Sunday, April 6, 2014

pit nutter roundup: the final edition

i can't remember the last time i updated an ancient blog post. the new comment just submitted was fucking irresistible and i could not allow it to languish in the comments of a 2 year old story.
thank you anonymous reader.

i know that feeling!

garland county, arkansas the mutant sleeper cell awakened. four attacks in three days. time to talk ban.

godfrey, illinois looks like PRECIOUS finally succeeded in getting her well deserved dirt nap, let the lawsuit begin. the full story is HERE.

"Reason I grew this beard is to protect me from porkypine quills. Mans gotta eat!"

cloverport, kentucky chain buster RAMBO drew first blood when he launched an unprovoked attack on a 57 yr old deaf mute women minding her own business and walking down the street. lucky for her, neighbors saw the "scuffle" and came to her aid seeing how she is unable to cry for help. FUCK! the good Samaritans (who appear utterly traumatized in the news video) reported RAMBO as ripping chunks of flesh and swallowing it.
the confederate flag waving redneck put on a convincing performance for the tv news crew. he looked remorseful or it could just be that he had a good buzz on. (yes, i openly and proudly discriminate against fucktards who pimp this flag. they may as well wear a swastika.)


“They’re people dogs. They’re friendly. They’re going to go in your house. They’re not there to eat anybody.” JASON COLVIN aka JAY COLVIN aka SOLDIER JAY
this dude needs a reality check!

deer park, texas JAY COLVIN is in the running for most irresponsible pit nutter. not one but TWO home invasions in less than a month!
three weeks earlier, the same mutants broke into the same house and mauled an elderly dachshund.


"You're my new pimp? Where's the balloons, the candy, the million dollar check? And F!! It's 1:30 in the EFFING DAYTIME!!!"
"This is how you wave in Pageants and Parades. Professional secret!"
"My bottom teeth I got for a bargain at the school of equine dentistry. Don't stare... I'm modest."
"Oh dear God! Did I leave the meth crock burning?!"
I'm thinking of a platinum-blond basket-weave 10 inch high updo like Nurse Chapel in the first and finest Star Trek, but fear it will detract from my futurewear blue sack garment. (Impervious to phaser fire!")
Shit! Does anyone know how to get baccy juice out of a ponytail?
"Hell yeah! Uncle Festus is my uncle! Also my brother! I'll say it proud!"
"And now I shall offer my rendition of 'It's A Small World After All"
"I'm just waitin' for my man! Mr Kenji X will make you all so sorry!! AND PUNK ASS JEALOUS!!!!!"
What shall I and the ladies discuss at today's book club? I have been a bit lax in completing 'A Brief History Of Time'

KIMBERLY VASQUEZ - i could not decide which screen shot to use. what the hell, use 'em all!

longview, washington MEET THE VASQUEZ CLAN! neighbors are fed up with this vermin and who can blame them!? they are sick and tired of being terrorized by their frankenmauler. the most recent attack involved a 5 yr old on a bike. the mutant's rabies certificate was forged and of course, she was not licensed. and prego pittie is now on the lam. (gots to save dem puppees cuz every man biting sperm is sacred) authorities are searching for the gripper in the hope of sparing the 5 yr old from enduring the excruciating series of rabies shots while NIK VASQUEZ boasts to the news crew about hiding the pregnant gripper. the atavistic matriarch's long criminal record consists of forgery and theft. mom is a tweeker thief and junior is obviously a psychopath and the entire family is soon to be homeless. the landlord said they violated the rental agreement by having a pit bull. the case is now on the desk of the county prosecutor.

how i wish we could sterilize the entire family. two generations of psychopaths & imbeciles (that we know of) is enough.

this punk ought to be sitting in jail until the dog is presented to the authorities. but my fingers are crossed that she will maul one of the friends who is aiding and abetting this criminal riffraff.

Hare's Psychopathy Checklist - Revised (PCL-R)

(i hope to upload a photo on this one soon)
everett, washington chomping spree a pit bull and a boxer got loose and went on a "chomping spree" biting 5 people, including a police officer and killing a cat before it was all over. the boxer is under quarantine and the mutant was killed with the taser (LOL). why is it when these pack attacks are interracial, it is always the gripper that is killed and the non gripper taken into custody? another reasonable question, since everett classifies ALL pit bulls as POTENTIALLY dangerous, why wasn't this pit's threat level increased to DANGEROUS after it bit a kid and then menaced a woman and her baby?
according to everett municipal code 6.08.010 Definitions of dangerous dogs:
3. Any dog known by the owner to be a pit bull terrier, which shall be defined in this chapter as any American Pit Bull Terrier or Staffordshire Bull Terrier or American Staffordshire Terrier breed of dog or any mixed breed of dog which contains as an element of its breeding the breed of American Pit Bull Terrier, Staffordshire Bull Terrier or American Staffordshire Terrier as to be identifiable as partially of the breed of American Pit Bull Terrier, Staffordshire Bull Terrier or American Staffordshire Terrier.

