Thursday, March 19, 2015

Pit Bull Attack At Villalobos Begets The Blame Game AH HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!

Click here to read an angry tirade about pit bull owners and lovers from Tia Torres and get the details on a Villalobos pit bull attack!

Translation for the rambling tirade from Tia

1. Asshole pit owner (you all know how we are) brought her unruly pit bull to dump it at our shelter and while we were arguing with her, the unruly pit bull (you all know how they are) attacked one of our pit bulls which we will call a puppy to garner more sympathy.

2. The tourists that want to see Villalobos are crazy, violent assholes and we don't like them.

3. We don't like you taking pictures of us struggling with our unruly pit bulls.

4. So, we're charging $20 bucks to visit our "tourist attraction" shelter every day except Saturday when you're welcome to wait in line to see a bunch of pit bulls in a rescue.


PS - Would love some of those photos, ya'll!!!!


scurrilous amateur blogger said...

$20 a head is a steal. people pay big bucks to swim with sharks.

fantastic find! i especially liked this comment from the mother of hybristophilia:
"We are very disappointed that it's come to this, but our workers and more importantly the well being of our dogs comes first."

Your Quiet Neighbor said...

And, at this particular shelter, the DOGS matter most.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

i know. i LOVE it! these people could not pretend to be normal if their lives depended on it.

KaD said...

Check out this rescues teacup poodle mix:

scurrilous amateur blogger said...



Anonymous said...

All the idiots are mostly concerned that the visitors and tourists shouldn't be taking pictures. What do they have to hide?

They sure want to make sure that all those lies, fraud, and every other deviant thing going on at that hellhole that might affect Tia's money making, remains hidden

These idiots just beg to be lied to

I'd sure love to see a picture taking expedition there by people who hate frauds and love to expose them

Anonymous said...

Can you imagine how many pit bulls are brought to this pig Tia's place THAT SHE WON'T TAKE that end up getting dumped in that town for the locals to pay for?

While Tia gets lots and lots of money playing make believe for idiots

Dayna said...


So these dogs really are kept in a big warehouse?

And I think it's hilarious that she, of all pit lovers is complaining about the behavior of other pit lovers! The irony is too much!!! LOL!

Anonymous said...

I've worked in the dog-care field (Arena? Stadium? Colosseum?) for decades and have never seen a puppy seriously attacked by another dog - except when that dog was a pitbull. That's an inhibition intrinsic to normal dogs. Trying to dredge up sympathy and outrage at an apt demonstration of Meathead Dog's inbred inclination is as funny as it is infuriating. Torre's rationality is as deeply eroded and rotten as the freak show she ringmaster's and represents.

Small Survivors said...

"Torre's rationality is as deeply eroded and rotten as the freak show she ringmaster's and represents."

That's not all that's rotton and eroded. An astute friend alerted me to these comments on their Guidestar page - stinking rotten!

Anonymous said...

The facebook page is heavily pruned for any anti-pitbull remarks. I left one a year ago and within minutes it was removed. It is a shame this is the ONLY news source other than their page. But it airs on Animal Planet. People should know these dogs are dangerous. People try to imitate her with owning their own pits in tightly cramped space. I do not like this show at all. I am glad people take photos they can take a photo of anything if it can be seen. We need TMZ outside their door.

Anonymous said...

Villalobos does not provide their Form 990 to Guidestar -- all the number sections are left blank -- there is no filing for 2012, and 2013 is mostly blank. So they could have bought a learjet and still be begging for donations and charging admission to the warehouse. Hope someone near by demands to see their tax returns as they have to make them available for public inspection. CNYC

Animal Uncontrol said...

Go undercover at Villalobos:


Seems like the primary problem with the above is the battery life (~1 hour). Probably long enough to do a decent undercover video, though.

Anonymous said...

When Tia was at her first location, the money was being used to buy expensive toys like cars and motorcycles and small puppy mill puppies (not pit bulls) for her kids. That was revealed by volunteers.

It also was being used to keep kids on the ranch there and on drugs, which resulted in harm coming to a teenager, maybe a death if I remember. The family went public about it.

Also the first class plane tickets Tia bought with that donated money.

There were drug operations at the place.

Does she have to file in the state she's in now? Does the IRS respond to questions about the lack of filing? They cracked down on non filing. and have shut people down who don't after they don't file for a period of time.

Could a donor demand financial records?

There should be a reward kitty for some undercover investigation work at the hole from hell that is this place.

Anonymous said...

Makes me think, that, when I discovered Animal Planet that I would find many horse-related goodies. In five years, there was not a one, other than "Jockeys" which was almost entirely about the personalities. A police horse was briefly featured on a show about animal heroes, but his courage was dismissed as simply lack of intelligence. The same segment informed me that a horses' brain was little larger than a walnut, with very few cortical convolutions. In fact, and I have seen actual average preserved horse brains and castings-they approximate 14 to 18 ozs and are more complex in convolutions than human brains. Anyway, I've detested and distrusted Animal Planet since, even though the damage they do has little to do with animals anymore.

Unknown said...

All the vicious lies are apparent. Anyone who knows ANYTHING about Vcr and Tia can see right through the lies. Be a real man or woman put your money where your mouth is with your ignorant lying words Mr/Mrs one with half a brain buys this bull!!