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John P. Colby: the fountainhead of the American 'Pit' Bull Terrier within the United States

JOHN PRITCHARD COLBY, the most famous name in american pit bull terrier history, not only owned a man biter, he owned a man killer. read more of's exposé of the this famous dog fighter.

from hardcore dog fighters of yesteryear to serious dogmen and crazed pit nutters of today, all of the pit bull fanciers praise John P. Colby and his pit dogs. here are a few highlights.

I think John P Colby tops as a breeder. The rolls I saw when I was up at Colby’s in 1935 or 1936 were better than half the matches I have ever seen in my life. John P called them turn ups. It was hot around Boston so any local action was kept quiet. A lot of people who didn't know any better said J.P never set one down. Three dead game Colby dogs I have had were Sport, Buddy, and Hobo. I think I have some good ones now, but to say a dog that is still living dead game is wishful thinking. None of these three dogs ever made a turn in there life or before they left it. I have over a dozen old Colby pedigrees around the house, and I cant find one of the dogs in them Mr. Pete Sparks mentioned in a recent copy of Bloodlines, I'm sure he was mistaken.
Howard Heinzl 1955

Mr John P Colby was an active breeder for many years and produced some of the best dogs of his time. Much of his foundation stock was from the Gas House and Burke strains, as were the dogs of many other breeders. The difference in the quality of the dogs Mr Colby produced was the result of breeding principles he employed. Also, Mr Colby in my opinion possessed a very important attribute, which I refer to as a gift.
Indian Sonny

Pit bulls breeders have - to this day - been notoriously secretive about how they breed their best dogs. Pete Sparks, one of the most noted authorities on pit bulls during most of the 20th century, stated that with only one or two exceptions (the Colby family being one of those exceptions) almost "all" breeders such as Corvino, Carver, and others would intentionally fake pedigrees.
primo, the apbt that was used as the standard for the amstaff.
Then a small group of pit bull fanciers decided that their "Grand Old Breed" needed full American Kennel Club recognition in order to distance itself from its baiting/fighting heritage. A standard was drawn up and application made to the AKC. (John Colby's dog "Primo" was one of the dogs used to formulate the AKC standard, and Primo's picture illustrated the idea of perfection for many years. Those wanting to know what a real American Staffordshire is supposed to look like should study a picture of Primo.)

COLBY'S BOOK OF THE AMERICAN PIT BULL TERRIER: by Louis Colby and Diane Jessup 192 pages, hardback. ISBN# 0-7938-2091-X A classic for history buffs! Louis Colby's love and knowledge of the history of this breed makes this book special. If you love pictures of old-time dogs you will love this book. Interesting history of the Colby family; at one time the Colby family was associated with dog fighting, however these days the dogs are finding homes with folks who want a good natured family pet with an interesting history. This should be required reading for people becoming involved with the breed today - this book shows them what a "real" pit bull looks like.
i wonder if this history includes the fatal attack of colby's nephew?

Colby's Book of the American Pit Bull Terrier.
I like this book because it shows the rich history of the American Pit Bull Terrier. Specifically this particular line of the breed dating back well over 100 years.
One of the best things about this book is the pictures. Quite a few pictures are included in the book and many of them are from the Colby family archives. Showing dogs with children and even a young Louis Colby with one his dogs.
If you don't already have this book I recommend every owner add it to their library. Great read, great pictures, solid information, overall a great book.
John P Colby (probably the most famous name in all of Pit Bull history) decided to register his dogs in the American Dog Breeders Association.

Richard stratton p82 World of the American Pit Bull Terrier
I do resent Mr. David's characterization of John P. Colby, as he was an honest dog man and a credit to the breed.

John P Colby is noted for making only one outcross during his lifetime, and that was after 30 years of breeding experience. This was indeed possible, due to the extreme care he took in the selection of his initial breeding stock and his own talent and skills as a breeder.

Throughout his lifetime, Mr Colby was known to be an honest man, always "on the square", as well as an honest breeder. He is known and remembered as one of the worlds foremost authorities concerning the American 'Pit' Bull Terrier. He was a Dogmans "dogman" even among the elite of his peers. Men like George Armitage, Pete Donovan, Earl Tudor, Howard Heinzl, and Al Brown, all stated that John P. Colby was and always would be in a class all his own as a breeder of game dogs.

