Friday, November 23, 2012

Calvin Cordozar Broadus Jr. a.k.a. Snoop Dogg

June 1996 Snoop Dogg's number one pit bull KILLER, died after he vaulted off of the balcony. hmmmm....

The Rapper's rap sheet started when he was busted for drugs fresh out of high school.

1990 Felony drugs, possession & sale.

July 1993 Traffic violation & possession of a handgun.

August 1993 Arrested and acquitted for the murder of a rival gang member. The verdict: self defense.

May 1998 Drugs

October 2001 Drugs

May 2005 Sued by a fan for assault during a concert.

April 2006 Vandalized an airport duty free shop after being denied access to the first class lounge at Heathrow. Seven cops were injured during the "scuffle".

September 2006 California airport screeners found a police baton in his luggage, he received 3 years probation and 160 hours community service.

October 2006 While parked in another California airport passenger loading zone, airport security found drugs and a firearm.

November 2006 Possession of drugs and a firearm.

January 2012 The same Texas checkpoint that nailed Willie Nelson and Fiona Apple for drugs, busted Snoop for drugs.

July 2012 Norway banned him for 2 years when he tried to enter the country with pot and $227,000 undeclared cash dollars.

to be continued....


scorched earth said...

"Killer came to his end when he vaulted off the balcony of Snoop's girlfriend's apartment."

Probably a safe bet that Killer had his eye on somebody's Poodle, lucky Poodle. Darwinism on Killer's part.

Miss Margo said...

That news story reads like a parody.

And yeah, I'm with SE--when I read about the death by balcony leap, I immediately thought of all the stories I've read where the pit flies off a balcony to attack another dog.

Also, if Snoop Dogg has been caught this many times, imagine all the shit he's gotten AWAY with!

Anonymous said...

better download it before it's gone.

snarky said...


skeptifem said...

how weird that fiona apple ( a fellow pit nutter) got busted for the same thing at the same airport as he did.

SadFalada said...

That picture at top...the elegant, insouciant man of leisure posing with his noble canines...the rich costuming, the luxuriant touches of emerald green and mustard yellow, the Gothic lettering confirming refinement, sophistication, and a love of learning...Oh, if only Holbein or Sargent had immortalized such grandeur, instead of a disposable, or stolen, camera.
Don't speak, Snoop, just let me gaze, and imagine if I may, the sound of one of your "bomb dogs" launching, aiming, and hitting the enemy pavement with a sound surely as pleasant as any of your Rap songs....

snarky said...

hey sadfalada , youre a poet too

Dayna Hamilton said...

Ah SadFalada, I think your comment just made my day! This story reads like a spoof, you couldn't make this crap up!