Monday, February 17, 2014

For Klonda Richey


RSM said...

SADDEST POEM EVER, for one of the saddest events ever! Just horrible how she knew it was coming.

Jake said...


Anonymous said...

maybe they are winning , the sniveling do-gooders who care more for their ugly dogs than for their victims .... and the bullies who usually get away with intimidation and underhanded criminality , partly bc its easier for those in power to turn a blind eye. i hope many a coward can have the worst day of their lives soon , even if it means they are winning .

Anonymous said...

I seriously hope the owners of those dogs (Julie Custer and Andrew Nason) get to spend time in prison. They've been charged with reckless homicide and it's very clear that they used the dogs to terrorize their neighbors.

There's a picture of one of those dogs on Custer's facebook page and it's an ugly, menacing-looking thing - likely a pit bull-cane corso mastiff mix. Custer has children yet still decided to keep dangerous dogs. She's not a fit parent. Neither is her husband/boyfriend who was accused of child endangerment after a two year old in his care ended up in critical condition after 'falling down the stairs.' He waited around for 1/2 hour before calling 911.

Mark Kumpf also shared this piece of wisdom after the mauling:

"Anybody who encounters a dog that they're not familiar with should try and back away from the situation," Kumpf said. "If they are not able to do so, one of the things that we recommend is that they make themselves a smaller target as possible."

What an ass. Yes, I'm sure if two fighting-breed dogs are literally tearing your clothes off and killing you, making yourself small will help.

What actually would have helped in this situation is animal control doing their jobs!


Small Survivors said...

The poem captures the heartbreak and the senselessness and the utter predictability of this horror show.

Anonymous said...

Garnet, You are so right!

Mark Kumpf is an idiot. He's giving advice about unfamiliar dogs, when Klonda was no stranger to those dogs. Now he's playing with her cats trying to find them good homes. Gosh, he's so thoughtful. They already had a good home, but thanks to him, they don't.

He didn't do his job, gives horrible advice, and now has the audacity to pimp Klonda's cats.

Hey Mark, just crawl back into the hole you wallowed in when Klonda was being terrorized.

And that poem should never have had to be written. It puts a lump in my throat. Rest in Peace Klonda. If that's even possible!

Anonymous said...

Klonda seemed to have been a lovely, sweet and gentle person who was backed into a corner... the more I think about it, the more awful it becomes. No one should ever die like that, especially not an innocent like her, and the fact that she foresaw it, feared it for so long... ugh.

The poem is beautifully written and terribly sad.

Dayna said...

I will not forget. I cannot get the details of this out of my head even if I tried. This seems to be the trend all over the country.. AC not doing their jobs.

Anonymous said...

Heartbreaking. Poignant. Beautiful and terrifying words that give incandescence and grace to foul, lightless madness. Thank you, She Who Sees. You did Klonda honor.

Your Quiet Neighbor said...

I think that it's time to start an organization called Animal Control Watch. So we can track the dereliction of duty.

Anonymous said...

Powerful poem saying much of what we all feel about this senseless and preventable death. This story has all the elements of a Shakespearean tragedy, with more than a few villains included. This should be a natural for a 60 Minutes expose.

Packhorse said...

Am I the only one who has pit-bull related nightmares after reading these stories?

Anonymous said...

Your Quiet Neighbor, BINGO. That's what needs to happen to trace the activities of these lobbyists operating as authorities so they don't get lost and covered up, or lied about later when they move on to do the same thing in another district

snarky, I disagree about calling them do gooders. While some of them are air headed fools getting tricked, the majority of them are doing this in the interests of money, cold hard nasty cash. This is more like organized crime.

Just like the mob had their shills in political office and positions of authority, so does this mob with their various animal control shills and some politicians and appointees.

This was no accident. This was intentional negligence protecting the private financial interests of few through the pretense of holding a public service position, that resulted in murder.

Anonymous said...

(Different anon here)

Okay, all you guys who know more about this than I do, could you please draw me the lines where profit is fueling this?

I'm not saying you're wrong, but I just haven't "got" it yet. Besides crazy-rich-lady-who-loves-pitties-more-than-people, how is the money getting from the pit bull profiteers to the pit bull lobbyists?

