Friday, May 16, 2014

pets, pits and poverty

Animal Uncontrol posed the following: "Should people with pets, particularly multiple, large pets be eligible for public assistance?  I.E. Welfare, food stamps, WIC, Section 8 housing, Medicaid, etc..." and one of the more lively debates erupted at his blog. one of the craven regulars, Pit Dispatcher was involved in that lively debate and then sent me the following comment and photos.

Aw fuck it, AC, you win.
Here are 2 homeless bums, with a huge sign declaring that they are hungry. 
But what are they doing? Feeding an enormous, well muscled, gripper. While begging for food and money.
This is right next to a busy restaurant, at at intersection of a busy shopping center.
Of course this monster isn't neutered, and even with that collar, there is no way they would be able to control a mauler this size.
I generally have no problem with homeless having dogs. It's practical to have one if you have to camp everyday, and let's face it, they can eat garbage.

But I object to homeless with huge grippers. It's super reckless, and a public safety issue. It's offensive and ridiculous to pretend your hungry while feeding a dog that probably eats more food than they do.
Xylitol treats for all!





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Pets on public assistance?

Massive cranial burst



Anonymous said...

homeless people will leave their aggressive dogs guarding their packs and tents or campsites and anyone who happens by is likely to get bitten . truth be told , some of these people are not just down on their luck and would take advantage of anyone with the slightest sympathy or naivety .

PutMeInCharge4OneDay said...

Parents of the year AND Responsible Pit Bull Owners-

Always a great idea to raise two puppies at the same time (NOT).

Always a great idea to get your children pit bulls

Always the sign of a "responsible" pit bull owner that the dogs somehow got out.

Anonymous said...

Let's see, dyed hair, sports drink, new(ish) backpacks and clothes with the dog?

Not buyin' the homeless story at all.

Animal Uncontrol said...

I do it for the lulz.

Anonymous said...

These people aren't "homeless". They're just grifters. Might as well call the police and report them, they're probably breaking some kind of law.

I don't think anyone should have maulers unless they have a means to properly contain it. There is NO WAY a homeless person could have such means. IDK the solution to that... you can take them off of public assistance (assuming they get it.. again, not the photoed people just someone), but they might still be homeless with mauler.

Animal Uncontrol said...

The term "homeless" is rather denigrating, and I think we should stop using it.

I vastly prefer the term "Urban Outdoorsman", as that makes them sounds more rugged and individualist.

Now, the Urban Outdoorsman (er, person) with their pit bull is the rather elemental pit nutter isn't it? Its nothing but them and their Pit Bull. Hell, the Pit is all they care about, why would they need a house or a car or a job or any of that bourgeois crapola.

Ha. bourgeois. WORD!

scorched earth said...

Animal Uncontrol ^^ LOL!!! ^^

"Hell, the Pit is all they care about, why would they need a house or a car or a job or any of that bourgeois crapola."

Or insurance.

Anonymous said...

maybe the shitbull is the reason those happy campers are homeless . cant be easy to rent with a dog ,let alone a liability dog like a pitbull. i would guess that most people with a decent rental home would not be willingly taking on the constellation of problems likely to come with pit people .

p.s. very happy to say my own pit neighbors have pulled up stakes recently .

scorched earth said...

Congratulations Snarky! ^^

Animal Uncontrol said...

I confess that the term "Urban Outdoorsman" is not mine. I think I saw it in a Cabelas catalog. Or LL Bean.

Anonymous said...

urban sportsman with gamedog of the nonsporting kind .

Anonymous said...

middle photo miss homeless giving the finger? pit dispatcher ?


No, they were very friendly, no middle finger, they were proud to let me have pics of the mauler.

These pics cost me a quarter, and a half a cigarette I picked up out of the trash, in anticipation of talking to them. Because you know they always smoke! I hated to give them even a dime, knowing it would go to that mauler, but I wanted good pics.

It was just too perfect- a "hungry" sign, while feeing a gripper! A day after the whole pets and assistance was posted.

Mom in Eugene said...

Wanna read a story that will make you head desk until you are black and blue?

Short version: A little, unstable, irresponsible, young, homeless girl, has a nasty, obviously aggressive, mauler, named DOOBIE. She obviously will not contain or control it.

One day, her mauler BIT a woman getting off of the bus. Homeless chick cursed the cops, but said good bye to DOOBIE, and that was that, for her.
Here comes the worst part.

Then, a PIT NUTTER ANGEL hears this sad tale of woe and authoritarian oppression, and swoops in. She *PUT UP FLIERS* all over downtown, looking for this girl, begging the girl to call her. She told her how to appeal, and paid for the maulers fines. IDK what the end result is, but in this state, I can see her getting the killer back.

* You can't make this shit up (stole this line off of another commenter here)


I personally think it is insane to allow homeless (or anyone) to have pits if they do not have proper containment. It scares the crap out of me.

