Thursday, April 5, 2012

newark, nj: psychopathic pit nutter alert

i am always taken aback by the brazenness of lying pit nutters. i shouldn't be, but i am. i find it even more shocking that they continually get away with it. my latest stalking interest is you probably remember them from a few days ago, they played a prominent role in my kids and pit bulls blog post. this all breed dog forum has quite the psycho in their midst. meet KATYDID and her 5 year old brindle amstaff SOPHIE.

katydid joined on feb 15th, and within 7 days she already made herself at home and felt comfortable enough to let it all hang out. KATYDID first established herself as a liar when she proclaimed that she would SWEAR that her brindle amstaff is a "beagle/maltese" if BSL came a knockin in her community. she also claimed SOPHIE was harmless and that she would have to throw her mutant at a mugger to protect her, adding that her mutant would probably wet herself. another 7 days pass and after an especially rough day on the trails (she broke a nail!) KATYDID confided in her fellow fur mommies about how her sweet wimpy mutant turned into cujo during their walk.

I've NEVER seen her like that before...everyones worst nightmare of an enraged pit bull. But the transformation-if you saw a field mouse turn into a fire breathing dragon...
it sounds like KATYDID is getting off on her mutant's transformation.

Some time ago a family member became deranged...the whole time he was going off and even up to the police arriving Sophie stayed hidden and frightened. If she had the hardwiring to protect us wouldn't she have gone off then???

psychopathy runs in the family.
This was just a tall young man, dark skinned, red jacket and hat. Just like other 70% of the young men we see every day...that she pays no attention to. At night she's gotten tweaky sometimes if someone steps out of a shadow or down a dark street but not like today. I've never seen her react so strongly to anything human or animal. Never a human certainly.

this is a textbook example of how psychopaths use (abuse) language, notice how she contradicts herself in the very next sentnece: "I've never seen her react so strongly to anything human or animal. Never a human certainly." it would probably take very little effort to get her to admit that SOPHIE has reacted strongly to humans prior to this incident.
She was almost frothing, no she had her rabies shots, but the barking and leaping and him kicking her and me trying to catch her. Did she see a threat I didn't see? Was she having a flashback? She'll leap upright from a sound sleep barking and confused sometimes.

But when I walked the opposite direction she stopped...and followed me...with her head over her shoulder the whole way back...then she dropped her head and tail like "Woooo, close one". If he had called the police...plan A we have connections that can get us out of serious grief or plan B I would've had to say he threatened me in some way and she was protecting me-law says if a dog is acting in the protection of a human it won't be condemned as a dangerous dog...

plan A and plan B are actually plan B and plan C. plan A was a dine & dash. when KATYDID couldn't control her mutant she decided to leave the scene. plans B and C were back up plans in the event the dine & dash failed.
after the other fur mommies chime in with excuses, rationalizations and justifications for SOPHIE'S uncharacteristic cujoesque behavior, KATYDID returns and adds a few more details.
I try to find gallows humor in what I have to sometimes-while the guy was kicking at Sophie I got between them. He missed Sophie and kicked my hand...breaking my fake nail and real nail together owwwwww,.....fleeting thought just for a second there-" You broke my nail, okay then Soph have at him!

KATYDID, the epitome of aggressive narcissism

more advice from the fur mommy support group and KATYDID discloses more.
I really feel that way too, I don't think it's that I'm being overprotective of her, it was just so completely out of character for her. Even with all her fears she has never singled out a human like that. And there are unfortunately many people in our area who are often on the other side of the law...I really feel she was telling me something there. Still shaky about it...jeez

i suspect KATYDID did get a nice adrenaline rush from the scuffle, in fact she probably only walks her mutant in the hopes of alleviating her genetic predisposition to boredom.

one fur mommy has the the courage to disapprove of this nutter's willingness to perjure herself and accuse an innocent man of violence, although a meek disapproval, it was better than nothing.

to which KATYDID replies
Hey, we protect our fur children and human children any way we can...if it came down to it I'd swear on ten bibles and a torah that she's a full-blooded retriever too!
three more fur mommies felt empowered by the first one, so they too chime in to defend the innocent victim which only convinces the psychopathic princess that pit bull owners are different from normal dog owners, so she had better step back in line, as much as she can.
Nah, I wouldn't falsely accuse...actually worst case scenerio, we know police personally in the surrounding towns...have association with the animal control officer-she lives down the street and always happily greets Sophie by name, our vet too and the vet before that...all would attest to Sophie's true personality
poor impulse control, poor judgement and inability to learn from experience. how does she get away with this? why haven't they banned her?

