Thursday, February 14, 2013

A Kansas Dogfighting Valentine

There’s now an angel, named Savannah,
She was bit by a rescued pit bull: she didn’t survive.
  Had the owner  put that dog away,
The little girl and that dog would still be alive.
Pit Bull Poet Laureate

Savannah Edwards was killed by a "rescued" dog aggressive pit bull
  in Topeka Kansas on December 14, 2012
Game bred pit bulls have been mauling Kansans for over 100 years.  In fact, the people of Topeka hadhad enough with dogfighters, pit bull enthusiasts and their game bred pit bulldogs as early as 1897:

"A boy of 13 was attacked by a vicious bulldog in Topeka and one of his eyelids was torn so that it laid out on his cheek.  The attack was unprovoked and this, as well as other bulldog attacks, has created a strong feeling against that breed of bloodthirsty brutes."
August 26, 1897 The Globe-republican

Kansas has been a producer of game bred pit bulls for over a century. Kansas was one of the last states to pass dogfighting laws in 1982 but until they strengthened them them in 1984, even dogfighters that had been convicted of dogfighting could get their dogs back.

Towns, cities and counties all over Kansas, plagued with pit bulldog maulings, also enacted some of the earliest modern pit bull bans during the 80s as well.  But that did not end the battle because those Kansas dogfighters and game dog lovers are a brazen bunch.

The history of the pit bull ban in Liberal, KS shows just how hard the good people of Kansas have to fight to keep themselves safe from fighting dogs.

This comment from GERRY from Liberal, Kansas appeared on an anti-bsl website about a town near Liberal:

Gerry | June 4, 2010 at 7:33 am |
"I’m from Liberal,ks where they will kill your pitbull if your the type of individual that will allow them to push you over. Pitbulls have been banned here since 1989, not because they were viciouse or because of an attack on someone, but because several older individuals most of whome are no longer around here anymore use to fight them."

GERRY openly admits he breeds pit bulls in defiance of a local ban that has been in place for around 20 years.  GERRY is absolutely correct about the dogfighting, there was a dogfighting problem in Liberal KS in the 1980s.

In 1985, fifteen men were charged with felony and misdemeanor dogfighting just outside of Liberal Kansas.  Fifty pit bulls were found on the property, and seven pit bulls were in such bad condition they had to be put down at the scene.  The humane society said the rest of the dogs were too vicious to be adopted out.  In addition to the dogs, a fighting pit "awash in blood" was found. One humane officer described the sickening smell of blood and beer that hung in the air as they worked and the horrific sight of the mauled and dying dogs.  This bust took place at the farm house of GERALD VALENTINE of Liberal KS.

Yes, GERRY the illegal pit bull breeder who was advocating for an end to the pit bull ban seems to be one of the dogfighters he, himself, described that prompted the Liberal pit bull ban in the first place.

Alleged dogfighter GERRY VALENTINE is wrong about the pit bulls not attacking people, though.  There may not have been any serious attacks in Liberal itself, but all of Kansas was facing a big problem with pit bull attacks in the mid 80's.  In May 1985, a few months before GERRY was arrested and before a boy was seriously mauled, the nearby Hutchinson News published an editorial opinion pushing for a pit bull ban. It began "Kansas once again has been afflicted with the pit bull terrier problem." and went on to enumerate the many recent attacks in Kansas and nearby midwest states including a fatality in Kansas.  Seven months later, three year old Robert Cole Corbridge was severely mauled by two pit bullterriers who escaped from their owner.  His attack was said to leave a legacy of dangerous dog laws.  A year later, 46 Kansas towns had passed vicious dog laws.  Though the first pit bull ban in Kansas was enacted in 1983 in the small town of Little River, and other attacks galvanized the town of Shawnee to pass the "first comprehensive pit bull law in the state" in 1985, months before the  Corbridge attack, it was little Robert Cole's attack that galvanized cities and towns around the state.

Many cities adopted pit bull bans and other regulation during the 80s and almost immediately pit bull owners tried to have BSL overturned.  In 1989, a group of pit bull owners living in Overland Park attempted to overturn that city's ban.  The case went to the Kansas supreme court and the court upheld every provision that was challenged, including the legitimacy of visual identification of pit bulls and the right of local governments to regulate ownership and possession of dogs.  In addition, the court found that pit bulls represent "a unique hazard to the public safety," and rejected an "equal protection" challenge.

