Thursday, April 19, 2012

besty ritter's paranoid psychotic screed

There is something feeble and a little contemptible about a man who cannot face the perils of life without the help of comfortable myths. Moreover, since he is aware, however dimly, that his opinions are not rational, he becomes furious when they are disputed. Bertrand Russell

an obscure nutter from pennsylvania is sounding the bugle for action against the organized haters for maligning the mutant gripping dog. let's me say right up front, this is fucking hoot. it is nothing more than a cleverly disguised attempt to suppress our first amendment right.

fake names, fake statistics, fake attacks, fake experts, fake reporters

BETSY RITTER launches into a bizarre tirade against colleen, kgun, myself and other bloggers. RITTER has this notion that a half dozen facebook accounts with fake identities are all really colleen lynn. RITTER found a yelp profile of a woman named Colleen L and completely trashed her. i intend to try and find this colleen l. and inform her of this defamation so that she can order a cease and desist against ms. fruitcake. RITTER proves that she has the attention span of a goldfish as she refers to my truth blog as a hodgepodge of fuckery. NO, NO, NO. craven desires is the hodgepodge of fuckery. the truth blog is focused like a laser beam on pit bull myths and propaganda. and i only trash "nationally acclaimed behaviorists" and "pit moms" who need trashing like fellow pennsylvania fur mommy and "dog expert" maria brooks mckenna.

i am fascinated by the amount effort that goes into pontificating about the famous seattle dog bite. it seems now all of the pit nutters are willing to admit that YES, there was a pit bull attack and YES, colleen's arm was broken BUT... the dog didn't break her arm, the FALL did. let's assume for a moment that these desperate fucktards are correct, that the bone was broken by the fall, it is STILL THE DOG'S FAULT! let's see if we dumb this down enough so that simple minded nutters will grasp this. let's say that you are sitting at a red light in your vehicle when some white trash momma comes barreling up behind you. but she is too busy trying to light her cigarette and rears ends you. your head is thrust forward and slams into the steering wheel, giving you a concussion. now imagine some bottom feeding lawyer presenting the following defense for white trash momma. it's not white trash momma's fault. she didn't give you a concussion, the steering wheel did!


RITTER'S grand finale includes bullet points on how to recognize our tactics. i just adore #6 hiding behind anonymity. and how to debate us #9 treat your opposers with courtesy, respect and politeness.

then an anonymous commenter immediately shows up spewing "evil cunts".
in the words of vintage YOU CAN'T MAKE THIS STUFF UP!

the handful of idiots in the comments are every bit as delusional as RITTER. first there is Naomi and her emotional plea about not "miss treating" god's wonderful creatures. she is completely oblivious to the fact that MAN created dogs and psychopaths created fighting dogs. but my personal favorite is ihateeverest. she is proof of what i have said about pit nutters all long, this is most gullible group of people on the planet earth. a quick visit to her "blog" proves that p.t. barnum was correct - there IS a sucker born every minute and their dog of choice - pit bulls of course! ihateeverest's handle is her way of broadcasting to the world that she is a gullible moron. she left her glamorous certified nursing assistant job to pursue her dreams of becoming a medical assistant. but that all came crashing down on her after forking over thousands of dollars for a worthless degree at a scam college, which anyone with half a brain would know within 5 minutes on the internet.

this insistence that anyone who dares to speak out against pit bulls must be the work of colleen or kory is just another example of pit nutter mythology. nutters need this crutch to get through the day, much like nanny dogs, america's dog and it's all how you raise 'em. it's much safer for their fragile psyches if they can point to a single person who opposes pit bulls. it is so much easier to dismiss one person, rather than a majority. hey pit nutters: WE are the 99%.

caveat emptor

BETSY RITTER is a 51 year old fur mommy, dog rescuer/advocate and dog trainer who has been "specializing in behavioral problems since 1983". RITTER charges $85 an hour for her services. according to her facebook page, she graduated from high school (the school of hard knocks) in 1983 and from pennsylvania state university in 1991. my internet search tools indicate that she is 51 but if she graduated at the age of 18 in 1983, that would put her at 47, not 51. something is fishy here. is she confused, is she lying or did she fail several grades?

i don't know but i do know what an animal behaviorist is and isn't. if RITTER was, she would list her qualifications which is an advanced degree, ie a masters or a PhD in animal behavior or a DVM. i don't believe that she is even a certified dog trainer. what possible reason could she have for not posting her credentials?

i found an internet article written by seattle pit nutter/dog trainer CHRISTINE HIBBARD about how to find a qualified behaviorist. HIBBARD goes on to explain that dog trainers who complete the certified professional dog training programs are NOT behaviorists. "This is a less rigorous program that emphasizes qualifications for basic dog training but does not require extensive knowledge, training or experience in dealing with specific behavior issues. Unfortunately, hiring a CPDT-KA is a buyer beware situation since some of these trainers use force, fear and pain instead of science which can be dangerous for your dog and your family."

