Monday, July 8, 2013

pit bull terrorists

the war of ugly vs cute rages on.

this blood spattered nutter is dragging her gripper away from it's recently decapitated prey.


the story goes like this:
Elvis barked at a passing gripper. gripper busted through the gate, snatched Elvis in his jaws and spit our Elvis' head as he was being dragged off by the thing at the other end of the leash. this was witnessed by the small children who own Elvis.

“I am aware of pictures that have been circulated on social media which will undoubtedly cause concern for the community but can I reassure people that we have now seized the offending dog so there is no risk to the general public."

correction: THIS mutant poses no risk to the general public. THIS nutter likely still does pose a threat and of course the rest of those gripping sleeper cells that are waiting on orders from their DNA.

decapitated because he barked at a passing dog.
or maybe because he is cute.
rip Elvis


Packhorse said...

Yesterday I spotted a teenager clad in gangsta clothing playing on his cellphone with one hand while holding the leash of a spinning, jumping pit with the other. He wasn't paying a bit of attention to his dog. This was on my street.

Of course, my dog had to go potty shortly afterward, so I went out in my backyard with a loaded pistol. This is ridiculous.

orangedog said...

I agree Packhorse. I am so sad for the people who have to witness this continuing brutality to their pets. They've caught THIS mauler, but bets on whether the nutter gets a small fine and gets her nasty thing back?
If I had to watch my dog be decapitated, they would have to lock me up to keep me away from that nutter bitch.

Anonymous said...

they will have a good story made up that a judge might listen to if hes not had his own contact with pitters and their pigdogs.

PutMeInCharge4OneDay said...

I have mentioned lately that the only thing worse then pit bulls is their owners.

That poor Pomeranian. Yeah I know the Pom had the audacity to start it by barking at the dog and of course the pit bull had to finish it.

RIP Elvis

Anonymous said...

i believe that owners know what their dogs are likely to do and will lie about that ,after the fact . too many times ive heard how the dog/s never did anything before and i just dont believe them . i see what and how these people think and i dont believe these folks are not liars and scumbags.

Anonymous said...

i own a pit bull and she is a very sweet dog..she loves my children and is not mean to strange dogs...last week a german shepherd jumped the fence into my yard and my dog fought with it..just protecting their family..neither I nor my family are nutters...what an uneducated word...she is not a mutant nor is she crazy vicious towards other dogs...its people like u that make pitbulls seem mean when in fact ANY dog has the same insticts

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, you give Anonymous a bad name.

Normal dogs, NORMAL dogs don't go biting the heads off of other dogs. They know how to interact socially and don't escalate getting barked at to killing their own species in a rage.

Normal people, NORMAL people, see trends in the fact that 60% of the people are killed by a type of dog that's less than 10% of the population and are worried about these dogs. NORMAL people notice where NUTTERS ALWAYS SAY THAT PIBBLES NEVER DID ANYTHING LIKE THAT BEFORE, and realize your kids are playing with the canine equivalent of a grenade.

You know, won't go off until it goes off?


Anonymous said...

@anon 4:40 -

First of all your outrageous statement that "ANY dog" has the same instincts is the sort of criminal disinformation that is causing the needless deaths of innocent dogs like Elvis.

Not impressed with your claims of a sweet pit bull. It may not yet have reached the magical mauling age (typically around 2 years old) or you may be in denial. Pit nutters seem to live a a reality distortion field that warps everything to fit their narrative.

Anonymous said...

how do you know she was just protecting her family and not enjoying it ? did it lock onto the shepard, cuz thats what they were bred to do?
not all dogs will fight with other dogs obtw and not all dogs have the same instics.
these dogs are known to be especially mean becuz they are , as a group , compared to other groups . what would you think if your sweet pit kills or disfigures one of your kids ? will you blame yourself?

Anonymous said...

well anonymous we have had our pit bull for 2 and1/2 yrs...since she was 5 weeks old.we saved her from the pound..she really has never shown aggression unless someone raises their voice to myself or my children..we have 2 cats that she has been sharing her water bowl and food bowl with for 6 months...she was not my dog of choice but I am so glad to have her now...u are just falling prey to local media in portraying ONLY pit bull attacks...if u look at statistics u will see that the dalmation is the number one documented dog in human bites...pit bulls are number 1 in dog bites bcuz that is their kids will be fine around her and I think that if people did the proper research they would see they are awesome human companions

Anonymous said...

they are number one in human fatalities too , so watch your spawn .
dog aggression in pitbulls is bred in , not instinctive . dogs do not usually actually hurt other dogs , its posturing . you are not very educated on the subject if you dont know this , watch your spawn .

Anonymous said...

@anon 4:58 -

Out of 18 people killed so far this year, 17 were killed by pit bulls. Pit bulls have also maimed hundreds of people and killed many hundreds of pets so far this year.

