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Lifestyles of the Rich and Terrified: Part 5 The miscreants, science whores, dirty hippies, kidults and philanthropic robber barons

Pitbull Has Neighbors Worried

What's a pittie party without the po-po?

SUSAN ACKERMAN - "the Mutant's" second owner
records show that TOMTOM'S good friend, SUSAN ACKERMAN adopted GRACIE from the Monterey County SPCA on 8.6.09. ACKERMAN was "the Mutant's" second owner, that we know of. ACKERMAN passed her off to TOMTOM one month later.
On May 9, 2011 9:45 p.m., the police cited 33 yr old Susan Ackerman, for suspicion of battery.

I haven't found the specifics yet, but TOMTOM'S good buddy and tenant has some legal troubles. I'm working on it.

The science whore is willing to twist real scientific facts and findings in order to protect the pit bull. The science whore can be motivated by greed. Wanting to keep making money on the very lucrative dog-talk circuit, s/he sells both soul and credibility for a few dollars. Some might be motivated by fear, since all who speak or publish the truth about the pit bull is subject to an organized smear and bullying campaign.

TRISH KING, Dog Trainer
Although she does not meet the definition of Animal Behaviorist, she does appear to be a nationally recognized dog expert. There is not much left to say about KING that I haven't already said in part 3, except that I am extremely disappointed in her. She has proven that she lacks honesty and integrity. She follows the herd for safety. She lacks the inner strength to stand up for what she believes in when the pit nutters start their harassment campaign. I actually had respect for TRISH KING prior to her involvement in BRUCE WAGMAN'S court mockery, but the white washing of GRACIE'S prey drive and aggressive behavior and the misrepresentation of all dog behavior coupled with the personal attacks on a victim are unforgettable and unforgivable. Like DODMAN, DONALDSON and many more before her, TRISH KING'S fragile ego could not withstand the onslaught of pit nutters.
See the language of dogs, normal and psychopathic

Oh, remember that "Dear Bruce" letter in Part 3? Well, it seems that their paths crossed at the Marin County Humane Society. BRUCE WAGMAN is on the Marin County Human Society Board of directors.TRISH KING was the director of training and behavior at the Marin County Humane Society from 1994 - 2012.
It sure does give the appearance to outsiders that a favor was called in. Why else would you hire someone 40+ miles away to evaluate a dog when JEAN DONALDSON could have been bought for half the distance?

Veterinarian's Oath
Being admitted to the profession of veterinary medicine, I solemnly swear to use my scientific knowledge and skills for the benefit of society through the protection of animal health, the relief of animal suffering, the conservation of livestock resources, the promotion of public health and the advancement of medical knowledge. 
I will practice my profession conscientiously, with dignity and in keeping with the principles of veterinary medical ethics. 
I accept as a lifelong obligation the continual improvement of my professional knowledge and competence.

JANOWITZ is a disgrace to her profession. JANOWITZ shamelessly violated this oath. She has no dignity, no ethics. Her behavior in the case of Hercules is deplorable. She should be fired from PHS and sanctioned by AVMA. She has no business touching animals and no business serving the public interest. I hope her tie die business takes off so she can do no further harm.

I find it interesting that so many of the GRACIE supporters fit the peacenik mold. These people are obsessed with peace but only at the most superficial level. Peace to them is an abstract concept only, they possess not the slightest notion of its real world applications. Peace to these people is nothing more than an emotional pacifier that allows them to stick their fingers in their ears and feel good about themselves in an uncomfortable world. Then there are the animal rights activists who also wear the pit bull advocate hat. It is baffling how this demographic can champion the cause of the pit bull which is responsible for more gratuitous violence against animals than any other animal except for man. Only man surpasses their savagery in quantity and quality. You can not care about the welfare of animals and fight to put these mutants back in the community.

JANOWITZ wears two hats in this mess. She is uniquely qualified to serve not only as a Science Whore but also a Hippie. JANOWITZ' dream job is creating hippy dippy tie die clothing. I hope she succeeds so she can get the hell out of animal care. The sooner the better.
A youtube video of JANOWITZ peddling her wares.


