Friday, April 18, 2014

Where's Waldo?

why, in the hospital of course!

55 yr old JAMES L "WALDO" WALSH was seriously mauled by his best friend on April 16th. WALSH fled from his home after his best friend, THE DUKESTAR, mutilated his upper body, arms and hands. WALSH'S girl friend, her daughter and her daughter's boyfriend fled to the upstairs while the mutant was contained to the first floor. the three were eventually rescued out of the second story window compliments of the rescue personnel's ladder. LOL!

WALSH is in the hospital in serious condition, skin grafts are a very real possibility as are citations for not having his best friend licensed and vaccinated. LOL AGAIN!

according to, THE DUKESTAR put WALSH  in the hospital March 23rd. and according to WALSH'S facebook page, THE DUKESTAR has a history of attacking dogs.

a few years ago, i heard about a trend towards sending people involved in car accidents a bill for the emergency services they received from police, fire, EMT. at the time i thought that was just plain wrong. now, i'm beginning to see the light. in the case of these freak pibble accidents, i'd say it is down right brilliant.

shamokin man attacked by dog in serious condition

crash tax

accident response fees


WALDO'S neighbors are all wishing him a speedy recovery. LOL!


Mom in Eugene said...

I personally hope he has disfiguring scars, and lifelong pain and nerve damage from this.
I hope he gets a nasty infection that takes over a year to heal, but leaves him colonized with that bacteria from the dogs mouth, so every scratch from then on out can mean another infection.
I hope he needs pain meds for the rest of his life, just to function, but gets denied them or cannot afford them.
I hope that every time he uses the phone, types, or even uses his fingers to button something, they get numb and useless.
I hope his hands burn from the inside at night, so bad he wakes up several times, and cannot sleep.
I hope every person stop and stares if he isn't wearing long sleeves. I hope everyone asks, all the time, WTF happened? Even strangers.
I hope he tells them!

You know, like I get to experience, all the time, thanks to an asshole pit owner like this guy.

There is ONE big difference.

HE CHOSE to OWN this mutant, and he kept it even though it was dog aggressive (aren't they all?).
All I chose to do was go to the beach and mind my own business.

Anyway, I am GLAD it didn't kill him. When nutters die DBRF, they are just ignored and blamed. Everyone forgets, they are out of sight, out of mind.
Living victims of their own dogs are harder to ignore, the more hideously damaged, the more attention they get, the better. Even if they try for super nutter status by getting another pit, they cannot hide the damage.

Decatur AL livin nt to 4 pits said...

O.K., I will cheer up now. You've made my day, Craven Desires!

Mom in Eugene said...

Don't bother coming on here getting all preachy about how mean I am, and he is a victim too, and blah blah blah. How I am so bitter and ought to get over it.
Your opinion means nothing to me.

DAMN RIGHT I am bitter! People like this are KILLING and MAIMING people everyday with their undogs, and they are a daily threat to me and my little kids. If you were chewed up, you would be pissed too.

I say- F them all. If they all got eaten, and their dogs then PTS,I would be thrilled.
End result- NO MORE MAULERS.
Now, doesn't BSL sound so much nicer?

Anonymous said...

yes , BSL is nicer but i kinda like pitters getting chewed by their own ugly maulers too .

Anonymous said...

who the fuck is waldo anyway ?

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

darwin awards are awesome to read about but they do have a price most people don't think about.
first of all there is the cost to the tax payer. i mean who here really believes that WALDO fucktard has full medical coverage and won't be passing on a lot of that cost to the tax payer in the form of medical bills and or disability payments?
second of all, there is the physical danger to the cops who respond. they are often bitten dealing with these frankenmaulers.
third, there is the emotional cost to the first responders. i can't begin to count the times i've heard the police say to the media that it was the worst thing they have ever seen. this is from people who are employed in a career based on gore.
fourth, is the overall drain on public servants. seriously, their wasting time saving these idiots instead of rescuing mrs smith's cat from the tree.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

i forgot that idiot nutter a few years ago in arizona who drained the area's blood supply before dying.

Dick Johnson said...