As I said though, in this area the bad guys can well outnumber the good guys-look up crime rates for Newark NJ if you don't believe me-Sophie has to behave herself certainly but I feel grimly more secure knowing if it was a mugging...or carjacking...both which happen in broad daylight around here...that perhaps my girl would be doing more than wetting herself

look out newark.

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Anonymous said...


18 year old Elizabeth NJ woman attacked and bitten 20 times by her Pittie....Then police wasted resources and bullets stopping the attack.

Could it be the same Nutter?!?

Anonymous said...

I have come to realize just how racist these stupid white girls are, as are the pit bull rescues and breeders.

This girl would have made a false complaint about an African American gentleman to PROTECT HER FIGHTING DOG?

This pit bull is behaving exactly as its breeders intended. Pit bulls are not nor were they ever bred to be pets. They were bred to kill. They still are bred to kill.

This naive girl got tricked by a rescue or breeder looking to unload a dog that will kill. They set up katydid to destroy her life, her victims' lives, and they set up the dog too. Pit bulls should never be out in public areas. They need intense special care. A typical suburban home or urban apartment is a failure environment for them.

These girls are so stupid they allow themselves to be used and lied to by the greedy rescues and breeders.

However katydid did reveal a big problem facing citizens- that law enforcement and animal control in some places are protecting the owners of dangerous dogs. This is illegal and it needs to stop now.
When there are incidents and potential incidents, and authorities protect the dangerous dog owner, they need to be held accountable.

Anonymous said...

The racist comment she made about this African American gentleman who was just clearly out for a walk when her pit bull tried to kill him is astonishing.

Because her fighting dog attacked this innocent victim, katydid automatically assumes it was the black man's fault, that he was a criminal.

Did her bibles and torah tell her to do that?

This is a most revealing example of both the racism as well as the "blame the victim" smear game that the pit bull community is playing.

These people are liars.

Who is encouraging them to lie and providing guidance on falsely blaming the victim?

As we look at the major pit bull lobbying organizations, there is a fairly steady stream of advice and teachings on lying to protect fighting breeds, how to abuse language to hide the dangers and seriousness of the attacks, how to falsely blame all victims, but also aggression toward minorities, even blaming minorities for the fighting dog breeding that whites engage in. There is also a tremendous lack of care about the poor and minority victims of pit bulls. They are blamed, then ignored. The minorities that beg for protection from the fighting dogs of rich whites are reviled, insulted, and then ignored.

Rich racist whites protecting fighting dogs.

Anonymous said...

She also revealed that veterinarians are lying on behalf of pit bulls that have attacked, helping to blame the victim, stop law enforcement, and even commit racist crimes. Veterinarians are engaged in this same activity.

This is a new kind of hate crime.

Anonymous said...

It didn't take too long to find the problem in Newark NJ

Adam Zipkin is a Nathan Winograd No Kill tool, manipulating Newark Mayor Cory Booker into bending to the demands of Winograd's supporters, including the dog fighters and pit bull breeders, to turn Newark into a hellhole of warehoused animals, pit bulls handed out to dog fighters and hoarders, disease and filth, and increased dog attacks, all of which come with Winograd No Kill (which has failed everywhere it's been forced into communities.)

With the usual Winograd lies, he first of all provides a list of shelters in other states that have FAILED at no kill, then the usual Winograd nonsense that hides the fact that no kill is creating huge problems for people and pets, particularly in urban areas.

It's a tax money grab by Zipkin and friends, and the pit bull breeders and fighters hiding behind the No Kill scam.

Zipkin and his friends will collect dollars if they can trick the administration of the city into letting them turn animal control into a circus.

Meanwhile, Zipkin and friends hasen't done a single thing about increasing spaying and neutering in Newark. NOTHING.

They even arranged a concocted photo op for pit bull/mayor.

Putting a suit on a liar doesn't create the truth!

There is probably a corrupt city official behind Zipkin and friends, moving untrained, extremist relatives and friends into this no kill scam takeover.

There is more than likely money from pit bull breeders and dog fighters getting laundered through "campaign donations" to Booker, who apparently isn't bright enough to realize that he is getting lied to, or knows but doesn't care.

Special interests are fooling around in Newark NJ.

Anonymous said...

Adam Zipkin also failed to mention to Mayor Cory Booker that with Winograd No Kill, sick animals are just allowed to die in their cages untreated (to save money for the salaries for the managers) and dogs crammed into cages together are allowed to kill other dogs with them. It all reduces the euthanasia rate. They are disgusting, cruel people.