Dalmatians aren't even on the radar, so I'm not sure where you are getting your information - no doubt from one of the pit bull propaganda mills.

So many people have thought their kids were fine around the "family pit bull" which then tore their kids apart. You're playing pit bull roulette. Do you know the meaning of the word "unpredictable"? You might squeak by, or you might lose big time. Good luck

Anonymous said...

meaning of course, the 18 people killed by dogs this year...

Anonymous said... will see a Pomeranian killed a baby...and over 30 breeds are responsible for human not here to argue the point..just saying that it has a lot to do with how the dog was raised and if it was properly socialized as a puppy..

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

anonymous, in april an 8 year old pit bull killed a 2 yr old boy when the mom went to the bathroom. the dog lived inside the house, was regularly walked in the neighborhood, the neighbors claimed the pit bull was always friendly, the parents of the boy said it had never been aggressive. they didn't name the pit bull gator, chaos, felony or capone. it's name was KISSY FACE.

funny thing, when you sign your name anonymous, you can make any claim, no matter how ludicrous, and no one can disprove it. good job nutter.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

socialization has little to do with it. if it did, nutters would not be rescuing fight bust dogs.

why do you have to go back 13 years to find a pomeranian death? i only have to go back 2 weeks to find someone dead by pit bull.

Anonymous said...

bull crap . people with childish minds should not have children and especially children around pitbulls

Anonymous said...

- mutant is not aggressive unless someone raises their voice ?

- mutant not "crazy vicious towards other dogs"

-mutant shares food and water bowls with cats?????

is it just me ? that sees bloody writing on the wall?

orangedog said...

Oh right, the media ignores all the poodles, beagles, and oh yes, chihuahuas (who are all way more vicious!) killing adults, kids, and other dogs. Because that would totally not make headlines.
Just think about what you are saying Anon. You are spitting out the same propaganda BS we hear every time a "sweet" pibble berserks and leaves dead pets or people behind.
Oh, and there's a picture of the 40 lb "Pomeranian that killed a baby" on this site. It does not look like a 10 lb Pom does - a TOY breed. Also, you seem to know about it so the media must have f'ed up and reported it.
How many "ANY" dogs have killed people this year despite your claim that they bite more? Oh right, ONE. ONE ONE ONE. All the rest were pit bulls. They are having a banner year.
Bite stats do not matter anyway because the difference between a bite and a sustained mauling is like comparing a paper cut to sticking your arm in a wood chipper. Would you rather have?
You guys needs to wake the hell up and realize that the dog fighter lobby has been leading you around by the nose. Pits are a genetically ticking timb bomb - and an especially poor pet to choose to have around children.
I wonder if your neighbors feel safe around your "protective" pit.

Anonymous said...

Anon-ONE breed has been responsible for 65% of human maulings and fatalities for the past 30 years-the PIT BULL. Since 1851`there has not been ONE decade in which pit bulls did not account for at least 50% of human deaths. YOU are the reason we need BSL. Sure, this 2000 California DBRF of a 3 week old baby infant by an 18 lb Pomeranian was horrifying.... Yet, this Golden BB attack was a bona fide freak accident and statistical outlier. The incident is the only documented case of a Pomeranian causing a DBRF in the history of the breed. In contrast, California's ever increasing Pit Bull body count currently stands at 47

PutMeInCharge4OneDay said...


Here is the picture of the "Pomeranian" that killed a baby.

I promise you I have more Pomeranian blood in me then this dog.

And if we were to go with the MYTH of a Pomeranian who killed a baby- I suggest you visit this site to see how they literally "stack up" against Shit Bulls.

PutMeInCharge4OneDay said...

I have to also add that today at the barn where my young horses are started- their pit bulls genetics kicked in a little.

Today, the pit bull, who was raised since a puppy around horses, went after a horse that was on the hot walker. The worker- whos dog it was, pulled it off the horse AND guess what-it went right back and went after the horse again, and again after being pulled off.

Oh yeah and they mentioned that the dog has been escalating its behavior and also showing a sullenness towards people.

Yeah and the day it shreds one of the foals there or a person the owner will say its the first time the dogs been a problem- the favorite phrase of all nutters.

Anonymous said...

im sick of nutter comments cuz its very rare to hear anything new or interesting . always the same old , tired b.s. ive heard a thousand times . i really have to wonder about peops who get pitbulls then have to research excuses to keep them, even when everything should be screaming for a humane solution to the mistake ,lol.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

"Oh yeah and they mentioned that the dog has been escalating its behavior and also showing a sullenness towards people."

existential angst.

i bet mutant gripper is no longer sullen. he now knows why he exists and is on the road to self actualization. he'll be so happy, he'll be ready for a tutu.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

packhorse, i'd rather deal with those idiots than the fur mommies who lull people into thinking their pibble is safe.