JUNE MAXAM (follow the links on this one. she is a pip!)

new york netherworld cyber gazette is covering fallout from the Solesky v Nutter ruling.
JUNE MAXAM a former ACO, convicted felon, pit nutter (a nutter in EVERY sense of the word), turned "journalist" has her panties in a twist over the reports on the wave of discarded grippers in the aftermath of the landmark ruling. thank goodness the HSUS has stepped up to the plate (with jane's money no doubt) to ensure that every gripper is given the opportunity to achieve self-actualization. why it is down right CRUEL to deny pittie alpaca faces. just look at how happy self-actualized pitties are.

remember last's month's brutal police shooting of poor pittie?

new york city the mutant known as STAR survived that shooting. her vet bill is nearly $10K and has been covered by donations, paid in large part by BERKEY'S flunkies no doubt. STAR lost an eye and her hearing but she will live to attack again. according to other pit owning street scum, STAR has bitten before. she is apparently very protective of her derelict master, LECH STANKIEWICZ who is awol. STAR'S nutter apparently had a warrant and was arrested. all the pit nutters seem unable to read those words in the sea of OMGPOORPITTIES!!!!! and COPS ARE MEANIES!!! but no need to worry about STAR, she has her very own............... FACEBOOK PAGE!!!!!!! and the little man biter has almost 3000 facebook friends and has caught the attention of the LEXUS PROJECT. you can see lots of before and after photos.

“He tried to get to him. I shut the crate, but couldn't lock it. So, he had chomped on my … one bite on my arm. That was it. I bit him on the nose to release."

jeannette, pennsylvania DONNA GREINER is out of the hospital. it appears there was exaggeration over the damage done to her arm and her desire to put distance between herself and her dogs. DONNA has 6 dogs now and plans to add more in the future. her neighbors are just thrilled. i am a firm believer in one strike, you're out. i think these nutters are entitled to one 911 response. after that, they are on their own.

greenback, tennessee there's a new kid on the no kill rescue block, the 725 Henry Lane block to be exact. ANGELA BURRUSS is in the process of filing the necessary paperwork to start up her very own 501C3 and realizing her dream to become a NO KILL pit rescue and eventually a certified dog trainer so she can add to the already bloated population of fake service pits. bitten by the pittie bug 12 years ago and suffering from a degenerative disease the pit lady is ready to turn her passion and hobby into a legal charity. keep an eye out for DOUBLE A PIT RESCUE. i think we'll be hearing about this one.

“I never turn down blankets and towels — or metal food bowls because pits chew everything,” she laughed. yeah, EVERYTHING and that includes chain link, trees, window screens, garage doors, drywall, plumbing, mail carriers, cops, grandfathers, toddlers, alpacas, horses, dogs and of course their owners - my personal fave.
NOTE: to prevent disorientation, before you launch into this lovely hybristophiliac's photo album, repeat after me : this is NOT the people of walmart, this is NOT the people of walmart, this is NOT the people of walmart, this is NOT the people of walmart.


battle creek, michigan this 27 yr old pit bull owner was arrested after he sicced his mutant on Zachary Baldwin. Baldwin's crime was serving HENDERSON with an eviction notice.

be sure to keep up with the great unwashed at four legged friends and enemies and dogsbite decatur. i don't think i can do this anymore. the human race is really bringing me down. i am afraid the only solution is starting to look like a serious culling of both human and canine mutants.

sundre, alberta 57 yr old RITA PHILLIP sicced her two mutants on 26 yr old Deanna Wolfe. Wolfe suffered life threatening injuries. PHILLIP fled following the attack. she was picked up at a casino, then she missed her first court appearance. on the 29th, the judge denied her bail.

dogs deserve better

Tamira Thayne, dogs deserve better

search warrants were hand delivered to michael vick's estate again. this time the charges are not organized dog fighting, although there are reports of impromptu dog fighting aka yard accidents. but that is to be expected with pit bulls.

there are allegations of animal cruelty of rescued dogs. current and past employees and volunteers claim that mace and tasers were used on the dogs. they also claim the dogs were kept 19+ hours in their crates. employees state that dog fights broke out and the dogs did not receive veterinary care. that's the problem with keeping dogs that were BRED TO KILL EACH OTHER. there really is NO safe way to house or control them.

one dog, a pit bull named JADA was seized along with her vet records.

Thayne goes to court september 25th.

i wonder what DDB's celebrity endorsers would think about fighting, mace, tasers, excessive crating and no vet care?


