Monday, January 21, 2013

We are the Majority

The Animal Farm Foundation started an "I am the majority project" in which people download a poster from Animal Farm Foundation, insert their profession or contribution to society such as 'grandma' or "volunteer' and then photograph themselves holding their poster with their pit.

The project has gotten a LOT of contributions!  Nutters LOVE it!  The AFF made a little video highlighting just a few of the photos that were sent in.  It takes 2 seconds to realize that one unspoken thing they want you to know is that there are WHITE pit bull owners!  heavens!  I started counting the white, brown, and black faces.  The first non-white face appears 12 photos in.  I got bored after I'd counted 60 white faces, 5 brown faces, and 6 black faces.

The second thing you realize after looking at their video is they show lot's of teachers, fire fighters, police officers, engineers, nurses and chiropractors.  Oddly, I saw no pole dancers, repo men or bartenders among the photos even though many of those people are nice, fine, and upstanding citizens, too.  And I'm betting there's no shortage of pit bull owning repo men or bartenders. They say teacher is the number one profession listed among the responses.

So, they don't want you to stop thinking in stereotypes.  They simply want you to think about the positive stereotypes associated with some professions and some skin colors instead of the negative associations people have about pit bull owners.  Associations such as that idea that criminals and other deviants are more likely to be attracted to pit bulls and other dangerous dogs - which happens to be true and to have been described in a peer reviewed study.

Funny thing is just because the stereotype of teachers is that they are kind, intelligent, and helpful people, that doesn't mean they all are.  When you google "teacher convicted" you get about 10 pages of results, and I bet you won't need two guesses to come up with the number one crime they're convicted of.  Yeah, sex crimes.  And it is no surprise that googling "police officer convicted" gives up a mountain of results.

Being a teacher doesn't lead you to own a pit bull.  Embracing deviance from the norm to some degree leads you to own a pit bull.  You might merely feel you don't adhere to stereotypes held by most people (the norm) and since you're not a sheep, you embrace pit bulls because you like to "think outside the box" (deviate from the norm).  But people who are just straight up, hardcore, illegal deviants from all socially acceptable behavior  ALSO love their pit bulls  - big time.

And those hardcore deviants go into all kinds of professional fields, including the "helping" professions, for all kinds of reasons.

Take Kim DiPrima, special education public school teacher, for example.  DiPrima was convicted of second degree manslaughter in 2009 after her pit bulls, Popeye and Brutus, entered her neighbor's yard and mauled 90 year old veteran and retired crane operator, Henry Piotrowski, so badly that he eventually died.

She got 5 years probation and continued teaching until she was later charged with second-degree attempted murder, second- and third-degree criminal possession of a weapon and first-degree reckless endangerment for another fracas involving a felon ex boy toy and gunfire. Read a good write up about all the felons involved here.

There are fine upstanding bartenders and pole dancers and there are deviant teachers and policemen.  There are honest, hardworking, and good people who become pit bull owners because they want to give pit bulls a chance and are assured that pit bulls get a bad rap.  And there are majorly deviant pit bull owners

Some upstanding people who own pit bulls are lucky and no living thing is ever hurt by their pit bull.  Some fine, upstanding people who own pit bulls quickly get rid of them at the first hint that the pit bull's genes are expressing themselves.   Some upstanding pit bull owners don't get a warning and experience the gruesome loss of a loved one to a pit bull attack.  Many, many deviant pit bull owners wreak mayhem, havoc, maiming and death on entire neighborhoods with their pit bulls because they just don't care unless it affect them.

The fundamental truth is this: Pit bulls maul, maim and kill more people than all other kinds of dogs combined.  They kill literally tens of thousands of pets and livestock animals every year.  So, if you, your family, or your animals have been attacked by a pit bull, you are the majority.


scurrilous amateur blogger said...

technically, i'd say all pit nutters are "teachers". you know, they go about "educating" everyone about pit bulls, compulsively.

DubV said...

Sounds like a sound sampling design. Solicit as many as people as possible to hold a sign with their pit and cherry pick the photos that support your case.

Unknown said...

Yeah a early childhood teacher was in court for stabbing her boy friend to death today
She said this about herself ...
A young woman who described herself as a ''safe haven'' for children has been charged with the manslaughter of her boyfriend.

vintage said...

One of my favorite "Majority" Moments:

The City of Memphis pays out a judgement to the estate of retired school teacher Betty Lou Stidham after she is killed by pit bulls belonging to Memphis Police Officer Edwin Hill.