To me, pit breeders look like a disorganized bunch of low-lifes that churn out liters to support one stupid habit or another, and most aren't even 'registering' their pups, from what I can tell in the CL adverts, but I really haven't even considered this possibility before.

Please enlighten me.

scorched earth said...

Anon, the breeders are pretty much as you describe. They breed anything with testicles to anything with a uterus and sell the puppies for the price of a carton or two of cigarettes. The puppies are a tax free and disposable cash crop. The puppies are very frequently surrendered to local shelters as they mature, about 18 months to 2 years is pretty average, or the dogs are given to the unsuspecting, or abandoned on the street. Money flows into pit bull friendly shelters to encourage placement of these dogs.

The big money begins with the Animal Farm Foundation in New York state. Browse around on the AFF website and look at the grant programs.

The AFF and the National Canine Research Council are both owned by super wealthy pit bull advocate Jane Berkey. Ms. Berkey spreads her money around liberally. The AFF has a cast of usual suspects that turn up anywhere in the United States pushing the agenda or excusing pit bull violence. The NCRC exists for this purpose.

The AFF pays shelters to push pit bulls on the public. The AFF also pays a $150 bounty per passing pit bull to organizations running AKC CGC tests. The favored organizations are bully clubs and shelters strongly tied to pit bull advocacy. At $150 per pit bull not many pit bulls fail.

Ms. Berkey pays for faux "research" through the NCRC. This research is done for, and goes direct to BEST Friends.

Ms. Berkey supports Best Friends Animal Society. A major player at BF is head Lawyer Ledy Vankavage (also a board member at the AFF.) Best Friends hires lobbyists in various states to promote legislation that would bar BSL on the state level or
reverse community BSL. Ms. Vankavage is also a registered lobbyist and she is relentless as a lobbyist.

Best Friends is very pit bull centric. They were running a program they called the Pit Bull Initiatives but I have not seen that term lately. Browse around on the BF website to get the full effect of extreme pit bull advocacy. You can check for the charity reports on the Better Business Bureau site to see how much Best Friends brings in donation wise and how they spend it. Last time I looked I think BF spent 19 million on actual services and 16 million on political activity which they called community outreach. As I recall this was for 2011. I think they took in 48 million in donations that year. This is not chump change.

Now we get to the ASPCA and the HSUS, both PACs not actual shelters. These are multi-million dollar "charities" but only a VERY tiny percentage of what is donated to these organizations goes to help actual animals, most of it goes to executive salaries, more fundraising, and lobbyists. These organizations work with the AFF to promote and protect pit bulls. Read actual testimony given in any state legislature where efforts are underway to ban BSL. BF, the ASPCA, the AVMA always send lobbyists.

Any community considering regulation of pit bulls is likely to see lobbyists from the AVMA, also a player in this mess.

On a lower level are pit bull rescues. Some of them, by the law of averages must be legitimate, but a many are scams that profit those who run them. Google Spindletop and Smiling Pit Bull Rescue.

Everybody involved makes money and still the dogs die. Roughly a million pit bulls die every year in American shelters.

I know this is a very circular explanation but this is a very circular money flow.

Packhorse said...

I cannot speak for the ASPCA, but it simply isn't true that the HSUS doesn't spend any money to help animals. The HSUS is the strongest organization out there right now working to end the worst cruelties of factory farms. Without a strong, well-supported group speaking for factory farmed animals, we'd never hope to make any headway against gestation crates and other cruel practices.

The argument that HSUS spends all of its money on salaries and not animals is primarily advanced by the meat and puppy mill industry-supported Center for Consumer Freedom.

Now, I am terribly disappointed that the HSUS has reversed its position on pit bulls and now parrots much of the pitter speak. I do hope that they will reverse their position, and I comment on their blog whenever I can with the facts about grippers.

Animal Uncontrol said...

Scorched Earth:

Great rundown. Normally, I dismiss most conspiracy theories as paranoia - anything thats not blown out of proportion by crazies and cranks gets blown up by the media or whistleblowers fairly readily.