In the early part of his career as a breeder, John P. Colby became the center of controversy. One must understand that until this time, breeders and fanciers of the pitdog were a much tighter group, much more exclusive than the fanciers of today. The finest dogs were only passed to family and the most trusted friends and the secrecy of their lineage was closely guarded. John P. Colby broke with that tradition when he began to offer stud service and quality bred pups for sale to the "common man". This was to be his crime. He became successful in making the American 'Pit' Bull Terrier popular to the general public, and was the first to do so.

John P. Colby worked hard in all areas to help promote the breed and their popularity to the general public.
E.L. Mullins

Above is John Pritchard Colby Born June 15, 1875 and died in 1941 in Newbury, Essex Co. Massachusettes. He was one of the men that started dogfighting in America by producing some of the best. John also put his dogs in the hands of some of the top dogfighters. In the 1960's and the 1970's some dogmen including Loposay crossed Colby and Lighter dogs and got many winners. This cross whipped man dogs from all bloodlines. I'm not sure of the Colby dogs of this era.

I had a pure Colby as a kid, but he died of old age (16). I have 3 now. The father (I own him) is mainly Mason Hog with a little Red Boy/Jeep in him. The mother (the people who owned my male have her)is 1/2 Mason Hog 1/2 Red Boy/Jeep. I've noticed some difference in the temperament & size of my 3, & the Colby I had as a kid, but I thought it was maybe a difference in where they came from! My Colby was pretty mean at times (for no reason). The 3 I have now are pretty submissive, & quite wimpy (unless a strange dog is around, then all 3 want to fight it). The father to my Colby was a fighter. If we hadn't gotten him when we did, he would've suffered the same fate.... Don't get me wrong, he was a GREAT dog. Just a little ill tempered some times.


Anonymous said...

That is one whopper of a blow to pit bulls and the creepy lunatics who advocate for them.

In one swoop, this scandal blew the lid off of the "responsible" dogmen myth, man biters were culled myth, the myth of the properly bred pit bulls and the nanny dog myth. This is HUGE!

FormerAKCmember said...

The Colby's also had a 2-year old child that died. She might have died from many different causes, including having her neck torn open by a Colby dog.

Florence Louise COLBY was born in 1917 (died age 2)
There's even a creepy photograph to go along with it...

Anon2 said...

Excellent research from!

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

good! you get it. that's the point i was trying to make, without stating it outright.

even the most responsible, experienced, respected dogmen breed killers. there is no such thing as a "properly" bred american pit bull terrier.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

and yes anon 2, colleen lynn deserves a nobel prize for this one.

Friends Administrator said...

I'm with you Craven. I have had a smile all day with this one.

Friends Administrator said...

You ain't so bad yourself, Craven.

Anonymous said...

See that this freak show COMPLETELY IGNORES the dead child in their family. And that grandpaw or whatever this freak was was a dog fighter.

And they are still breeding this mankiller line.

And there is Representative Brad Hill in bed with these freaks, helping them kill more kids in the future. He is the one who was pushing the pseudo dangerous dog law with AKC and NAIA Holly Gumpy Stump of Ipswich Ma (near Newburyport, where these freaks are), the friend of these idiots, to give pit bulls multiple attacks without being cited, and to let them wipe the pit's records clean after attacks.

1935 is alive and well in that part of Massachusetts!

Anonymous said...

The current Colby breeding this mankiller line is Louis Colby of Newburyport Massachusetts.

And folks, the Colby clan is also into BIRD FIGHTING.

This is flat out organized crime operating right under Rep Brad Hill's nose, and this legislator HELPS THEM.

And MSPCA helps them. SICK!

We have been to Louis' place in Newburyport about 4 years ago.
He does not have a lot of pens, just enough that he could handle because of his age.
He has Irish Tracy Pyles and BRH.
We were not able to pick an ideal broodstag/pullet at that time so we did not buy. Most birds are medium to high station and we were not able to select the brood material with the body conformation that we were looking for. Those BRH broodcocks of Mr. Colby are not man-friendly (at the time of our visit); probably because they are handled infrequently.

By the way, it is common knowledge that Dr. Fred Saunders of
Salem, MA was the one credited as the originator of Boston RH.
Mr. L Colby Jr. might refute that, though."