GRACIE, CHU and her very dirty hands

Tie dyed shirts with peace signs don't make a bold enough statement for this little girl. Only conspicuously placed permanent ink will do. This little animal rights activist proudly proclaims her tutelage under TRISH KING. I am not a dog trainer but there is nothing in this video dated 8.21.11 that even remotely demonstrates that CHU is a sensitive, intelligent, experienced dog savvy person. In fact, I won't hesitate to call her out. She is cruel and ignorant. I should be used to it by now but I am always astonished (and embarrassed) at the insensitivity that AR activists demonstrate towards companion animals. (like everyone of these fucktards has demonstrated against Hercules) I think the AR crowd views animals the same way they view the peace sign, it's an abstract concept to them, without the slightest notion of real world applications, hence their attraction to dogs bred for mortal combat. Enough of my book of whines, BILODEAU, let's see some of TRISH'S fine handiwork:
That looks like something that CESAR MILAN would do. Maybe some experienced dog people would like to chime in here. This is just fucking cruel in my unprofessional and inexperienced opinion. It would be difficult to refrain from punching her if this golden was mine.

The hearing officer and "The Decider" of the fate of GRACIE and her victims writes on her twitter page "As a self-proclaimed geographer extraordinaire with love for GIS, llamas, and being outside, I am hoping to connect with others that share similar passions"
How about a similar passion for malfeasance? BILODEAU'S day job is Registered Environmental Health Specialist.
What duties does a Registered Environmental Health Specialist (REHS) perform?
A REHS works to improve the quality of life and health through environmental education, consultation, and protection. Although a majority of REHS’s work for government, many are also employed by the private sector. Some typical program responsibilities include food protection, land use, recreational swimming areas, onsite septic systems, drinking water quality, housing, vector control, disaster sanitation, and solid, liquid, and hazardous materials management. Typical duties of a REHS in local government include inspections of various facilities such as food establishments, public swimming pools, community drinking water systems, landfills, and underground storage tanks in order to determine compliance with federal, state, and local statutes, regulations, and ordinances.
I fail to see how BILODEAU qualifies to oversee Vicious Dog hearings, well other than the fact that she is qualified because her boss Pam Machado says so. Sitting in a room listening to "The Shyster's" False Pleadings was quite a departure from her illustrious career of testing sewer water. BILODEAU, make that mbillygoat, must have thought this job was the dream of a lifetime since she just had to sit in a conference room and not put dipsticks in toilets or raw sewage. Anyway, even with the perks of her new job and not having to deal with radioactive waste, she still managed to fuck it up, so looks like it's back to the sewer, which is ironic because I doubt that any of her regular REHS duties smell as bad as the GRACIEPOO JORGENSEN FILES.

Seriously. This hearing officer needs to be investigated. San Mateo must look into the way she conducted Jorgensen case. They need to determine whether she is corrupt or incompetent (or both) and take the appropriate action.

I wonder if BILODEAU has seen what pit bulls do to her beloved goats and llamas?

Medical Geography anyone?

BRUCE WAGMAN "The Shyster"
Like JANOWITZ, CHU and BILODEAU, "The Shyster" looks like he emerged from a 1960 Haight Ashbury time capsule and in need of a good soak in the tub. "I was a nurse for seven years and switched species." And I'm sure the medical community breathed a huge sigh of relief. We certainly don't want nurses who have no respect for or understanding of the human condition, actually working on humans.
The next two paragraphs in the SF Gate interview are about the animal hoarding epidemic. (btw, I agree. It is a huge problem.) A couple paragraphs later, WAGMAN tells the interviewer that he has 3 dogs and five cats and the reason he has only 3 dogs is because of county limitations. IDIOT! These people have no clue how they contradict themselves and how stupid they appear to the rest of us.
I've got eight animals at home, in Stinson Beach, so I do have rescue animals, but none of them are from the cases I've handled. They've all come from local animal shelters. I have three dogs and five cats, currently, and one wife. The limit in Marin County is three dogs and that's why I have three dogs. There is no limit on the number of cats.
I'd say WAGMAN has a tendency toward hoarding.