here is BETSY RITTER teaching a young un-neutered pit bull the "down chill". whateverthefuckthatis!

do BETSY'S training techniques look like they fall under "fear, force and pain"? i'm no expert but that looked pretty rough to me.
(betsy i saved a copy of this video, so don't bother deleting)

qualifications of certified animal behaviorists

Dr Shyan-Norwalk charges $100/hr
Kathy Sdao, MA charges $120/hr
Dr Barbara Pezzanite charges between $75-$150/hr
Dr Patricia McConnell charges $95/hr

why would anyone pay $85/hr to someone who doesn't have an advanced degree or even a dog training certificate?

i think this canine "behavioralist" has been in obscurity for far too long.

* BETSY - thank you for listing my "hater" page first in your list. i am the least well known and i have much catching up to do!

ps if any of my readers would like to do a little more research, BETSY RITTER used to be affiliated with homeward bound animal rescue and also goes by 3dogcouch and betzritter ;-)


Anonymous said...

More organized idiocy targetted to motivate the Nutters.....Demonize Colleen Lynn instead of the breeder who produced and sold the unstable mauler. The main problem with the Pit Bull community is grotesque breed stewardship!

This is why anyone involved the blood money train of the Pit Lobby needs to be viewed as you would a Tobacco Lobbiest. Back in the 50's Tobacco companies actually used Doctors in cigarette commercials!

Now we have Animal "behaviorists" citing the safety of Pit Bulls despite the DBRF rate in the US quadrupling since 1974.


Chase K9 Services said...

wtf was that? what was she doing? or trying to do? i don't get it? why was she making all that noise and petting the dog the entire time?

i'm not a fan of this site but that made my brain hurt. I don't think she is helping.

Chase K9 Services said...

Recognize Their Tactics:

1. Personal attacks will take the place of evidence

2. The subject will change depending on where they want to go, or when they perceive you are making ground

3. Goading us into anger

4. Promoting breed/breeder hatred

5. Identifying pit bulls as ‘victims’, while calling for their extinction

6. Hiding behind anonymity

7. Claiming to be experts, but with no credentials

8. Bashing those WITH credentials

9 Accusing defenders of doing what they are doing, ie. changing subject, not caring about victims

10. Isolating one defender to befriend, while trashing another

lol but she sure has got your number doesn't she!

Anonymous said...

pit rescue and advocacy seems to be rife with scammers and other self-interested individuals and groups who seem to be leading the pitter mob like a flock of brainless sheep.
on the other side of the fence are normal caring people who are rewarded with a clear conscience and lots of dangerous enemies

Anne King said...

oh Snarky, I have been trying to figure out how to word how I believe we all feel day to day, in this, what as of late, feels like an all out war on our reputations and quite frankly safety. But, you have said it so perfectly and eloquently. Thank you. Craven, you have out done yourself. This was a necessity. Those living in the world outside of the pitbull bullshit, need to see what those who stand up go through, you have demonstrated it perfectly with this rebuttal of dear Besty's brazenly bizarre blog. People living outside the pitbull bullshit also need to see just how far reaching what they say is, because not only does it apply to what nutters say about people, it also applies to what nutters say about their breed of choice, they aren't honest, and try to gloss everything over with a thick of coat of "look at this the way I demand you too" Why would any normal person want to continue to allow such obviously paranoid people to continue to own a breed of dog that can do such horrific damage?

BB said...

"wtf was that? what was she doing? or trying to do? i don't get it? why was she making all that noise and petting the dog the entire time?"


Whereas you could have just whispered "down chill baby", right? PN, she thinks she has ultimate and total control over her pits too, do you see that? She fully believes that she has the same kind of special control over her dogs that you believe you have over yours. She really does. Who are you to suggest that another self-identified nutter with no credentials is wrong?

Snarky, amen.

Small Survivors said...

Love the title of her post. As far as I understand the word "hater," it is used exclusively by attention-seeking half-wits to explain why people despise or dismiss attention seeking half-wits.

By calling us haters, they deftly circle around the fundamental reason people hate them.

They are cowardly, attention-seeking half-wits blithely subjecting us to medieval torture, dismemberment, mauling and death for shits and grins and who will run away when their mutant does exactly what we told them it would do.

Jewel Jade said...

This Betsy Ritter person is an all out liar. How in the name of all that is holy, does she think she is helping this dog? I have a personal dog trainer, who might I say would be appalled at watching this video! There are about a hundred different ways to positively train a dog to lie down without forcing it. Ridiculous! That's common f*#king sense! What kind of dog trainer pulls the front legs out from under a dog!!!???? And yes, nutters are so stupid as to believe this person knows anything about dogs. Nutters are too busy loving themselves and their "cuddling with their pit bulls" to get a friggin education about how to properly raise and train their dogs.!!! They're too busy selfishly worrying about THEIR rights, and not thinking about anyone else! or anyone else's dog! This lady needs to get in some serious trouble for the liable she's printed all over the internet!!!! What a loser!