With that said, it is undeniable that there is a genuine apparatus at work here. It is a true nationwide economic and political machine. I'm not sure if I would call it a pyramid scheme, but its fairly close to it.

While the funding DOES seem relatively circular, it must (and certainly is) receiving "fresh meat" and funding from outside the apparatus. Any entity requires a steady supply of new funding and new customers to keep the apparatus afloat.

I figure:
- Sale of new pit bull puppies to the gullible general public.

- Government money flowing into shelters and "rescues", including indirect subsidies such as tax writeoffs.

- Private donations, often coming from pet product manufacturers and retailers, i.e. Petco. Again, much of this comes from non pit, even non dog, sources: I.E. Profit from the sale of bird food flowing into pit rescue.

- Rich benefactors, as per the above.

- Adoption "fees" related to "Rescued" pit bulls.

- Etc...

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

i don't think a lot of that money goes directly to lawmakers like traditional lobbyists representing their industry's interests. i do think the money plays a critical role in forcing their agenda on the rest of us. best friends has the money to make them a household word and that gets them in the door whether it's the lawmakers' door or the media. then lobbysists like LEDY VANKAVAGE opens her bag of tricks: specific arguments tailored for specific philosophies. VANKAVAGE hones the arguments to fit their audience. the liberal argument is discrimination and the conservative argument is property rights. they speak out of both sides of their mouths with stunning success. it's just like the cult movie They Live.

and let's not forget the stubby dog project. that was started by BFAS cult leader MICHAEL MOUNTAIN. MOUNTAIN has big plans to take the gripper to hollywood. what better way to indoctrinate the masses?

An image-rehab campaign, unmatched by anything waged in Hollywood or Washington, has been unleashed.
Scores of individuals, small grass-roots groups and large well-funded ones are toiling to change the public's perception of the much-maligned pit bull.

They're flooding social networks with photos of sweet-natured family pits, parading friendly pit bull "ambassadors" to public settings to convince folks they're not throat-rippers, and publicizing examples of pits (most saved from certain death in shelters) that serve as therapy, service and police dogs.

The breed that just decades ago was known as "the nanny dog" because it was so loving and reliable (think the Spanky and Our Gang companion) suffered a reversal in public perception so dramatic that some cities ban it. And now people who've long loved pits or have become converts are taking steps to help them reclaim a spot in America's heart.

In addition to pit-positive reality shows (Pit Boss and Pit Bulls and Parolees), there are dozens of perception-altering efforts.
Not 'just for tough guys'

Best Friends Animal Society, aided by Pet Smart Charities, recently launched a campaign called Pit Bulls: Saving America's Dogs to overcome "the media-driven bad reputation." It offers education, supports groups opposing breed-specific legislation (often aimed at pits) and features an adoptable "pit-bull type" dog regularly on its website from shelters.

The non-profit, launched in January, already has a community of thousands, says founder Michael Mountain. Pit facts, stats and tales abound on the site; soon the organization will begin "working with people in the entertainment industry" to use pits in loving-dog story lines in movies, sitcoms, even games. "We want to fit this dog into people's minds in different ways," Mountain says.

Pretties with Pitties, volunteers attired in pink tank tops, do weekend walkabouts in San Diego with adoptable rescued pits. The "stigma attached to the breed" dissolves quickly when folks see the canines goofing off with walkers. "The message is these dogs aren't just for tough guys," says co-founder Kerri Ewing.

Animal Uncontrol said...


Again, interesting material.

It seems to me that they are starved for new "pit nuts". As I said, in addition to outside cash, this "squid" also needs an influx of 1st time pit bullys. As old one's quit being pit bull owners, get thrown in jail, or are killed by their dogs the "industry" has to replace those people else the entire pyramid collapses.

Anonymous said...