As I watched and re-watched the news story and then read and re-read his brief, all I could think about is, how can lawyers get away with this? Anyone else would be charged with perjury but for lawyers, this is an art form. I despise this little man. I hate all of these people.


His resume looks impressive. Asst Bank VP, Bank VP (possibly favors for daddy?) and a 2 year stint as the VP for the Katun Corp (his daddy's business), before launching his own self employed schtick involving investments and non-profits (whatever that means). His resume states he left Katun in 2003. It seems that around the time TOMTOM was playing VP, Katun was being investigated by the Department of Justice. The indictments for fraud against his father, his father's partner and several high ranking Katun officials were served one year after TOMTOM left. The fraud had been going on for years, at least a decade. All of the defendants plead guilty. Some went to prison. The company was fined $11,000,000.
In addition to his close connection to corporate criminals and his soft spot for cat killers, this 44 yr old man has some strange and creepy youtube activities.
But hey, he can't be all bad. He donates 30 minutes a week to the family business. Or could this be just a resume builder?

I would love to see the neighbors file a civil suit, depose JORGENSEN and force him to cough up the identity of the "senile" mystery meat responsible for the OOPS moment. MY psychic tells me the man is TOMTOM'S father. MY psychic tells me perjury charges might follow.


Before I bring this mess to a close, I think it is important to review a couple of terms so we are all on the same page.
philanthropic adj seeking to promote the welfare of others, esp. by donating money to good causes; generous and benevolent. welfare of OTHERS  
robber baron noun an unscrupulous business owner or executive who acquires wealth through ethically questionable tactics  
on Wednesday, David Jorgensen, 65, another founder and former Katun board member, was indicted by a federal grand jury on three counts of mail fraud and three counts of wire fraud. Among the charges against Jorgensen are that he used Katun funds to buy five luxury vehicles, including a $139,000 Ferrari, and manipulated the transactions so that he avoided paying sales taxes in California where he lives.
Jorgensen faces a potential five years in prison and/or a $250,000 fine on each of the six counts of the indictment.
In February this year, three other former executives agreed to pay fines and restitution in connection with this case. In January, the company itself agreed to pay $11 million.
My all time favorite robber baron is David Rockefeller. His philanthropic interests were education, public health, medical training, and the arts. Thanks to Rockefeller and his $80 million donation, we have the University of Chicago.

Not only do I have a favorite robber baron, I have a favorite 990 form. Let's compare Rockefeller's philanthropic interests to DAVID G JORGENSEN'S. In 2008, The DAVID and ANNETTE JORGENSEN Foundation donated ~$410,000 to libertarian think tanks. That same year, less than $3,000 was donated to the arts. But my favorite 2008 donation is way down towards the bottom, Assistance League of Los Altos. The JORGENSENS gave them a WHOPPING $38!! Of course, I HAD to explore this org further. The recipient of that $38 provides teddy bears to kids in the hospital, housing for family members of patients of on ongoing medical treatments, and powdered milk, glasses, backpacks and shoes and socks for needy kids. Thanks to this corporate criminal, some kid dying of cancer got to hug a teddy bear. I am all choked up.
Well, NOBODY can claim the JORGENSENS didn't give back to the community!

Let's take a closer look at those more deserving charities, the libertarian think tanks.
What sorts of projects does The Pacific Legal Foundation (David JORGENSEN is a board member btw) fund? Well, for one, they are working to delist the polar bear from the Endangered Species Act. Drill Baby Drill! The now defunct PR Chitester Fund appears to have been spun off into Free to Choose Media (where DAVID is the vice chairman) and is propaganda at its finest. It targets children. They offer up the libertarian philosophy in fun easy to digest training videos for all grade levels. Some of the more popular titles: Eminent Domain, Freedom's Sound, The Foundations of Wealth and Pups of Liberty. They also have Teacher of the Year awards presented by none other than... DAVID and ANNETTE! The awards party is chock full of fun! MILTON FRIEDMAN puzzles and cakes and speakers from all of the other libertarian pet projects the JORGENSENS fund: Pacific Research Institute, the Hoover Institution, CATO institute, Free to Choose Network, John Stossel and Fox News Nutters. This looks like a way for libertarians to host parties for themselves, pat themselves and a few willing dupes on the back while they write it off of their taxes. GOOD JOB, SEE YOU NEXT YEAR BOB!  RICO has never been easier.
And the education grants are questionable. They seem to be primarily directed at libertarian leaning students, teachers and schools.