Edwin Hill wept at his sentencing for manslaughter. 234 more Americans have been killed by pit bulls since Ms Stidham's death in 1990.

*Disclaimer..You Can't Make This Stuff Up!

Rumpelstiltskin said...

The ironic thing is a video depicting victims, both human and normal dog, of pit bulls could be easily made. The video would go on for days.

People that don't own a pit bulls could care less about the "pit bull majority". Seems like just a way to raise cash from pit nutters and garner sympathy for a breed of dog that doesn't deserve it. I can see where pit nutters would easily loosen their purse strings for this bull shit rather than pay for a pit bull victim's hospital or vet bills.

No other breed of dog has such a campaign. We just enjoy or dogs.

Alexandra said...

It looks to me like the pit freaks are picking up on some of the comments that concerned sane citizens place at news reports of pibble attacks. I've seen quite a few pointing out that the vast majority of people would like pit bulls to disappear...and that politicians who think the pit crowd is more than a tiny minority better fear the next elections.

Then of course there was the Miami-Dade referendum, which is a reality the pit freaks can't erase. And Clifton's poll, that showed 68% of people wouldn't want to live next door to a pit bull.

But hey, the pitty-patties suffer NPD, HPD, and/or are psychopaths, all three of which mean (among other things) weak or absent reality check. I suppose they're hoping that politicians will share the same lack?

At any rate, this majority campaign crap shows they are worried about the sane things many of us are saying in places where not only fans of Craven will read it.

Jim said...

There is no such thing as a "pit bull victim."

Just ask a pitiot.

Some how, in some way, the people and animals who are mauled cause it to happen.

Kids "move erratically" and women "wear perfume" and men "stare" and other animals "provoke."

And if, by some breakdown of communication, a pitiot momentarily forgets their pitaganda, they swiftly recover by saying the pitibeast was the victim of an ignorant and/or incompetent owner.

scorched earth said...

I suspect there are lots of pole dancers and felons included in the AFF project. They have simply falsified their contributions to society. "I am a lawyer" looks more acceptable than "I am an animal hoarder."

"I am an author and researcher" looks nicer somehow than "I am vet tech doing my part to protect the interests of back yard breeders and dog fighters who produce the glut of pit bulls euthanized at the rate of roughly a million a year, every year, in American shelters."

"I am a police officer" looks better than "I allowed my pit bull to maul a tiny dog to death in a public park. I took my dog and scurried away like a cockroach without accepting responsibility. I was photographed by horrified witnesses and exposed as the scum I am."

Pit bull advocacy has a problem with truth. This silly AFF project is more of the same, outrageous falsehoods designed to sway public opinion. There is no national campaign to improve the image of Golden Retrievers, or Poodles, or Beagles. Normal dogs don't require this level of advocacy.

Jane Berkey has the blood of innocents on her hands.

Branwyne Finch said...

I went on the website and scrolled through....hilarious. Many of the owners don't give an occupation, just say they are a "mom" or a "student" or a "homeowner". A lot of them are the fur mommies involved in pit bull rescue, which happen to be overwhelmingly female and young. No surprise that teachers and nurses are represented, the dogs are more common in blue collar neighborhoods.

I will also say that anyone who knows anything about how municipal governments are run can tell you that many public school districts have become simply a source of municipal jobs with good benefits for the locals. You will find in many school districts that a majority of teachers and administrators are local residents. I know some of the worst teachers in our district have been local residents, hired by other local residents. Those who knew them in high school will tell you they were poor students themselves, who got their teaching degree from an open admission state school.... they wouldn't have found a teaching job anywhere else but their hometown where they had an in.

I am not impressed by someone claiming that being a teacher makes them a responsible pet elementary school teacher in my town owned a pit bull that terrorized the neighbors....she let another pit bull she owned run loose on the playground WITH CHILDREN PRESENT after school. The dog went on to bite someone in the face.

tropical storms said... could do something like this as a fund raiser with permission of victims /survivors. Talk about a high impact piece.

Small Survivors said...

Yes, the nutters are 'teachers," but then pittie escapes containment with a whole different lesson plan.

Vintage, SE, & R - yes, a whole bunch of posters and videos could be made about the victims of pit bull owners with JOBS, because this is essentially all they're saying -some pit bull owners have jobs - and as for the ones who crow I'm a grandma and a pibble owner - there are a whole lot of grandchildren that have been mauled by gramma's pibble.

Sputnik - I think you're on to something here - this campaign is surely directed to politicians who they want to be fearful of losing votes of upright citizens.

