Saturday, February 22, 2014

Bree Walker

Bree Walker born Patricia Lynn Nelson on February 26, 1953, pictured on the left in the 1980's before her bizarre journey into the world of cosmetic surgery. The photo on the right was taken last week at the Orange County Sheriff where she was charged with driving under the influence. Walker's pit bull was with her at the time and was also taken into custody without incident.

Walker admits to having trouble saying no to booze and has been in rehab. I'd say by the looks of the amount of cosmetic surgery which actually made her LESS attractive, she has trouble with other addictions as well.


Daily Mail


Anonymous said...

She was so beautiful before, and would still be now if she wasn't in denial of her own mortality and been willing to age gracefully. What a shame.

The fact that she's a nutter who also who drinks and drives is even worse though.

Jenny R said...

the alcohol and rampant insecurities might explain her choice of pet.