Tuesday, May 4, 2010

famous pit bull owners: the humphrey bogart edition

Bogart, Mayo Methot, newfie, scotties 1944
Bogie and one of his boxers

i am convinced that a cadre of pit nutters all got together one day and said "hey! i know what we can do to improve our frankenmauler's image!! let's create a list of famous people that owned pit bulls!" "YEAH!"

if you google Humphrey Bogart and pit bulls, you will find over 100 pit nutter sites that mention Bogart as an owner. no pit neutral sites mention pit bulls and Bogart in the same breath. topping the list of those promoting the lie is none other than CESAR MILAN.

Humphrey Bogart was a dog lover and owned many dogs but other than the fact that boxers are 1/3 pit bull, there is no evidence that suggests Bogart ever owned a pit bull. i have confirmed boxers, scottish terriers, sealyham terriers and a newfoundland but no pit bulls.

links/books to prove pit nutter lies:
the internet movie database has over 600 photos of Bogart, many of him with his dogs.
in 1952, Bogart, Bacall, their 2 boys and 3 boxers were featured in a magazine.

links/books perpetuating the lie:

compared to:
thanks P!

and this wikipedia entry:

but hey, if you repeat something loud enough and long enough, people will eventually accept it as truth.


Anonymous said...

Actually, Bogart did have a PIt Bull, an American Pit Bull Terrier, to be exact. This information can be found in this book - Bogie: a celebration of the life and films of Humphrey Bogart

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

how about typing in the paragraph or two that states he had pits.

Friends Administrator said...


Bogey and I had Boxers. We were married on Louis Bromfield's farm in Ohio. Louis had Boxers that would fight under the table at dinner. He gave us a week old Boxer puppy for a wedding present. We named him Harvey, after the invisible rabbit.

This is from the interview with Glenn Close. No mention of pit bulls. And besides, just because a celebrity has a pit bull doesn't mean that they aren't just as stupid as any other pit bull owner. Having money doesn't make you smart just like being elected to an office doesn't mean you are suddenly an all knowing god. Most of the sites I see they refer to "Harvey" as being a "pit bull type". Can anyone say one big lie?

Anonymous said...

"Boxers are 1/3 pit bull" -
Once again Craven you show what an absolute idiot you are and how you know nothing, and I mean nothing, about dogs.
How about a "how about typing in the paragraph or two that states this?"

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

page 82 from The Working Pit Bull by Diane Jessup

The Boxer is yet another variation on the original Bulldog, but this one was developed in Germany. Early Boxers were almost indistinguishable from the modern-day APBTs, and their temperament too, is similar. The history of the Boxer in Germany is almost a mirror of the Pit Bull in England. First developed as a "gripping" dog for boar hunting. It was later used for a time as a dog fighter. Unfortunately for the Boxer, its flashy appearance and proud nature made it an ideal show dog, and soon a "standard of perfection" which called for a nonfunctional muzzle and jaw structure was developed. Rather quickly, the Boxer became just another show version of the Bulldog type. Without doubt he is closely related to the Pit Bull, and comes from the same ancestors, simply developed in another country along slightly different lines.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

once again, pit nutters read nothing about their beloved wiggle butts. me on the other will read everything.

i think it is safe to say that as time goes on, the boxer moves further and further away from the pit bull. the boxers of the1890's were closer to pit bulls than the boxers of the 1940's whichwere closer to pits than the boxers of 1995, the year jessup published her book.

that paragraph or two doesn't exist, does it? that's okay, i will check it myself. and if it refers to his pit dog named HARVEY, well then we know that breed misidentification was thriving in the 1940's or a pit nutter wrote the book and deliberately misrepresented the breed.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

btw, see how easy that is to type in paragraph to prove your point.

CKing said...

Thank you for still more nice work. I followed the link to that self-involved, narcissistic Jeff Daniels piece o' crap and in the comments someone introduced "The List." I thought it was interesting that Jessica Biel, Jesse James, Rachel Ray and Helen Keller are not there! I know there are many versions, but I used to see all those people on just about every version.

I directed people to your blog about Teddy and Bogart who were on the list.

Anonymous said...

I say we should start our own list of famous pit bull owners. And since the nutters have included fictional characters and cartoons, we should too. I'll start, feel free to jump in.

Lizzie Borden
Charlie Manson
Bernie Madoff
Pontius Pilate
Atilla the Hun
Lloyd Blankfein
Joseph Stalin
Henry Lee Lucas
Josef Mengele
John Wayne Gacy
Ma Barker
Osama Bin Laden
Two Face (Batman villain

Anonymous said...

The Nutters only reflexively regurgitate what their dogman puppetmasters tell them to.

Anon2 said...

Michael Vick is on the list of famous beagle owners.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

hahaha lying pit nutters! i wonder if that was our south haven mississippi maven who left that comment.

since bogart is one of my favorite actors, i jumped on the book mentioned by the pit nutter in the first comment. Bogie: a celebration of the life and films of Humphrey Bogart