Anonymous said...

It has almost NOTHING to do with the way these dogs are raised. People with PhD's in canine behavior and veterinary medicine seem to agree that about 90% of a pit bulls behavior (or any other dog's behavior) is GENETICALLY determined and cannot be loved, trained, socialized, or exercised OUT of them:

Anonymous said...

Here are 12 week old pit puppies fighting in the breeds typical 'hold and shake' attack style until they draw blood. At 12 weeks. I've been around puppies much older and other breeds and never seen them act like this. That's GENETICS.

Randel said...

@ anon 4:58

You've had your pit for 2 years, you do know you can't say for certainty, nor can anyone else here, that your dog will never harm or kill another dog until your dog is dead, right?

And yes, I see a lot of people here claiming their non pits would never harm or kill another being, you guys don't know that. What you do have though is a high probability that your medium to large size dog won't compared to a pit bull.

I like pits but won't deny their capacity to do severe harm - but I also won't say that others dogs can't be a problem. In all honestly, pits are the most likely to maim and kill, and it's a shame that his continues because of a multitude of reasons that the pit bull advocacy fail to address. Breeding being the main problem. I don't want to see these dogs go extinct, but I also don't want to continue seeing a disproportionate amount of attacks and death caused by this group of dogs. If requiring spay and neuter into extinction or lower numbers are met is the only way to create peace for the dogs and people, then so be it. I for one am not against licenses, automatic spay and neuter of the pet population, or felony charges when a known dangerous breed type decides to harm or kill someone. I also think breeders should be licensed and limited and littler production as well as pay a yearly fee of some sort.

Randel said...

If any of the pit bull honchos out there cared one bit about the pits or more importantly the people, they would take these measures since they've drastically reduced maimings and deaths were implanted.

This pit bull's so called owner needs to be caught, tried for animal abuse on behalf of the pomeranian, and further sentenced if possible. The fact that her dog got out of her hand is proof she shouldn't be allowed to own any large capable dog again, ever.

Anonymous said...

dingbat above is typical example of pits being palmed off on gullible and unsuitable persons rather than the more knowedgable and capable person that ideally should get the dog , if anyone . i think a pomeranian would be a fine choice of breed for her .

Randel said...

@ Snarky

I think there are few people who should have and who can manage a pit bull. Most problems seem to come from people who are soccer mom archetypes, or who have bad containment practices. I've known people with pits who had fencing, and concrete ground or dig proof kennels with roofs. Dogs were never vicious or mean but they took the proper restraints in maintaining them. Most people can't or won't take that type of consideration when owning a pit bull.

Most pits don't get out and do harm, but if you know that pits are most likely to get out and do harm compared to other dogs, severe harm, why not take the steps to prevent it? Like I said, these people never had a problem with their pits and many of them died of medical issues or old age. Only two houses I know of had a house with kids, older ones in the teen years.

My advice for anyone who wants an athletic looking dog with the least amount of work in terms of training and containment? Get a boxer. Lot of medical problems though.

Jake said...

I agree about the boxer suggestion - or a boston if you want something a little smaller.

Jake said...

@Randel - you are making a lot of sense. It's refreshing to see comments from one of the few who like pit bulls without trying to spread blatantly dangerous propaganda. I'd like to ask you some more in-depth questions though, and maybe take some notes for a future blog post. If you are willing to talk, feel free to drop me a line:

Miss Margo said...

"Most problems seem to come from people who are soccer mom archetypes, or who have bad containment practices. I've known people with pits who had fencing, and concrete ground or dig proof kennels with roofs. Dogs were never vicious or mean but they took the proper restraints in maintaining them."

Randel, I am skeptical...if three years of FrankenMauler Roundups and documented carnage here on Craven Desires has shown me anything (and it has, indeed, shown me a LOT), it is that most problems do NOT "seem to come from soccer mom archtypes." While not completely absent, soccer moms are, shall we say, underrepresented among the motley crew of pit bull owners featured on this (and other) blogs.

Your logic also needs a little work, Aristotle. You are contradicting yourself. Dogs that are never mean or vicious (basically: DANGEROUS) do not need "proper containment practices." Who but a pit nutter talks about "containing" a dog unless it's, I dunno, being transported on Delta Airline? Or on the subway?

Lol. Do others remember that guy from "Lifestyles of the Rich and Terrified," who had that absurd maximum-security prison system set up in his backyard, and his pit still got out and terrorized the neighborhood? That was classic...

Also, if my understanding is correct, the pits living next to the nice senior citizens who write "Dogs Bite Decatur AL" are/were "properly contained" and have still made life hell for them for years.

But I digress....