@ "dawn james" 11:20 -

That was Michael Cook, one of 3 proud pit owners, each mauled to death by their pit bulls during that month of August 2011.

That really did cause untold problems for many in the area. and the pit freaks have the gall to talk about "the cost of BSL"

Mom in Eugene said...

Here is another Darwin award! Did you see this one?
She is now missing 90% of flesh and bone from her hand. Whoops.
Glad it wasn't a kid!

Owners that get mauled ought to pay the costs of their injuries. I do not agree with paying fees for accidents, but if you drunk drive, or do something that is known to have a deadly outcome, you ought to be responsible.

Mom in Eugene said...

Sorry for the double post. You can delete either of them/

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

your comments keep landing in spam mom in eugene. sometimes i don't realize it when that happens. if you see your comments not showing up, shoot me an email to alert me.

i just left the following comment on that site:
wow a whole decade before the mutant had enough of her abuse. that pibble showed restraint! LOL

Dude, I BaggedYourPit said...

Fifty-five years old and stuck with the mind of a 16 year old Black Sabbath rocker. LOL! It takes all kinds! And that kind would own a pit bull.

This is one of those rare times I'd be perfectly okay with the fire department showing up, surveying things and returning to quarters. This is what PA speakers are made for.

“This one's all on you. There's nothing on fire and we'd like to keep our EMS rig available for other emergencies. Good luck with this. Bye!"

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

“This one's all on you. There's nothing on fire and we'd like to keep our EMS rig available for other emergencies. Good luck with this. Bye!"

exactly! mrs smith's cat is up in that tree again.

Anonymous said...

That thing he was keeping as a 'pet' is HIDEOUS. The tongue hanging out is so gross. Yuck. Yuckity. Yuck.

Anonymous said...

Mom in Eugene, Don't apologize! You have every right to be angry, and to wish the devastation you've been through, on all idiot pit bull owners.

If there was a way to make sure all pit bull attacks were Darwin attacks, I'd be fine with pit bulls. Since that's not the case, I'd still rather not have anything to do with pit bulls, nor their idiot owners.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

woops. i had the DUKESTAR spelled wrong. fixed it.

Anonymous said...

Don't we all have "best friends" like Dukestar who repeatedly try and kill us? Ugly animal.

Mom in Eugene just horrible what you went through.

PutMeInCharge4OneDay said...

I wonder what triggered pibble to go on the rampage? Did anyone check the weather report for that day...

Is it bad when I think "Yay" when I read a nutter winds up being the one the dog attacks and not some innocent person? In this case he is not a victim but a volunteer.

Anybody want to bet some excuse is going to be made for ol Dukestar?
Or did Dukestar get the dirt nap he deserved?

Mom in Eugene, I am so very sorry for what you have gone through.
I pray for the day when there are no more human or animal victims of pit bulls.

Mom in Eugene said...

Putmeincharge- Don't feel too bad, I walked away but the "pibble" did not…..
I sure hope the tide washed his guts away before any kids saw it.

(I wish I could delete one of the double posts, it bugs me every time I see it).

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

deleted eugene mom.

i can be slow to read comments. i didn't read your comment when i released it from spam.

Anonymous said...

I still cannot get over how hideous the tongue on that mauler is... OMG! Also, that dog looks mean. He is in a good mood in this photo and he STILL looks mean.

Do people understand that there ARE other animals that can be kept as pets other than pit bulls? Cuter animals, for example. Good grief, I think a snake might be cuter than that mauler.

Dayna said...

I'm always filled with a sense of satisfaction when a nutter gets the business end of their sweet pit bull. I hate when it's the child of a nutter, they don't deserve that. But when an owner of pit, especially one that had previously attacked, gets mauled I do believe it's karma.