Anonymous said...

More about Mr Bird and Dog Fighter Louis Colby from his friends. Colby is shipping fighting birds to the Philippines.

"Mr. Lois Colby ( Boston RH)

Anyone here could post the contact number of Mr. Lois Colby the originator of Boston RH? Is he still active today in breeding?



how you bai...? yah, he would be gone alreadyi f he is the originator..i dont know if he still active today(colby)..coz ive heard he is busy on dog fight..its just 2 hrs drive from his place..but id like to contact him first before i go there.."

"Today his family is selling dogs and they get a good price for them. An old time dogman once told me that if I was going to roll my dogs I better be sure they had a little Colby blood them"

"I just spoke to Mr. Louis Colby from Massachusetts and he is still alive and well. His contact # is 978-465-7766. He has none for sale and told me to wait until fall for the young stags. He also noted that the weather is now hot and the post office will not ship birds. The price he quoted me was $350 for those pure young trios that are now 3 months old and should be good to ship by fall."

thanks for the info..yah, i spoke to him too after i saw the phne number of mr. colby.. in first he thought im from cali.. i told him i came down south MA, and he said to come by his place. He have some small stocks of Boston Rh 3 months old..pullets no problem he has a lot"

We have been to Louis' place in Newburyport about 4 years ago.
He does not have a lot of pens, just enough that he could handle because of his age.
He has Irish Tracy Pyles and BRH.
We were not able to pick an ideal broodstag/pullet at that time so we did not buy. Most birds are medium to high station and we were not able to select the brood material with the body conformation that we were looking for. Those BRH broodcocks of Mr. Colby are not man-friendly (at the time of our visit); probably because they are handled infrequently.

By the way, it is common knowledge that Dr. Fred Saunders of
Salem, MA was the one credited as the originator of Boston RH.
Mr. L Colby Jr. might refute that, though.

John P. Colby (1875-1941) is well known for their family of American Pitbull Terriers which started in 1889.
Check this out:"

Anonymous said...

So now think back to that Newburyport News article about Colby's family opposing pit bull bans.

The one where Scott Giacoppo of MSPCA (a state humane organization) is SUPPORTING THE COLBYS.

"Scott Giacoppo, a deputy director of the Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, said Colby is right to place the focus on humans.
"This issue is really about irresponsible owners," Giacoppo said. "Any dog can be dangerous in the wrong hands. There is nothing inherently more dangerous about a pit bull than any other kind of dog."
Pit bulls have become the center of an unending cycle, Giacoppo said, as their reputation for toughness and belligerence attracts some owners who train their pets to be vicious. The media facilitates this process, he said, spilling disproportionately more ink on pit bull-related incidents than they do on those involving other breeds"

Sounds familiar? Right from the dog fighters and breeders, right?

Well, this Giacoppo was the Deputy Director of Advocacy for MSPCA, and also calls himself an EXPERT ON DOG FIGHTING!!!

Yes, he's an expert on dog fighter propaganda and protecting the dog fighters.

Here's his little bio from the Washington Humane Society where he now works.

"Mr. Giacoppo is coming to WHS with more than 17 years of animal protection experience
with the Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (MSPCA). In Mr.
Giacoppo’s most recent position as the MSPCA’s Deputy Director of Advocacy, he focused on
legislative issues and directed the Living with Wildlife program. Mr. Giacoppo also served as
Director of Public Relations and was a member of the Humane Law Enforcement Program
for more than a decade, where he was assigned to the Boston Police Department’s Youth
Violence Strike Force anti-gang violence unit. He is a nationally recognized expert on dog
fighting. In his new role, Mr. Giacoppo will oversee the Washington Humane Society’s
Humane Law Enforcement Division, Humane Education and CatNiPP Programs."


This bird and dog fighting shit was going on in Newburyport right under Giacoppo's nose, and he was SUPPORTING THEM and spreading around their propaganda.

Be careful Washington! You have a dog fighter supporter in your midst!

See how dog fighting and pit bull breeding prevail? The idiots who work in some of these humane organizations are ON THEIR TEAM and are interacting with legislators to protect the pit bull industry.

This Giacoppo is the chief programs officer at Washington Humane Society. They should run him out of town.