I *have* complained to the cops, in order to get a group of drunken, meth headed bums, booted out of their campsite. They had a rarely contained mauler, and no way was I going to walk by them with my kids everyday. Haven't seen them since.

Anonymous said...

scorched earth : the idiot didnt think putting his mutant out to run behind his car was a problem because they are called nanny dogs .

Anonymous said...
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KaD said...

Most of the people with signs are not homeless. They are on disability or some other public assistance and use this money to get booze, pot, cigarettes and lottery tickets. The ones with dogs are even WORSE.

PutMeInCharge4OneDay said...

Several years ago I did make the mistake of giving a "homeless" some money.

Their pit bull of course growled at me.

The beggars I see on a regular basis all look well dressed and clean. No doubt this is their full time job.

In front of the Rite Aid Drug store there is a guy collecting "Donations". He sits there every day and has for several years. The last time I saw him I Googled the "charity" he was collecting for and surprise no such charity showed up. At least he does not have a pit bull with him. Those can be found at the PitCo that is two doors down......

I added a Tip on YELP about the prevalence of pit bulls at the particular store- and surprise that comment got removed.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

animal uncontrol, you are the lulz! this debate is richer and far more entertaining with your input.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

i guess these "urban outdoorsmen" LOL! declined the free pibble S&N certificate.

i hate to see testicles on these ugly fuckers.

Anonymous said...

I'm the mom who will be looking for a dog when our lease is up. The one with the vicious AmBully for a neighbor. Maybe if I end up homeless and alone I'll consider the rottie, only to keep the pibbles from killing me. Maybe even a mastiff, gotta protect myself from those evil people, especially children and the elderly. (sarcasm) I don't get people who panhandle and have dogs like that. Oh give me a quarter, but watch out, my dog might take your arm off when you hand it to me.

The one homeless person in town has a dog. She's brindle in color, but that really is the only trait she has in common with any mauler. I don't know what she is, but nothing suggests any type of bully breed. Long, slender build, narrow muzzle, regular shaped head, her ears look like she has some hound in her. I think she might be an honest lab mix, like black, yellow, and chocolate heritage with some hound somewhere. She's friendly, and he does odd jobs to keep her shots up to date and keep her fed. He doesn't beg, but I have seen him accept food from people and he's always very polite. People think she's a pit because of the brindle, but if so she really is the strangest looking pit I've ever seen. He doesn't know what she is, he got her when a former roommate left her behind. He doesn't receive public assistance, but manages to pay his child support. He's also not at all bitter about being homeless nor is he dangerous or unstable. I walk all over town, I choose not to drive and have never personally owned a vehicle. Since he walks too, we've met each other quite often. My son has met his dog, who is very good with all people. I've seen her reaction to other dogs, which is to play with friendly ones and lead her master away from aggressive ones. When she greets people, it's always with a sniff, and a tail wag, never a jump, or bark, she doesn't pull on her leash to meet people, none of the things I see pits do. She's been spayed, he did use a local discount clinic for that, but I can't fault him for being responsible enough not to bring puppies into their life. I'd rather have him and his dog as a neighbor than the huge monster dog, I think most people would. So yes, homeless people can be responsible and actually good pet owners. If he wants to clean other people's yards to feed her and take care of them, there's nothing wrong with that. He has told me, he does ask people who have aggressive dogs to make sure they're inside while he cleans, he doesn't want his dog attacked. He prefers fenced yards, so she can run around while he cleans, but will put her on their dogs lead if he has to and they don't have a fence. In all honesty, if more truly homeless people were like him and his dog, hell even more people who have dogs, we'd be better off.

Here, the laws are strict about public assistance and if you're able to work, you don't qualify, even if you're homeless for more than two years. They just changed the Medicaid laws too, to kick lazy, able bodied adults, who refuse to work off, the welfare law was changed years ago to do the same. I approve.

Miss Margo said...

I personally think that it is inhumane for the homeless to have any pets, and unacceptably dangerous and unacceptable for the homeless to have grippers.

I live in NYC in a neighborhood with a high homeless rate. Many of them are young and able-bodied ("gutterpunks"), but I don't blame them for being unemployed, because I wouldn't hire them to do anything myself. They are unemployable. If they can scratch out a "living" panhandling, then fine. Beggars are annoying, but it's not illegal, and I'd rather them do that then steal and pickpocket.

What I do hate is that every time I see a homeless person with a dog, that dog is a fucking pit bull. On the heavily congested, dog-and-child filled streets of Manhattan. It's not acceptable. It's dangerous!

I also go to AA meetings (yeah, I'm in the loser's club), and these assholes try to bring their maulers in. The AA meetings rent space from Churches and other places, like clubs and the YMCA, to hold the meetings. Dogs are not allowed at meetings because if a dog bites a church employee or craps on the floor and it's owner doesn't pick it up, the entire meeting could lose access to the space. These guys are so selfish to bring their pits! But then, pit nutteres are pretty much selfishness personified.

Anonymous said...

