link.

photo caption: peanut my pit sleeping

and here's something that i find interesting in a creepy sort of way. the nanny dog's fur mommy tried to unload her wiggle butt on facebook, 4 hours before she bit the toddler.

on february 17, 2012, grampajim58 reported the following:
My son is very much on the bandwagon about pitbull dogs are no different then another breed of dogs-(when it comes to dogs that bite)-He even made posters, and rallied the dog lovers to come out and protest against a bill that would ban breed pacific dogs. Well I'm here to say I got the phone call last night that no granpa wants to get, it was my son calling me from his cell phone a little after 10pm. I only knew it was my son because of caller I.D.he was screaming and crying at the same time,and I could hear the sound of loud exhaust screaming out a high RPM sound,that's when I knew something bad has just happened.What I Could make out was my granddaughter was crying at the door because she wanted to go by-by with her Dad (my son) he had to go to the store.That's when it happened, the crying must have made the dog nervous, because it attacked her without warning-The Police, and First Responders, Ambulance, and Animal control showed up.They loader my 2yr old granddaughter on the stretcher, and then to the hospital, and into surgery she went, the Doctors, the Nurses, and the plastic Surgeon-to try to put that little girls face back together again.They shaved part of her head, and where able to save the one eyelid and ran the staples in the hairline.After only 6hrs she was in recovery=Where we are now-------
-------------I am more than sick over this-----------------------

of course, i had to look for this nutter and as luck would have it, i found him. my fingers were crossed for another badrap connection but i saw no specific orgs that he was associated with.

JIMMY SHAW'S pit bulls were NOT chained, were NOT neglected, were NOT abused. they lived inside the home as cherished and well dressed wiggle butts. there are plenty of photos of these much loved family members on myspace and facebook, although the photos with clever nutter captions have been removed, i saved them.

me thinks BUDDY is now a dog rug, but not to worry - his manbiter genes live on...

i also found this link on his facebook page, i suspect one of these raving nutters is our champion for the underdog.


flapjack's story

advocate's toddler attacked by family pit bull

advocates for the underdog

disclaimer - i have never claimed to be any kind of authority on dog behavior. i am just a smart ass who likes to read and smash nutter bullshit. i am not making this up!

*the AC reports are out and things don't look good for america's gripping nanny dog.


safer midwifery utah said...

Jesus fucking christ, the pictures. These are some of the worst ones I have ever seen.

When you let a baby or a toddler near a dog like that it doesn't even matter if someone is supervising, if the dog snaps it is really unlikely that anyone could stop it in time.

I wonder if CPS cares about this kind of thing. You would never stick a baby next to a loaded gun and take a picture bragging about it, and loaded guns don't go off on their own like a dog can.

Miss Margo said...


That kid by the food bowl--why? why?

Off topic: I know there's no accounting for taste, but I remain astonished that people find these dogs attractive-looking. Those dogs in the photos are hideous beasts. Especially that blue-eyed one. CREEPY!

And yeah I agree--it's weird she tried to give away her pit on facebook. I wonder why?

Jim Reeve said...

I don't get it. The owner's of the pit bull that killed my poodle on Christmas, swore their dog was a good dog with people, but who cares? You're inviting death into your home when you leave a young childwith a pit bull.

Here in Ontario, it's rumoured that the laws against pit bulls are set to change. Meaning that they'll no longer be illegal to own which is ridiculous. But honestly here in Ontario, the law states that if a pit bull is unmuzzled, it's to be taken and destroyed, yet animal control does nothing.

In my opinion, the only place for a pit bull is in a museum or a book.

cinnamon2005 said...

While the parent's of the 4 year old are, yes, at fault for not supervising their child...all of us that have had kids know how quickly they can wonder off. How was the kid able to get near the dogs? An owner of breeds like the pit, as far as I'm concerned have a responsibility(especially since so many seem to be kept outside) to secure the area around the dogs so a child or other dogs can't get in. Pit people seem to push how kid friendly they are. You can't put a blanket statement like that on any breed.

Anonymous said...