Washington, here's one of the reasons that pit bulls are killing people in your state and dog fighters are flourishing.

Anonymous said...

Louis Colby is at 37 Pine Hill Road Newburyport Ma

Louis B. Colby
37 Pine Hill Road
Newburyport, MA 01950 USA

978) 465-7766

Check out the outbuildings,+MA&um=1&ie=UTF-8&hq=&hnear=37+Pine+Hill+Rd,+Newburyport,+MA+01950&gl=us&ei=m5DrS4qpHMK78gaA0ND-BA&sa=X&oi=geocode_result&ct=image&resnum=1&ved=0CBQQ8gEwAA

He wrote a book with Diane Jessup.

Think any of the income from all these enterprises gets reported to the Tax Man? The Philippines bird shipments?

Norred, where are you. See Aug 14th post.

Here's who Colby is dealing with.

Remember that it was a Filipino who wanted to make bird fighting a national cultural sport in Hawaii? These are that legislators's friends.

Anonymous said...

"thanxs know the real deal genetics have to be there..over a hundred years of breeding for purpose... "

Yeah, breeding for KILLING.

Wonder why we have kids maimed for life by pit bulls?

A picture of this old freak, keeping up the cracker business

Anonymous said...

Check out the March 30th post from poster Filam Slasher



and then at end

Regards too. I will see you in June.


I think you also have to check out the Owl's nest roundheads of the Laniers. I had heard a lot about them, but it was only last Saturday, April 2 that I confirmed what I heard. Victor Sierra fought very young bullstags of these roundheads against cocks and still managed to win the championship in a 3 cock derby. They could cut very well and they have intense desire to kill.

--Rey Bajenting
RB Sugbo Gamefowl Technology
Pit Games Magazine

Good breeding makes good cocks. Good keep keeps good cocks good."

Can you believe this has been going on? And the Newburyport paper treats him like he's some kind of puppy kisser.

And a LEGISLATOR, Brad Hill, is involved with this guy and his friend pit bull breeders in Ipswich Mass

And we wonder why people are still dying because of pit bulls?

Plain sight. This whole multi nefarious operation has been going on in plain sight.

And these people have been putting pressure on legislators and animal control to oppose bsl and the rest of it and let them keep doing what they are doing.

Anonymous said...

Some of John Colby's dog fighting adventures

"Colby's Bobtail Bob Whelped: 1895
Sire: Colby's Nick
Dam: Colby's Wasp

Reputed to have won 20 battles, which may have been a record. He was bred to more than 20 bitches and some of his offspring were A.K.C. registered."

AKC, yes sirree, dog fighters too.

So Holly Stump of Ipswich Mass, Madame AKC and NAIA, they're just "show dogs" right?

Holly Stump is the one who sneaks around to dog officers in Massachusetts and gets them to oppose bsl and ease off on pit bulls.

Anonymous said...

International/Interstate trafficking of fighting animals is a federal felony even if one is animal fighting royalty...

Oh Yeah and Louis Colby was a bad owner!

Frank C. said...

I looked at the out building and surrounding property in the google maps link.....doesn't even look like he keeps dogs on his property.


scurrilous amateur blogger said...

the google earth map is inconclusive. i can't tell what's on going but i don't see chain spots. i am not sure what those out buildings are, they could be other homes.

Anonymous said...

Craven you can go here and get a better look...

The buildings you see are on the is in a trust, and not under Colby's name.

Anonymous said...

If you go to apparaisal visions Newburyport data base, you see the two outbuildings listed as a barn and a shed. Those are kennels.

I have no idea if AC in Newburyport keeps track or monitors his breeding, or if he has a kennel license....those are pretty big buildings.

Anonymous said...

If you go to apparaisal visions Newburyport data base, you see the two outbuildings listed as a barn and a shed. Those are kennels.

I have no idea if AC in Newburyport keeps track or monitors his breeding, or if he has a kennel license....those are pretty big buildings.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

interesting. the co-owner of the property is listed as 59 yr old janice c morse.

Anonymous said...