Strangely, when I walk publicly with my poodle, people laugh, joke, coo, call him, or offer loving stories of their own dogs. It's all so effortless and happy and harmless. And yes, he goofs off and clowns, too, usually with some goal in mind. He's a good, funny, often charming and surprising guy. Is he unusual or demanding of defense? Nope. Just a garden-variety old nice poodle. Take note.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

they are starved for new pit nuts. the mentally defective cluster Bs are the most susceptible to this high risk behavior but they only make up about a quarter of the population. some people are genuinely fooled by the "it's all how you raise them, while others are genuinely fooled into believing the dog they just got from the shelter is really a pointer/lab mix. but there is only so much polishing that can be done on that turd image so when they have exhausted manipulating ignorance, they can turn to greed, ie economic incentives like monetary rewards for adopting and CGCs comes in handy. you should look at the AFF financials. you wouldn't believe how much money is spent on CGCs. the funny thing is, breed misidentification and economic incentives are at odds with one another. UNLESS, they are calling that mutant a point/lab to the adopters while submitting mutant paperwork to jane to cash that $200 check.

at some point, the number of people who have been negatively impacted by grippers or know of someone who has been negatively impacted by grippers, will be so great that it will be impossible to ignore and lawmakers will be forced to implement laws just like they have with drunk driving laws and background checks for firearms.

Anonymous said...

I've asked this question before, and would a pit enthusiast please reply?
What breed would you choose if pit bulls were unavailable?

Anonymous said...

Animal Uncontrol, you got a lot of it, but another reason is that the breeder establishment can manipulate laws, regulations, through the animal control shill

opposing breeder licensing

opposing mandatory spay neuter, which is in essence opposing licensing and regulation of breeders

AKC has a whole lobbying department spending millions lobbying against those things, so their activities team up with the pit advocates (what kind of advocates would advocate for breeder insanity?)

since the breeder industry has been able to fly under the radar and has been virtually unregulated for too long, it is a fat and rich one, thanks to rampant tax evasion, consumer fraud, etc

They buy shills to get into animal control, or they buy elected officials who put them there

The really amazing thing is that the pit bull advocates who team up with the breeder establishment to "advocate" for pit bulls are just destroying the dogs, since breeders expand and overpopulation goes through the roof, as well as the attacks increase. There also isn't a hope that these twats can "rescue" all that their breeder friends and shills push to produce and support, plus the "rescuers" get the bill!

When will they figure out that Best Friends, Winograd, etc WORK FOR THE FINANCIAL INTERESTS OF THE BREEDERS, and that is against the interests of even the dogs they supposedly adore

This was going on before the pit movement. Just one example, there is an AKC breeder running the animal control advisory board in King County Washington, where these same people tried to put animal control in the hands of Winograd shills, and she just spends her time opposing any laws or rules, or weakening them. Conflict of interest. She's a profiteer, she doesn't belong on the board at all. There shouldn't even BE these boards because of the abuse and misuse.

Anonymous said...

Kumpf for example didn't bust that hoarder in Dayton who was killing dogs until long after the complaints had reached the roof. The breeder lobby supports hoarding, and doesn't want any kind of care laws in place to prevent the puppy mills that prop them up. What are the mills but hoarders?

Also when the breeding industry took over aspects of No Kill, like Winograd, they need hoarders to dump all those surplus dogs into, you know, the ones they say aren't being overbred! Just disappear them to die in hiding while their animal control shill claims they all found good homes, no mandatory spay neuter needed..

Anonymous said...

different anon

Where does the money come from? Who benefits?

it comes from the AKC (who are in there lobbying with freaking dog fighters, they just hide it. ) Millions of dollars spent every year on high ticket lobbyists, straw lobbying groups to hide AKC involvement like the "dog ownership" groups, local kennel club lobbying and financial support of these lobbying groups that never gets noticed, etc

it comes from the puppy mill industry (also tied into AKC) who oppose all dog regulation laws and lobby with whomever is doing that for whatever reason, and want to be able to supply what violent fad dog of the moment at great profits without regulation or responsibility

it comes from the hog dog hunters (Toellner is into supporting that pit bull fun in Texas, as I recall)

it comes from the dog fighters, and the subsidiary industries of the dog fighters like supplies, care, etc (remember these people are engaged in breeding fighting dogs for international sale as well as the United States. This is big money)

It comes from aspects of the veterinarian racket (some of whom are breeders like AFF shills at Animal Rescue League in Boston who lobby for breeder interests, or lobby with breeders and profit handsomely from all this; some vets work for big name dog fighters, like the vet exposed in PA a couple years ago) The AVMA represents profits from animals including farm animals, and supports anthing that props that up and opposes regulation, an utterly corrupt organization that also supports animal cruelty.