"Most pits don't get out and do harm"

Um, citation? Seriously. I don't live in the burbs anymore, but when I did, every single pit bull in my mother's neighborhood was a pain in the ass for everyone in a 5-block radius. It was ridiculous, like something out of a Western movie when the bandit gang rolled into town..."Ellie May, get the other shotgun and the kids and get into the cellar and don't come out until I tell you it's safe!" The pit would jump the fence and people would start calling their neighbors and getting the cats indoors until the digbat owner came around and rounded up his animal. If the owner was just a clueless soccer mom archtype, at least she might be sheepishly apologetic about pittie getting out AGAIN. If the owner was the typical pitowning scumbag, the neighbors didn't even get the sheepish apology. So in cases like that, even if the pit didn't kill a pet or person, is it really accurate to say that it still didn't "do harm?" How much inconvenience and stress should other neighbors have to put up with before it qualifies as "harm?"

Miss Margo said...

And oh yeah: RIP Elvis. Is it just me, or was it really tacky of that nutter way upstream to bring up the pseudo-Pom who killed the infant in what is POM ELVIS'S MEMORIAL BLOG POST?

Stay classy!

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, Randal, I seriously resent the term "capable breeds" when applied to these mutants. Let's be clear here, these dogs are capable of unpredictability and massive destruction.

The arrogant implication is that the only dogs that are "capable" are those that reach the standard of death and maiming these creatures have.

Only people who value the thuggish brutality of the breed consider them more "capable" than other breeds.

The one thing I couldn't teach my border collies to do that your pit can do is to shred another animal ( or human). And my dogs are "capable" of so much more.

So let's drop the euphemism and tell it like it is. Bully breeds are dangerous, not capable.

Miss Margo said...

Hear, Hear Anon 7:16.

P.S. If you keep posting, could you please fabricate a handle? Makes the conversation easier to follow.

Randel said...

@ Miss Margo

First I'm going to say this, I've not been condescending or rude to anyone here, so please don't do the same to me. If you'd like to refer to me then please use my name, Randel. I don't agree with everything here, but I agree with the important aspects and if I find myself not acting appropriately, I will correct myself.

As for my "soccer mom" statement, I'm talking only through my personal experience when I see people with pit bulls who either can't manage them or have this denial of what a pit bull truly is. The two main problem groups in my area ARE people (generally women) who have the soccer mom mentality and who think pit bulls are their "fur children" or whatever they like to call them these days. The second problem group we have locally are people are just apathetic about properly caring for any dog in general. These people let their pits get loose and roam around. Both groups are dangerous and neither of them should be owning a pit bull in my opinion. We don't have a lot of stereotypical thugs where I live so they've never factored into my experience with observing people who own pits.

I'm not being contradictory. I acknowledge that there are pit bulls who are good their entire lives or most of it, like Kissy Face, and end up killing anyways. Most of these dogs who do kill or maim don't seem or are noted as not showing any level of prior aggression in their history or before an attack. That being said, most pit bulls don't maim or kill anyone. Most react to many scenarios like any other dog would when scared or agitated. Why do I say most? I'm only basing it off what's reported in the news to the perceived population of pure pits and their mixes, which is around 3-5 million, though there's no exact estimate. Even if your pit never kills or maims anyone, secured fencing and or kennels protects the dog who may be a very capable escape artist. So it's a win for society and a win for the dog.

You do realize anecdotal experience is only so valuable? You seem to judge my experiences as worthless or inconsequential because someone else has noted negative individual experiences with pit bulls. You can have people claim to have "great containment" and really have poor containment. In my opinion, the only way a pit can't escape, or it's extremely rare if they do, I don't believe in absolutes, is a properly kenneled area. Dig and jump proof. I've read and heard tales of fenced and poorly kenneled pits getting out and causing mischief or seriously harming another person or animal, but haven't come across any cases where properly kenneled pits escaped. I'm talking about secure kenneling like this. But I would make that roof more secure on the sides. I'm not saying no pit has ever escaped, get a game enough pit maybe and it would still possibly get out, but what I am saying is that the probability is probably very low.

Randel said...

@ Miss Margo

Again, anecdotal experience. Similar to the above, YOU may have had, say - 8-10 horrible pits. But there could and are other blocks were the same number of pits don't cause problems at all for anyone. I'm not underestimating the serious issues with those dangerous pits however. ACO (which I know are horribly unreliable) should have taken those animals away and put them to sleep, or cited the owners for the first offense, depending on what the offense is. Preferably, any pit that's loose and showing aggression towards any living thing should be PTS. Responsible dog owners put down noticeably aggressive or capable dogs, even when it doesn't hurt anyone.

