Thursday, March 5, 2015

BAD RAP & Homeless People Working Together Against Public Safety and Animal Welfare

Bad Rap's Donna Reynolds on pit bull owners in poverty (2011):
Selling puppies to keep the lights on and feed the kids. Wouldn't you?… Giving your dog away on craigslist when too many landlords turn you away? What choice do they have? … Sleeping outside on the cold cement because local homeless shelters won't allow pets? You know you'd do the same.
Donna's "Screw-public-safety-AND-animal-welfare-in-the-pursuit-of-being-OPEN-MINDED"* Thanksgiving Blog Post seems to have inspired this nitwit in the Bay area, the home of Bad Rap:

And how about that Rocket Dog Rescue?  Not dire enough - knowing that the pits will starve if Little Miss Nitwit stops feeding them and that a whole slew of little pitties are about to hit the street, they walk away, making a mockery of their own motto.
My question is: after Rocket Dog Rescue walked away from Homeless Man hoping to continue to keep Little Miss Nitwit on the hook (feed the dogs or they'll starve), is she still buying dog food for the entire pit bull family?

Ah, here's the founder of Rocket Dog Rescue.  Turns out SHE'S GOT HOMELESSNESS IN HER FAMILY TREE.  No wonder she sees no problem with ever more starving, homeless pit bulls being born to the streets.  And it probably gives her a special tickle to keep Little Miss Nitwit paying up for an ever increasing number of homeless maulers.  Public Safety and Animal Welfare be damned!

Here's my advice: CALL ANIMAL CONTROL.

*The being open minded crap is simply a cover to legitimize backyard breeders to continue to pump out  more than 2 new pit bulls each and every minute of each and every day of the year and to allow any kind of irresponsible owner to take in as many of these surplus pit bulls as they possibly can so that the cycle can continue because Mr. & Mrs. Donna Reynolds live off the completely artificially perpetuated "plight" of the pit bull.


Your Quiet Neighbor said...

If you're living in poverty, you can't afford a dog. It's that simple.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

haha, pit nutter PALI BOUCHER. i started a file on her in sept 2009.

sending you a screenshot i took in 2009.

another great blog post snack.

Anonymous said...

"The Homeless" is a buzzword used by many frauds to cheat and steal

There is so much fraud in the name of "the homeless" because they think using the term as cover insulates them

If any groups are doing this, people need to be sure to file all complaints as necessary and have a lawyer put them on notice that they hold full responsibility if anything whatsoever happens or if anyone is being affected by this activity in any way

Also post their fraud and dangerous activity online so other victims can find it

Rocket Dog Rescue sounds familiar. I think they have had other ethical issues. They are always out begging for money, and they have it in the bank.

Why don't the president and members they give nice, warm, comfy homes? They won't, will they, the hypocritical frauds.

If Donna Reynolds isn't opening her home personally and using some of the hundreds of thousands they get to provide direct help, she's a hypocrite and just using the issue to make more money that pays her bills.

KaD said...

I think this says it well:

Dayna said...

I would love to respond to "Looking for advice for a pregnant pitbull owned by a homeless man"

I would advise her to get the female an abortion pronto and stop wasting her money on food.

Anion said...

Craven, did you see this?

Looks like a pit bull to me. Hmm, I wonder why they wanted to get rid of it? (Not that I condone their method, even for a pit bull.)

Anyway, thought you might be interested.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

sounds like the NUTTER (c'mon, you know it was) needed a sliver bullet.

the police will go door to door looking for the psychopath? fantastic use of law enforcement resources!

Anonymous said...

Speaking of Bad Rap....the last tax form listed on Guidestar is from 2013. And their 2013 tax return reveals quite a bit.

Badrap's total revenue in 2013 was $252,069. Salaries and benefits paid out to their only two employees, Tim Racer and Donna Reynolds, are a whopping $182,317. That means that 72% of all dollars brought in to that charity went to salaries for the two artists who run it.

That figure does not include an incredible $23,729 spent on "travel", as well as $22,557 listed for "other expenses".

Now that the Vick Dog cash cow has been milked dry, it seems that shrinking revenues have not coincided with shrinking compensation for their two founders, who have found a nice way to make a healthy income adopting out a handful of dogs each year, while promoting pit bulls as the perfect pet for just about anyone.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the Bad Rap tax information. I'd love to see a website tracking the tax filings for all these pit bull advocacy scam charities

Their donors often have no idea how they are getting taken

It isn't charity for the people who run these. They are cash cows, and a big reason why the breeds are getting "promoted"

Promotion means that pit bull advocacy group leaders make more money, like a ponzi scheme

It is always interesting that the ones getting the money at the top want the lower level grunt "volunteers" and "foster homes" to do all the work at their own expense (and take on all the liability too)

Anonymous said...