It comes comes the "dog trainer and behaviorist" racket, thanks to Millan a big money racket now

it comes from subsidiary businesses that make money off fad dogs of the moment, the ones who print the Tshirts for the advocates to the ones who sell the cheap trinkets and everything in between

it comes from the drug and criminal trade, because these people have very specific uses for these dogs. the concept of "guard dogs" that maim and kill

There's more, but that gives a part of the big picture

Except for the dirtiest one maybe of all, the FARM LOBBY because the breeders are only a subset of the farm lobby (the factory farmers, the cattle baron ranchers, etc) They too oppose any kind of animal regulation and they share the same lobbyists with the dog breeding industry. They even share Winograd!

Puppy mill breeding is a part of the USDA too. You'll see AKC breeders for example on the Farm Bureaus in each state lobbying away against regulation including anti bsl.

The agriculture lobby's activities in this mess are the worst of all because they are supported with taxpeyer corporate welfare. You are paying for their lobbying that supports maiming and death!

Anonymous said...

There also is a lot of money going through Best Friends Animal Society and headed out into lobbying, and a lot of very big salaries and even free houses in some cases to an ever expanding pool of "managers" and lobbyists and their relatives, and the subsidiary businesses that make money off Best Friends.

The ridiculous thing is that the dogs get shafted, as the volunteers and animal care people exposed when Best Friends wouldn't even pay for adequate housing for Vick dogs and they escaped and killed the sanctuary dog. The dogs are the last to benefit in all of this. There are a lot of humans feeding at the trough and they want to protect it.

Multiply that by all these kinds of groups that do what Best Friends does, even the lower rung "pit bull rescuers" getting lots of money through FB begging and local sob stories through their personal accounts.

Anonymous said...

"Am I the only one who has pit-bull related nightmares after reading these stories?"

Packhorse, I had my first pit bull related bad dream last night, after reading your comment. Needless to say, it wasn't the most restful sleep.

"specific arguments tailored for specific philosophies. VANKAVAGE hones the arguments to fit their audience. the liberal argument is discrimination and the conservative argument is property rights. they speak out of both sides of their mouths with stunning success."


Anonymous said...

...and cue another attempt at damage control from Yahoo and ABC-I for one certainly could care less that these idiots can't find a place to live- they did that to themselves and I don't think this writer will have the cajones to write about Klonda or any other victims

Anonymous said...

But what Van Kavage and Saul Berkey are doing is the worst kind of racism- very high percentage of minorities killed, injured, or imprisoned in their homes by the fighting dogs breeds.

Van Kavage and Saul Berkey represent the most heinous racists of all and are quite representative of the pit bull lobby, rich whites who get minorities killed

Their media friends collude in this

Meals on Wheels said...

It's a haunting and beautiful poem. I pray there will be justice and light shed on the pit bull advocacy, so this woman will not have died in vain.

KaD said...

If you ever had any illusions that animal control would actually DO THEIR JOB of animal control forget it. Protect yourself by whatever means necessary. RIP beautiful lady, you will NOT be forgotten. Neither will the evil or complacency that caused this completely preventable death.

Anonymous said...

You are all missing the point. That filthy, sub-human NIGGER and his race-traitor crack whore gf DELIBERATELY and MALICIOUSLY ignored state and local laws, they intimidated, harassed, threatened, and ultimately MURDERED Klonda.
The pussy faggot Kumpf do-nothing asshole POS just made excuses for NOT doing his fucking JOB! That kike WHORE Mgistrate Weobben DELIBERATELY put Klonda in harms way by being such a nigger-loving cunt! They BOTH deserve DEATH!
The sooner white people recognize that ALL fucking NIGGERS are ANIMALS and the ENEMY, the sooner we canm start taking measures to ensure this type of murder never again happens to one of our beloved women.
Before you go judging me, I knew Klonda for over 30 years. If she had just called me ONCE, I would have klilled those fucking mongrels and beaten that fucking NIGGER so badly, I'd have gotten out of prison before he woke up from his fucking coma. DEATH to all fucking niggers and their whore girlfriends!