I agree, I don't think the neighbors should be put under unnecessary stress. When I see pits properly kenneled and leashed and or muzzled in public I feel no stress. That's me however. But if someone is improperly containing their pit they should be fined and forced to meet a standard. If that dog is a problem dog it should be removed and potentially euthanized. (always euthed if it attacks to any measure off property) If you put a high enough penalty on irresponsibility and ownership, I'm sure many "oopsies" concerning pits would drastically drop.

In the case of dogs like Shield, the cop's dog, she should be put down for attacking a pony unprovoked. Dogs like her I'm not against putting down when it purposely gets loose to attack or again, if it's showing negative reactions even in a secured area such as a pen or kennel. But I guess I'm putting too much faith in pit people to be responsible to that degree...

On another note, I thought it was unnecessary to bring up the pom mix from a decade ago on a blog where a pom was brutally killed for no reason.

Randel said...

@ Anon 7:16

Wether or not you like what words I use or not is your problem. I don't like the term "mutants" but you're free to use it as you will, because I understand what you're getting at by its use.

I don't deny that pits have a history for both bloodsport with bulls and other dogs. I also don't deny that this instinct is heavily inbred in many pit dog lines. I have also noted that pits are the most capable (or dangerous as you prefer) dog breed and type out there, most people shouldn't own them, and if pit advocates don't do something soon then an entire extinction of this class of dog may not be a bad thing. It would prevent further suffering of the dogs and would spare people and pets from getting mutilated and killed.

With that in mind, I don't think that killing off an entire class of dogs is necessary IF pit bull agencies and people would agree to similar or the same measures that law makers have come up. There is hope with Bad Rap FINALLY admitting that there was no such thing as a nanny dog. But that took how many years? By the time pit bull people agree on something that would actually be beneficial for the dog it may be too late, might already be sadly.

We both agree that pit dogs are genetically different and that they're a problem because of it. I won't change my verbiage just because you're offended by the use of one word that's not misused. The fact that most pit dogs don't kill or maim indicates they aren't (as individuals) dangerous. But they are capable of danger for whatever reason wether it be a genetic thing that kicks in like Kissy Face (at which point they are dangerous) or are provoked into danger.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

that's an impressive kennel. i've never seen one like it before but i am skeptical it could contain a determined pit bulldog. given enough time and the right incentive, there seems to be very little that can stop them.

scorched earth said...

Randel, please help me understand the phenomenon of advocacy for a dog that requires zoo level containment? This is not normal human/dog cohabitation.

How many pit bull owners will purchase this "kennel"? How many can afford it? Be aware that the football player (was his name Harrison?) who had his pit bull attack his toddler son, the baby's mother, and a family friend had a "kennel" very much like this one. From time to time it the door must be opened, dog must be fed and the kennel cleaned. It almost cost that baby his life.

In addition to the cost of the zoo cage kennel, pit bull advocates are not known for spending money to comply with licensing and vaccination laws. Not known for insuring their dogs either. You, as a responsible pit bull owner do have insurance on your dogs don't you?

Every so often a pit bull owner turns up here and attempts to "educate" us while making claims that most pit bull owners are irresponsible but our new educational friend has all the answers. Seems like we have heard all this before.

I do completely agree with this statement "if pit advocates don't do something soon then an entire extinction of this class of dog may not be a bad thing. It would prevent further suffering of the dogs and would spare people and pets from getting mutilated and killed." I'm all for prevention.

"Capable" is a poor choice of words to use when you speak to pit bull victims, many of them comment here. We have seen the "capability."

Jake said...

Ah, I'd overlooked the "capable breeds" reference - anon 7:16 makes a good point.

I've also noticed that gripper aficionados tend to speak of bully breeds as being the only ones capable of lethal force, or the most capable. While they are indeed "capable" of inflicting considerable suffering, or death, the fact is that most large domestic dogs could do so - but they don't, or at least very rarely.

It's not that pit bulls are just so powerful that their playful nip proves deadly. It's a determined attack style, a sustained mauling that is a result of genetically endowed instincts and motor patterns.

There are other breeds larger, stronger and with much higher bite force than pit bulls, but they are not even on the radar in terms of violent attacks. In particular, livestock guardian breeds, bred for centuries to protect weaker creatures. What happens when, say, a Kangal, is attacked by a game pit bull? The most common result is a dead pit bull.

The point here is that it's not so much a matter of physical capability as it is the difference between a type of dog bred for protecting the weak from predators, and a type of dog bred to torture and kill whatever is placed in front of it.

Miss Margo said...


You are right about my tone--it was preemptively hostile, and that was not graceful of me. I apologize.

DubV said...

I haven't read all of Randel's comments yet, and I think he or she has a decent head on their shoulders. But....

The argument for people that can safely keep a pit bull in these super high security settings can be made for large cats (tigers, etc). I would immediately question someone that wanted to own a pet that they had to handle with such incredible care and if they messed up then it could be a catastrophe. Same reason I have little uses for zoos except for research and threatened/endangered species propagation.