"I have no idea if AC in Newburyport keeps track or monitors "

The way that these "Staffordshire Terrier" pit bull breeders in Massachusetts (like NAIA lobbyist Holly Stump of Ipswich Massachusetts) operate is they put a lot of personal pressure on these animal control officers, who are often barely educated, have absolutely no idea what they are dealing with, don't really care (until recently of course since some of them are getting nailed because they are allowing vicious dogs to kill people in their community because they've catered to the breeders, who will let them take the fall)

Stump and these other pit bull breeders manhandle these AC officers as the lobbyists they are, and convince them to protect pit bulls, oppose regulation, let vicious dogs go back to the owners (or breeders where they are worth a lot of money) and generally dump on everyone else for the breeders $$$$$ interests. Also to look the other way on the breeding businesses. Lots of personal favors going on.

Some of them even convince these dimwitted animal control officers to refuse to enforce the laws, if there are any.

No one knows they are sneaking around with these animal control officers, it's all "off the record" and animal control isn't being held accountable for colluding with pit bull breeders.

She's been putting pressure for example on Lynn Animal Control, and we've seen how many pit bull attacks there are in Lynn Massachusetts.

There's also a lot of "relatives" working these jobs, so the AC in Newburyport may very well be a relative!

The Massachusetts Federation of Dog Clubs and Responsible Dog Owners is a primarily AKC breeder lobbying group, but some NAIA lobbyists like Holly Stump and Charlotte MacGowan have basically taken over and use it to lobby against any regulation with the state legislators. (They of course have neglected to register as lobbyists)

Meanwhile few if any of these people have sales tax numbers, business licenses, or are even following local zoning laws. They are allowed to get away with breaking laws because they put pressure on some gullible legislators like Brad Hill to help them.

These legislators, most of them, are babes in the woods, with a few exceptions that are getting lobbying money channelled to them. They have no clue about the histories and activities of the breeders they are dealing with.

Now that there are more attacks, some of them are having some reality checks.

But this has been a hidden, dark corrupt business in Massachusetts for some time, and still is as it is in too many other states.

Plus these breeders often have friends in the state departments of agriculture. The departments of agriculture think they are on the taxpayer payroll to help puppy mill breeders, AKC tax cheats, and dog fighters. It's a deranged, diseased world that is coming to light only in recent years.

(Tell me how the state department of agriculture hasn't known there's a bird fighting breeding business going on in that tiny state)

If these imbeciles had supported breed specific legislation, then these dogs would be getting kept close to the pit, and there wouldn't be attacks in the news that call attention to them. But they screwed themselves.

In the case of Colby, he got shit from the other dogmen for selling to the general public to make more money. He was one of the ones who screwed the dogmen over. Put these dogs in the hands of some civilian, they kill the civilian's kid or the neighbor and the government and lawyers start sniffing around.

That's how I found out about all this, through an attack handled by a lawyer who did some digging.

Colby screwed them over. Got too greedy.

Stump and the others are screwing them over now, opposing regulations so there will be more attacks that catch more people's attention. The women are often the weak link.

Anonymous said...

Massachusetts is even prosecuting RV owners for tax evasion!

Toll Free:1-800-472-9829 (I-PAY-TAX Anonymous tipline for reporting vehicle registration and excise tax evasion in MA)

What about multiple BUSINESSES that have operated for years? That are supposed to have sales tax numbers? That are shipping animals all around the country and even overseas? That are selling animals through an online business?

Here's the department that handles those issues

Anonymous said...

Janice C Morse

She is probably the administrator or trustee of the trust.

Great, a banking official in on this.

This is probably to try to shield the property owner from litigation. Also for "business purposes" and perhaps to try to avoid estate taxes when it gets handed on.

Anonymous said...

Wait, is this co owner or trustee? Co owner, even more el stinkeroo!!!

Is this a relationship?

Anonymous said...

Dog fighters in Massachusetts don't chain outside, for the most part. It calls too much attention. They get reported by the neighbors, who can also detect how many animals they have, and there are dog limit laws in a lot of towns.

Anonymous said...

Here's the family trust info.

The whole cracker clan is in on this.

No wonder the cracker aesthetician granddaughter was slobbering to the press.

They probably all have a piece of the action.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

No wonder the cracker aesthetician granddaughter was slobbering to the press

okay, now i am confused. what did i miss?

Anonymous said...

Click on View the image

Morse is the trustee.

Marie is the wife.

Anonymous said...