I will come out of the closet and say I am poor. I haven't always been. I used to get my hair done (cut, highlights) every 5 weeks without fail. Now, it has been one year since I got a haircut and about 5 years since I got highlights. It sucks. I don't ask for money. I don't do anything that can piss people off. I have a rabbit. I can pick yard grass for him to save on food. I live in a house that is already paid off completely. I am very lucky to have it. I have a big yard which is very hard to keep looking acceptable. Sometimes, I get to buy chicken, that is nice. I try to look nice, but I look more pathetic that these 'homeless' folk half the time. My tennis shoes are falling apart, for example. I get SNAP, but not much. It keeps me from starving. This is the only help I qualify for... when you apply for SNAP here, they check your qualifications against everything possible. I was completely honest in my application. I don't think everyone is. I am in constant pain. There is nothing I can do about it.. I can't afford going to the right doctors. I can only afford part of the medicine I need. My rabbit is not expensive to take care of and I got all the stuff for him when I wasn't poor. So, I only need to buy his food once a month (it's cheap, and no my SNAP doesn't cover it.) My life sucks and I would have killed myself by now if not for my rabbit. If anyone thinks I should get rid of him, well good news asshole... he's old. I dread the day... IDK what I will do. I am not old and my parents are dead. So, limited people give a shit about me anyway. My rabbit loves me though, I can call him and he will run over to me, so cute. I front like I am not in this situation because I am ashamed. Sometimes really horrible things happen to people. I used to be a different person before I got sick. Maybe I died and this is hell? I am not a fucking idiot, so I can tell a legit homeless person.. or a person down on their luck reduced to asking for help. I've given such people money back in the day when I lived in a city. You can tell because they will accept food and are glad to get it. Such as, at Arby's, I saw a man buy another man some food and a drink (like a coke), the poor man looked so grateful for the food because he really was hungry. I gave him some money, not a lot because I never carried much cash. Anyway, this is my story. Sorry about the wall of text.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I just realized people will wonder 'how do you have internet access, loser?' IDK if you realize this, but it is 2014. You HAVE to figure out a way to be online. Many things you MUST do are now online. But, this leads to also farting around online for entertainment's sake. But, it takes some thinking about how to get online.. there are ways, libraries, etc.

Anonymous said...

Anon 2:34 being poor sucks. Before my husband died, his health started to go way downhill. We had a nice house, and plenty of money to survive on. Since we had inherited money when my dad passed away, we qualified for no assistance. His medicine was expensive, and for three years we missed the itemized deduction limit by $40, on his medical bills alone. We also had three kids who needed food, clothing, shelter and medical care. The older two mowed yards, shoveled walks, and walked dogs to help out. I took care of my husband and the baby, and provided for our household and pets on the inheritance money. We bought the house outright. I ended up getting a fast food job just to make ends meet. Six weeks after I got the job my husband died. The medical bills meant we lost the house because I couldn't pay the property taxes. I had met my ex and he offered my youngest and me a place to stay. Then last new year's eve he attacked me while drunk. I was living in a motel for three weeks with my son. We do get survivor's benefits and those pay the bills and even let me take him out to dinner twice a month, on the kids eat free nights. I could save some money by not having internet, but we both use it and it's my one extra expense. I'll get a job when school starts again, I want one more summer with my little guy before putting him with a babysitter all day. When I have a job, and we move I will get us a dog, right now we don't even have a goldfish. I'm sorry you're rabbit is old, but they are very inexpensive to care for. Believe me, if I could choose between survivor's benefits and the life I had before, I'd choose the fast food job and the struggle just to have my husband back. If I'd known the man I lived with after was a violent drunk, I'd never have spoken to him, let alone put my son in a situation like that night. I'd take the beagle who barked all the time it was out over the AmBully two doors down. I would keep the cats we had and have my daughter's beagle/lab mix. I had to rehome cats after he died, and it was like giving away members of the family, but litter and cat food weren't cheap and vet bills were more than I could afford. My clothes and shoes come from second hand places, my son's come from Wal-Mart because mostly. It seems every other boy in town is in his size so the second hand places almost never have anything in his size. It's a rough road, and has been a long battle, but I will get back on my feet and keep going forward. Don't give up, maybe something will change for you.

Anonymous said...

THANK YOU, Anonymous 335. I don't blame you for wanting one more summer.

The only thing about rabbits is they are hard to rehome. I never neutered mine (he's never been with a lady rabbit anyway) and he is half wild, so he would be especially hard to rehome. But, this makes him hardy and he is able to get by on some oddball things that are free. I love him so much. I miss my parents so much. My father used to give my rabbit apple peels. When my father was alive, we had plenty of money. My father was frugal, but we took NO help from anywhere, ever because we didn't need it (I was earning plenty then at a good job). We GAVE. Thousands, we gave.

I am sorry about your husband.

Maybe you could get a rabbit? The females, if no male mates with them, don't have heat. I used to have a female rabbit. She was so sweet. That was a long time ago. I probably would've gotten another female, but someone who knew I loved rabbits gave me this one they rescued from a dog. He was small, so he hid and the dog didn't get him. He was so tiny when I got him, but he is still not very big.

