Saturday, November 24, 2012

and our little family shrinks


 another pit bull violently snuffed out another innocent family dog.

Louie's owner is working to minimize these tragedies and strengthen florida laws so that the owners and their dogs will be held accountable. LOUIE'S LAW

1. Owners will register their dog with the county as a dangerous dog.
2. Owners will be liable for all restitution for the injured victim involved.
3. Owners will be mandated to provide a containable place outside for the dog and it will be inspected by animal control.
4. Owners will be mandated to attend an animal obedience/handling course with their dogs at their own expense.
5. Owners will keep dog leashed at all time out of house or outside designated containment.
6. Any calls to animal control of complaint- dog causing any kind disturbance will be cited.
7. Any dogs running loose will be automatically picked up and held until owner is seen with Judge and their recommendations.
8. Owners will be mandated to carry liability insurance on their pets.
9. Any offenses after all mandated actions implemented by the judge can include euthanization of the dog.
10. Any person or pet being attacked by dog, and is killed to stop attacked, the acting person will NOT be held responsible.
11. Any dog deemed dangerous will be mandated to be sterilized within 30 days.

Louie's Story
RIP Louie

hate something change something make something better


Anonymous said...

its too bad , but if you have small dogs they can be killed in a flash and theres little or nothing that can or will be done in most cases. dont expect sympathy or anger from anyone , police , vets , animal control or neighbors. the dog may be your only true friend or family even but this means zilch to the kind of person who chooses a dangerous dog to own .

scorched earth said...

This is where public safety advocates come from. You know, the folks that pitters refer to as "haters." Peaceful people who got up in the morning giving pit bulls absolutely no thought until pit bull violence and death falls into their lives without warning or provocation. In just seconds lives are changed, children are mauled, pets are killed. Pit bull advocacy ignores victims until victims demand laws that will protect them. The numbers of victims rises every day and these good people demand change.

Anonymous said...

#10 is a bit confusing. Hopefully, it's written differently when it's circulated.

Jake said...

I was just going to say, could not parse #10 but I think I can guess what it's trying to say.

Packhorse said...

Nutters gathered in their masses
Just like witches at black masses.
Evil minds that plot destruction
Sorcerers of death's construction.
In the streets, the bodies bleeding
As the pit machine keeps breeding.
Death and hatred to mankind
Poisoning their brainwashed minds.

DubV said...

Horrible story. As I've said previously, stories like that make me realize how lucky my dog and I were that we both survived our attack. As has been stated by others and can't be repeated enough, animal laws are too lax. If I did the same thing to Louie that the pit bull did, then I would be arrested for felony cruelty to animal charges. Yet, a pit bull can do this while accompanied by their brain dead owner and nothing really comes of it. In WV, a dog can kill 3 other dogs prior to any mandatory seizure of the offending canine. This is why it is important to be armed and vigilante.

DubV said...

Unfortunately, attacks on cats and smaller dogs do not pull the heartstrings of the general public as much as the death of a larger animal. And pit nutters typically despise cats and smaller dogs, like Louie and my dog. It has something to with being a walking id, I believe.

S.K.Y. said...

My condolences to Louie's owner on her tragic loss.

I was going through a drive-through yesterday (no dogs with me) when a couple in their 20's walked by with a pit bull straining at the end of a small-breed Flexi lead and wearing a buckle collar.

I called out the window that their leash was only rated for 75 lb. of pressure and mentioned that pits were quite capable of exerting 3000 pounds of pressure. The owners yelled back that their dog wouldn't hurt a fly, and besides, she wasn't a pit bull... because "there's no such breed as a pit bull"! In fact, she was a "Dalmatian mix"!

Ugh... As we all know at Craven, the only people who can't recognize a pit bull are pit bull owners.

BTW, got my mutant-proof fence finishes. I'll get some photos tomorrow for you guys to post. This is about as much protection as an 8 lb. Papillon could ever want...

S.K.Y. said...

Make that "finished"!

vintage said...

Note:...The Nutters are infiltrating County Animal Advisory boards and passing laws that give a dog three kills before it can be euthanized.

Bay and Broward County passed such laws over the past few years. Laws that only a Pit owners could love!

Alexandra said...

Happily, as the authorities let us down more and more, more and more people are taking care of it themselves. I can think of three recent cases offhand where people have killed an attacking PB-type dog (excluding our wonderful archer here). That PB that was stabbed in its own kitchen, one in England (AmBull) stabbed while it tried to kill a small dog, and one in Holland that was choked and kicked to death (AmBull) while its owner sort of moseyed on back to see what its PB was killing this time.

I'm hoping this is a hint of the future, sign of a trend starting.

We're allowed to hope, right?

Anonymous said...

ive noticed that people just dont get it , that its not all just about them and their mutants . the rest of us have to start being not so nice and reasonable and start fighting for our rights to exist in safety and freedom without fear of idiots and chosen dangerous dogs .

yep you can and should judge and discriminate , in fact its your duty, for everyones sake

Packhorse said...

Well, if there's no such thing as a pit bull I guess we can get rid of all of the groups and programs dedicated to promoting and preserving them, right?

DubV said...

"That PB that was stabbed in its own kitchen, one in England (AmBull) stabbed while it tried to kill a small dog, and one in Holland that was choked and kicked to death (AmBull) while its owner sort of moseyed on back to see what its PB was killing this time."