Louis Colby refused to be interviewed, citing "problems with the media" or something similar.

It was his granddaughter who got the job to come up up with the propaganda to feed the reporter so Louis can stay in the shadows.

"Colby declined to comment for this story, citing bad experiences with media attention in the past. But his granddaughter, Jaclyn Colby, was eager to defend pit bulls from their bad reputation.
"I grew up right next door to my grandfather, and even back when we were 8, my friends and I would go over and visit them," she said. "They were all so nice -- we never worried about anything. It wasn't until much later that I even learned that pit bulls have a bad reputation."
Now 21, Colby has her own pit bull named Rusty.
"Rusty is great," she said. "He turns 11 this summer, and he's never hurt a fly."

No mention of her dead relative or the dog fighting.

She's an aesthetician. Has a license for that in MA.

You notice there's a clan of these crackers all living together, keeping it all in the family.

Anonymous said...

The trust is more than likely to try to fend off litigation, etc if/when one of these dogs kills someone

The businesses are probably going to get handed on to a family member to continue.

CKing said...

There are more colbys owing property in trust, some of it unimproved land or commercial land. And another colby lives right next door to Louis Colby.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

Colby declined to comment for this story, citing bad experiences with media attention in the past. But his granddaughter, Jaclyn Colby, was eager to defend pit bulls from their bad reputation.
"I grew up right next door to my grandfather, and even back when we were 8, my friends and I would go over and visit them," she said. "They were all so nice -- we never worried about anything. It wasn't until much later that I even learned that pit bulls have a bad reputation."

holy moly! louis let his grandkids and their friends in his yard! i guess louis didn't learn from his father's booboo.

i probably shouldn't hold my breath for a response from mr colby. i sent him an email and asked him if he would like to comment.

snoopy said...

you know cracker to a white person is like nigger to a black person just wanted to make sure you knew you were being racist or using racial slurs.

Anonymous said...

It's ok, Snoopy, just as long as they're referencing scum of the earth trash....and this guy fits the bill.

Anonymous said...

No it isn't. A cracker is an uneducated piece of white trash, and that's exactly what's going on here generationally.

Maybe you better worry a little bit more about the cracker KKK dog fighters.

Anonymous said...

"There are more colbys owing property in trust, some of it unimproved land or commercial land. And another colby lives right next door to Louis Colby."

They are shielding the operation.

Neighbors might see something or complain. Surround yourself with your useless relatives, insulate. That's what has been going on here.

And a banker is involved with this.

How are those relatives affording their houses? Think there's any source of detectable income?

How many businesses do his operations support?

Anonymous said...

From a posting on another story, snoopy here is a cracker pit bull owner with the usual crap like "german shepherds are worse than pit bulls"

Also like a cracker, they can't handle things like spelling, grammar, etc

And the "cracker is a racist word" was a fiction made up by some of our fabulous American crackers who decided to try on that little story and see if they could fly it.

Anonymous said...

Diane Jessup surfaces around some people involved in animal fighting.

Why does that seem to keep happening?

Am I smelling some Jill Makstaller action?

Anonymous said...

Surround yourself with your useless relatives, insulate. That's what has been going on here.

My former neighbors were white trash "cracker" scum, insulated on all sides with cracker scum family members. The mother was a gun seller and pit bull breeder. The son was too stupid to have a job. One might imagine the "row" that was caused when I sent a deputy over there.

Anonymous said...

The $$$ from the bird and dog businesses may well have been buying all the land.

The $$$ get "cleaned" so to say.

I wonder how many households this all has supported in the past.

Anonymous said...

I always heard that "crackers" is a reference to the Georgia Crackers, a minor league baseball team also called the Atlanta Crackers. And the way it was used was not racist. It was meant as a compliment. Doesn't offend by any means, just I've never heard of it being used like that.

Anonymous said...

Animal Planet is doing something of value.

Monday, May 17 at 10 p.m. ET/PT

Animal Planet Investigates: Petland and their puppy mill trade

Dogbites you never hear about said...

Colleen lynn has not blew up shit... maybe passed gas is all. All Lynn has done is showed that John P. Colby had a fatal yard accident nothing more nothing less. Have lynn pull up the breedings from back then and find out exactly which dog it was that indeed killed the nephew then I will listen, until then she is digging rather deep to say he produced man biters and possibly continued breeding from the dog that killed the nephew

Friends Administrator said...