Anonymous said...

You're welcome anon 4:00, and thank you.

I have had rabbits and would consider one again. My daughter has an old cage, so housing wouldn't be a problem. I know they can eat some vegetables and since my son is a selective eater, it could eat the veggies I can't eat all of. Bedding can be newspaper and I get enough junk mail to never have to buy that.
I do see the point of view of the original post about not wanting to support pets, but I won't ask people to feed my animals, I'll do it myself. I'm sure I could work out something with our humane society, if I had to. I really do miss having a pet, but the only totally free ones I can think of right now are rats. I've had them too, and they were quite sweet. The same cage from my daughter and the cost of buying the animals would be it. They live quite happily on leftovers. They do have sharp claws though and my older son didn't enjoy holding them for that reason, I'm not sure how my younger son would feel. To make them totally free, I could ask for them as a gift, my daughter wanted to get me a mother's day gift but had bills to pay. Again the bedding would be junk mail, and the food would be leftovers, not costing people anything.

Anonymous said...

I will be the asshole who says, albeit anonymously, that I am a bit surprised by the severely-poverty-stricken-yet-seemingly-unconcerned-about-pit-bulls following that craven desires seems to have.

Anonymous said...

I get my fiance to trim my rabbit's nails (being halfwild, he freaks out... a regular rabbit is more patient with such things). A toenail clipper is all you need. Could you trim the rat's nails?

Anonymous said...

Who is unconcerned about pit bulls? I say all the time about killing them. I just think it might be awkward in broad daylight in the middle of the street with the dog not attacking. Also, these people aren't homeless. They're lying. So, if they are not, then the dog is not.

Anonymous said...

I probably could clip them. Our rats were as gentle as could be and loved attention. They even liked baths so clipping could be easy.

Yes, who isn't concerned about pit bulls in general. I live in a pit friendly town, and used to think that was ok. Now I have more the feeling it's like a ticking time bomb and it's not a pleasant feeling. If you're referring to my post under Mickey about the pit at the park today, his owner was very rare indeed. If more dog owners in general were like him, it'd be a much safer town. Muzzled, short leashed, obedient, fixed, and an owner who took him home when another dog got in his face and he showed signs of not liking it. I really do wish more dog owners would pay that close of attention to their animals, pit bull or not.

Anonymous said...

I agree. Muzzled, neutered, trained, short lead, etc. makes a big difference. If everyone did that, then maybe pit bulls would be less dangerous. I still they are dangerous, but that approach is better than the people who delusion that their pit fighting (by breeding) dog is ''just like" another dog specifically bred to be a pet.

Packhorse said...
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Anonymous said...

I can only see two ways a homeless person could have a dog in that good of condition (any dog, not necessarily a gripper) are:
-They are EXTREMELY recently homeless, so the dog's upkeep was done when they had $. There aren't that many ways that can take place, but it's possible.
-It's someone else's dog and they're pet sitting for extra $ (like just during the day). However, who would give their dog to homeless people to pet sit it? Like maybe 50 people in the entire nation?

So, two very rare scenarios that COULD happen, but I wouldn't bet on them.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

i see a third way. the mutant is a recent addition to the gypsy caravan.

Packhorse said...

From gripping dog to grifting dog!

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

good one packhorse!


This is not an inditement of people that are poor, or normal people on assistance.

This is an inditement of GRIFTERS and BUMS, particularly ones with MAULERS.

BUMS are not the same as homeless people, they are the drunken, high on meth, violent, criminals that are a continued threat. It's a shame that these BUMS ruin it for all homeless, and all poor (Americans would rather cut all programs than give these people a dime). But, they also make it so easy for even liberals to hate them, by violating even the most basic parts of the social contract (i.e.: not fighting on the sidewalk, harassing people, and having GRIPPERS).

I also live in a city with a lot of homeless, and many BUMS. Only the BUMS have grippers, this ought to tell you something.

Also- Just because you aren't dirty and have clean clothes/decent shoes, does not mean you are not homeless.
Where I live, there is a large day center where the homeless can do laundry, and shower, and they always have clothes and such available. Shelters and other agencies have similar services. Local stores donate shoes that don't sell, and there are plenty of cast off clothes, back packs, and other such goods to keep the whole population dressed. Most sleep in cars, campers, shelters, or on others couches, so they aren't out in the elements, to even get all dirty.

You really cannot tell who has what by the way they look. Some homeless have cars, phones, electronics, from when they were working. Some have family willing to buy them stuff, but not pay their rent. Others have friends that do hair or nails for them. Many poor barter for things, like trading childcare for a new phone. Or share with others to split the cost, like several neighbors sharing internet service (I do this).

Mom in Eugene said...

Who here is not concerned about pits? Did you even read this post? We are ALL concerned about them.

I don't think the readers are on either side of the economic spectrum, just a normal mix, depending where they originate. When most readers are from the USA, that will mean portion are low income, as well as some being middle and a few being wealthy.