Branwyne, they solicited rescues to print up a bunch of posters and take pictures of people who stop by their table at adoption events - I saw one person, who was clearly unclear on concept, identify herself as a biker chick, but she had no visible tats and was photographed in a park setting - so, obviously "safe" weekend warrior bike chick, and thus safe to include.

Anonymous said...

yep, its the knowitalldogoodersnotpuppy pitters i despise the most . they are probably smart enuf to know better but just dont care that theyre are in the wrong .

Packhorse said...

Thank goodness, pit bull owners are NOWHERE NEAR the majority of dog owners. The Lab is the most popular dog in the USA, thank goodness a majority of dog owners still have some sense.

S.K.Y. said...

I agree that a person's profession does not predict their morals or behavior. After visiting this page, I happened to go to Here are just a few of the stories from today's headlines involving serious crimes perpetrated by people with the same careers being touted by the AFF as making somebody a responsible pibble owner:

Beloved minister's 15 year old son slaughters his entire family of 5: (I love how he originally lies and describes how he innocently found the bodies: "I saw my father's carcass lying on the floor...")

Nurse has sex with corpse at hospital:

Married mother of two on Disney cruise jailed on existing warrant:

Police lieutenant kills son, wife and self:

Former IL governor moves to halfway house after serving 6 years in prison:

So much for the AFF's unspoken assertion that nurses, teachers, etc. are responsible and moral enough to own pits, by virtue of their professsions...

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

WTF? i just watched the video. LOL!

treehugger, blood donor, voter, toddler, cat, pit bull mom, knitter, autistic....

here's a few of my favorites:















there's an county sheriff in marion county indiana that can't find.

Small Survivors said...


scurrilous amateur blogger said...

took forever to find this puke in my swamp of a blog. but chicago police officer MATTHEW J BRACKEN is a good one too.


scurrilous amateur blogger said...

i just realized this AFF MAJORITY thing is kind of a rip off, a remake of pit bull awareness day I OWN A PIT BULL AND I....

i guess old money bags jane has run out of ideas on how to polish the image of her turd of a dog.

Rumpelstiltskin said...

Dawn, LOL!

I love this quote:

pbrc has put their own unique spin on the festival with National "I Own a There's No Such Thing as a Pit Bull" Day!

They are constantly contradicting themselves.

Like this, pit bulls are nanny dogs/family dogs when you are ultra vigilant about socializing them because they can be very animal aggressive and making sure they are monitored around children and never escape confinement. If your pit bull kills your child or other family pet, you weren't vigilant enough and you are irresponsible. If your one pit bull kills your other pit bull you are irresponsible because you should know better.

It's just a maze of irresponsibility where the only winner is the pit bull who can get a good kill in before it goes bye bye.

Rumpelstiltskin said...

It's a nanny dog until it's not a nanny dog.

From Wiki:

In dog fighting breeds gameness is valued as it gives the dog the ability to maintain the attack in baiting, despite ripped flesh, dehydration, exhaustion or broken bones. As one writer describes it, "Game is the dog that won't quit fighting, the dog that'll die in the ring, the dog that'll fight with two broken legs." The scope and method of training to develop a game dog varies dramatically depending on the level and experience of the dog-fighter. The most famous "gamebred" breed of dog is the American Pit Bull Terrier.

Now for the "game dog" pics, all pit bulls.

tropical storms said...

Sheriffs you say? Add Don Maloney and Maurice Carver. Plenty of l.e. involved in dogfighting.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

did not realize that these famous old timers were in LE.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

there is a new DNA kit on the market. it only works on the grippers.

click HERE

tropical storms said...

Yep, and at least a few more of whom I'm aware. Wonder why they aren't featured on I am a Bulldogger?

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

scorched earth has submitted part 6 of BONES.

Rumpelstiltskin said...

Perpetuating the pit bull myths!

An "indepent orginization founded in 1868"

"We are a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization and our tax identification number is 04-2103597"

Advocacy staff members lobby for better animal-protection laws nationally and statewide, and help individuals and communities live with animals.
Advocacy programs include:

Legislative work <----- Making more pit bull victims
Pets in housing
Spay/Neuter Assistance Program and the Shalit-Glazer Clinic (spay/neuter for low-income pet owners)

Made me ill just reading this.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

i just love that photo of KIM DIPRIMA. doesn't it scream TWEEKER?

PutMeInCharge4OneDay said...

Today I had a trainer come to try a horse at my facility.