Unknown said...

I was looking at ANGELABURRUSS photo album,looks like they are from southern Appalachia.

Unknown said...

Ok that was a guess but it turns out they kind of are.A Hillbilly with small kids and big kids all running around,what a great place for a pit bull rescue.

Anonymous said...

i hate to generalize but it seems the nicest people own pit-bulls. yes , you really can and should judge peops by their looks , and friends and the kind of dogs they snuggle up to on a sultry evening of bloodshed and terror.

april 29 said...

If you look through the photos proudly posted by Burruss, it appears the pit bull breeding is a family enterprise, a daughter in law posted photos of her new litter of pits. This potential 501c3 will be a turn around operation, breeding, selling, AND "rescue" to rehome. Money changes hands with every transaction.

This is Jane Berkey's constituency.

Anonymous said...

Hey Dawn, I hope you hang in there. This is awful, depressing, aggravating stuff and right now there doesn't seem to be a solution.

There will always be morons in the world and folks that don't give a damned about their neighbors, but in general laws keep these folks in check. Unfortunately, what we've got here is such a huge pro-Maul Lobby that it doesn't seem there's anyway to make common sense laws stick. (Let's call it what it is, if they were pro-Pit, they'd be "Culling the Man Biters" so their precious poochies would get a better rep).

So maybe this bright group of commenters can start thinking about constructive ways of becoming effective anti-Maulers.


scurrilous amateur blogger said...

uh-oh, sorry for the miscommunication. i am not going to stop blogging, i am just going to back away from this pit scum. the past few days took a toll on me. the facebook page for a 3x plus manbiter, the scum in longview washington (really, have you ever seen anyone that was more deserving of a last cigarette, a blindfold and a fucking wall?), this fucking texas hillbilly who thinks we all just need to just relax and roll over when his ugly fucking mutant fighting dogs invade our homes, deaf mute women can't walk down the street and then this disabled white trash freak show is launching a 501C3 RESCUE, with the blessing and promotion of the local media?? did anyone notice how BURRUSS blames bad owners and how she really only takes in dogs from "bad situations"? fuck, talk about a perfect storm. the media is totally fucking brain dead. they exist solely for mindless entertainment. they don't ask hard questions like "angela, what is the nature of your degenerative disease and how will you control dogs capable of pulling 30x their own weight?" FUCK!

and all of this on top of the alpaca massacre.

Anonymous said...

That's a relief!

I think I know how you feel, though. The Media and most politicians are so afraid of the Maul Lobby they wouldn't say "bad doggie" if a pit was chomping on their leg.

Rumpelstiltskin said...

All the pit bull idiots in this article are disgusting. I'm still surprised pit bulls are not banned or regulated in more places.

The pit idiot Angela Burruss is now going to start a 501C3? She's physically disabled and has nothing better to spend our tax dollars on than creating a dangerous environment for her neighbors?

Perfectly healthy pit bull owners have been killed by their pit bulls, lets hope if there is a tragic accident it puts her in the hospital rather than someone who just happened to be nearby. Lets also hope there's not someone with livestock nearby. Because pit nutters don't call 'em nanny dogs for nuttin'.

Anonymous said...

kimberly and nik vasquez look like nice peops . i think i know why dawn showed us so much of kimberly ....!!??? shes very photogenic . funny thing is they look like more than pitbull owners ..... they look like something we cravenites might see in our nightmares . human maul-spawn.

Anonymous said...

lol @ a cretinous comment by "VILEONE" .... sez it all. how strange someone with the handle "vileone" would be spouting bulloney on the side of mauling "GHETTO PIGS". lol Always thot pits and pitters were both pigs.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

reporting on this scum is watching jerry springer. i can't take it anymore. maybe i will come back to it one day, maybe not...

Anonymous said...

just be glad deys not neighbours . well, i think we all got neighbours like dat . jerrys a scumbag too .

vintage said...


Maine 1999: Meet bear who bit of a toddlers ear and nearly severed his arm.

Picked up by his family and trafficked out of Animal Control:

Bear the child ripping family Pit Bull, picked up from quarantine and trafficked

*Disclaimer..You Can't Make This Stuff Up!

DubV said...

Please shape your blog however you see fit, Dawn. Your voice is very needed. Don't burn yourself out by focusing on things that aren't rewarding to you. There will always be an infinite supply of nutters, no single person can expose them all.

DubV said...

Your mention of four legged friends and dogsbite decatur is important. I read them both regularly and they are both meticulous in their documentation. All nutters should fear them.

Anonymous said...

that kimberly vasquez is just too damn photogenic . love her welfare spawn too . spay and neuter , spay and neuter!!.

april 29 said...

I woould love to follow dogsbite decatur but it will not load for me. A very well done blog, I agree.