My gosh Mom in Eugene, I feel so badly for you. I'm so glad you were able to permanently end that pits career and protect your children. I am probably one of the few commenters here that has not been directly attacked or had my children attacked. I just became aware of the pit bull issue when Diane Whipple was killed by her neighbors presa canario. It was in 2000-01 maybe. I never forgot that story and how shocking it was to me that a dog could/would do that. And the owner couldn't/wouldn't stop it!! I see pit bulls almost every day. I have friends and relatives that have them and I won't go to their houses anymore, much less let my kids go there. My eyes have been opened, I don't leave the house without a weapon. I don't see this problem getting better anytime soon.
Whew, sorry that was so long! I'm so glad to have this and the other blogs on this subject, I have learned so much from all of you here, it's sad really that there has to even be blogs like this, but it seems more and more people are affected by these dogs and their challenged owners.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

i knew a couple of people scarred or disfigured for life by ugly maulers . i know it would suck but i think i would be proud to wear those scars if it meant that the ugly shitbull died there on the beach

Anonymous said...

Hey, The Dukestar
Why you lookin' at me that way
that don't seem much like play
You're my bud! Can I call you Duke..or Star. how's about "The"?
..all my bros, they can call me Duh..Huh?
And I done give you neighborhood mutts to slake your foot-long tongue
Yet here I scramble up some pit-escaping rungs
Flinging aside girlfriend and offspring
with elbows all sore or entirely missing
An my 'stache still rumpled from the pit- booth kissing
An I'm almost way too stung
to remember 9..1...wung....

..let's praise the rescue power
of that anaconda tongue

Da Ninja said...

I smiled like a gleeful vampire before a slumbering virgin with her window ajar at this whole article. Where is Waldo... in the hospital of course! LOL :D Waldo the Whackadoodle surely loves Dukestar the Demented, doesn't he... It takes a special kind of stupid to continue loving the smiling jaws of your imminent doom. I take some twisted delight in Waldo's ability to survive the attentions of his adored Gripper - scarred, battered, skin-grafted, lost in wonderment and demented pride in flesh-chomping Dukestar - fame at last! Next time, and there surely WILL be a next time, this oily lout should bend his fragrant face into the snapping snout of his adored canine and get some facial re-arrangements. So far, Dukey has avoided the usual Gripper target zone, but soon, very soon.... One to watch, this endearing story of one man and his dog. Thank you, Craven.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

"this oily lout..." LOL


Mom in Eugene said...

And the insanity never stops…
The judge ought to be required to live with this beast.

Short version- pit goes nuts, and attacks 2 techs at the vet. Even the pit loving techs and relatives beg for him to be PTS, stating he is dangerous. Of course, foster dad and rescue nutter fight for his ability to keep on maulin'.

Not only do they manage to save this savage mauler, since it "passed temperament tests", they get to keep him! Only a $250 fine, but I am sure they had fundraising for this.

Mauler is listed as up for adoption on the rescues page! Furever Friends

I am asking- why do a temperament test when it just FAILED a REAL LIFE TEST? Why is it so hard to understand that pits are not nasty dogs on a daily basis? They can be very personable and friendly- right up until, and often right after, they kill. No test can catch this.

Thankfully, the foster nutcase is going to keep him. Lets us hope he lands here, with a Darwin award to his name. I also hope the cops shoot the dog too late to save him, so it doesn't get rescued again.

(I am starting to think that when nutters say "rescue" they mean "rescue from being PTS for attacking!")

Anonymous said...

There is an interesting comment to this article.

The poster had seen a pit bull attack before, but it was a homeless former fighting pit bull that attacked a dog. So, years later, the person agreed to pet sit a 'family' pit bull and, despite being sweet up to the moment it attacked, it attacked the pet sitter's son (the dog knew the boy and was 'friends' with him). The boy was playing with LEGOS and the pit bull was across the room, so he did NOTHING to this dog.

I agree sometimes children can, without knowing, do things that irritate dogs including sweet-tempered dogs that are not fighting breeds and don't even have a strong bite. But, there are some cases with pit bulls like that case where the child had done nothing at all. He hadn't even looked at the dog funny before that happened.

Unknown said...

This Waldo Pitter person let his sick demented pit bull attack other dogs. Waldo probably thought it was funny whenever his >sick in the brain< pit bull attacked other dogs. Do you think Waldo the Black Sabbath Fiend thinks it's funny that his sick, sick mutant tore him up? No he's crying like a baby.

Anonymous said...