It is even more offensive when they thump their chests for some of these "generous" donations.
After hanging up his business spurs, the Katun entrepreneur and executive established the David and Annette Jorgensen Foundation, which focuses on educational, cultural, and community efforts. Recipients of the organization’s generosity include the American Education Reform Foundation, Stanford University, the California Academy of Sciences, and Summit Preparatory Charter High School. The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco, and the San Jose Museum of Art also have received foundation contributions, as have medical research projects at The University of California, San Francisco, and other institutions.
"After stinging from his federal convictions for tax and wire fraud, DAVID and ANNETTE found a safer, easier way to stiff Uncle Sam and fuck over Mother Earth..."

Funny, no mention of their libertarian pet projects in that blurb, you know, the $410,000 spent on those national libertarian think tanks set up to cripple regulations, make it easy to exploit the earth's resources and relieve the tax burden of the wealthy. But here is how well some of their cherry picked arts and education orgs fared in 2008.
  • The SF Museum of Modern Art $250
  • Fine Arts Museums of SF $150
  • California Academy of Sciences $250
Pass the kleenex. I'm all fucking choked up again.

Question: Do you think the JORGENSEN foundation meets the definition of philanthropy? Are the JORGENSENS helping others or themselves? Is this foundation legitimate or has DAVID JORGENSEN found a legal way to avoid paying taxes?

economic research institute (990's available)
DOJ Katun Indictment (Jorgensen was added later)

Lifestyles of the Rich and Terrified: Part 1, "the Incident" 

Lifestyles of the Rich and Terrified: Part 2, The Appeal

Lifestyles of the Rich and Terrified:Part 3, "The Professionals"

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Lifestyles of the Rich and Terrified: Part 5, The miscreants, science whores, dirty hippies, kidults and philanthropic robber barons


Packhorse said...

Thank goodness for real AR advocates like Merritt Clifton who counterbalance the fakers and fools who give the rest of us a bad name.

Anonymous said...

what is it about shitbulls that attracts so much douchebaggery ? is it any wonder that every poser, small-time thug and even the slimy rich have the pitbull as their mascot? nevermind the political correctness ect ....i think people need to be judged by their choise of a dangerous breed dog to harbour .

Anonymous said...

Thanks to the hard work of CD, and all the CD tipsters who keep watch on these animal rights pit nutters.

Michelle Billodeau and Linda Janowitz are the foundation crooks of this circus. When cases like this occur in the future (if they don't fired over this) their credibility will be questioned. A lot of people in the Bay Area read this blog so now the cat is out of the bag, (no pun intended.)

After reading about the trust fund baby David Jorgensen it all makes sense. He'a a fucken libertarian who wants less regulation and was pissed off that the county was telling him what to do. That infuriated him so he used his money to hire the scruffy burnt out hippie lawyer and paid off Trish King who's buddies with the scruffy lawyer.

Next time the old fart daddy Jorgensen comes to visit junior, he better put a leash on papa so he doesn't leave the front door open again. BTW, Jorgensen's youtube videos are just freakin weird. Too bad his teenage skateboard friends will no longer be able to take Gracie mushing down city sidewalks. That was so fucking illegal!

Junior may have been able to keep his dog but at what cost? I doubt his family will be to happy with him once they discover their entire family's financials are now public domain.

I'm now on 2008 tax return. So this is how rich people stay rich?

Alexandra said...