Anonymous said...

I know right now why Klonda didn't contact you for help, and I doubt if she considered you "friend". She tolerated you, just as a lot of women tolerate the violent and abusive men around them, because she HAD to. She didn't want anymore violence and threats in her life, which is what you would have brought down on her head. She chose her way, because you weren't the kind of friend she needed. She's dead because of it, but who's to say she wouldn't be just as dead in the gunfight you just promised her?

'Course, I really think you're just a pro-pitty troll.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

i agree with anon 8:49. while i wish klonda would have armed herself and i strongly disagree with and can't even begin to wrap my brain around the pacifist approach, it was the path that Klonda chose.

to klonda's anonymous friend,
i guess it is a good thing that NASON is black and his baby's mama is a crack whore so that you have a proper avenue to express your racist agenda. question, would you have been equally outraged if CUSTER'S boyfriend was white and if CUSTER was not low life cracker trash?

i guess we now know why NASON and CLUSTER moved and most likely torched their own house.

Anonymous said...

I agree. As "racists" and "KKK" for pit bulls, we're expected to eagerly respond and reveal our viciousness toward human groups. Pitter logic and, yes, pitter subtlety.We are Pitter Putty in their goon-squad machinations.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

i have to admit, as much as i despise NASON and CUSTER, the ugly racist comments didn't sit well with me. i wanted to delete them but i just couldn't bring myself to do it. i couldn't delete them for a couple of reasons, first, i value the first amendment and i have a problem censoring people. second, i was sympathetic to his rage and desire for revenge, i just don't like the fact that his revenge was predicated on race. seriously, there are just so many other reasons to despise NASON and CUSTER.

but now, i am glad that my appreciation for the 1st amendment won out because it looks like this anonymous fucktard has been exposed. we have a name and a face for mr neo nazi skinhead aka AKINGU.

Rev MARK MARTIN of covington, ohio. MARTIN also goes by the aliases Akingu and Scott Frieh, which is the name he uses to threaten and harass. you can see his photos HERE

you can read his impressive resume HERE.

you can expand your opinion of him HERE. it's an especially fun read. it is a lawsuit martin filed against another man, who in turn filed a counterclaim against MARK MARTIN. the judge had the good sense to kick their petty feud to the curb.

MARTIN is a reverend with the creativity movement.

MARK MARTIN is mentioned on not ONE but TWO nazi wikipedia pages!

i asked the anonymous commenter if he would have felt the same rage if Klonda's killer were not black and cracker trash. he never responded but after spending an hour reading about MARK MARTIN, i think i can safely say that the answer is NO.

tropical storms said...

Another racist misogynist blatting its incoherent bullshit. Poor woman had nothing but idiots surrounding her.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, but I do wish someone who knew this was happening to Klonda had quietly gone over and shot these dogs before they killed her. I am so upset by what happened to her... it just seems like she was all alone against this criminal person and his dogs. I don't know what part his girlfriend played in all of this, but her role seems more passive. The man stood and watched his dogs running around on Klonda's property.

I just figured most of the people that Klonda knew and confided in didn't have any more idea what to do than she did. It is clear from what she wrote that, at some point, someone told her to get a gun. But, she didn't like guns. Other than that everything else depended on someone else taking action... the neighbor to finally act like a person with a conscience, animal control to do its job, or even the dogs to lose interest in her property. None of that happened. Even her fence didn't help.

R.I.P. Klonda. You should still be alive.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

i've been in Klonda's shoes. I've been in Jimmie Mae McConnell's shoes. I've told people, including AC, "that ugly fucker next door is trying to kill me." NO ONE takes those statements seriously. and i do mean NO ONE.

i wish Klonda would have armed herself with a gun or knife.

Anonymous said...

I believe you. Those kinds of statements are things people do not want to believe.

The thing is... Klonda had videos of the dogs running around on her property and the owner doing not one thing about it. The video even showed the criminal and his dog around her fence as it was being built.