Your comment really made no sense.

Anonymous said...

I will say, I won't ask anyone to support any pets my son and me get. As I said with rats, right now, I could make it no cost to anybody, except the money my daughter would spend on them as a gift. She's got a cage, I get junk mail that can be recycled into bedding, and they can eat leftovers that sometimes go to waste. When it comes to any other animal, I'll get a job and probably do some bartering to support it. (not just support the pet, make a better life for the boy and me) Our local vet offices are only too happy to help humane society volunteers with medical care for animals. Trading time for medical care of a pet is a good thing and sets an example I want my son to follow. I probably would qualify for SNAP right now, but since I can feed us without it, I don't use that service. My son is on Medicaid and until I can qualify for insurance with a job, that won't change. We do use a food pantry once a month. It gets me over the hump that last week between monthly checks. I won't use them once I have a job. Like I said, after all we've been through, especially this last winter, I want this summer with my son, then when school starts back up, I'll find work. There's no shame in living below the poverty line, if you're an honest and decent person who somehow lost control of your life. The shame is in taking advantage of everyone else. I personally hate meth addicts after living next door to them for five years. Their boys were always in our house because they were locked out, and always hungry because meth matters more than food. CPS did nothing, and I lost count of how many reports we made.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 452, two of us have financial problems. I don't think I could really be called 'severely poverty stricken', but whatever. That is TWO people out of however many are here. It is unfair to judge everyone based on two people.

Pit Dispatcher, I didn't know about those homeless services. Those sound nice, that's good.

Anonymous said...

Anon 4:55, I am below the poverty level, survivor's benefits allow you to do exactly that, survive. I do not play on people and use it to an advantage. If you come into our apartment, you'll find it clean, and while sometimes not the most nutritious choices, there is always food. Our clothes are clean, I found a used portable washer for $100, and use my shower head to fill it and let it drain into the tub. He threw in a stackable dryer for $50. You'll find we are clean, as well as the bathroom fixtures. I have leftovers I could feed the rats for two reasons. The food pantry always give spaghetti, sauce, and two pounds of sausage. I make it and eat it for 3-4 days and then I just can't eat any more spaghetti, I eat eggs or peanut butter and yogurt. My son has some anxiety issues due to being displaced so suddenly. They show up in his having become a selective eater. He used to eat anything now maybe once a month he'll eat a food not on his "safe" list. He eats chicken nuggets mostly because if I don't fix them he won't eat. He likes the ones in the cheap tv dinners but doesn't want the corn or mac and cheese that comes in them. He's in counseling but it's been a rough road. I feel bad about it, if I hadn't gotten with my ex, we would've been on our own and not went through those three weeks. This sweet little boy is paying the price for me living with a man who lost control when he got drunk. All I can do is help him work through it, and know he will be ok one day. Getting him and me out of there that night might not have been the easiest thing, but almost six months later, there is no doubt in my mind, it was the right thing. I went from paying him rent, to covering all of the bills, and that's ok too, but it made a difference in my budget.

Anonymous said...

I never thought about childhood trauma causing difference in food preferences. I guess that makes sense, trauma affects a lot more than it seems to, really. Good luck with the food situation.

Anonymous said...

Thank you anon 10:00. It's more about his need to control something due to his anxiety. He liked my ex, and a move at 11:30 p.m. into a hotel room threw him way off. An extra week of Christmas break didn't help. We didn't have much of a routine for that week. By the time school started back up, he had become very picky about food. I'm doing what the counselor suggests and letting him get his "safe foods as well as have him pick two things to try when we do the major food shopping. It's not a matter of waiting him out, he won't eat if I try that and it only adds to his anxiety. For example, since that break, his school lunch every day is two pieces of cheese, ritz crackers, a brownie and orange hi-c. I try putting anything different in and it doesn't get eaten. The cheese has been a constant all year, but he used to eat watermelon or zucchini bread, or a banana and dip it in some peanut butter. We'll get back to him being a good healthy eater, but he has to heal from what happened. I'm glad he's my late husband's son and my ex has no claims on seeing him.

Miss Margo said...

@6:05 Anon,

My family was on TANF when I was a dependent youth and we briefly experienced homelessness (well, sort out of a van). I know how hard it is. It changed me as a person, but mostly in a good way, in that it made me much more sensitive to the suffering of others.

You sound like a good mom. Your son will be okay.

