Saturday, May 15, 2010

Pit bull owners barking mad over cartoon By MIKE STROBEL, TORONTO SUN


Friends Administrator said...

I liked the one by Fayclis, the pit bull spammer who is on all the US articles spreading the propaganda. Fayclis speaks about the US lobbiests being on the comments. What a jerk Faceless is.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure which is funnier, the cartoon or the commentary about the idiots protesting the cartoon.

Check this comment out, also written by Fayclis:

"Ah Pitsr4fools, Formerpitnutter, WWII; Whew I can barely keep track of you on THIS forum. You didn't deny that you were from the BSL Lobby group did you? I think all here would now know that what I said was true. While your group has gone to great effort disputing what these dogs are, to the public and media, they would all be classifed as "pit bulls" were an incident to happen and even not. You yourself would make darn sure of it. The most recent incident here in Oshawa, last week, was initially reported as a Mastiff, However the last number of articles just called the Mastiff a "pit bull". While you have taken great strides to label the dogs as NOT being "pit bull type", the reality is they were and are to public, Pit bull type dogs"

The convenient;y expanding and contracting definition of a pit bull in action.

Anonymous said...

They may not all actually look like this on the outside, but on the inside they are all the same, and this cartoon depicts them very accurately

Selfish, self-absorbed people with a need to try to dominate the innocent, who think they have the right to own a FIGHTING BREED that kills and attacks other people and pets in record numbers

They think their dogs are more important than anyone else's life

They are Nazis on the inside

Pit bull owners all share that in common- deep selfishness and emotional illness

And they actually HELP the dog fighters breed and torture more of these dogs

Anon2 said...

There is also the hip hopping pit bull owner...

CKing said...

Thank you for this hilarious take on nutters and their "stereotyping" and "racist" whining. You have zeroed in on one of the fundamentals of pit nuttery.

It is hilarious that they seem to not understand the fact that breeding a dog to conform to a standard is the act of creating a stereotype!

The whole point of breeds is so you can say, "I want a dog that is very likely to be good at hunting, cuddling, or protection, so I will find a breed that has been bred to do exactly that.

Pit nuttery is attempting to negate the whole concept of breeds. They say, "I want a fighting bred dog to be my cuddle bunkins and my child's best friend and I resent anyone who suggests that I am completely nuts!"

anonymouse said...

After I clean off my monitor screen, "cuddle bunkins" will become my official new word(s) of the day. :D

Anonymous said...

It's official. The commentary is funnier than the cartoon. And it is funnier on the second reading.
Good Job Mike!

Anonymous said...

I have to disagree with the cartoon. Yes, Pit haters and even people that believe the nonsense hysteria about these dogs would find this amusing, but, I know it is not the truth. Everyone I have ever met is shocked when I tell them I have a Pit Bull. I do not fit the part of what people think a Pit Bull owner is. I am an intelligent, preppy, college kid. People would think I have a Bichon Frise, but I prefer the company of a Bully anyday. One can never explain how rewarding owning a Bully breed is. It is something you have to experience yourself to understand.

Anonymous said...

"I am an intelligent, preppy, college kid"

Pit bull nutter, you're a naive, dimwitted, middle class wanker. Know what that is?

You're not intelligent. You got sucked into the fad of the moment that is especially appealing to weak, gullible middle class morons.

You are at the tail end of a FAD. There are other middle class morons like you. You are not special, you are not different. You're a fad follower.

And you will feel the pain even more when your dog attacks someone. You have everything to lose, and you will.

So let those KKK dog fighters make an ass out of you!

Anonymous said...

And by the way, wanker, no one who really went to a real effing prep school uses the "word" preppy.

Anonymous said...

Ah, college kid pit bull owners, know-it-all, narcissists who don't really klnow a damn thing about dogs. It was a college student in my neighborhood who came home with the pit bull she "rescued" which she thought had been "abused" that came after my two year old, after it had terrorized other neighbors and attacked dogs.