And there is no way to really know that someone will exercise this level of care consistently. Randel has seen a few, but that is rather cold comfort when dealing with typical dog owners.

I remember reading somewhere that responsible people are responsible enough to not want some responsibilities. For instance, a responsible private owner of a pet male lion cannot exist in the same way that a a triangle with 4 sides cannot exist.

DubV said...

Randel said

" That being said, most pit bulls don't maim or kill anyone."

It would change things a bit if you included "anything", meaning other pets and non-human animals.

It might still be a majority (what is meant by most) that do not injure another living being. Still, the chances are so much greater, relative to most common breeds, that it is just a dumb bet to make all around.

DubV said...

"With that in mind, I don't think that killing off an entire class of dogs is necessary IF pit bull agencies and people would agree to similar or the same measures that law makers have come up."

It'll never happen. Pit nutters are taking this on like it is a civil rights issue regarding humans. They think every pit is a special snowflake and considering breed is like racism. These vacuous words are uttered from the top of high profile organizations and general animal humane/advocacy orgs. They have allowed their minds to become so open that the smarts have leaked out.

DubV said...

" The fact that most pit dogs don't kill or maim indicates they aren't (as individuals) dangerous. But they are capable of danger for whatever reason wether it be a genetic thing that kicks in like Kissy Face (at which point they are dangerous) or are provoked into danger."

Sorry, Randel, I gotta call you out on this one.

Most grenades are in warehouses and never harm anyone. There are are millions of these grenades, therefore they are not dangerous but are capable of danger. And they typically do not detonate unless mishandled.

It just doesn't work unless you warp the use of the words "danger" and "dangerous".

SadFalada said...

My mother once made the plangent observation that no defense is as impenetrable as stupidity.

PutMeInCharge4OneDay said...

scorched earth said...
"Randel, please help me understand the phenomenon of advocacy for a dog that requires zoo level containment? This is not normal human/dog cohabitation."

Honestly, if I have to go to that kind of an enclosure I think I would prefer something along the lines of a White Tiger.

Scorched Earth hit the nail right on the head. No family PET should have to be housed like that. If thats the kind of housing thats needed, that kind of animal is not fit to be living in anyones neighborhoods.

This type of dogs usefulness is long past and it should go the way of the dinosaur. That is the only solution that will make people and pets safe.

Anonymous said...

while we possibly can and should outlaw shitbulls , its tougher to deal with the idiot humans that would remain.

Anonymous said...

these dogs are called mutants cuz they look like canine body builders with heads so impossibly large and muscular they can bite another dogs head right off. the sort of person who thinks this is beauty also likes nose-rings and horn buds for humans.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

"I remember reading somewhere that responsible people are responsible enough to not want some responsibilities."

exactly dubv. someone told me on more than one occasion that i would make a good pit bull owner. my response: i don't want that responsibility.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

randel, i applaud your willingness to recognize that pits are different and your willingness to make concessions in order to be able to own one. that is extremely rare.

Anonymous said...

of course other ppl also recognize that pits are different .... thats the attraction,of course . it must be subliminal though cuz these idiots are always saying that pits are just like other dogs. i wonder why they didnt just go nonmutant in that case.

Anonymous said...

if pitbulls are just like poms , hey, poms only killed one person , supposedly , over a decade ago. they are a much safer pitbull , esp for someone with children . whereas the much bigger pomerpitbull is killing and mauling someone every few days .

quess u have to go to the ridiculous sometime.... but it wont work anyway .

Anonymous said...

i hear the chiwawa pitbull is one of the deadliest types but so far no fatalities or squads of police attacked and traumatized. funny that cuz pitters usually have one , some, of the chibulls and they swear by them.

when michael madsen asked "you gonna bite little doggy or just bark?" in res dogs , he was talking chipit .

orangedog said...

I should start crossing Chihuahuas and Poms and make the ultimate killing machine. I will name them Chom-nom-noms because they will nom nom nom on your pets and body parts. No one will be safe from this 8 lb furry menace!

april 29 said...

"Chom-nom-noms" ^^


Anonymous said...


Branwyne Finch said...

I just keep coming back to this question....why?

Assuming you are a "responsible pit owner", (which I think is something like Bigfoot, a mythical creature no one has ever actually seen), why would you want a dog as a "pet" that requires that level of supervision and containment? Responsible does not mean infallible, we all make mistakes....why would you want a dog that, if it ever gets out, will kill the neighbors dog (or kid)?

If you just want a companion animal, why pay the extra insurance premiums, (if you can find insurance) for a pit bull? Why pay for six foot fencing and expensive enclosed kennels? Why deal with the stigma involved in owning a ghetto dog? Why alienate your neighbors?