She told me she was leaving her car running because she had her dogs in the car and she needed to run the air conditioning (its 82 here today). I told her - oh we have dog kennels by the arena for peoples dogs, you can put them there. She paused just long enough that I blurted out "what kind of dogs are they"? She said "one beagle/boxer mix and one pit bull", I told her the dogs had to stay in the car. She was not at all surprised.

I then had to hear how wonderful pit bulls really are. I told them all of them are like that until they remove body parts.

Oh and the beagle/boxer mix was more pit bull then anything.

Both she and the other women attempted to educate me on how I would change my mind about those dogs if I was around them. How they cuddle with them.... I told them I might just change their mind if I sent them to the websites I visit every day.

S.K.Y. said...

To Putme Incharge:

Love it! You had great responses. Your horses and the public thank you for making the grippers stay in the car.

BTW, what part of the country do you live in? Here in central Wisconsin, we had -19F with windchill all day. It's hard to imagine that anybody anywhere in the U.S. today needs air conditioning. :-)

And to Dawn or anybody else here who knows:

Can you let me know how to enter a live link in a comment, rather than the method I used of putting in the entire (non-live) http://www... as text? I noticed that everybody else can do that except me. Thanks!

Small Survivors said...


put this in the comment box

put the link - inside quotes - where it says link and put the text you want to be the hot link where it says Text - with no quotes unless you want quotes to appear.

S.K.Y. said...

Thanks, Snack. Thanks also to Dawn, who e-mailed me directions.

Cravenites rock!

Small Survivors said...

whoops, lok at what I did. I didn't even see that. glad dawn sent you an email that was more helpful

vintage said...


Aug 2012, Miami, FL;

Pit bull supporters gathered at the Miami Lakes Ale House to wait for the votes to be counted.

Members of the Miami Coalition Against Breed Specific Legislation have been working for the past five years to get to this moment, hoping the breed ban in Miami-Dade County would be repealed.

When the results announced that the measure was defeated by landlide, a sad trumpet sound was heard...

Waaa, Waaa, Waaa, Waaaaaaaaaa....

*Disclaimer...You Can't Make This Stuff Up!

Miss Margo said...

"When the results announced that the measure was defeated by landlide, a sad trumpet sound was heard...

Waaa, Waaa, Waaa, Waaaaaaaaaa...."

HAAAhAHAHAHAAHA that cracked me up

You're thinking of this noise...?

orangedog said...

Hey guys, so you know how it's never a pit unless it does something heroic? Well, as it turns out even Darla, pit bull rescuer was killed by a dog she only THOUGHT was a pit:

"Anyway, Darla Napora had a big dog, but not a "pit bull." The news reports I've seen weigh her dog in at about 125 pounds. You'd be pushing credibility to describe a dog even in the upper ranges of the sub-100 pound range as a "pit bull." So while her death is tragic, it's not really appropriate to add one to your gruesome tally."

But as it turns out it's ALWAYS a Pom even if it looks nothing like a Pom and weighs 3x as much as one:

"You aren't suggesting that someone mistook a pit bull for a pomeranian are you?"

Damn they're dumb.

Comments plucked from here:

I like the title. It implies that people don't have a reason to dislike pits and that pibble is a kind creature if left alone. Too bad pibble won't leave small dogs, big dogs, children, joggers, people gardening in their own yards, people getting their mail, mail carriers, defenseless mini van bumpers, and people minding their own business alone.

PutMeInCharge4OneDay said...

Orangedog, you would be surprised how often I have my Pomeranians out and people ask if they are pit bulls........

Please reference "Craven Desires the Patent Pending edition" to see how similar my Poms are to pit bulls.

You are so right, when its a good thing its a pit bull. When its a bad thing, well there is no such thing as a pit bull.

Did you know LASSIE was a pit bull? I am sure somewhere they must try to claim that.......

S.K.Y.- It took ALL of my professionalism not kick her off the property when she told me she had a pit bull with her. I did not want to mess things up for my client. I channeled every Prozac ever made to keep myself calm. =).

I am in So Cal- hence the warm temperature.
As a side note one of my favorite Agility dogs to watch is out here, a Papillon by the call name of Masher.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

i believe the great racing legend Seabiscuit was also a pit bull as was Rin Tin Tin and all of Albert Payson Terhune's dogs.

pom break sticks

tropical storms said...

@dawn, according to every dogman I've ever met the only worthwhile animals on earth were bulldogs, game chickens or dinner.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...


Meals on Wheels said...

