Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Resident dog vs. Family dog


Resident dogs are dogs, whether confined within a dwelling or otherwise, whose owners maintain them in ways that isolate them from regular, positive human interactions.

The isolation and lack of exposure to the family unit results in the display of behaviors different from Family dogs.


Family dogs are dogs whose owners keep them in or near the home and also integrate them into the family unit, so that the dogs learn appropriate behavior through interaction with humans on a regular basis in positive and humane ways.

like any educated nutter, KAREN DELISE blames owners when pit bulls attack and kill. she says it all comes down to maintaining RESIDENT DOGS (on occasion she will blame the weather). according to KAREN DELISE,  "We will achieve safer, more humane communities when we hold owners of all dogs accountable to high standards of humane care, custody, and control." 

here are photos of the killer pit bull in iowa (it's the white "amstaff").

what do YOU think?


Nanny Dogs?!? A cruel sales pitch or sick practical joke?

The Nanny Dog Myth Revealed 


Anonymous said...

I know LOTS of Sheepdog Trialers that keep their dogs in kennels and rarely, if ever, let them in the house.

That's why Border Collies kill so many people, right?

PutMeInCharge4OneDay said...

Wait a minute.

I read the letter from the Police Department.

Does this mean Brutus will just get shuffled off to another community?????

Brutus sure looks like a "resident" dog to me. Guess it had to be the weather that got his genetics to kick in.

The Atlanta Journal is running a poll- Should there be additional laws and regulations for pit bulls.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

good point cazz, same with hunting dogs.

my grandfather's beagles were kept in a kennel 24/7 unless they were actually hunting. when i was little i never saw them outside of it and i was never allowed to touch them.

tropical storms said...

From what I've read anything other than the fact that bulldogs were bred to attack and kill living things is the cause of human fatalities /maulings. You know, weather, ladders, pillows.....

Jake said...

Judging from the myspace images, Brutus was a "family" dog. All of the pictures were taken indoors, featuring brutus interacting with other dogs or people.

orangedog said...

Right now that poll is running at 82% for more regulation, but I suspect the pit bull army has not been signaled yet: NUTTER NUTTER NUTTER NUTTER

DubV said...

Yards full of beagles were common in WV when I was a kid. I would go into my uncle's backyard when I was a kid and sit on the ground and get licked and sat on by 20 hunting beagles at a time. No one was concerned because they were beagles.

Anne King said...

yea, the note from the Chief of Police certainly says nothing about some pink sleepy juice for the mauler. God only knows when some rescue angel wanting to fluff up the feathers on her wings will reach out to try and save the poor maligned pit. And then all her little nutter buddies will reach into their wallets and raise the thousands for it's defence fund while victims of pits struggle to pay vet bills for their attacked animal, and parents of mauled kids try and figure out how to pay for the plastic surgery. Makes me sick...

orangedog said...

I think I read that the family signed the dog over to be destroyed after the quarantine period, but I'm not positive.
Someone will no doubt inform the Lexus Project that there's another blood soaked white fightin' dawg that needs trafficked to another state.

DubV said...

The family can decide to have the dog put down. They most certainly will. The father on the scene was tasered. I'm guessing he heard what happened and wanted to go kill the dog himself and they wanted to stop him for some reason.

DubV said...

String of nutters commenting on how pits should be in the list given of top breeds for kids.

I just skimmed a few pages, but it goes on and on.

vintage said...

Miss James,

With a due respect, don't be silly about Beagles...When the Pit grifters filed their Amicus Brief to get the Vick Pit Bulls they originally asked for $190,000 per dog.