@ "It sure does give the appearance to outsiders that a favor was called in. Why else would you hire someone 40+ miles away to evaluate a dog when JEAN DONALDSON could have been bought for half the distance?"

ROTFL -- JEAN DONALDSON would've been just as bad as this idiot TRISH KING. Jean would've pulled her clicker out of her pocket, smiled stupidly at the court, and said 'HERE is the solution to pit bull aggression!' Jean would have looked over her shoulder as she spoke, to be sure all the pit nutters on her Fb page were nodding in approval of anything and everything she said. Jean might even have tried clicking all present every time they said something nice about GRACIE.

I suspect they BOUGHT Trish King for twice the distance because BUYING Jean Donaldson might have cost more than twice the money.

Alexandra said...

@ "It would be difficult to refrain from punching her if this golden was mine."

This is indeed outright cruelty. This introduction is insensitive, unnecessarily overwhelming and stressful for the GR, thus wrong. Submissive isn't a good word to describe what's going on. The golden is desperately giving off calming signals that say 'I don't want any arguments here'. She keeps trying to flee, which is a sign that it's all too much for her. At several points her body language shifts from calming signals to fear. At several points, she's cornered. Note how she then keeps turning her head towards various dogs that are besieging her, ready to snap (defensively) if necessary (since there's no escape route open). Then she flees again as soon as she can, gets cornered again, and so on.

When you introduce a new dog to a group that already all know each other, some mild stress is inevitable. There's always that orientation process, exchanging signals, as the new dog has to discover that the other dogs are all normal, respond right to her signals, don't jump all over her (and they find out the same about her or him). But you should never let stress go over the threshold into fear, and I'd never allow an introduction like this one. When a dog is this shy, you let one dog at a time meet the shy dog instead of throwing the whole group at her in one go. Introduce her to one, then when she's confident with that one, let a second dog go meet her. When she's confident with that one, let a third dog go meet her, etc.

So yes, this introduction is incompetent, insensitive, full of self-absorbed vanity, and cruel. This woman is blind to the golden's distress, and her idiotic cooing the whole time made me want to knock her head off.

She is a pit freak who covertly enjoys watching a dog being bullied and fearing for its life.

Alexandra said...

@ "BILODEAU, make that mbillygoat, must have thought this job was the dream of a lifetime since she just had to sit in a conference room and not put dipsticks in toilets or raw sewage. Seriously. This hearing officer needs to be investigated. San Mateo must look into the way she conducted Jorgensen case."

They need to look into BILODEAU's entire record. If she's this corrupt on the PB question, she's likely also either falsifying those sewage dipsticks or -- worse, as she is here in this dog case -- finding contamination and telling people it's perfectly okay to drink shit-contaminated water, won't hurt them at all. Someone who is corrupt on one thing is most usually corrupt on everything else too, dontcha know.

Alexandra said...

@ "I'd say WAGMAN has a tendency toward hoarding."

How can you say that? He admits that despite all the animals, he only has one wife!

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

"Junior may have been able to keep his dog but at what cost? I doubt his family will be to happy with him once they discover their entire family's financials are now public domain."

i'm hoping to renew interest of the DOJ.

btw, i have saved copies all of these 990s :-)

Anonymous said...

You are right. I watched the Golden Video. Chu is just emulating Cesar Milan's bullshit "submission" techniques. Obviously Chu knows nothing about dogs or she would have stopped this. Didn't Chu work at PetFood Express and that's how she learned to become a dog trainer. Its shocking how she allows this dog suffer for her own personal entertainment. Then she puts it up on Youtube so she can show the other dog trainers that she's a "Dog Whisperess" The golden is clearly asking for help! Under who's watch did this take place? And these people call themselves voices for the animals? I'd mop the floor with this bitch if I knew she did this to my dog!

The reason the scruffy, disheveled, ex-hippie lawyer probably called Trish King rather than Jean Donaldson, is because Donaldson probably wouldn't have been willing to put her name on this high risk evaluation for a few hundred bucks.

Wagman's house looked like a hoarder's house.

april 29 said...