Miss Margo said...

"really, have you ever seen anyone that was more deserving of a last cigarette, a blindfold and a fucking wall?"

This is hilarious, Dawn. In fact, I am going to appropriate it for personal use. In the future, I have no doubt, it shall be posted on internet comments threads far and wide.

Well, if this turns out to be the final Frankenmauler Roundup you ever write, you went out with a bang. Every one of these stories is outrageous and revolting in the extreme. The starring pit nutters are right out of central casting.

LOL I love the descriptions that the news write under Sanders, Vasquez,and Greiner: "Dog Owner" "Refuses to turn over vicious pit bull." I mean, a person makes the news for something they do in their community, and these assholes are labeled regarding their asshole dogs. The height of their fame and notoriety. God. I'd die of shame.

Greiner...sorry, loser, I've read waaay too many pitbull owner forums to believe your story. Your dog exploded like a canine IED. Too bad it did not eat you. I wonder what happened to it? Did she turn it over to be PTS, or was it waiting at home for her with a bouquet of roses and an "I'm sorry" Hallmark card?

Vasquez: Who the hell forages a rabies certificate? Doesn't that, I dunno, take time to do and incur risk? More effort than to get the actual vaccination? I don't get it.

Nik Vasquez should, indeed, be cooling it in the slammer till the dog turns up. Everyone in his family (including him) implicated in the case ought to be charged for the money it costs to house and feed him until the pit bull is relinquished. The person hiding the pit bull is offered a 24-hour amnesty period. Beyond that, they face charges and/or fees. Get Vladimir Putin on their asses. It won't change Nik--he's going to spend a lot of his life in prison, I expect--but there ought to be consequences for basically flipping the cops and the victims and his community the double bird.

"Johnny Henderson and Monster" HAAAHAHA when I first saw the caption to the photo, I thought that was a description of the dog! I didn't think it was really named 'Monster.' How appropriate.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

the news link states that she put the dog down.

i don't understand the issue for dogsbitedecatur. i can only suggest that you try another browser. gates is not known to play well with the other kids, especially if they are smarter and have better toys.

here's the link to download chrome.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

here's the link to download firefox.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

always look on the bright side of life

Animal Uncontrol said...

This is depressing.

On a brighter note, 7.62 Soviet on SALE at Cabelas!

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

thanks animal uncontrol.

i know little about long guns and their ammo but i love that name HERTER'S.

Animal Uncontrol said...


A round of 7.62 Soviet will drop a Pit Bull like a BAG OF DIRT. The stuff is cheap as dirt and runs great in my Saiga. You can also run it through a SKS, Ruger Mini-30 and a few other guns.

Of course, consider local laws before buying or using any gun! IANAL.

DubV said...

Yep, nearly all rifle rounds are much more powerful than handgun rounds. A 7.62 Sov or .223 kick very lightly in a rifle but are more powerful than a 44 magnum.

Animal Uncontrol said...

Dub, Agreed. A .223 wont kick much (the photo in the ad is misleading... product is for a 7.62 Soviet but the box in the pic is for a .223).

A .223 fired out of a 16 inch barrel has THREE times the energy of a 9mm fired from a handgun.

The 7.62 Soviet kicks more than the .223 but I'm generally good for at least 100 rounds at the range with the Soviet. It won't carry as far or do as much damage as a .308 Winchester, tho.

Everything you choose in life is a study in compromise... kinda like dogs LOL

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

fun video.

Dayna said...

"In addition to long time support given to Hope Rescues, in 2011 the BUEHRLEs gave Hope Rescues $200,000 for the purchase of a 13 acre property and will build shelter buildings as well as a home for SPIKER and LEE."

This little sentence got my attention, it sounds like another Spindletop Ranch in the making. It also begs the question, is there any other breed of dog that has advocacy groups like this one does? These people are such grifters and con artists.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

greyhound rescue is the only breed specific advocacy group that might come close.

DubV said...


scurrilous amateur blogger said...

check out this sweet pibble

and then part 2 after the pit bull magician waves his magic wand.

DubV said...

I think these nutters are confusing their dogs desire to launch unprovoked attacks on all not in their closest circle with being protective. It's a nice way to spin it so that they can make their mutant seem a little more virtuous and perhaps able to be saved.

I wonder when Millan will meet a fate similar to the crocodile hunter.

DubV said...

Than Millan or this wannabe Blake can get a enough after footage to full the audience is as convincing as David Copperfield using video editing and other tricks to make it seem that the statue of liberty disappeared

Anonymous said...

the croc -hunter was a pitter but one who probably was capable enuf to deal with his mutant . not wishing it but imagine the dog whisperer being devoured by his own mutants . would that make pitters think twice? .....doubt it , lol

DubV said...

