Tuesday, March 11, 2014

wherever mutant goes, mayhem follows

after a mere 7 hours on liveleak, this american mutant video garnered 13,872 views and 678 comments. that's impressive when you compare it to the baby raping pit bull video that has been up since september 2007 with only 69 comments.

fyi, there are nutters in the comments claiming the mutant is only playing.


look karen, no testicles!


Anonymous said...

I actually believe them, the ugly beast probably *is* just playing. And that's part of the fucking problem: an animal that draws blood when it "plays" belongs in a zoo, not running at large on a public beach.

DubV said...

Good point. That is how pits play and have a good time, by terrorizing other living things.

S.K.Y. said...

The woman filming is giving them a bunch of advice: Grab him. Give him a kick. But don't hit him, because that will scare him.

I'd guess this dog is probably quite young (< 14 mos.) and is "playing." But dogs who play like that should be dirt napped. All this dog needs is a few more experiences like this to gain confidence to attack seriously.

Where was the owner? I do think the group did what any of us would have done. However, in retrospect, it would have been best for them to huddle in a group facing inwards and stop reacting to the dog. For a playing dog, that's the thing most likely to make him give up. Another thing they could have done is to head for the ocean and go in deep enough that the dog would have to swim to reach them. It would then be quite easy to fend it off.

Anonymous said...

I didn't know drawing blood was a sign of "playing."

Dayna said...

It's freaky the way pits zero in on a single target and keep going after it. It was the older man in this video, the pit just wanted him, didn't even glance at the other two dogs that walked up at the end. Most "playing" dogs would have rather played with another dog, rather than the human.

Mom in Eugene said...

I know why they said pibbie was playing- because they know full well that a real attack would never end so easily. The pic 4th down, where the guy is yelling at the mauler face to face, would be followed up with that guy having his face ripped off.

This reminds me of the way Susan described her dogs nipping right before the prolonged attack on her and Dax. Too rough for playing, but not yet attacking. When she brushed them away, they went berserk.

I also wanna say- keep your stupid dogs off the beach. Is there nowhere we cannot go without your yappy, stinky, pets? Yuck, what a great way to ruin a nice beach. And unleashed maulers? makes me livid.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

on a spanish beach or a busy london street, only america's dog can terrorize a group of people.

like the guy in black, becoming aggressive is your only chance. i have successfully done that, although i know of at least 2 mutant pit bulldogs that strategy will be ineffective.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

"All this dog needs is a few more experiences like this to gain confidence to attack seriously."

so true and this is why the nutters always say never let your pit bull get into that first fight. the behavior is not only rewarding, they gain confidence and skill in how to do it better.

Dude said...

"Another thing they could have done is to head for the ocean and go in deep enough that the dog would have to swim to reach them. It would then be quite easy to fend it off."

Or drown it. I want to get out of the water eventually without it coming back, so that would be my choice.

The beach would be one of those few places I don't carry a weapon, so the water would be my refuge and weapon.

"Try to carry me on your back like a dolphin little pibble! C'mon, do it! Keep trying!"

S.K.Y. said...

Anonymous, dogs that are "playing" can pretty easily draw blood. I know many people (including myself, with dogs from my distant past) who have been "accidentally" bitten while playing tug, or when an adolescent dog is being mouthy.

I had an Australian Cattle Dog that was like this around balls, kids on swings, etc. He was fine getting petted, "loved" all people and dogs, and nobody would have called him "aggressive." He competed in advanced-level obedience and also did agility and herding. He got on TV a lot for doing tricks. For instance, he was on America's Funniest People and went on stage solo at the MDA Telethon to deliver the $5,000 check that he'd earned for Jerry's Kids.

However, if anybody had a ball in their hands, he'd jump up and bite them in the arm to make them give it up. Not hard enough to leave a mark, but hard enough to hurt and traumatize. He'd lunge at kids on swings and attempt to pull them off the swing by their pants legs. He was going to weekly obedience classes, but nothing helped--I just had to stop taking him anywhere near a playground.

This dog was a bully. He was demanding, barky, very aroused at any sound or movement, and wanted to chase and bite at scooters. He would run up behind people and jab his muzzle behind their knee to make them fall down, just for fun. If he wanted to play fetch or tug, he'd pick up every toy at the house and throw them as hard as he could at my head.

Dealing with that dog set me on the path to becoming a professional dog behavior consultant. He was horrible from 0-7 (despite WEEKLY obedience classes most of this time), better from 8-10 (when I put him on a "tough love" program), and a gentleman at all times from 11-16. But I would never go through that again. While most trainers would not technically consider him "aggressive," he was very pushy, physically bullying, and not much fun to live with as a pet or competition dog. My Jack Russell that I had at the same time had a perfect temperament with people and was an award-winning therapy dog who specialized in working with very aggressive/difficult patients... so I definitely knew that it "wasn't how I raised him."

I knew that Australian Cattle Dogs had "bull terrier" added to them in the 1800's to make them tougher on cattle. What I didn't realize until beginning my pit bull research (years after he died) was that these "bull terriers" weren't today's Roman-nosed show dogs, but today's pit bulls. So I had 16 years of seeing what just a percentage of pit bull blood can do to a dog's temperament. I could definitely see shades of my old ACD (appropriately named "Dagger") in the video. And that's why I mentioned that it looked like "play," for now, anyway.

