Saturday, September 6, 2014

Just A Dog

by No Snout

Take this pink tutu off my thighs
I'm exposed
And it's no big surprise
Don't you think I know
Exactly what I am?
My genes are forcing me
To bite your hand
But I'm “just a dog,” little ol’ me
Just don't let me out of your sight
I'm just a dog, a pretty pittie
Just don't let me near any fights

Oh...I've had it up to here!

The moment that I step outside
So many victims
For I’m Jekyll and Hyde
I can't do the pibble things I hold so dear
'Cause it's all those pibble things
That you fear

'Cause I'm just a dog, I'd rather not be
'Cause they won't let me fight late at night
I'm just a dog,
Guess I'm some kind of freak
'Cause I just sit and stare
With dead eyes

I'm just a dog,
Take a good look at me
Just your typical pit bull-type

Oh...I've had it up to here! I making myself clear?

I'm just a dog
I'm just a dog in the world...
That's all that you'll let me be!
I'm just a dog, living in captivity
Your bitten thumb
Makes me worrisome

I'm just a dog, what's my destiny?
When I succumb, I will make someone numb

I'm just a dog, my apologies
What I've become is so burdensome
I'm just a dog, lucky me
To dachshunds, there's no comparison

Oh...I've had it up to!
Oh...I've had it up to!!
Oh...I've had it up to here!

thank you Packhorse and the unnamed reader who made this graphic for craven desires. your contributions are much appreciated.


Anonymous said...

I can't beg people enough. No matter how well armed you think you are, no matter how quick you think your responses are, no matter how much the local pit nutters have said how friendly their dogs are

Please make sure no dog can get to your pet at any time. People just can't put their dogs on a leash and go for a walk down the sidewalk or to the park. Even if you just walk outside your door and your yard, stoop, or deck isn't blocked off from intrusion, your dog will be mauled in the blink of an eye, and you will be unable to stop it.

If by some miracle you are able nail the pit before it kills your dog, you will be blamed and terorized by sociopathic mutants that will use the media and online to terrorize you while intimidated and mobbed cops just shrug

Pit bulls kill other pets even when the pits are on leashes. Never ever trust a pit owner anywhere, anytime. Always expect a pit to come from nowhere and do what they are bred to do. These asses who have these dogs don't have the smallest ability to understand or handle these dogs, and they don't care if your dog dies or suffers horribly.

Don't ever put your dog in a situation where a pit has any access at all, and keep cats indoors only.

Is it fair? No, not at all. But good people are now the target for the deviants that are now worshipping at the altar of the pit bull religion they were led into like sheep. Please don't let your pet be their victim.

Lets the pits kill each other. Let the pit nutters fight it out among themselves.

Anonymous said...

If you feel my words have anything to offer or could prevent even one attack, please feel free cut and paste and post them wherever you want to.

Too many people are being too trusting these days, and their pets are paying the price.

I hope I can encourage more people to be less trusting. The result will be that their beloved pets will wake up in their homes tomorrow, comfortable and safe.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 6:41 is right on target. Some of my friends think I am a paranoid weirdo because I carry a knife and bear spray around whenever I am on public property with my small dog. But three times this summer, I had to deal with three different loose pit bulls. I didn't end up using my weapons, but I felt better being ready. That guy last week at Petsmart was ready, too. It is sickening how the pit nutters reacted.

Had the mutant killed the smaller dog, it wouldn't have even made the news, and the nutters would be saying it was a tragic accident. All they care about are the "rights" of the killer dogs and their rescuers and gullible adopters. If everyone loves the underdog, why aren't these nuts outraged about all the canine victims of attacks? It's clear they don't care about other humans, but you'd think they'd at least care about dogs and other animals being mauled and killed.

Anonymous said...

These pro Clara people are shameful and make me embarrassed to volunteer for a rescue. Rescues are held to a higher standard when bringing animals to adoption events -- animals are supposed to be healthy, vaccinated, and not aggressive. The animal should be under control at all times. If my pet or foster had been attacked I would have taken off a high heel and impaled the dog through the eye if needed, even if the attacking dog was wearing a tutu.

Anonymous said...