The Canine killing field was set semi-surrounded by a 3 sided fence...about as useful as a screen door on a submarine!

Poor kid walk right up to them!

cinnamon2005 said...

The pic of the dog with it's face in the bowl looks like it's guarding it from one too many faces coming near. Bet the kid got bite in the face.

Branwyne Finch said...

It can be quantified that the MAJORITY of individuals who are breeding pit bulls are either outright criminals, dog fighters, gang members, drug dealers, teenagers, or those living on the margins of society who lack the education or ambition to secure gainful employment. This cannot be refuted, it is fact. Ethical hobby breeders of Amstaff and APBT are rare, and even the alleged "ethical" breeders have refused to breed away from dog aggression, and continue to breed crippled dogs; About 25% of AmStaff and APBT's registered at the OFA website are crippled with hip dysplasia. These two facts tell us a lot about the character of the so called "ethical" breeders, so just imagine the motives that drive the majority of "unethical" breeders.

Pit bulls have become a cash crop of the underground economy...they are dealt and sold like drugs, and the money made breeding them is often used to fund criminal activity. The Russian fox experiment has proven that aggression can be bred-into a animal as a genetically inherited trait; many pit bull breeders are deliberately breeding aggressive dogs for dog fighting, and for guarding drug ops.

Other pit bull "breeders" are simply breeding thus fashion accesories, and selecting for big heads and other deformities, ignoring temperament althogether. Most lack the education to even understand the fundamental influence that genetics play in breeding domesticated animals.

The overflow from these breeders are what comprises the "pet market" for pit bulls. Virtually every "pet" pit bull you see on your street was produced by someone with either criminal or malicious intent; or perhaps some high school drop out looking to make a quick buck breeding "Monster Blue Pits". No reasonable adult could believe that the types of people breeding pit bulls are producing dogs that would be safe to have around children.

When you combine the genetic predisposion of pits to grab, hold and shake when their fight drive is triggered, with the physiology of the dog.... its size, strength and power....no adult in their right mind would want one around their children.

cinnamon2005 said...

Now I usually get my dogs from show breeders. Not that I care about the pedigree but that the breeder is a member of a breed club and health tests their breeding stock. When I got a brindle Mastiff from a breeder after mine passed away from cancer, within 24 hours getting the puppy, we were at the emergency vet. He caught a virus from a rescue she brought into her home. As the vet costs mounted, she refunded all the money I paid for the dog-which ended up what the vet bills came to in the end.

cinnamon2005 said...

BTW-the dog/puppy bone pic. Notice the muzzle starting to wrinkle as the puppy gets close. I think it should be mandatory that owning a pit requires a degree in dog behavior.

Anonymous said...

Don't you all get it?!?

These pictures wash away the blood of 329 dead and thousands of mauled Americans. In some way the Nutter mind rationlizes that they will prevent future attacks...or they just don't give a fuck.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

set your car odometer to zero and drive half a mile. stop and walk back and really look at all of the potential dangers for an unsupervised 4 year old. extend that half mile out in all directions.

within half mile of my house, there are not only chained and fenced pit bulls, there are random loose dogs: boxer, shitzu, poodle, lab, chow mix, aussie mix, gsd, rott, etc. there is also a stream, a lake, a pool, construction site, state highway, a busy road, a large store, one REGISTERED sex offender and of course your everyday random assortment of juvenile bullies and adult creeps & perverts.

kylar's parents were criminally negligent.

Anonymous said...

cinnamon, "show" breeders are feeding you a line. It isn't true. No matter how much "testing" is done, it doesn't negate the fact that to have purebreds, you need to practice inbreeding. That increases the likelihood of genetic problems, both physical and behavioral.

NOVA did a special on that.

Purebred dogs are riddled with serious genetic problems. "Show' is meaningless. Ribbons are meaningless. "Champion" is meaningless. It's all sales talk. They breed for LOOKS, not health or behavior. That's disastrous for dogs. The "testing" is a fraud.

The dogs of some of the most allegedly "respected show breeders" in the country are genetic horror stories.