In 1991, Seward county (Liberal is the county seat) enacted a pit bull ban in response to the local dogfighting that GERRY VALENTINE participated in and to pit bull violence breaking out across the state.  However, twenty years later, long after the grandfathered pit bulls in Seward county would have died, the Seward County Commission sought to remove the grandfather clause from their pit bull ban.  It seems that one GERALD VALENTINE had been a thorn in their side, insisting that the grandfather clause pertained to him, the pit bull owner, and not to the pit bulls themselves.

GERRY VALENTINE, the alleged dogfighter and illegal pit bull breeder brazenly and openly led the fight against the ban.  He claimed that he'd been breeding pit bulls in Seward county for 41 years, and for the last 20 years his record was spotless - which is not to say he didn't break any laws, it merely means he only got arrested that one time.  VALENTINE says he sells his dogs all over the country, and there is no doubt about that.  Dogfighter Charlie Phaneuf has mentioned that he got dogs from VALENTINE.  VALENTINE had been charged with dogfighting 20 years previous, but when called on that, he played semantics games with the commissioners:
“Do you believe in the judicial system that you’re innocent until proven guilty?” he asked Linenbroker. “I was never proven guilty because I never went to court. It never went to court, and I was never tried because (then Seward County Attorney) Linda Trigg didn’t have a case, and she knew she didn’t have a case. So she pleaded me out. I signed the agreement. I kept to it. I’ve been arrested one time in my entire life. That was in 1985 by Seward County police. I was never convicted of it. It never went to trial because she didn’t have evidence to prove it. If I’m innocent until proven guilty maam, I’m innocent.”
“Whether you pled guilty to it or not, you’re still listed with all these other people that were arrested,” Linenbroker said. “I just have a problem when you standing there acting like you’re this big dog lover, and then you were arrested for having these dog fights.”
“I was accused of that,” Valentine said. “I was never convicted of that. Is that fact or fiction?”
“Did you take a plea to it?” Linenbroker asked.
“Yes maam, I sure did,” Valentine said.
“A plea to me is the same as saying that you’re guilty,” Linenbroker said.
Although VALENTINE could not buffalo Linebroker, he did manage to get the Seward county pit bull ban repealed.  The repeal only lasted for a few weeks before a new pit bull ban was instituted in the town of Liberal and regulations were instituted for Seward county.  But how about them apples?  An alleged dogfighter manages to overturn a breed ban!  And right out in the open, too.

Read more about alleged dogfighter GERRY VALENTINE'S public battle with BSL:

County repeals pit bull ban
Pits bulls or No pit bulls
Pit bull breeder battles ban

Map of BSL in Kansas and adjoining states - Whew, doggie, the good people of the midwest are trying their best to keep from getting mauled:

Click here to see midwest BSL map


Decatur AL livin nt to 4 pits said...

GREAT READ! Posts like this are why I continue to support, craven desires, and all others involved in this my humble way. EXCELLENT WORK !!!

april 29 said...

Any county official who would allow a bold law breaker and dog fighter like Valentine to influence public policy should be truly ashamed of himself.

Delighted to hear the repeal did not last long.

orangedog said...

Hey fur mommies, see how the dog fighters are your puppet masters? Dance fur mommy! Dance!

Anonymous said...

Very informative. In a nation where a city mayor can ban sodas it only makes sense that dangerous breeds, (pit bulls, presas), will eventually be banned. Blogs like this help get the stats out. I have sent this blog to many of my friends who own working dogs. They are in support of BSL.

Small Survivors said...

Orangedog - There's more coming on Kansas and how those fur mommy rescue angels are frighteningly cozy with their inner dogfighter

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

but but but i thought the pit bull was america's dog until sports illustrated demonized pittie in 1987?

love the valentine card!

Anonymous said...

funny (hilarious) how what should be a clearcut question of safety and personal rights over the minority is twisted and turned to the advantage of people who choose to keep pitbulls and other dangerous breeds . my area also has the anti-bsl crowd who have tried force feeding their bulloney to city officials and the general public, with limited success. after one minor success, i read some stupid pit loving dingbat say the "the forces of good had triumphed over the bullies and control freaks". talk about the pot calling the pan ,lol.

Rumpelstiltskin said...


I agree. It's baffling how the law seems to work in favor of dog fighters and dog fighting enthusiasts (pit bull owners) way too often.