I suspect that the 1/2 hour a week that Tom Jorgensen reportedly spends on the business of his parents "foundation" is the sum total of his "work."
I'm with Sputnik on Chu. Chu was clueless, the Golden was terrified, and there was dog shit on the floor of Chu's dog day care. She got her training where???

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

" She got her training where??? "


scurrilous amateur blogger said...

interesting article off topic and pertinent.

scorched earth said...

Donaldson has sold out to breed specific advocacy big time. She sealed the deal with appearances in the pitter films "Judging the Innocent" and "The Pit Bull Hoax." She has allied herself with Berkey, Delise, Mary Harwelik, and the shameless sell out Ian Dunbar, who also appear in these films.

I suspect Donaldson would have produced a doozy of an excuse for Gracie's violent behavior but the price tag for that document would have been higher than King's, what with King's Wagman connection and all.

The hippies involved here are not actual peace activists, they are just selfish people who say "peace" but mean "let me the hell alone so I can do exactly what I want."

april 29 said...

I noted that Dawn James, I just thought it needed repeating.

Why do fools think that praising a dog for nothing, or for reacting in fear is a training technique?

All Chu's blathering at that poor Golden reminded me of the cartoon where what the human says is compared to what the dog hears. Chu says "Scooter, Hi Scooter, good girl Scooter, come here Scooter." The dog hears "blah, blah, blah Scooter."

And poor Scooter gets what out of this?

Unknown said...

Did you see this

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

yep, i saw that. i was going to include it in the blog but it is just so darn long as it is. did you notice that graciepoo is leashed to the sofa?
that's sterling turner chu's little dog btw.

Unknown said...

If any of you who hide behind your fake identity and state opinions on matters you know NOTHING about would really like to know the truth, all you need to do is call me. When I do a necropsy all I look at are the objective facts. Unlike you, I am not prejudiced against any breed or species.

As you all know, I work at the Peninsula Humane Society/SPCA. Phone # is 650-340-7022, ext 349. Email is

Linda Janowitz

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

"When I do a necropsy all I look at are the objective facts."

WHEN you do a necropsy, but that's really the issue here, isn't it?

here is an OBJECTIVE FACT: you REFUSED to do a necropsy on Hercules.

there are two kinds of prejudice. prejudice against and prejudice for, better known as reverse discrimination. it seems you fall within the latter kind.

Anonymous said...

Finally the tie dye flea market princess appears.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

and disappears

funny. my facebook is still live. my fake identity and prejudiced opinions are still here.

"When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace." Jimi Hendrix

DubV said...

Great series, Dawn!

Tons of work you did (me impersonating Yoda).

I'll have to read it more carefully over the weekend.

DubV said...

"Unlike you, I am not prejudiced against any breed or species."


Hmm...seems the good doctor is likely prejudiced in favor of whatever animal is in front of her that might suffer consequences.

I think this quote from Dawn is good to repeat here:

"I find it interesting that so many of the GRACIE supporters fit the peacenik mold. These people are obsessed with peace but only at the most superficial level. Peace to them is an abstract concept only, they possess not the slightest notion of its real world applications. Peace to these people is nothing more than an emotional pacifier that allows them to stick their fingers in their ears and feel good about themselves in an uncomfortable world."

Well put and expresses things I've had lurking in my mind but never been able to pin down. These hippies are the same type that try to empathize with the serial killer because he didn't get enough hugs when he was a child. Yes, we all just need to understand everything in such a way that we don't actually do anything to ensure a peaceful world.

"People sleep peaceably in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf."

-George Orwell

If these smug peaceniks were put in charge, then the US would be invaded and our government deposed by the inhabitants of Cuba with 2 weeks.

DubV said...

"If any of you who hide behind your fake identity"

-The good doctor

I thought that getting into vet school would require critical thinking skills.

Arguments stand or fall on their own merit, doc, and not on who makes them.

She is employing a common tactic that is obviously based on multiple types of fallacious reasoning.

DubV said...