The dog named Clara had been previously "banned from adoption events" because they KNEW she was aggressive toward other dogs. The rescue ignored the warning, brought the dog anyway to Petsmart, failed to control her, allowed her to get OFF LEASH, and attack another dog. According to one witness, the pit bull came barreling toward the Westie from across the store. Despite the bullshit white trash, tattooed, pit nutter "witnesses" who claimed that Clara was only "tugging on the Westie's ear", other witnesses said that Clara had the Westie by the neck and would not let go.

The reality is, nice, normal families don't want pit bulls, and only a sociopath would adopt a pit bull that was KNOWN to be aggressive toward other dogs. Pit bull fetishists refuse to accept this. The Westie owner is now being harassed and threatened by the psychopathic pit bull advocates and dog rescue nuts for protecting his dog.

Anonymous said...

The nutters could not face that Clara was never going to be adopted. They knew Clara was banned from adoption events at Petsmart, but really wanted to find some idiot to take the pit bull anyway. And how could they do that if she wasn't being pimped out? A worthless pit bull that nobody wanted, and they couldn't think to put the animal down?

Now, on the other hand, we have the victim dog. A little Westie named Lexie, that has a loving family, was in the wrong place at the wrong time, and instead of the nutters bending over backwards, apologizing, because after all, THIS IS THEIR FAULT, they further victimize this responsible pet owner. It's not bad enough that Craig had to defend his dog, because the irresponsible nutters were just going to stand around and watch Clara the unwanted pit bull tear apart someone's pet. Because, after all, the nutters say the pit bull had the little Westie in a "friendly way." No, Craig has to deal with the nutter brigade, trying to get him put in jail for a well deserved stabbing of a pit bull.

The people in our Country that make sure we can't enact BSL, are the reason why nutters have the upper hand. Thanks lawmakers! Make dog fighting illegal, while simultaneously bringing random dog fights, that normal people do not want to be a part of, to every imaginable location. Not only that, the dogs used for dog fighting, will also take down humans. How long is it going to take for the government to wake up? When will other living beings be more important that pit bulls, and their nutter owners, and advocates? It would have been so much easier, and humane, if, when dog fighting became illegal, that owning a fighting dog became illegal too. But no, we have to give widdle pibbles a chance because you can love their fighting genes right out of them.


Anonymous said...

It is not normal for a dog to come barreling across the store straight at another dog they've never seen (with a human they don't know). That is an aggressive act all by itself. OF COURSE, nutters who spend their time exclusively with pits might not realize other dogs just don't act like this.

It is the fault of the person who brought Clara to PS. She didn't need to be there.

If the Westie hadn't been there that day, she would have acted out in some other way.

I had taken it to mean she grabbed his ear first, then moved on to his neck whereupon the Westie's owner stabbed her to get her to let go. Nutters can say what they want, but as soon as she got the other dog by the neck that dog's life expectancy was rapidly running out. Meanwhile, as always, the nutter who dragged the shit bull in public is too far away to do anything useful to help the poor little dog (meaning the victim here, the Westie). Not that they ever do, but IN THEORY. The PS manager was also still on their way, so the owner of the Westie did what he had to do.

It's too bad the shit bull's blood on the floor traumatized kids at PS. But, how would it have been any better if it was Lexie's? Because as soon as Clara attacked.. blood was going to flow. And that is the fault of the person who put her in the situation where she could attack.

Also, I refuse to believe she was stabbed that bad. I think she wasn't worth patching up because no one wanted her. She was freaking vicious.

Anonymous said...

Could not have said better. They also like to run off as soon as you get THEIR dog off your dog, and leave your dog dripping blood with no apology and YOU with the vet bills, not even big dogs are safe.

Anonymous said...

Which BTW, as a CHILD (preschool), another dog defended me from a shit bull that was coming right for me (and my mother who was about to fight the shit bull herself). I wasn't hurt, my MOTHER wasn't hurt, and Hero Dog wasn't hurt. IDK if shit bull was hurt or not, but I know he lived past that day without any injuries obvious from a distance.

It was very traumatic. But, I didn't care about the shit bull. I loved my mother and Hero Dog. And I am grateful none of us were mauled.

There is much that is more traumatic to see than a mean dog's blood. Craig SAVED those kids having to see Lexie killed. Westies are so cute. He saved those kids as much as he did Lexie. Hell, he even sort of saved Clara...didn't kill her. HE JUST SAVED LEXIE.

The nutters killed Clara. They killed her by irresponsible breeding. They killed her by putting her in situations she couldn't handle. They killed her finally by putting her to sleep. IT IS THEIR FAULT all of this happened.