If there is one thing worse than the gang members and dog fighters who own pit bulls, its the asshole college students who bring the damn things into nice suburban neighborhoods, where they maul other dogs, and the occasional child.

Anonymous said...

They remind me of the chimpsters and big cat fetishists on the APC show "Fatal Attractions"....One of the characteristics of these fetishists is that the false belief that their special bond with the animal will protect them and others...

Then their world comes crashing down and they haul ass from the dog park!

Shun them....Jail them!

Anonymous said...

The above "college student" pit bull owner, mooniong over how incredible "bullys" are and that "no one could possibly understand the special love she gets from her pit bull"...reminds me of those 10 year old girls who swoon and squeal over Justin Beiber. No one else is like him! (Except for, maybe, Robert Patterson!)

Seriously, these emotionally immature women scare me more than the dog fighters. She "just can't explain" how rewarding it is to own a pit bull, you "just have to experience it to understand". Because drama queens like these girls LOVE the attention walking a pit bull brings them, and even negative attention is better than being ignored! They love to think that "nobody understands" them. Anyone who really believes that there is ONE breed of dog that is so incredibly special and superior to ALL other breeds, and that THEIR special love with their dog is unlike anything any other human has experienced, needs to go hang out with the other ten year olds, hang some Justin Beiber posters in your room, and find something better to do than "pit bull advocacy".

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

"Seriously, these emotionally immature women scare me more than the dog fighters."

i can't disagree with that. there is something seriously wrong with people who want a dog that is described in these terms:

"They can't get close enough," said Debbie Hill, vice president of operations for the Humane Society of Missouri. "They want to wear you like clothes almost."

i think these dogs are creepy.

Anonymous said...

You can think want you like C.D.
My dog is not creepy in any way.
You can think these dogs are ugly, just as I can think black Labs are ugly.
You are not making blog posts about my sweet Pit Bull mauling an animal or a person, and you never will get that chance. It is rather sickening how you people already hate my pet and all you know about her is that she is a Pit Bull type dog.
Shame on all of you for being so hateful and passing judgement on an innocent soul.
I could ramble on about how sweet and loving and gentle my dog is all day, but like I said before, YOU have to experience it for yourself to understand.
You people will never get it so what is the point of trying to explain it?
I clearly understand hating a dog that mauls, or hating a person that owns a dog that does maul or kill, but to just hate every Pit Bull, Pittie mix, or Bully breed is not right.
I do believe there are dangerous Pit Bulls in the world, but not all of them are. Call it like you see it. A dog should not be shunned because of it's breed, but because of it's actions.
The way you guys minds work is disgusting. It would not matter if you met the sweetest Pittie in the world, you would still hate it just because. You don't even have a reason other than it is a Pit Bull and Pit Bulls have mauled before, wow, you are all so bright aren't you? NOT!
And just so you'll know, I never said I went to a preppy college, I don't. Yes I am a prep and I am not ashamed to admit it.
Atleast I am in collge and in the process of doing something with my life.

Anonymous said...








Anon2 said...

Just keep that fricking dog killing machine muzzled, on a leash and out of the dog park. See if I care when it kills your child, just stay away from me and my dogs.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

"Just keep that fricking dog killing machine muzzled, on a leash and out of the dog park. See if I care when it kills your child, just stay away from me and my dogs."


Friends Administrator said...

For someone claiming to be in college, you sure are a stupid bitch. Famous last words is all you speak. How many other pit nutters have said the same thing until their pit takes down them or their children or their neighbors, any innocent person, JUST HOW FUCKING MANY? Go look at these attacks and see yourself saying the same things these owners did.

You offer no truth only denial. Your pit was bred to do one thing and one thing only, to kill. It wasn't bred to serve mankind like other breeds. It was bred for a bloodsport. You are one foolish, stupid (not ignorant because ignorant means you don't know but can learn, stupid means you don't know and can't learn, person if you can't face those FACTS/TRUTH.

Anonymous said...

"It is rather sickening how you people already hate my pet and all you know about her is that she is a Pit Bull type dog. "

Perhaps you don't understand.