Wow, I had a grammatical meltdown when posting that last comment!

Stinger said...

Yeah, an 7.62x39mm will definately drop a pit bull. As will a .223, .22WMR, or even a .17HMR. Hell, a couple of .22LR hollow points would even do the trick.

But I still prefer a 100 grain 2-blade Magnus Stinger broadhead on an Easton aluminum arrow. hehehe...

Packhorse said...


I'm bulletproof,
Nothing to lose
Fire away, fire away!
You take your aim
Fire away, fire away!
You shoot me down, but I won't fall
I am titanium!

Anonymous said...

May I offer some dialogue for the
Kimberly Vasquez screenshots?

(1) "You're my new pimp? Where's the balloons, the candy, the million dollar check? And F!! It's 1:30 in the EFFING DAYTIME!!!"
(2)"This is how you wave in Pageants and Parades. Professional secret!"
(3)" My bottom teeth I got for a bargain at the school of equine dentistry. Don't stare... I'm modest.
(4) Oh dear God! Did I leave the meth crock burning?!"
(5) I'm thinking of a platinum-blond basket-weave 10 inch high updo like Nurse Chapel in the first and finest Star Trek, but fear it will detract from my futurewear blue sack garment. (Impervious to phaser fire!")
(6)Shit! Does anyone know how to get baccy juice out of a ponytail?
(7) "Hell yeah! Uncle Festus is my uncle! Also my brother! I'll say it proud!"
(8)"And now I shall offer my rendition of 'It's A Small World After All"
(9) "I'm just waitin' for my man! Mr Kenji X will make you all so sorry!! AND PUNK ASS JEALOUS!!!!!"
(10) "What shall I and the ladies discuss at today's book club? I have been a bit lax in completing 'A Brief History Of Time'"

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

OMG!!!!! i will add these to the photos. LOL!!!!

clearly, an infusion of new blood into craven desires would be a GOOD thing!

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

okay. i'd really like to know who did these amazing captions. i thought it was sadfalada. nope.

i won't tell, i promise!

Anonymous said...

Yes, it was me, SadFalada. Thanks for the fun! Have lost my cell phone and now use mom's.

Anonymous said...

Those captions are priceless! Seriously, wonderfully wicked humor!

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much! --SF

Anonymous said...

Jimmy Sanders...

"Reason I grew this beard is to protect me from porkypine quills.
Mans gotta eat!"

Anonymous said...

About the morons who are hiding the dog. If it were my child, they'd be giving the dog up. I'd rally the community and make their lives hell on earth 24/7 until the did. As for the dogs breaking into the house twice, I'd set up an alarm system and shoot them next time they were in the yard. Hell I'd go to local charities for help with food and bills just to buy the alarm if I had to. The dogs are bad, but I'll argue the owners are worse in those cases.

Dude said...


scurrilous amateur blogger said...

these are the best captions ever. i've been through them at least 10 times and each time they get funnier.

anon 9:00 - i am adding your caption too :-)


scurrilous amateur blogger said...

sadfalada, i just read these AGAIN! i wish i would have taken more screen shots. these are awesome.

Dayna said...

I just watched the "Turbocharging Pit Bull Adoptions" video. It's geared towards shelters and rescues but it would be good for your average joe to watch. It's pretty amazing in that by trying to make pits look the same as other dogs, they just highlight how different they really are. Part 5 or 6 talks about how the shelters should offer a list of insurance companies that will cover pits and recommend that rental properties that allow pits should be promoted as well.

All kinds of horrific garbage, such as dressing pitty up in costumes and taking them out to planned community events, basically pushing them on the public.

Vomitous stuff.

Anonymous said...

The other people need captions, too. They are sad without them.

For the "they're people dogs" guy, I humbly submit..

I had to build this high fence on account of people just wouldn't stop playing with them!

eh.. maybe not?

Which.. I guess I have met some animals that were super friendly before, but NONE OF THEM did I ever want to just casually stroll into my house like they owned the place. This includes animals that were physically incapable of mauling me to death.

Like the mouse that I guess decided that since I had a rabbit, a pet mouse should work out for me. That mouse just was not scared of me. My high-pitched panicked screams... yes. But, me when I was being quiet (e.g., when I hadn't caught sight of him yet) no. He was a people mouse. You know. He's going to go in your house and eat your food. He ain't going to kill nobody.

My grandfather had a horse that was really friendly. Something tells me that in spite of her friendliness and how good she was with children, no one wanted her clip clopping her way into a human habitation. And despite her size, she harmed anyone. She was a people horse. You know.

Anonymous said...

^^she NEVER harmed anyone.. I shortened my sentence. Obviously, my grandfather didn't have a horse assassin or anything. LOL

Anonymous said...