No Marty/Farty, she has shown that the bullshit lie told by pit nutters that man biters/killers are culled is just that - bullshit. And the old fart, probably your kin, didn't even bother to report it to the police on top of everything else. Could it be that he was trying to hide that child's death to protect his killer dogs? We don't need your fucking opinion anyway and could care less that you "listen".

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

the pit nutter lies are numerous. i don't see this fatal attack as a serious blow to the man biters were always culled myth. the culling of man biters has been disproved elsewhere plus we don't know what happened to the dog that killed his nephew, it could have been culled. we don't know because the honest but secretive JP COLBY ain't talking and neither is his son LOUIS COLBY or DIANE JESSUP or the diva of dog fatalities karen delise. i think the exposure of this fatality is important because it takes on the other lies and excuses offered up by the pit nutters after a tragic attack:
1) that's not a real pit bull
2) a properly bred pit bull doesn't attack humans
3) and blaming owners as irresponsible.

this is a REAL pit bull, "properly" bred and owned by a responsible dogman.

there is no such thing as properly bred fighting dogs. by definition, they are defective.

Anon2 said...

He was a breeder and we can only guess at the number of litter mates and off-spring of this dog he sold before this happened. Do you think he called them all back and stopped breeding with the parents? I don't think so.

CKing said...

A "properly" bred pit bull is one that shows extreme aggression and extreme gameness. That's what they were selected for, period.

The APBT has a temperament section in its brand new shiny AKC breed standard, but unlike just about any other breed's temperament standard, is NOT a description of work-related traits that had been purposefully bred into the dog over the past few centuries of the dog's existence. It is just a WISH LIST.

In addition to all the evidence that dog fighters didn't cull the man biters, I think Anon2 made a very important point. Many winning dogs would have been bred before a human bite occurred.

This dog had been put to stud before it killed a 3 year old this year and his progeny are around to kill again.

Anonymous said...

Isn't it just like a dog fighter, the life of a child is just a "yard accident." It is pretty clear that dog fighters are dangerous sociopaths who seem to get a thrill from dead children.

Anonymous said...

Notice that this nest of tax cheats are breeding these manbiter lines. You will see some advertising the Colby lineage.

The manbiters are STILL being bred and sold, to the general public, to kill their neighbor's, and kids at the park, and kids walking to school, etc

Anonymous said...

These Colby manbiters, or dogs descended from them, are all around us

Found online

"my dogs have Colby in thier Peds all on thier sires side going back at least 10 gen. The guy my Aunt starting her Breeding with was a old Dog fighter and all he had was Colby and Jeep dogs but that was over 20-30 yrs ago!"

Old dog fighter, goes into business with some she-hag, do you realize how many decendants of these killer Colby dogs are spread around everywhere now?

And as for the myth that it's only gangbangers recently in urban places breeding aggressive pit bulls. CRAP!

Sorry, breeding killer dogs has been primarily a white, suburban or rural enterprise that has netted these people billions at this point in tax cheat income.

They KNOW these dogs are dangerous. This is all about the money.

Anonymous said...

Here is what is being said about "Colby's pit bulls" on-line, in one dog forum....

"I would second guess any book written in conjunction or with input from John Colby. I have an extensive background into APBT's and his grandfather, or great-grandfather (can't remember at this time) is the one who brought the pitbull to the US from england. Those were very stable and well mannered dogs (outside the pit) they were respectable, Teddy rosevelt had a pitbull, Helen Keller at one time had a seeing eye dog that was a pitbull, they were very common and were the American dog, but John Colby has greatly helped in the degrading of the APBT. First off he sells to anyone who has the money regardless of their character. Then I have seen more pure Colby line APBT then I have shot rounds being in the paratroop infantry, and I can tell you I haven't seen (1) that is stable. Their nerves are shot to hell, not social, and just so inbred it is absolutely insane. He is only doing it to maintain value in the dogs, by keeping them tightline Colby because some dumb gangsta wannabe with alot of drug money will pay him what he wants for them, because Colby is the or I should say WAS the premier bloodline, they started the pitbull in the US. Thats just in a nutshell what I have described and I could go on but I think my point is made, and thats after seeing these dogs on the level of Ed Frawley seeing GSD's. Colby is a front runner in the contribution to the destruction of the once beloved American breed. He's a piece of S^@$&!! "

Anonymous said...