I hate YOU for being a dull-witted, fad following middle class wanker who owns a fighting breed that you do not understand and have no ability to control

That you KNOW is first for killing people, but you don't care

And for HELPING DOG FIGHTERS AND KKK MEMBERS breed, sell, and fight more pit bulls. You are being used by animal torturers to promote and protect the breeding of dogs they breed to hurt

It is pit bull BREEDERS who prey on these dogs who are getting people like you involved in the anti-bsl crap to save their $$$ they get preying on these dogs

You sound like you are 5 years old. You sound like a child. It is emotionally disturbed people like you that are getting other people and pets killed.

You have a sick, unhealthy obsession with fighting dogs. You need help.

You don't even realize that DOG FIGHTERS are using you like a tool. You are helping dog fighters. You don't even really care about pit bulls.

(And you don't understand the difference between prep school and college? Sweetheart, I'm not even sure you emerged from the middle class. You're a fake.)

Anonymous said...

Like I said, it is like talking to a brick wall when talking to people like you all.
You talk so harshly about Pit Bull owners, but take a look at yourself, are you really that different?
I come on here to state my opinion/feelings just like all of you have done, and I've already been called a stupid bitch, pit nutter, and foolish.
You do not know my dog yet she has already been branded a dog killer just because of her breed type.
You say Pits are menacing, but look how your acting! Like a bunch of childish, menacing idiots! You just refuse to believe that alot of people actually possess a Pit Bull that is not a killer. Well, guess what, in reality most Pits are not killers, you all just have your head stuck so far up your ass that you cannot, or will not see that.
Tink and I will see ya at Petco.

Anonymous said...

Not every drunk driver will plow into a family on the way home from a fact every night tens of thousands of them make it home safely.

Yet they bear unfair stigma....

Anonymous said...

The problem is, girls like you are a dime a dozen; vacuous little drama queens who "just know" that their pit bull is "different". Why don't you explain to us how Rachael Rays pit bull....who she has publicly bragged about "loving other dogs", that she brings her to dog parks and doggie daycare and has had her extensively socialized and professionally trained...has attacked five dogs, and recently ripped the fucking ear off some poor dog walking by on the sidewalk?

The owner of the pit bull that bit my friend, and killed a neighbors elderly cat on its own front porch, used to say the SAME THINGS YOU ARE SAYING. "Its how you raise them", and "my pit bull would never hurt anyone".

I don't hate pit bulls, I hate animal cruelty....and pit bull owners are responsible for supporting animal cruelty. Pit bulls kill and maim more domestic animals than ANY OTHER BREED OF DOG. I have seen a dog killed by a pit bull, it was totally unprovoked, violent, and traumatic. Anyone who wants to own an animal capable of doing what I saw is some sort of sociopath, or a complete moron. I am putting you in the moron category.

Anonymous said...

Omg! Are you serious?
That is your comeback?
Wow. My 2 year old nephew could have come back with a better one than that!
Drunk drivers that make it home safely are still breaking the law. Millions of Pit Bull owners do not break the law yet they get branded as some sort of criminal.

Anonymous said...

The only people you pit bull owners have to blame for your problems are EACH OTHER! Your "pit bulls" are a junk breed of dog that is almost exclusively bred by criminals, animal abusers, gang members, drug dealers and unemployed losers. There are virtually no decent, normal, responsible people breeding healthy stable APBT or AmStaffs as family companions...breeding away from dog aggression, breeding only titled dogs with all genetic screenings, etc.

You pit bull advocates piss and moan about how "unfair" the stereotypes are, but you never put the blame where it belongs....on the losers and criminals that breed and own the dogs that make the headlines. You are too busy whining about the media, and blaming the victims of pit bull attacks to pull your heads out of your collective asses and do something lobbying to shut down all the bybers and dog fighters with mandatory s/n laws.

As far as "all the responsible pit bull owners" go, "responsible pit bull owner" is an oxymoron. I have yet to meet one.