In the pit world, those that claim that their pits are victims, that they are victims by owning a pit, and those that supposedly stand up for these victims wear this contrived victimhood for the same reason a clown wears paint or a canid roles in stench.... disguise themselves. These victims are the true victimizers, predators, or cons.

Yes, do outrageous shit and then when you get called on it....just double down on the victim schtick and claim you are being bullied or harassed or your neighbor crossing the street gave pittie PTSD and even point to your public status that you enjoy....that should allow you to operate for a time in broad daylight with your feelings of being camouflaged to the rest of us. We all know it is impolite to question a "victim". Dontcha know?

Miss Margo said...

Great comments DubV...

This weekend, make yourself some popcorn and read the series. It's way better than Netflix.

Miss Margo said...

"Unlike you, I am not prejudiced against any breed or species."

Who but a pit nutter would say something like this...? Seriously. I've never heard anyone but a pit nutter use the word "prejudice" in this context.

I used to date an avian vet who would euthanize every Starling that came in, as well as ever other invasive species. He never once said that he was "prejudiced" against these animals (he hated the suffering of the individual animals).


Rumpelstiltskin said...

I'm still surprised how a pit bull who is secured by a prison-like security system, who's escaped on more than 1 occasion gets away with the least amount of consequences.

I'm sure the neighbors are pissed the confirmed killer (but not legally confirmed) is back to terrorize the neighborhood.

When normal dogs escape, they enjoy running free. I had a dog who ran almost a mile, I had to get in my car to catch him. There were no "incidents". Sounds like GRACIE didn't escape to run free, she escaped to kill something.

Typical, the one pit bull advocate involved in this "incident" says nothing. If you've read her comment, read it again. She's saying things, but there is no substance. She should have refrained from posting to start.

Rumpelstiltskin said...

I want to thank Craven for the clear view of the facts. When pit nutters start their cover-up and victim smear campaign, it needs to be exposed.

This "incident" absolutely needed 5 parts to explain exactly what is going on.

DubV said...

These high security situations are never totally secure even when not in a living situation. For instance, animals get out of zoo enclosures and convicts escape from max security prisons and also smuggle contraband into it.

Knowing this, when possible zoos and prisons are usually not placed in residential neighborhoods. And usually if they are near others then people know beforehand and can choose not to live there, or they can fight against new builds of such things near where they already live.

Unfortunately, max security pit prisons are usually around others that didn't sign up for this, aren't aware of it prior to buying a home, or can't protest the erecting of a pit sanctuary. Multiply that by the fact that pit max security enclosures are never as well made as professional situations, nor monitors as such, and they are typically in and around a home where the nutter enters and exits daily during the course of living and leaves doors open.

DubV said...

Thanks Miss Margo, and a bit ironic because I used a bunch of ellipses because it was late and I was having trouble connecting my thought and writing too many run ons! (and there I go again)

Packhorse said...

Why is it only pit bulls can suffer discrimination...ever notice that? A beloved senior cat "Hercules" becomes an unnamed "stray"...terrible suffering gets glossed over and minimalized...but that's ok, that's not prejudice?

DubV said...

If humans can be prejudiced against pits, then can pits be prejudiced against cats?

If we're just throwing these words around, then why stop when it first stops making sense?

Anonymous said...

Good work CD. The graphics are well done and really illustrate the players here. I have a feeling there will be a part 6 and 7, etc.

I hope the residents on Terror Ct. AND the witnesses who saw Hercules in Gracie's mouth will follow-up on this this with the California State Veterinarian Board. If this was my cat, I would stop at NOTHING to get a full investigation on why a necrospy was not preformed by Dr. Linda Janowitz, DVM, Peninsula Humane Society SPCA.

Veterinarians should not get away with lying to protect a killer dog.

Miss Margo said...

"If humans can be prejudiced against pits, then can pits be prejudiced against cats?"


Anonymous said...

This case is really getting to me. I just reread part 1 - 5 again and find myself becoming more angry at how these do-gooders all scratch each others backs and how a rich kid grows up to become a pathetic human being.

So, I thought what if cat killer Gracie belonged to a poor person?