Do you think a dog fighter (a real one) would let Clara run around PS? Hell, no. She'd be out on a chain while HE went to buy her food sans bulldog. FFS! Nutters and rescue angels are worse for pit bulls than anyone.

If nutter didn't bring Clara to PS, then Clara and Craig would not ever have crossed paths. They are lucky she didn't latch onto a toddler FFS!

Mom in Eugene/ RSM said...

I would bet every penny I have that had Clara the mauler lived, there would be 50k in a fund for her, and people lined up from across the nation, to adopt her. She would bring the rescue lots of attention and CASH.

Maybe this was why the rescue brought her to an event; think of how many of these so called rescues/shelters are run my total sociopaths. would you put it past them to bring a pit just to case such a scene?

For them, bringing a known animal killer, unleashed, to a place where their prey will be abundant, is a truly a win-win situation for them.

They will either get loads of cash, and the dog adopted to their choice of owner, or the mauler will be killed, and no longer costing them to house. If a cop or civilian kills the mauler, all the better! So called righteous anger brings joy to these sociopaths, and money to their pockets. (they are slow killers, they cannot do the PTS themselves, they rely on others to take care of pets no one wants).

Because any pibble rescue fur mommy would know full well that pits that attack in public places are rarely hurt themselves, never get the rescue in real trouble, but are a goldmine in funds and notoriety. Look at all the supporters this vicious POS has, I am sure cash is being piled up right now, for those poor sweet pibble mommies that are oh so traumatized.


Anonymous said...

I am a small dog owner and I listen to my best friend. We do not walk in neighborhoods no no, we have private places to go to where dogs are seldom roaming free and keep the car door unlocked at the dog park in case we need to get away fast. I listen to my dog, if he does not fetch his ball, or if he changes the way he acts, I look around for other dogs. Usually he knows. I never let a larger dog "meet and greet" my small friend. It is common sense. When my dog is in the yard, I have crates available in case I have to hide him protect him from the maulers. This is my todays pet-human relationship and it involves me LOOKING and LISTENING for any potential dog encounter at all. This is my free world but a lose pitbull trumps all. Better seek shelter. Live another day.


One more pet saved by an armed owner.
One more vicious mauler soon to be worm food.

I am pleased with this outcome, but I think the Westie owner should have grabbed his dog and ran, you know, like all nutters do!
Nutters may be harassing him, but the majority of sane people think he did the right thing.

I always say- if a pit is attacking KILL IT, because if you don't, it will be patched up, paraded around, and then sent to another neighborhood to kill some more, with no one the wiser. Make sure you finish the job, it can save lives.

Anonymous said...

"Hate" groups? FFS! No one burned a cross in Clara's yard. Her 'rescuer' put her down after she attacked another dog due to the 'rescuer' stupidly taking her to PetSmart. It just isn't that complicated. She was a mean dog. She attacked another dog. The other dog's owner fought his dog free, and Clara's non-owners had her pts.

If bulldogs would drop dead due to people hating them, that would require humans to have magical powers.

Packhorse said...

Are pits REALLY the most ubiquitous dogs in the US? I just attended a dog event a couple weeks ago. There were easily 100 dogs and their owners.

Out of that, there were only two pits, and one that may have possibly been a pit mix. Heck, there were more Airedales than pits--and that is hardly a common breed.

The most numerous dogs, by far, were Labs, Goldens, and their close mixes. They outnumbered every other breed type, easily.

Anonymous said...

I read the crap from, and boy oh boy. They totally miss the point, of course. They can only focus on their pit bulls being slaughtered. Never mind HUMANS get killed by pit bulls, that's okay. When pit bulls go after an actual pet, not a shelter pit bull, it's a hate crime? GET OVER YOURSELVES NUTTERS! You're trash, and so is your choice of pet. Pit bulls are dangerous animals, and NORMAL people are sick of being threatened by your pit bulls. We are fighting back. Don't like it? TOUGH! We're not going to lay down and die, or watch our loved ones get killed. You made the choice to get a pit bull, and we have the right to protect ourselves. Stop your pit bulls from killing and mauling, and the problem solves itself. DUH!

Anonymous said...