"Rehabilitation of fighting dogs is a time consuming, labor intensive effort which requires 4 to 6 hours each day per dog. Qualified trainers earn between $50.00-$75.00 per hour. At 5 hours a day, 30 days a month, this $9,700 dollars per month of training. To this, add food and veterinary care, and the price to rehabilitate a fighting dog is a little more than $10,000 per month. If training and rehabilitating a dog takes 18 months, the cost rises to $180,000 plus the run cost of $10,000 or $190,000 per dog"

Financial Request for the 9 Vick Beagles: $0

Rehab time for the Beagles: 0

World wide Beagle DBRFs since the Vick Bust: 0

Vick Beagles still in captivity: 0

World wide Pit Bull DBRFS since the Vick Bust:171

Stop being a "Bracist"!

vintage said...

PS...The World Wide Pit Bull DBRF Body Count is at 471 as of yesterday.... The countdown to the Quincentenicide(DBRF Number 500) begins shortly!

Always remember, Pit Bulls are not human aggressive like the less reliable breeds that were not thoughtfully selected by bull baiters and dog fighters!

*Disclaimer: You Can't Make This Up!

Branwyne Finch said...

Hunting dogs of all kinds have been kept in kennels for centuries....retrievers, hounds, pointers, setters, spaniels. When I was growing up, some family friends kept beagles...hunted with them, and bred them. They were kennel dogs, but brought inside to whelp and raise the puppies. Not only did the family have small children, who interacted freely with the dogs while kenneled, we were allowed to play with and handle the puppies when we visited, with no aggression from the mamma beagle at all.....she never tried to "protect" her pups from visiting children.

I would venture to say that, historically, most dogs kept in the first half of the prior century would have been "resident dogs". Certainly the practice of keeping dogs inside the house with you is relatively modern....I know adults who grew up in the south who explain that growing up, animals, including dogs, were kept outside. Many show dogs are kennel dogs, time you watch Crufts or Westminster, note that none of the dogs attempt to kill anyone.

Globally, the majority of dogs are NOT treated the way Karen Delise insists they must be in order that they don't maul us. We had an Italian exchange student who explained that dogs, if they are kept at all, are kept outside. This is true in many countries around the world. Yet you don't see the number of deaths and serious injuries caused by dogs people claim to be "pets" in those places.

If dogs were so inherently dangerous that simply keeping them outside made them killers, then how does Delise explain the existence of feral pariah dogs, or "village dogs" that coexist peacefully with people in third world countries everywhere? How does she explain the thousands of dogs on southern hunting plantations that are whelped, grow up, and live their lives in kennels, only brought out to train for hunting, and ultimately to hunt?

The "resident dog" theory is just more bullshit....if it were true, human fatalities from dog attacks would number in the millions every year. Normal dogs are not inherently dangerous animals.

Alexandra said...

Delise isn't trying to explain anything. She's trying obfuscate, as usual.

An American Staffordshire terrier is not a pit bull. An unregistered pit bull is not a pit bull. The American Staffordshire terrier is a totally different dog from the American Staffordshire BULL terrier. That's not a pit bull either. The English Staffordshire BULL terrier is totally different from all of these. The American bulldog is not the same as any of the aforegoing or as a pit bull... -- blah, blah, blah.

I guess she got tired of making up new 'breed' names for the same basic genes, so she thought she'd add a new type of category.

Resident AmStaff
Family AmStaff
Resident AmBULLStaff
Family AmBULLStaff
Resident unregistered not really a pit bull
Family unregistered not really a pit bull
Resident English StaffieBULL
Family StaffieBULL
Resident American bulldog
Family American bulldog
and so on.

It doubles (in one fell swoop) the categories of undogs they can list to divide kill statistics among. If they make the list long enough, they'll eventually get the kill statistics for each of their categories down to the level of normal dogs. Though of course never to zero.

Only banning the whole shebang will give us zero.

orangedog said...