S.K.Y. said...

As a former full-time professional dog behavior consultant, put me on the record as being PRO-BSL! I have an M.S. in Animal Behavior/Zoology from the Univ. of Wisconsin (Patricia McConnell's program). I actually quit grad school as a dual-Ph.D. ABD(ABD-all but dissertation completed) to open shop as a dog behaviorist. I had been training and competing for 20 years at that time, and thought I'd do more good working with dog behavior problems than doing academic research on primates. I charged $135 for a 90 minute appointment (in the mid-90's) and had a 2 month waiting list. I have experience training hundreds of dogs and their owners, and worked with over 300 aggression cases. I am completely PRO-BSL for all bull breeds except for English Bulldogs and (show-type) Bull Terriers, as well as for German Shepherds.

Anonymous said...


Your prices were way too low! This 1997 Pit Bull training session with the renowned Dr Peter Borchelt cost $1Million...

Dr Peter Borchelt‘s $1Million dollar training session

Like I said previously, anyone involved in the Pit Blood money trained needs to be viewed as you would a shyster.


BB said...

Too bad that Dr Borchelt didn't have PNs special abilities to sense when his pit is about to become aggressive, or his special touches which can always prevent an attack...

Anonymous said...

Meet famous Animal behaviorist John Winston:

My name is John Winston and I am a Certified Animal Behaviorist

You Can't Make This Stuff Up!

Anonymous said...

Here's the dope..

These groups of people are running tax-cheat money collection pages on Facebook for their pit bull dealing and sales, and the IRS has cottoned on to the fact that they are illegally collecting money via unregistered, unlicensed charities and pocketing the cash and not claiming or documenting it, as as other many other kinds of fake charities.

They falsely claim they are charities when they are not and have filed no paperwork and are unlicensed, or they are simply laundering money through the Facebook pages with sob stories.

All totally illegal.

These "rescues" are scams and they aren't following laws.

Facebook, because of pressure by the IRS, has been shutting down their scam money laundering pages, and these idiots are blaming other people like Collen Lynn instead of the fact that the IRS is nailing all kinds of fake charities and money-raising fronts.

It's isn't Colleen Lynn or anyone else. It's the IRS on their own initiative based in part on complaints from people who donated through Facebook pages and then discovered they didn't donate to real charities or were scammed.

So these pit bull dealers are trying to illegally use Facebook's system to censor pages because they are falely blaming these people for reporting them, when in fact it was some of their own followers (and those in other fundraising areas, like for kids) that sounded the alarm to the IRS


Let Facebook know if you are getting stalked

Anonymous said...

Here are some of the frauds and fake charity dealers that Facebook has nailed


Anonymous said...

For any of those you can check places like Guidestar to see if they have registered as a charity which they are required to do if they are collecting money for alleged charitable reasons.

If they are merely selling dogs, they need to have business licenses.

All income raised as well as gifts need to be documented, by IRS laws, and appropriate taxes paid.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

There are also dog fighters on Facebook running fake "pit bull rescues" and running their businesses.

Anonymous said...

Businesses of Ritter

Im-paws-able dog training with Helene Scharf (she even has her own email with this dealer) is raising money

impawsable dog rescue has no charitable org id number and not registered with the state

I can't find business licenses for any of them or charity paperwork filed or an IRS charitable id number despite the fact that they are raising money for veterinary bills for their (own?) dogs

They are also selling merchandise- shirts, etc. and I'm not finding a sales tax id number

He is an excerpt from her "training" experiences, selling a dog to a home near you. Depite the fact that this dog sent her to the ER several times, she made everything better "in only 10 months" and the dog was ready to sell. Yes, shock and horror. This is no trainer.

"Several years ago, I was promoting a two-year-old German Shepherd that I had spent a considerable amount of time rehabilitating (10 months). He was a high-drive dog, had been horribly abused, had several physical issues (all very painful) that had to be resolved before we could work on the fact that he had little bite inhibition and tended to be quite dominant. I loved him immensely, but he had also sent me to the ER on more than one occasion. He was a stunning dog with very fluid movement who drew stares wherever he went."

of http://

Anonymous said...

All out of Mechanicsburg PA

Some website called PupBuds gives this
Im-Paws-Able Dog Rescue posted a new listing: ... Title (if any) Director; First Name Betsy; Last Name Ritter; Address 1 512 E Locust St

april 29 said...

