Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Just Brilliant

Anthony Solesky

or watch on youtube.

Irene Solesky

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Anonymous said...

You should be aware that pit bull lobbyists are getting google ids shut down for some of those who post comments on your blog.

Certain pit bull affiliated individuals have contacts within google, and they make false complaints to google staff about "suspicious activity" on google ids. These include everything from false complaints about spam, "hate" comments, and other completely false and harassing complaints designed to get google to shut down blogger ids so that people cannot post comments that pit bull lobbyists don't like.

Google is participating in this censorship with pit bull lobbyists.

If some of your commenters find that when they sign in to their blogger (google) id to post, google asserts that they have detected "suspicious activity" on the account and shut it down, this is a result of this censorship and false complaint activity by pit bull lobbyists in complicity with certain google staff.

Unfortunately for google, some of these individuals revealed their activities and detailed this activity.

Rumpelstiltskin said...

So you're saying someone from Google could shut down my account for merely posting a comment or opinion here?

Anonymous said...

not a big fan of regulation in general but this situation of idiot people impacting innocent victims with their stupid unnecessary fighting dogs needs to be more carefully addressed. perhaps insurance and stronger laws for all dogs is the way to go. most dogs simply dont need all this but again its a case of the irresponsible minority spoiling things for the rest of us.

Jim Reeve said...

The key is to use proper terminology when describing a post. It's hard to stay on this side of the line when it comes to pit bulls, but Google doesn't take "hate" lightly. If you're going to have a blog that you want honest comments on, I think you should get your own website.

DubV said...

Oh geez. It's one thing to have a racist or gay bashing site or comment, but now it is over the line to simply express general hatred or hatred for something like a dog breed?

To many numbers, do you have a link detailing what they are doing?

Anonymous said...

Just want to point out that the first many numbers/letters person commenting on this thread isn't me. There are a lot of reasons to avoid google, and if this is true, it would be another one. (Hey, can ya lose your gmail account by saying you hate brussel sprouts and having the brussel sprout lobby report you??)

But back to the main topic. When I listened to the Solesky's testimony, I was thinking of the account Mr. Solesky wrote and how close they came to losing their son, and wondering how huge those medical bills must have gotten with the multiple surgeries, days (wasn't it weeks?) in the hospital and follow up care. Yes, owners should be held liable, but this owner had no insurance and no assets, so guess what?

I am a dog owner, and have been all of my life, but I see more and more stupid dog owners out there and unless we do something that curbs the stupid dog owners and the aggressive breeds, ALL dog owners will wind up paying for it.


Rumpelstiltskin said...

It still surprises me how pit bull advocates have the nerve to spew their propaganda at the victims of pit bull attacks. It's just such poor taste.

I haven't seen all the testimonies but I'm sure there's some pit idiots showing pictures of pit bulls with children as "proof" that pits are safe.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

pit bull lobbyists have polluted the courts, tv, radio, books, magazines, facebook, youtube....why should google be immune to their lies and shenanigans? their day is coming. they operate like organized criminals. they will eventually be answering to rico charges.

i have every thing backed up. i can have these blogs up and running elsewhere within an hour.

DubV said...

It seems no dog attacks short of a human mauling/fatality are reported by the local papers. Aside from the pit incidents I've mentioned that I was near or affect by, in the past week a pit bull maimed two dogs within a mile and slightly farther away 2 pits went on a dog/cat killing spree that was ended once a man was bitten saving his cat and the cops dirt napped the pits.

None of this was reported to my knowledge.

There is now a local group starting up wanting to push for BSL. I'll have to take part, but my employment is very susceptible to random, anonymous, false emails......argh.

Anonymous said...

where i am a dog or cat gets attacked and usually killed every so often and always turds write in to pooh- pooh the idea that something needs to be done about it .apparently we shouldnt be concerned with the safety of our pets but we should worry about the rights of pitterine assholes and the freedom of their mutants to go around without muzzles or prejudice. rather than sway me to their cause these people just sicken me with the awareness of what is out there.

Your Quiet Neighbor said...

DubV, you make a very good point about lack of reporting. That's why all of us should become familiar with our local news media tip lines.

Keep a list of numbers by your phone if you have to. And keep a separate list near your mobile. You never know when you'll witness an attack.

More reporting = more public awareness of the risks posed by dangerous dogs.

Branwyne Finch said...

If I have a swimming pool in my back yard, I am REQUIRED, per city ordinance, to have a secure fence around my property...specifically to protect children from wandering in and drowning. It is recognized that, as a civilized society, all of us have an obligation to protect children, and that a child can drown in just a few minutes. We do not debate the fact that parents have a responsibity to watch children and keep them from wandering into the neighbor's pool...we recognize that, even a responsible parent is not infallible.

Pool owners must also notify their insurance providers and will pay a higher premium for owning a pool. Insurance claims data indicates that swimming pools are a liability, and no one would question the fact that people sometimes drown in swimming pools.

We also recognize that a birdbath,or other small water feature does not pose the same risk as a swimming pool. Technically, yes, a child could drown in your 12 inch garden pond, but the odds are statistically unlikely.

This same approach to public safety should be applied to dogs. Pit bulls have been shown to carry a higher risk of serious injury, therefore they should be regulated as such. Yes any dog can bite, but the odds of a chihuahua killing a child are about the same as that child drowning in a birdbath. Pit bull owners should be REQUIRED to have insurance, the way pool owners are, and landlords should be liable for their tenants dogs in the same way they are liable if their tenant installs a pool without a fence, or puts up a trampoline.

Anonymous said...

not to be ignorant and hatefull but many pittophiles are too far out on the fringes of normal society to have houses and insurance policies and with nothing to lose they can be free and easy with other peoples safety and that of their pets. these people will rationalize a decision to walk away from their accountability in a heartbeat. they are the same kind of people that lose their driving privileges but continue to drive anyway and so go to jail for it . and even this makes little impact on them , im sure.

Animal Uncontrol said...

Tony Solesky is the Churchill of the anti-dangerous dog movement.


Dude, I BaggedYourPit said...

Wow! Fist pumps and applause for Anthony Solesky!