Anonymous said...

The brick wall is in your head, honey.

You love pit bulls? Well you are helping dog fighters and breeders abuse them.

These are the people feeding you this nonsense so you can ease their way to making the most money they can by abusing pit bulls with no laws to stop them.

College isn't helping you.

Anonymous said...

Interesting. Tia Torres, enabler of sleazy dog breeders and dog fighters, was in a training video with a dog named Tink

Anonymous said...

Morons who bring their pit bull to Petco

Blood and a dismembered hand on the floor in Aisle 3.

Anonymous said...

Come on now to whoever posted the link to the forum about a Pit Bull at Petco, that is not me nor my dog.
If this dog would have bitten somebody on that visit to Petco, your stupid self would be all "it did it because it is a Pit Bull and that is what they were bred to do."
Yes, nevermind the fact that the idiot stated she just got the dog, did not really know the dog, and is letting anybody that asks, pet this strange dog. That is not a problem with the breed, that is a problem with a dumb owner making very dumb decisions.
I know my dog, I know how to read her body language, and I have yet to run across a person or a pet that she was not ecstatic to meet and love on.
Oh and btw, she is 8 years old. I highly doubt that she is going to just "turn" to be mean after this long.
You folks have no idea what your talking about when it comes to me or my dog so you should just step off.
You are trying to "bully" me just because of the kind of dog I own when you don't know squat about us.
How childish is that?
And stop trying to make it look like I am somebody named Tia.
I've had Tink since she was a puppy so that is not me.

april29 said...

I am the victim of a pit that was described by her owner just as you describe your dog. This young woman is also a college student. Even after the very public attack the owner and her boyfriend continued to portray Babygirl as a sweet and loving pet. This disconnect between reality and their fantasy world is common in pit bull owners, "she was just curious, playing, protecting, scared, provoked, it was an accident..." the list of breed specific excuses is a very long one. Please do not attempt to tell victims that we do not understand you,we understand you all too well. Be aware that you will be held responsible for your choices. Babygirl's owners were held responsible for theirs. My advice to you is make sure you have good insurance and make sure your insurance agent is aware that Tink is a pit bull. Pit bull insurance is expensive.

Anonymous said...

"All dogs bite" and "My sweet little wiggle butt will never bite".

Am I the only one who see the problem with that logic?

Anonymous said...

I am the vicitm of having to listen to your stupid ass whiny story about how you were attacked by a Pit Bull owned by someone just like me.
Boo fucking hoo. I don't care what someone elses Pit Bull did to you, that is between you and that other jerk off. My dog did not do it, so why the fuck are you telling me that?

Anonymous said...

I used to own a pitbull, but I was ignorant about the breed(not stupid, because I honestly didn't know).

Anyway, I got it when it was 8wks old, raised it the exact same way I raised my well behaved German Shepherd. I never abused him, he always had plenty of food and water, he was house trained, walked well on a leash, and was obedience trained, and well loved.

I never had any trouble with him, he never showed any signs of aggression, or any thing remotely "bad". I would have defended him to anyone on this blog saying that he was completely trustworthy and loyal.

Until he was four years old. He chased the meter man (same one we've always had) out of the yard with such vicous snarling and barking that it shocked me. He started jumping our fence to chase cats, and other small animals. We are so lucky that he didn't catch any of them.

The last straw was when my brother came to visit. He had visited several times before and had played with both of my dogs without any trouble. Both dogs greeted him at the door with no problem. My brother walked over to me to give me a hug, and my pit bull went nuts.

He went after my brother so fast that at first he just looked down at the dog as it tore into his leg. Then I guess adrenaline kicked in and we somehow managed to get the dog off and lock him into the bathroom where he started barking, snarling, and throwing himself at the door.

After that, I went on line and started researching the breed. Four years too late. My brother walks with a limp now, and it's all my fault. I hope some other pitbull owners wake up to see their pitbulls for the monsters they really are before it's too late.