Anonymous said...

This situation in Newark gets worse the more you look into it. Search Adam zipkin Nathan Winograd as search terms together.

This Adam Zipkin is listed as the Deputy Mayor of Newark, and he does not reveal in that article (though his interview is word for word from Winograd's propaganda) that Adam Zipkin has a BUSINESS RELATIONSHIP with Nathan Winograd and appears at Winograd's spurious "conferences" together with Animal Farm Foundation and Canine Research and pit bull breeder shills.

This is the same situation that Indianapolis found itself in when local Winograd associate Warren Patitz was running the Animal Control Citizen Advisory Board and illegally pushed a Winograd associate into control of the city animal control shelters, colluding with a city official. Patitz was also in business with Nathan Winograd and the breeders, which he never revealed. Indianapolis got set up.

An individual named Douglas Rae who was a Winograd associate was put in charge of turning Indianapolis animal control into no kill, and the shelters blew up with abuse, disease, warehousing, dogs killing each other in cages, refusal to pick up strays, dog attacks on people and pets, and handing out vicious dogs to the public that attacked. Everyone suffered.

The investigation got Rae fired, Patitz fired, the colluding city official fired.

It was revealed that Rae had been fired from his previous job running PACCA in Philadelphia PA after Winograd pushed him into that job, and they turned the shelter into a mess of disease, overcrowding, animals dying in cages, giving pets to hoarders, giving pit bulls to dog fighters.

Newark NJ is being afflicted with the same kind of Winograd con, and Adam Zipkin is the front man.

It is no wonder that katydid is bragging that her no kill friends will help her hide attacks and blame the victim, as well as make a racist attack on the victim.

That's Winograd style!

He was also involved with a racist that ran an AKC lobbying group in Los Angeles, from what I have found, an AKC board member that preyed on Latinos.

Anonymous said...

Someone should really ask Adam Zipkin why he is doing business with Nathan Winograd, supported by pit bull breeders, dog fighters, and Rick Berman, lobbyist for those and puppy mills too.

Why is Adam Zipkin involved with Animal Farm Foundation?

Why am I thinking that Zipkin's interest in animals has more to do with money and protecting Rick Berman's interests, and not with the benefit of animals or the people of Newark?

Rick Berman's dog fighter followers are racist beyond mention, and Animal Farm Foundation routinely ignores the plight of minorities and the poor that are bearing the brunt of pit bull atacks, and even blames the victims. It's classic "rich white pit bull breeder" racism.

That's the company that Adam Zipkin keeps.

We see a reflection of Zipkin/Winograd in katydid's comments.

Newark NJ is getting screwed.

Someone should also ask Dr. Michael Moyer, VMD, the director of the University of Pennsylvania Shelter Medicine Program why he is involved with this pack of racists and con artists. Winograd has now long been known to be involved with Rick Berman and various puppy mill/breeder front groups. Does he get a payout from Berman and AFF through Winograd?

A director of a shelter medicine program involved with dog fighters, pit bull breeders, and puppy mills (as well as hoarders) is dangerous for people and pets.

Anonymous said...

Sue Cosby is also with Adam Zipkin at this Winograd con artist event.

She runs the Philadelphia SPCA and is supposed to represent the humane treatment of animals and animal control, therefore public safety.

Dog fighting is at an all-time high in Philadelphia, with reports of open dog fights that go unchallenged by authorities, increased pit bull breeding, dog fighting videos sold at corner stores.

I guess that Rick Berman and the dog fighters found a friend in Philadelphia through Cocby and her Winograd association. This is what happens when profiteering interests masquerade as humane interests, and the profiteers infiltrate animal control and run it for the interests of rich, white animal profiteers.

You can imagine what will happen in Newark. Katydid is showing Newark the future for victims thanks to Winograd/Zipkin.

The first thing that Winograd/Berman shills oppose is laws, or they just ignore them. The public suffers. Population of dogs (particularly pit bulls) increases. Through Winograd, the dog fighters and pit bull breeders take over, with the hoarders and other abusers. People and pets get attacked. Strays aren't picked up. Vicious dogs are given to the public. Animal control ceases to enforce the laws, or eliminates laws, and does nothing but blame the victims, even attack the victims. Pit bull breeders and dog fighters profit and get richer.

The victims and the public don't even know that animal control is being directed by Winograd/Berman shills to protect pit bull breeders and dog fighters, and protect dangerous dogs. Local authorities hide their associations with these crooks, or pretend they are honest.

Again, is Newark Nj Mayor Cory Booker getting Berman/dog fighter money through Winograd?