LOL Sputnik, I sent this finding to Dawn the other day. Behold "Pit Bull Math" where 11 deaths become 0:

"The Pit Bull breed makes up 5-9.6% of the United States dog population. In 2007, there were above 72 million dogs in the United States provided by American Pet Products Manufacturers Association. That’s between 3,600,000 and 6,912,000 Pit Bull breed dogs in the United States. So, for our example we’ll take the average percent between 5 and 9.6, and use 7.3 percent, which would give an average estimation of the Pit Bull population in the United States. That leaves us with 5,256,000 Pit Bulls. Other dog populations (United States): (estimation) Pit Bulls: 5,256,000 (estimation) Rottweilers: 900,000 (estimation) German Shepherds: 780,000 (estimation) Chows: 240,000 Fatal attacks by these breeds of dogs (1979-1998): Pit Bulls: 66 Rottweilers: 39 German Shepherds: 17 Chows: 8 When we divide the population by the fatal attacks, we can get a percentage based on the dogs probability of fatally attacking a human. Pit Bulls: .00125 % Rottweilers: .00433 % German Shepherds: .00217% Chow: .00333% WELL, it would seem the Pit Bull is at the bottom of the list. 4 times as many Rottweilers, 2 times as many German Shepherds, and 3 times as many Chows are involved in Fatal Attacks based on the population percentage. It is only logical that if there are more Pit Bulls there would be more attacks. Lets take a little less blame on the breed and put a little more blame on the people. Through all they’ve been through, the Pit Bull still triumphs."

Oh yeah, the pit bull "triumphs" all right. *roll eyes*

orangedog said...

Just read that Top Ten list Dubv posted. Someone actually suggests a Boerbol. A DOG USED TO KILL LIONS.
Oh, but they are so loyal! Where have we heard that before?
All that means to me is if they don't somehow kill your kid, they will kill a visiting one.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

i completely agree branwyne. DELISE'S resident vs family dog mumbo jumbo contradicts donna and tim flying to idaho and evaluating scarred up dogs living on chains and walking away with all of their limbs and scalps intact. if there is any merit to her bullshit, why are we saving fight bust dogs?

when i was about 18, my friend's family kept their dogs outside and chained up. a completely foreign idea to how i was raised with dogs. they had two GSD mixes and an unidentifiable heinz 57, 2 males and a female, all intact. i could walk up to anyone of those dogs and pet them, and i regularly did. they never snapped or growled at me. those beagles belonging to my grandfather, never dug out or chewed out of their kennel and went on a rampage.

in the aftermath of a pit bull attack, i regularly see photos of the culprit in the house, dressed in clothing, sleeping on furniture, snuggling with people, kids, dogs, cats while their owners claim "they have never done that before."

the nutters have a rolodex of excuses and each one contradicts the other.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

I slept with this huge ass dog, he is so cute and loveable! He hogs the bed though!

orangedog said...

Wonder what happened to the other pit bull and Buddy the Beagle?

Packhorse said...

I watched the beginning of "Shelter Me", a PBS special that's being funded by the Halo pet food company and Ellen DeGeneres.

The first half hour is nothing but nutterin'. Two stray pits are removed from the streets (one has fighting scars), briefly 'tested,' and adopted out to two different young, petite women. We get an earful about bad raps and how pits are just the best, most loyal, most people pleasing dogs on Earth.

At the end, we see a shot of the petite woman playing with her new battle-scarred dog in a park. At one point he hits the end of his leash and keeps running, and the woman is very nearly knocked off her feet.

I stopped watching.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

Katherine Heigl is a pit nutter.

Your Quiet Neighbor said...

IMHO, "helping shelter pets" is another pit nutter euphemism. Be on the lookout for it.

Branwyne Finch said...

BadRap has announced it will be taking at least one of the Idaho fight bust dogs, and most of the others are being scattered around the country to different rescue groups.

These dogs will be used as fund raising tools by all of the groups that take them. I will bet that most, if not all, of these dogs are infected with Babesia Gibsoni, based on the living conditions they were found in and the numerous bite wounds they all carry. Idaho Humane and BadRap have not mentioned testing for the disease.