I keep thinking the shot of Nik needs a caption like, "Yes I am the offspring of Nikki Sixx and Satan, why do you ask?"
His shrug and I don't care attitude in that video make me want to strangle him. Does that make me a bad person?

Anonymous said...

I don't know, Anonymous ... would you say you're a people person? Have you ever gone in a stranger's house just to hang out for a while, but refrained from mauling them? If so, congratulations! You've passed your human temperament test!

Anonymous said...

Angela Burruss...

"Come closer Dearest Darling! Momsy is sizing up her premium-quality new breast implants! Kisses and wiggles, my Precious!"

Anonymous said...

June Maxam...

"overdue letters....arrest warrants... fake numbers of male escorts...recipe for Shroom Knockout Muffins....Floor layout of Caesar's Palace casino...GODDAMNIT!!! WHERE'D I put the Butternuts Tutu patterns for Gargantuella and Blip?"

Anonymous said...

Johnny Henderson...

"I dunno, man, one minute a dude's watchin' a Doris Day movie and eatin' a healthy diet of cheerios an green stuff his old lady made him in the George Foreman cooker an petting his real nice dog when bam!! I's told I gotta go an what can a real dude do? I's a man, do I not bleed and tattoo an put my only clothes on one leg at uh time? So I did what any self respecter woulda done, tole my real good dog to escort that intruder elsewhere, then things was good. But then my day was interrupted an I's
barely awake from a nap, fuck! I's thinkin' of my Cheerios gettin' soggy an sinkin' to the bottom uh the bowl an I am wracked, man. An all cause ignorant fucks hate pit bulls! Now, I's got nothing' to say till I talk to the Public Defender!"

Anonymous said...

I feel a little sorry for the pit bull being shot by the cop (though I don't blame the cop). The dog thinks it's protecting its owner. It really doesn't understand or know what else to do.

Unfortunately, because a brisk mauling is always a possibility with these animals, the cop didn't have that much choice. He probably even felt kind of bad about it.

But, with the CROWD that had gathered, even if HE miraculously made friends with the dog, that doesn't mean that it wouldn't snack down on someone else the second his back was turned trying to help the owner. The best he could do was try to make it quick so the dog didn't suffer.

But, this is why if a person doesn't have a legit skill to offer in a situation like this that maybe they should just keep moving. Each extra person standing around made the dog that much more nervous.

Anonymous said...

These nutters have just been put to shame by this breed advocate:

Why yes, that IS a comment thread for a local article which features a TV interview with the visibly shaken and heavily grieving parents of John Harvard, age 5, who was killed by a neighbor's 8-month-old pit bull.

It is a short comment thread mostly focusing on the actual subject: a boy whose life has been cut tragically short.

But, then, there is THIS comment:
10 hours ago-8 updown
Share | Flag
I guess I should have called the news and told them about the Min Pin that attacked my daughter's face for no reason while my Pitt sat and watched...the owner is the blame here people not the breed...any breed can be taught to fight it is in their blood remember wolves???? Praying for comfort and understanding for the family I cannot imagine what I would have done if my daughter died from her injuries when she was attacked

Given where the comment is and how it begins, I do not believe this individual even has a daughter. I do believe if anyone had given her the time of day, she would have claimed to be a vet tech a.k.a. unparalleled dog expert.

Which, a pit bull ought to be able to protect a child from a miniature pinscher just by standing in between the child and the small dog. If a pit bull is just going to "sit and watch" while a tiny little dog "nearly kills" (yeah, right) its furmatriach's non-furkid, then WTF good are they?

Anonymous said...

Hey, neat! The site took down that offensive miniature pinscher comment. Well, good.

Anonymous said...


Cesar Milan was highlighted in this week's Parade Magazine. He has a new show this week, about how humans and pit bulls can get along beautifully, "Love My Pit Bull."

He lists six "little known qualities" that make pit bulls great companions!

The first 3 were listed in the magazine,

1. Pit bulls were developed by cross-breeding boxers and terriers, giving them the boxer's strength and the terrier's smarts.

2. They were once known as "nanny dogs" because they're attentive and patient around young children.

3. The idea that this breed is naturally aggressive is a myth. Any dog that is not raised properly by humans can become aggressive. With proper training, a pit bull can be as laid-back as a basset hound.

The other 3 reasons are found online, and they aren't worth typing out. JUST MORE PIT BULLSHIT!

"Join us for a Facebook chat with Cesar on Wednesday, April 16 at noon ET."

I went to the comments section, and was extremely happy that most of the comments are putting Cesar in his place, and NOT SPEAKING FAVORABLY OF PIT BULLS!

Anonymous said...