What's the point?

Branwyne Finch said...

Oh, my pit bull story of the week....having coffee with a friend, a psychologist, and the subject turned to dogs and dog rescue. We were discussing the prevalence of pit bulls in shelters, and she told me the story of how, a few years back, the nanny she hired had taken her two young children to visit a friend who had a pit bull.

She fired the woman on the spot. It was a deal breaker.

Her reasoning was "Anyone that stupid cannot be trusted with my children".

She also said that she thinks pit bull ownership is some sort of reflection of a person's aggression issues.

DubV said...


I've heard a few just state flat out that they are attracted to pits and aren't sure why and want the right to own one.

I've tried to tell them that if they want something that isn't good for them and others that: 1. they can work on that weird desire or just deny it (like giving up cigarettes) and 2. that the community has a say if what you do potentially endangers them (like smoking in public).

These are ideas most nutters haven't considered.

DubV said...

I have a new drunk nutter story.

A drunk guy walks by last night while I'm on a walk, and my dog barks at him. The guy yells for my dog to shut up and that he'll go get his pit bull to come kick his butt. And he keeps muttering to himself as he walks down the street. Guy was like 50 but looked 80, weighed about a buck ten and most of that looked to be swollen liver and large veins in his nose.

Alexandra said...

This Randel is just another pompous ass with (indeed) aggression issues, who has learned to use pseudo-civilized language to push his aggression issues on others. It's just a form of censorship -- fake politeness to force others to not say their undisguised thoughts.

The only reason aggression-issues, Lion-Tamer, Big-Dick (not really, which is the whole problem) Randel is acknowledging that pit bulls are different is because otherwise he's not special for being to tolerant about them. As he speaks of good pit bull owners who can handle them, he's imagining himself being one of these special people. Ooooo, imagine how his neighbors will admire his special manliness! Wonderful how he can then show up at all dog trainer forums and claim to be the Upper Expert because he's one of those special people who handles pit bulls.

Etcetera. I'm surprised that people here didn't see through this right away, thus wasted their time engaging this Weeny-Willy complexed person. Unless of course it's because everyone just has fun venting...

Jake said...

@sputnik - sadly, he never took me up on my offer, and I never heard anything from him. Apparently his spiel here was the extent of his repertoire. I'd hoped there was more to him, and that I could present some ideas from a relatively responsible lion tamer on my blog. Alas, it was not to be.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

the nanny she hired had taken her two young children to visit a friend who had a pit bull

She fired the woman on the spot. It was a deal breaker.

Her reasoning was "Anyone that stupid cannot be trusted with my children".

right answer! thank you branwyne, that story renewed my faith in human intelligence a little.

Miss Margo said...

Randel guilted me into apologizing for being unladlylike.

Bad feminist! Bad!

Anonymous said...

@miss margo

bad feminist , smack ,smack

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, a boxer. Not like I didn't have a boxer growl and lunge at my poor 15lb dog at a local park only a few months ago.

Surprisingly there was a group of about 10 people walking their pit bulls together and they all stopped and had their dogs sit on the side of the hiking trail while I carried my little dog past them and not one of them even made a sound.

Even while my little dog was growling at them. Which he does because he doesn't like big dogs. Why? Because a GSD growled and snapped at him over some food that had landed on the ground and he's been traumatized ever since.

I'm sorry, I don't really care what kind of dog or what breed you have. If your dog is bigger then my dog then I'm not likely to let it get anywhere near my dog.

Pit bulls might attack ANY dog regardless of size but I don't really believe it matters what breed a larger dog is for it to attack a smaller dog for no reason.

Personally I like pit bulls but I would never trust them around another dog. That's about it.

You people make it seem like dogs are programmed to act in a certain way because of genetics. Yeah genes play a nice part in things. Like when you have a Poodle that's terrified of water and doesn't know how to swim. Good work genetics.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Anonymous-

Spend some time with Border Collies and then tell me they aren't freaking obsessed with herding and chasing things. Oh, I'm sure there's some fraction of a percent of BC's that are afraid of sheep and/or don't want to chase a ball until your arm falls off, but I betcha it's the same itsy-bitsy percentage of the population as your imaginary poodle afraid of the water or a pit bull that doesn't have at least some "game" in it.

Don't believe in genetics? Bet on a draft horse for the derby, oh, how about a Saddlebred, it's closer in size. I'll put up the farm against ya.

DubV said...

"You people make it seem like dogs are programmed to act in a certain way because of genetics."

Yeah, I bet you really understand genetics well.

No one thinks that everything about a dog's behavior is completely determined by genetics. Your silly example of a few dogs of breeds that like water, not liking water, is silly. It's as much to the point as stating that not all genetically-modified foods created to have sterile seeds do, in fact, have sterile seeds and a small number of the total are able to sprout.