Thank you for this blog, and for being so blunt with pitbull owners who come here to defend their monsters. They need to see and hear the truth.

Anonymous said...

very well written lie by a pitbull hater. way to go!

Anonymous said...

way to go craven desires.. I love how you write your own comments to make it seem as though someone is thamking you for this blog. lmao

Anonymous said...

Hey college never answered my question...what went wrong with Rachael Ray's dog? Was "Isaboo" abused? Its been well-documented in the media that Isaboo had the best of everything...extensive socialization and training with people and other animals, the best veterinary care. She was bought as a puppy from a "breeder", so it couldn't be because she was abused as a younger dog, right? Why is she so aggressive with other the point of wanting to kill them?

Rachael Ray bragged and bragged about her pit bull, and opined endlessly about how pit bulls had to be abused and trained to fight. Just like you. Just like the many asshole pit bull owners I know personally whose dogs have gone on to attack people or other animals, after they INSISTED that their dog was different. So why should any of us believe you? Why should we want to protect your right to own a dog that is exclusively bred by criminals and animal abusers to hurt and kill people and other animals?

Anonymous said...

Why don't you tell us where you live, college student? At home with mommy and daddy? In an off campus apartment? Who carries the insurance IF your perfect dog ever bites someone? Because I am betting you are like most pit bull assets, no insurance, and, as my grandmother used to say, you don't have a "pot to piss in", so good luck to any poor kid who gets bitten by your dog.

Even if you live with mommy and daddy, I am betting their insurance carrier has no idea they are harboring a pit bull. So if your dog does bite someone, their carrier won't cover the claim.

Which is why you see far more pit bulls in the ghettos and trailer parks than in the nice, safe, clean neighborhoods where people work hard and take care of their property.

april29 said...

We tell you these things because we are extremely tired of the same old song "Sweetums never did anything like this before" after some innocent soul has their life changed, walks with a limp, fingers lost, beloved pet torn apart before their horrified eyes. Given the level of your aggression at my remarks about responsibility and insurance, I suspect you have no insurance and Tink's potential victim will be left to pay for your poor choices. You came here and attempted to pass the same old lies off as truth and have exposed yourself as irresponsible, hostile and vulgar. Don't like us? Patronize in the future.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

"way to go craven desires.. I love how you write your own comments to make it seem as though someone is thamking you for this blog. lmao "

yep, i even wrote this one!

Anonymous said...

I don't like the story about my brother being downplayed. I love my brother, I value his life and well being above any dog.

The only reason I told my story was because I am sick and tired of hearing the same old "I've had my pit bull for xx years and he's never hurt a fly" "he would only lick you to death". That's exactly what I would have said about my pit bull!! For four years!!

I am not Craven. There are many similar stories to mine out there. WAKE UP!!

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

let them think you are me. really, who the fuck cares what they think?

Anonymous said...

All of these "perfect pit bulls" exist only on the internet...I have sure as hell never met one. Funny thing is, if you spend some time on the dog message boards and forums, and listen to all the nutjob pit bull owners, (mostly young women) who go on and on about their dogs.....if you are patient, what you will often find is that many of these women end up posting about their dogs aggression problems eventually, especially aggression toward other dogs in the houshold. For every pit bull attack recorded in the media, there are probably 100 that aren't...especially when the pit bites the owner/family when they try to break up a dog fight between their luvbugs.

Anonymous said...

Another pit nutter victim speaks out.

More than 12 years ago, we got a puppy. He was an English Staffordshire bull terrier (not a pit bull). He grew up with the family and knew all of us. He was fun, a darn good guard dog and never hurt anyone. And he loved the grandkids. He was great. His name was Vicious -- an oxymoron, considering. Then he got cancer and we had to have him put down. It really hurt me to do it, I loved him so.
A few weeks ago, my youngest son, whose kids were closest to Vicious, got a dog from some fellow who told him that the dog had been beaten a lot. When I saw her for the first time, she was friendly enough, but there was something about her I didn't like. She was skittish and unsure of everything around her. She was a 2-year-old Brindle pit bull -- a real pit bull.