I'm a educator, but so many of my "peers" are really a bunch of lemmings who just jumped through the hoops and excelled at brown nosing. They have been so indoctrinated by political correctness, it doesn't surprise me in the least that they wouldn't want to help the poor maligned pit bull, since they were born too late for the 60's. They read their little Union magazine, and they vote the way the union says to vote. I don't know if many of them are capable of creative thought. Do you realize that one of the big problems in education is that the students lack "critical thinking" skills....the nut falls not far from the tree.

And, those who serve in the military and police, admire them as I do, note the rather obvious tendency for them to be suffering from fragile masculinity issues. They would be bullies, had it not for the great opportunity to channel these tendencies for the good. Often, it misfires, and we see them beating up insane homeless people and the like.

Branwyne Finch said...

Just wanted to share a reality check for any parents out there considering whether or not to allow their children to play at the home of a friend who owns a pit bull. Here is a description of the behavior of one of Smilin Pit Bull Rescue's "sweet" pit bulls, by her first adopter..

Note that this mother allowed this VERY dangerous dog to terrorize her daughter, but that wasn't reason enough to get rid of her. If this woman was a member of my family, I would have reported her to CPS.

Eventually, the dog's aggressive behavior proved too much, and she returned the dog to Smilin Pit Bull Rescue, and guess what? They adopted it out to a family with a little boy!

That is the dog at the top of the rescue's Facebook page, posing with the child....note the scary body language of the dog. How much danger do you suppose this child is in? But not to worry, his mother has been accepted into the cult of pibble fur mommies, and is getting LOTS of positive attention and ego stroking for telling everyone what great pets pit bulls make!

So, parents, take ANYTHING a pit bull owner says about pit bulls with a grain of salt. Many of these women suffer from some sort of personality disorder, and are even willing to put their own children in danger.....they certainly won't care what happens to yours.

vintage said...


Meet the owners who extincted themselves, and those who merely learned a brutal lesson...Featured Attack of the week:

Aug 2008, Russia; Pit Bull owner invites friends over for a cocktail party which flips his pit bull's Maul Switch to the "ON" Position. At first, the guest thought the animal was playing...Then, "It was impossible to pry the dog off the man's throat" and he died before the ambulance could arrive.

*Disclaimer...You Can't Make This Stuff Up!

vintage said...


The owner of a pitbull who attacked a 4 year-old girl in December said the incident was not her fault because she wasn’t aware there were visitors in her home.

Natasha Parker, 20, appeared in Dartmouth Provincial Court on Thursday morning and pleaded not guilty to the charge of having a dangerous animal.

“No one told me that there was going to be company and to make sure that my dog would be locked up. That’s why I’m pleading not guilty,” Parker said about the incident in her Arklow Drive home.

She said although the dog was supposed to be locked in Parker’s room, “someone came out … and thought they shut the door all the way but they didn’t, and the dog got out.”

Parker said the girl who was bitten and her father were family friends of her parents whom she didn’t know.

She didn’t see the attack happen, but Parker said her pit bull, four-year-old Sosha, “freaked and snapped,” when the little girl tried to pet her.

Parker said Sosha has always been friendly towards her own one-year-old daughter and her friends’ children.

“My dog just licks them all the time,” she said.

When Parker’s daughter is not around Sosha, she said the dog gets “sooky” and worries about new people coming into the home.

The girl was taken for stitches in her face, and the city seized Sosha soon afterwards.

Parker will next appear in court on Nov. 14, and said she is in the process of getting a lawyer.

She said she plans to appeal to have Sosha returned in the meantime.

"Getting Sooky", "It's not my fault because I didn't know there would be people around my timebomb"

Poor Pit Nutters...What world...what a world!

* Disclaimer..You Can't Make This Stuff Up!

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

"in the process of getting a lawyer" translates into "i'm whining about this all over facebook in the hopes that someone will help my judgement proof ass out."

does the reach of the lexus project freak show reach into canada?

scurrilous amateur blogger said...


i wonder how many natasha parkers live in cole harbor canada with a population of 25,000?

scurrilous amateur blogger said...


vintage said...

Man...That Canuck Dominuttrix is a rascal!

"The ole asleep during the day while the toddler is mauled routine"

I frickin' swear...

*Disclaimer...You Can't make This Stuff Up!

Jaloney said...

I love Cravendesires.. I got to this comment " Oddly, I saw no pole dancers, repo men or bartenders among the photos even though many of those people are nice, fine, and upstanding citizens, too." and busted out laughing. The sarcasm and wit is spot on as always.