I read the crap from, and boy oh boy. They totally miss the point, of course. They can only focus on their pit bulls being slaughtered. Never mind HUMANS get killed by pit bulls, that's okay. When pit bulls go after an actual pet, not a shelter pit bull, it's a hate crime? GET OVER YOURSELVES NUTTERS! You're trash, and so is your choice of pet. Pit bulls are dangerous animals, and NORMAL people are sick of being threatened by your pit bulls. We are fighting back. Don't like it? TOUGH! We're not going to lay down and die, or watch our loved ones get killed. You made the choice to get a pit bull, and we have the right to protect ourselves. Stop your pit bulls from killing and mauling, and the problem solves itself. DUH!


Anonymous said...

I am the anon that posted the examiner babblings; which is really all that website is; if it manages to be coherent it is because someone has just summarized an article in another paper. I just posted it to show the lack of responsibility that they promote; it is always someone else's fault, in this case the person protecting their smaller dog. I would have done the same. Some cities have zoos in highly populated areas. I would not mind living near them because the animals do not (in the case of the good ones) escape and wander around eating people or their pets.

Anonymous said...

When I wrote I would have done the same I meant protect my pet...

Anonymous said...

I looked at that Examiner page that said it was the Pit Bull Terrier Association Examiner page, and something seemed familiar. Then I realized that something called the American Pit Bull Terrier Association was early on commenting on the Newnan Times Herald smear article about the Westie's owner (Sandy Hiser, owner of the pit bull through her humane society, working for the Times Herald)

The American Pit Bull Terier Association (which is a pit bull breeder group) was lying about what happened and lying about the Westie's owner and smearing him, and working to stir up a mob into terrorizing the Westie owner, and seemed to be coposting with some dirtbag from Stone Mountain Georgia.

So it's pit bull breeders posting that smear and attacking this man, and they aren't even admitting they are just pit breeders looking out for their bottom line and terrorizing the victim.

Since a lot of the page seemed to be whining about Cindy Marabito or Miribito, what is she connected to ? Is she the one running that page?

Is she involved in harassing and terrorizing this victim the Westie owner?

Meanwhile the Newnan Times Herald is still lying about what happened on behalf of their employee that owned the violent pit bull and got the Westie attacked. They are still lyimng ,and since the owner of the paper and his wife (William Billy Thomasson) seem to have their finger in every pie in town, are they the ones ultimately pushing to victimize the victim? The wife was also involved in state employee groups representing police officers so ther's a real conflict of interest. The good ole boy Georgia small town corruption is bad.

All for a lot of sleazy pit bull breeders. With the dog fighting going on in Georgia, this looks bad for this Newnan Times Herald and its owner.

Anonymous said...

Today Petsmart banned Sandy Hizer and the Newnan Coweta Humane Society (who ownewd Clara the known violent pit bull, and spread the lies about the Westie's owner) from bringing dogs to the store for adoption events until further notice.

Petsmart knows exactly what Hiser and her gang did! The Westie's owner is lucky that he didn't get killed along with his dog.

Somewhere is the name of the foster home in cahoots with Hiser that brought this violent dog to the store and got the Westie attacked. I'll look for it.

Anonymous said...

OK now I see the small print, that hysterical fraudulent American Pit Bull Examiner page attacking and lying about the Westie owner is written by Cindy Marabito, who was attacking and harassing people on Facebook and apparently got shut down by Facebook

"Cindy Marabito is shut down for 30 days"

So this is a big pissing match using the act of continuig to terrorize the Westie owner on Examiner and get a mob to terrorize those people because Marabito got shut down from terrorizing people on Facebook. This is Marabito's revenge.
She's still harassing just using Examiner.

Someone really should let the Examiner what she is doing because one of those dog fighters out there may get stirred up enough by this and kill someone.

It is interesting that she mentions the KKK in her attacks and fails to mention that the KKK breeds pit bull and works to do pit advocacy.

I also have a page from a pit bull advocacy group advising people on how to make false complaints on Facebook and harass people who post on boards that tell the ugly truth about the fighting dogs.

One good thing about all of this is that the pit bull terrorists are coming out and exposing themselves.

Anonymous said...

No matter what else they carry on about they cannot get around this: Clara had no business being in PetSmart. Therefore, it is the fault of the person who brought her to PS.