The "show breeder" world is among the most corrupt around, and what makes it worse is that their sideshows are paid for by puppy mill registrations.

It's all based on fraud.

It's also the "show breeder world" that has supported the unregulated breeding of pit bulls. They lobby right with the dog fighters! They don't care what damage fighting breeds do. They just don't want laws because they are crooks.

The public doesn't know how fraudulent the "responsible breeder" industry is because they spend millions on lobbyists and public relations to fool the average joe.

It wasn't always this way, but some personalities led it that way and over the years it's gotten worse. Most truly responsible breeders got out of the business!

Anonymous said...

"*the AC reports are out and things don't look good for america's gripping nanny dog."

Neither are the the PIT BULL DBRF Victims...Now at 329 and counting:


Keep in mind, this is only for the United States!

Anonymous said...

why let a toddler crawl up to a pit while its eating ? they think its proving something . well, yes and no . its doesnt prove the child wont get its face ripped some day but it does prove what the child has got for parents ....idiots

Packhorse said...

I'll murder you and laugh
I'm Barry Sanders slashing through the path
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Vinnie likes the taste of his blood
and I'll open up your stomach like the case of a slug!
we got that grippin' grippin' pit
we spout that maultalk maultalk shit
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kslay8709 said...

You guys are all a bunch of fucking idiots. I personally would love to meet every one of you worthless pieces of shit who are all for the euthenization of this breed. Where the fuck are the pits that are therapy dogs? Search and Rescue dogs? Guess they are doomed to eat a baby too so we might as well kill them now. Whoever the author of this site is, Craven, why don't you guys do some research on them and find out their history, might surprise you. And also, the Colleen Lynne story, the bitch from dogsbite.org, well the full reports from animal control were released, might surprise you guys to find out what the actual reports said, you know, the ones that Ms. Lynne was begged to release and she never would, even Craven didn't release the records, well, Animal Control had enough and released them. You are all a bunch of idiots. Let's see what bullshit negativity Craven can come up with on me lol.

DubV said...

Shithead wrote....."Where the fuck are the pits that are therapy dogs? Search and Rescue dogs? Guess they are doomed to eat a baby too so we might as well kill them now."

Most people that frequent this blog are not in favor of rounding up all pit bulls and euthanizing them all. I"m not in favor of that.

As far as pit bull rescue dogs and therapy dogs, most of the time they are stunt pits whose handlers are using them to make a point about the breed. There are very few pit bull rescue dogs. They aren't scent hounds, aren't as intelligent or biddable as the main breeds used, and also often want to fight other dogs.

Anyways, let's indulge your fantasy say there are a bunch of search and rescue etc. pits. Does this mean that people should not be told about pit bull violence when it occurs? Surely people should still be informed. Can other dogs perform just as well as, and usually better than, pits in rescue etc? Yes, obviously. So there is no reason to promote this breed and increase their number simply to have rescue dogs. If people individually or in groups, decide to spay/neuter the pit breeds out of existence because they really are too much of a liability, then we'll simply use the breeds typically used in rescue etc (labs, etc) to fill in the very few spots that pits filled. It would be a net good. No more pits around to worry about and no shortage of rescue dogs.

It seems Shitheads is implying that this blog should show all the good pits do as well as the bad, like child killing. Can the two be put on a ledger and compared to see whether pits are good to have around? How many therapy pits in a dress licking a kid are needed to offset an incident like Kylar's death? There are breeds that do more good than pits, and do not kill kids. They obviously have a comparative advantage, and we should encourage people to make a wise choice and get one of them. Further, it seems that rescue pits are important to you, Shithead, because they disprove that all pits are bad. Well, no one is making that simple argument. The people here aren't thinking in black-and-white terms. The existence of nice pits does not disrupt or change my view about dog breeds.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

kyle slaymaker, you will just have to stay tuned and see what other negative but TRUE stuff i can come up with.