No money for scruffy animal rights lawyer.
No money to pay off a dog trainer, and not just any dog trainer, but one who will produce a desired evaluation.
No money to install a prison around his house.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

"So, I thought what if cat killer Gracie belonged to a poor person? "

facebook campaign with chipin and email addresses and phone numbers to harass the evil doers. occasionally the lexus project nutters or JANE BERKEY throw their weight into the fight. surprisingly, this works more often than not.

"This "incident" absolutely needed 5 parts to explain exactly what is going on."

i spent as much time trying to decide how to organize and write this as time actually writing it! i am glad it was easy to follow. i was worried about that.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

it wasn't in the initial plan but yes, there will be a part 6. who knows, maybe even a part 7 :-)

Anonymous said...

"here's an interesting string of words to google"

"Janowitz is a shitty, fucking, horrible, two bit, lying, piece of crap DVM"

Nice long tail.

Rumpelstiltskin said...


It shows. It's well laid out and as usual, the art so accurately reflects the pit nutters!

Unknown said...

Yeah thats what i meant to say,you only leash a dog to the sofa,if you dont trust it.

Sputnik said...

'Prejudice' They are prejudiced against everything that's not a pit bull type dog. They believe that everything that's not a pit bull type dog deserves to die or at the least be horribly mauled. Even Darla deserved it! Even Rebecca!

A lot of mental illness going on here...

Thanks Craven for unravelling this case.

Rumpelstiltskin said...

This is OT, but I find this so appalling.;_ylt=AnIN9qajJQNoFDumwNXHaGMjzKIX;_ylv=3?qid=20130207160919AAERwMH

Question posted on Yahoo Answers:

Would you "worship" under the religion of "DOG"?

Melanie states, "In the world of breed restrictions today...more an more dogs are being added to the list. Myself and a view friends would like to start up a religion based on "DOG". It's GOD spelled backwards. But that has nothing to do with it. If we were to create a religion based on DOG, our followers would have to a couple things as part of the religion..."

Pit nutters want to start a religion based on a DOG, more specifically the PIT BULL to get around breed restrictions and laws regarding PIT BULLS.

It's a disgusting abuse of the American legal system. So get ready for the new pit nutter scam.

tropical storms said...

LOL! Don Mayfield accused everyone who worked to make dog fighting a felony of following the religion of dog. This of course proved we were all satanists because dogs were of the devil. How did he know? Because God spelled backward is dog. This is hilarious.

Meals on Wheels said...

I started reading this last night, and I was so angry and haunted, I couldn't sleep. That poor woman, that poor cat. I feel rage...why so much FUSS over a dog with such a history for aggression? Why are our pets who are killed become something a little more akin to mere road kill...this whole thing calling this woman's cat a stray is so cruel to her.

I bring that "why so much FUSS" into the equation because this is something a facebook pit bull advocate much FUSS over so few isolated incidents. Why are pit bulls worth the fuss and beautiful beloved cats and peaceful neighborhoods are not?

Had that narcissitic attorney the gumption to stay true to his promise, then the owner of the dog would be tried for animal cruelty, and this pit bull may get a....what is it...fourth go at a new home.

I hope the neighborhood does something about the aesthetic blight that is this owner's horrific barbed wire concoction. Doesn't see to be working. I know first hand, wrought iron isn't enough if you got a plucky determined terrier with enough bulldozer in it's blood. That wouldn't pass code here in the armpit of CA, lordy it can't do up there in the glorious Bay.

Just maybe, there can be some kind of nice treat thrown over the barbed wire and the cats can bathe in the sun again. What brand of sugar free gum is it again?

Meals on Wheels said...

DubV said...
"In the pit world, those that claim that their pits are victims, that they are victims by owning a pit, and those that supposedly stand up for these victims wear this contrived victimhood for the same reason a clown wears paint or a canid roles in stench...."

You always bring up the most inspiring concepts!

DubV said...

DubV said...

Thanks Meals, love your blog.

TreeC said...

Dawn James you are AWESOME!