It turns my stomach.

Packhorse said...

I never thought you'd buy a pittie because gripping dogs are so passe.

So passe nowadays.

You never thought you'd be assaulted, just be cooler in a questionable way.

I could say,
Couldn't you have got a couple piercings not inflicted in a bulldoggish way?

What the hey?

But I never thought you'd buy a pittie because gripping dogs are so passe.

Gripping dogs are so passe.

Anonymous said...

heart shaped drops of blood on a degenerate dog fighers valentines card. nice touch .

obtw , my snacksizeddog wus nearly a snack for a shitcoloured shitbull today . one day after valentines . another nice touch

Small Survivors said...

OH NO!, I hope you're both ok. Was its owner around or was it loose?

Thank you, i was glad to find the heart shaped drops of blood :)

vintage said...


Feb 2013, Louisville, KY; Stress Counselors visit emplyees at the Manslick Shelter after two pit bulls commit an OSHA violation and Bullbait an Animal Care Specialist.

The ever growing list of mauled ACOs, Shelter Workers and Vet Techs may be viewed here:

*Disclaimer..You Can't Make This Stuff Up!

Anonymous said...

Maiming and death due to dog bites are uncommon but preventable tragedies. We postulated that patients admitted to a level I trauma center with dog bites would have severe injuries and that the gravest injuries would be those caused by pit bulls.
We reviewed the medical records of patients admitted to our level I trauma center with dog bites during a 15-year period. We determined the demographic characteristics of the patients, their outcomes, and the breed and characteristics of the dogs that caused the injuries.
Our Trauma and Emergency Surgery Services treated 228 patients with dog bite injuries; for 82 of those patients, the breed of dog involved was recorded (29 were injured by pit bulls). Compared with attacks by other breeds of dogs, attacks by pit bulls were associated with a higher median Injury Severity Scale score (4 vs. 1; P = 0.002), a higher risk of an admission Glasgow Coma Scale score of 8 or lower (17.2% vs. 0%; P = 0.006), higher median hospital charges ($10,500 vs. $7200; P = 0.003), and a higher risk of death (10.3% vs. 0%; P = 0.041).
Attacks by pit bulls are associated with higher morbidity rates, higher hospital charges, and a higher risk of death than are attacks by other breeds of dogs. Strict regulation of pit bulls may substantially reduce the US mortality rates related to dog bites.

Anonymous said...

yep we're ok , but my sweetheart used up another of his nine lives, visiting the city. ive psychologically accepted that to be active and happy theres a certain risk that one day we will not come home in one piece. mind you, thats not say it will only be mine or my dogs blood on the pavement. it may be an intermingling of poodle blood , shitbull blood , pitter and cravenite blood.

Packhorse said...

Hot pepper burns pit's feet, owner is outraged.

Could the cayenne have been any more uncomfortable than that shitty ghetto ear crop you inflicted upon your furbaby?

Small Survivors said...

Snarky, i'm glad you're ok. I understand what you're saying. I carry what puny weapons I'm allowed and a walking stick when I go on walks. I just don't want to accept the "new normal." no.

Packhorse, how could that property manager have gotten the idea to spread cayenne power where you don't want dogs to go? Maybe from gardeners who have suggested sprinkling cayenne powder will deter THEIR OWN DOGS from digging in places. It doesn't burn if the dog LEAVES. This is another gardening idea that people have used to deter THEIR OWN PETS from digging in a garden. I did a google search for "cayenne powder dog repellant garden" and got over one millions hits.

I once ridiculed a commenter because she was heartbroken that a pit bull ate chicken wire and died. She told me I was, I don't remember, a sadist or something for being delighted to know a way to keep my dogs safe and kill a neighboring pit bull if it dug under the fence was by burying chicken wire on my property on my side of the fence. Burying chicken wire in a garden area is another piece of advice for dog owning gardeners as a way to deter their own dogs from digging. It works fine and is non-lethal if its not a pit bull. Only pit bulls eat chicken wire and remain in an area sprinkled with cayenne powder.

this property manager was bullied into stopping a perfectly acceptable, no harmful way of deterring dogs and their owners from using her property as a toilet.

DubV said...

Snarky, what do your local laws say about carrying edged weapons?