I would hope that the IRS would look into the financials for the big boys in the industry as well. Last time I looked at financial information for Best Friends Animal Society (I believe this was 2011) their income was roughly 40 million dollars, they spent 15 million on the sanctuary and 11 1/2million on political advocacy. This eleven and a half million pays for Best Friends representatives appearances in state legislatures and city council meetings. This pays for the legal representatives and lobbyists. It would seem that the funds used to push the corporate agenda of Best Friends is not appropriate for a 501c3.

As I understand it, the IRS form to request investigation is very easy to use.

cinnamon2005 said...

cinnamon2005 said...

DubV said...

Pit pimpers are the second wave of televangelists. Scam artists learned they could get away with quite a bit if they could get Rev. in front of their name. Now it is similar but connected to animal rescue, rehab, etc.

Anonymous said...

As for Best Friends " 11 1/2million on political advocacy" means that money that should be getting used to help animals is getting pocketed by rich lawyers, marketers, and the first class plane tickets they need to fly around and shake down more money to pocket. The salaries and benefits these people are scamming out of donation money is unreal.

Best Friends has turned into one of the biggest scams around.

DubV said...

The tone of Ritter's blog is to track down those that disagree with them and do things like: expose their names, address, and other personal information; try to get accounts shut down so they can't communicate; try to turn them into the IRS or something (it doesn't state to be worried about having a good case for all this, just do it and then claim some plausible deniability, or do it anonymously I guess).

These folks probably are enough out of their minds to think they are winning the actual debate, but their narcissism want even allow someone else on the stage, unless as a whipping boy. This behavior typifies exactly why people have resorted to communicating anonymously on this issue. I love when the pit nutters tell you to reveal yourself in a threatening tone of voice, it's like some drunk guy at a bar asking where your kids go to school.

Total idiots and dumbasses.

Anonymous said...

There's big money in the cash basis, undocumented dog dealing and "training."

They were even shilling for people to "chip in" to their own personal vet bills.

With that kind of cash in, they sure don't want anyone detailing their scams, so they go after the whistleblower, as criminals will.

It looks to me that with this particular one, she was dealing in German shepherds back around 09 and the shepherd peole figured out her game and got her booted, so she joined the pit bull crooks.

Chase K9 Services said...

ok candormd you got me...that shit is kind of scary....i had no idea this kind of stuff is going on.

Anonymous said...


Thanks for the positive words guys..

. Im sorry i've not been on much to post more details.. ive been trying to stay busy to keep my mind of off what happened..

I've been learning how to walk again, and dealing with all the cardiovascular problems.. im still out of work, and not sure when i'll be able to get back to work.. i cant wait.. i need to be active..

I had extensive damage done to the main arterys behind my knee, Fedor grabbed a hold of me and shaked and ripped at my leg for about 15 mins.. he got so deep into my leg and fractured one of my shin bones, the fibula? I dont know how to spell it.. From the moment he went after me I remained as calm as could be.. I used all the training commands that we had worked with as far as dropping his toys.. I eventually fell to the floor cause i couldnt stand anymore, I lost over a liter of blood. I had my girlfriend give me a breaking stick to try to pry his jaws apart.. but whenever i got it in he released and just came right back to the same wound.. I was afraid for my life, and my girlfriends life.. and as hard as it is to say, I shot him. I couldnt take the pain anymore..

Its a heart breaking story.. and Im sad.. There will always be a place for him in my heart.. But I do belive he is living at peace now..

Am I another Statistic?

PS...This attack was never featured in the media...I wonder if the Government picked up the tab for Rich's medical treatment and disability?

Chase K9 Services said...

um ya...something is seriously off about that guys story..i read the whole thread... first is dog isn't aggressive then it wears a muzzle...then it doesn't....then it is fine...then is see's a behaviorist...then it is fine....then it is acting weird...then it isn't...doesn't sound like that guy really knew his dog...this is not uncommon.

april 29 said...

Pit nutter, he is just like you.

"doesn't sound like that guy really knew his dog...this is not uncommon".

You are right on this one, this is not uncommon.

Anonymous said...

with so many dogs without homes why should any dog with history of doing serious injury not be euthanized? some will say these mutants are great dogs , beautiful even , but so what? once they have shown a propensity to do what they were bred for they should be put down . no pussy-footing around spending limited funds on questionable risks . spending thousands on a fucking mutant is insane . i know these agencies and organizations like the s.p.c.a. have to suck up to the idiot pitterine public to some degree but they shouldnt . safety and doing the right thing should come before public relations and donations.

april 29 said...

THANK YOU for your common sense!!!!

Anonymous said...

"with so many dogs without homes why should any dog with history of doing serious injury not be euthanized?"

Because the the high value media mauler is a CASH COW for certain breed communities!

sashimistat said...