I agree, Mom in Eugene, if the dog fails a real world temperament test then I do not understand what these controlled temperament tests are meant to measure. Maybe with other breeds than pit bulls, they are useful. But, pit bulls seem to pretty easily pass the tests no matter what the pit bull has done outside of controlled conditions.

And because of some fake test that the pit bull KNOWS is a test and not real life, this guy is going to give it who knows what person to try to raise. He may not do it today or tomorrow, but he will get tired of it and want to rescue another dog soon. So, then he'll need to find this one a home maybe even a home with children because these people are DELUSIONAL. And because the dog passed the little fake test, he'll fail to mention the vet clinic blood bath.

Anonymous said...

BTW, did this guy really on purpose set his mauler on other animals? I have suspected some nutters did that and this is how their maulers get to animals whose owners tried to give them a safe place to play.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

click the link above. all i know, which isn't much, is contained within it.

Roy said...

I just want to give mom in Eugene an ever so gentle high five. (I don't want to hurt your hand). I'm so sorry to hear your story but it was very well written and I agree with your sentiment. Wishing you well.

Anonymous said...

I did. I was talking about what Olive said.

anion said...

Hi everyone,

I've been reading here for a while, but this is only my second comment (my first was to an old post a few weeks ago, not sure if it was approved, it wasn't a big deal or anything).

I have a serious question and I'm hoping you lovely knowledgeable people might have some advice for me.

My 9-y-o daughter doesn't have a lot of friends, but she's very close with one girl. Nice girl. Her parents recently separated and she's living with her dad and three younger brothers; her dad is a nice guy and we are on quite a friendly basis, but I still don't know him well or anything.

Anyway. They got a dog a few months ago, and I bet you can guess what kind. And they're illegal where I live, too--although they are becoming a problem even with the law, because the police are very ineffectual here. (Not to mention, this is a *very* small town, and everyone knows everyone. I have no doubt this girl's father grew up with the two local policemen. This town is so small there is not even a full-time police force; if crime happens after 5:30 you have to call the nearest large town fifteen minutes away. Anyway.)

The other day they invited my daughter over to their house. I didn't tell her about the invitation and simply refused it, saying we had other plans, which was sort of true but made me feel awful, as my daughter would have loved to go--she's been dying to go over there and see her friend's newly redecorated room. She wants to go play with her friend. But I cannot allow my child to play in a house where there is a pit bull, even a young puppy like theirs.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how I might handle this, aside from simply continuing to make up excuses and inviting the friend to our house instead? I know you may think I'm being an idiot, but I genuinely don't want to hurt the father's feelings--and of course I also do not want to start a fight or trouble; we are outsiders enough here, being from another country. I cannot call the police and report the dog, because again, small town, and I know at least three or four other families to whom the father is related, and would rather not make enemies of half the town. And I genuinely like these people.

I've considered saying my daughter is afraid of dogs and could they keep the dog outside when she's there, but I don't want to ask her to lie. Nor do I want to get into a "But it's how they're raised! Pittybaby would never hurt a fly!" discussion.

I know it's a very long shot and have resigned myself to the idea that my daughter just won't be able to go to her friend's house again. But if anyone has any suggestions, I'd be very grateful.

I cannot believe I'm having to worry about this in a country where these dogs are banned. I'm so angry! Why do people want those hideous beasts?! (And with four young children in that house, I find the whole situation just terrifying.)

Thanks again in advance for any ideas.

Anonymous said...

I don't think you're being silly at all. If the little girl is nice, then it is logical you'd want your daughter to preserve the friendship.

You are right to not ask your daughter to lie. Not just because lying is wrong, but because it is hard to fake the kind of fear that dog owners can see. If they think it is only a minor fear or an unfamiliarity, sometimes people will think it would be a kindness to help the person face and get over the fear. So, that would defeat your purpose anyway.

Why do they have an illegal dog? Is it possible there are dog fighters in your area?

Anonymous said...

Oh, I thought I would mention... since you're in a country where pit bulls are banned... the dogs we're mostly talking about here are the American Staffordshire Terriers (American Pit Bull Terriers). The British Staffordshire Terriers are smaller than these dogs. There are some graphics online where you can find the size difference for sure.