Isn't Bad Rap financially supported by Animal Farm Foundation (Jane Berkey)

So the money is getting laundered through a charity front but it's actually payoffs to subcontractors?

I thought there were rules about requirements for how much needs to be spent on services in order to keep qualifying as a charity

This is no charity. It's a business, and it's also a lobbying business, which should be getting registered as lobbyists.

There should be a chart to track how the money from New York gets laundered through all these charity fronts to do the business of pit bull selling and promotion.

This is all business

It is kind of like a franchise system

Small Survivors said...

Thank you scurrilous! I've updated the blog! Ha! Ha!

Anion said...

I had that thought, too, Scurrilous. I'm glad the police will be out in full force about this--as opposed to next time a pit kills a child, in which case after dispatching/collecting the animal, the police and every other government agency will shrug and look in the other direction and claim there are "not enough resources" to do something about it.

I noticed the comments to that article were full of detailed torture fantasies about how the perpetrator of the animal abuse should die. I've never seen comments like that in such numbers when a child is killed. SMH.

(Again, I absolutely don't condone what was done to that animal. But you're right, if the dog is a pit, it would likely be a nutter who did that to her.)

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

SILVER bullet. thanks everyone for kindly ignoring my typo.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

oh regarding the comments, i didn't go there. i am trying to stop torturing myself with exposure to idiots.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

but thank you for your sacrifice!

Pibble said...

That reminds me, has Douglas Anthony Cooper made good on his threat to "unmask" you yet?


Heres my advice: Feed those maulers a nice nicotine laced snack, gift both that idiot girl and the bum some meth, then call the cops.

The pits die, idiot girl gets arrested, ignorant bum goes to jail (maybe it will even be a 3rd strike, I guarantee he has a record!), and the neighborhood has one less threat to deal with.

Thats how sick I am of bums with maulers. If every bum that has a mauler dropped dead, I would be happy. They are so dangerous sand they are everywhere.

I wanna smack that girl. Her heart is in the right place but her head must have been lost ages ago. She's become a danger with this shit.

RSM said...

Wonder what that blonde, fuzzy thing is bottom frame? I hope its not a kid or a small dog.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

"That reminds me, has Douglas Anthony Cooper made good on his threat to "unmask" you yet? "

nope, not yet.

scorched earth said...

For those who might be interested in following the money, Guidestar membership is free. Tax information for 501c3 organizations is posted. VERY interesting information.

Anion said...

@RSM I thought at first she was wearing some sort of goat leggings!

Animal Uncontrol said...

It really is shocking, but not surprising, that ANYBODY is allowed to pursue a pit bull breeding "business" literally on the street.

Of course, if you try to impose ANY restrictions, the "Bleeding Heart Battalion" will come out in force protecting this dog owner's right to do whatever he wants: "All of you stop being so MEAN! Can't a homeless guy have the COMFORT of a bunch of PUPPIES! Waaaaah!"

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

Woops. i spoke too soon pibble. cooper is on to me.

Anonymous said...

When there was the smell of a buck in the air, the grifters came out of the woodwork

All they do is make things worse, but they make money, get attention, and pay their bills with donor money, so what do they care?

Anonymous said...

Guidestar also lets people leave commentary on each charity too, I think.

Anonymous said...

I'm getting more and more interested.

Who is the best friend's wife? There should have been disclosure about her relationships.

"Cooper's step father was on the board of the Toronto Humane Society when it got busted for hoarding and animal cruelty. It was following the Winograd model. His best friend's wife is an editor at Huffington Post Canada. We think that's how he got the blog there, and we think he got "assigned" to trash PETA and HSUS. It is very clear from his writings that he knows practically nothing about the issues. He does a little cursory research, then writes a hatchet piece.
Oh, we also think Cooper knows Rick Berman and David Martosko. Cooper's best friend is David Frum, a conservative DC journalist. Martosko, who worked for Berman for years, is now editor of the Daily Caller, a conservative DC online publications. It is very interesting that Martosko wrote a commentary immediately about the &9.3 million settlement between the ASPCA and Ringling. He's the editor and rarely writes. But we are sure Ringling is a big client of Berman's. I believe, but can't prove, that Ringling is who paid for Berman's PETA Kills Animals campaign. Martosko is the first admin for HumaneWatch, which regularly makes posts that support Ringling. Ringling is out to put all animal advocacy groups out of business with this countersuit arguing RICO claim"

Anonymous said...