She was so scared of those dogs that anyone could predict that an encounter between just her and the dogs would end badly. She was right to be afraid of the dogs and their owner. But even if her fear had been unfounded... her fear alone could make for a bad encounter with dogs that were clearly running loose. Given that the dogs were what she called, 'pit bull mastiffs' that encounter might end in tragedy.

I wish she had a weapon, too. But, against two dogs I don't know if it would have helped her much. Maybe that is why she never got one.

Anonymous said...

I read Klonda's complaints earlier today. In one, she complained that a dog was outside without food or water for quite some time. So, she'd given it a peanut butter sandwich.

She was scared to death of those dogs (rightfully), but she gave one a peanut butter sandwich because he was hungry. That is so freaking sad I do not even have words to express.

So, the ONLY reason she ever complained about the dogs was
1. they were running at large (even if they had been totally docile dogs, them running at large means they could be run over. And these weren't docile dogs as they murdered a woman.) This is something the owner could have controlled and if he had, no more complaints.,
2. they were not properly cared for (this is mentioned in more than one complaint. And even AC noted that one of the dogs was underfed.) This is obviously under the owner's control and he really should have fed his freaking dogs. And otherwise cared for them. During his time in prison/jail, then his girlfriend ought to fed the things.. terrifying prospect though that may be.. maybe she could just toss the food from a distance? Nonetheless, even pitbulls needs food and care if people are going to insist on keeping them.;
3. their OWNER used them to frighten her (he ordered one to attack her once, but I guess he held onto the lead because the dog didn't attack at that point). Obviously, no responsible pet owner would EVER randomly threaten a person like that. Especially since Nason was NOT afraid of Klonda. He wanted to scare her into leaving. Or maybe he just liked to frighten women. This man is a criminal and belongs in jail. His girlfriend may also belong in jail.;
4. She was worried they'd eat her cats (P.S. I believe they would have done just that had they been able to catch one of her cats.) I just read that cats are sometimes used as bait for certain situations. I now understand that Klonda had some fear in regard to Nason himself in regard to her cats. This is seen in her writings.

In other words, an animal lover who would feed a dog when its owner would even when she was afraid, is FORCED by the irresponsible and criminal owner to complain, complain, complain about his dogs. And nothing is done.

Yet, this Kumpf individual is getting PRAISE? He ought to be FIRED. He ought to be SUED. He ought to be a lot of things, but PRAISED? He allowed Klonda to die. He made it necessary for her cats to get owners. He also allowed the pit bulls next door to act out in increasingly bad ways until they were SHOT BY THE POLICE after they killed a woman and, by all accounts, tried to add a police man or two to that death toll. In addition to their bad behavior, they remained in a home where they were not being fed. In fact, it appears that sometimes they weren't even given water.

Klonda finally built her privacy fence. She must have hoped this would solve the problems between herself and Nason, his gf, and the dogs. But, the only reason her complaints stopped is the dogs killed her. It is so unfair.

I am so upset about this I can't stand that the pit nutters don't even care about her! They just worried this might make people not like pibble.

I also noticed AC mentioned more than once that there was no sign of the dogs. It is easy to say that AC might be FOS. But, is it possible that there were times when Nason packed up the dogs and took them somewhere? Did the dogs looks like they'd been fought? I have only seen photos of the one stupid mutant and I can't tell. Pit bulls or pit bull mastiffs are so ugly that unless they've really been ripped up it's hard to tell once they've healed (in photos, in person I'm sure it's easier to see).

Anonymous said...

I meant to say she fed the dog when the owner would NOT feed it.

Anonymous said...

I read that Custer, not Nason, owned these dogs. Thus, yes. She belongs in prison. Throw in some charges for not feeding her maulers on top of everything else.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

i read that too. i think that felons can not own intact dogs in ohio. i suspect that is a loop hole they exploited. i suspect they were technically both owners of the killers and i agree, custer should go down for this.

Anonymous said...

Dawn James, you're probably right that they were working a loophole. Custer called the one mutant her 'new' best friend. Thanks for the info about Ohio.