P.S. I grew up in a place with a lot of meth heads and I agree: THEY SUCK. Worst drug on the planet!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Miss Margo, my son will be ok. We have a good support system and I don't dwell on his food issues. He doesn't always like what he tries and that's ok too. He does tell me all the time he misses the dogs. If I wanted to be irresponsible and expect the taxpayers to pay for it, I could push for a "therapy dog". Not only will I not do that to the taxpayers, I won't do it to my landlord. He happens to be a very nice man, he knew my story before I moved in. He only asked that I promise not to have the ex around, and that's an easy promise to keep. I also won't do it to a dog, we live on the main street in town, and if a dog got out it could easily get hit. Add the AmBully down the street and you're really risking a dog's life. I'm not proud of being poor, or my situation, but I'm honest about it and working to make things better. Some of it is due to poor choices on my part, some of it is due to things I couldn't control or predict. I'm a realist with an optimistic point of view. Life has thrown me some crazy curve balls, I learn from them and keep going, things can get better with effort on my part, but expecting others to make it better for me is selfish and lazy. I can do it and I will do it. I have learned thanks to this blog the pits I lived with were an exception, they're not an animal I want living with my son and me. I used to believe the hype, not anymore.

On the meth heads, I seriously hated those people. What they put their kids through was so wrong. The boys still come to me sometimes and thank me for caring about them. The woman living next to my ex was also a meth head. She always has pit bulls around, on small chains. She was busted with $10,000 worth last fall. Since she only got charged with a probation violation, I think she might have ratted the biker gang who used to come around out. I'm glad I'm not living next door to that mess anymore. (optimist coming through, him attacking me that night= not living next to someone who might have told on bikers= if they blow her house up, my son and me will be a very safe distance from it)

Mom in Eugene said...

I loathe tweekers, maulers, and their owners, in general. I find that the two groups often overlap both in personality and in behavior. They share the same awful traits: irresponsibility, criminality, selfishness, an attraction to destructive things no matter the toll on themselves and others.

There is nothing to like about meth heads, they are really the very worst as far as addicts go. Meth adds delusional psychosis, and a level of random violence, that is not as common with other drug users.

They also make horrible neighbors. They bring other criminals and worthless POS into the neighborhood, besides having strange, threatening, behaviors. If you don't root them out as soon as one moves in, they will spread like cockroaches, just like maulers and their low life owners.

And once the apartments are seen as a friendly place for junkies and maulers, you might as well move. Though moving may just be trading one set of losers for another, even in nice neighborhoods these days.

The best way to rid your apartments of both tweekers, and mauler owners, is to band together with all the other neighbors (assuming they aren't all meth addicts) and force them out. Legally, if you can. Be creative; there are many ways to do it (a guide coming soon).

Sadly, the hardest part is getting others on board. Even when the neighbors are as fed up/terrorized as you are, they often will do nothing. Help them out- write their letters for them, and have them sign it. Pay out a few $ to hesitant or lazy ones. It is a cost that is well worth paying ($5 seems to do it here).

If you cannot get neighbors, you CAN do it alone. Don't give up. At the very least, figure out how to aggressively protect yourself. This should never happen in this nation. but it is all too common.

Anonymous said...

Mom in Eugene, I'll be looking for that guide on forcing tweakers out. They spread because they keep trying to offer you the drug. At least ours did, since we lived in the trailer next to theirs and our kids played together. My husband and me were easily wise enough to say no. I still can't figure out why they thought we would say yes. Maybe our caffeine addiction, or my husband's cigarette habit? Those were our only vices, and while I hated his smoking, our kids didn't go without what they needed from it. Nobody will ever be hurt by my coffee habit. I remember hearing them scream at each other once and going to grab their boys. The younger one came to the door with scissors in his hand. When I asked why he told me it was one couldn't stab the other. He was FIVE. Yes, tweakers are disgusting. Thankfully when the boys were visiting grandparents one stabbed the other with an ice pick (both survived) and due to the lab they found in the place, it was condemned. We had made so many calls reporting the odors, but the cop was on the take, and so many calls to CPS, but they did nothing. I'm not surprised by the system failing mauler victims, I've seen them fail so many other people.

Anonymous said...

pitbulls are a symptom of a sick society my opinion . it used to be that only a few dog fighter assholes would ever want a shitbull . now its almost the reverse , or at least its the bottom feeders of humanity with the spineless affluent majority bringing up the rear.

Mom in Eugene said...

IMO, if your dog requires a muzzle, and a short leash, in order to keep it from killing and mauling others, you need to PTS and get a new dog. I am in no way kidding. Dogs that dangerous have no business in public, or as pets, period.

Still, I would love it if all mauler owners actually contained their undogs. This would go a long way to slowing the rate of attacks. Proper containment, muzzles and leashes (etc), are a good starting point.

The most important safety rule of all- keeping maulers out of places where they don't belong. I have seen them at BMX tracks (!!!), in stores, restaurants (fake service animals), and festivals.
Along with places full of people and other dogs, parks full of playing kids should be avoided. They should NEVER be on, or right near, a playground.

I DO NOT CARE if it's nice out, and you want to spend the day with your kid, and your mauler. I want to have a nice day too. Your desire to be a lion tamer should not put everyone at risk. You chose an animal with violent traits, so you don't get to participate in normal activities with it. Not endangering others is part of the social contract, and mauler owners regularly violate this.

(I cannot call ANY gripping dog owner that has children responsible, ever, I think this is like moving a child rapist into your spare room. Just owning one of these undogs shows that you are not responsible (I owned one a decade go, and I was not responsible either!).