Anonymous said...

i can carry a knife , which i do, but i would say i use it cut fruit ect..... not for protection against four and two legged vermin. think 3 inches is allowed but it just depends where you look and who you ask . i also like a walking stick ,am thinking what i can do along that line . a heavy stick is quite a formidable weapon i would think .

Anonymous said...

my beautifull pit knife is called the black scorpion , lol. so far it has not stung pit or pitter . would be reluctant to wash the blood off , maybe just put it in a clear case and hang it up on the wall.

DubV said...

I'd advocate LEO grade pepper spray as well, but if the pit is seriously mauling something/someone you especially care for then it will cost precious seconds. I had fox pepper spray make a pit mix briefly stop an attack on another person's dog. The problem is if you have to get rough with the knife later, you're likely to end up peppered as well.

A stick is good to fend off and intimidate, but I'd lose it and go to the knife as soon as the attack begins. Don't hit the head with the stick. Legs and spine are more vulnerable.

vintage said...


The Pit Bull scalping list is now up to 118 victims...

These injuries cost the victims years of surgeries and roughly $500K in medical bills!

*Disclaimer...You Can't Make This Stuff Up!

Anonymous said...

"Any county official who would allow a bold law breaker and dog fighter like Valentine to influence public policy should be truly ashamed of himself. "

Sometimes the officials themselves re breeders or dog fighters. Sometimes a breeder or dog fighter or affilate is running local animal control and pressures the officials.

More often, it is the breeding lobby stuffing money in the pockets of these corrupt officials aka LOBBYING. Illegally and legally, thjrough "campaign donations" or favors.

The breeding lobby is billions of dollars, when you add up all the arms of it, the AKC, the UKC, other registries, the farm lobby with its puppy mills, the hunting dog lobby which brings in the gun lobby, the lab animal breeders, the Class B dealers for labs, the racing dog people, the fighting dog people, the pseudo trainers anmd behaviorists and veterinarians connected to all this, then the animal profiteering lobby in general that lobbies with them, factory farm lobby, racing, on and on.

They spend millions of dollars every year on lobbyists that send people out to hook up with these local politicians and officials and put the moves on them, or get state politicians under their control to put the moves on the local ones.

The politicians or officials are more apt to be corrupt these days than not. Even if they aren't, they are convinced to go the way of the MONEY, business.

This is what is facing people in communities across the country. There's the public interest, then there is the massive, rich BUSINESS INTEREST having behind scenes contact with the people's legislators or officials.

Department of Agriculture, for example, in every state will work for the breeders because puppy mills are tied to farm industry. They are friends with the breeder lobbyists and repeat the propaganda they are given. Department of Agriculture does not work for the public. It works for private business interests. They only work for the public when their special interests deeds are exposed.

When people group together and fight for their communities and their lives really, then the legislators and officials are not as willing to take on responsibility for siding with the breeding industry because the legislators or officials will get the negative attention when something happens.

This is why it is so important to document everything, file formal reports, and get together to attend these town meetings, be public about mismanaging and misgoverning, put legislators on notice that if blood is spilled, they will be forced to take responsibility if they side with the breeders over public interest. There will be exposure and investigations and lawsuits.

Having a lawyer notify them is the best. Legislators and officials are not as likely to misbehave when they know a lawyer is watching them and documenting.

These officials, in addition to the towns and cities, have been getting sued and there are investigations which many of these people would prefer to avoid, increasing all the time.

In areas where people do nothing and let the breeders steamroller lobby them through local officials or politicians, where the people don't learn how the lobbying is done, the death and injury rate will continue and go up.

The brereding industry loves it when the people sit like victims and take it.

Anonymous said...

Then there is the aspect that I don't think people understand still.

These breeders and dog fighters sometimes have a surface image, a mask, of being responsible citizens and thus more able to sway the local ignorant official or politician who is fooled by this kind of subterfuge.

Alane Koki is a cancer researcher with the usual grab bag of university degrees and self professed "expertise," (aka hot air), and the local politicians are often swayed by all this surface and appearance. She is also connected to convicted dog fighters and she lobbies for their interests, including getting herself on town boards investigating antichaining laws so she could oppose them on behalf of her fellow dog fighter business interests. Thankfully someone in NC did their homework and exposed her before it was too late

(but see even on that page, I don't know if it comes up for you, a pit bull ADVERTISEMENT that the site is allowing to run on the right side! When internet sites and media are getting advertising money from breeding industry, that can alter their reporting, more lobbying, a different form)

Unfortunately in this country very sick sometimes psychotic, or at least corrupt, people easily get all kinds of degrees and high positions and maintain a mask of being "professional" in order to control and sway other people. It helps provide cover for them.