Anonymous said...

Correction to the Sue Cosby information. The Philadelphia SPCA was turned into a mess by Winograd No Kill Cosby, after she was involved with PACCA and their animal/people abuse when Winograd was involved there when PACCA managers nearly got arrested for animal abuse in 2008 thanks to Winograd No Kill failure (among other things, they were handing out unaltered pit bulls to anyone, including reported dog fighters, and giving dogs to hoarders, as well as letting dogs kill each other in cages)

Cosby is back again to running animal control into the ground through the city (thanks in part to Winograd crony Jack Kelly, who was on the city council and apparently still tells the city what to do) but see that that ridiculous deceitful article hides Winograd's failures in 2008 and earlier, and just pretends that the city "changed course" when in reality the whole thing melted down in a disaster, Cosby involved.

It's now called ACCT.

Cosby is now stating for a show the public that animal control is there to protect the public from dangerous dogs BUT she is in business with Nathan Winograd, and appearing with him and about six Animal Farm Foundation shills, as well as the usual pit bull breeder lobbyists.

Do you think she is telling the truth? How long until her lies are exposed?

But clearly Winograd/Berman and Animal Farm Foundation are telling their animal control shills to PRETEND to care about public safety. As usual, they just instruct them to lie before they get the job.

Be prepared to suffer, people and pets of Philadelphia. Animal Farm Foundation and Winograd/Berman will be making decisions for you, and blaming you when your pets and children are attacked. They might even find some katydids of newark nj to blame African Americans for triggering pit bull attacks.

The public needs to realize that these rich special interests are behind the scenes, manipulating politicians into allowing dog attacks and not enforcing laws or punishing dangerous dog owners, and also into allowing animal control to get into the pit bull sales business, sending out vicious dogs into the community to attack. Newark NJ, Philadelphia Pa, Berman/Winograd and the breeders/dog fighters are behind it through animal control. They are why you suffer.

They will also get members of the media, like this Tara Murtha, to lie for them and hide their crimes. You notice that Murtha has totally hidden Winograd's involvement and past crimes in Philadelphia. She just pretends it didn't happen. Someone might want to ask the Philadelphia Weekly why they let a reporter lie for Winograd. Maybe that reporter is getting some of that Winograd/berman/Animal Farm Foundation money.

Anonymous said...

is it pitters become pitters cuz of owning a pit or they get the pit cuz theyre scumbags to begin with? u kno the chicken or egg thing , which came first. i think the latter but on the other hand if a dingbat only had the sense to get a regular dog she wouldnt really have the same need to lie and scam and slither so much to save the dog . mind you, these dingbats , sorry i mean young ladies , would probably also lie for their psychopathic boyfriends and their love-spawn as well.

Anonymous said...

What Winograd/Berman No Kill associate Sue Cosby has been doing in Philadelphia through Philadelphia SPCA aka PSPCA, now glad I'm sure to be rid of her as of Jan 2012. They dropped the animal control contract and Cosby is now engaging in this activity through city run animal control again, ACCT, and making $100,000 a year from the taxpayers to make pit bull breeders and dog fighters happy.

The city did a "nationwide search" and then hired Cosby, who did this to a citizen victim as well as broke the law? Winograd/Berman stick their racist white breeder interests into Philadelphia through Cosby via shill former city councilor Jack Kelly. Victims like Carmen Ramos don't stand a chance.

"UPDATE 09/02/11: A week before the attack that left Carmen Ramos dead, neighbor Dolores Estrella described how the same pit bulls had attacked and bitten her. Estrella was not the only person bitten in the August 19 incident, Gus Castro was as well. The PSCPA allegedly sent the dogs home three days later, which is a rabies protocol violation in many cities. The agency likely should have kept the dogs in quarantine for 10 days after the August 19 bites"

And Adam Zipkin of katydid's Newark NJ is involved with Cosby and Winograd/Berman/AFF as well.

The maimed and dead pile up. This is corruption at its worst, right through city employees and managers and even mayors.

cinnamon2005 said...

Well we've already seen their put people and other animal's life at risk for the love of their pit...why wouldn't they live and falsely accuse other's for the pit too?

Anonymous said...

i doubt if katydid is a real racist in the sense that people are who hate pits and pitbulls. she was just slithering a bit to protect her sweet mutant and if the dark skinned fellow really got in trouble she might step in to save him too. that would be amazing and empowering to save her mutant and some poor black dude too. KATYDID WARRIOR PRINCESS.......LOL not

Anonymous said...