I missed these. Any links?

S.K.Y. said...

I was just putting the final touches on my non-electric wire strand jutting out from my new privacy fence that I share with my evil neighbors.

Two girls were playing outside on the opposite side of their yard, and their German Shepherd was also outdoors. It caught sight of me working in my front yard and charged the fence, barking and leaping on the fence. (This is a dog I've seen go over its fence and which has multiple citations for running at large).

I turned to the dog and said: "Yeah, Roxy, just try getting into my yard NOW." Referring to my new fence with barb-arms, etc.

A few minutes later, mom comes around the corner and says she's calling the cops because I "threatened" her daughters. She said the kids are "terrified" of me, that I'm "bullying" them, and that she is going to get a restraining order against me. She also claims to be friends with the police ("their children swim in our pool all summer") and is going to call and demand that I take down my new fence.

We'll see what happens. I thought the fact that the dog is known to run at large... and me having a small/valuable 8 lb. dog (appears on TV, competes in multiple sports)... and getting a legal permit for the fence and barb arms... would protect my ability to have a GSD-proof fence.

But if there are actually laws where a dog can KILL 3 other dogs before it's considered dangerous, maybe they have a case. Ugh!

S.K.Y. said...

That sounds confusing. To explain: my neighbors have a 4' chain link fence that their dog can jump. I put up a 6' privacy fence parallel to it, and added a strand of wire near the top to keep their dog from climbing it. I was in my front yard finishing the wire strand when the dog saw me through it's own fence and charged at me...

scorched earth said...

S.K.Y., get it on video. This will be handy.

Anonymous said...

dont sweat it , i would think the cops would know scum when they see it . geeze thats their job dealing with these assholes , shepard or not .

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

my experience with my own scum sucking pit nutter neighbors who KNOW the cops... it is more like the cops KNOW them. looks like you need a video camera to prove who the real bully is.

i highly recommend the canon powershot

Sputnik said...

To DubV: I can't find the article anymore about a father stopping an attack in his own kitchen by stabbing the PB.

Here the British story:

And here the Dutch one (if you open it in Chrome, Chrome should offer to translate):

In this Dutch story, the pit freak had her shit bull loose in a dog park. She was so far on ahead that by the time she got back to see what was going on, the owner of the attacked dog had choked and kicked her shit bull to death. This means she never would have been in time to save the normal dog's life from her shit bull. All the same, this sociopath is only and exclusively full of self-pity. Wa-wa-wa, my shit bull died instead of the dog it was trying to kill.

DubV said...

SKY, people like your neighbors are off their rocker and seem to correlate their daughter's emotional reaction to something they feel you must have purposefully created via acts of malice.

I agree with others to video any discussions and maybe even set up surveillance. The price of surveillance will be cheap compared to your fence. A couple good cameras capable of sound and night vision will run around $100 a pop, from what I've seen. Run them to a computer that collects the lightly information and then compress the file down and store it by date, just in case. You could place a few and cover all the areas.

Sput, thanks for the links. I'm going to read them right now.

DubV said...

I am heartened by Sput's report that someone was able to kill an attacking pit with the benefits of weapon. I doubt there are any experts in self-defense that are knowledgeable about defeating the particular attack style of the pit bull.

It would be interesting and helpful to come up with a strategy under various circumstances for those with:

various combinations of the following:

barehands, pepper spray, striking implement, edged weapon, and firearm.

I believe it was dude that stated that the best rounds would be fragmenting (safetyslugs for instance so as to minimize collateral damage due to the slug leaving the pit's body) and to aim for the vitals if the pit bull is not attached to your animal, but if the pit is on a victim to move close and angle the shot along the spine and away from the victim.

If someone is strong enough, I assume controlling the neck so as to keep the teeth at bay would be a good technique (similar to when handling venomous snakes). It just happens you'll have vulnerable areas like the eyes and throat at hand as well. In my last confrontation, I sprayed the pit with pepper spray and she was out of sorts for a moment. That would be the time, perhaps, for an unarme person to grab the neck and force the animal to the ground.

I am no expert, but who among us our outside our community can fill us in with highly educated and reasonable options?

Anonymous said...

piticide is a good solution , no matter the method

Anne King said...

the owners of Louie are just like all of us, who experience the impossible to reverse affects of first the physical pit attack, then the attack of all the nutters. We put together something very similar after our child was what one little nutter recently referred to as a "nipped"...fucking bitch, I hate her, but that's a whole other rant. Where was I, oh yeah, supporting Louie's owner...good on them for joining us, good on them for not turning a blind eye to what happened to their little guy. I hope Florida listens to the majority and stops pandering to a bunch of screaming, pouty pit owners.

Anne King said...

PS: I saw this comment on a news thread, it's brilliant, I'm going to use it often!

how is it that you pit bull apologists start your defense of pit bulls with the nurture argument but close your argument with the nature argument of chihuahuas and jack russells???? YOU CANT HAVE IT BOTH WAYS!

Anonymous said...

how come "all dogs bite" but "my pittie is so sweet and has never hurt anything" .... but he would fight for me to the bloody end ? and..... its never the dog , always the owner, my pittie is super sweet but its my chi you have to watch out for , she s vicious !!!

these idiots crack me up , not.