That this guy is seen as more responsible than the others, but that is because the bar is set so very low. We consider these mauler owners responsible if they do the very basics- S/N, not letting them loose, and getting rabies shots, keeping them from hurting others in public, and not killing someone. Pitiful!)

Anonymous said...

Yes! I think it is. I remember when people wanted safe dogs.

Granted, things can go wrong with any animal. But, the degree of 'wrong' with most creatures and with maulers is so different it is a little shocking people can't see it. I've even heard people claim a YORKIE could potentially do as much damage as a mauler. HOW? Have they SEEN a Yorkie?

But, people have become very illogical and easily swayed by emotion. Pit bulls (many of them, not all) can be friendly SOMETIMES, but they can turn on a dime. But, people get them and like them due to their personality as a young puppy and don't want to believe ill of them, no matter what. Meanwhile, a logical person would realize that the 'cute' traits are terrier traits. There are many types of terriers and partial terriers that are fairly safe. Whatever the case, there are terriers that absolutely cannot kill or seriously maul anyone able to get away (so this excludes infants who, really, ought to be kept away from dogs). But, they won't get one of THOSE dogs. They don't even care when a mauler kills THOSE dogs.

Just the fact that they called a march for victim ... VICTIMS... of pit bull attacks a 'little hate parade' shows how deranged their thinking has become. No, none of those people especially love pit bulls, WHY would they? Many of them learned in the hardest possible way that these dogs KILL humans. They aren't the only dogs that can or ever have, but they are the worst offenders.

And another thing, the breeders of these maulers are so irresponsible they're line breeding left and right. The dogmen of olde (snicker at the 'olde') at least had at least half a clue about dog breeding. Hence, the mauler that started this mess. Those dogs weren't especially safe, but they were SMALL and had some variety in the family tree. It doesn't even occur to these folks when they line breed, don't tell people, and sell the dogs/dump them at the humane center, that this can lead to some issues. Nope, they just know they can get some $ when the mauler's pups get old enough to sell. If they failed basic science before they dropped out of school, it looks like they guess at their inadequities in this regard, but as long as the puppies sellable, they don't care.

Anonymous said...

Snarky, there are some people who are victims of the misdirection. People who believe "it's all in how they're raised". They meet people with pit bulls and the dog is a "wiggle butt", especially with their kids. Then they decide to adopt a dog, and think the pit would be the perfect dog for their family. Those people I do feel sorry for, they're losing their kids because they believed a lie. I'm telling you, this blog educated me, I believed the lies, now I know not to ever take the chance on adopting a pit for a pet.

Mom in Eugene, I'm not big on any dogs in the playground really. It's an area designed for kids to run and be loud, and be normal. The dogs should be in the outer areas of the park. It prevents accidents. If you want to bring your child and dog to the park that's fine. Keep your dog out of the middle of the playground because if you yell at my son for tripping over your dog, or God forbid your dog bites my son, I go from nice and quiet to super-bitch in0.1 seconds. I think you might be the same way with your children. Since I've seen so many idiots with maulers in this park, letting them run off leash, on retractable leashes and NEVER muzzled before, I was surprised to see one at least take those precautions. I get our survivor's benefit checks tomorrow. I'm buying a machete and a sheath. I always carry a bag with snacks, drinks and a book for myself. The machete will be coming with us for trips to the park. I really do pray I never have to use it, but it would be better to traumatize kids protecting them than have them killed by precious the pittie running at them in full attack mode.

Anon 2:37, I've seen Yorkies yap like crazy, but never bite. I had a friend who's pom would wake me up in the middle of the night suddenly deciding I didn't belong there. The dog would raise hell and wake everybody up, but it'd run out of the room when I told it to. Dangerous, maybe, annoying yes, but I don't think a pom can annoy me to death.

Anonymous said...

anon9:12 : i was talking with a woman who had her beagle nearly killed and put in the animal hospital for ten days , the asshole owner also attacked her and broke her ribs , she claimed .

the kicker is that this victim still said it was the owner not the dog, still needing to cite the nice dog , bad owner half truth .

at what point do misguided fools need to take responsibility for their own beliefs ?

Anonymous said...

Snarky, in the case of the beagle, it is a bad dog and if the asshole owner broke her ribs a bad owner as well. If she's determined to believe it's the owner, not the dog, he helped continue that belief. You know, poor abused pittie, he didn't attack because he's bad, his owner attacked me, clearly he's abused and it's the owner's fault.
Everybody needs to take responsibility for their beliefs, but getting people to listen to the truth is so hard to do. I once advocated for the breed on facebook, now I try to warn people. I was ignorant to the truth, now I'm trying to educate people to wake up. I could've never excused a pet of mine for attacking another animal, and would've woken up then, if I had adopted a pit. That would've been to late for the poor animal who was the victim. It's sounds bad, but hopefully the mothers of children will wake up when their mauler goes after another animal and have it put down before it kills their child. I don't know when other people will take responsibility for their beliefs, hopefully sooner rather than later.