The people need to dig in and research the characters influencing local law and not let themselves or their officials get fooled by impressive sounding credentials that are often meaningless.

That goes for animal control too. In Indianapolis, business asociates of Nathan Winograd (whose No Kill is hooked up with the breeders) used a corrupt local official to get one of Winograd's associates to run animal control even after he was nearly arrested for cruelty doing that in Philadelphia. Douglas Ray or Rae, I think his name was, the associate.

They stopped enforcing animal control laws, stopped picking up strays which meant packs of vicious dogs attacking pets and people, and started handing out vicious dogs to the public in order to make it look as though No Kill was working and fiddle with the numbers for animl control. The people revolted and Winograd's business asociates on the animal control board, along with Ray, got tossed out of town.

But the couple that was associated with Winograd and pulling the shady deals with local officials got away with it to start, because no one researched and no one asked questions, and no one looked into Winograd's history.

These days, No Kill means the breeder industry, along with the gullible local fools that are the rescue angels and enablers, and don't even realize that the breeding industry is using them under cover of No Kill.

Anonymous said...

DubV, there was a 30 minute attack by a pit bull in Massachusetts upon an australian shepherd puppy.

The police officer used pepper spray again and again on the pit bull. It did nothing.

Pit bulls are different from other dogs. They are bred to have a high pain tolerance and keep on going.

Packhorse said...

The big loudmouth in my community against BSL (and any regulations on how animals may be raised or treated, for that matter) is a breeder.

Anonymous said...

packhorse, they more than likely are a legislative liasion of AKC and part of that lobbying arm.

look up

You need to show this to your local legislators and officials and insist that they not cater to commercial interests that the breeder represents. Let people in your area know the breeder is out to protect his or her wallet, not watching out for them, and is in fact supporting endangering them.

These breeders also lobby with dog fighters

The breeders have behind the scenes conversations with local officials and animal control pushing their agenda and telling their lies and hoping noone counters it, but if people in the community call them what they are, commercial or business lobbyists, and demand that local authorities do what public interest and public safety demand, and not the AKC and their puppy mill interests, or the dog fighters and their interests, want, then some sanitizing light gets shed on this dirty situation.

Above all, breeders should not be making animal control policy, because breeders use it to lobby for breeder money interest, not public interest.

Also send a note to the department in your state (can report anonymously) that handles sales tax id numbers and let them know a breeder is operating and they should have tax numbers and be reporting income. Most of these breeders are notorious tax cheats, which is why they don't want breeder licensing and tighter restrictions that could shine a light on their dirty business. The state and federal government don't know unless people report it.

I think there was also a New York Times article lately on the links between AKC and the puppy mills and opposing laws, which includes though they don't admit it, supporting the dog fighters and the pit bull breeding (AKC pit bull breeders and others) and that may be helpful.

The breeders will lie and cheat the system as long as they can be allowed to get away with it.

All their drones beaver away at local legislators getting them to do their bidding until they get called on it.

Then they sometimes hook up with the rescue angels aka dog dealers selling dogs and pretending to be charities. Those need to be reported too, as they are usually breaking the tax code.

Anonymous said...

The AKc spends millions of these puppy mill dollars hiring lobbyists to oppose regulations locally with legislators and officials getting strong armed into doing their bidding, and they also enlist their robot like breeders and kennel clubs to do the same

It's the money, that's the only concern

People are dying because of this lobbying, not to mention all the pets. It will stop when the people educate themselves and push back.

PutMeInCharge4OneDay said...

I love when Nutters don't get along.

This actually made my local news broadcast this morning.

"Dave Thomas 'Threatens To Sue Maria Sanchez After Photographer Who Helped Reunite Him With Pit Bull"

Here is the start of the article...

The heartwarming tale of a man being reunited with his dog thanks to the kindness of strangers has apparently turned sour.

Dave Thomas, who was pictured tearfully comforting his pit bull through the bars of an animal shelter, is now apparently threatening to sue the woman who engineered the reunion.

Thomas had lost ownership of the dog, named Buzz Lightyear, after being briefly jailed for failure to appear in court for traffic offences.

Jake said...