How did this Adam Zipkin suck in Mayor Cory Booker of Newark? CRONYISM.

They are pals. Crooks of a feather stick together

"Soon after receiving his law degree in 1993, Zipkin opened a small general practice firm on Academy Street. After six years, “I realized what I did not want to do was work with so much focus on billable hours,” he said. “I wanted to find a way to give back and a more nourishing way to practice.”

The opportunity came when he met a young gadfly named Cory Booker, who had just been elected to a City Council seat from the Central Ward.

Booker’s outspokenness and his social conscience lured Zipkin away from his law partnership and into a job where he provided pro bono legal help for Newark residents, often battling slumlords in landlord-tenant cases.

In 2002, after Booker tried and failed in his first run for mayor, Zipkin joined him at a nonprofit organization known as Newark Now. Zipkin served as a lawyer and consultant to needy people and community groups.

When Booker managed to oust Sharpe James from office in 2006, Zipkin joined his administration to work on economic development issues. Zipkin was sworn in as deputy mayor on Nov. 15."

Zipkin claims to works for the "disenfranchised" and "poor." Well, that is a joke seeing that he is shilling for Rick Berman and Nathan Winograd, lobbyists for rich sleazy white people who abuse animals and people for profit.

This is how lying, scheming politicians hurt people. Such sweet lies come out of their mouths, then you find out they represent the rich and criminal. These two have no social conscience whatsoever. It's a sham so they can shill for the rich and despotic who HURT poor people.

Newark NJ needs a cleanout.

Anonymous said...

And what is Zipkin's connection to this animal farm? They prey on poor people and actively disenfranchise them. But there is Zipkin right in there with them.

Dirty dirty dirty.

Jim Reeve said...

It's funny how owners of pit bulls advoacate for their breed all the time, but when their dog does something stupid, they're so quick to run and hide. I'm still fighting the legal sysytem here in Ontario to try and get compensation for what happened to my family.

If someone is going to be an advocate for these horrible animals, then they should face the music and scrutiny the next time a pit bull hurts or kills someone or someone's pet.

Anonymous said...

yea , there should be acountability: for instance if some so-called expert certifies a dog is safe and then the mutant goes and dismembers something there should be some kind of review of the the experts work and status ( whether s/he should continue ) same with shelters and vets ect , if theres a connection to some incident and it could have been prevented , it shouldnt just be swept under the rug. dangerous dogs and other animals should be dealt with appropriately , not palmed off on ignorant incapable people.

april 29 said...

Thank you Snarky, your suggestion is brilliant!

Anonymous said...

Cherie Travis was fired in Chicago a couple of weeks ago for turning A/C into an above ground no-Kill cemetary.

The Toronto Humane Society staff was replaced after the same No-Kill sickness

Anonymous said...

naw , we shouldnt be picking on KATYDID WARRIOR PIT-PRINCESS. shes just another stupid young narcissist with a unreliable mutant she would protect no matter what.

Miss Margo said...

"You broke my nail...have at him, Sophie!"
She calls it "gallows humor," but I doubt she was joking when the thought occurred to her.

Newark is chock-full of pit bulls. I've spent a LOT of time there. In many of the neighborhoods you literally will not see another type of dog (old ladies might have a little nice normal pet dog).

Anyway, this post has given me magical psychic powers. If this chick hasn't served time by the time she's 30, I'd be very very surprised.

Chase K9 Services said...

"Newark is chock-full of pit bulls" the country is chock full of them.....which is why they cause the most problems

DubV said...

Pits are wildly popular in some areas, usually economically depressed areas, but are very rare in other places. Nutters think that their common experience (seeing pits everywhere) must be the rule elsewhere, and that is not the case.

Anonymous said...

I guess pits are sort of a red flag as to the demographics of an area. i have pits several houses down on either side of me . i wonder if this is the begining of social decay in my neighbourhood. if i see couples fighting in the street , dirty needles , old condoms and windows with sheets put up for curtains, i will know for sure that something is going down .

Anonymous said...

...... sometimes it feels like pits and pitters are taking over the whole world.
i think somethings goin to happen soon and we need divide and prepare for the worst.
craven's our illustrious leader
...and we really do need her.

safer midwifery utah said...

Did anyone call out the racism in the forum?

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

no. they barely called her out on the plan to accuse an innocent victim of a violent crime.

Anonymous said...

Newark is chock-full of pit bulls" the country is chock full of them.....which is why they cause the most problems

"Newark is full of Pit Breeders, Dogfighters and Pit Nutters, none of whom pay taxes."

There...Fixed it!