They didn't start the Pit Bull in the US...Sleazy Dogfighter Chauncey Bennett started the UKC Dogfighting Registry and renamed British fighting Dogs "American" Pit Bull Terriers.

These people changed breed names like criminals create additional aliases.

I'd like to see some breeder logs where dogmen culled manbiters....

Joe Munn's case where Police gunned down his puppies seems to be the only documented case of this....of course logs would also be proof of tax liability so none exist.

Anonymous said...

The once was a man from Newburyport
who sold dogs for bloody sport

He kept his cash in a basket and put his nephew in a casket

The Unk came up with nanny-spin despite killing his kin, which turns out be bunk.

Anonymous said...

As of today...7 more Americans have been killed by Pit Bulls in "Yard Accidents"....Countless more have been mauled.

zigzzagz said...

The amount of straw man arguments and supposition in this page is extraordinary. Americans are killed far more often by breeds other than pitbulls, and off indeed an old Colby dog killed a nephew, this is in no way proof that they did not put down man biters as a rule. You can absolutely count on the fact that dog was put down, and unless you can put forth some evidence that the dog had bit before, the death in itself shows no exception to the rule.
Secondly, you have a reference cited to "a dogman who told me" that is supposed to somehow document proof of the pitbull viciousness, because he says his Colby dog was mean sometimes for no reason then you all go around patting each other on the back for the amazing evidence compiled. You even go on to suggest a niece who died at 2 years old might have been killed by his dogs....well, actually you attempt to dramatize it by saying "maybe her throat was ripped out. The plain fact is that the apbt tests very highly, in the 90th percentile for evenness of tenement, far above poodles, German shepherds and many other more common breeds. I won't bother to cite the source as it can be easily googled for verification. You have a tempest in a teapot here. I've owned 3 apbt's, over my life, I socialised them correctly and know how to handle them. Never a fight in a park while off leash, never bit any person. The pitbull, like any big strong dog requires an owner who had educated himself in how to own strong big dogs. This goes no less for any large breed, and even moreso for German shepherds, standard poodles, Doberman pinschers and others.
Fortunately all this bull on the apbt has died down over a few years and I can see by the last post here being 2010 that this too has died off. A good thing since a great breed does not deserve persecutors such as yourselves.

Anonymous said...

Cracker is certainly a racist word regardless where it comes from. What matters I'd it's usage in common parlance today. Racists always make up excuses why their racist remarks aren't racist.

Unknown said...

Beautifully said. I owned 2 colby dogs growing up pistol and skylar bro and sister from dottie and ringo both colby descendant ringo had some freeman in him too. Both pistol and skylar were extremely clever small dogs one day i walked out side to feed them and they were outside there 5 ft tall chixcken wire pen. Both dogs had some how escaped there enclosure and forgot to escape lol? No i dont think so see there mother dottie was the most loyal protective dog ive ever had the privilege to be around. She didi not re1uire a leash period. She was so smart and kind that of all the dogs to choose from me and my brother chose dotties pups because dotties leonagy was tight bread colby and the proof was in the pups. So back to my story. I put both pups probably 14 weeks old at this point back in there pin and loved on them both monetarily, and inspected the fence for holes and found nothing. So i went inside and tried to clutter around acting normal then quietly carefully snuck to my window and set up post for surveillance. After some pup communication between the siblings it was skylarthe younger female to go first no whinning no barking she quietly got her paws in the litle slats of the fence and as pistol stood watch climbed up the fence paw by paw till she got far enough to the top that the fence started go bend outwards as soon as pistol saw this happen he took advantage of the fences angel and did a 1 2 3 right over with his sister right on his heels. I had personally wittnesed a planned escape set up by my colby pups. Fyi the ran straight to my back door and scratched and cried to i answered.Ive owned some gorgeous dogs all registered apba dogs and my two colbys and there mom and dad by far were some of the best dogs that ive had the priveldge of raising. Thanks to the whole colby crew from the bottom of this old georgia boys hart. Idk what you guys are doing up there but please dont stop. Darron