"The existence of nice pits does not disrupt or change my view about dog breeds."

nice comment DubV, it would make a good bumper sticker.

pit nutters also can't seem to grasp the hypocrisy of "you can't judge on an entire breed on the attacks of a few." then go right into the "petey was a pit bull!" mantra.
so, in the feeble mind of a nutter, it is NOT okay for me to judge pit bulls negatively based a few hundred attacks on people each year, but is it okay to judge pit bulls positively based on a handful of stunt pits through out history?

great poem packhorse!

april 29 said...

When pit bull advocates speak of SAR pit bulls, they are talking about pit bulls owned and handled by the felon Kris Crawford. Crawford's criminal history and bizarre behavior is well documented. There is no evidence that Crawford's dogs ever participated in the searches she claims. Crawford has been banned from participation in SAR work. Google Tia Torres account of her experiences with Crawford. SAR pits? Not so much.

DubV said...

There's a meme floating about that pits helped save people at the WTC. Only one nutter has to utter it and it spreads. There's a new term:


to nutter utter

=to assert something positive about pit bulls without evidence that then spreads within the nutter community like wildfire and is soon taken as truth

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

a weak mind plus low intelligence yields the perfect candidate for manipulation.

Anonymous said...

kslay is kind of like the name idiots give their pits. chaos , brutus , morticia..... ad nauseum. and then want us to accept the bull that they are sweet , loving creatures- not mutantmaulers. u can be sure most pit owners ,at least, figure theyre pretty tough and should have a tough dog. a timid underdog pit would truly be an embarrassment to one of these bone-heads.

Unknown said...

kyle slaymaker wrote to me today to invite me to his house and meet his dogs.
I had to turn him down

april 29 said...

Good choice Unknown 3:25, good choice.

Packhorse said...

Actually, it's not a poem but a slightly amended rap by the artist Jedi Mind Tricks. When I first heard the lyrics, it amazed me how much they reminded me of a gripping dog attack.

BB said...

What a great place to post a link to my favorite nutter blog. The first pit (Trinity) looked stiff and somewhat hostile in every single (obviously posed) picture I ever looked at, not at all a dog I would have my kids hugging (though the kids don't really appear to be all that enamoured with their dog, either). Most dogs that love kids LOOK at them and interact with them, but I rarely see this in pit-kid pictures. I am truly looking forward to the evolution of the blog as Cubby matures because he looks even less interested and tolerant than old Trin did. That butthead would never admit that his dog went after one of the kids, though, because he is clearly out to prove something at any cost. Blech.

BB said...

Oops! Here's the link:


Anonymous said...

ahhhhh, thats so cool, trinity and cubby look just like family dogs. they dont at all seem like they might suddenly turn into mutants and start to do their thing on those nice little kids .

Anonymous said...

thats so sad about trin , i wonder what happened?

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

cubby trinity blog

where are these people? do you know?

Anonymous said...

LUMBARTON i think. relatives of frank booth.

Anonymous said...

for the sake of argument , lets say i had a couple of evil teenagers and i wanted to prove to their high school principal how nice and good they were. i could make a video of them about the house..... watching the waltons , doing their homework , kissing their mom then doing the dishes, helping their sister clean her room, ect , ect ad nauseum .

Anonymous said...

There is no such thing as a canine behavior expert, and that especially goes for the veterinarians trying to pose as one.

There's instead a bunch of different people with opinions (some misrepresenting behavior issues for financial reasons so they can keep making money breeding vicious breeds, or catering to that lobby)

And they all disagree with each other and fight with each other! They themselves have behavior problems they can't explain or resolve.

Canine behavior expert is QUACKERY. It doesn't exist.

Anonymous said...

i wonder what the so-called experts would say about a parent letting or getting a toddler to stick its face in a mutants food bowl. even a normal person with a normal dog shouldnt be so stupid. what if the kid grows up thinking all mutants like sharing their food with pitter-spawn.

Anonymous said...

DAWN . lumberton and switch the j.r. for a mutant and have it attacking the prostrate man.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

snarky, what does this mean?

Anonymous said...

blue velvet , at the begining theres a jack russell and kyles father out watering the lawn.

they might not be related to frank booth , just took a guess is all.