Big whoop.

Go ahead and live your life based upon the mere possibility of things and not probability. That should work out well for you.

Anonymous said...

You want to talk probability then that is dog aggression and fighting.

That's what they were bred for, that's genetics. Even then it's not always the case, considering most pit bulls aren't really purebreds and just a mixture of mutts that's not really surprising.

Behavior, such as aggression, isn't something that is just dictated by genetics. Maybe you can't train a pit bull to like other dogs but you can sure as hell socialize them around people.

The way they attack can't be trained out of them but with proper socialization and training that attack shouldn't even happen.

Oh, and anon maybe you should check out a poodle forum because the poodle thing is actually quite common.

As far as Collie's are concerned. That's actually one of the few larger breed dogs I let mine play with. Lives right next to me. The most annoying dog I've ever come in contact with. Will not leave you alone with its damn Frisbee.

But behavior wise, it won't even let me near it. Terrified of people. Won't let me pet it. Tail constantly between its legs and ears back. Is that genetics? They got it from a breeder so it must have been a shitty one. Or maybe it's because they didn't socialize it as a puppy.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

anon 8:09, obviously you are doing something wrong if you can't love the trauma away. it's all how they're raised don't ya know?

also, regarding your comment about the poodle not liking water, my good friend snarky has a word for that, DUD. some dogs are just duds, that is some dogs act outside of their purpose bred behaviors.

lisa said...

when my pit got into a fight with another pit that crashed through my fence...6 foot fence too..the other pit could not be pit tried to disengage herself and come to me bcuz I was calling her name...she had multiple bitemarks on her face and this was an ALTERED female pit that attacked her and a big one...she only fought back to defend herself and was traumatized girl pit has been properly socialized with all types of dogs, people, and cats...she is a sweetheart with everyone..she doesn't like fights nor does she seek them out..
I believe that some pits are definitely more predispositioned to fight.this strange pit busting in my yard was a menace and if I could have found the owners I would have told them to put her down..but my dog does not act like those and I will not condemn her nor get rid of her bcuz of her breed. most pit owners tie their dogs out on chains and LEAVE them there for protection they say..this will make any dog aggressive but to do this to a pit bull is certainly inhumane bcuz some are already too aggressive..
I seen an owner of a pitbull holding their dog on a leash and chasing a cat with was foaming at the mouth it was trying so hard to get cat and the owners were laughing and finally let the dog go at it..i called the police but they did not get there in time to save the cat..i offered to shoot the dog and the owners finally got the dog and left
ive seen the horrors that some pit bulls can do but I refuse to condemn the entire breed.i did not want my pit bull when I got her but I took her just the same and ive never had a better dog. she listens and is a very awesome dog..but I perfectly understand that not all pit bulls are this way..not even most of them

Jake said...

@anon 7:15 you're falling into the same trap that killed Darla Napora, Rebecca Carey and so many others. Your pit bull may very well turn out to be a dud, but you'll never know until the day it dies. Most pit bulls don't turn on until around 2 years old, but I know of one case where a pit bull was docile and well behaved for 9 years and then killed a family member.

Branwyne Finch said...

Anon, did you graduate from high school? Because it doesn't sound like you understand the definition of behavioral genetics. Temperament is what the dog is born with, it is genetic; training, socializing, and "love" may make a dog easier to manage, but it won't make a genetically high strung, fearful dog calm and fearless. You cannot train the exaggerated eye stalk behavior out of a border collie, you can't train the exaggerated orienting response out of a pointer. Sure, there will always be dogs that fall outside the norm and don't share the behavioral conformation typical of their breed, but it's obvious that a majority of labs like to retrieve, and a majority of border collies will chase moving objects.

A majority of pit bulls reliably display potentially dangerous levels of dog aggression, which on it's own makes them dangerous to people also; a good many of them also are human aggressive, since so many pit bull breeders are deliberately breeding aggressive dogs.

As for Lisa, I could care less what your opinion of your own dog is....I personally know pit owners IRL who have said all the same things you did, and their dogs went on to attack people and other dogs. Pit bull owners have zero credibility out here in the real world. No one believes your amateur assessment of your own dog, we just want you to keep it leashed and under control and not have to deal with it getting within striking distance of our dogs and kids when we are out in public.

Steauxdenbiener said...

You all have probably noticed that a lot of these urban terrorists (You know 'em as those that walk around in th' middle of the road holding their crotch and flashing gangt signs) have been walking around with pitbulls on their other hand of late. That's so they can sic that dog on you and then you will have two enemies whippin' on ya. Pitbulls are walking, commandable weapons. Shoot th' dog AND the owner.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

" Pitbulls are walking, commandable weapons. Shoot th' dog AND the owner. "

you will get no argument from me, hit shed.