The Feld family, who owns Ringling, was indeed a client of GOP lobbyist Richard Berman and Center for Consumer Freedom, which is also a lobbyist for breeders and pet stores like Petland, which is in business with AKC, through agribusiness ties.

Martosko was actually the CCF's spokeman for the breeding and canine industry on anti-regulation affairs for many years.

Center for Consumer Freedom used to offer prizes for people in their lobbying circles to come up with propaganda supporting Ringling. These solicitations were often posted with aligned groups like those Responsible Dog Owner groups, early pit bull lobbyists and advocates, primarily pit bull breeders. They all lobby together.

Richard Berman and CCF work closely with GOP lobbyist, organizers, and donors such as Andrew Saul's GOP circle, as the GOP is tightly connected with the agribusiness lobby that Berman has lobbied for for many years.

GOP Iran/Contra CIA connections were used through Berman and the Felds of Ringling to spy on whistleblowers and journalists that were critical of Ringling's abuses

Go to near the bottom, after his CIA career,

Winograd, Cooper's partner, has long been regurgitating Berman's material. Cooper's attacks are along the lines of Berman and his GOP contacts' modus operandi, attack the messenger with smear and threats.

But it all boils down to the same thing, business lobbying, protect the profits in whatever way possible, posing, lying, attacking, pretending. Pretending to be supporting pit bull welfare when actually nothing more than a lobbyist for pit bull business. Catch the suckers and trick them into pursuing the industry's interests.

There is also clearly an increase in having business lobbyists pose as journalists and writers to engage in lobbying while hiding their real interests and their connections.

Anonymous said...

"David J. Frum born June 30, 1960) is a neoconservative Canadian-American political commentator. A speechwriter for President George W. Bush, Frum later became the author of the first "insider" book about the Bush presidency"

This is Andrew Saul's GOP circle

Saul was a Bush pioneer, and had been nominated by Bush for a federal government appointment which he received

Do searches for Andrew Saul George Bush

"Saul was a Bush pioneer in 2000 and 2004, raising over $100,000 for the Bush-Cheney campaign, and has contributed to numerous Republican candidates and served on the National Republican Senatorial Committee. Along with Bill Kristol and Peggy Noonan, Saul is a trustee of the Manhattan Institute for Policy Research, a prominent conservative think-tank which promotes limited government and free-market principles whose mission is to "develop and disseminate new ideas that foster greater economic choice and individual responsibility"

That last line is very similar to Richard Berman's "economic choice and individual responsibility" lingo. It sounds good and vague, but what it means is corporate interests opposing regulations that restrict them in their profit activities, whether its selling tobacco or pit bulls.

Anonymous said...

Bush pioneers were GOP candidate contribution bundlers with disgraced GOP lobbyist Jack Abramoff

Kenneth Saul, yes, that is Jane Berkey's brother and fellow board member and donor of Animal Farm Foundation, NCRC

Do you remember when Petsmart started going pit nutter and putting money into pit bull activities? That was when Thomas Stemberg took over as chairman of the Petsmart board

"Thomas G. Stemberg, then CEO and Chairman and Founder of Staples, was a Bush Pioneer"

Anonymous said...

"Ringling is out to put all animal advocacy groups out of business with this countersuit arguing RICO claim"

They more recently decided to infiltrate the animal rights groups and humane groups with their own business lobbyists to exert control, and pit bull advocacy is one of these infiltrations

No Kill is too

Animal Uncontrol said...

OK, so Cooper's kickstarter campaign rakes in 62 grand, more than twice the requested amount, and STILL no book? Starting to sound like a SCAM to me. AG's should take note.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
scurrilous amateur blogger said...

woops. if you want to send me information in a comment that you don't want published, you need to go back more than 30 days. i don't moderate blog posts until they are 30 days old.

but i don't think that's him. it could be. i have not looked into him and i have no desire to.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

animal uncontrol, that does look suspicious. good luck reporting to the AG though. he is a canadian living in mexico i think.

Anonymous said...

I swear, I just saw a DOGO walk past my house! WTF?!


Animal Uncontrol said...

"I swear, I just saw a DOGO walk past my house! WTF?!"

Remington 700

Anonymous said...

I have much catching up to do. FOID, gun, bullets, holster...


Anonymous said...

They should make a TV show about this stuff...

"Pit Bulls and Payrollees"

You can't make this shit up!