I tried to put up a link but it wouldn't go through but I wanted to repost an excellent comment that I saw on dogsbite by name RSM. I apologize to RSM for copying this, but
I think everyone should read how their tax money in some places is not only getting kids killed, but supporting cruelty to animals in so many ways through No Kill pit manics infiltrating local animal control.

I wish I knew what county this is that RSM refers to because this needs to be exposed and this society needs to get public notice that they are liable for the damage they are doing.


"Same here Your Quiet Neighbor. The city/county promotes these monsters on their own website! They even say they are great for families! When there is a tragedy, I hope they get sued over this nonsense.

Our city made the mistake of contracting with the local humane society to take over shelter services. This is the first step to disaster, and is pushed by people that think that every public function ought to be privatized, as well as those who want to see "animal lovers" in charge. It's a perfect storm of liberal and conservative idiocy- you know if those two groups agree on something, there is trouble to come.

Naturally, once this happens, the humane society declares their goal of "No Kill" (aka SLOW kill"), puts up enormous barriers to relinquishing pets: only friendly animals, only by appointment on Thursdays10-11am, with a $100 fee, after a mandatory waiting/foster period. (No stray/feral cats- they get S/N and put out to die).

Now, instead of PTS all pit bulls, and any animal with behavioral issues, you get a "crack team" of "behaviorists" (aka dog lovers that took a few webinars and own dogs) that spend lots of time intensively "training" these maulers (and they are usually maulers) how to not bite (true story!).

The cash spent on these staff members, their time to "fix" such animals, and the extra, specially made, isolated, long term housing (because no one wants these dogs, even for free), means that normal dogs, and all stray cats, get left in the cold. So many are denied shelter, and put right back on the streets, all while saving killers.

Then, a kid gets mauled or killed, and everyone shames the owner, who was probably talked into adopting a "lab mix that loves people!". They ignore the humane society (aka pit bull pushers, animal killers) that has made this happen, and all the voters that thought "no kill" sounded so swell.

Cities are making their own problems. "

Anonymous said...

No Kill animal control means that grifters get to steal tax money and abuse people and pets!

They are worse than puppy mills at this point and I never thought I'd say that.

Does anyone know what county in what state RSM is referring to, though I realize it could be many at this point, that's how bad it's gotten.

Even the big name pit grifters are now admitting that pits aren't good kid dogs. This humane society needs to be put on legal notice that they are committting fraud and have liability.

Anonymous said...

I do not understand why they insist on trying to push pit bulls onto people who don't really want that type of dog. Not every dog is suitable for every person.

Also, their habit of trying to pass pit bulls off as "lab mixes" or even black labs is ridiculous. I've seen nutters carrying on about being "mauled" by a lab and getting 50 stitches or 70 stitches to their face. HELLO, what kind of dog does that really sound like? Sure, there could be SOME mean lab out there, but that doesn't sound like their biting style at all. That sounds like a gripping dog.

Of course, the nutters could just be lying. But, they aren't lying about the fact there are some "labs" that are actually and obviously pit bulls.

What if someone wants a lab because it's a RETRIEVER? What good will a pit bull be to them? I can really see a pit bull tenderly carrying a bird back to its master.... NOT! The pit bull would think its master had given it a snack.

I've also seen some threads places about suddenly people having labs that won't retrieve. A few people, o.k., they have cold dogs. But, lots of people? These dogs do this stuff as babies just like every beagle runs around half the time with its little nose on the ground checking out the smells of whatever animals might have run through the yard.

Even if they start dressing pit bulls in retriever suits, the things are still pit bulls. They should go only to people who WANT a pit bull. I know there are more pit bulls than people who want one because nutters rarely sterilize their maulers, but these shelters ought to d it while they have control of the dogs.

The advocates' mantra is always that it's the owner not the breed. How good can an owner be if they have been fed misinformation about their dog sometimes including being told their dog is a different breed than it really even is. How can they be a good owner when pushed into getting the very dog they never wanted and relying on fairy tales as they try to raise it?

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

oh shit. new captions!! you nailed JUNE MAXAM. wow!

RSM said...

Thanks for CnP my comment!
Let me just share one story with you, so you understand the climate for this stuff here.

The local free paper did a story on this humane society a few months ago. It was about how they manage the shelters since they took over from the city, and went no kill.
Pit pics were all over- a loving pit with volunteer, even a pit on the front page.

Next few weeks, lots of letters to the editor…..
Were people mad because of all the pit bulls?
Were they worried over fees to relinquish pets?
Were they sad for the feral cats left to die outside?
Almost all of them were furiously angry because this place had the nerve to PTS some "adoptable" animals. Their kill rate is very low, sub 10%, and only the sickest and most aggressive get PTS.