These dogs will disappear, and no one will be able to trace their one will know if they end up attacking other neighborhood dogs, or perhaps even a dog sized child. Their future owners won't be required to have insurance on them, so they won't.

PutMeInCharge4OneDay said...

In re-reading my first comment on this thread I of course meant that "Brutus" looked like a family dog.

At my age the thoughts sometimes do not make it from my brain to the keyboard.......

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

packhorse, go back. five more minutes and you'd see something completely different. a womens prison service dog training program. the head of the program went to the shelter to evaluate a dog's potential. the shelter person asked her if the dog was a good candidate, she replied, "yes. soft eyes and no reaction to other dogs."

there was not a single pit bull in the program. one each of the following: GSD mix, collie mix, schnauzer mix, poodle, poodle mix. the rest were labs and goldens.

the third segment was also interesting, service dogs for vets with ptsd. one lab and one pit bull were featured. the lab was exactly what you want, loose relaxed body. the pit bull was exactly what you don't want, pulling hard on the leash, tense, twitchy and spinning around looking at other dogs in the park. that mutant is an accident waiting to happen. shit it probably already has.

but regarding the fist segment, did you notice the fur mommy's full sleeve and hand tattoos? did you notice that ugly white mutant that she adopted still had its testicles? what the fuck is wrong with that shelter?

streaming on netflix

DubV said...

I'm not sure if they still do this, but poor shelters around here in the past would give out a spay/neuter coupon for the vet when you adopted an intact dog. It cuts the price in half or so.

Decatur AL livin nt to 4 pits said...

This is such good work, Dawn. Thanks for all you do.

DubV said...

I got this

from dogs bite decatur.

It is incredibly sad.

It is worth going through dog bite decatur's page to search it out.

I fucking hate these pit nutters. I have been arguing with a high profile pit nutter for a month, and I feel like I have wasted the entire 30 minutes it took to destroy the prose that he crafted over the course of many hours. Mostly because these fuck heads are unsinkable rubber ducks. They canNOT realize when they have been bested.

I hate that they cause these horrible deaths. I will try not to actually engage pit nutters in the future as if they are humans that are capable of adapting to reality without force from regulation.

DubV said...

The nutter I was battling was Brent Toellner. He is a walking caricature of politically correct dog bull shit and he has the slime of an advertising agent. Fuck him. Sorry, I'm frustrated right now with so much death by pit that will never be correctly view by pit bull advocates.

I've truly for the last time realized that you cannot in anyway discuss things with the brainwashed.

This is a lesson Dawn tried to teach me a while ago but I was not listening.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

DubV - sorry you wasted your time with this fucktard. BRENT TOELLNER is the poster child for the unskilled and unaware. all you can do is make fun of someone like that.

dogsbite decatur, al - thank you.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

maybe you'd like to blog about him on craven? he is over due for some attention.

Branwyne Finch said...

Dubv, I understand your frustration. I have been reflecting lately on the unhealthy relationship pit bull advocates have with dogs in sister is looking to adopt a dog from a shelter, and I am trying to protect her from the crazy culture of dog rescue.

I think it all comes down to healthy relationships....Sternberg mentions that dogs who score high in sociability tests tend to be adopted quickly....people self-select them. I think since humans and dogs evolved together, we are somehow wired to respond to the signals a friendly, "safe" dog gives....soft eye contact, ears back, low wagging tail; those dogs that approach gently, are calmed by your touch, and seek out and enjoy petting.

However, humans who do not value or understand healthy human relationships seem to not appreciate and recognize healthy relationships with animals. If my daughter came home with a black eye and said that her boyfriend punched her because she did something he didn't like, I would be horrified, and insist she never see him again....even if she told me that he was charming and affectionate 95% of the time. I feel the same way about dogs....if my daughter had a dog who bit her and drew blood, I would tell her to get rid of him, even if he was "nice" 95% of the time. That's not a safe relationship.

