Saturday, June 30, 2012

part two: the invisible man

last monday was unusual. on most days, i would not have even acknowledged that fucktard's comments on facebook but i didn't sleep well the night before, my hay fever was bothering me and one of the links he left to stubby dog in a craven comment was a problem, it kept locking up my computer. (i actually do read the opposition, unlike my opposition.) in the meantime, this fucktard started leaving comments and spamming the facebook page with non-pit bull attacks. so now i am a little annoyed and by the time i force quit and restart my browser TWICE on the stubby link, i am becoming more than a little annoyed.

hal's comments started with "your sick" and the typical copy and paste hateful evil nazi hitler bullshit. the only thing missing was all caps and a hormonal hysterical teenage girl. then hal's sidekick showed up to tell me that it is a scientific fact that chihuahuas are more aggressive and mrs batman showed up to quote gandhi. the sidekick's response to my polite request for his science and to correct mrs batman's faulty logic was to challenge me to a fight "If u dont like what im saying dont comment back just come on down to Fayetteville Nc and ill show you how someone fights for truth!" fucking psychopaths, just like their dogs. you can't make this shit up!

hal returns to joust some more. makes more references to hitler, threatens me, calls me adolf and then i then start receiving emails asking me to confirm my sign up request from all sorts of crap on the internet. so i ask hal if he is 12. hal replies "More mature than you and with a much bigger heart. I'm not cold and hateful like you come off." he immediately posts the address of web host (he thinks he has found my house apparently. LOL) and tells me he will post it everywhere. more adolf, liar, sub-human, hateful yadda yadda yadda... tripe. in the meantime, his fraudulent requests are starting to hit my mailbox pretty hard and one of the spam emails shows me his IP address. what a dumb fucker! of course, everyone of those websites recorded his IP address but one of them SHOWED me the IP address in the confirmation email. LOL!!! when i pointed that out to him, he of course denied it but the spam stopped coming.

the self proclaimed "animal lover" who likes to poke fun at road kill and fight against BSL, racism, discrimination, abortion and all things evil in the world, signed me up for various services on the internet. two of them, i rather enjoyed unsubscribing from. care to guess what one of these special, enlightened, open minded nut jobs signed me up for? the logical guess would be a neo-nazi forum, but you'd be wrong.

nope. no nazi, aryan nation, skinhead, KKK forums for the evil craven. nope the WORST insult hal has for me is to sign me up at lesbian dating sites which reveals hal's true nature. notice
hal didn't lob me with the nazi oppressors, the people he proclaims to be against. he lobbed me with nazi victims. that tells me that hal has contempt for homosexuals, one of the groups that hitler targeted during his ethnic cleansing campaign.

there is a reason why all of these crazy pit bull zealots always stoop to the hitler comparison...

and it's called
an unconscious psychological defense mechanism used to cope with reality and maintain self image. it occurs when one's own unacceptable or threatening attributes, thoughts and emotions are repressed and then attributed to others.

batman is gone, hal is now the invisible man. he has deleted his comments and erased himself from the internet. the ultimate dine and dash.

question: if i am so evil and hateful, why are the people who call me that deleting their comments and profiles? this is the third one that i know of. if my blogs are so full of lies, why hasn't anyone methodically dissected and discredited them? why is it that every time i turn around, another proud pit bull owner has deleted a video, comment or post that i link to craven desires or the truth blog?


Alexandra said...

It's because *they* are wannabe Nazis, then alarmed when this becomes transparent, and thusly...because you are winning over this trash.

Go Craven!

safer midwifery utah said...

well done!

Anonymous said...

thanks for putting the spot light on some of these ass-holes who think that what they like is acceptable , when, in truth they are only a minority of bullies and misfits and degenerates who need to be shamed and hounded into hiding. like hal.

Anonymous said...

the fat boy with the bull-dog..... who kicked the hornets nest.

Chase K9 Services said...

WTF are you talking about...why hasn't anyone dissected them. lol please! You're a clown. A sad clown. It is truly sad that you people put so much time, effort and emotion into hate. What is that like? That must really take its toll on your soul. Everyday being at war. Hating, hating, hating. That can't be good for your health either. There is nothing I hate like you people hate pitbulls and I am very thankful for that. I don't ever want to know that kind of hatred.

BTW - maybe Hal calling you Hitler has something to do with the 10 swastikas you have at the bottom of your blog.

Jim Reeve said...

I love how pit lovers compare pit bulls to chihuahuas. A chihuahua may be more aggressive, but they have to be because they all weigh less that 5 pounds.

If a pit lover was in an alley with a rabid chihuahua on one end, and a rabid pitter on the other, I know which way they'd go. Towards the pitter right?

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

good timing. here's one of the deleters now. so pit nutter, can you please tell us all why you deleted all of your comments from a few months ago?

Anonymous said...

pitter nut
if something or somebody was a danger to your loved ones , your kid or one of your mutants , i would hope that you would not like them for it . you pitters are always spewing hate at diddlers , then with twisted logic expect people to accept your fucking dogs as being insignificant by comparison. two wrongs dont make a right , you fucking dummies .

Dude, I BaggedYourPit said...

Oh Nutter; You remind me of an old joke… A hunter hiked up a ridge in the hopes of filling his bear tag, but the bear spotted the hunter first and hid in the brush where the hunter would pass by. As the hunter came within reach, the bear pounced on him and began mauling him as the hunter begged for his life. Suddenly, the bear paused a moment and wondered what he could do short of killing the hunter – something humiliating that the hunter would have to carry with him the rest of his days. With that thought, the bear suddenly tore the hunter’s pants off and butt raped him.