As a RN, I find it extremely disturbing that you would so carelessly characterize psychotic disorders and the medications used to treat them. You may find someone's argument to be logically fallacious, but please don't downplay such a serious mental illness. Because I have obtained training as a RN, I have seen many individuals who suffer from psychosis and require medication. These are real, serious diseases that destroy lives and make it impossible sometimes for the patients to function in society. And we are not talking about being a "pit nutter" either. I am talking about people who cannot attend to their basic activities of daily living because of the voices in their head, or that they are too afraid to leave their house, or take a bath, or even eat sometimes because the FBI or CIA is out to get them. Its not funny or pretty.

Secondly, I find it highly disturbing that you would assasinate someone's character for being bilked by the for-profit education industry. Please remember that the person you may speak to on the phone is a SALES PERSON and being paid based on the number of students they sign up. They will say and do virtually anything to get you to sign on the dotted line, even going so far as to promise students job placements when they graduate or tell students not to worry about paying off their loans because "no one will come after you if you don't pay anyway". They prey on low income minorities and single mothers. They have duped MILLIONS of students and there is a lawsuit against EDMC (one of the biggest players) by the DOJ for paying their "admissions reps" based on sales. In order to receive Dept of Ed loan money, these schools are not allowed to pay their people based on this scheme, and have been defrauding the student loan system for years.

I really wish there could be civil and adequate, open discourse on this topic and its really sad to see that this will likely never happen. How do you propose to reach a solution to this problem if you constantly resort to ad hominem arguments (which also is logically fallacious by the way)

DubV said...

"Secondly, I find it highly disturbing that you would assasinate someone's character for being bilked by the for-profit education industry. Please remember that the person you may speak to on the phone is a SALES PERSON and being paid based on the number of students they sign up. They will say and do virtually anything to get you to sign on the dotted line, even going so far as to promise students job placements when they graduate or tell students not to worry about paying off their loans because "no one will come after you if you don't pay anyway". They prey on low income minorities and single mothers. They have duped MILLIONS of students and there is a lawsuit against EDMC (one of the biggest players) by the DOJ for paying their "admissions reps" based on sales. In order to receive Dept of Ed loan money, these schools are not allowed to pay their people based on this scheme, and have been defrauding the student loan system for years. "

So, you are saying that extreme gullibility is not a character fault? It obviously is. We tend to give a pass though to people who were hurt by being gullible. It's still the same thing though.

sashimistat said...

I would not call anyone who was taken for a ride by the for proft ed system to be "extremely gullible". These are sales people of the highest caliber. They are trained to discover your weaknesses or hardships and use them against you. They are con artists of the first degree and could sell ice to an eskimo. I would not assasinate someone's character over it.

safer midwifery utah said...

shit did my last comment not go through?

I was saying that I get your outrage about the drug comments and the for-profit schools, I agree with you. I don't understand your lack of outrage at rehoming of dangerous dogs. It is a public health problem, people really do get hurt.

Civility is nice, but you should not require it in order to listen to someone elses point of view. You will miss out on a lot if you decide to only listen to people who do not offend you.

For profit colleges are a lot like rent a center, they prey on the publics lack of education about finances. If you are from a family where no one has gone to college it is not easy to know the difference between a university and a for profit school.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

skeptifem, i find no comments in spam. on rare occasion i think blogger eats them.

i didn't know besty ritter even existed prior to her blog post, which is far from civil or sane. and now you come here criticizing my lack of civility. comical. civility is not possible in this instance.

regarding for profit schools, while the schools themselves are predatory and psychopathic and i think that the government should shut them down, the call centers are staffed with people desperate for jobs, sometimes from india. i suspect the turn over rate in these call is phenomenally high.

but my point is unless you suffer from a mental disability, there is no good reason to fall prey to one of them anymore than falling prey to one of these nigerian scammers. if you google "everest college" the second hit is a wikipedia entry with enough information to send people running in the other direction or at least researching the school further.

pit nutters swallow the pit bull propaganda hook, line and sinker without further investigation and apparently that trait is consistent throughout their personalities.

as for character assassination of ihateverest, you do realize you can not defame or assassinate the character of an ANONYMOUS person, right?

as for betsy's "fallacious logic", betsy has embraced a paranoid conspiracy theory and is calling on others to join her on her delusional campaign against REAL people. again, civility is not possible in this instance.

cinnamon2005 said...

Not many people in the pit movement can be civil. If someone even says they would rather own dog XYZ instead of a pitbull, they are lamblasted. Isn't that supposed to be one of the great things with dogs? So many diverse types? One woman was attacked walking to her car and many accused her of provoking the dog! The dog had expanded it's territory by being loose. Didn't make it his territory so sorry she did not provoke the dog. And the 82 year old woman that got attacked from just picking up a fallen pillow? If I had a dog that I couldn't preform a simple task like that without risk, I would put it to sleep. I find this inability to find any fault with the dog astounding.

Anonymous said...