Imagine going onto a public internet forum and counseling women who are victims of domestic violence to "try harder", at their relationship, and make them feel guilty for wanting to leave their abuser. Now imagine telling a woman whose partner was threatening her children to "stay with him", but "just never let him be alone with your kids". Yet this happens on dog forums every day....the same anti-BSL folks who promote pit bulls as pets are telling other dog owners to disregard dangerous behavior and just work harder not to do anything that will upset their dog. It's insane.

People like Brent Toeller seems to be wired wrong....they will go to any length to rationalize and justify breeding and ownership of dangerous dogs, because I believe they are unable to understand or appreciate healthy, normal relationships....either human or canine.

scorched earth said...

DubV, bless you for your righteous rage. I'm feeling some myself.

Toellner is an amazingly dense and self satisfied fool, Chef David is more of the same. Interacting with these people is like talking to chickens, or rocks.

Alexandra said...

Branwyne, the whole thing with pit bulls is a replay of what we went through with rape, later with child (sexual) abuse. Blame the victim, protect the perp, get angry if someone brings up realities because it ruins the cozy atmosphere, re-home the pedophile in a different parish or neighborhood (but don't tell the residents there), poor thing needs therapy -- blah-blah on-and-on.

You should read Martha Stout's 'The Sociopaths Next Door'. It will save you puzzling about what's going on with people like Toellner, whose penis is also obviously very small.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

brilliant analogy branwyne.

in the book Blaming the Victim by William Ryan, he presents his theory that victim blaming is an ideology for justifying social injustice against blacks. it is funny how time and time again, the lunatics who accuse us of being racist are in fact the ones guilty of committing the crime of discrimination.

Your Quiet Neighbor said...

Resident dogs? They're the ones that fill neighborhoods with needless barking. That is, when they're not endangering others with vicious behavior.

Family dogs are kept in the house. Where they are not a nuisance to the neighbors.

Branwyne Finch said...

Absolutely, Sputnik. (And I have read "The Sociopath Next Door", and loved it!)

I am constantly horrified by what I read on-line and see on TV...the "celebrity" dog trainers like Stillwell, Milan, Torres, etc., evaluating dogs that are EXTREMELY dangerous, some who even live in a home with children, and declaring them easily fixable. While society has been slowly evolving to recognize and protect victims of sexual abuse and domestic violence, it's become socially acceptable and politically correct to condone and accept violence perpetrated by dogs.

I do think that violent dogs attract both violent people and those who have mental health issues surrounding healthy relationships. I felt physically ill reading the testimonials on the Truth about Smilin Pit Bull Rescue page, where that sick woman was apologizing over and over, and groveling in her quest for the groups forgiveness for getting rid of her adopted pit bull, after it made numerous aggressive threats and finally BIT HER CHILD. Pit bull breed advocacy seems to attract a subculture of very sick people.

Miss Margo said...

"Mostly because these fuck heads are unsinkable rubber ducks."

Unsinkable rubber ducks--what an apt description. I must appropriate it for my own use.

DubV, is your debate with Toellner posted anywhere online...? BC I'd love to read it.

BTW, I'm still working on the Jackie Lockard piece. I hoped to have it done by today, but I recently had a birthday and my internet connection has been XTRA CRAPPY the last two days, which has somewhat hindered my ability to do research. Time Warner Cable/Internet sux bigtime. I am trying to stream Daily Show clips (yeah, my big Friday Night date with Jon Stewart, lol) and I can't even do that.

Will try to have it up ASAP.

DubV said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
DubV said...

Happy birthday, Miss Margo.

I stole the rubber duck thing from James Randi.

Looking forward to your post.

I got sucked into commenting on Brent's KC Dog Blog, but he would delete my comments and then respond to them selectively and they spread over several posts of his. So, I don't think there is a way to get an accurate and concise view of anything.

Alexandra said...