Anonymous said...

That kind of "play" indicates a dog that is nearing the red zone - that one could easily have been pushed past its threshold and gone into full-out attack mode. It had fixated on the oldest person on the beach, but even he wasn't a perfect target - had there been a child present I can easily imagine a mauling. That woman that wandered up with her dogs at the end is incredibly lucky that the pit didn't redirect.

Off topic, but what up with all the "new attitudes lead to relaxed rules" articles?

S.K.Y. said...

Yeah, the only new attitudes that me or any of my friends have are that we finally busted through the nutter B.S. and realized how dangerous pits are.

I don't know anybody who has gone the other direction (first hating/fearing pits, and then advocating for them). It's all the other direction... except for the articles themselves.

Anonymous said...

S.K.Y., thanks for your reply. I was more reacting to the original comment,

"fyi, there are nutters in the comments claiming the mutant is only playing."

Anonymous said...

The only way I can imagine the 'new attitudes' thing is if they expose a person who is on the fence to a very meek pit bull that is well under the control of its owner... then the nutter will claim ALL pit bulls can be like that if 'raised right'. Of course, few dogs are really 'raised right' since people make mistakes with dogs all of them time.

As far as the beach dog, its owner can say 'play' and I guess it is 'play' since we never see a pitched battle and serious mauling. But, to me, it looks like practice. And I wish people could keep their mutts away from places people go to relax and enjoy themselves UNLESS said mutts are well under control (as in nothing like this).

I think the lady with the dogs naively thought the dog might play (as in normal play) with her dogs rather than people who weren't in the mood (maybe she didn't see the blood). Which means she didn't understand what a pit bull is or how it behaves (zeroing in on a target).

Anonymous said...

What I meant was WHY are all of the "new attitudes" articles out at the same time? I googled "pit bull" yesterday and got 30 copy cat articles telling me that "new attitudes towards pit bulls are leading to relaxed regulations". Did Jane put out an all-points stipend for some pro-pit propaganda?

Anonymous said...

A lot of what you see in the 'news' (any format) is actually a press release. So, that's what happened. A cool press release packet got sent to all corners to counteract the huge number of maulings we are having lately. Although it looks like even this Jane person would give up her relentless promotion of the pit bull as a household pet.

I just meant that is the only way I can see these articles having an effect. I won't ever believe the pit bull used to be nanny dogs because I knew older people growing up who didn't want kids around dogs EVER. There used to be people relunctant to accept small animals not know to be vicious.. maybe because some of the ways people have to care for pets now (and even when I was a child) didn't exist years before. So, if people were wary of dogs unlikely to be dangerous unless they had rabies, I really can't imagine them turning their offspring over to pit bulls. These would be people much, much too old to be parents.

Anonymous said...

The pit bull bullshit propaganda was in my newspaper yesterday. It has everything to do with that ass (RON HICKS) in Missouri.

Here is a quote

"Ron Hicks, who sponsored a bill in the Missouri House to forbid breed-specific legislation, said he was surprised when nobody spoke against his proposal last month at a committee hearing.

'I figured a few parents would be there who would bring tears to my eyes,' the Republican said. 'Would it have changed my opinion or what I believe in? No.'"

My newspaper only printed part of the article. I didn't read the entire online article, but I will. When I was scanning it, I saw COLLEEN LYNN was mentioned. In my newspaper, they only printed the crap about pit bulls being angels.

Anonymous said...

I forgot to post the link to the pit bullshit article. I feel a little better now that I've read the entire thing. My newspaper ended it after the RON HICKS quote. Grrrrrrr


scurrilous amateur blogger said...

RON HICKS is a weasel. nobody spoke against it because nobody knew about it. i was watching the senate and house bill pages for maryland, missouri, washington and south dakota. the missouri official bill page said that it was not scheduled for a hearing. the site was never updated. that wasn't an accident.

when it passed out of committee, none of the antiBSL nutter sites carried the news. i don't believe that was an accident either. i only knew it passed because LEDY VANKAVAGE posted it on her facebook page. she posted the news about missouri from south dakota. misssouri is a critical state for her. there are a lot of missouri cities that ban and regulate mutants plus toellner is there, dog fighting groupie melanie coy is there, she went to law school there. i am sure that ledy is planning to stealthily push this bill through to the end. this will be a huge victory for her.

scorched earth said...

This story is just too good to waste. Short version, pittie in a rescue facility breaks out of confinement and jumps into the rescue facility van to attack children inside the van TWICE.

Check the photo of the van in the article. There is a logo on the van door "No more BSL" which is placed right next to a drawing of a smiling pit bull.

You can't make this stuff up.


Anonymous said...

I don't understand why a cop can't come out and dirt nap pibble if it keeps breaking into vans full of little kids and attacking them.

Janice said...

I SO agree with Dawn and Dude. Entice the rotten little sob into the water, over his head. Then see how long he can breathe sea water. And, if he's under water, he'd be out of view, too. End of problem.

Anonymous said...

Pitbulls have a deep rooting in American society and you assholes cant do nothing about it... Dont like it move to France with your teacup poodles you douche bags