" Because I have obtained training as a RN, I have seen many individuals who suffer from psychosis and require medication"

Yes, and I know of RNs who are insane, drug addicts, rapists, child beaters, Medicare cheats, claim false disability, and are DOG FIGHTERS.

And other RNs that protect them.

An RN is meaningless. There are as many crook Rns bleeding the life out of patients as there are decent ones. skeptiwhatever, You have no standing to be chastising anyone. You ought to think about cleaning up the stinking nurse trade, because many of you RNs are also killing people with your ineptness, and you also sit by while the deaths by pit bull pile up.

Strange how you don't wonder about the innocents victimized by fighting breeds. Strange that you don't care about the children dismembered and with their faces chewed off by fighting breeds. Strange that you don't care about your "patients" victimized by fighting breed attacks.

Your phoney morality is disgusting. You should have your license removed due to extreme lack of compassion. It is Rns like you that allow the fighting breed industry to keep destroying lives. Perhaps you even cover up attacks? Some RNs do that too, to protect the fighting breeds.

One RN is in Dennis Mass. importing Brooklyn NY fighting dogs in to sell on Craigslist.

How about you go pull some attitide with her because you have ZERO CREDIBILITY.

sashimistat said...

In my comment, I mentioned NOTHING about fighting breeds, or that I don't care about victims. Where did I say that? Can you point it out to me? Since you don't know me, how can you presume to know anything about me, or that I must have a criminal history, which I do not. As far as the profession, nursing IS a profession, and anyone that has the title that is not acting like a professional should be terminated in my opinion. I have never been put in the situation where a fellow nurse is impared or putting his/her patients at risk, but I would not think twice about reporting that behavior.

I do not believe that shelters and rescues should be adopting out animals with a history of any type of aggression. In discussing pit bulls, I believe that human aggression is genetic, and a result of a fearful temperament. I do not believe this can be fixed through training and that such dogs should be humanely euthanized. I have been the victim of a fearful dog (he was my dog) and while I did not put him down at the time, when I think back on that now, I probably should have and would not tolerate a dog like him in my home again (he died four months later from cancer that caused severe anemia and a pleural effusion).

Why is do I require civility? Because if your end game is to TRULY fix this problem, you aren't going to get anywhere calling people names or slandering people you don't know. If your end game is to piss people off have at it! But by refusing to have a discourse, you are proving that you have no commitment to solving this problem. And I agree with you, there IS a problem to solve.

DepthCharge said...

Has anyone considered the possibility that Betsy Ritter is lying about her "lack of degree" sob story to prey on people's sympathy in order to gain some shred of whatever she perceives as credibility?

april 29 said...

Once again I feel that your attack is inappropriate. We have seen members of nearly every profession who are also dog fighters. To attack Registered Nurses because there have been RNs involved in dog fighting is intolerant. The nature of your attack is over the top. This fresh-out-of-school RN is taking her new profession very seriously, as we all did at that point in our careers. With experience comes insight and she will get there.

What you have said to her simply stunning. Please re-read your remarks. "Your phoney morality is disgusting. You should have your license removed due to extreme lack of compassion. It is Rns like you that allow the fighting breed industry to keep destroying lives. Perhaps you even cover up attacks? Some RNs do that too, to protect the fighting breeds." "An RN is meaningless. There are as many crook Rns bleeding the life out of patients as there are decent ones. skeptiwhatever, You have no standing to be chastising anyone. You ought to think about cleaning up the stinking nurse trade, because many of you RNs are also killing people with your ineptness, and you also sit by while the deaths by pit bull pile up."

What were you thinking when you wrote this?

Anonymous said...

I was thinking of the VICTIMS april, which this "nurse" was not and is not, in her desire to pull attitude and scold like an egotist.

and this fresh-out-of-school ego has a serious problem with attitude. And very little concern with VICTIMS.

Much like the "dog behaviourists" with their degrees and attitude, dictating to others how they may write or speak..

She has no place deciding what form of discourse is to be used. She is not a judge.

What was I thinking? Much along the same lines as MY RELATIVE AN RN to whom I gave skeptiegos diatribe, and who had much worse to say about her. MY RELATIVE THE RN has seen too many like this forget the patients for the ego.

Do you understand that no one is special just because they have a degree, or a trade school diploma, or a license?

Her patients are victims of people like pitnutter, not bloggers who represent the victims and actually care.

If you don't understand what I wrote, that isn't my problem.

Phoney moralizing is phoney moralizing.

That's why so many people get killed and injured.

Anonymous said...

DepthCharge, I think that Betsy Ritter lacks honesty in just about every respect, and one of those is collecting "charitable" money to pay for personal expenses with stories designed to get sympathy.

There is too much of this on Facebook, and that is why Facebook has been cracking down on her friends. They blame Colleen Lynn and other scapegoats, but it was donors who were reporting these people to the IRS and the IRS is looking into all these chipins and money raising by these dog dealers.