Thanks Branwyne. Yeah, pit bull type dogs don't attract only sociopaths / psychopaths. They also attract control freaks and people who like to wallow in self-righteousness and holier-than-thou-ness. Also people who feel victimized because life doesn't give them what they want without effort, and no one protects them, so they project themselves onto the poor victim pittie-poos.

I guess we could make a fairly long list of the disorders and troubled-nesses owning and/or advocating for pit bulls indicates. All of which indeed involve mental health issues surrounding healthy human relationships.

vintage said...


Update on the San Francisco "Save Charlie" vicious dog fan club. Charlie attacked a police horse in a federal park last summer....The owner used the recycled "Never saw a horse before" story they used when Anna Klafter's SPCA trined Therapy Pit attacked a police horse in Golden Gate Park back in 2003....

"Well, it turns out that of the $17,000 donated via campaign, Gizzarelli has none left, and now a judge has ruled that he has cover half of the $10,000 cost to house and care for Charlie over the last nine months. Also, it sounds like he's homeless.

As the Examiner reports, a federal court judge ruled on Monday that Gizzarelli has to split the $9,808 accrued so far in the cost to board and care for Charlie, including some veterinary care the dog needed for an injury sustained prior to the August run-in with the U.S. Park Police horse.

Gizzarelli's attorney told the judge that his client had no way of paying the sum, saying he is "on social welfare, living on $422 a month and sleeping out of his car." When asked where the $17,000 in donations had gone, the attorney replied that it had gone mostly to legal fees, but there was also at least $3,000 that had gone to "food, transportation and housing" for Gizzarelli"

As one commenter shrewdly analyzed...homeless vagabonds only qualify for $65 in CA.

The Taxman Cometh!

* Disclaimer: You Can't Make This Stuff Up!

tropical storms said...

Excellent. I like to use the Ted Bundy analogy. Ninety five percent of the time he was warm, charming, intelligent, affable and caring. It was only that tiny little percentage of time that he was violent, ferocious and deadly. You still wouldn't want him in your home, neighborhood or city. It difficult for me to understand how people can see the danger of one species with such proclivities but not another with precisely the same tendencies.

Rumpelstiltskin said...

The difference is a resident pit bull has easier access to children.

Fulton County, GA

4/24 - Pit bull kills child

She said that when she stepped away to go to the restroom, "everything was okay." When she returned to the room, it was clear that the pit bull had attacked the child and killed him.

Rumpelstiltskin said...

The difference is a resident pit bull has easier access to children.

Fulton County, GA

4/24 - Pit bull kills child

She said that when she stepped away to go to the restroom, "everything was okay." When she returned to the room, it was clear that the pit bull had attacked the child and killed him.

DubV said...

Good catch, Rumpel.

When pits were primarily resident dogs, fewer people were killed.

orangedog said...

Brawnwyne, and the equally repugnant Part 2 of that story where the aggressive dog is grifted out to yet another family with a small child. The dog immediately started showing the same pattern, but it's ok because they whomped her a couple times when she growled. So now she won't growl when she finally snaps. They're going to "keep trying" because being lionized by pit nutters is apparently worth the risk of a dead kid. Appalling behavior. You can also see from the "cute kid and his pit bull" pics that the dog is starring off in the distance (probably spied a normal doggie victim) and has no interest in him. I really question why these parents would choose this kind of risk. It's a simple choice: Normal Dog may bite, but child probably won't even need stitches. Mauler "bites" and child gets life-flighted to the hospital.

vintage said...

Dub V,

Astute observation.... The Animal Welfare Act of 1976 criminalized the trafficking of dogs across state lines for the purpose of fighting. We are now living with the unintended consequences of the Law because ditch digging avoiding Dogmen began selling pit bulls to civilians.

Giving a pit bull to a 22 year old girl is like giving the keys to an 18 wheeler to a 16 year old with a learners permit. Life flights and funerals aplenty!

The US just had it's 300th Pit Bull DBRF since the AWL of 1976 was passed.

Miss Margo said...