This was NOT good enough for the people here! People want to hang the shelter director/staff because they couldn't save every single animal, regardless of cost or behavior.
There is even a LOUD organization made just to fight this shelter because they "kill too many".
You have to understand- I SAW a *few* of the dogs they were keeping and "retraining", and they ought to have been PTS on the spot. I cannot imagine how bad a dog would have to be for this place to PTS. But no, the fur mommy saviors want to save THOSE animals TOO.

And the county/city has a page about why they are great for families. The list the downsides as "needing lots of exercise/attention"
Someone is gonna get killed, and I hope they sue.

The shelter is still not nearly as reckless as many others, even in the region. It could get worse. Keep reading, there will be more about this place in the future.

PutMeInCharge4OneDay said...

Cesar Millan made an appearance near me this last weekend.

I am told by people who attended that a "rescue group" brought a dog aggressive Cane Corso.

By the time he was done "working" with the dog he showed how it was "cured" of the dog aggression by having someone parade a Pomeranian back and forth in front of it.

What a great message to send out to people who are already gullible enough to pay money to see him.

All of us know that these kind of dogs always "somehow" get loose.
Some moron is going to think that Cane Corso is cure and who knows how many pets and people are going to be put at risk.

I used to like CM because before he was famous I knew people who had him out who said he was truly gifted working with their dogs.
Fame has made him the ultimate Pit Pimp and of course I have completely different feelings about him now.

Meanwhile yesterday at my vet clinic as I came out into the parking lot with my Pomeranians there was a manw with his pit bull. The dog immediately strained at its leash and was eyeing my dogs. At least the guy stopped. I scooped up both my dogs and got to my car ASAP and yelled to my husband to pick up the other Pomeranian. I always now take my dogs to the "cat side" of the building to wait my appointments because there is always at least one mauler in the dog side waiting area.

Anonymous said...

I don't like pit bulls, but I don't want them to be tortured. I think it is torture to keep some of them alive.

Tanya Barnes says that after Randy's male pit bull pushed Sassy off of her, he went and laid down as far from her as he could get and was shaking. By this time, Randy has come back and removed Sassy from the situation. Why was the male shaking? Was he afraid of being punished? OR was he fighting his own DNA? That is a rare dog that managed to fight the urge.

Angela Rutledge says when she came back and saw Kissy Face had killed her two year old son Beau, that Kissy Face looked confused. Then she picked up Beau and started shaking him again. She lived eight years in a loving home and fought her breeding no telling how many times.

If a dog hasn't been able to control itself at all, then no one will ever want it or love it. Dogs crave social interaction, but the aggressive ones kill and maim anyone or anything that tries to befriend them.

Janice said...

"They’re people dogs. They’re friendly. They’re going to go in your house." Well, bubba, gotta tell you, their first home invasion would have been their last home invasion, if it'd been my home. Guarantee that, in the privacy of my own home, it would have been arranged that neither of those dogs would have ever left my property.

Anonymous said...

Putmeinchargeforoneday, you need to have a serious talk with your vet and preferably back it up in writing and let them know they are going to get someone or their pet killed by catering to the fighting breed crowd, and they are going to get sued.

you should also notify your state licensing board of dangerous practices at your vet's office so that when someone or a pet dies there is a record.
their insurance company should know too.

Allowing pits to mingle with other dogs is madness and represents a veterinarian who isn't worth a dime and doesn't care about other pets and is willing to allow animal cruelty. They are a danger to the community.

You should also file a review of their office online on some of those kinds of reviewer websitews to warn people

For a vet, this arrangement they have is malpractice

Anonymous said...

RSM, you summed up the problem so succinctly and hit the nail on some many important heads.

Thank you for posting that

Anonymous said...

RSM, you wrote "There is even a LOUD organization made just to fight this shelter because they "kill too many"."

I suspect this is a mob of Nathan Winograd breeder ettes and the fools that get dragged along. Winograd is hooked up with the breeders who are furiously trying to deny that they are breeding screwed up dogs that end up as the taxpayer's responsibility, and that they are breeding too many, resulting in overpopulation that the taxpayers are paying for (and so they can fend off mandatory spay neuter and breeder licensing)

This is the Winograd method- enlist a mob to lie, attack, smear, and commit terroristic acts against animal control workers and unfortunately some local governments let themselves get bullied, and/or some have connections to them, and they let criminals take over.

In Indianapolis Indiana they tried this but the public went ballistic with complaints to the mayor's office about stray dogs, animal control refusing to accept animals when the taxpayer was paying for the service, and the Winograd crooks were run out of town, including the dirty local city worker hooked up with them.

Try to track some of these people and their affiliations.

The taxpayers of the county need to know that special interest groups are stealing from them and committing animal abuse that the taxpayer is paying for, and creating a health crisis.

They probably have an ally in county government who is sleazing this through. The bad apple has to be rooted out.