Of course, here, we have people upsizing the ABPT/AST and making the American Bully which is even BIGGER. But, even a well bred AST is bigger than a well bred BST.

I don't know if this applies in your case at all. And I am not implying that the BST are safe. I'm just saying that the dog your daughter's friend's family has might be a little bit smaller type of dog.

I am not sure what they are used for..if they're still used in fights or what. I mean, they have the genetics to be fighting dogs. And back in the day, people small dogs like that. They probably still do, if they have those sizes of dogs.

mom in eugene said...

Send an anonymous tip asap. Banned means banned, you might just save a life.

No matter, NEVER let your kid over there, ever, even if they get rid of the mauler. Those parents show a definite lack of responsibility just owning a banned dog, so having it around kids is a red flag. If they fan break the law and endanger their own kid over a dog, they cannot be trusted to be within 109 yards of your kid. Ever.

Personally, I would be totally honest, so they know that others disapprove and their kid is being penalized. I would tell the parents that your kid can never come over because they have a banned dog known to be dangerous. Don't allow them to defend themselves. Shut them down with a "we can agree to disagree" , or a "I know someone who lost a child to a APBT, so its a hot topic to me". If they argue further, well,be sure you are right and politely agree that it is your own "paranoia" and move on
I am sure you aren't t he only local par ntwith these.opinions.

If you really cannot do that, then play the overprotective parent card. It's pretty common nowadays to never allow your kid over houses. Don't say anything, just dont have an open door.for her friend to come over.instead.

I have a son who is friends with the neighbor who brought a pit into apartments they are banned by buying a fake service dog paper. I told his friend that my kid cannot even come to his door, or be outside w him unsupervised because of his dog. Of course, I had it out with the pit owner, and am trying to get them evicted, so its.not a secret there's a problem. Point being, pit owners don't care unkess it efgects them. I make does, everyday.

No few friends your kid has you are doing the right thing, no matter how you choose to explain it. You cannot ban friends and such forever, but at this age you're boss, and you are keping your kid from a deadly situation!!!

Be careful w that kid, the apple may bot fall far from the tree.

mom in eugene said...

Snarky- I do wear the scars with pride! I fully believe that I saved a life by being the victim, and dispatching that killer beast. Had anyone else less prepared walked down onto the beach instead of me, there would have been a DBRF for sure. While I only killed it so I could live, I am also glad that it isn't around to attack again.

I used to keep the story to myself, because just retelling any part if it was panic attack inducing. These blogs have made me realize that everyone must hear it, in gory detail, so they can see what a pit can do. Now I wear tank tops with a smile and tell anyone who looks at me about it. how the dog almost killed me

I do leave the gory details out because People either think I am super awesome, or totally insane and cruel when they hear how I did it. I am just your average, boring, SAHM, not a fighter or weapon expert, so its a little shocking hearing that I gutted an enraged pit bull. You do what you gotta do.

Thankfully, I did not have kids then. I might have left the owner next to his beast had I had kids with me. I'm much more dangerous now that I have kids, even though I look like any ol mom. Momma bear and all, its a real thing.

Unknown said...

I have thought about that also, Dawn. When my daughter had her face mauled by a pit bull, she was on Medicaid. The courts here in Ohio do not order restitution of medical expenses paid for by Medicaid. The owners received a $115 fine and their dog was designated dangerous. I'm not your typical "welfare mom", we don't get food stamps, and the ONLY time we use our Medicaid is when we absolutely have to. I can count on one hand the amount of times my 9 and 10 year old have been on antibiotics. I understand that it's not just "free", and I also pay my taxes as well. It's an awful shame that taxpayers get stuck with these astronomical bills because of someone's poor choice. This guy is obviously crazy. This is the second time he's allowed his gripper to chew on him. He probably still says thing like, "Oh, he's a big baby!!" or "He'll only lick ya to death!" smh...

scorched earth said...

