Monday, July 19, 2010

another animal behaviorist that refuses to be bullied or guilt tripped into adopting the nonsensical thinking that pit bulls are like any other dog is featuring a powerfully written article about pit bulls by animal behaviorist Gary Wilkes.
be sure to check it out, you will not want to miss this.


Anonymous said...

GREAT article!

Stop Making Excuses said...

I thoroughly enjoyed the read. It is very well written and so true!

Anonymous said...

It is a great article but 2 points confuse me. First, is Wilkes actually a behaviourist, or a trainer? There is nothing wrong with being a trainer and I wish more of them would start telling the truth about pits, but if he doesn't have at least a Master's degree in Behaviour, then he isn't a behaviourist. Perhaps it is my pet peeve, but I feel that overstating credentials diminishes the message and gives an opening for an attack. The second thing that confuses me is his claim that his grandfather's pits were pets 6 days a week. Huh? Dogfighters didn't typically have their pits in their homes, did they?

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

those are good points anonymous.

here is his bio
i don't know what the educational criteria is for associate professor but he teaches at arizona state university and he has taught grad students in denmark.

based on this list of behaviorists, it appears that he does not have a PhD.
wilkes is listed as a dog behaviorist
"** While these animal behaviorists are not ABS certified, they are qualified and highly respected behaviorists (or behavioral consultants)."

regarding dog fighters keeping pit dogs as pets, i have seen a few of what appeared to be retired champions living in the home. i don't know how common it is but i would guess that it is not.

Anonymous said...

"a Master's degree in Behaviour, then he isn't a behaviourist"

Are you KIDDING?

If there even is a program, it's a con.

(and G.B. has the market cornered in that game)

No "behaviorist" on earth even agrees with each other, never mind trying to come up with some kind of curriculum.

Any kind of "behaviorist" degree is just some nut or another trying to impose their values on others and pretend it's a science, which it is NOT.

Most are just liars, flat out, and self-promoters and con men/women.

And yes, that includes many many people in the university system, which is filled with truly mentally disturbed people, or people bought off by some special interest or another.

Degrees are a dime a dozen. You can buy one online, or you can buy one from a university. These days they are handed out like candy, and for little talent, work, or innovation. A "degree" isn't worth a thing, and doesn't grant special status.
"Degrees" are being used by criminals to give themselves credibility.

The only thing that matters is if a person who professes to have expertise actually makes sense and speaks the truth (or on the other hand, makes up lies and mouths insanity which most "behaviorists" seem to ascribe to today)

Anonymous said...

"Dogfighters didn't typically have their pits in their homes, did they?"

This however IS a good point because Wilkes even admits these dogs were kept chained up outside, which is how they killed the local drunk.

These were NOT house pets.

Anonymous said...

Who can forget the great Colby killing his nephew and not even culling?!?

Craven Ilk said...

There's a picture of Gambler's Gr. Ch. Virgil laying on a pillow inside the Gambler's home with a cat laying by his side on the same pillow.

Craven has enough time on his hands, I'm sure he can find you the pic.

Sure, REAL pit dogs that have the temperment of a true American PIT Bull Terrier were NEVEr allowed inside the house. (I wish there was a "rolls eyes" emoticon). Some of the best performing animals I've ever seen lived out their lives in better luxury than most of your pets after they were retired.

A real bulldog knows when it's time to play and when it's time to work. But I doubt any of you will comprehend that.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

glad your'e back frank. key word here is RETIRED. the dogs had to PROVE themselves in order to spend the couple of years of their lives off the chain. i suspect that the dogmen took this risk to protect their investments more than any reward for making them money and bloating their fragile egos. harder to steal a dog that is inside.

i think i do remember seeing virgil in a home. i did a quick check and found that he is on the man biter list. i will keep looking for photo but in the mean time enjoy...

Virgil was a fairly easy going pup, but became almost uncontrollable when he got excited, and on one occasion, while the 10 month old pup was in a rage, tried to bite the Gambler, and actually torn the shirt off of Gambler's back as he tried to get away from the angry pup. Gambler thought very seriously about putting the dog down, but instead decided to roll him. Evidently he liked what he saw and by the tender age of just over 18 months, Virgil became a 1X winner.

virgil's ped

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

hey frank, what do you think of this harriet grady thomas broad? and this nonsense about breeding GUARD dogs?
see tant blog post immediately above.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

scroll to the bottom to see virgil

Bagheera Kiplingi said...

Wow, this is a keeper. Thank you Gary!

Anonymous said...

He missed the point about the UKC being founded by a dog fighter with the original registry requirement being 3 wins.

Lot's of blood money has been made by the UKC.

Anonymous said...

He missed the point about the UKC being founded by a dog fighter with the original registry requirement being 3 wins.

Lot's of blood money has been made by the UKC.

Anonymous said...

2 more Americans killed by Pits over the past few days...Way to go Pit Bull Community!

Craven Ilk said...

Pictures of Bill Reynolds with his Ch. Bolero dog, in more than one picture playing with pups and other "recognized" champion and grand champion dogs.

Who says pit dogs can't get along?



scurrilous amateur blogger said...

and enjoy i did!

this was was favorite comment:

"shit that bitch got some of the best dick in the land at the time , chinaman , frisco, bandit not bad line"

plus i am always looking to expand my photo gallery of psychopaths.

thank you frank c