Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Buster Brown

Buster Brown

Pit Nutter Mission statement established in 1903. It's time for a new one guys! :-)

Outcault is probably laughing in his grave at how accurately his depiction of pit bull owners was and would still be 100 years later.

Buster Brown, the pit bull owning cartoon created by R. F. Outcault in 1903. Nutters wear this famous pit bull as a badge of honor but they fail to realize that Tige is no Lassie or Rin Tin Tin. In fact, Tige's primary contribution to the comic seems to be Buster's partner in mayhem.

Tige bites the doctor
Tige bites policeman
Tige bites the skipper
Tige bites man
Tige mayhem
Tige biting burglar
Tige bites Buster when he is forced to give Auntie a kiss
Tige creates mayhem while chasing a cat
Tige gets jealous when Buster fawns over a goat
And my personal favorite, Tige shows his true racist colors:
Tige bites the balloon man, he doesn't like "dagos".

Directory of all Buster Brown comics

Buster and America's Dog

The Truth About Buster Brown and Tige



snack sized dog said...

How do you FIND these things? That is the pit nutter anthem!

dawn james said...

an anonymous commenter left a link to the buster brown comic strip on america's dog. i found it in there.

Anonymous said...

Hate the deed, not the breed. My dog growing up was a pit mix, and she saved my life once. All the pits I've ever met have been good dogs. It's a shame the bad reputation they get because of sick dog fighters who breed and train them for viciousness. Perhaps you should start a blog about those 'nutters', like Michael Vic.

Putme Incharge said...

I am unable to get the link for "Directory of all Buster Brown comics" to work get a 404 error.

I had not thought of Buster Brown in a long time and I mean a long time.

Tige is the poster child of pit bulls.

snarky said...

its funny but despite the very best slitherin by pit-lovin filth , the embarassing and outrageous truth about pit-bulls and their owners seems to always ooze out anyway.

dawn james said...

the Directory of all Buster Brown comics is the one that was snuffed out.

they are available at the DIGITAL COMIC MUSEUM, at least for NOW.

i have copies of all of them. if i need to, i will put them up.

Anonymous said...

you need to post the comics, they're missing from the secondary source too.

Anonymous said...

I think it is funny the pit pushers never mention that Buster and Tige's main job was to sell shoes. They were mascots for the Brown Shoe Company after all. It would be like saying Camels make great pets becase Joe and his friends all had such Smooth Character.

BRB I'm going to ask Kool Aid Man and Poppin' Fresh for some investment advice.