Anon 6:16

You are in a social and moral bind but your first responsibility is the safety of your child. I would simply tell your child that her friend is welcome at your home anytime but she may not visit this friend's house. We see reports of the mauling of visitors to the homes of a pit bull owners constantly, some visitors die, some carry the scars for the rest of their lives. Just not worth it. You can be pleasant and firm at the same time. Hurting the pit bull owner's feelings should NOT be a concern, he has been irresponsible by obtaining a banned dog and he is breaking the law.

Dayna said...

I agree w/scorched earth, I do the same with one of my daughter's friends who's whole family smokes. She is allowed over here but my daughter cannot stay over there. As far as pits, before my kids go to anyone's house I find out if there is a dog and what type. I've been teaching my kids about the dangers of these dogs so they know they won't be allowed to a home with a pit. As to the owners feelings, too bad. My kids are more important and perhaps it will make some parents aware of their decisions. Perhaps they'll think I'm a huge A-hole. Oh well.

Anonymous said...

You could have a small party at your house (no dogs). That would be a fun and safe way for your daughter and her friend to spend time together. And you can get to know the parents better. It is weird they have a banned dog, but it is possible they not nutters (a.k.a. delusional). Some people understand pibble's true nature...

I don't mean to talk about the dog at the party or anything controversial. It should be light hearted and fun.

Yours Truly said...

My heart breaks for him. I know what it's like to believe the best in something and it turned out badly. Prayers up

Dick Johnson said...

@Yours Truly 7:36 -

I might feel somewhat sorry for him were it not for the fact that he watched his mutant torture his neighbors pets to death. With that in mind, my main thought is that it was a real shame the mutant didn't go for him first, and spare the poor neighborhood dogs.

Anonymous said...

Your heart breaks for an idiot that should have learned his lesson the first time he was sent to the hospital by his pit bull? I think your brain broke, not your heart.

PutMeInCharge4OneDay said...

anon who has the playdate dilemma-

Mom in Eugene said it best.

Tell them flat out that your daughter is not going to be an anyones home who owns a pit bull.
Much less to be at the home of someone who breaks the law.


I go to Pet Expo this week, I will be curious to see as I go by the numerous pit bull booths at the event how many still have the nanny dog BS plastered all over their booth.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...


scurrilous amateur blogger said...

i think anonymously complaining about the illegal mutant is the best way to go. don't say anything about not wanting your daughter to go there.

Animal Uncontrol said...

Illegal Pit Bull? Notify police. If no joy within 3 days, send a photo with a letter to the local paper.

Hey, if they had an illegal meth lab in their house what would you do?

Anonymous said...

I'm with Dawn. It's way better NOT to say anything directly to the nutter. When they eventually get caught, they'll blame the mom.

Anonymous said...

He let his dog attack other dogs.

What is worse is that his animal control and police department let this dog go on attacking other dogs and didn't cite him andf declare it dangerous.

aggression to other dogs, this is how it starts with pits ,and people have to start getting tough with their local governments about cracking down on these dogs and their owners

It's only chance that a neighbor of this deviant wasn't killed by this dog

Anonymous said...

Mom in Eugene, call up Senator Menendez's office. While he sits on his fat ass telling the world how much he just wants to help the oppressed, one of his top staff is a lawyer and a pit bull advocate that gets her friends in the media to write propaganda about pit bulls and spread lies protecting their "reps" nationally

She's getting people killed along with her other friends like the Sauls

I can't put up the link but do a search on this blog for Menendez and you should find her and her story of her pit attack in a park in DC and help from her little friend at the Washington Post, and a good indication of who is controlling the conversation on this issue and how

Plus her daddy is a psychiatrist. She got her job because daddy takes his stolen money from the taxpayers and gives it to political candidates and buys for his children so they can help other daddies and mommies just like him steal while they pretend they "help the poor and unfortunate" and also pursue their pit bull hobby. Think he gives a crap that his useless daughter is helping to kill and maim people nationally? As far as he is concerned, his family and others like them have the right to dictate to others. That's what he taught his daughter.

these are the Democrats you are voting for.

Anonymous said...

" The courts here in Ohio do not order restitution of medical expenses paid for by Medicaid"

People have to organize and go to the politicians and get this changed

I would just bet a lot of people don't know they are getting ripped off this way, and just getting the word out there to the citizens of Ohio would make a difference

anion said...