@putmeincharge -

From what I've read over at the first church of pit bulls, there's more to the story. Dave was actually picked up for a felony drug offense.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

hopefully buzz lightyear puts those testicles to good use and mauls his idiot owner.

DubV said...


I find reunions of pit and nutter very heartwarming.,8761/

DubV said...

Comment section here is classic.

Pit nutters are BY FAR the dumbest breed community ever witnessed on the face of the Earth.

Miss Margo said...

Hi there, just checking in.

From the thread DubV posted:

Another Horror Story
by: Julia

My daughter & husband had a female pit bull they raised from a puppy, she was spayed, never mistreated, trained and had never even growled at anyone. One day for no reason, she bounded across the room and attacked my 2-year-old grandson. There were 4 adults present and we couldn't get her to let go. Even after my daughter grabbed a pair of garden shears and almost completely cut her hind leg off, she still hung on, ripping, tearing and shaking. My husband got a hunting knife and stab the dog in the neck and throat and the only reason she finally let go was from loss of blood. If my grandson hadn't been wearing several layers of clothes, that monster would have ripped his arm off. Even through all those clothes, she did so much damage that he will never have complete use of his left arm.

Anonymous said...

quess u can take a pit outa the dog-pit but u cant take the dog-pit outa a dog. point is , if you dont want a fighter , then dont get one .


Anonymous said...

why is it that so many peops cant tell "shit from shinola" these days ?

PutMeInCharge4OneDay said...

Dub V,

Nutters definitely deserve each other. I just wish we could ship them and their mutants off to another planet.

I was amazed to see the First Church of pit bulls had that article up so fast!

All of you never cease to amaze me with your skills both in what you write and how you find things.

I tried to read the comment section this morning on the proper pit bull link but I just could not do it.

Did you notice how so many of the "experts" type it text speak?

orangedog said...


My Pack
by: proud pit owner

First off lemme start by saying...There are alot of idiots on here. Just wow. Ill try to be simple.

Did anyone know that pit bulls make up almost 70% of the dog population in the WORLD? They are over populated by people trying to make money. Those people are selling them to idiots that aren't mentally strong enough to own a pit bull. (Which is fine. But KNOW that you cannot accept such resposibility).

The pits that aren't "good quality" get dropped off somewhere only to make 10 litters of 10 on the side of the road.

Chances are if someone gets attacked by a dog it will be a pit bull because THERE ARE MORE OF THEM.

Speaking of idiots... ^^^

orangedog said...

I also saw several who berated the person defending her pet by saying it was shameful she hurt pittie.
Guess what nutters, I will defend my pet from your stupid fighting dog and if I have to kill it in the process, I will. Fuck you.

Anonymous said...

its true that dummies are attracted to pitbulls but proud pit owner shouldnt be throwing stones..... though he did make a valid point about pit owners being dumb

Anonymous said...

Thomas Jefferson truly a man of keen wisdom. In this day in time I am convinced that the multitude and their followers no nothing nor are close to any truth, but are swimming in a sea of fiction firminted by imaginations that feed upon their emotions. With no logical sense of thinking intact! First question where are the negligent parents that wasnt watching their child when he or she was killed? Then u blame an incredible animal for lack of watching your own child. How pathetic!

Anonymous said...

fuck the humane society, fuck the aspca, and all you wackos that truly know nothing about animals at all. you ppl expect that animals should act with human instict instead of their basic animal insticts. pit bulls that are bred in the old manner are a highly evolved canine compared to other inferior species whom ye have no clue how to handle or maintain due to your EXTREME ignorance. Fuck your approval!

Anonymous said...

my dogs and my mind are far superior to your liberal left mind bullshit. fuck all yall with a pitbull dick!

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

sorry dog fighting apologist scum, your comments landed in spam.

for your information, we expect pit bulls to behave like pit bulls. you need to look to HSUS, ASPCA, BFAS, AFF, BADRAP etc to blame. pit bulls keep killing and maiming our "inferior species". that's why we'd like to see them become extinct.

but i do agree with you on one point.

"fuck the humane society, fuck the aspca, and all you wackos that truly know nothing about animals at all."

yes, fuck all of those idiots that truly know nothing about pit bulls at all.

Small Survivors said...

Neither the fur mommies nor the dogfighting apologist scum can keep away from the bestiality with the pit bull references. WHAT THE HELL IS WITH THAT?