Miss Margo said...

Skeptifem is a valuable, insightful contributor to CD and to the pit bull discussion. That is why Craven Desires links to her website. As someone who has read quite a bit of her blog, I can tell you that she gives quite a bit of thought to what is moral, and she is also consistent in the application of her values.

There is some phony moralizing on this thread, however. No doubt about that.

april 29 said...


Your attack was on the profession of nursing. Your jumping off point was pit bulls. I understand very well what you wrote.

Nursing is tough on new grads. It is often said that "nurses eat their young", experienced nurses can be brutal to the fresh faced new grads working their 11 to 7 shifts. I hope your "relative the RN" would consider mentoring instead of judging.

You have valuable insights and information but please take a deep breath before you launch an attack.

sashimistat said...


Please point out to me where I have said I don't care about victims? I don't think you can. I have a problem with attitude because I wish for an adequate discourse? I'm sorry I'm not following you. Do you think you can solve this problem the way you are currently going about it? I have to tell you that you aren't going to get anywhere. And are there guilty parties on the other side? OF COURSE THERE ARE. I have never pretended that. THIS is why nothing ever gets done in this country. From this particular problem to the million OTHER problems our society is facing. Because no one is willing to have a conversation about it and come to a common understanding and agreeable solution.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

i could care less about civility but the conversation must be an honest one. i have no time for civil debate with anyone who presents the ATTS as anything other than a sham. i have no interest in wasting any time with someone who talks about all dogs having the same drives. as abhorrent as dog fighting is, i'd rather have a conversation with dog fighters who are at least honest about pit bulls.

cinnamon2005 said...

A month ago I had a conversation with a pit person I don't think I'll ever have again. She had a pit and had done fostering. While she loved the breed, she was not in denial of the breeds traits. She felt that newbies to the breed need a support, similar to a sponser I guess for AA. She acknowledged the dog aggression issue. She didn't feel every pitbull in rescue was adoptable. She thought too many people get a pit for their ego. She didn't use any of the usual phrases we tend to hear. She felt her role as a pit owner was to not only continuously train and socialize her dog but to not put it in situation, like a dog park, where a problem could happen. She was very real. She was no more interested in my Mastiff's than I was in a pitbull but she didn't berate me for it. It was a very enjoyable conversation. I wish I could have cloned her.

sashimistat said...

Did you actually READ the Elements of Temperament article? Do you deny that all dogs have a prey, rank, and defense drive? Of course dogs (and dog breeds) vary in how much or how little those drives are expressed. For example, a lab playing fetch is working in its PREY drive. A GSD K9 taking a suspect down is working in DEFENSE drive. Almost all dog behavior can be explained using their drives. I never said ATTS is the end all, be all, but I think its a good tool. If you actually look at the tasks in the test, it measures a dog's ability to cope with stressful stimuli. A dog that can cope with all of these and not become defensive or anxious has good nerves and is unlikely to fear bite. Are there some APBT that would fail this test? You betcha! ATTS is just a tool. I have never said that because APBT pass it x number of times, that proves they are great dogs! The issue is not that simplistic. That is what I think the main problem is right now. Faulty temperaments causing dangerous and unwarranted fear responses.

I think you will find many APBT owners out there that DO think there is a problem with the breed. That there has been massive inbreeding leading to fear and human aggression and those dogs should be PTS. Owners that understand APBT are not the dog you want to own if you like dog parks, and owners that understand an APBT is a huge committment and not one that should be taken on by anyone. I think some real progress could be made on this issue, but sadly, it doesn't seem like that is in the cards.

This is why we can't seem to solve any problems in our society. Just look at our government. The Republicans say to the Dems, "No, we're not listening to you because we disagree with everything you say, and oh, by the way, you are a commie bastard" And the Dems turn around and say, "Well then we won't listen to you either, because we disagree with everything you stand for. And oh, you are a redneck, inbred facist" This debate has devolved into the same ridiculousness.

april 29 said...

Dawn, I agree with your statement 100%. When one has posted nonsense like the ATTS, attacks are not unprovoked there is always body language that indicates fear in the dog but it was missed, haters, genetically weak nerves, pit bulls with heding titles, I have to roll my eyes.

Yes, Jessup did put herding titles on a couple of pits but she it to prove that she could, and she went on to say that she did NOT recommend it. It should be kept in mind that Jessup is a full time, professional breed specific advocate. Pit bulls are NOT pushing border colies out of the ribbons at herding trials. Hog dogging is not something that I would be proud of. The closure of a California library children's reading program by breed specific advoactes with their panties in a knot because the library refused the services of Jonny Justice was NOT a high point for pit bull advocacy.

april 29 said...