Anion here, the mom with the dilemma. Just wanted to say thanks so much for the replies!

I *have* discovered that the dog is actually registered and tattooed; there's a provision of the law here that allows for the ownership of such dogs if certain strict protocols are followed, namely registered/tattooed, neutered/spayed, insured, and always leashed and muzzled in public. So while it's still a banned breed, it's not technically illegal, as the authorities know they have the dog.

Not that it matters when it comes to me letting my daughter go over to that house, of course, which will never happen. I have told my daughter this, and though she's upset she does understand--I told her a bit about the breed and said, "Now, if you were me, would you let your baby go over there with that dog?" and got a sad little, "No, I wouldn't, it's not safe."

And the friend is currently over here playing. So fingers crossed this doesn't ever become a big issue, but if I am ever asked I'll just have to bite the bullet and say I'm not a fan of pits and can't allow my daughter to play in a house where there is one. (It is a full-bred American Pit, btw, again confirmed with the child in question.)

Thanks again, everyone!

Dayna said...

Good for you anion! It's interesting that the law basically makes it so that as long as you're not on that property or don't live there you *should* be protected. Once again, I feel badly for this man's child, she's the one that will pay for her father's poor decision.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if they have to muzzle it if there are guests in the house?

Anonymous said...

There used to be a "Where's Waldo" cartoon back in the day. This would make a great episode.

"Hey boys and girls, can you find Waldo before the pit bull does? If you don't, Waldo is going to the hospital because he'll be seriously injured. If Waldo doesn't have his cane with him, he won't be able to use it as a break stick. Do you know what a break stick is boys and girls? It's what you need to pry a pit bull off once it latches on."

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

^^ bwahahaha ^^

Anonymous said...

Who the f*ck cares where Waldo is; where's his dog?

Is puppy-whuppy dukester comin' home to delight the neighbors some more and maybe finish the job?

PutMeInCharge4OneDay said...

Dawn, I will take photos at the Pet Expo.

I haven't decided if I will pretend I wuv pitties when I go to the booths to look at the propaganda they have up or just be quiet and take photos.

Its hard for me to not say something. Especially I would like to ask them how do they feel about pit bulls unprecedented start in 2014 killing a person every 9.2 days.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

oh i vote that you pretend to be a pit nutter.

tropical storms said...

PutMe just be friendly, upbeat and genuinely interested. Don't ask "why" or "feel" questions, rather ask "what" and "think" questions. Use open ended questions which solicit detailed answers when possible, this should get you fairly well down the road. Good luck and have fun.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

that's excellent advice tropical storms. i'm betting that the average pit nutter will still give a FEEL answer to a THINK question. these idiots seem to be incapable of exercising the logic and reasoning parts of the brain.

Anonymous said...

Many of the nutter videos on this post have either been removed or set to private.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

thanks. i have a copy i will get it back up there soon.

Anonymous said...

I agree tremendously! Because what they didn't tell anyone in the paper is that this so called victim and lover of his pet ,mistreats animals and beats on them! He abused the dog like he did to ones before this one. But know one told that story did they

Anonymous said...

Waldo I'd on welfare and as for the cops they don't arrest this guy even when he's beating up his girlfriend,giving minors booze, or dealing drugs so what makes anyone think he's not going to get away with a dog that had no licence or shots and that he was abusing. hit anyone enough you'd bite that person to.

Anonymous said...

This piece of crap people call waldo didn't get what he deserved! He should have had his face mauled! And people that friend him on Facebook is just as bad. He doesn't love animals that's bull! He abuses then and thinks everything is a joke! He's not self employed! He's the loser of the town that if showed up missing know one would care! He deals drugs. Beats his girlfriend, gives minors booze and tax payers pay his way thru life and is a waste and terror! But never gets arrested? Why? Is he a nark for the cops ? What has to happen so this town can wises up to this crap this crap happens on a daily bases? Animal rights don't get involved, things are over looked in this town.And this piece of dirt is one of many. But everyone that bothers with him you must be just as bad! And I looked on his face book and know who you are.......low life