Anonymous said...

It is easy to believe "it's the owner" because we've all seen bad dog owners who do not know how to handle even the most docile of breeds. We've all seen a maniac dog running around and the stupid owner that caused such behavior. But, the difference is.. with many breeds it is annoying and it makes people really hate the dog. But, it's not all that dangerous because most dogs aren't all that dangerous. So, they might hurt you a little bit, which sucks, but it is WAY DIFFERENT that pibble getting you life flighted while it breezes through the temperament test at the pound.

Anonymous said...

I don't have a dog, so there are things I don't know.

It is possible the guy with the muzzled mutant HAS to have his dog leashed and muzzled any time it goes off his property. Since his child was polite and well-behaved, and he was sensitive to his dog's change in mood... it is possible he took these steps himself. However, I just read some places use this as punishment if a dog is running at large (and most dogs that get cited for that were running at large AND causing problems for someone).

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:31, there's no such law in this town. He was just a very rare owner. Dogs get loose all the time including pit bulls. Most of those dogs are returned home with no problems, even the pits don't have reported problems. The owner might get a ticket, but usually as long as they have proof of a rabies vaccine they don't even do that.

I feel sick, I took a cab uptown earlier and saw the worst possible sight on the way home. AmBully's (monster) apartment door was standing wide open with a baby gate in front of it. I would ask if it was temporary but I won't go to that door with less than a .357 Magnum. There are four more days of school, there are 8 kids in the immediate area. I did test my butcher knife earlier, it will do until the machete gets here. It cut through a watermelon like it was nothing. Please keep us in your thoughts with this mauler and these poor kids. Don't let it attack one of them. Police say there's nothing they can do about the dog growling and snarling on it's property and I have yet to hear back from that landlord. City council is useless.

rsm said...

I am sure it snarls and grows, but even if it doesn't what will it hurt yo say it does? Lies suck, but not when lives are at stake. Nutters lie ALL THE TIME, in order to force their maulers on us, a little payback is just fine.

"I could've never excused a pet of mine for attacking another animal, and would've woken up then, if I had adopted a pit."

Yep, this woke me right the fuck up. I am ashamed a dog lost its life to my idiocy. "Its all how its raised, right"? I believed that.

Needless to say, when my well trained, well loved, pit bull "went pit bull," it killed a sweet little dog, in my home. I owned no weapons, but managed to kill it on the spot, before it could attack me. Watching it chew up and eat the dead dog was sickening. I knew I had to do it.

What else was I supposed to do, wait for cops, risking death, or take it to the vet in my car? GTFO. I got lucky I wasn't killed. Had he gone for me first, I would have been shredded.

Anonymous said...

Rsm, you did the right thing. I'm sorry the sweet little dog was killed. I'm glad no one else was physically hurt. I did believe it's all in how they're raised. I want a normal, safe dog. One that won't attack my son, or any of our friends. One who welcomes my niece's sweet little pug into it's home. I know that's not hard, I know that's not a pit. I also know, with three days left of school, the AmBully better be kept under control. I was outside most of the weekend, and people are telling me that dog goes after them when they walk by. I keep telling them to call the police. I tell them I'm usually home, knock on my door, I'll let you use my phone. People are stupid, they say, oh it was on the leash and it didn't get me, so it's ok. I don't have the time to stalk this dog and it's owner to record all of this, I have a six year old and I want him as far away as possible when we're outside, that's why we go to the park. If others won't report it, they deserve what they get, but I'm afraid it won't be one of those people. I'm afraid it will be my son, myself, one of his friends, or one of the senior citizens across the street. They do say they're calling when the dog acts aggressive towards them.
I hope so, we know pits LOVE pocket size dogs, and those are the ones allowed in the senior apartments.

Unknown said...

From it says that - "The American Pit Bull Terrier was bred as an all-around farm dog, working the farms as a cattle/hog dog. Some chose to turn their talents into the sport of pit-fighting. The breed’s tenacity and accompanying strength are unmatched in the canine world. As rich and captivating as the breed’s history is, the future is more worthy of commentary. Some proponents of the breed argue that this breed is the original bulldog of the past. Old prints and woodcarvings show reason to believe this. They show dogs that look exactly like the breed today, doing things the dog is still capable of doing."
The APBT is the most popular and versatile breed of dog on the planet and were used to create many breeds of dogs we have today. The American Bulldog is one of them. The American Bulldog was created by taking the hardy working, hunting, and bull baiting dogs of England we call APBTs, and mixing them with a variety of mastiff breeds. It is considered a Pit Bull breed just like bull terriers, staffies, dogo argentinos, presa canarios, cane corsos, boston terriers, english bulldogs, and any mix of those dogs. All of those breeds came from the American Pit Bull Terrier, and all of them are very popular and/or very versatile breeds that many people want.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

mike chance, you're a gullible moron. do your own research. FARM DOGS! lol!