Comes May 12, early in the evening. The kids are playing around as they usually do, and dad is eating or something. TV's going. You know, normal household. Then the unthinkable happens. The dog lunges at my youngest grandson, who is almost 2, and grabs him by the face. Malachi screams. The dog won't let go. She's ripping his face up, and blood is going everywhere.

My son and his wife try to get the dog off, but she won't let go. Then my son hauls off and kicks the dog; she lets go, flies across the room and hits the wall. Mom is trying to comfort her child and stop the bleeding, and she's covered with blood.

Someone calls 911 and the Fire Department and Police Department are right on it. They take real good care of my grandson and take him to Vaca Valley Hospital. But they have to ship him to Oakland Children's Hospital for treatment. The arrangements are made and off he goes.

When he gets there, he is quickly evaluated and then sent to surgery. A plastic surgeon works on him for several hours, reconstructing his face. When he comes out of surgery his face is all blown up. His right eye is swollen shut. There are lacerations on his eyelid, above his eye on the brow, below the eye, and several smaller ones scattered on his face. And there is a long laceration on his left arm. The eye itself is undamaged, thank God.

Later in the day, he's more alert and coming around. There are no words to describe how he looked, and how I felt. I was in total shock. I still am. His face is seared into my memory.

Meanwhile, Animal Control takes the dog away. If she hasn't been destroyed yet, I will do it. I am consumed with hate for that dog, and for pit bulls in general.

All my life, I have had dogs. I loved dogs, they were the greatest things since horses. A good horse, a good dog and a good truck ... that's living. Now, I wouldn't give you two cents for a pit, and dogs are off my Christmas card list for a while.

The only dog I would love to have back right now is Vicious, but that's it. He would have killed that pit, for sure.

However, people have the right to choose for themselves, and if they want to own a pit bull, that's their business. I am not going to begin a campaign to have pits destroyed, chained up, locked up, or something -- just keep them away from me and my family. There will be no more dogs in my family for a long time to come, if ever. And that goes for cats, too.

Anonymous said...

"However, people have the right to choose for themselves, and if they want to own a pit bull, that's their business"

It is your business when THEIR pit bull kills YOUR child.

4truth said...

People also have the right to choose to own alligators as pets.

But it's not a good idea.

Anonymous said...

Just because someone owns a pit bull does NOT MEAN they are drug dealers, gang bangers, dog fighters, or resemble anything like the cartoon depicts. Most pit bull owners are dedicated to the breed, love their dog as if it were their own child, would take a bullet for that animal and work very hard to dispel the devastating stereotypes that the media feeds to the public.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

yes, we all know how "dedicated" pit nutters are. it's takes a lot work to delete cookies and continually vote over and over to skew an on line poll.

nutters go far beyond just hard work dispelling the "devastating stereotypes" into flat out lying about dogs.

4truth said...

Out of all the dogs shot by cops or another person, how many owners dived in front of the gun to save their dog? I'm thinking none...

SadFalada said...

Preppy, our aversion is not based on rumor or fable, but on mountains of blood, bone, and mutilated bodies. We all love our pets and even imagining one of my beloved cats, poodle, or any person, in the jaws of a pit bull is horrifying--their method of attack is terrifying, and they clearly enjoy inflicting suffering in as prolonged a fashion as possible-and what other breed, what other species, does that? It's good that your dog is "sweet" but, you know, dogs of any breed, well socialized, are sweet--some are even intelligent! I think that people with pit bulls are using the dog as a prop to make a statement,and its not a flattering one--by the way, how is the dog contained while you're in college?
You were brave, if foolhardy, to come on this site; neither side will sway, and you've failed to say anything that hasn't been drearily chanted to infinity-and isn't it painful to have to defend your choice of breed?
Also, you're smart enough to consider college, so I'd be interested to know what your first thoughts are after hearing of a mauling or killing by a dog. Would it be "I hope it wasn't a pit bull!'?
Strange, isn't it.