From what I understand, this is Clara: a dog with some aggression issues (particularly toward other dogs) who needed to be adopted. However, she wasn't supposed to be at an indoor event and she'd just spent HOURS at an outdoor event. Nutter extraordanare (e.g., the one who took her to PS) claimed Clara behaved perfectly at the outdoor event. Since nutter's ability to evaluate and report facts is a little iffy we can't be sure about that. But, for sake of argument, I'll assume she did o.k.

Now, it is my experience that an event like that can be stressful for an animal. So, probably, Clara needed to go home and chill. But, instead she's taken to PS. She's supposed to have a harnass, but it was 'forgotten'. Needless to say, a regular leash was 'somehow' slipped out of by Clara and she left her nutter in the dust.

No matter how a person feels about pit bulls, it seems like anything Clara did right after slipping her leash until she was caught again, is the fault of the person who brought her where she wasn't supposed to be and then failed to properly handle her.

It is not the job of random members of the public to contain and control runaway bulldogs. If a person is forced by circumstances to do this, the person who FAILED needs to understand that the person confronted by the bulldog might not respond with loving kindness. It does not matter if the pit's butt is wiggling if the pit's maw is full of someone's pet. Once the pit latches onto a victim, the nutter must resign themselves to the fact that people around the victim are more concerned with the VICTIM than they are a random mauler.

This 'hate group' excuse is disgusting. Craig found out Clara the pit bull existed when she clamped onto HIS PET LEXIE! He was saving his own dog. If nutter extraordinaire had done its job then piiiiibble would not have an adorable Westie by the neck.

This just isn't that complicated... you're responsible for whatever animal you choose to bring into a store.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad the Newnan-Coweta Humane Society has been banned, even if it's temporary. IN YOUR FACE NUTTERS! Hopefully, it will become permanent.

It was infuriating how the nutters handled themselves. From the nutter handler, to the nutter witnesses, to the nutter that operates the Humane Society. Pit bulls are not the only "dogs" out there. People are getting tired of their pets being savaged by pit bulls. The way the nutters made it sound, it was as if a Petsmart customer randomly started stabbing a pit bull because of all the hate they have for them. The nutters were so traumatized by seeing a precious shelter pit bull being stabbed, but they were okay with the pit bull attempting to kill someone else's dog.

This whole situation is unfortunate, but if it brings about a radical change to pit bulls not being allowed at any Petsmart, then it's worth it. I also hope the nutters that are harassing the owners of Lexie, get prosecuted.

Anonymous said...

Before Cindy Marabito (American Pit Bull Examiner terrorist rant author against Westie) was lying about and harassing Lexie the victim Westie's people, Marabito was lying about other pit bull people.

She even lies about her own kind and they have to warn her.

Good move, Sandy Hiser of Newnan Coweta Humane Society and Newnan Herald Tribune. You're hooked up with a chronic liar terrorist to try to help you squirm out of the crime you committed with your pit bull.

"No current officer, board member, or facebook moderator of Pit Bulls Against Misinformation is affiliated with “The Real Deal” (TRD), Reunion Rescue, or American Pit Bull Examiner.

We strongly encourage Ms Marabito of Reunion Rescue to remove her statements about an alleged association between PBAM and TRD immediately."

Anonymous said...

You have to ask, why would Cindy Marabito (who is in Austin Texas) jump in with a bunch of pit bull breeders and dog fighters (with their rescue drones) on the attack against the victim of an aggressive pit bull?

She's running a pit bull business. Reunion Rescue. She says she takes in pit bulls, cats, and birds.

OK Austin, has anyone inspected this place? Austin is where Spindletop Rescue was taking pit bulls from animal control and selling them or torturing them to death. All the usual boilerplate about how they were saving lives, but they were abusing donations, breaking charitable contribution and filing laws, and torturing dogs to death. AKC champion pit bull breeder and her vet.

So does Austin animal control or dim rescue angels just ship dogs off to Marabito's place, to who knows what? Is anyone looking into where the contributions actually go, or how the money is really being spent?

Is anyone checking the living conditions of the animals or finding out what really is happening to them? Or do they just believe what she tells them when she sticks her hands out and begs for money?

After Steve Markwell and Olympic Animal Sanctuary, making the same promises and now under investigation for charitiable fraud (after he tortured and killed a lot of dogs) is anyone investigating Marabito to find out what is really going on, especially with her affinity for breeders?

Or is tagging on to terroristic attacks on the victim of a pit bull a way to get herself some attention and some money?

There is a financial interest for some of these people in attacking victims of pit bulls.