Why won't blogger give you the comment in a form that might make it easier to find typos? When the comment goes a mile from left to right, I miss stuff.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

"When the comment goes a mile from left to right..."

i don't know why this started happening.

safer midwifery utah said...

Sorry I am late

sashimistat- I do not know that the purpose of this website is convincing others, it seems more like a place to let off steam. and the truth about pit bulls are much more aimed towards the goals you are assigning to CD.

Anyway, lets say that it is the goal of CD to change peoples minds. If they decided to go about it with the goal of not offending anyone, they could hardly address the issue at all. That is the nature of controversial discussions. I know this from my time reading debate about social and civil rights issues. The fact is that the opposition will be offended by the *idea* being presented to begin with. Ideas like paying women equally were considered extremely offensive to mention long ago. So is bringing up the wothlessness of homeopathy to someone selling homeopathic medicine. Being polite should always take a backseat to being honest.

You are probably more concerned with the things that offended you that were not related to the main topic, and guess what? If the author had failed to mention those things they would likely harbor the same thoughts, they just would have gone unchallenged because they had kept them secret for the purpose of politeness. I prefer that people speak up and are challenged when they say something that has social justice implications. The reason that it is wrong to do something bigoted is because it hurts someone, not because it is merely offensive; many people are offended by the truth.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

the goal of craven desires? good question. my hodgepodge of fuckery is constantly evolving. i shine a spotlight on idiots, liars and bullies while i vent my rage but it has never been to change anyone's mind.
the goal of the truth about pit bulls is not to change anyone's mind either. i see nutters as brainwashed and a lost cause. they need deprogramming and that can only occur with a good and proper mauling. the goal of the truth blog is to educate people who haven't yet been brainwashed by the utah and oakland cults.

Anonymous said...

Diane Jessup pockets $200 using bite work trained Pit Bull to teach A/C officers to survive a mauling

"It's not sensible to get an animal bred for bringing a 2,000-pound bull to its knees and say I'm going to treat this like a soft-mouth Labrador," says Jessup, the former animal-control officer. She blames novice owners, as much as actual criminals, for bringing the breed into disrepute. "It's a capable animal, and it's got to be treated as such."

When we first got pit bulls in, they were always friendly. They were always nice dogs," says Diane Jessup, a former animal-control officer in Olympia. Jessup has raised many pit bulls and written several books about them. "I will say now, in the last five years, 50 percent of the dogs are fearful, fear-biters with horribly unsound temperaments."

Hmmm..."When we FIRST got the Pit Bulls in?"....

* Disclaimer...You Can't Make This Stuff Up!

Miss Margo said...

I believe I read once--I think on The Truth about PBs website--that CD was "manifesto of (Dawn James') rage."

I found this description elegant and precise.

The tone and topical content of the posts (and discussion threads) vary significantly, but I do not see much effort to be persuasive. There is virtually no argument, justification, or rhetoric.

CD, by my observation, is basically: "GET YOUR BLAME ON!" aka "YOU DID SUCH A GROTESQUE, IRRESPONSIBLE THING THAT I CANNOT BE SILENT ABOUT IT!" Lest anyone say that blame and shaming are necessarily the hallmarks of the bitter and emotionally immature, I proffer that they are essentially protest. Protest is the ONLY catalyst for justice and social change. Period.

Mercy and forgiveness are admirable, virtuous, and probably good for mental well-being in CERTAIN circumstances. However, they're not justice. They are considered to be gracious BECAUSE they are not justice.

I have never seen CD hate on someone or something that did not deserve to be hated. The behavior of the people featured here is reprehensible. A well-socialized 10 year old could read these stories and know "That shit's not okay." These are not ambiguous topics.


scurrilous amateur blogger said...

so let me see, do i understand jessup's complaint about fear biters correctly, it is okay for pit bulls to be bold and courageous biters but not FEAR biters?
jessup is an absolute whore for the breed. she will say and do anything to protect it.

miss margo, you are much more articulate than i!

april 29 said...

Here again, I am hampered by the lack of a "Love it " button. Miss Margo's comments are devastatingly full of thought and clarity, always.

Miss Margo said...

Aw! Thank you, Dawn and April, for the compliments!

I like to write and I think that this website is awesome. Though it is sad that it has to exist.

Anonymous said...

Not sure if you are interested in this but Betsy Ritter whom you blogged about in 2012 has had another tirade. My family and I adopted a dog from her a year ago, after a couple of months into our adoption the dog started showing signs of aggression and we had difficulties keeping him from escaping our house. 2 months ago we decided to return the dog to Impawsable because of the various issues. Betty Ritter, a board member from Impawsable Helene Scharf and the foster home Sherry Schaffer began making derogatory comments about my family and I on Facebook. Anyways, I have more details if interested.


scurrilous amateur blogger said...

i'm always interested in details. feel free to share.