Sunday, July 11, 2010

questioning humanity: the truth behind the vanessa carlton attack

today 19 yr old convicted felon COLTON HARRIS-MOORE was captured after eluding police for 2 years. harris-moore has a rap sheet going back to the age of 12. the young felon taunted the police as they pursued him across the country, stealing money, cars, boats and planes. you are probably wondering why i am blogging about this. one little snippet caught my attention on the news: COLTON HARRIS-MOORE has a fan club. actually, TWO fan clubs. that's right, he has "fans". he is a hero to thousands. thousands of people with sad pathetic lives and ZERO critical thinking skills. these imbecilic fans fail to make the connection between higher taxes & higher insurance premiums and this young psychopath's antics, not to mention the drain on law enforcement. colton's followers got me to thinking about another fan club.
Justice for Bella! BELLA is the ugly frankenmauler who at the tender age of 9 months already has TWO bites to her credit. and what else does BELLA have? FANS! zealous, lying, manipulative, bat shit crazy fans. hordes of them, although not as many as colton. one of these zealots really stands out. the narcissistic opportunist, MARIA BROOKS MCKENNA, pictured above. she is involved with STOP (save the orphaned pets) and shamelessly promoted it at every opportunity through out this dangerous dog circus. the pocono record has one of the more interesting string of comments that i have come across. both the prosecutor and the witness (MCKENNA) are participating. the short version goes like this: after BELLA'S trial, MARIA McKENNA held a press release, lied throughout and the media ran with it. McKENNA lied and said that the expert witness (a vet hand selected by McKENNA) proved that the bite marks on the victim didn't match the bite impression that she took from BELLA. and the pit nutters can't get enough of this story or spread it fast enough.
Again, we never doubted it wasn't Bella that bit Vanessa and that she accused the wrong dog. What we hope is that she seeks treatment for Rabies, as whatever dog did bite her may have been infected and was NOT placed under quarantine, obviously, leaving her suseptible to the disease. Rabies travels an inch a day and after two months, she still has a chance at getting treated instead of dying from the disease, should the actual perpitrator have been inflicted with the disease. That was a very nasty bite from a dog that was definitely out to hurt her - if it was rabid, it is dead by now - and Vanessa will find the same fate if she isn't treated." (i thought the original defense was the ugly frankenmauler bit and released, she was only trying to play? suddenly the dog is serious about inflicting harm? i think McKENNA is a psychopath)

the prosecuting attorney David McKenzie responds:

McKENNA responds with even more lies. she addressed the prosecutor and stated that she chose that particular vet "to do the bite impression because she has MANY years of dog orthodontics under her belt." here is a reality check for all of you people who were born YESTERDAY: defendants and plaintiffs ONLY select those 'experts' that will support their case.
i can't help but wonder if there is some crime that MARIA BROOKS McKENNA can be charged with, besides crimes against humanity. certainly she has defamed the pop star and knowingly provided a false statement to the newspaper reporters.

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