@ branwyne 5:16 AM and sputnik 8:08

Really appreciate these comments, too. Definitely food for thought. Sorry I didn't respond sooner.

DubV, I looked up Toellner and your exchange. Pearls before swine, DubV.

Jason said...

We don't bring the "family car" inside the house, so I guess we'll start having to refer to it as the "resident car!"

This is just another in a long list of ridiculous claims made by certified (make that certifiable!) dog freaks. Interestingly, the overwhelming majority of dogs that kill their owners, members of their owner's family and children are allowed to live inside the house, have been raised from puppies, are "socialized" (at least by Karen Delise's definition) and are somewhat trained.

The fact is, large dogs were NOT bred to be house pets, i.e., indoor dogs, and as such, they become frustrated in confined spaces. I'm no dog freak myself (don't even own one of those filthy, crap-eating fleabags), but I have an acquaintance who is a dog breeder/trainer and he says one of the reasons dogs become frustrated living indoors is because dehumidified air (i.e., air conditioning and central heat) causes respiratory problems in dogs. I don't know if this is true, but he trains only large dogs (but no pit bull-types) and refuses to train a dog that lives indoors because he says such dogs are maladjusted and it takes three times as long to train them, if you they can be trained at all. His own dogs are so well trained that they can be eating and if he tells yells STOP!, they will stop eating and wait until he says EAT! to continue. Everyone should train their dogs so well.

Jason said...

Some here have mentioned confrontations with various pit nutters on the internet. If anyone encounters "Clay Hundenshire," one of the most asinine, ignorant, uneducated, conceited, obnoxious, irritating, uninformed nutters online, just mention "Senate Bill 969" and you won't hear another peep out of him.

He's always bragging that Massachusetts was the 13th state to, in his words, "eradicate BSL" and that only "uneducated" people from "Podunk" towns approve of BSL. Well Senate Bill 969 was proposed in February (2013) by Massachusetts Senator Michael Rush and, if passed, will allow towns/counties in Massachusetts to pass laws banning pit bulls and other dangerous dogs. Even better, the bill is supported by Boston Mayor Thomas Menino and Hundenshire claims Boston is his home town!

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

jason, sorry it took so long to publish your comment.

yes, clay hundtard is an ignorant, uneducated, conceited, obnoxious, irritating, uninformed asinine nutter.

thanks for the update. good news for a change.

Jason said...

There are no such things as "resident" and "family" dogs. The difference is that people with common sense keep dogs OUTSIDE, where dogs belong, and dog freaks keep them inside the house and attempt to turn them into something they're not, i.e., they anthropomorphize dogs.

If Karen Delise would extract her nose from some pit bull's rear end long enough to do a little checking (God forbid!), she would discover that the overwhelming majority of dog attacks in the US (particularly those on children) occur INDOORS by the so-called "family dog" and could be prevented if people would simply keep their %*^^!$# dogs OUTSIDE!

Back before people began trying to humanize dogs and kept their fleabags outside, dog attacks on children were almost nonexistent. For example, from 1940 until 1970, only five children in the US were killed by the so-called "family dog" and these dogs were owned by dog freaks who had no better sense than to allow dogs inside the house. In the 21st century, hardly a day passes that we don't read or hear about a child being attacked and badly injured or killed by the family dog.

People today are taken in by the multi-billion-dollar dog industry that airs TV commercials, etc. claiming dogs are "members of the family" and other nonsense.

The fact is that a dog's normal body temperature is MUCH higher than that of a human being, which means that a comfortable indoor temperature for a human being is decidedly uncomfortable for a dog. Add to this the fact that breathing dehumidified air causes respiratory problems in dogs and the fact that large dogs confined in cramped spaces become frustrated and you have a recipe for disaster. Additionally, if the dog in question happens to be an aggressive breed such as a pit bull, you may as well bring home a stick of dynamite, place it on the mantle above the fireplace and trust it not to explode.