On the following day, the hunter seemed more determined than ever. Again, with rifle in hand, he hiked to the top of the ridge where once again he was attacked by the bear. This time, the bear raped him on both ends.

On the third day, the bear intercepted the hunter again. The bear stepped out of the brush, tapped the hunter on the shoulder and said, “Back again? You know, it’s kind of obvious you’re not actually coming up here to hunt.”

Do you and Hal know that both swastikas and pit bulls are registered hate symbols in use by the same people? So why don’t you tell us about hate, Ryan. Tell us why the symbolism of real hate groups includes images of pit bulls, and what the relationship of swastikas is to a reference about pit bulls’ “TRUE history.”

Ryan, you’ve opened your mouth to switch feet so many times; it’s become obvious you enjoy the taste of your own feet. Stop the madness, man. Foot sucking is a gateway activity to hooking up with bears.

DubV said...

Hate is simply extreme dislike, Pit Nutter.

You haven't found phenomena in this world that you dislike to the extreme?

This whole campaign against extreme dislike is ridiculous.

I like this post

and Dude's comment

"Count me as a "hater" because of what I love!

I love when communities make public safety a priority. I love the freedom to move about without being menaced by pit bulls. I love when children can play in their own front yards, without the risk of pit bulls in their neighborhoods. I love when a grandmother can go to the mailbox, or garden around her home without being mauled.

I am not a hater for hates sake, but for the love of security and freedom for those least able to defend themselves. I’m a hater of willful ignorance. I’m a hater of lies and deception. I’m a hater of cowards. I’m a hater of depraved indifference. I’m a hater of evil creations. If we lived in a world without depravity and evil, pit bulls would have never come to exist!

I’m a hater out of love and respect for the victims of pit bulls – those who endure the scars without fairness or justice, and those who rest in peace. I’m a hater out of love and respect for all those who will become victims of pit bulls: children, mothers, grandmothers, war heros, and thousand upon thousands of innocent pets.

So long as evil exist, selfishness, cowardice, depravity – everything that constitutes the perverse infatuation and advocacy for dogs created by the scum of the earth, I will steadfastly remain a hater. I am a “hater” out of love - my love for the innocent and my desire to keep them safe."

april 29 said...

That comment is Dude's best comment, and his comments are always thought provoking, and dead on.

Thank you Dude, and thank you DubV for bringing it back.

safer midwifery utah said...

pit nutter-

when someone says something blatantly false (pit bulls are nanny dogs, man biters were culled, etc) what do you think is the moral way to react?

safer midwifery utah said...

pit nutter-

when someone says something blatantly false (pit bulls are nanny dogs, man biters were culled, etc) what do you think is the moral way to react?

Anonymous said...

people like pitter ryan are scamming us when they talk about hate and ignorance and prejudice. take for instance HAROLD who tried to kick the girl who kicked the hornets nest : dont try to tell us this asshole who makes fun of dead animals and cross-dressers, is anything but a small -minded pit-idiot dressed up as a cowboy.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...


scurrilous amateur blogger said...

there is also a slavic fascist gang called pit bull

Rumpelstiltskin said...

Typical how Pit nutter also calls you Hitler. Basically endorsing Hal's behavior. He could possibly be a "corpse dresser" himself.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

i almost missed your comment in there snarky. i love that movie!

Anonymous said...

you have to wonder what pitter ryan is trying to prove by coming here again where he basically knows that he is despised and pissed on. he's a bit like the idiot covered with raunchy tattoos who insists on going places where he knows he wont be accepted , then he can whine and bitch about the injustice of it all.

Rag Doll said...

I hate them. They're sick uncaring assholes that get a kick out of dogs being killed in the most inhumane fashion.

I hate these captcha pictures that blogger is using too. They're impossible to read. And the voice, impossible to understand that mumbling. It's really stopping me from commenting. Stupid spam bots, I hate them too.

Guess you can count me in as a hater.

Anonymous said...

yea , but what about people like ryan ? are we to accept from types like him , that we are nazi's only because we dont like what their breed of dog does and they condone? we should accept abuse and harassment from oafs like harold ? they call us narrow minded , ignorant and hatefull when really its they who are this . sure , i have my opinions about the kind of people who own and advocate for pit bulls, but please , please dont expect me to believe pitters are any different about having their own opinions that anyone could object to for the same reason.

Anne King said...

ah Craven, I bow to your brilliance!!! And I agree, I'm a hater too, hater of what leads to all the innocent souls being attacked firstly by pitbulls, then terrorized by those that advocate (hahah, and by advocate I mean lie) to protect the extension of whatever they lack.

Anonymous said...

i have a word i save for people like the turd who invited you to travel all the way to north carolina to fight . its very offensive to african americans but in this case probably refers to poor white trash.

Chase K9 Services said...

SadFalada said...

Well, thank you for the concern for our physical and psychological health, but the people on this site are really quite spry, and their mental function is of a higher wattage than the semi-literates in your camp. Oh, I like the clown reference, you made me forget to hate...then you mentioned sad clown, and I was filled with rage and despair again-what a Felliniesque parade you and your funky meatpile idols offer us, how COULD we hate?
Because, at bottom, its fun, its interesting, many commentaries are brilliant, often its funny, its a community I enjoy, its intentions are good, if frustrated, and, well, those dogs are loathsome creatures in body and spirit and the owners very often repellent characters.
So, we can despise with clear conscience--and that is as good for our souls as the death of an innocent creature is gratifying to the pit bull