Anonymous said...

Well I shouldn't have wondered. Of course Cindy Marabito was connected to the Spindletop Pit Bull rescue dog torture fiasco and Leah Purcell the AKC pit bull breeder who ran it

"He was pulled fraudulently by Leah Purcell under the Reunion Rescue 501(c)(3)"

So who the hell in Austin is investigating Cindy Marabito and this Reunion Rescue because despite the fact that it was being used to pull dogs from animal control to send them to torture and fraud hell at Spindletop with Purcell, Reunion Rescue still says they are getting dogs from animal control.

Has anyone really seen what is going on behind the doors of Marabito's Reunion Rescue? Is this why she is so viciously attacking the victim of an aggressive pit bull?

Anonymous said...

As far as rescued pit bulls being under Cindy Marabito's care, who gives a crap? Unless you care about pit bulls, which I personally don't.


scurrilous amateur blogger said...

MARABITO is incapable of telling the truth. recall her ladder theory as the killer of darla napora. i think it is speaks volumes of the kind of people that continue to support her insanity.

click here to see what a fellow nutter thinks of CINDY MARABITO.

Anonymous said...

"As far as rescued pit bulls being under Cindy Marabito's care, who gives a crap"

Because she's taking them from animal control and she's also selling them, and you better give a crap because they might move in nect door to you and take your kid's face off. This woman thinks it's ok for pit bulls to kill.

You better give a crap because she's terrorizng a victim of a pit bull and inciting others to attack them, and she's making money off that terrorism, and unless you figure out why she's doing it, then what's going to happen?

Anonymous said...

The problem also is that Marabito and people like Marabito, who have a history of lying and stalking people (and getting involved in animal cruelty themselves, instead of caring about old Clara, and making money off attacks like this), are contacting law emforcement and the court where that victim lives and getting them to "investigate" and further harass the victim for their personal fonancial interests.

They need to know that.

BAM use your brain.

Anonymous said...

Isn't it amazing that the pit bull lobby that is harassing the victim of Clara doesn't give a crap about the fact that Samdy Hiser and the Newnan Coweta Humane Society, with her sociopathic friends, caged Clara the pit bull up for 3 years?

They care so much about abuse, they say, but they are supporting animasl abusers.

How many decent dogs died while they caged that unplaceable pit bull up for three years?

Hiser is the one who should be facing animal cruelty charges, except that a local boarding facility and a local veterinarian made money off Hiser's abuse of Clara.

They don't even give a crap about the dogs.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if Clara was slated to be pts if she didn't get adopted (as in this was penciled in before her antics at PetSmart). IDK why they'd do it now after keeping her for three years, but maybe they had some new maulers on the way. I'm wondering this because they dirt napped her pretty fast. I do not believe her injuries were as severe as nutters describe them. Sure, they were bad enough that she needed patching up. But, still.

Anonymous said...

"Anonymous said...
The problem also is that Marabito and people like Marabito, who have a history of lying and stalking people (and getting involved in animal cruelty themselves, instead of caring about old Clara, and making money off attacks like this), are contacting law emforcement and the court where that victim lives and getting them to "investigate" and further harass the victim for their personal fonancial interests.

They need to know that.

BAM use your brain."

I am using my brain. I'm sorry if I don't care that some pit nutter is abusing pit bulls.

If you're so worried about this situation, why don't you notify authorities?

Dawn, I love your new name! However, I'm still fond of sock puppet!


Anonymous said...

IF the nutters abusing shit bulls are the ones carrying on about Clara, then their abuse can be used to discredit their words. Especially if they are portraying themselves as a rescuer of shit bulls. There was one rescuer who was basically throwing them in dog carriers and locking those carriers in a garage. People who honestly love dogs aren't going to side with a person who does such things. So, it can be useful to expose abuse when it happens.

I do not know if I explained that very well. This is the first I've said about this. On the surface of it, my instinct is not to follow up on the nutters and what they're doing with the dogs they supposedly rescue while they have the dogs. But, they get away with a lot due to that.

It sounds like the people who had Clara, for example, not only didn't properly handle her in public but they also are said to have kept her in a cage for a long time. If I was a person working with PetSmart, I would not want people like that doing events in my stores.

It will be better for other dogs if the pit pimping activities are greatly limited because that makes them less likely to encounter a shit bull.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

BAM! remind me to change my name to sock puppet in next month.